Sunday Live Blog – March 4, 2018

Sunday, March 4 Scores Stream
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Maryland, Rutgers, Towson @ [19] George Washington LINK GW($)
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Eastern Michigan @ Ball State LINK FREE
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Bridgeport, Brockport, Southern Connecticut @ Brown
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – West Virginia, Penn State, Temple @ Pittsburgh LINK ACC+
3:00 ET/12:00 PT – [2] UCLA, [23] Iowa State, Kent State @ [16] Nebraska LINK FREE
3:00 ET/12:00 PT – Western Michigan @ Northern Illinois LINK ESPN3
3:00 ET/12:00 PT – Michigan State @ Illinois-Chicago LINK
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5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Lindenwood, Bowling Green @ Illinois LINK BTN+
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Central Michigan, Seattle Pacific, Air Force @ San Jose State LINK

Nebraska is hosting a quad and LSU is hosting Auburn. So pay attention or something.

It’s a record kind of weekend (because scoring). Arkansas already set its all-time team record, Kelley Hebert of Davis set a school and conference AA record, and a couple other teams (Oklahoma, Davis) recorded team totals in the top three all time.

George Washington just came oh so close to a school record, going 196.825 (record was 196.875). So, the next one to watch is Pitt, over 49 on the first two events and looking to break a record of 196.525.

It’s senior day for Nebraska. Their seniors are Williams, Breen, and Epperson.

One thing we really don’t appreciate enough about the conference networks is how they’ve freed us from being exposed to school arena hype guys.

Just intros beginning now at Nebraska, so you’ve got time. And another 30 minutes until LSU/Auburn.

Kooyman is on bars today for UCLA. No Kramer on floor. A Glenn still on vault.

Biggest intro cheers went to Kocian, Ross, Wieber, and Miss Val. The four Olympians.

“We’ll be doing the announcing today, so bear with us.”

That bodes well.

Nebraska vault, Kent State bars, UCLA beam, Iowa State floor

I don’t think we spend enough time talking about Heather Brink’s biceps. Just throwing that out there. There is also a solid chance LSU is going to start first at this rate.


Verceles Carr – VT – small adjustment on landing, some legs in the air.

Nguyen – BB – check on aerial, has to repeat – we cut away from her re-attempt at the series to show a replay of Verceles Carr. FUN! Back to her side leap, a little tentative this time.

Williams – VT – holds the stick on her full, chest a little forward.

Already here for how upset the other teams are going to be about not being shown enough. It’s a quad meet.

Epperson – VT – better open and height than Williams, just a small adjustment on landing but should get rewarded for straight position and dynamics.

We’re seeing a little of Kocian on beam now – switch to sheep, bend correction – bhs and a check, has to redo – 2 UCLA beamers have already bailed out of their series and had to repeat it.

Houchin – VT – sticks her 1.5. Nebraska’s vaults have started to be Nebraska vaults it appears – very clean 1.5 and stuck cold. 9.975.

We’re seeing just bits and pieces of the other routines.

Schweihofer with a solid stick on her full, a little direction.

Grace Glenn – lovely aerial to split – switch to split, small hesitation, good individual skills – sticks gainer full.

Crouse – VT – nearly stuck on her 1.5 it appeared – not quite as dynamic as Houchin’s it appeared in the twisting but good hold on the landing control.

Looks like Kent State is hitting bars. I’ve seen some close catches and late verticals though, a really late giant full to double tuck in the 6th spot.

It’s a 49.475 for Nebraska on vault. Scored I think pretty realistically. There are places where that would have been 49.6s. Cough.

Ohashi – BB – saw her hit the switch ring and the side aerial to full dismount.

Kyla hits switch ring to beat jump – full turn, OK – aerial, strong – side aerial to full, nearly stuck.

Stumble back and OOB on a double tuck on floor from Paz from Iowa State.

Peng on beam – shampooing the hair and throwing away the bottle. Mostly hits 2 turn, maybe a slight hesitation – side aerial to stuck full.

If this person we’re piking up on the mic doesn’t stop shouting 10, I’m going to scream.

Young – FX – Iowa State – struggles landing the full in with a stagger.

Meraz doing exhibition on beam for UCLA.

Nebraska will have a lead on UCLA after the first, and from what we’ve seen, it’s warranted. UCLA’s first two wobbling in the middle of their series and Nebraska nailing the crap out of vault.

LSU and Auburn starting now

Finnegan – VT – LSU – pretty as usual but not the landing she wants, hop back, a little off to the side. 9.825.

Watson – UB – Ray, a littel close but caught – bail, solid – step back on FTDT, but a solid enough hit.

Cannamela – VT – She’s debuting the 1.5 today, so this should be interesting – she hit it, but fairly short with a lunge back and to the side. Not there yet to be score worth it, but close. 9.825.

Moss – UB – fantastic legs on her gienger, solid bail, legs together, a little short of vertical – DLO, chest a bit down with a step.

Harrold – VT – 1.5 – pretty solid improvement – step forward, but she has a tendency to land it short, which I was worried about in the air, but she got it. Not under.

Krippner – UB – arches first handstand but pulls it back – nice broomstick shape on bail – hits tkatchev, a little loose legs – short cast, FTDT, chest forward with a step

Edwards – VT – falls on her 1.5 – she didn’t block as evenly as she wanted, which took her off to the side and lower than usual. Oh, LSU, I’m still worried about your 1.5s.

Day – UB – toe on to toe 1/2 to great high jaeger to overshoot, solid – shortish final hs – double front step forward.

Hambrick – VT – hop forward on her 1.5 but not a fall-risk looking vault now – probably won’t get too much else taken beyond the full-tenth hop.

Orel stuck a DLO on bars with some straddle legs. We saw Kocian’s ending pose on floor. HELPFUL AND TELLING.

Cerio – UB – saves her 1/2 turn to L into piked jaeger but a huge break as she dropped at the hips to try to save it like a pommel horse dismount – rest was clean.

Edney – VT – 1.5 – hop forward on hers as well – always risks a .05 knee deduction but not too significant this time so maybe not.

Schweihofer – UB – Nebraska – nice high piked jaeger –

Milliet – UB – toe on  to Ray, a little close but caught it – super high Pak – short final hs – giant full nice vertical, swims to hold stick on double tuck.

49.325 for LSU on vault is fine, but didn’t have the landings to go any higher.

Stuck DLO on bars for Epperson.

Dennis – FX – double tuck with bounce back and OOB to finish.

Houchin – UB – good giant full finish position, clean tkatchev with nice toes – holds the bail – giant full to double tuck, small slide back. Simple but pretty.

Auburn 48.975 on bars and fairly fortunate to get away with that after some significant mistakes.

Crouse – UB – Nebraska – Weiler 1/2, good vertical finish to huge gienger to overshoot, leg breaks on both – FTDT with hop back.

Tratz – FX – finishes with a pretty secure double tuck, just a little leaning forward

Wait didn’t Dennis go OOB? That’s what it looked like to me. Still went 9.850.

End of Hano’s routine – very secure double pike, chest up.

Becker – VT – Auburn – step back on full, fairly flat, a little pike

Ohashi – FX – DLO, strong, chest up and controlled – 1.2 to 1/2 to split to front tuck, solid –

Hit from Durante on bars with a hop back on FTDT.

Oh no. Now we’re hearing that one of the judges missed Becker’s vault. Did it really happen this time?

Phillips – VT – high full, some legs, and a lunge back

Hambrick – UB – Ray, good – giant full a little rushed this time, clean bail, good toe point – shortish on final hs – FTDT, stuck. A couple small things but very good set. Still gets 9.950.

Krippner – VT – tries to hold the stick on the full, maybe, good control regardless, a little pike

Harrold – UB – arrrccches the Zuchold, holds it but a clear and fairly large deduction – double front with step back.

Watson – VT – pretty large lunge forward on her 1.5 but very nice shape in the air and direction

Edney – UB – Hirdorff, solid – clear hit to bail, a little short of vertical – DLO, solid stick. Kathy pointing out the bent elbows on casts, but that nevvvvver gets taken. 9.975. Oh dear. This meet started almost normally…and now…

Day – VT – almost identical lunge forward to Watson on her 1.5.

Priessman – UB – tkatchev to Pak, good legs on that Pak – solid 1/2 turn – a little short on final cast – DLO comes in a little close with some piking, hop.

Glenn – VT – 1.5 with a crossover step, a little bit more knees that the first two. Interesting that they go in reverse form order, with Watson the strongest form, then Day, then Glenn.

Finnegan – UB – Ray , fab – bail, super clean – muscles up handstand after shoot to high that was close, lovely confident stick on DLO.


Becker – VT – a little better on her full than the first time, hop back

You KNOW some clueless person walked in front of the judge and she was like…there’s a vault happening?

After 2: LSU 98.875, Auburn 98.150

So, it’s a 49.550 for LSU on bars that got pretty charitable in places, but they worked through it. A few errors, like the Harrold arch, the Finnegan muscle up, the Priessman dismount, that they won’t be in love with.

Crouse – BB – Nebraska – aerial, solid – switch to straddle 1/4, good extension in that straddle 1/4 – aerial to bhs, a little arm wave correction in between – gainer lay full off the end, cool.

Ooooh, a fall from Tratz on vault that we didn’t see. Did she try something new? Hard to see her falling on that full.

Schweihofer – BB – Nebraska – bhs to lay-pike, secure – switch to switch 1/2 with a check – finishes with stuck 2/1, crossed legs

Macadaeg – BB – switch to switch 1/2 to beat, excellent as always – aerial, secure – bhs loso, solid – gainer full, stuck. One of her lovely ones. 9.950. It’s a huge score to give for a leadoff because where do you go from there? But the virtue of Macadaeg being so well known now is that they know they probably won’t see a stronger routine in the lineup. At least until Finnegan.

Just 49.050 for UCLA on vault after a fall from Tratz and 9.650 from Hall.

Hambrick – BB – hitch kick to side aerial, a little lean but nothing – switch to straddle 1/4, nice – bhs loso with a fairly big swim to keep it on the beam – 2/1, stuck.

Glenn – FX – Auburn – double pike with abounce back – split leap 1/1 to popa, short on split, popa was OK – 1.5 to layout, no punch on layout and sits it –

UCLA maintains a slight lead over Nebraska heading to the final event. Nebraska on floor, UCLA on bars.

Edney – BB – aerial to split, solid, flexed feet – bhs loso, mostly solid, a little quiver on landing – swithc to straddle 1/4 with a check, also not quite to 180 on straddle – kickover front, good high landing position – 1.5, stuck. 9.925. You can’t give her the same score as Macadaeg with those leaps –

Watson – FX – double pike, nice shape, slide back – switch side to popa – double tuck, another slide. 1.5 to layout with a step out but better control. Good technique.

Desiderio – BB – aerial to split, good – bhs loso, strong extension and right on – switch to switch 1/2 was good, closer to Macadaeg/Finnegan level. gainer full. One of her best ones. 9.925.

Slappey – FX – front lay to rudi, good height on rudi and keeps her twisting shape well – switch 1/2 to split jump 1/1, not quite there – double pike, a little slide back – double tuck, same.

Campbell – BB – aerial to bhs, keeps it moving, some knees on the aerial as she came in a little short – full turn – back tuck to split jump, solid – switch to switch 1/2 with a check and a little floppier in the legs – 2/1 with small slide.

Day – FX – stronger on the double Arabian, just a little short with a hop, but minor – L hop full – front full to front lay, very clean – double tuck, small adjustment. Good.

Finnegan – BB – wolf turn, an arm wave but keeps it without a check – bhs loso series, check to the side this time – switch to switch 1/2, perfectly 180 – side somi, holds it – side aerial to full. Her usual except what is was a full tenth check on the series.

Milliet – FX – front lay to rudi, also lovely twisting shape on that rudi, not ragged like so many NCAA rudis – switch ring to switch 1/2, rushed out of that switch 1/2 – bounce back on double pike, chest forward – 1.5 to layout, some arch.

Williams – FX – Nebraska – double pike, good power, slide back – front lay to rudi, also a little bouncy – double tuck, a little deep but a reasonably hit routine

We didn’t see any of UCLA’s bars, but they went 49.475 with 9.925 for Peng and 9.950 for Ross.

UCLA finishes with 197.500, which will bring up the RQS a hair, but not much more than a hair. We’ll see what LSU does now. Needs 197.775 total to match UCLA in the rankings, which would be just a 49.375 on floor.

Oh good. The floor died at LSU and they have to fix it before the final rotation.


Riddle – BB – bhs loso, large break at the hips – switch to straddle 1/2, pretty solid – cat leap to side aerial to tuck full, stuck. Lowish but stuck.

Kirby – FX – switch side to popa, good 180s but indistinct landing position – layout to rudi with a slide back – double tuck, a little forward with a hop – front lay to front full. (I know. I saw it too. We don’t talk about it.) 9.825.

Cerio – BB – cat leap to switch side, good 180 position – bhs loso, tentative with a check – full turn, also a little uncertain – switch 1/2, flexed feet – 1.5 dismount

Desiderio – FX – DLO, good control, some chest forward – double tuck with a bounce back – switch ring to split full, nice – double pike, chest forward again with a step. Getting there but not 9.9 level yet. Still goes 9.875.

Sylvia – BB – side aerial, looked like she had it but checks working out of it – full turn – aerial to bhs – split jump to sheep with a lean correction, not close on split, which is weird because she’s good at leaps – the sheep is actually really good, but then the split jump isn’t? -gainer full

Cannamela – FX – double pike, good chest up – 1.5 to layout, pretty flat on the layout, will get deducted for amplitude – switch side to popa, cheats the switch side a little – double tuck, controlled, a little forward

Slappey – BB – full turn, smooth – bhs loso and falls – a lot of them have been off line on their series – switch 1/2, short of 180 – switch to split – cat leap to side aerial to stuck full.

Edney – FX – strong double arabian, just a small slide adjustment back but one of her best ones – 1.5 to layout, solid, a little dance out – switch ring to a split 1/1, good switch ring, short on split full – double tuck, perfect stick. 9.975. Dear. LOL.

I would have gone 9.900. I think it would get murdered if I were a judge in the south.

Milliet – BB – and she falls on her loso series too. They’re ALL off on them.

39.775 for Edney in the AA.

Finnegan – FX – 1.5 to 2.5, great control on 2.5 landing – double tuck, perfect shape – interstitial front tuck and actually control it – switch ring to switch 1/2 – double pike, perfect. Well, now, this routine was far stronger than Edney’s, so what do you do now, judges?

And she gets a 10.000. If you gave Edney 9.975 you couldn’t not give Finnegan a 10.

Finnegan’s routine is lovely.

Krippner – BB – aerial to beat jump, does well to keep the combiantion going through a lean – switch to split, also a little pause in between, gorgeous execution on thise leaps – bhs to loso, check – 1.5 with a lunge-salute.

Hambrick – FX – DLO, usual form, stuck landing – 2.5 to front tuck with a crossover step – split leap full to wolf jump 1/1 – double pike, perfect. I saw two .05s in there, the form on the DLO and the step on the second pass, so we’ll see.

10.000. It’s a no from me on that one.

49.700 for LSU on floor.

FINAL: LSU 198.100, Auburn 195.625

And we still have to pretend that regular season conference champion is a thing? Fun.




81 thoughts on “Sunday Live Blog – March 4, 2018”

  1. I downloaded the Nebraska app and am trying to boot up the live stream on my computer for Masters Classic but the app says there is no gymnastics event happening right now and I can’t get the stream to load. Can anyone help out?

      1. I have the same problem as Zyxcba… Flash already is enabled on my lapotop so there must be something else 🙁

      1. I got it, had to click the button on left side of the address bar, allow Flash and refresh the page

  2. “Biggest intro cheers went to Kocian, Ross, Wieber, and Miss Val. The four Olympians.”

    Yes, I’ll never forget Miss Val’s gold medal performance in the Shot Put.

    Say, does anyone have any suggestions/tricks to getting the stream of this meet to work on a Windows10 laptop? My screen shows “Loading 100%” and just an empty black screen for the huskers media portal page. Thanks.

  3. I don’t think the UCLA stream is free? For me it asks for a package

    1. With Windows 10 I can view using Internet Explorer but not Chrome for some reason – using the link above

  4. It wouldn’t let me stream it on my ipad, It will let me on a desktop- I had to enable my flashplayer. that took a minute to figure out. Its a pain, and its not the easist meet to follow so far with them switching back and forth so fast between teams. – So try a desktop computer.

  5. The sound on my feed cut out and I have to say that I prefer silence to listening to that commentator.

  6. Ughh…I’m giving up on that stream (which apparently is NOT a secure website BTW).

  7. okay the nebraska stream is really annoying me! why are they showing endless replays/waiting around when other teams are competing? I didn’t come just to see kocian’s final pose after watching nebraska’s bars replay forever! Not even to mention the other teams

  8. Maybe she kept her foot from going OOB, but it was super close. I didn’t see a flag go up though.

    1. She kept her heel up and the ball of her foot was juuuust inside the lines

    1. it got so annoying. I get it, it’s their school’s channel. But honestly, 90% of the fans (including Nebraska fans) would probably like to see at least a few of the nations best or most interesting routines, some of which are performed by other teams.

  9. Tweeting from Nebraska, @uclagymnastics reported:
    “Nia Dennis nails the piked full-in opening pass and toes the line on the last pass to stay in bounds. 9.85.”

  10. I did not imagine the flip-flop being removed from the floor during Ohashi’s routine, did I???

  11. Nia wasn’t OOB but it was super close, her toes were right on the line.

  12. Nia Dennis’ 9.85 FX score is dropped anyway as the lowest score.

    UCLA last week at home:
    BB 49.725, FX 49.775

    UCLA today on the road:
    BB 49.400, FX 49.575

    BB -0.325, FX -0.200

    1. I’ve like the scoring today *from what I’ve seen* of the routines. I’m a UCLA fan but realistic scores show you where you need to work!

    2. While those scores from last week were certainly significantly higher than they should have been, that doesn’t completely explain the differential. UCLA also had weaker beam and floor performances this week than they did last week.

      1. Oh, most definitely it is. All I mean to say is that the differential doesn’t help all that much in quantifying the overscoring of the meet last week because the two performances were not equivalent.

  13. I’m trying not to be mad, because the stream is for free and it’s really difficult to show four teams simultaneously. I’d rather pay a few $ though to have a halfway decent coverage. The commentators and the video choices are awful. I’m here for UCLA mainly, and am quite disappointed, but at least you get bits and pieces. Have they shown at least a single routine from Kent State? I don’t think so.

    1. We didn’t get a single vault from UCLA, although from the scores I don’t think we missed much 😣

    2. And Hall was apparently doing just a full (?) according to their twitter?

      1. Yeah, she did a full, I’m guessing because Tratz had already fallen and they didn’t want to risk counting a fall. She ended up taking a massive bounce backward on it, though, hence the 9.65. Also, for anybody wondering, Tratz’s fall was on her full. She came in super low and had to put her hands down.

  14. Yah, I am not mad, grateful for the bits and pieces, but def disappointed. Right now, I am at my desk, when really I want to be on my bed with junk food watching it on TV- not the same at the desk 🙂

  15. What happened to Emma Engler from Auburn? She was such a staple in their lineup last year. Is she injured?

  16. I’m LIVING for Sonya doing an all exhibition AA! Hilarious.

    Not so hilarious is the lack of 10s on vault for UCLA. It has become blatantly obvious that any chance of natty title is out the window by not even trying to upgrade vaults. Particularly Tratz (who has a 10), Kooyman (who isn’t needed on any other event) and Kramer who’s tucked 1.5 showed promise. DO they actually think that judges will score Fulls well at Nats? They won’t, even sticks only get a 9.85!

    1. Sometimes I wonder if UCLA is even aware that the Starting Value for Fulls was devalued from 10.0 to 9.95 >YEARS< AGO!!

      1. They have so much potential too! Tratz, Kooyman and Ross all have (from what I’ve heard/seen at least ) perfectly usable 10 vaults that could give them the 5 counting scores they need all from a 10. Tratz’ piked front half looked really good in pre season, Ross has shown Omelianchiks in training for the last two seasons in training that all look capable of consistently getting in the 9.95 range when stuck, and I’ve heard that Kooyman actually was doing decent Omelianchiks. Some have said that Dennis should do a 1.5 and we all know Kramer has a 10 vault, but Dennis hasn’t done a non-FTY ever since she retired from elite, and Kramer’s just isn’t one that that you would want to count in the post season.

    2. My idea towards all the Meraz exhibitions is that they’re hoping to have a good enough RQS to let Honest/Meraz/Hall (and Peng) do as many routines as they can at their last home meet against San Jose.
      Wouldn’t be surprised if we see something like Meraz/Honest/Hall/Kramer/Tratz/Kocian to rest Ohashi/Hano before Pac-12 Champs.

    3. Not sure I agree, every time they go for the 10.0 vaults I feel like they’re in danger of counting a fall. I think they need to pick the 6 cleanest vaults they have and focus on beating the other teams on the other 3 events.

  17. Gracie Day a bit under scored. Finnegan had 3 good sized wobbles and still 9.85. Pretty to watch but still a bit high

  18. I love this LSU team. They came in with some adversity this year losing 3 big seniors & have really stepped up…& just seem like a great group of girls.

  19. FINNEY <3 <3 <3
    I wouldn't have guessed her first 10 would be on floor, but well deserved today. And hopefully the beginning of many for her. I agree with KJC completely, Sarah's execution is *truly* perfect when she hits.

  20. Lmao – We must talk about the thing that shall not be named tumble pee. Not just an urban legend ladies and gents. My daughter spotted it immediately.

    1. Omg if something like that happened to me, in front of a big audience, and televised… I would crawl into a cave, seal off the entrance, and never come out again. My heart goes out to her!

  21. SEC stop trying to make regular season champs a thing, it’s not a thing!

    1. It’s a thing in every other sport in the damn country for teams that play in a conference. Stop.

    2. Pretty sure LSU is the only team that really cares about being the SEC regular season champs. I’m a Florida fan, and when we lost to LSU last season so that they won the SEC regular season title outright, I was just like “meh” not really bothered that we didn’t win. In a sport like gymnastics, where wins and losses don’t matter as much as other sports, a regular season championship that goes by wins and losses doesn’t really matter a whole lot.

      1. They are the only team that cares because they are the only team that has won it, so ✌🏼

      2. Right, but I’m also a Michigan fan and really didn’t care less when they won (or actually shared) the Big 10 regular season title. What really mattered was winning the real championship.

      3. It’s a thing in literally every other sport. Let the team celebrate!

  22. The salt on the LSU scores on this blog is absolutely sickening. These deductions are not like ya know non stuck landings on vault getting a 10 or landings on leap passes not being stuck and getting a 10. I’d put the 10’s tonight up against a good amount of them in NCAA this season and there are little things in every routine. Stop hating and just enjoy the damn Gymnastics.

    1. Can we like chill, “absolutely sickening” are you kidding me? No one is being disrespectful, no one’s hating man

      1. I said it because I’ve seen it. From the “regular season title” shade to the scores that were deserved. It’s annoying, so I addressed it. You don’t like it, just like you tend to not like anything LSU does, then you’ll be fine.

    2. Thank you! I’ve long accepted that there’s no such thing as a perfect 10, there’s always going to be little things wrong with every routine.

    3. I watched the LSU meet. I’m usually critical of the 10 however just the form alone of Sarah and Miya made their scores closest to perfection than anything else I have seen this season. Far better tha th UCLA 10 fest in recent past. Qualifying that with Ohashi routine last week. That’s pure joy to watch

      1. Did Miya’s form suddenly improve? Because that piked down DLO alone should never get a 10 if we’re actually judging fairly.

        I can’t say I have a big problem with a couple gifty 10s for Finnegan and Hambrick though, given how many other teams get. But I don’t think the criticism is all that unfair.

    4. I agree. They are a great team and fun to watch. The deductions aren’t like 3 steps on a landing and then going out of bounds in FX and getting a 9.85. Hambrick had what, 4 meets in a row with a 9.95 on FX, its about time the 10.0 showed up. Why is it so hard to give them their due? They have earned the right to celebrate, and a win loss record is still important. Just ask Jay and Danna what their win-loss records meant for them. I’m pulling for LSU to go all the way this year.

  23. Stop hating! Yes, the regular season means something! It is a thing to these girls that put so much work in every day in the gym! Stop being so critical. I bet if it was UCLA, no one would have a problem!

    1. woah, just a question, where’s all of the hate… because I read through the comments and i’m not seeing it

      1. I think “hate” is a strong word to describe the shade about the regular season title (and I do think the LSU fans are getting a bit over-defensive) but people are definitely being snarky essentially saying the regular season conference title is meaningless and pointless. Just look at the last post in the blog itself.

        It’s times like these when I’m grateful to be an ASU person and not get caught in any of these petty school fanbase snarkfests.

    2. Um if you don’t like critique you have maybe stumbled upon the wrong website. I think we should all boycott LSU until they stop keeping tigers in captivity anyways.

    3. People yell more about UCLA’s overscoring than any other team. Possibly because they’ve gotten more of it this year than any other team. But in any case, no one is out to get LSU. A few mildly critical comments does not equal “hating.”

  24. THE only animals are the LSU fans creating an uproar over nothing. You all nag just to read your comments.

    1. Expressing their displeasure just like other people chose to express theirs towards the 10. It’s a message board. Get over it.

  25. Can we stop with all of the judging in the south comments now? Do the PAC 12 overscores mean nothing? Do OU’s gifts get ignored? C’mon BBS, you know UCLA, Utah, OU, heck even Cal, OSU, Washington, Denver, BSU, and Mich have had generous scoring.

    It’s high nationwide.

  26. I do think it is funny that the uncontrolled step in Myia’s Second pass is similar to the crossover step in Finney’s First pass. Yet, there is little being said about it. As a Bama fan, these LSU girls are the class of the SEC right now. Very happy for DD, Jay, Bob, and the ladies. I definitely thought this would be a down year for them. If they hit 24 for 24, the rest of the way, they will finish tops in the SEC and top 3 in nationals. However, they are young and nerves can get them and allow Florida to move in at the SEC championship.

    Just enjoy the gymnastics. No one is attacking LSU and Myia/Sarah deserved those 10’s especially if you look at the other 10’s in the NCAA. And I will say LSU’s homecooking, TO ME, is no where near what it has been for other schools. Also, we tend to forget this, judges see things in real time. I could never be in a judges position because there is so much they have to look for. If you think you can do it better, then go do it. R-E-L-A-X

    1. As a Georgia fan, I agree with all of this. Who knew UGA and Bama would agree on something?!?!

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