Saturday Live Blog – February 10, 2018

Saturday, February 10 Scores Stream
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – West Chester, Brockport, Ithaca @ Cornell Ivy ($)
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Bridgeport, Southern Connecticut, Springfield @ Yale Ivy ($)
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – UW-Oshkosh @ Gustavus Adolphus
2:30 ET/11:30 PT – [4] UCLA @ Cal LINK P12N
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Michigan State @ [7] Michigan LINK BTN+
4:30 ET/1:30 PT – [11] Oregon State @ [16] Washington LINK P12N
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – [8] Nebraska @ Iowa LINK BTN+
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Towson @ New Hampshire LINK FREE
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [21] George Washington, West Virginia @ [12] Denver LINK FLO
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Seattle Pacific @ Air Force FREE

Ah. We begin with UCLA’s visit to Cal.

Be forewarned, today has been advertised as the 25th annual UCLA Exploring Depth February Road Meet. It is a hallowed tradition wherein UCLA travels to Cal, or Washington, or Arizona, or something and Allison Taylor finally gets to compete on bars. Some years it’s more exploring depth-y than others, so we’ll see how things play out this time.

In a fairly unusual development, UCLA already has three road scores over 197, so there’s less riding on this particular score and more freedom to throw in some people who might fall.

Also, Cal needs to hit both bars and beam in the same meet.

UCLA lineups:
Vault – A Glenn, Tratz, Dennis, Hall, Hano, Kramer
Bars – Dennis, Ohashi, Honest, Kooyman, Lee, Ross
Beam – Nguyen, Dennis, Meraz, Kocian, G Glenn, Ohashi
Floor – Kramer, Meraz, Kooyman, Hall, Dennis, Tratz

A couple Kooyman routines, Hall on floor, Kramer vaulting again, Dennis and Meraz on beam.

Cal lineups:
Vault – Mastrangelo, Keelen, Sy Seilnacht, George, Robinson, Willians
Bars – So Seilnacht, Sternberg, Williams, Kuc, Schank, George
Beam – Shu, George, Keelen, Gallarzo, Williams, So Seilnacht
Floor – So Seilnacht, Robinson, Shu, George, Sy Seilnacht, Williams

“This is a conference meet, so it’s important.” Mmm….


Mastrangelo – VT – full, very good. Solid layout position throughout and just a tiny bounce in place. 9.825.

Dennis – UB – small hesitation on first handstand – great body position on Shap to bail combination, no leg breaks – DLO, stick. Strong routine. One short handstand. Good. 9.900.

Keelen – VT – good control on her full, small slide back – a little looser in the legs than Mastrangelo but better dynamics. 9.850

Ohashi – UB – toe on to bail, small leg break – tightish handstand – hits tkatchev but low as usual – whips out DLO with a small hop. A better hit for her but not sold on her in the bars lineup still. 9.850

Sy Seilnacht – VT – another small slide back but also good control – better extension, just a little pike at the end. 9.850

Honest – UB – high Tkatchev with knees and feet as usual – good straddle back and shoot – quite short on final cast handstand – FTDT with step back. OK. Typical routine for her except shorter on that last handstand than usual. 9.850.

George – VT – huge full and a stuck landing! Very good. Scores have been high so far on both events, so the judges will have to go at least 9.900 for this because they were 9.850s on the last couple and this was easily better. 9.900. Worth it.

Kooyman – UB – Shap with legs connected to Pak with legs  – step up to high – controls the FTDT dismount pretty well but too many form errors and handstands early on to get the scores of the others. 9.875. Lol. OK.

Robinson – VT – fhs on, handpsring front pike – a hop forward this time (she can stick) but solid, just a touch of knees, nice distance this time. 9.875. Which is the kind of score she usually gets for a stick, but I typically complain about how that’s too harsh.

Peng – UB – Great Ray – perfect Bhardwaj as always – hits SHap 1/2 – strong handstands – DLO with an almost stick, she whips that around with a little pike sometimes and this wasn’t quite stuck. 9.950.

Williams – VT – Great stick on her full as well (this has been an awesome vault rotation for Cal) – good power, good open, chest up – almost college salutes herself out of a stick, and the legs were rather far apart on stick. 9.925. So one judge was willing to go perfect for that full. I wouldn’t have, but they penned themselves in with those early 9.850s.

Ross – UB – Toe Shap, clean to bail, pretty much perfect as always – nice amplitude on shoot to high – tightened up a little on last handstand, sticks DLO. Good. Just the handstand. 9.950.

This was a really high quality rotation for both teams overall.

After 1: UCLA 49.525, Cal 49.400

UCLA wasn’t too exploring depth-y on that bars lineup, still using the big guns in Peng and Ross to get those high scores. They’ll also be pleased that Ohashi got through with a hit. I do feel like I’m taking crazy pills on the Kooyman and Honest scores. Still a strong showing. Cal was excellent on vault. Multiple members of the lineup can’t really do those vaults any better, and they were in a score-scape where they could get a high total for it. A couple of those fulls from George and Williams earned 9.900.

Apparently Mercedez Sanchez did exhibition on bars for UCLA (what? She does routines?) for 9.675. That’s more the kind of routine we expect on Exploring Depth Day.


A Glenn – VT – nice height on her full, not a ton of distance, almost had a stick but stepped forward in trying to hold it – closes her hips at the end to try to get that stick. 9.800.

Seilnacht – UB – fine piked jaeger, loses her legs a little on catch – overshoot solid – pretty close on handstands – 1/2 turn to 1.5 twist dmt, good stick. 9.850.

Tratz – VT – one of her better fulls – great dynamics, opens, nearly sticks. 9.900

Sternberg – UB – shortish first hs – toe Tkatchev, fine, a hair close – hits bail – giant full to double tuck, comes in short with a hop. 9.825.

Dennis – VT – big full as she always does, outdoes Tratz in the dynamics department – smallish slide back and some leg form. 9.825.

Williams – UB – good height on Hondorff – good vertical on bial, small leg break in the air – DLO, throws it out and almost sticks, leans and steps a little into salute. She has a tendency toward a little hip angle in handstand which can take down the score. 9.850.

Hall – VT – holds the stick on the 1.5 again this week. She has figured that vault out. Knees and direction can (should) be taken, but a very well controlled stick. 9.950.

Kuc – UB – beautiful Shap, just the smallest leg break in the Pak – precise handstands – FTDT, comes in low with a hop forward but excellent on the bars. 9.900.

Hano – VT – the normal 1.5 we’ve been seeing from her this season, pretty big lunge forward. 9.900. So they must have been ready for 10 if not for the landing.

Schank – UB – toe shoot, good – small arch in cast – great feet maintained on piked jaeger through to overshoot – precise final cast hs – a little too leg-extended in DLO and has to lunge back, but like Kuc, the dismount will be the big thing. 9.825.

Kramer – VT – “Gracie Glenn” – LOL, the third Glenn. Tucked 1.5, she hit it this time, hop to the side. 9.850.

George – UB – good high tkatchev but not much counter – a couple tight handstands – solid bail – toe on to FTDT, good dismount, chest up, easily completed, small hop back. 9.825.

After 2: UCLA 98.950, Cal 98.650

Scores continuing to be pretty charitable overall, with a couple weird ones thrown in. A solid vault rotation from UCLA, though Hall is really the only one who hit to potential. Dennis can be better on her full, and they’ll need to get Hano controlling her 1.5 landing a little more because a lunge like that will typically take her down into the 9.8s. Important to get Kramer back in there and hitting because her 10.0-start can still outscore some of those early-lineup full options if she’s consistent with it. Pretty pleasant from Cal on the bars, just needed the dismounts from Kuc and Schank to bring those scores up, though Kuc’s score was up anyway. Not a scary bars rotation this time, which is important.


Shu – BB – aerial to bhs series, small lean afterward – hits switch 1/2 – full turn, just a hair tentative ending a couple skills, but not real checks – side aerial to full with hop back.

Kramer – FX – music issues – front 2/1 to front tuck, hop back this time – 1.5 to layout, very clean – distinct on switch side to popa – rudi to straddle, straddle took her a little out of control. Not her strongest, but OK.

George – BB – wolf double – aerial to bhs series, somewhat rough in the knees on the aerial this time – switch to split, good 180, loses her feet – high double tuck but a large bounce back. “unique” double wolf turn. OK.

Meraz – FX – double tuck, solid, good, chest up – front lay to front full to front tuck, a little ragged in body shape but controlled – double pike, slide back. 9.850.

Keelen – BB – bhs loso, very secure and well-extended – switch to split to beat, just a small hesitation in connection but well-executed individual skills – aerial to split – 1.5 dismount, didn’t get a lot of pop into that dismount but gets it around with a hop forward. 9.850.

Kooyman – FX – double pike, short with lunge forward – double tuck, more secure but chest down – not bad on switch side to popa – 1.5 to a pretty arched layout. Got through with a hit, but deductions to be taken. 9.825. Again…I don’t really get this number…?

Gallarzo – BB – full turn – aerial through to bhs loso, check at the end but pretty well executed skills – switch leap to switch leap series to split jump, not hitting 180 on any of those skills. Good stick on 1.5. We’ll see what they do with the leaps because each one can get deducted. 9.850.

Hall – FX – 1.5 through to double tuck, small slide but well done overall. So glad they ditched the double Arabian, which was never happening. Front full to front pike, very solid. Switch 1/2 to wolf jump 1/1, short on the switch 1/2. Double pike, forward landing with a step. 9.900. (Where…am…I?)

Williams – BB – standing front tuck to layout stepout series, very secure – she does wait in between for a sec but she’ll get freedom to do that because it’s a challenging front to back series – switch leaps are not quite to 180 – sticks gainer pike. 9.925.

Dennis – FX – saves the double Arabian, short this time with a lunge back to save herself. Usually the issue is that it’s overdone not underdone for her. Full to layout, good height, a little slide dance out – FAB leaps as always – quite short on double tuck with a lunge forward. Not her best. 9.825.

So Seilnacht – BB – full turn – bhs loso, very secure and well-extended as always – beat to stag ring, secure – maybe somewhat short on a split jump in there – side aerial to full, stuck. Good. Cal is 1000000% better today than at any other point this season so far.

Tratz – FX – full in, goes OOB – 1.5 to front full is better, controlled, good height – switch ring to split full, pretty much all the way around but close – double tuck, short with lunge forward. MANY of the UCLA floor workers have been short on their final passes today. 9.725.

Cal goes 49.350 on beam, which Jim told us is a Cal program record, which I was SURE was totally wrong (you can’t blame me), but apparently that’s real. 49.350 ties a Cal program beam record. I’m surprised the team record is that low.

After 3: UCLA 148.225, Cal 148.000

Cal is gaining on UCLA here. Kind of a weak floor rotation from UCLA with a number of struggle landings but expected with some backups in the lineup. I don’t think any of those backups are forcing their way into the lineup with those routines, even though Hall got a 9.900. (Am I the only one who thought Meraz was the best one?) The scores, which were fairly charitable, held that rotation up higher than it might otherwise have been.

Also kind of true for Cal because of some of those leaps. It’s a program record score, but they can be better than that in quality of performance. (As is typical with records, that’s not the best beam rotation we’ve seen Cal do in the last couple years.) Pretty much everyone had some things to iron out. Still, they hit 6 strong routines with no major errors, just like on bars, and are on track for a 197 and to challenge UCLA.


UCLA?!?! Lineup changes?!?!?! You don’t say! I never!

Nguyen – BB – full turn, smooth – aerial with a lean to layout stepout, huge break on loso with a leg-up, shouldn’t get series credit for that either – switch to split is good – split 1/2 in side position, solid – front layout full, stuck with a stagger. 9.800. LOLOLOL. So I guess she got the series.

So Seilnacht – FX – front lay to rudi, good control – illusion – split leap 1.5, gets it around – 1.5 to 1/2 to split to front tuck, solid – 1.5 to front pike, solid landings overall, not the highest passes.

Dennis – BB – almost checks on choreography working into wolf 2.5, pulls it around, good through the first 2 turns, rough in pulling around the final 1/2 – very good loso series, high and controlled – switch to switch 1/2, pretty good height and extension – strong side somi – 1.5, nearly stuck, off line. Really strong after tentative first few moments. 9.875.

Robinson – FX – pretty good double arabian, a little short with a slide – 1.5 to front pike, slide forward – uncontrolled landing on her leap but did get very high, that was the problem – double pike, small slide. Didn’t quite have her landings today, but small issues on each. 9.875.

Kocian – BB – switch ring, good extension, small check – aerial to bhs series, pretty smooth – full turn – switch to sheep with another small lean – 2/1 with a slide of the heels together. She’s getting there, this was an improvement. Just small moments of tentativeness. 9.925.

Shu – FX – double tuck, secure, chest down – a little more forward on the double pike, causing the lunge forward – struggles a little on the split 1.5, short of 180 and a stumble-bounce on landing – 1.5 to front pike with a lunge forward but leans to keep it in.

G Glenn – BB – bhs loso series, perfect, very smooth – aerial to split jump, works through it well to keep the connection going without a check – switch to switch, the only person who should be allowed to do it – bhs to gainer full, stuck. One of her very good ones. 9.950.

George – FX – front 2/1, controls the step forward, good twisting shape – switch ring and split leap 1/1, very well done, extended and precise in landing position – front tuck through to rudi, lunge back on rudi – overcooks her double tuck a little and has to lunge back on it.

Michigan and Michigan State is underway.

Brown is on on vault for Michigan in the third spot – lands her full but with some tucked knees and a pike in the air. 9.775 is high for that.

Ohashi – BB – aerial to bhs loso series, easy for her, no trouble – switch ring to beat jump, it’s a low front leg switch ring but that’s usually forgiven on beam – bhs loso to layout full, stuck. Another excellent routine. 9.950.

Townsend with a hop forward on her 1.5 on vault, but solid performance.

Sy Seilnacht – FX – double tuck, a little forward with a lunge – double pike has more control but chest down – switch ring to switch 1/2 – 1.5 to layout, just pulls around the layout with an arch and not much height. Hit, not her strongest.

Small hop back for Zaziski on her full.

Meraz – BB – bhs loso series, check with a bend at the hips – very good switch 1/2 – switch to straddle 1/4, also very good – full turn – 1.5, fakes the stick with a slide forward to salute. Good after the error at the beginning, but interesting that she hasn’t been Sturdy Sonya on beam so far this year like we expect her to be.

Williams – FX – good DLO, controlled well – switch side to popa, well doen to hit 180, a little overturned on the switch side – front lay to front full in the middle of the floor but not as big as it could be for her ability – double pike, slide back.

FINAL: UCLA 197.750, Cal 197.225

197.750, not bad for a B team meet. Which was really an A- team meet. UCLA did get some real charity (as did both teams in a loose score-scape that wasn’t too representative for the purposes of comparison) but also showed they can hit a meet without the use of some important sets. Though I’m not sure any of the backups who performed today are stealing places in the lineups any time soon. Cal hit 24-for-24 and looked good doing it, so a major victory there. That was much closer to the team we expected to see going into the season.

It’s 49.300 in Michigan’s first post-Karas vault rotation, but they will miss that 1.5 for sure. MSU goes 48.975 on bars.

ROTATION 2 of MSU v. Michigan

Wittebort – VT – MSU – Yurchenko layout with a larger bounce back

Funk – UB – giant full to huge tkatchev with legs – bail (?) that I would call an overshoot not to handstand – DLO, a little short with a hop forward.

Jaranowski – VT – MSU – handspring front pike with a crossover step – tucks at the end

Farley – UB – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger, solid – loses her shape at the catch – solid bail – does well to pull those legs together at the end of her casts to sell the handstands – double front dismount with large bound forward

Gamelo – VT – first Yfull of the lineup, just does get it complete – quite a bit of pike at the end to pull it around.

Polina – UB – Good Shap to Pak, pretty combination – close on final cast – giant full to double tuck with a step back

Shirley – VT – full, good – nearly sticks, small step back – some knees – good amplitude – leg break on the block

Townsend – UB – great leg together on SHap to bail combination, like Polina – good handstand – giant full to double tuck, a little late on giant full and then a step on the double tuck, but strong routine.

Lupinetti – VT – comes in somewhat short on her Yfull with a hop forward, some pike throughout.

Brown – UB – Strong Ray – Good leg form on Pak, stays vertical on 1/2 turn on low – solid handstands – DLO, good in the air,c hest up, step back. Solid.

Mitchell – VT – yfull, good distance, bounce back on landing, piked at the end.

Zaziski – UB – giant full with a significant arch but saves it – hits tkatchev with some form – bail is solid – some arches in her early casts – DLO with a hop back –

Olivia Karas on the sidelines in a wheelchair with a giant club-foot wrap on her leg.

McLean in exhibition on bars – nice height on her tkatchev, is an option, though the precision of the verticals and leg positions may keep her out of the lineup.

After 2: Michigan 98.425, MSU 97.825

Shchennikova will be coming in on beam for Michigan this week.

Rotation 1 of OSU/Washington, Rotation 3 of MSU/Michigan

Tim talking about how Elise didn’t make the bars final in 2000. Too soon.

Lexi Funk’s switch side 1/4 is wonderful.

Copiak – VT – Washington – small hop back on full, good height.

Khamedoost – UB – Good rhythm in toe ons – Shap to bail, solid, some legs on Shap – one short hs – sticks DLO. Good start.

Riley – VT – Washington – step forward on the Y1/2 this week

Zaziski – BB – Michigan – switch side, hit – loso series, secure – switch to straddle 1/4, looks a little tight in some of her extension positions today but secure – check on kickover front – gainer full stuck

Great stick from MCP on DLO –

Roy – VT – Washington – small hop forward on Tsuk 1/2

Singley – UB – OSU – giant full (very good vertical position), a little close on tkatchev and angled on the bail – full to a stuck double tuck. Very good landings so far from OSU

Hoffa – VT – Washington – improving – nice height on full – staggered landing with a bounce in place

Brown – BB – Michigan – good loso series – switch to split, nice 180s – side somi, secure – 2/1, holds the stick.

Jacobsen – UB – OSU – tkatchev to overshoot – solid – 1/2 turn to double front, small step back.

Burleson – VT – Washington – very nice distance on her full, step back, some piking, a little direction –

Gill – UB – OSU – toe on to toe shap, great leg form – connected to Pak with some legs – has to recast on low but won’t get hit too bad for it because none of the casts were a problem – DLO, leans to hold the stick.

Polina – BB – hits aerial well, strong sheep jump – side aerial to layout full – nice hit.

Dessaints – UB – OSU – she barses again! – 1/2 turn to jaeger, good height some feet – small loose back in hs – great Pak – short final hs – DLO, hop back. Not the cleanest in the lineup, but she’s back.

Farley – BB – Michigan – switch to split, a little tight – bhs loso loso, secure, some knees and foot form – 1.5 turn, excellent – side aerial to split jump, side aerial is low, split jump is better – gainer pike with a lean to hold the stick

Shirley – FX – MSU – double pike, secure – double tuck, lands deep and lunges back OOB – split leap 1/1 to wolf full – 1.5 to front pike, low on the front pike and has to lunge back to save it.

After 1: OSU 49.125, Washington 49,075

Marinez – BB – Michigan – aerial, check working out of it and leg goes up – loso series to split jump, lovely – full turn – cat leap to side aerial, does well to avoid a check there – beat to split 1/2 – 2/1 dismount with slide of heels together

Mitchell – FX – MSU – front tuck through to double tuck, secure, chest down – front full to front pike with a lungeish out of it – switch side to popa is fine – double pike, short with lunge forward

McLean is also getting to exhibition on beam – she has some nice split jumps – did check on a full turn, switch side is a little crooked – 1.5. An option, though I think the six that went today is the ideal six without Karas. Beam is the healthiest of the four events in that regard. When you can bring in Polina as a backup, things are fine.


Yanish – VT – big full, bounce back – great power

Nelson  – UB – Nice jaeger, high – solid Pak as well – tight final handstand – double tuck, nice tuck position, step back.

Davis – VT – twists a little early on her full, small hop to the side, some piking at the end

Roberson – UB – quick on hop change to piked jaeger,  rushed – overshoot – finishes with a stuck DLO – got better as it went –

Dessaints – VT – full today, hop back – good layout position. She has the Yurchenko hat trick this year with the 1/2, full, and 1.5.

Washington – UB – good first hs – giant full to big Gienger, nice legs together throughout – solid bail – some crossed feet but not bad – giant full to double tuck, stuck. Nice set. One of her good ones.

Gill – VT – comes in pretty short on her full with a step forward, a little off to the side

Riley – UB – toe on to Shap, good legs to bail, so clean – DLO, great form and stuck. She has improved like crazy on bars.

Jacobsen – VT – Tsuk 1/1 – hop back, some piking, good

Townsend – FX – Michigan – front tuck through to double tuck, very nice – needs to get a little closer to 180 – double pike, a little short –

Copiak – UB – Washington – Church to overshoot – nice final hs – FTDT, holds the stick. Washington barsing very well so far

Tim loses the points he recently gained for confusing a Ray and a Church.

Greene – VT – Oregon State – she competes! – handspring pike 1/2 – not bad! Some knee form, chest down and a step, but definitely a usable option this season.

Burleson – UB – Washington – 1/2 turn to tkatchev, nice height – bail, nice extended throughout – double tuck, pulls it in a little with a hop back

Farley – FX – Michigan – switch 1/2 to wolf full, a little short on switch – double tuck, controlled, chest down – double pike, a little better chest up and controlled as well – 1.5 to layout with an arch to split jump.

Mitchell – BB – MSU – three series to loso is secure with some knee form – split to straddle 1/4, also secure – side aerial to layout full, struggles on layout full, off the the side with a step.

Brown – FX – Michigan – 2.5 first pass, controls the crossover step – double pike, chest forward, controlled – split leap full to split jump full, good 180s, a little bouncy on landing – 1.5 to layout

Shirley – BB – MSU – falls on loso series trying to correct being off line, so MSU will be counting a fall on beam –

Rose – BB – Washington – aerial to bhs, smooth and solid – Y spin to swtich to beat jump, I like the way she keeps that leg elevated out of the Y spin into the switch leap, but I’m not sure you can call that connected – cat leap to side aeiral, solid – side aerial to tuck full, off to the side and a step back

Paige Zaziski has a botched middle pass on floor – it ended up being a front layout to a whip pike 1/2, just had nothing after the layout and sort of flopped into a triangle, didn’t fall though. First and third passes were fine.

Westney – BB – MSU – full turn, leg-up wobble – bhs loso with a check lean to the side – side aerial, hit – switch to split, keeps it moving but with another leg-up wobble at the end – gainer layout dismount off the end! Actually laid out too.

McLean – FX – Michigan – good double tuck, slide back – nice splits extension – front lay to front full – double pike, secure. Solid routine.

FINAL: Michigan 197.250, MSU 194.950

Jacobsen – FX – OSU – double pike, forward with a step – 1.5 to layout, good control – rudi, a little ragged –

Copiak – BB – Washington – full turn – bhs loso, secure – switch 1/2 to beat jump, good height – side aerial, hit – 1.5 dismount with a hop-legs-together. Some legs in places but one of her good ones.

Nebraska goes 49.175 on bars against Iowa.

Gill – FX – OSU – double pike with a little bounce – 1.5 to layout, whips around the layout a little shorter than she would have liked – double tuck, some cowboy, secure, chest

Goings – BB – Washington – three series to loso, excellent, super secure – straight jump to straddle 1/4, good position – full turn – gainer loso, no trouble – side aerial to layout full, stuck. She’s back!

Nebraska with a little trouble early on vault. Curtis with a stumble back on her full, Verceles Carr with a bounce back on hers. Better from Grace Williams in the third spot.

Chow for Iowa on bars had a great tkatchev, but too much power and horizontaled the hs afterward, good double tuck dismount –

Epperson – VT – Nebraska – large bounce back out of her full, good form and height.

Roberson – BB – Washington – switch and straddle 1/4 are great – overturns full turna  little – standing loso loso series, a lean correction but pulls it back well – sticks gainer full

Schweihofer – VT – Nebraska – smaller hop back on her full. They have the dynamics and the form, just not the landings today.

Lowery – FX – OSU – double pike, solid – split leap full to popa, good popa, split leap could be a little more extended – front rudi, nice, small slide – front lay to front full.

Crouse – VT – Nebraska – a step forward on her 1.5 this week, otherwise strong

Burleson – BB – Washington – aerial to bhs combo, keeps it moving but slow in combination – side aerial through to switch – straddle to straddle 1/4, a little tentative on the straddle this time, which is uncharacteristic – side aerial to stuck full.

Yanish – FX – OSU – big DLO, chest up, a small slide – front full to front lay, good, little arch – switch side to popa, OK – double tuck, small slide

Three 9.575s for Nebraska on vault with those uncontrolled landings. 97.750 to 97.525 after 2.

After 3: Washington 147.625, Oregon State 147.575

Competitive meet!

Epperson – FX – Nebraska – front 2/1, pretty good control on step forward – 1.5 to attempted front layout, had nothing on the punch and had to tuck it, got it around but deep – switch ring to wolf full, OK – rudi, a little ragged but secure.

Cool that Hogan from Iowa did a tuck jump 1.25 on beam. Not sure if that was intended, but I’m down with it.

Roby – FX – Nebraska – in on floor this week, solid double pike – 1.5 to layout, not much height on the layout but pulled it around – switch 1/2 to wolf jump full – double tuck, short with a lunge forward

Oregon State opens with a fall on beam.

Schaefer – FX – Washington – double pike, good open, a little bounce back – front layout to full to double stag, travels but pretty – switch ring to split leap full, well done – double tuck, bounce back

Lowery – BB – Oregon State – full turn to 1/2 turning flourish, nice – loso series, check – switch to leap – OH BECAUSE I WANTED TO SEE THAT LEAP SERIES SHOT THROUGH AN IPAD THANKS – side aerial, secure – front layout full, stuck. Good hit.

Nelson – FX – Washington – double tuck, nice tuck shape, bounce back – front lay to front full, solid – switch ring to split leap 1/1 – double pike, bounce back, stays in

Yanish – BB – Oregon State – bhs loso, very good – switch to loso combination, also very secure – split to straddle 3/4, struggled to get up to 180 on the split, a check on the straddle – fhs – gainer full, stuck.

Williams – FX – Nebraska – good double pike, high, slide back – front lay to rudi, secure, some form – split full to popa, straddle good, short on split leap 1/1 – double tuck, chest up, bounce back

Lazaro – BB – Oregon State – bhs loso series, smooth – switch to straddle 3/4, a little slow in combination and a small check – full turn, pretty – side aerial to stuck full, a little off to the side

Chow – BB – Iowa – bhs lay-pike, well completed, just a checky-bounce back out of it – side aerial to sissone, hit – switch 1/2 to split jump, not bad on the switch 1/2 but could be more extended – gainer pike, holds stick. Good routine.

Hoffa bounces a little out of double pike. Good leap combination and final double tuck.

Schweihofer completes full-in for Nebraska on floor, but forward with a lunge – otherwise solid.

Gill – BB – Oregon State – full turn – split jump to stag ring, such pretty height and form on split jump but check-waves out of the stag ring – aerial through to bhs series – switch 1/2, leg-up check – gainer full. Got through

Washington – FX – Washington – double tuck, nice and high, controlled landing – switch side to popa, good completion – front lay to front full, she completes all her passes in the middle of the floor – double pike, chestish but keeps that front foot down

After 3: Nebraska 146.775, Iowa 146.425 – a couple 9.875s for Nebraska but not enough landing control, similar to vault. Nebraska will hope to go into the 196s in this one with a hit beam, but it won’t be a strong final total.

Dessaints – BB – Oregon State – full turn, smooth – loso series, right on, very confident – switch to double stag, tight in landing that combination – kickover front to beat, good – gainer full stuck, saves the rotation

Burleson – FX – Washington – high double pike, a little too high, opens a tad early with a slide – 1.5 through to 2/1, better control and good twisting position throughout – 2.5 and sells that landing, holds the position long enough before putting her foot back to make it look like a controlled step even though she was just ever so slightly short.

Final: Washington 197.000, Oregon State 196.500

Nebraska having a real time of it today. Epperson fell on beam and now Schweihofer had a pretty significant wobble just moving to her low-to-the-beam choreography.

Final: Nebraska 195.675, Iowa 194.900

41 thoughts on “Saturday Live Blog – February 10, 2018”

    1. I don’t think UCLA has any depth on bars right now, kocian and Glenn twins are coming back from labrum surgery, saviodou had wrist surgery. Hano and Kooyman aren’t much more consistent and don’t have her scoring potential. When Ohashi hits she’s had two 9.9+ routines this season so that’s my guess.

  1. Kooyman’s score is wacky and the others aren’t especially high. I’m thinking maybe the judges couldn’t see the leg separation from their side view? Hard to believe, but what else explains that score?

    1. What else explains the score? The team name. UCLA will get the benefit of the doubt every time.

      1. Well they do, but in this particular case Kooyman’s score was way higher than those of her teammates, as the original commenter noted. And since she’s not a well-known ex-elite or JO gymnast, her own name can’t be helping her out.

  2. Emi Watterson had a well deserved 9.9 in exhibition. Betting she will be in lineups next week!

    1. I’m beginning to think we’ll never see it! Similarly, she did the FTDLO dismount at the first meet of the season and then never again. I mean, she doesn’t need it, but why not try it a few more times before ditching it? ALSO, did you notice last week on beam she didn’t do her new-ish mount–the backward straddle cut thing? She’s seemingly never been too comfortable with risk??

      1. Well, I don’t fault her for not using the full twisting double layout. She gains no start value from using it and it was full of deductions the one time she did show it. At least she did give it a shot in the intrasquad. I would love to see an upgraded vault though, because that would actually gain something in start value. Even to try it just once, maybe in an exhibition routine or something.

    2. I don’t think she’s ever trained a DTY in NCAA. As far as the Omelianchik, I just assume we’re never going to see it. Both years we’ve seen it a ton in pre-season, but she’s never actually competed it. As far as the FTDLO, I’m really glad she took that out. Every video I saw of it from pre-season and from their intrasquad, it was rather piked and she wasn’t sticking it. Given how nicely she does that DLO, it seems silly to switch it to something that’s sloppy.

      1. Rumor had it that Ross was indeed training the DTY this year. I think someone even had a semi-confirmable source? To me it seems like a bit of a stretch given her height and size. It seemed like she was having trouble pulling it around at the end of her elite career, and she had been throwing NCAA-quality DTYs in elite for years – hers was one of the best around.

      2. Yeah, I thought I remember reading somewhere that she said that one of the things that convinced her to retire from elite was realizing that she couldn’t do her DTY anymore after growing so much.

      3. I only brought it up because Sam P mentioned that she expected to see it at a recent meet – Elevate the Stage, maybe? Otherwise I wouldn’t have even imagined her training it.

      4. Oh, I don’t have Flo, so I didn’t watch that meet. It seems like Sam has been pretty hopeful about their potential for vault upgrades this season. I remember her saying something during Meet the Bruins about how Nia Dennis was training a 10.0 vault, and she expected that we’d see it soon. That sounded rather optimistic to me.

  3. I hope UCLA keeps up with the conditioning. It has been so promising on floor this year, let’s hope they keep it up!

  4. And what about that exhibition from Kendall Poston? Such a shame they don’t show the exhibition routines on the Pac-12 🙁

  5. Poston fell on a double tuck and looked quite upset. Not sure what happened to Toni Ann, but she also was teary in warmups.

      1. To bad they didn’t have the judges that were at the Utah meet. They were really harsh. Judges generally grant UCLA an honary .3. Just because UCLA. It’s getting really old

    1. Interesting. They did out score them in the same meet so it’s not entierly crack-y.

      1. Once but UCLA scores are hibitually high. Not just a personal opinion but has been verbalized by many others on multiple blogs as well as by commentators – using as much polotical correctness as possible. The meet Friday was far more harshly scored than any of the Saturday meets for both Utah and Arizona State.

      2. I don’t think you’re wrong about UCLA being overscored, Utah fan. And I can totally understand why people find UCLA in general to be such an annoying team. But I do think you’re quite blind to the overscoring that Utah ALSO habitually receives.

        Also, UCLA is good this year. They might collapse into postseason inconsistency like they often do, but so far, they’ve performed significantly better than last year.

  6. Re UCLA at Cal:

    Nguyen’s beam for UCLA appears to have been overscored at 9.8, but her score was dropped anyway. Also, Grace Glenn’s 9.95 and Katelyn Ohashi’s 9.95 on beam were both SUPERB!

    Had to laugh at Pac12TV repeatedly remarking how well UCLA did on beam “even without using Peng-Peng Lee” but they didn’t even bring up that UCLA >also< didn't use NCAA beam champion Kyla Ross on beam today! LOL.

    After all of the pre-meet hype about UCLA's plans on going deep into the roster today, it seemed there were very few new faces in the lineups. Using stalwart senior Meraz is going deep? It seemed to be more of a shuffling of starters between events versus bringing in completely new starters.

    1. Well the “other” Glenn has proven to exist as she competed her first college routine on vault. I guess those “rumours” about them not being twins but one young woman who changes clothes to fool people into thinking she’s her sister really are false. 😉

      1. LOL! I guess a DNA-replicated identical twin doesn’t count as a “new face” in the lineup!

  7. I know I recognize Force’s music from somewhere and it’s really bugging me– anyone know who else used it?

    1. One of the Auburn girls uses it currently, I can’t think of her name right now though!

  8. Does anyone know what happened to Macy Toronjo? Was looking forward to seeing more from her this season but she hasn’t made an appearance yet

    1. Regarding Macy Toronjo, there was a comment posted a few weeks ago mentioning that a teammate said that Macy is having problems with her back. I haven’t seen/heard any other confirmation nor any other status report about this. She hasn’t been traveling with the team, but she has appeared in home introductions and on the home sidelines. Her routines are missed! Get well soon Macy!

  9. Anyone see that Stella Savvidou is redshirting this season? I just watched her newest vlog on youtube

    1. Thanks for the update on UCLA Junior Stella Savvidou, I hadn’t heard that. At last month’s UCLA-Az meet, she performed a one-armed FX routine in exhibition which apparently doesn’t count against redshirting.[FX video currently available on Youtube’s “NCAA Gymnastics” account as “Stella Savvidou (UCLA) 2018 Floor vs Arizona (Exhibition – 9.825)” ]

      Looking forward to seeing a healthy Savvidou next season (and the season after since she will be a RS Jr next season). Her bars handstands and floor toepoints are textbook.

      Might Macy Toronjo redshirt ANOTHER year? She already redshirted one year (two seasons ago)…Could Toronjo be a double-redshirt like Peng?

      1. Toronjo can’t “redshirt” this year in the true sense. A redshirt year is one year in which the athlete does not compete, either due to injury or because he/she is not developmentally ready to compete yet. An athlete doesn’t need special approval from the NCAA to redshirt because all athletes are allowed five years to complete their four years of eligibility. However, since Toronjo has already redshirted, this year is counting as a year of eligibility at the current time, and she will only have two years left after this year as things stand now. If she wants to be given another year, she has to submit her case to the NCAA and be granted special approval to use a sixth year in order to complete her four years of eligibility. That kind of approval can only be given after the two seasons have already been missed due to injury, so there is no way of knowing at this moment whether or not she’ll have the opportunity to compete for the next three years. I hope this clarifies things a bit for you.

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