Friday Live Blog – January 12, 2018

Friday, January 12 Scores Stream
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [1] LSU @ [7] Florida LINK SECN
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [21] NC State @ North Carolina LINK ACC+
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – UW-Whitewater @ UW-Eau Claire LINK
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – UW-Stout @ UW-Oshkosh FREE
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – [10] Arizona @ [12] Iowa State LINK ISU($)
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – Illinois State @ SEMO LINK
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – Gustavus Adolphus @ UW-La Crosse
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [6] Kentucky @ [11] Arkansas LINK SEC+
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Missouri @ [23] Auburn LINK SEC+
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Lindenwood @ TWU LINK FREE
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – Georgia @ [9] Alabama LINK SECN
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Cal @ [17] BYU LINK FREE
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – Washington @ Sacramento State LINK
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – UC Davis @ Seattle Pacific LINK FREE
11:00 ET/8:00 PT – Cortland @ Alaska LINK FREE

Alright, with that child’s play of a first weekend out of the way, it’s officially time for the big-girl meets.

#1 LSU @ #7 Florida

Kirby will be in the bars lineup tonight for LSU. No Harrold. Not an awesome sign?


Alexander – VT – in the lineup again, was the replacement for Baker last week. bounce back on the Yfull again, strong distance, small hip angle throughout, and a one-tenth hop back.

Durante – UB – hits Jaeger, good cast to hs – floaty Pak with a leg separation – toes are excellent – missed her timing on the dismount release and was close to the bar throughout but fine, small hop.

Foberg – VT – not good control on her full this time, bounce backward – form fine, a little direction as well as the bounce.

Hambrick – UB – Good Ray – late on giant full, good vertical on the bail though – ftdt dismount, stuck. Good routine, the late giant full is the main thing.

Boren – VT – Good 1.5 in the air, but they do not have the landings so far in this meet, a lunge forward and then another step. 9.875 is too high for that.

Range on bars so far is OUT OF CONTROL.

Kirby – UB – hits a Tkatchev – looked like the bail was going to be great but couldn’t hold it and comes off the bars. Fall. Back up – basically sticks DLO.

Baker – VT – Another huge bounce out of a 1.5. No one has come close to sticking yet. Glad she’s back in the lineup, but she won’t be happy with that landing. Baker also 9.875.


Edney – UB – Hindorff, solid, maybe a little tentative this time – clean on the bail, nice – short final hs, but close – DLO, just holds onto the stick. Solid, not her absolute best.

Slocum – VT – runs through! Didn’t touch. You get three runs in NCAA. After last week, it makes you think something is off on her vault this year.

They’re letting bars start?

Priessman – UB – We missed the beginning because she surprised the SEC Net. Hop back on DLO. 9.875.

Slocum – VT – for real. She almost stopped mid-way through her run. But then she went through. Had nothing, just tries to do a handspring front and falls.

I hope she knew she had another run because she wanted to stop and run through and then didn’t. Could have been dangerous.

Always has to be something, right?

It appears they gave Slocum a zero? She landed feet first. That’s wrong.

4.350? Also wrong. It was just a fall on a handspring front tuck. No? Or did she not do a salto at all?

McMurtry – VT – Just doing full. Gorgeous. Usual. Just hop in place.

Finnegan – UB – Arch opening hs – Ray, lovely – Toe on to bail, smooth, good vertical – nice final hs – deep landing on DLO dismount with hop back.

So that was…weird?

After 1: Florida 49.200, LSU 49.150

Well, a weak vault rotation on Florida’s part by their standards, with the Slocum issue, and then some large lunges that were not deducted as harshly as they could have been. McMurtry really the only one that brought it, and with just a full, she can’t save the lineup TOO much.

LSU somewhat ragged on bars. Tighter on the handstands than last week, had a fall. Finnegan and Hambrick not quite as clean as we expect.

Rotation 2:

Macadaeg – VT – Nice full, hop back – good direction, medium distance, clean in the air. 9.825.

Boren – UB – Tkatchev, hit – clear hip to bail, secure – short final hs – a touch whippy on DLO but a good stick. Useful start. 9.775.

Hambrick – VT – Hits her 1.5 this time, step forward, medium-sized, should be a tenth step but who knows given this vault scoring. 9.900

Gowey – UB – Ray, a little close but good – pretyt Pak as always – short final handstand as well – sticks DLO, pike down. 9.825.

Priessman – VT – Good stick on full, a little flatter than some of the other vaults we’ve seen, great landing. 9.925. OK? So one judge gave that a perfect score? Dynamics?

Skaggs – UB – Bars but not vault? – Tkatchev and fall. Redoes it and hits but loses her leg form completely on the Pak. DLO with hop forward, DLO has improved since preseason.

Slocum’s vault has been fixed to 8.550. That makes more sense.

Edwards – VT – big and high 1.5, small hop to the side. Strong.

Baker – UB – Great ray, fingertips and lovely – solid bail, maybe a bit of hip angle – small hop forward on double front, controls the hop pretty well this time.

Finnegan – VT – Smooth and clean full, step back. 9.775. They took for dynamics there?=.

Hundley – UB – Shap, floaty – strong Pak – Shap 1/2, comfortable – two short handstand verticals in there – small step back on landing. Good, just needs to smooth out those handstand positions.

Edney – VT – 1.5, not one of her best coming back into the lineup. Came in short, loose knees and a pace back, so won’t be a big score.

McMurtry – UB – Big Ray, normal piked catch – strong bail, very confident – absorbs landing on ftdt with a stick. Best routine of Florida’s lineup. Just the normal built-in things for her. 9.925.

After 2: LSU 98.500, Florida 98.325

LSU will be pleased with the improvements made on vault, getting three hit 1.5s into the lineup versus one last week. Landings are getting there, but a worthwhile rotation.

Look at the judge split for Florida on bars. One judge had it 49.350, the other 48.900. Uhhh…too big of a difference there. Probably got there in the end, though. Neither team nailing anything much so far.

Rotation 3:

Baker – BB – wolf double, secure – aerial to bhs series, keeps the rhythm fairly well – straddle to split jump 1/2, typical short of split there – side aerial to full, small hop back. 9.700. I counted 4 tenths of bonus there? Would need to see it again.

Kirby – FX – front rudi, clean, small hop in place – double tuck, secure, a little chest but minor – switch side to popa, OK this time from this angle – front lay to front full, secure. 9.775.

Foberg – BB – bhs loso series, secure – switch leap with a check and another wobble – adds a beat jump after the sheep to get her leap series – side aerial to full, a little flat, coming in short on the full with a small hop forward. 9.625.

We’re having another BIG separation between the judges on beam now.

Harrold – FX – front 2/1, ragged in the legs with a crossover step out of it – double tuck, slide back – switch ring to switch 1/2, oh Kathy, if you’re mad about that switch ring. 1.5 to layout, floaty layout, nice. 9.850.

Boren – BB – kickover front. bhs loso, very secure. switch leap to straddle jump, good height, solid – cat leap layout stepout, small adjustment, full turn. gainer full, straight and stuck. Good one. 9.900. Judge #1 even approved of that one!

Edwards – FX – front 2/1, slide forward, just a hair under rotated on that – Double tuck, good height, slide back – front lay to attempted front full, no punch at all into the front full and falls.

Gowey – BB – switch to split jump, good extension – bhs loso loso, clean – aerial to sissone, no trouble at all – full turn – gainer full, stuck. Composed routine. 9.950. OK now.

OK, judge #1 has officially started drinking, so that’s adorable.

Edney – FX – double Arabian, good shape, just a touch short with a step back – 1.5 to layout, strong power, nailed – excellent double tuck. Comfortable, confident routine. 9.900

Baumann – BB – Onodi, lovely – bhs loso series, small check – switch to switch half – her extension can marry me – aerial to sissone, perfect – full turn – 1.5, step to the side.

Finnegan – FX – 1.5 through to 2.5, a little uncontrolled this time with a larger lunge forward – double tuck, excellent – switch ring and switch 1/2, no trouble – double pike, just a bit short and forward. Fine. 9.875.

McMurtry – BB – cat leap to kickover front, solid – bhs loso, secure, not the most extended on that series ever but she’s comfortable with it – Switch  1/4 to shush hip circle – 2/1, a little short this time, hop forward.  9.900.

Hambrick – FX – DLO, excellent landing, same piked second salto – 2.5 to front tuck, so much punch! – Double pike, just does control it. Good one. 9.950.

After 3: LSU 147.850, Florida 147.600

Well. OK. This is one of the weirder judged meets. That beam rotation was a great example, where the scoring on the first two was tight, and then it wasn’t too tight after that. I think judge #1 got the range memo. Foberg had some breaks, Baker had some start value issues.

Still either team’s meet. Florida down by .250, but heading to floor, where the scores are looking ready to give 9.9s, while LSU has to head to beam, where the scores were also ready to give 9.9s…some of the time in the last rotation. Who even knows what’s happening? I thought LSU looked a little better on floor this week than last week. A little more controlled in some of the important routines. Having Edney helps.

Neither team will be pleased with the performance in this meet so far, but at least it’s bizarre.

The adjusted Baker’s score up from 9.700 to 9.800. Interesting.


Macadaeg – BB – switch to switch 1/2 to beat, lovely. Aerial. bhs loso, gorgeous – stuck gainer full……ish. Excellent routine. 9.900

Baumann – FX – Double tuck, easy and very secure – 1.5 to front full, not her best version of that pass but clean and smooth, she can just rise super high sometimes – switch 1/2 to popa, no trouble getting to those positions. Double pike, much better this time, controls the step back. Good one. 9.875.

I feel like Kathy might have replaced Erin Macadaeg with Alyssa Baumann.

Hambrick – BB – L turn – hitch kick to side aerial, no trouble – switch to straddle 1/4 with a lean correction to hold it – bhs loso series, strong – 2/1 with small step. Good. Not as strong as Macadaeg’s though, so will they go lower? You can justify a 9.900 for her performance in a vacuum, but it wasn’t as good as the previous 9.900. It does get 9.900. One judge went 9.950 (the harsh one, too!) which I don’t get.

Foberg – FX – full in, good chest position, just a slide back – front full front pike, fine, slide forward – double tuck, solid. Normal, fine, regular, good. 9.800.

Edney – BB – aerial, small lean adjustment but works into sissone – loso series, secure – switch to straddle 1/4, another small adjustment, just a little more tentative than sometimes but secure – kickover front, hit – 1.5 with lunge forward. 9.775

Slocum – FX – DLO, a little short and looked like it stung with a step forward but pulled it around – good height on wolf jump full – really breathing before next pass – gets it around, full to front pike, solid – rudi with a slide. Hit.

Desiderio – BB – aerial to split jump, strong – secure loso series – full turn – switch to switch 1/2, tight on the switch 1/2 and a small pause in between – gainer full with a slide back.

Boren – FX – More phone routines? DLO, super secure – 1.5 to layout, straight body throughout, very well controlled landing – split leap full to wolf full, travels – Double tuck, good. Nice hit, will score very well. 9.900/

Campbell – BB – Kathy loves a press handstand mount, but she dropped her hips in the press – aerial a little short, tries to work through to bhs but it was a slow combination. Let’s see if Judge #1 gives it. Tuck to split jump, small lean in between – switch to switch 1/2 to beat – 2/1 stuck, better than her first showing. 9.775.

Baker – FX – Dos Santos, nailed. Fab. Excellent. double tuck, drops right down into it. Switch leap to split full, good switch position – 1.5 to 1/2 to straddle – didn’t get much lift into it, but that’s really all. I love that she basically got no lift in her straddle jump and still hti the position. 9.925.

Finnegan – BB – bhs loso, nice – switch to switch 1/2, pretty positions as always – side somi, a little forward but holds it well – side aerial to full and stuck. That will be quite a score I anticipate. 9.925.

Skaggs – FX – Well, we’re just throwing these lineups all around. Bridgeying? 1.5 through to double tuck, just a hair short – 1.5 to layout, controls the lunge forward pretty well – lovely toe point in those leaps – wolf turn – double pike, comfortable. Good. Makes the argument for herself in the lineup.

9.925 for Skaggs.

FINAL: LSU 197.200, Florida 197.125.

We’ll have to break it down later because it’s Georgia/Alabama time!


Childers – VT – knees on full with a bounce back, better than the short landing from last time, but won’t be a big score. 9.775 seems high.

Johnson – UB – Just five going – very short first handstands – Gienger with legs – short handstand – angle on the bail – Short handstand – DLO, lovely with a stick. Nice dismount, but won’t score that well because of every handstand. 9.775. So we don’t care about handstands anymore?

Desch – VT – flat on that full – good form but pikes and lands short with a lunge forward.

Oakley – UB – Shap with legs – pretty bail – nice vertical on half turn on low – short final hs and an arch on the toe on to double tuck, hop.

“One of the judges did not see Maddie Desch vault.” OH PLEASE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DANA GONNA STAB.

Maddie Desch has to vault again because A JUDGE MISSED IT. Maddie is smiling. I would not be.

Desch going again – VT – Getting a deduction? We’re now speculating whether she went before the flag. Better vault, bounce back but did not land short.

Vaculik – UB – Short hs on high – late on giant full – VACULIK GIENGER – small leg break on both that and the bail – missing her handstands as well – ftdt with a hop to the side. Handstand issues but solid enough. 9.825.

So it’s a 9.750 for Desch. OK?

Armbrecht – VT – upgrades to her 1.5! Step to the side, and knees, and direction but a necessary upgrade for Alabama.

Snead – UB – clear hip to tkatchev, well done – clean into the bail – very short final handstand – DLO, short with a shuffle, two-step forward. 9.850 is too high.

Now it’s a 9.250 for Desch. So she did go before the flag and got a .500 deduction. OK. So it looks like it was on Desch, not the judge.

Mahoney – VT – clean full – respectable dynamics, hop back, nice shape, a little piking. 9.800.

Dickson – UB – small arch in first handstand – Ray is good – secure bail – very short on final hs as well – DLO with hop back. Solid. 9.875.

Graber – VT – 1.5 vault, landing SUPER locked-legged and is limping off. That looked like it REALLY hurt. So that means Alabama is essentially counting a fall on vault. No good. 9.300.

Guerrero – VT – 1.5 stuck, good vault, very strong. Just knees really, but they are bent throughout. 9.900.

After 1: Georgia 49.125, Alabama 48.600.

Well, that was not how that was supposed to go…? Georgia go through bars. A fairly good performance in that they hit, but the scores went too high across the board for those handstands.

Alabama, rather poor on vault, the issue with Desch not withstanding. Good to upgrade for Armbrecht, but we had some uncontrolled landings and then of course the injury to Graber. Ends up counting the fall from Graber because of the .500 deduction for Desch.

That is the deduction for going before the flag. I was screwed up because of the difference in rules for various arenas of gymnastics, but it is just a deduction in NCAA.


Vega – VT – good distance on her full, but legs throughout and a large bounce back.

Childers – UB – Toe on to Shap, legs – to bail, some hip angle – short final handstand but OK – 1/2 turn (late) to that Huang Huidan dismount, stuck.

Oakley – VT – hop on a full, a little flat, solid form, not terrible.

Oh. Look. Now every team has to do a stick thing.

Guerra – UB – Jaeger, hit – bail witha  leg break – DLO, good stick. Efficient. Clean. 9.900.

Marino – VT – just a full – hop back, some legs apart. 9.750.

Loeb – UB – Toe on to Toe shap, legs and low backswing – missing a couple handstands ina  row, pretty significantly – DLO, short, squatty, hop forward. Alicia HATES this routine. 9.725. K.

Johnson – VT – best of the lineup so far – good distance, stuck full – Some hips. 9.850.

Dickson – UB – bail, short of vertical – rushes cast on high bar – toe on – tkatchev, pretty toe point – rushing cast handstand as well – ftdt, small slide. 9.850.

Dickson – VT – OOOUUUUUCCCCHH. Tried her Yurchenko full, landed sideways, very scary, how is she OK? Looks like she is OK, but how?

All the vaults are awful today?

Winston – UB – Toe on – Toe shap, gorgeous, that’s how you do it! Pak, excellent – just a little tight at the end on a hs – sticks DLO. Awesome. So, that was like 2 tenths better than anyone else so far, but the judges left no room to reward that. 9.925. Correct score in a vacuum but not nearly enough separation from the other routines.

Snead – VT – huge full, pretty in the air, largish bounce back, not much to take for form though.

Brannan – UB – toe half to jaeger, comfortable – toe on – bail – some hip angle there like all of them – smooth last handstand (actually good last handstand!) – DLO with small hop.

I LOVE that Courtney has started adopting Suzanne’s enunciation style.

After 2: Georgia 98.075, Alabama 98.000

Alabama closing the gap there. Scoring stayed consistently between the two teams on bars for the most part, but because the judges had already gone into the high 9.8s for 9.775-9.800-level routines, they had no room to give gymnasts like Winston an accurate score that still rewarded her superiority over the other gymnasts in this meet, which is why the separation will end up looking screwy.

Worried about Dickson there with that vault, but Georgia got through with some solid performances by the last ones.

I think Georgia is at 98.075, not 98.200. The live scores have given Dickson a 9.850, which…no. She fell.


Ernst – BB – getting into the lineup – loso series, secure – switch to sheep, LOVELY execution on both but a maybe-ish pause in between – aerial with a correction – 2/1, legs form, solid new-team debut. No Bailie Key this week.

Arnold – FX – she competes! double pike, short with a lunge forward – double tuck, also a little short with some mushiness on landing – switch ring is OK, switch half minorly short – 1.5 to layout, somewhat arched.

Desch – BB – aerial to beat jump, hit – long pause – hits loso series – not the highest on any of these skills but secure – full turn – switch to split, pretty good extension – bhs bhs to stuck 1.5.

babalis – FX – whip double tuck, very nice, good tucked position, controlled – whip half to front 1/1, dances out to cover the uncontrolled landing as she usually does – double pike with a slide back, but a solid showing from her overall.

Armbrecht – BB – aerial to beat jump, nice style – full turn – bhs loso, better leg form in the loso than the bhs – split to beat to sheep – remember when she was a JO and I was obsessed with what a beam start she was going to be? No? It hasn’t really happened but nice set. 1.5 with hop forward.

Dickson – FX – Double pike, very clean shape, controlled landing – 1.5 to layout, very comfortable with these passes and landings, no trouble – switch side popa, hits positions – double tuck, a little short landing.

Childers – BB – loso series with a check – split to sheep, sheep is not as strong as Ersnt, check – kickover front to scale – 2/1, stuck with leg break.

Snead – FX – whip through to double tuck, right into the corner but in, didn’t slide much at all and she had no margin for it – rudi to shushunova, good, rudi a little “China 3/1” in the completion, but it works – switch ring to wolf full to popa – double pike, did take that one too far and also landed short, hands down. Dear.

Winston – BB – split jump to straddle 1/2, excellent – aerial to bhs series, small check in between but works throuygh it – double tuck dismount, small hop. Solid.

Vega – FX – double pike, secure landing – 1.5 to layout, keeps that back leg under control and good lift into the second element – switch ring to split full, very well hit dance elements – split 1.5, pulls it around but rushed – double tuck, just a touch short. One of her better sets.

Guerrero – BB – that was better than last week – very solid on bhs loso loso series – good jumps – full turn, overturns with a wobble – side aerial, right on – 1.5 with slide forward.

Marino – FX – opening with just the double pike (downgraded like on vault) slides back – 1.5 to layout, clean – split full to popa, tighter than she usually is in her late-season form on that – the worm? To “Tequila”? Keepin’ it classy. Annnnnnnnd, she lands way short, injures her ankle, falls, and is in tears. Why is this life?

This day is such a cuckoo clock. So, Georgia counts a fall on floor, and now I can’t make fun of that floor routine because Marino is all injured. This is really hard on me.

After 3: Alabama 147.350, Georgia 146.525

Good beam from Alabama. Hit, some checks, could have been scored harsher, but they hit. Winston again the highlight and again I feel like there was not enough separation between her score and the other routines.

Also, everything is broken. HEYYYYYY.


Snead – BB – bhs loso bhs series, pretty and controlled – cast leap to switch, VERY short on switch position, into back tuck – front tuck, deep with large check – 2/1 short with a hop forward. Tiggggggght but stayed on. 9.700.

Childers – FX – full in, very well controlled landing, low – 2/1, smooth landing as well, quite nice – rudi to layout stepout, got no punch into the layout stepout, pulled it around but will get hit for amplitude.

Oakley – BB – wolf turn – basically wobbling just standing there – twice – switch to split ring jump, weird, lovely height but way short back leg on switch, then great split ring jump, then a wobble – loso series and a fall – gainer full dismount.

Desch – FX – high double pike, over flips, stumbles backward and OOB. Dear, today. 1.5 to half to split to front tuck, well done – switch ring to split full, solidly executed – double tuck, very secure. Won’t be able to use the score, though.

Vaculik – BB – going after a fall. And she falls on a side aerial. I didn’t even have a chance to snark about it. switch to a great straddle 1/4 (this is what we saw when we’ve talked about Vaculik having the potential to be SO good on beam) – 1.5, hop forward.

Mahoney – FX – double pike, with a bounce back, just does stay in bounds – front full to front lay with a crossover step – not really controlling the landings, good leaps, though (beam artistry and leaps are the areas Alabama has improved in the Duckworth era) – double tuck, very secure.

Babalis – BB – aerial to loso series attempt, check but keeps it going – we’ll see – switch to split, check, very tentative but hit her positions – full turn – picked kickover front to beat jump, secure – front full dismount, stuck. A hit. 9.800.

Armbrecht – FX – double pike, another bounce back, just stays in – we’re seeing the opposite problem of last week for Alabama, when they were all landing short, now they are all bouncing back – 1.5 to layout, large lunge forward, archy on the layout – rudi with a bounce.

Dickson – BB – aerial to switch to straddle 1/4, nice – full turn, comfortable – loso series and she falls. Well this is awful. 1.5 dismount, stuck. Three falls in five routines so far.

Hug from Suzanne. Scariest.

Guerrero – FX – double pike, solid, well performed – switch side popa, hitting her positions well – 1.5 to front full, large lunge forward – it will get lost in the Georgia drama, but Alabama a little unsettled on floor here as well. rudi, chest a little, but solid.

Vega – BB – switch ring, break but stays on – solid loso series – cat leap to aerial to beat, nice – switch leap split 1/4, a little short on the split position but not too bad. side aerial to full. Hit. 9.875. A pity score. It’s OK

NO don’t cut away from Kupets trying to polish this one!

Winston – FX – double pike, small shuffle on landing – still not debuting much difficulty in this lineup – front lay front full, pretty front lay, “stepped ona  bee” front full landing – do switch rings all day long, please – double tuck. Good.

Final: Alabama 196.525, Georgia 194.525

Well, what happened there was a meltdown from Georgia. And on the two events that are supposed to be the good ones this season! For those who have watched this Georgia team at all in the last 2…4…8 years, this was not that surprising, but it does momentarily inhibit optimism about a new dawn and whatnot because Kupets and Suzanne are back. Momentarily. Marino is the biggest worry right now. They NEED NEED NEED her.

OK from Alabama. They had a weird flukey vault problem, but without that, the total would have been in the 197s. That would have flattered this performance a little, which was still not at full strength, but an overall marked improvement over the first week.

So, let’s run around NCAA gym and see what else has happened today.

Starting with LSU 197.250, Florida 197.125

LSU went to Florida and got a win, so will come away from that one joyfully. Some improvements over last week, particularly on vault and in getting Edney back into the AA. A little weaker on bars than last time, but enough of an improvement on the other three to make this feel like a victory. Each event still has a way to go (and full lineups to resolve), but LSU will be pleased enough.

It was really just vault that took Florida out of this one (over the other three events combined, Florida is a hair ahead). It was that Slocum weirdness and the struggles on landing from the others that could have been punished more severely than they were. LSU had more 1.5s in the lineup this week and vaulted better, which was the difference.

The other major development of the day was Korth for Kentucky scoring 9.975 for a stuck 1.5, the highest vault score recorded this season. By a half tenth. Her performance took Kentucky over Arkansas in a high-score-a-thon 196.950-196.525. Auburn also recorded a very nice 196.625 at home to defeat Missouri’s 194.875. Important win for Auburn to try to pass up Missouri and regain its place in the SEC.

Also Cal is on its way to losing to BYU, so that’s not a great result. Disaster on bars took the score away right from the start.


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  1. They just showed McKenna putting the stick crown on myia.. Then she screamed F*CK YEAH

      1. Illinois State– it’s great that they’re making a meet available that otherwise wouldn’t be available to fans!

        (University of) Illinois is at Rutgers tomorrow. No video listed for that one, facebook or otherwise, right now.

  2. What in the world just happened with Florida’s vault rotation? I’m a fan, but I feel like them being ahead is not really accurate…

  3. Some of the judge splits on bars are wild – either one is drastically overscoring or one is drastically underscoring (Myia Hambrick with a 9.7/9.9 split, and Finnegan with a 9.7/9.85 split?)

    1. I’m wondering if the judge sitting on the side where the bars coach stands can actually see the dismounts. It looks like her view of the landing would be obstructed.

  4. 9.875 for Baker but 9.8 for Edney? It wasn’t Edney’s best 1.5 but it wasn’t Baker’s either…the scoring is really strange so far for this meet.

  5. I think since baker hopped forward they took less off because it showed that she had power. When you step back wards you get the deduction for the step and for being short. But baker was over scored. Not feeling these scores. This meet is going to be a blood bath. They both don’t look particularly sharp tonight

  6. UGA has their lineups up:
    Bars –
    Snead Dickson
    * Only going with five it appears; where’s Sanders?



    * It appears Georgia is going with the exact same lineup on both floor and beam, or more than likely the beam rotation is wrong here – Marino on beam? No Sanders or Vaculik… Arnold on floor = yes but after seeing her beam routine it’s not really line-up ready more like 7th or 8th (after the freshmen are ready).

  7. Is there a vault voodoo doll tonight? Slocum’s original 4 on vault, a SEMO kid with a 5 and an Arizona kid with a zero!

  8. Why is mambo #5 a thing this year? This is the 3rd floor routine with it. Alex hyland, Sandra Collantes and Rachel Slocum

    1. Idk what’s with everyone else but Alex has had it for awhile. She loves it for unknown reasons

  9. How do you not see a vault happening right before your eyes? She literally vaults in front of you.

  10. Duckworth looks incredible in that dress, and even more incredible with her murderface on. I’m so happy right now.

  11. How does Oakley go 9.8 on bars with a toe handstand to double tuck? That combo is not bonus AND does not meet the up to level requirement!!

    1. I mean the scores are fair compared to what we’ve seen at other meets across the country. I don’t like the scores either, but if you deduct for UGA, you have to deduct for every other team too.

      1. Oakley’s routine only had .4 in bonus so 9.9 SV and should be up to level with no bonus in bars dismount. Should start at a 9.8 and she WENT 9.8

      2. I’ll be interested to see what judges do next week with Oakley’s routine. She competed at sneak peek and there was no talk about a 9.8 SV and I haven’t seen anything else anywhere about her SV not being a 10.

    1. John Rothlisberger and Alicia Sacramone — same crew that did a bunch of SEC meets last year.

    2. Alicia Sacramone and John Rothesburger. (sp?) John is the one who has been on NBC with Tim and Nastia in place of Trautwig.

  12. The Bama ladies are not wanting to wear the stick belt. Stop trying to make it happen. It’s not happening.

  13. I am so happy to see Peyton on beam!

    But seriously the vault judges are like all struggling tonight.

    1. Nah she knows who it’s named after..we all know she just doesn’t want to acknowledge her lol

      1. Isn’t the illusion named after the Canadian and former Bruin EH-H? If not who, I’m drawing a blank…

  14. No! UGA has no luck over the past year. Poor Gigi. I hope it’s not too serious, but I fear it is the same ankle she injured last year.

    Also, imagine if Arnold and Vaculik were off the team like Durante originally planned. The roster would be depleted.

  15. Is Hayley Sanders sick? I haven’t seen her at the meet. If she can go in place of Oakley on beam, I think UGA will be fine moving forward.

  16. My heart aches for Georgia. I think they’ll bounce back and challenge for nationals, but I know they wanted to prove all the haters wrong.

    They need to get healthy and they have to compete again Monday!

    As a side note, Vega may be the most under appreciated gymnast in the NCAA.

  17. On the bright side, Georgia beat there meet opening score from last year which was in the 193s. Dickson needs to be a leader for this team. She should not be falling. Maybe Oakley needs to take out her triple series? And oh Natalie she has fallen in 3 of her 4 routines so far this season. I’m hoping Gigi will be ok. Overall though every team had a rough opening meet and I’m not too worried. They have so much potential and can be great

  18. So is Mack Brannan limited to bars now? Also, its nice to see Loeb get to compete but that routine should’ve been in the 9.5 range. Surely Alabama has stronger bars routines. Key? Klopfer? Graber? Giancroce? Is Dickson still working a DTY? The only downside of the SEC network is that we don’t see a lot of exhibitions anymore, so it’s hard to know who is on the cusp of lineups.

    Georgia: Beam will be a nice event when they hit, and bars looked better than I was expecting. Babalis and Vega looked strong, and although Oakley made some errors, she should be a good score for Georgia on bars and beam. Does Vaculik still vault?

  19. alicia seemed really harsh in the first half of the meet. almost as bad as Trautwig, Dagget, and Liukin, but not as bad.

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