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Today started a little earlier than usual with some Penn State/Ohio State action before the main event: Alabama’s visit to Florida, though you may have noticed if you tried to watch that Ohio State is still one of those remaining schools that shows only the home-team routines. Because that makes sense.

Ohio State has a lead over Penn State after 1, 49.050 to 49.025, with Penn State falling off expectations on bars because of a surprising miss from Sabrina Garcia for 8.700.

Some Florida/Alabama lineup developments. Chant is vaulting for Florida (you’re forgiven for kind of forgetting she was on the team), Foberg is back on vault and bars, Baker is ONLY on floor, McLaughlin is on beam. So remember when I thought these would be sort-of peak lineups? Nope.

No Childers for Alabama. Klopfer on floor, Ernst back on beam, Winston back on vault.

Northern Illinois has defeated Eastern Michigan, 195.425 to 194.900. That’s a season high for NIU. EMU is still yet to hit 195 this season.

Ohio State extends its lead on Penn State after 2: 98.225 to 97.900. Penn State once again not getting a big score it needed with Tsang going just 9.700 on vault. OSU over 49 on both events so far.


Chant – VT – Florida – Tsuk 1/1 – “traditional entry vault” – small bounce back but fairly significant pike at the end, leg break on block


Guerra – UB – Alabama – shortish first hs – solid and good Jaeger, some short verticals until the final cast handstand, really went for that one and overarches and comes off. Starting with a fall.

Lauren Johnson stuck her DLO on bars for Georgia, otherwise her normal.

Rosa – VT – Kentucky – stronnnggg landing on her full, basically a stick. Just feet and distance.

Hundley – VT – Florida – good landing on her full, just a small small slide back – will get deducted for not having the dynamics and height as others, but good.

Pedersen – UB – UGA – now going second – shortish first hs – solid piked Haeger – goooood Pak, legs together and high – REALLY short final hs before blind change, hop on double front, a little deep

Graber – UB – Alabam – hite Gienger with leg break, another leg break on bail but good toes – short final handstand – legs on FTDT but a good stick

Foberg – VT – Florida – large bounce back out of full, but really good amplitude and form.

Oakley – UB – Georgia – great first hs – pretty Shap to Pak, good legs together – sway back on the half turn on low- strong final hs – STUCK FTDT, very good.

Mahoney very clean on bars for Alabama, one short handstand I saw, great shape on FTDT dismount, just a little deep.

Davis for Kentucky a little deep and squatty on her full landing.

Boren – VT – Florida – huge 1.5 but no control on the landing, large lunge forward and then a couple steps out.

Good set from Vaculik on bars, just two short handstands and then her usual FTDT form, but stuck. Nice.

Dickson – UB – Alabama – a little short on bail, as she is most weeks – just tight on some handstands but great tkatchev as usual – FTDT with a lunge back, and I counted three short handstands there.

Slocum – VT – Florida – handspring pike 1/2 , tries to stick, comes in deep-chested with a small hop forward.

Snead – UB – Georgia – good tkatchev and bail, nice toe point – a short handstand – whips her DLO this time just a little with a step forward. Didn’t have her usual height, but otherwise great.

Winston – UB – toe Shap, very clean – perfect form on Pak as always but came in a little close this time and had to muscle it – that threw her off on the next handstand as well a little, but a fab DLO as always –

McMurtry – VT – Florida – VERY good DTY! Better control on the landing than the previous 10 she got, maybe a little lean with one foot, but I think you can call that a slide together with the heels, which is fine, so we’ll see. 9.975 this time. Makes sense as a score to me, one judge calling that a slide together, the other calling it lack of control, though it was clearly way better than that 10 from two weeks ago.

Brannan – UB – Alabama – Jaeger,, good – legs together on bail – DLO, small slide. Good routine. They got through the rotation.

After 1: Florida 49.325, Alabama 49.300

Both of those scores overstate the quality of the rotations a little, Florida struggling with the vaults until McMurtry saved the rotation, Alabama having some rough times in the handstand and leg form departments on those routines, even though they endured the early fall.

After 1: Georgia 49.250, Kentucky 48.975

Impressed by parts of Georgia’s rotation on bars, really clean stuff from Oakley in particular. Dickson looked a little rushed at the end. Kentucky struggled with those vaults this week, Korth landing short with a lunge back, Davis very deep with a bound to the side. Not their best landing day. Kentucky continuing to do better on the road than at home so far.


Vega – VT – Georgia – struggles more this time, piked on the full and then a pretty large bounce back followed by another step

Carlisle – UB – Kentucky – 1/2 turn to hit Jaeger, some feet – a little angle on the bail handstand – FTDT, very good landing

Mahoney – VT – Alabama – good full, small slide back, nice leg form, just lacking in distance compared to the best.

Mahoney’s bars score got bumped up to 9.875. It did look very clean so I don’t mind that.

Boren – UB – Florida – Tkatchev, hit – smooth early, secure bail – one shortish final handstand – small ste on DLO, good one.

Armbrecht good control on the vault landing, small hop up, did have some tucking in her pre-flight. Like Mahoney, didn’t have the most distance.

Foberg – UB – Florida – nice Pak – Godo Shap, some legs – inbar Gienger, catches close and loses her momentum out of it, works through, FTDT with small slide back

Fall from Rechenmacher on bars for Kentucky on her Jaeger, she was moving SOOO fast she kind of just got ahead of herself.

Graber – VT – Alabama – the full still, lunge back, a little locked on landing

Skaggs – UB – Florida – toe on to Tkatchev to Pak, great counter rotation on the Tkatchev, some legs ont he Pak, short final hs – DLO, lands it deep with a step forwrad to save it.

Johnson basically sticks on vault for Georgia to try to save the rotation score after early struggles.

Winston – VT – Alabama – she’s back! Good dynamics as we expect, welcome back. A little more piking than she’ll have at her best on vault, slide back.

Hundley – UB – Florida – Shap , solid – to Pak, good handstand on low – hits Shap 1/2 – short handstand – FTDT, good, small slide – she often looks like she’s having leg breaks on these skills, but her thighs and knees are together, it’s just how her legs go.

Desch – VT – ALabama – small slide back on full, not much in the dynamics department, coming in a little too forward

Gowey – UB – Florida – Great Ray – toe on to Pak, smooth – iffy final hs – DLO, pikes down at the end with a hop back.

Korth – UB – Kentucky – nice piked jaeger – leg break on the bail – DLO 1/1 with a small hop back.

Guerrero – VT – Alabama – just a small slide back/together on her 1.5, usual knees, but strong vault –

McMurtry – UB – Florida – Godo Ray, better elbows this time – strong vertical on bail but a little pause and hand readjustment to hold it – sticks FTDT. Good.

After 2: Florida 98.825, Alabama 98.600

Better vaulting from Alabama. I don’t think dynamics were evaluated as they should have been (vault judging was very landing-focused today), but better. Still not enough difficulty and still a little too flat on those fulls for me, though. Florida good on bars. The landings were better, though we were hearing a lot about “sticks” that weren’t actually sticks. Small deductions but deductions.

After 2: Georgia 98.125, Kentucky 98.000

Georgia loses some of the lead after having to count the Vega vault bounce-a-thon because of having just the five vaults, though it’s still enough to stay ahead of Kentucky, who got through bars and did not have to count the fall.

Everyone’s OK so far. No one is having a GREAT day except Alex McMurtry.


Stuart – BB – Kentucky – double stag – layout stepout series, lean to the side correction – cat leap to side aerial to tuck full, stuck.

Hundley – BB – Florida – aerial with a lean correction into sissone, shouldn’t get the combo but will – more secure on loso series – cat leap to switch side, solid – full turn – holds the stick on 1.5. Got through, she doesn’t have the most amplitude but she Hundleys it.

9.800. Split is 9.700 and 9.900.

Guerra – FX – Alabama – double tuck, small slide, good shape – 1.5 to layout, very solid, maintains her position well, controls the landing – double pike, another small bounce. Solid.

McLaughlin – BB – Florida – beat jump – aerial to bhs series, also leans in between the combination, leans again on landing the bhs – check on double stag as well – side aerial to layout full, short with a lunge forward

Desch – FX – Alabama – double Arabian, short and falls this time. It always looks a little terrifying and touch-and-go, and it didn’t work out this time – solid remaining passes, small slide back on double tuck.

Poland – BB – Kentucky – small lean on her three series but well executed, just a couple checks – gainer pike, good.

Delay on beam. Judge 1 didn’t give the series, judge #2 did.

Boren – BB – Florida – good kickover front – solid layout stepout series – good switch and straddle, pretty close to 180 on the switch, cat leap to loso, arm wave to prevent having to check – gainer full, small slide back. Good again.

Snead did very well not to go OOB for Georgia stepping back out of her last pass.

Klopfer – FX – Alabama – double tuck, secure, not too high – split leap full to split jump 1/1, solid, double pike, deep with a step forward – back 1.5 to layout, arched around to get it done. Form in places, won’t be a final-lineup routine, but go through as needed.

Kwan falls on beam for Kentucky –

Gowey – BB – Florida – switch to split, pretty – bhs loso loso series, bend at the hips working out of it – aerial to sissone was lovely – full turn, a little tentative – gainer full

Dickson lunges forward on a couple of passes for Georgia but hits.

Armbrecht – FX – Alabama – bounces back out of double pike but nice height and toe point – 1.5 to layout, came in high on that 1.5 and did well to get the layout done – rudi to double stag, hit

Dukes even wobbling all over the place on beam for Kentucky. Not Kentucky’s beam day so far.

Baumann – BB – Florida – Onodi, perfection – bhs loso series, super clean – switch to split, not the MOST extended she can do but still hit – aerial to sissone, smooth – 1.5, tries to pretend she stuck it but steps forward in salute

Winston – FX – Alabama – double pike, controlled, no trouble – split leap 1/1, strong – front lay to front full, didn’t get her punch into the full so a little more awkward than usual – switch ring to switch 1/2, didn’t lift at all into the switch 1/2 and missed the position, which Winston NEVER does – double tuck, solid. A few weird moments

I love that Winston basically did the same switch 1/2 everyone else does, but it was the end of the world because she can actually do it well and does every time.

McMurtry – BB – Florida – kickover front, good – hits loso series with a check – switch to shushunova hip circle – 2/1 with a slide back. I really don’t see how you come up with 9.925 for that one.

Guerrero – FX – Alabama – double pike, stuck landing, very strong – back 1.5 to front full, also excellent on landing – the girl can land, that’s for sure – rudi, some legs, large-ish step back. Good routine.

Good ending for both teams in those rotations after a couple struggles early on.

After 3: Florida 148.225, Alabama 147.800

49.200 for Alabama on beam, so it should be a season-high with a hit beam. Florida is looking on track for a mid-197, though it could get to a higher 197 if home floor is in effect.

After 3: Georgia 147.250, Kentucky 146.275

Kentucky with a bit of a nightmare beam means this meet won’t really be a usable score regardless of what happens in the final rotation on floor. Georgia got through five gymnasts on floor and is still on pace for a comfortable 196 with a hit beam, though it won’t be a hugely competitive final score.

Dead at baby Adrian Burde.


Snead – BB – Georgia – bhs loso bhs, smooth and extended – cat leap to switch to back tuck, she’s always short on that switch but it looked particularly short this time – front tuck, leg-up wobble – 2/1 dismount with hop back

Childers wrist injury.

Desch – BB – Alabama – aerial with a check, covered with choreography but not really – hits series – full turn – side somi, lean forward to save it – switch to split – 1.5 dismount with a lean and a step.

Fall on a tkatchev for Milliet on bars for Auburn. WHY MY LIFE?

Oakley – BB – Georgia – split to split ring, OK, small check this time – good toes on loso series, secure – HUGE wobble on aerial did everything but come off the beam yet somehow did not fall.

Slocum – FX – Florida – whip through to double pike, nice height on the double pike – full to front pike – rudi to double stag, good.

Counting a fall for Auburn on bars.

Armbrecht with a couple small corrections working out of skills, and then a bend at the hips to save the sheep jump, good form and extension throughout

Sanders is back on beam for Georgia – hits series – at leap to switch side with a lean – check on full turn – front tuck, large bend at the hips correction – front layout full dismount.

Hundley – FX – Florida – double tuck, no trouble – switch side to popa, better distinct finish position this week – double pike, comes in short with a lunge forward – 1/5 to layout, solid on that but not big. 9.875? Here we go.

Georgia counting a 9.600 on beam now.

Ernst – BB – Alabama – full turn – bhs loso series, excellent and secure – switch to sheep, check but her sheep jump form is LEGIT as always – aerial to split, slow but keeps her arms moving so whatever I guess – 2/1, stuck with some crossed legs. Good set.

Baumann – FX – Florida – double tuck, slide back – back 1/5 to front full, solid on that one – switch 1/2 to straddle jump, her straddle is so high – double pike, small slide.

Graber – BB – Alabama – bhs to lay-pike, very confident and secure – switch to straddle 3/4, a little low on straddle 3/4 – kickover front, intended to scale but good correction to bail out of her scale, a significant wobble but she didn’t have it and saved – 2/1 with a lunge back

Gowey – FX – Florida – very well controlled double pike, good shape, just a hair forward – 1.5 to layout, solid – same on double tuck, just a bit more forward that time, but good security

Winston – BB – Alabama – split and straddle 1/2, perfect – aerial to bhs, smooth – full turn, lovely – NO WHY – double tuck, comes in super short with a lunge forward and the hand now

Vega – BB – Georgia – loso series, small lean – good style on full turn – cat leap to aerial and leans through her connection to sissone – split to straddle 1/4 – side aerial to full, stuck.

Boren – FX – Florida – DLO good – 1.5 to layout, good lift into layout, stays straight on it – Kathy’s distaste for this “someone is calling!” play is my favorite. Double tuck, big, chest up, some slide.

Let’s please talk about how Winston got a 9.700 when putting her hands down on her beam dismount. They’ll have evaluated it as a “brush” of the hands, but even so…

Glenn for Auburn falls on her 1.5 on vault. Not a good first two rotations for Auburn.

Guerrero – BB – Alabama – bhs loso loso, excellent – switch to straddle, very strong – side aerial, comfortable as well – 1.5, stuck. GOOD. She had a great day.

If Winston was 9.700, that was at least 10.200, so we’ll see…

Baker – FX – Florida – piked double Arabian, FANTASTIC, perfect control on landing – double tuck, controlled it well – switch split to split leap 1/1, nice – 1.5 to half to straddle, she started celebrating during that straddle because she knew it was one of her best routines. Fantastic.

And she gets a 10. I’m down with that 10.

FINAL: Florida 197.850, Alabama 197.075

FINAL: Georgia 196.150, Kentucky 195.550

Also Arkansas just went 49.450 on bars.

Yamzon – BB – Arkansas – bhs bhs loso, fairly large wobble with an arm wave – full turn – gainer full, hit.

Kennedi Harris really short on her Yfull for Missouri with a large lunge forward. Weird.

Durante – UB – LSU – good first hs – 1/2 turn to Jaeger, toes pointed well – strong Pak, small leg break – rushes through that handstand on low a little – FTDT, step back. I wonder if the judges take for her loose back in handstand, even though she brings those toes right up to vertical. 9.775, so I think they did.

Huber – VT – Missouri – hop back on full, small pike, good distance, a little direction

Laird – BB – Arkansas – aerial to bhs, a little slow in combination and a check on bhs – nice split leap

Hambrick – UB – LSU – good Ray – giant full to bail, strong position on bail, somewhat rushed through giant full and on final cast hs – great stick on FTDT.

Miller – VT – Missouri – nearly sticks her full, small slide back, leg break on the table, but good direction and form, controls landing.

Kirby – UB – hits tkatchev – a little tight on some handstands – WAY short on bail and can’t save it, fall

Tucker – VT – Missouri – nice open on her full, bounce back, a little bit of direction, strong dynamics

Wellick – BB – Arkansas – switch to straddle 1/4, fab – aerial, smooth – front gainer full with hop forward

Edney – UB – LSU – a little close on Hindorff but otherwise solid – nice bail, stays extended – short final handstand – DLO, holds the stick with a lean. Good.

Bower – VT – Missouri – handspring front pike 1/2! Step back. Good. Not Slocum big, but nice.

Priessman – UB – LSU – nice first hs – hit Tkatchev to Pak, some leg break but small, not like it can be sometimes – hitting vertical positions well – DLO with a slide back, still one of her good ones, though

9.975 for Ivy Lu on bars for Minnesota.

Ward – VT – Missouri – still with the 1/2 on tuck 1/2, better than last week but still coming in deep and forward with a hop forward

Finnegan – UB – LSU – Great Ray – shortish hs – perfect bail to shoot to high, amazing – DLO with step back. They haven’t quite had the landings today.

Shaffer falls on beam for Arkansas on series.

Slappey – FX – Auburn – front full to front rudi, gorgeous form, just a lunge – double pike, high, foot adjustment on landing – double tuck, shortish with lunge forward

After 1: LSU 49.200, Missouri 49.150

Shouldn’t really be as close as it is. LSU evaluated tighter on bars there than some either meets have been or would have been at home, but they were a little tighter than usual as well, didn’t have the landings with a bunch of .05s, and some tighter handstands than we expect.

Missouri OK on vault but weird scores with no separation for very different vaults. Bower should have been well ahead of the others.

Carter with a large break on beam for Arkansas but saves it.

Great save from Gracie Day on floor to keep from going OOB on her huge double Arabian but was not so lucky on her final pass and does bounce back OOB. Auburn off from the start in this one.

Burton – BB – Arkansas – aerial to beat jump, hesitates but continues in connection – good loso series – full turn – split jump to sheep – gainer full

Cannamela – VT – LSU – great height and holds the stick, very nice full – she can’t do it better. 9.900. “Judges magically found a deduction.” You mean distance? That’s magic now?

Tucker- UB – Missouri – nice open position on her piked jaeger – a little angle on her bail – sticks double tuck.

Finnegan – VT – close to a stick, but has to lunge forward into her salute, couldn’t quite hold it, also off direction as she has tended to be this season. 9.875.

Kelly – UB – Missouri – also a nice piked jaeger – a little over her on bail as well, similar routine to Tucker but with a DLO to end, hop back.

Edwards – VT – LSU – nice 1.5, one of her better-controlled landings this season, small step back – also will get deducted for coming in a little short.

Albritten – UB – Missouri – short first hs – high Jaeger – small leg break in the air on bail but comes into vertical well – short hs – giant full to double tuck with step back

Priessman – VT – LSU – she has literal stars flying out of her head, oh they all do – good height on her full, bounce back this time.

Bower – UB – nice height on jaeger – also struggling on handstands throughout – DLO, pike down second salto and a hop.

Scores low for Missouri on bars but consistent with the evaluation we saw from LSU on bars.

Hambrick – VT – LSU – GREAT stick on 1.5. Her best vault of the season by about a thousand percent – finesses the stick a little bit, maybe some direction. 9.950. Fair.

Miller – UB – piked jaeger, good – nice vertical on her bail – arch in handstand on high – DLO, step back.

Edney – VT – LSU – also holds her stick on the 1.5. Knees in the air, slides heels together on landing but also comes in a hair short. It’s a bigger vault than Hambrick’s, so could go higher by comparison. 9.950.

Huber – UB – Missouri – short first hs – Jaeger is nice – DLO, tries to hold a stagger-stick but slides forward into salute.

GREAT vault rotation from LSU, and I think the scores are fair, but LSU will say, “THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A 10 AT OTHER MEETS” which is also an accurate comment. It would have been.

49.525 for LSU, really strong overall, 98.725 after two events.

WHOOOOOAA. Drew Watson for Auburn totally missed her foot on her beam dismount series and came off sideways, stumbling around on her ankles. Could have been super dangerous but she looks OK.

Bower – BB – Missouri – good loso series – kickover front with a check into beat jump – beat to straddle 3/4, a little tight on straddle – gainer full, small bounce in place.

Edwards – FX – LSU – front 2/1, with a dance-lunge out but pretty well controlled – double tuck, small slide – solid final pass. Good opener.

Utah in throwback leos tonight. Good 1.5 from MMG but a hop forward this time. Same from Skinner in terms of the hop, pretty typical vault from her though could be a full tenth hop back.

Good stick on FTDT from Leonard-Baker from ASU. ASU is counting a 9.5 on bars but minimized the damage there.

Desiderio – FX _ LSU – DLO! Some chest down but good control – front tuck through to double tuck, SUPER short on double tuck, manages not to touch the floor but a major lunge forward – switch ring to split full, tight on the split full – deep double pike as well. Not there yet, but the DLO is strong.

I’ll have to leave it there for today’s live blog, but enjoy the rest of the meets!


42 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – February 9, 2018”

    1. Two of the three gymnasts she dismissed are thriving this year under the new coaching staff. And why Dismiss someone whose not on scholarship? They don’t hurt anyone working there butt off for free. But I think the reason she is doing so well is because she wants to prove the old coaching staff wrong. And so many of the girls have made comments on the fact that it’s a much better environment in the gym for them. We will never know the full story but it’s coming out little by little.

    2. She just makes me smile. No, she’s not a Maggie or a Kyla, but you can just see the joy when she competes. While we don’t know what truly went on behind the scenes, it’s becoming evident where the issues truly were.

      1. Agree completely! I cheer for her more than I cheer for other gymnasts . . .and she’s not even on “my team.”

  1. As a PSU fan/alum – this season has made me want to pull my hair out because there is so much potential there.

    1. They need to move her back ASAP. Dickson had an off night she usually does bars a lot better than that

      1. Snead and Dickson are usually great. I think you could put Oakley behind Vaculik. I also think Georgia could use a “Bridget C approach” on bars and move Vaculik to the anchor spot. Oakley, Snead, and Dickson seem to get stuck in the 9.875/9.900 range. Moving them back may not get them 9.95s, but Vaculik may get a bump from 9.85 to 9.875/9.900.

  2. Anyone know why Alabama isn’t using Bailie Key? I know she had a rough routine the first time out, but it seems like she probably deserves a second chance as a recent elite.

  3. How does Alaina Kwan keep making lineups? This Kentucky meet is…not what I expected at all. But good for Georgia for being extremely solid!

    1. I mean, she competed at a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. How can you leave a competitor with such accolades out of all your lineups, it just wouldn’t make any sense.

      1. You’re right, how else would the commentators have anything to talk about without mentioning BELARUS???

  4. Poland for Kentucky had an odd “kind of fall onto the beam” during a leap series. I think that’s why her score was in the 9.6 range.

  5. Dear Kentucky commentator —

    Sydney Snead has three tumbling passes, not two. You literally just watched the routine and replayed the passes.

  6. This level of crack scoring this early in the season is not cute. Florida’s beam rotation was overscored by at least 4 tenths.

  7. I’m guessing Rachel Slocum was one of the kids whose parents put her in gymnastics because she had so much energy.

  8. I hope Georgia gets some crack scoring next week when Florida rolls into town!

  9. So Arkansas got four 9.900s on bars. Anyone watching this meet? That seems a bit high for that lineup.

      1. I think Cerio has an Achilles or ACL injury. There’s an Instagram post from Wednesday talking about keeping your chin up and a comment about matching scars.

      2. They announced that she had an appendectomy so hopefully she shouldn’t be out for too long

  10. Top 5 teams has been clear so far this season with separation from 6th place. It’s the “Who’s favored to make the last Super Six spot?” that has been unclear. I think after tonight, Alabama is making a move towards that 6th place position. They look poised to regularly pop into the 197’s from here on out.

    1. They still make a lot of mistakes though and tonight they got some help from judges. I really think that sixth spot will be wide open. The top teams also will have to be on because I doubt a high-196 will cut it this year at Nationals to qualify, which has been enough to qualify to Super Six in some past seasons.

  11. I keep expecting Florida to be more impressive. I think UCLA, Utah, and of course OU look better at this point. Baumann should have had the highest beam score for Florida alone. I love McMurtry and Gowey but smh. I wish they would let Baumann dismount with a double twist.

  12. Ummm, did anyone else notice the awkwardness during Mizzou’s post-bars huddle w/ Welker?

  13. I swear if I hear one more SEC commentator say “I don’t see the deduction” when we know good and well they have eyes and a gymnastics background, I will FLIP MY LID. This is the kind of talk that makes gymnastics not appear to be a legit sport. When we make it seem like judges are taking unfounded deductions, it discredits the sport. Ughhh, this really just GRINDS MY GEARS, and I feel like this type of talk is more prevalent this year than in prior seasons.

  14. I mean those vaults would have been a 10 at UCLA or UF without a doubt, but by all means…throw shade.

      1. No way. Utah has not had the fantasy judging the likes of UCLA Florida and Oklahoma. You should have seen the judging tonight. It was the tightest I’ve seen in years. I watched the famous Oklahoma UCLA meet last week where the scores were outrageous. Lee. MMG. Skinner and Lewis would have had 10’s. Bars was scored harshly and beam as well. I wish Utah would have a couple of meets in the SEC or at least use the same judges UCLA has access to. It would boost them in ranking. After tonight I don’t think there’s anyway they won’t drop. Again I’m calling for some judging oversite. It should at least be consistent

      2. Utah was a well scored meet (I only had beef with MMG’s floor). I don’t think it is a coincidence that scoring tightened up after G Marsden had his Twitter revelation that loose scoring has crossed the line between hurting the sport and exciting casual fans. Utah scores weren’t as crazy as UF or UCLA but this was a change.

      3. I can’t believe someone would defend Utah home scoring after the previous home meet where the floor rotation went 49.6 on two events and MMG got her 10 on vault. That’s exactly the same type of scoring as in the other ridiculous meets. So they have one more tightly scored meet last night and a fan is ready to put them out of the overscored-at-home bin? Nope. Utah’s earned the reputation through multiple seasons of overscored home meets just like Florida and the other teams.

      4. I am defending it only in contrast to scores in other meets. The scores in th UCLA Cal meet. And the Washington Oregon meets were WAY looser. I jus want standard and consistency. I agree that Utah can be over scored. I didn’t say they aren’t. But compared to meets lik UCLA/Oklahoma Florida and whoever they are now excessively over scored. Really. 6 scores of 10 in pretty much half a meet is a bit crazy. Even reading the blog of the Saturday meets besides watching indicates higher scores than deserved. I wish the Utah meet had been live reviewed. Watching it all i said was it was scored harsher than any previous meets

  15. Friday night thoughts:

    D-D’s lack of tiger print attire this season leaves a lot to be desired.

    More for Hambrick, please. If she were McMurtry she’d have All The Tens.

    I want to be BFFs with Slocum.

    1. Given that tonight is tigers vs tigers, I can see why DD is wearing purple. But, yes, love her tiger print styles 🙂

      1. Haha, of course. But I recall having missed it a couple other times this season. I dream of her magical tiger print-filled closet.

  16. Am I the only one that gets annoyed that ESPN/SEC/PAC explain what a gymnastics meet at every competition. I mean you don’t need to say there are four events and six athletes go on each event. You don’t need to say they key on bars is stick a landing.

    They aren’t giving the rules of basketball every game — you see each team advances the ball down the court by passing to teammates or bouncing the ball with one hand, called dribbling, and then they try to throw the ball into the basket. If you throw the ball from behind that arched line it’s worth 3 points.

    Like come on.

  17. I saw a lot of wild Falls this week. In general the fatigues is starting to set in. The girls look tired. And auburn if your going to do 1.5 vaults they need to be worth it. Not a good meet for them. And I’m surprised LSU had two Falls on beam

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