Saturday Live Blog – February 17, 2018

Saturday, February 17 Scores Stream
1:30 ET/10:30 PT – William & Mary @ Yale Ivy($)
1:30 ET/10:30 PT – [13] Washington @ [17] Arizona State LINK P12N
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Bridgeport, Ursinus, West Chester @ Temple FREE
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Rhode Island @ Brockport FREE
3:30 ET/12:30 PT – [24] Arizona @ [11] Oregon State LINK P12N
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Western Michigan @ Ohio State LINK OSU($)
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Penn, Cornell @ Penn State LINK FREE
6:00 ET/3:00 PT – [6] Michigan, North Carolina, Brown @ NC State LINK ACC+
6:00 ET/3:00 PT – Illinois @ Michigan State BTN+
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – UC Davis @ Air Force FREE
10:30 ET/7:30 PT – [23] Cal @ [25] Stanford P12N

We’re back in action for Pac-12 day today! Sounds like I missed a doozy yesterday. Do kids still say doozy? Did kids ever say doozy? Did anyone ever say doozy? Of course it would be the day of beam meltdowns. Beam meltdowns are kind of my whole thing.

We have a very lengthy, spread-out day in front of us. You’re going to be exhausted and have hit cuckoo town by the time Cal and Stanford arrives, which is probably appropriate. Brace yourselves.

But first


“It’s so clear in the desert, you can see the future.” Oh Jim. You’re such a dad.

“Semifinals of the Super Six” is nothing.


K Szafranski – VT – good full, medium step back, a little bit of pike throughout

Nelson – UB – small arch in first hs – nice high Jaeger – smooth second cast – high Pak with some leg break – focusing on hs well – giant full, a little late to double tuck, small hop.

Ginn – VT – lunge back on her full, definitely larger than Szafranski’s step but also more distance and stronger laid out position.

Roberson – UB – solid piked jaeger to overshoot, legs together and positions maintained throughout – quite short final cast handstand – flings out DLO, short with a large lunge forward

Kuhm – VT – Pretty full. Nice height, straight shape, small hop back.

Oh, that parade of crutches on the ASU sideline. Christopherson and Lentz.

Washington – UB – Jim is as into WASHINGTON AT WASHINGTON as I am because of course he is – good vertical position on giant full into piked gienger, good legs together – arches cast handstand but saves it – hits bail – giant full to double tuck, hop back.

CLB – VT – big full, small step to the side, a little more pike than Kuhm or Ginn have but makes it up in the dynamics.

Riley – UB – Toe on to Shap to bail, clean, small break on Shap but quite small – right final hs – pretty stuck DLO as usual, just has to pike it in a little more than usual to find the stick this time.

Wilson – VT – a little off to the side on her full, but also just a small step to the side, similar to CLB – good distance, small pike.

Copiak – UB – Church to overshoot, hit, good power – small arch up to handstand on the high – FTDT with small step back.

Rushton – VT – Y tuck full, comes in short with a step forward, so they’ll be able to drop that.

Burleson – UB – 1/2 turn to tkatchev, good toes, not the biggest tkatchev you’ll see – clean bail, borderline vertical – solid final hs position – giant full to double tuck and holds the stick unlike the others

After 1: Washington 49.200, ASU 49.050

Both teams will take it. Washington solid on bars, mostly good on the handstands which usually takes teams out of it, just didn’t get enough sticks particularly on the double tucks. If you’re going to dismount bars with a double tuck, you better stick. ASU has a depleted vault lineup with just five usables, but those five hit, mostly controlled their landings, not much form. Countable vaults, and they went over 49, which was the goal.


Copiak – VT – just a small hop back on her full – some leg form on her block – not the most distance

Wilson – UB – short first hs – solid giant full to 1/2 to Jaeger, just a little form break on catch – hits bail, shortish – misses final hs – giant full to double tuck, step back.

Riley – VT – sits down her Y1/2. Just came in short and had a mildly hilarious stumble backward to try to save the landing but couldn’t because she decided it was more important to look out for her head not hitting the vaulting table. Smart.

K Szafranski – UB – Ray, solid, a little close to the bar – just INSANE legs on her bail, massive straddle but caught it and kept going somehow despite all her limbs shooting in different directions – giant full with legs to double tuck, hop in place.

Roy – VT – Tsuk 1/2 – great distance as usual – a little bigger hop forward than she would like

Hart – UB – 1/2 turn to Jaeger, feet but caught – overshoot, solid – close=ish final hs – DLO, some straddle and a hop forward. Good hit.

Hoffa – VT – still bouncing out of her full quite a bit – good height and not much pike at all, but a huge bounce backward which will take away the score

A Szafranski – UB – good first hs – Toe Shap to pak – pretty straddled on the pak but hit – 1/2 turn on low – DLO with two small steps back.

Burleson – VT – good stick on her full. She can do that. Nice height. Definite pike maintained throughout, but sticks.

Kuhm – UB – nice Jaeger, not super high but good legs and feet – clean bail – short final handstand but this routine is much better composed now – DLO, small step back. Nice. 9.900.

Roberson – VT – holds the stick on her full well. She always looks like she’s going to come in short despite her dynamics, but she held the stick this time, chest down

CLB – UB – some muscle up on first cast but good vertical – Ray tkatchev, solid – hits bail cleanly – love her piked toe shoot to death – FTDT, sticks with chest up. Very strong routine. Gets her 9.950.

After 2: ASU 98.350, Washington 98.325

Close one going here! It looked like it was going to be a struggle rotation for both for a while there, and it was kind of for Washington, not getting the overall score they would have liked, but Burleson and Roberson’s sticks saved the rotation score after the fall and the bounce-outs early in the lineup. It was a sloppy beginning to the lineup for ASU, and they definitely got away with some handstands and form there, but Kuhm has a much cleaner routine going for her now and Leonard-Baker was excellent, both of them ensuring it was a big rotation score at the end.


CLB – BB – straddle jump to standing loso, secure – full turn – beat jump to straddle 3/4 with a lean, also quite short of position on the straddle – bhs loso series, solid, some crazy knees – 1.5, stuck. 9.825 seems high.

Schaefer – FX – double pike, secure – front full to layout to double stag, also well controlled, she does not rise up super high on that pass so can get amplitudeded – switch ring to split leap 1/1, does get it around sufficiently, though – double tuck, keeps that front foot down. Good. Didn’t give away anything not built-in. 9.825.

Udowitch – BB – aerial with a lean correction, will need to redo the series – aerial with the same lean but keeps going into the bhs this time – switch to split, nice form – full turn, nice – cat leap to kickover front, very solid – side aerial to full, some pike in it and a hop back.

Nelson – FX – double tuck, solid, small slide – front lay front full, good layout, a little loose in the full shape – switch ring to split leap full, not quite there in split leap full – double pike. They’re controlling the landings well today.

Kuhm – BB – bhs loso series, lovely – full turn, solid – aerial, small lean correction – switch to sheep with a check stepping out of the sheep – 2/1, hop back. Good.

Roberson – FX – front 2/1, a little lack of control there in the crossover step but just a little – 1.5 to loso, nice height, controlled well – switch ring to wolf hop 1/1, not her strongest quality the leaps with some feet but got them around – double tuck, bounce back. I love that they had a mat down for her double tuck landing and she barely even landed on it. She was like…I don’t need that noise.

Wilson – BB – bhs loso, not super extended but secure – full turn – switch to tuck jump 3/4, solid, shortish on split – kickover front to beat jump, hit – gainer full, stuck. She hasn’t done beam since the Rene era, and she’s a different beamer now.

Hoffa – FX – double pike, well controlled this time and nice amplitude for this one – front lay front full, dances out – split leap full to wolf jump full – double tuck, short with a lunge forward

A Szafranski – BB – aerial to Korbut, lovely – side aerial with a minor check – switch to split, tight on the switch – full turn with a lean – rulfova, jusssssst pulls it around – gainer full, stuck with chest forward

Washington – FX – double tuck, chest up, solid – switch side to popa, good height, she steps up the dance-element amplitude over the others – front lay to front full, loses some shape in the full – double pike, controlled, a little chest forward

Callis – BB – lovely mount – bhs bhs loso, secure and smooth, just a touch of knees at the end – full turn – split to double stag a little tight – front handspring to knee, check, didn’t get quite securely to knee – side aerial to full, off to the side but stuck

Burleson – FX – double pike, solid – 1.5 through to 2/1, also very well controlled – good toes throughout – switch ring to wolf hop full – 2.5, one of her best landings on that 2.5, definitely a controlled step rather than a lunge that she has to pull back

After 3: Washington 147.700, ASU 147.425

Basically what Washington can do on floor. Not a lot of landing errors from anyone, and when there were, they were minor. ASU got through beam securely. A few more checks than they would have liked from Kuhm, Szafrasnki, and Callis – the ones who can get the really big scores – which kept all the totals in the same lower-9.8 range, but another rotation over 49.


Rose – BB – aerial to bhs, smooth – Y spin through to switch to beat jump, works it through as a combo well enough with just a small pause after the spin, good individual elements – cat leap to side aerial, solid – side aerial to tuck full, stuck. Very strong. 9.900.

Callis – FX – double pike, solid, chest downish – 2.5 with a bounce forward, just kept it in bounds – switch ring to switch 1/2, short of 180s on both, front leg on the switch ring – 1.5 to layout, secure, some arch

Washington – BB – bhs loso series, check at the hips – side aerial, solid – switch side, good – straddle jump to straddle jump (from side position) combination, lean forward out of second one – front layout full dismount, stuck.

Udowitch – FX – double pike, solidly landed, chest – switch ring to split leap full to wolf full, some short positions there, particularly on the wolf – rudi, comes in short and saves it with a step to the side, ragged – back 1.5 to front pike, secure, some legs

Copiak – BB – full turn – bhs loso series, solid – switch 1/2 to beat jump, not quite there on switch 1/2 – side aerial, secure, better extension too – 1.5 with hop forward

Ginn – FX – front tuck through to double tuck, very secure – switch side to popa, better dance series, good height and extension – front lay to front 1/2 – double pike, also secure. Best of the rotation but a margin so far

Goings – BB – bhs bhs loso, wonderful execution on the skills but a lean to the side working out of it and another small adjustment – fantastic height on beat jump into straddle 1/4, that’s how it should look – full turn and another kind of large check – gainer loso with another check – she’s off today but saving it – side aerial to layout full, small slide back in salute

K Szafranski – FX – double pike, bounce back – double tuck, shortish with a lunge forward – split leap full to straddle full, a little bouncy on landing – 1.5 to front layout, just stays in but takes it right to the line

Roberson – BB – switch to straddle 1/4, fine – full turn – long pause before series – loso loso series and landed securely – gainer full with a shuffle back. 9.900. Well now. OK.

Kuhm – FX – whip to double tuck with a bounce back, good chest up – front full to front tuck to stag, which covers some lack of control with she took the stag totally horizontally – pretty switch ring to switch 1/2, good positions – 2.5 well controlled. Nice meet for her.

Burleson – BB – aerial to bhs, a little more hesitant in connection than usual but will get it – side aerial through to switch leap with Mustafina realness – straddle jump to straddle 1/4, hit – full turn – side aerial to full with step back. A little more tentative than her usual in a couple places but a good hit.

CLB – FX – high double tuck, chest a hair forward on landing but holds it well – split leap full to popa, great height, almost there on 180s – 1.5 to front full, good control – double pike, solid, chest down

FINAL: Washington 197.025, ASU 196.575

Washington will certainly take this season high because they will feel that other than floor, which was quite solid, this performance was just OK and can be improved upon in a number of departments. ASU is back to its 196ing ways with a hit meet that went over 49 on every event. OK then. Short break until OSU and Arizona.

Goings beam score bumped up to 9.725, but it doesn’t matter because they dropped it anyway.



Berg, Cowles, Leydin, and Parks have been suspended for this meet for a violation of team rules. And then Bellows tore her Achilles last week.

Lineups should get…interesting.

John Court: “Unfortunately sometimes we all make mistakes, and there is a consequence for that.”



Khamedoost – VT – good height on full, fairly notable hop back, pretty much her normal

No Dessaints, resting knee injury.

Schneider – UB – hit gienger with some legs – bail, a little floppy back in the air but hit vertical – a couple short hs – DLO, flings a little but holds onto stick.

Singley – VT – good height on her full as she usually gets, solid extension, small hop back

Hendrickson – UB – strong Jaeger, good extension, through to overshoot – hit – shortish cast handstand – hop back on DLO. Clean set.

Davis – VT – hop back on full, also strong dynamics, some pike throughout

Cindric – UB – 1/2 turn to jaeger, misses one hand but hangs on with the other, huge deduction but keeps it going – hits bail well – double front with step forward. They’ll have to count it. I mean it doesn’t matter because this is a throwaway meet but still. 9.450.

Yanish – VT – strong full, good open shape throughout – fairly major hop back – I can’t imagine they want to stay with the full for too long with her because her only issue on this vault is that it’s too easy and she can’t control it.

Spencer – UB – Awwweeeesome gienger – clean legs through the toe on and bail – hitting hs – DLO, collapses in the legs a little with a lunge forward.

Jacobsen – VT – Tsuk 1/1 – one of her strong ones – just a small hop – a little bit of pike and legs on the block

Ortiz – UB – clear hip yo her huge tkatchev to overshoot, strong – borderline final hs – FTDT, small shuffle to the side. Good.

Greene – VT – handspring pike 1/2 – not as strong as last week – came in short with a step forward and some legs in the air.

After 1: Oregon State 49.150, Arizona 48.750

Um, what do we even say about Arizona at this meet? It’s a complete throwaway because they’re not putting up enough people. So…Spencer’s Gienger is super pretty. OSU fine, very usable vault. Will want a little more control on some of those end-of-lineup vaults. And of course will want Dessaints back.


OK. So now it’s Arizona’s two-vaulter rotation. Awesome.

Swanson – VT – full, hop back, good legs, some direction.

Khamedoost – UB – toe on  to toe shap, some legs – clean bail – nice handstand positions – sticks DLO. Good opener.

Mattson – VT – Y1/2 with hop forwards

“They’re not going to break any vault records here” – Sam with the understatement of the world

MCP – UB – hits Jaeger, a little close on catch – clean handstands – hit bail – DLO, strong stick. Two high quality routines to start.

So it’s a 19.450 for Arizona on vault. I can confidently say that is the lowest rotation score I’ve ever seen.

Singley – UB – giant 1.5 save! She intended a giant 1/1 but was wayyy to vertical on it and couldn’t hold it so did a casual 1/5 instead, then adds in a 1/2 turn, short – finishes giant full to double tuck, strong

Minyard – UB – hit Jaeger to overshoot – a little short final handstand – DLO, very strong stick, chest up.

Jacobsen – UB – tkatchev to overshoot, good rhythm through the combination – also short on final handstand – double front, stuck. Great landings today for OSU.

9.950 for Jacobsen. Scores are going high for some of these handstand positions (even Singley got 9.850 from one judge for that cover), but they’re getting rewarded for the dismounts.

Gill – UB – toe on to toe shap, connected to Pak, big leg break on the Pak – improvising a little to get her rhythm back, DLO with lunge forward. It went wrong when she caught her Shap with her hands too close together. She had to adjust them in the swing back, which took her off and she never really got it back.

After 2: Oregon State 98.550, Arizona 68.200

OK, so Oregon State is winning by 30. Fun. Great bars rotation for Oregon State with those sticks.They’ll also be happy that they got a 49.400 for a bars rotation that was far from completely solid with Singley and Gill having kind of significant mistakes in their routines. Jacobsen, Minyard, and Khamedoost were quite strong, but everyone else can be and has been better this season.

Taylor Ricci and Nathan Soccer are here talking about Dam Worth It, the theme of this meet, bringing awareness to mental health issues, both of them had people on their teams commit suicide recently, and they’re talking about their experiences with it now.


Singley – BB – bhs loso series, very smooth and extended – full turn, slightly overturned but pulled it back – kickover front, hit – gainer full, stuck

Hendrickson – FX – front full to front layout, clean – she has two passes but has to go because who else? – split jump 1/1  to tuck jump 1.5, got it around it looked like, which is the real struggle with those 1.5 dance elements – switch ring to wolf hop 1/1 – And one of her two passes was just a back layout.

Minyard – BB – switch to straddle, straddle strong, switch looked a little tight – aerial with a lean correction before the bhs, so watch that SV – full turn – cat leap to switch side – side aerial to layout full, off to the side and forward but holds it

Mattson – FX – double pike, bounce back – 1.5 to layout, some arch in layout, a little legs – switch side to popa – ohhhhhh noooo. Double tuck with an awkward stumble backward and no she’s down and looks injured. She’s up now and smiling and waving to the crowd, so that’s good. I agree with the commentator, it was like she was disoriented, looking like someone with a concussion but there was no head-related contact at all. Very odd.

Yanish – BB – bhs loso series with a check to the side – switch to back loso with a step back to control her landing – full turn with a lean – switch to straddle 1/4 – fhs – gainer full with bounce in place.

Schneider is the last one on floor. They’re not using Cindric on floor today even though she’s available, which makes sense because this score is already unusable so might as well use it as a rest day too.

Schneider – FX – double pike, slide back – front lay to front full, secure, well done – switch side to popa, a little crooked on switch side but strong on the popa – solid control on double tuck

Lazaro – BB – bhs loso series, leg-up correction – switch to straddle 3/4, arm wave correction there, just a little off on everything but saving it – full turn smooth – side aerial to full, stuck. Got it together for the second half

Word on Lauryn Mattson is that it was a spell of vertigo. That’s exactly what it looked like.

Gill – BB – full turn – split jump to double stag, pretty, small correction – aerial, large leg-up correction – bhs loso, mostly solid, small check – switch 1/2 to beat, good – gainer full, stuck. 9.825 is quite high for those mistakes.

Davis – BB – aerial to back tuck series, keeps it moving, knees on aerial – switch to split jump 1/4, a little tight but hit – full turn, small lean – gainer front full dismount with a stick.

After 3: Oregon State 147.850, Arizona 96.425

WHO’S GOING TO WIN?!?!??!?!?!?!?

OSU got through with a 49.300 there, though a more wobbly rotation than they would have preferred. They can be more secure than this, but stayed on. They have options when Dessaints is not available.



Sam says that Oklahoma’s beamtastrophe opens the door for some Pac-12 teams to move into #1. It absolutely does not. UCLA would need to score 199.400 tomorrow to do that. I mean, that would be some CAROL.

Hendrickson – BB – beat to splti jump 3/4, soid – bhs to loso, holds it with the smallest of leans – switch to split 3/4, also nice – side aerial, secure, some feet – gainer full, stuck.

Mack – FX – double pike, solid, chest down – switch side to popa to tuck jump, great height, a little uncontrolled on the tuck jump landing – rudi, large bounce back – front lay to front full, a little flat, step forward, close to the edge but stays in

Schneider – BB – full turn with a little correction flaring out of it – kickover front with a pause check into back handspring, so we’ll see about that – switch to split, very low back leg on split jump – beat jump to sheep with a check. Front layout full, stuck. Interested to see SV because there were combination questions.

Force – FX – double pike, chest up, very well done – switch side to popa, nearly around – front lay to front full, also a little flat – double tuck, pops it up but comes in a little forward with a lunge.

Spencer – BB – cartwheel – full turn – bhs loso, large leg-up wobble with a lean but stays on – switch to shushunova, back leg – split jump to split 3/4 with a lean – gainer tuck full, stuck.

Jacobsen – FX – double pike, solid, smallest slide back but strong – 1.5 to layout, better height on layout, dances out to the edge – split leap full to split jump 1/1 to tuck jump, good 180s on her splits – rudi to straddle jump, traveled a little awkwardly on her straddle.

Freidin – BB – full turn – loso series, secure, some feet – side somi, center of gravity off, tried to hold it but couldn’t, fall – so that’s a 9.6 and a 9.7 that will have to count now – switch 1/2 to wobble – gainer pike.

Lowery – FX – double pike, chest up well, small slide – split leap 1/1 to popa, close, not quite there on the leaps – punch rudi, stuck – front lay front full, good height, hop forward.

Ortiz – BB – bhs loso series, small lean – full turn – switch to beat to double stag, really high double stag that I think surprised her with a check as she landed – side aerial to stuck full

Singley – FX – front tuck through to double tuck, stumble backward and falls – double pike, solid – rudi with a slide

Cindric – BB – bhs loso, lifts her leg up a little in correction on the landing – full turn – side aerial, another small lean – split to sheep, not quite there on the sheep position – gainer pike. Hit.

Yanish – FX – DLO, great chest up, strong, small slide back – front full to front lay, very fast pass, and therefore a little hard to control – switch side to popa, strong – double tuck, another bounce – not her best pass control, but good shapes and chest position. 9.950. Lol.

FINAL: Oregon State 197.300, Arizona 145.350

So that happened. We’ll remember this one.


On to the night session!

Stanford is so thrilled that Arizona took over the title of fewest routines. That bars rotation is positively stacked now.

The two teams are going to try to hit tonight. THANKS CARLY.

Toni-Ann with a bone bruise on her knee. Not in the floor lineup.


Cole – VT – full – good control, small slide, piked throughout. 9.750.

So Seilnacht – UB – good first hs – 1/2 to piked Jaeger, and falls – oh Cal. Took it too far. Resumes with overshoot, leg break – 1/2 to 1.5 twist dismount, small slide.

Navarro – VT – full with a medium-sized hop back – leg break on the block – better distance than Cole but a larger landing problem as well. 9.825.

Sternberg – UB – toe on to Ray, solid – hits bail, some verticalishness on a couple positions – full to double tuck, stuck.

Flam – VT – Omelianchik – a little short this time with a step back, but not a problem

Does anyone else always have a moment of thinking Flam is a secret McNair when they see her?

Williams – UB – super high Hindorff but catches fairly close, coming down basically right on top of the bar – solid bail – some muscling up of handstands – DLO, kind of holds the stick but not really into a step-salute.

Bryant – VT – great power on full but a pretty significant bounce back – a little off line – pretty solid straight position, just a touch of a pike at the end

Kuc – UB – lovely handstand to Shap to Pak, just brilliant – a little rushed through her 1/2 turn on low – ack, trouble on the FTDT dismount, forward with a large lunge forward. Oh, Alma. You’re going to be a heartbreaker, aren’t you?

Price – VT – STUCK A DTY ARE YOU REAL. Very strong. A little off line but that’s really it. Some feet on replay? We’ll see what they go. I’m OK with 10. 9.975.

Schank – UB – a little close on shoot to high – good hs – 1/2 turnb to piked jaeger to overshoot, solid – maybe a little piked on overshoot – good final cast hs to stuck DLO. Very nice.

We’re not vaulting a 5th for Stanford because it wouldn’t count –

George – UB – fine Tkatchev – hits her bail – verticals are close but maybe a little short, though final cast handstand is strong – stuck FTDT. They got through after that opening fall.

After 1: Stanford 49.225, Cal 49.125

Stanford’s lineup was all about Ebee’s stuck DTY, bringing that score way up. Cal got through bars after that opening fall. Some errors here and there, like Kuc’s dismount, which had to count, but sufficient.

No guys. That’s a closeup of Kyla Bryant. You were talking about Ebee.

I wouldn’t have had a problem with a 10 for Price for that vault. That’s the best DTY I think I’ve ever seen in NCAA.


Mastrangelo – VT – solid Yfull, good shape – not a ton of dynamics, small hop back

Lawson – UB – Shap to bail with crazy legs – hits shoot to high – more insane legs on giant full – flings out a double tuck – nearly stuck. 9.725.

Catherine Rogers is doing bars! Stanford has 6 routines –

Gallarzo – VT – Y1/2, holds onto the stick, solid vault, good position – a little off line. 9.875. Well now.

Navarro – UB – small arch in first handstand – flat tkatchev but hit – horizontal handstand after – leg break on Pak – struggling on hs – FTDT with step back. 9.600.

Sylvie Seilnacht – VT – bounce back on full this time, somewhat uncontrolled on landing – small pike throughout

Flam – UB – short first hs – 1/2 turn to Jaeger, hit – leg break on bail – struggling on her hs as well – DLO 1/1 and fall – goes for it (for some odd reason) but actually overdid it and sits down. 9.125.

George – VT – great distance, amplitude, and direction on her full, jsut the bounce back, which was fairly significant and will take the score away.

Rogers – UB – welcome to the lineup, all the scores before you are terrible. Have fun! tkatchev, flat but hit – good hs – straddled Pak, late-ish on half turn on low – short final handstand – giant full to double tuck with a step back. It’s a hit. She’s at a level similar to Lawson and Navarro. Deductions, but it’s a routine they can use. 9.7000

Robinson – VT – handspring on, front handspring pike – jussssssssst holds the stick with a swim. Good one. 9.950. I see. To me, it was more like 9.900.

Bryant – UB – Tkatchev, low but hit – better hs – pretty Pak, legs right together – 1/2 turn on low, deduction trap – precise final hs – DLO, comes in a little short with a lunge forward but should still be the best score of the lineup.

I notice Chris has a black eye. Did someone’s form go crazy on the training bars routine?

Williams – VT – full – almost holds onto the stick with small step – great amplitude, just squats a little on the landing.

Price – UB – Toe Shap to clear hip to Church to bail – awesome today – no trouble on stalder shoot – hits handstand – DLO, step forward. Step on landing was all I saw, but it was somewhat significant. She may still get away with 9.950.

After 2: Cal 98.400, Stanford 97.975

The problem with knowing that Liz reads these live blogs is that it makes it more uncomfortable when I want to objectify Justin. I guess it’s not stopping me. Oops.

Strong vault from Robinson, the class of Cal’s rotation. The rest can improve their landings, so that score will be viewed as just OK. Stanford showed six on bars! It wasn’t very good but still a miracle! Of course Price was amazing.


Cole – BB – bhs loso, nice and smooth – switch to switch series, close, fine – aerial to beat jump, secure but slowish, some feet – full turn – almost holds the stick on 2/1. Good one. 9.775.

Sophie Seilnacht – FX – front lay to rudi, quite clean, nice leg form – illusion turn – spliut leap 1.5, got it around – 1.5 to 1/2 to split to front tuck, a little squatty in that front tuck, like she got off rhythm in her connection, but OK – 1.5 to front pike with a lunge-dance out of it. 9.775.

Tai – BB – bhs loso, supppper short on her loso and fall – aerial, short on that too but holds it with a lean – switch to straddle 3/4, fine – full turn, small check – 1.5, step back and to the side to hold it.

Robinson – FX – double Arabian, momentum carries her into a lunge forward, just does stay in bounds but will get hit for control on that landing – 1.5 to front pike, solid – you know what’s fun? When you’re doing a floor routine and the judge is looking at you like the witch in Hansel and Gretl. Solid double pike. 9.825.

Flam – BB – bhs to layout, knees on the bhs but solid on the series – full turn – solid front tuck as well – cat leap to switch side – punch front layout dismount, stuck. Good set. 9.750. That seems weirdly tight for the standard of this meet so far?

Shu – FX – good shape on double tuck, same on double pike, some chest forward – switch to split leap 1.5, pulls that around, solid 180 positions – 1.5 to front pike to stag, very secure landings in that set. 9.850.

Price – BB – check on her opening aerial – bhs layout, solid, smallest lean to avoid a check – full turn – switch to split jump, her beam leaps are soooo much better than they were when she was a baby – double pike, small step back. 9.800.

George – FX – front 2/1, very well controlled – switch ring to split leap 1/1, good 180 positions and crisply around – front tuck through to front handspring rudi, solid – double tuck final pass, some slide there but a good routine as well. 9.850.

Navarro – BB – bhs loso series, lovely toes – full turn – aerial, solid – switch to split, good – double tuck, Chris was in the way so I have no idea the quality. 9.825.

Sylvie Seilnacht – FX – double tuck, fine, small slide back – double pike, secure, chest down – 1.5 to 1/2, a little ragged on the 1/2 with a bounce, but very usable. 9.800.

Bryant – BB – full turn – bhs loso, good extension and very high. Beat jump to switch split jump, heavenly – front tuck with an arm wave to avoid a check. Double tuck, chest a tad too forward with a lunge. 9.875.

Carly is going to kidnap both Kyana George and Kyla Bryant after this meet.

Gallarzo – FX – double pike, fine – double tuck, also fine, just a shift of the front foot – 1.5 to layout, somewhat flat but secure. No trouble.

After 3: Cal 147.600, Stanford 147.000

You guys, Stanford might hit a 196 again.

“Olympians led by marquee names you know like MyKayla Skinner and Kyla Ross.” Um…….


Shu – BB – aerial with some lean through to bhs – hitch kick to switch 1/2 – full turn – side aerial to layout full, squats down to try to hold the stick but doesn’t really. 9.800.

H Hoffman – FX – front tuck through to rudi, pretty low rudi with chest forward but held the landing – switch ring to split leap full, hit – double tuck, slide back but hit – another rudi final pass, a little higher chest into double stag. 9.800.

George – BB – double wolf turn, fine – they will call out that the triple wolf is named after her in the JO code EVERY time – aerial to bhs wimpy series from her too, somewhat slow but keeps it moving – switch to split jump, a little back leg – double tuck, chest forward with a hop forward. 9.850.

Navarro – FX – double pike, drops into it well – 1.5 to layout, flattish, solid form but not a ton of amplitude – switch ring to switch 1/2 – double tuck, chest forward with a small hop. 9.850.

Keelen – BB – nice full turn – bhs loso, nearly solid with a little lean to save it – switch to split to beat jump, very pretty – aerial to split jump, very crisp work, just a little back leg – 1.5, basically stuck, kind of salutes herself out of a stick. 9.850.

Lawson – FX – switch split to split leap 1.5, good 180s and around – 1.5 through to double tuck, some legs on 1.5 – hit. 9.875.

Gallarzo – BB – full turn – aeiral to bhs loso as her series, not the most extended in the aerial but hit throughout – a verrrrrrry short switch leap, not close to 180 – second switch to split attempt was a little better, but low back leg on both – 1.5, small hop forward. 9.750.

Flam – FX – double arabian, large bound forward and OOB – “great opening pass” – punch front full to layout second pass with a hop – switch side to popa, not bad – double pike, a little forward with a hop, but hit. 9.750.

Williams – BB – standing front tuck to loso, very solid – cat leap to switch side, hit – full turn, very tight with an overturn and a check – gainer pike, good. 9.825.

Bryant – FX – huge DLO, nice chest up, just hops to the side on landing – front tuck through to double pike, short with a lunge forward – switch side to popa – open double tuck with a bounce back. 9.850.

Sofie Seilnacht – BB – full turn, good – bhs loso, right on – beat jump to double stag, check – switch to split jump, check and low back leg on split jump – side aerial to layout full, short with a hop forward. Fine, not her best. 9.775.

Price – FX – DLO, stuck, fantastic – front tuck trhough to double tuck, also stuck. A little chest but not too much – switch side 1/2 to straddle 1/2 (ish?) – double pike, controlled step back, very strong routine.

FINAL; Cal 196.700, Stanford 196.375

Stanford. Look at you. A hit and everything.

Well, you kind of buried the lede there, guy. 10.000 for Price on floor. Wait, does that mean I can’t use her stuck DTY for routine of the week voting? That’s going to take some thinking.


31 thoughts on “Saturday Live Blog – February 17, 2018”

    1. Catour fell first up on beam, then Lehrmann fell in the second spot, then Brown fell in the fourth spot (her first routine back). Not sure why, they just looked nervy. KJ specifically said in the post-meet interview that she didn’t think that it was because they were on podium. Maggie wasn’t looking great before that point (vault came in short and she had a major form/leg break on her Shaposh), but she came back on beam and floor like the superhero she is. Floor was probably more solid than it’s been all year for OU — no major issues even though Brown’s still not in the lineup. No OOBs or falls and Jackson and Schoepfer had much more controlled landings than they’ve had in recent weeks. So that’s the silver lining.

      1. I’m convinced that Kelly Garrison jinxed poor Stefani Catour after all the complaining she did last week about how she did not want her to lead off on beam. Brown’s fall wasn’t a total surprise given that it was her first routine back and I feel like Lehrmann’s been off all season, but I’m totally blaming Kelly Garrison for Catour’s fall.

      2. What does Kelly even hate so much about Stef leading off on beam? Regardless, I’m blaming it on her for sure.

  1. So Arizona put up TWO vaulters and THREE on floor – think UGA is a bit jealous that their rotations of five aren’t the ones being talked about… How long before UGA puts on ONE gymnast on both vault and floor? lol 🙂

    1. I’m pretty sure Georgia is just happy people are finally talking about depth issues on other teams.

      And to be honest, UGA has been solid on both events this year. Not great on vault, but not a disaster like some make it out to be, and floor has had some great meets.

  2. “She hasn’t done beam since the Rene era, and she’s a different beamer now.”

    I feel like this is just a good general summation of ASU this year.

  3. Oregon State has some of the most home-favoring judges around… and they behave the same when they travel to away sites and continue to favor their squad.

    1. Yeah, I had OSU at a 196.45 today. The weird part is usually judges are high or low for both teams, but Arizona was judged fairly and OSU was too high, especially on bars, beam, and floor.

  4. I have to applaud the coach for suspending athletes instead of giving them a pass to get a solid away score. Hopefully the gymnasts will learn from it.

    1. A 9.95 would have been fine because she was offline.

      She went 9.975 which is almost a 10. It’s not like she was underscored for that vault.

      1. I didn’t say it wasn’t “fine” I just said it would have been a 10 for UCLA. They hand 10’s out like candy at Halloween. It was every bit as good as other perfect scores that have been awarded this season. I didn’t see a deduction

      2. I got what you were saying, but the difference between a 10 and 9.975 is minuscule. So one judge gave her a 9.95 for being offline — something that could certainly happen at UCLA.

        I get the UCLA snark. They are often overscored and get a boost on name alone. I just thought it was weird to use a 9.975 vault as an example that would have gone 10 at UCLA.

    2. Am I the only one who saw early twisting for her vault? Plus the line, and I’d say there were definitely feet issues… I don’t know, I’m very okay with that vault not getting a 10.

      1. I agree. Definitely feet and direction issues. People (like Reality Check Central) just want to hand Price 10s. They complain about SEC/OU/UCLA/Utah overscores and then ignore Price’s flexed feet on beam and bent arms on bars. Hypocrite much?

      2. Yeah, Price is awesome and I’m glad to see the judges finally giving her the recognition she deserves, but she leaves deductions for the judges to take which many fans just seem to ignore

  5. Thank you for your comment about them showing Bryant instead of Ebee… come on PAC-12 networks don’t just find any black gymnast and think it’s Ebee you have been filming her for four years now?!!

    And when did Skinner go to the Olympics….

  6. What was with the beam judges suddenly getting way more generous for Cal — Flam and Gallarzo both getting a 9.75 when Rachael hit and Alicia had obvious errors?

    1. Would say the same for Stanford on floor though. No way Flam went that high when she slid OOB, and as great as Ebee was, that last landing was not controlled.

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