Sunday Live Blog – February 11, 2018


Sunday, February 11 Scores Stream
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1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Rutgers, Brown, William & Mary @ Maryland LINK
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1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Rhode Island @ Cortland
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5:00 ET/2:00 PT – North Carolina @ [1] Oklahoma LINK OU($)

Alright, Oklahomies. Today’s meet is only online, not even on Random Fox Sports, so I’ll keep you updated with quick hits here.

Webb is sitting on vault today. Marks in the lineup instead.

Kelly is already pronouncing it “Sinners,” because Oklahoma, so we’re off to the races.


Showers – VT – medium-sized hop back on full, not her most controlled landing, but good shape, distance, and direction. 9.850. Uh oh.

Nettles – UB – close catch on tkatchev but works through – small hop back on DLO – solid routine

Marks – VT – full, hop back, not too big on the hop, not quite the dynamics as Showers but straight shape throughout and good open. 9.825.

Williams – UB – 1/2 turn to jaeger, hit, a little tight – short on handstand – hits overshoot – will get deducted for hs – flings out DLO with a lunge forward

Lehrmann – VT – small hop back on full but best chest-up landing position so far, like the others there’s not much to take in the form department. 9.875.

Lane – UB – half turn to bail, short of vertical on the bail but overall lovely toe point and handstand positions – small step back on DLO.

Dowell – VT – not her landing today – lunge forward (more than shoulder width) on the 1.5. Still gets 9.900, so they took a tenth for the lunge and nothing else.

Hedelund – UB – good first hs – Shap with a little bit of legs, connected to bail, crazy legs on the bail – solid rhythm on shoot to high – FTDT, hop back.

Jackson – VT – nearly got it around for the stick, every so slightly short and takes a small hop back. Still gets 9.925.

Donaghy – UB – 1/2 turn to jaeger, very pretty in the air but took it too far and falls. Resumes, floppy body angle in the bail but gets it to vertical at the end – short on DLO with a hop.

Nichols – VT – 1.5 – small pace forward on her 1.5, but otherwise her usual strong vault. 9.925.

A casual 49.475 for Oklahoma on vault. Scores went pretty high for those early fulls, bumping everything up, but not a particularly remarkable day on vault for Oklahoma. No sticks. All fine in the air, though, to minimize deductions. No one at peak level.

Gordon – UB – 1/2 turn to jaeger, exact same problem as Donaghy, so UNC counting a fall now. Resumes, falls on DLO, knees down.

After 1: Oklahoma 49.475, UNC 48.075

UNC was squarely in the 9.7s early before having to count a fall on bars, so this won’t be a particularly usable road total today.

The theme of this broadcast is COME BACK TO US TAYLOR SPEARS. Kelly has basically adopted her 16 times.


Hargrave – VT – full, rather large bound back

Jackson – UB – good piked jaeger – very broomstick bail handstand, good – lunge back on FTDT. Good, a short handstand at the end, a little rushed on her hop grip change at the beginning, and the dismount, so not her strongest set, but good. 9.850

Lane – VT – ro, full on, back pike. Kelly almost had an aneurysm when she saw that Lane was doing a full on. Pretty large stumble back this time, struggled to control the landing.

Webb – UB – lovely on Pak and Shap 1/2 – perfect cat handstand – struggles in handstand on her 1/2 turn before dismount with a hesitation, but pulls it around to a stuck double front. 9.850.

Allen – VT – Y1/2, pace forward, good height, solid body position.

Catour – UB – bent elbows on opening cast handstand, just looks a little too muscled up – excellent tkatchev – very clean bail position – short on a couple handstands here and there – strong DLO with a stick. Nice.

Hedelund – VT – tucked Y1.5 with a hop forward, keeps her tucked shape well, solid distance.

Dowell – UB – Ray, excellent – toe on to bail, very precise – small body arch going for final handstand but pulls it back – sticks DLO.

Nettles – VT – Excellent full. Good stick, no question – a litttttttle pike, but not too much to take at all.

Lehrmann – UB – nice jaeger as always – wonderful toe point – clean vertical on bail, almost floppy-hipped angle in the air but gets it to vertical – perfect dismount.

Hislop – VT – another stick on her full! Well done. A little forward on landing, otherwise great.

Nichols – UB – Good Church, but caught more bent elbowed than usual, just a hair close – Fab Pak – lovely Shap 1/2 – DLO, small lean to hold the stick but did end up holding it. Finessed the landing as Kathy would say.

We see Showers do her Shushunova in exhibition, which is cool but I can see why it’s not in the lineup because it will get some amplitude/form knocks. Good bail, step back on dismount.

Really nice vault rotation from UNC for 49.175. Those last couple fulls were fantastic. A shame that they were stuck at 9.875. You could have argued 9.900 for both.

Oklahoma solid enough on bars. 49.575 is high for that rotation as there were some issues here and there, a couple small arches, some close catches, some handstands—I’d go .050 lower on probably each score—but no one had any significant issues and this lineup is going to be fine.

After 2: Oklahoma 99.050, UNC 97.250


Catour – BB – full turn – moving swiftly – bhs loso, secure, some feet – cat leap to switch side, OK – aerial with small lean – gainer tuck full off the end with a step. Solid start.

Kelly does NOT want Catour to lead off beam. She keeps talking about it for some reason.

Hargrave – FX – switch side to popa – front 2/1, some legs throughout but around – double pike, control, chest downish – 1.5 to layout, some arch

Showers – BB – smooth full turn – bhs loso series, solid – switch to straight 1/1 to Korbut is excellent this time. She just had the one error this year, but it has been right on every other time – kickover front to beat jump, lean correction but keeps the combination going – gainer full, stuck.

Dean – FX – front tuck to double tuck, large lunge back – Kelly just name-checked “Brestyan’s Legs” this is happening – – finishes double pike, better control.

Woodard – BB – full turn, pretty – kickover front to bhs, keeps the connection moving pretty well – switch to split to beat, a little hesitation in combination and some feet – side aerial to layout full, good stick.

Robinson – FX – good control on double pike – front lay to front full, little crossover step – switch side to popa, good height – double tuck, short with a little stumble correction

Lehrmann – BB – full turn, nice – aerial, no trouble – cat leap to switch side – bhs loso series, smallest lean – switch, hesitates with a lean correction, will redo the skill to get her combination into the Korbut – gainer full, small step.

Lane – FX – double pike, a little short with a step forward – rudi to loso, pretty toe points – switch side to popa, good extension, overturns the switch side a little – rudi in the middle of the floor, nice

Webb – BB – full turn, easy – bhs loso series, secure and well extended – cat leap to aerial with a lean, leg goes up but not too far, pulls it back – switch to split – side aerial to layout full, stuck. Good.

Nettles – FX – secure double pike landing – whip to double full, holds it long enough perhaps to get away with the step forward – solid extension on switch side to popa – rudi to double stag. This is a very solid floor group. Nothing big but no major issues on landings.

Nichols – BB – “And here’s the star” – aerial to split jump, very solid – bhs loso series, secure – switch to split, good 180s as she typically does – full turn – front tuck, nailed – 1.5, holds the stick. Maggie did Maggie.

10.000. You knew it.

Hislop – FX – front lay to rudi – gorgeous twisting position and height, completely controlled, yes – split leap 1/1 to split jump 1/1, good amplitude – high double tuck, small slide back, chest up. Good routine.

Brenna is doing beam exhibition!!!!!

Dowell – BB – aerial to bhs, super solid, great toe point – switch leap to switch leap series, not the most extended but better than many – full turn – bhs 1/1! Very strong, controlled landing – front layout 1/1 dismount, stuck.

Um…get in the lineup immediately? That was fantastic.

Potential from Weisel on floor in exhibition as well. Nice toes in double saltos, hit rudi. Good option.

After 3: Oklahoma 148.650, UNC 146.525

Good beam from Oklahoma. Like the other events, not the best they can do (we had the little checks and lean corrections from about half the lineup), but very strong overall, and then Maggie’s beam was Maggie’s beam. The thing I’m left with mostly is what a realistic option Dowell looked like in exhibition. That would have been a top-3 routine in the lineup if it had counted.


Hedelund – BB – check on opening series – aerial with a little lean, pulls it back to connect to beat jump – a couple lean corrections on several skills, we’ll see if she gets combo credit – 1.5, two small steps back

Showers – FX – double pike, good control, chest up – front full to front lay, great form, lunge forward, takes it into the corner but stays in – switch to Ferrari – back 1/2 to front full, good.

Dean – BB – front tuck, step forward to hold it – cat leap with check to switch side – bhs loso, fall, off line from the start – switch to split jump, short on switch. Bart just said beam was 16 feet off the ground, which is my favorite – gainer full, small hop

Dowell – FX – double front, stuck and connected to stag this time, perfect – 1.5 to layout – split leap full to straddle 1/1, those leaps are OK typically for her but not super extended – solid final pass. Strong routine. They started high for Showers, so we’ll see what happens with all these stronger routines afterward.

Gordon – BB aerial to bhs – split to back tuck – switch to double stag, small check – gainer pike, hit. She went to high school down the street from where I did.

Schoepfer – FX – double tuck, better control today – 1.5 to layout, arches around that layout – switch side to wolf jump full, some raggedness on the wolf – double pike, short with a hop forward. 9.900. OH LOL. Now you’re just making them up, guys.

Allen – BB – switch to straddle 1/4, solid – bhs loso, secure, some knees – hitch kick to side aerial – gainer full, stuck. Some knees and a lean or two but good one.

Webb – FX – front 2/1 with a lunge forward – back 1.5 to front full, sligggght bit of knees – good amplitude on her leaps – rudi, controls the landing.

Hislop – BB – aerial to back tuck, tough series to get but I figure she will as she kept her arms moving – switch to split, lovely extension on split jump – full turn, little hesitation – punch rudi dismount, lovely twisting again and stuck. Good.

Nichols – FX – double tuck, bounce back and OOB – front full to front layout stepout, smooth – switch ring to split leap 1/1, fantastic positions – double pike, short with a step forward. Weirdly off on floor today, but really only matters for her AA score.

Lane – BB – press handstand mount connected to angel getting wings to bhs loso, very smooth, well extended, great – hitch kick to switch side, nice, she really keeps that horizontal position and shows full extension in a switch side – side aerial to side position, nice – 1.5 with a lean to hold the stick. Another strong set for her.

Jackson – FX – open full-in, fantastic and huge but same bounce back as Maggie (just a harder pass) and OOB – middle pass no trouble – double pike, kind of bounces in place but holds herself down. Two not-so-strong final routines but the silly scores beforehand mean it won’t matter that much.

Dewhurst beam exhibition for UNC – secure routine, probably doesn’t quite have the leaps but is an option

FINAL: Oklahoma 198.150, UNC 195.750

Well, it’s a season-high for Oklahoma. Not Oklahoma’s best meet of the season (both of the last two meets at least were stronger than this one), but the best score. Things were high throughout and then got really silly at the end, but they’ll take the performance. Little errors on each event, major errors nowhere, a bit of a blah ending with two consecutive OOBs, but not significant. Dowell started slowly with that vault, but ended exceptionally well.

UNC quite impressive after bars. Could have really recorded a huge score given today’s score-scape and the performance on three events, but the bars fall took that away. Hislop excellent on all of her events, Lane on beam was Lane on beam.



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  1. Looks like for anyone who gets the random Fox Sports networks and wants to watch not-live, it is being shown a few times throughout the week. I see it at 6 am Central tomorrow morning on Fox Southwest and Fox Oklahoma for example.

  2. I’ve been wondering what’s up with Brenna and Beam, she needs to be an All Arounder! And later in the lineups on the other events!

    1. I’ve been waiting for this beam her entire time at Oklahoma and we are so blessed to have witnessed it! I REALLY hope she makes the lineup! Also…how does Evy keep getting her floor scores? Her floor seems to be the weakest (most deductions) of the group.

  3. Theory on Maggie’s Floor having not even seen it(lol): maybe she was gonna test out her full-in tonight but then they changed it back to the double tuck and it threw her off?

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