Conference Championships Live Blog – March 24, 2018

Saturday, March 24 Scores Stream
12:00 ET/9:00 PT – ECAC Championship
William & Mary
LINK Ivy($)
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – ECAC-II Championship
West Chester
Southern Connecticut
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – EAGL Championship
[19] George Washington
[22] NC State
New Hampshire
North Carolina
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – MAC Championship
Kent State
Central Michigan
Northern Illinois
Bowling Green
Ball State
Eastern Michigan
Western Michigan
3:00 ET/12:00 PT – SEC Championship Session 1
[11] Arkansas
[16] Auburn
[18] Georgia
[21] Missouri
4 Events
3:00 ET/12:00 PT – Big 10 Championship Session 1
[14] Nebraska
Penn State
Michigan State
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Pac-12 Championship Session 1
[11] Oregon State
[17] Arizona State
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – DIII Event Finals LINK FLO
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Big 12 Championship
[1] Oklahoma
[13] Denver
[25] West Virginia
Iowa State
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – SEC Championship Session 2
[2] LSU
[5] Florida
[6] Alabama
[9] Kentucky
4 Events
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Big 10 Championship Session 2
[7] Michigan
[23] Minnesota
[24] Ohio State
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Mountain Rim Championship
[15] Boise State
[20] BYU
Southern Utah
Utah State
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Mountain Pacific Championship
UC Davis
Sacramento State
San Jose State
Air Force
Seattle Pacific
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Pac-12 Championship Session 2
[3] UCLA
[4] Utah
[8] Washington
[10] Cal

I’ll start today with the EAGL Championship, but the primary focus will be on the SEC, Pac-12, Big Ten, and a little bit of Big 12. You know how it goes.

At EAGLs, the performances of New Hampshire and North Carolina will be crucial in deciding the final regionals qualifiers.

Something that bothers no one else but me: How half of New Hampshire’s team is always listed in all caps and the other half not.

Countdown clocks that count down to nothing in particular are definitely my aesthetic. Thanks, EAGLs!

Six teams is too many teams. There. I said it. For like the 150th time.

The graphic is calling this the “MAC Gymnastics Tournament.” Stop trying to make tournament happen.

Spence – BB – Western Michigan – check on loso series with legs – will get .05ed on both leaps in combination – side aerial to full dismount with near stick.

“The first rotation of seven.”

Finke – VT – Ball State – Y1/2, really nice distance, knees with a bound forward

Yale has the edge in the Ivy+ championship by about a half point going to the final rotation but ending on beam.

Central Michigan, the key score in MAC, is on a bye in the first rotation.

Good dynamics on vault from Penny of Ball State, nice height, bounce back.

Very nice legs together on Gienger for Augustine from Bowling Green, hop on double tuck.

EAGLs now

Jones – Pitt – BB – full turn, fine – aerial, a little short but holds it – bhs to loso, secure but knees – split jump to tuck jump full, good position in split jump – gainer pike with hop.

McKellar – Towson – FX – good amplitude on split leap 1.5 – back 1.5 to front full, controlled step out, some crossed legs in 1.5.

McLaughlin – VT – GW – nearly holds the stick on her full, just comes in a bit too short to do so, hop forward.

Brechwald – BB – Pitt – beat to sissone to sheep with a check – kickover front with step forward – gainer pike, step back

Welp, UNC has a 9.350 in the second position on bars, so yep.

Tucker – Towson – FX – double pike with huge stumble back and OOB. “That is a jump.” It is not. Better double tuck to finish.

And Hedelund just peeled off bars, and will salute, which means UNC will be counting a fall on bars. The others just breathed a sigh of relief.

Real Pfeiler just with a good landing on a full, stagger landing but held stick.

Mermel also holds the stick on her full, though with a significant lean forward that will be taken, some pike, some legs on the block.

CDA – VT – the full, super high and open, just a small slide back.

Bars is taking forever because the judges are like, “You all get zero.”

49.100 for GW on vault to begin, will have the lead after one.

Dewhurst – UB – toe on to Shap, solid – good hs – leg break in bail but hit – short final hs – big floaty DLO, pikes down at the end with a lunge back.

Looks like Pitt is also going to be counting a fall on beam.

Was that Kaitlynn Hedelund going after Dewhurst on bars? Her score had already come in as an 8.950. Did she get to go again?

Also the guy reported that Allen fell on bars. She got a 9.700, so I’m going with…she didn’t? Now her score is 8.950. So I’m going with…she did?

Yarussi – FX – Towson – front 2/1 hit – rudi, nice and clean twisting position, controls landing – a little short on some leaps – back 1.5 to front lay, a little shape but solid tumbling here.

Pitt goes 47s on beam. We have no idea what’s going on with UNC.

We’re into the second rotation at MACs. NIU broke 49 in the first rotation.

It’s 195.325 for Yale to win ECACs with a new program record.

Plaska – VT – CMU – handspring on, handspring front tuck with step forward. 9.750 for a 9.900 start vault.

Romito – UB – KSU – sticks final double tuck

Beyer – BB – BG – nice switch to split 1/4, good 180 – bhs to lay-pike series, secure – loso to full dismount, legs throughout but secure.

Kaplan – VT – CMU – full, knees and pike throughout, lunge back –

Rotation 2 now at EAGLs

Hedelund – BB – UNC – full turn, a little tight but fine – 1.5 dismount, nearly holds stick with a lean, but hop forward

Big Y1/2 from Gamble for Towson on vault. “A bit of an unusual vault.” Nope.

CMU goes 48.975 on vault. About the start they needed.

Fall second up for UNC on beam.

Really strong full from Yarussi on vault – good height, small step –
McKellar – VT – full-on back tuck, not so much height because that vault never does, but good.

My favorite part was the commentator shading Yarussi for opening out of her full. Um, this is better?

Fall third up for UNC on beam. So counting falls on both bars and beam now? Tough to even NCAA-HAPPY-PRETEND at this point because this meet needed to be at least 195.900 otherwise the season is over.

Kent State is counting an 8.8 on bars. So, yeah, the Stypinski injury was kind of important.

Diggan – FX – UNH – great full in, controls the step back – front lay to half to split, some loose body position in that – fine double tuck, solid control on landings in this one.

Knight – NCST – hold stick on DLO on bars

Allen for UNC beam – nice loso series and side aerial – wait what just happened? Her gainer full looked fine, she was leaning to hold the stick, and then put her hand down. Oh UNC.

Mulligan – FX – UNH – lovvveely triple turn – back 1.5 to layout, came in flat on the layout with a little slide – rudi, pretty solid shapes throughout, just the landing on that middle pass

Hislop hits beam for UNC – wonderful twisting as usual on her rudi dismount, but a step back

Doolin – FX – UNH – already a strong score on floor that keeps them well on pace to clinch a spot – full in, high, a little bounce back – 1.5 to front pike, a little more height in the middle pass than the last two, good extension on leaps – double tuck, staggered landing but controlled, good routine.

Lane – BB – UNC – ohhhhh the Morgan Lane beam mount. We will miss you. Solid series – hitch kick to switch side, good – side aerial to side position, held – 1.5, stuck. Good.

A 47 on beam, which eliminates North Carolina from regionals contention. UNH on very good pace with a 49.300 on floor. Can actually afford to be a little blah on a later event now.


I’ll be on the “overall” feed for SECs. Trying to see as much as possible, thought it means everything is the size of a little bean.

Epperson – FX – Nebraska – final pass rudi, collapses in it with a squat but stays on her feet.

Garcia sticks a Yfull for Penn State

Yamzon sticks her opening full for Arkansas.

Snead – BB – Georgia – bhs loso bhs, no trouble as usual – hitch to switch to back tuck, holds the back tuck, switch a little short – front tuck, excellent – 2/1, basically stuck. good start.

Garner’s full is getting better for Arkansas. Still knees, a bounce back, but better.

Roby – FX – Nebraska – second half – switch 1/2 to wolf, very short on dance positions – double tuck, chest down but secure –

Great Gienger from Moss on bars, a little loose in bail, some hs – DLO to her knees. Yikes.

Small hop back from Wellick on her full.

Dickson – BB – Georgia – aerial to split jump, solid – bhs loso, secure – switch to straddle 1/4, a little tight on that straddle with an arm wave, but minor – bhs 1.5 with large bound forward

Shaffer – VT – Arkansas – step forward on Y1/2.

Krippner – UB – Auburn – leg break on bail – tkatchev is high, a little loose, but caught – hop forward on dismount

Speed – Ark – VT – small hop back on full

Schild – BB – Georgia – bhs loso, very secure, great shape in bhs, lost it a little on loso. Sheep has a leg separation, a little NCAA – full turn – nice extension on leaps – side aerial to awkward full with lunge to the side.

Hits bars for Day from Auburn.

Arkansas 48.975 on vault. Wanted a little bit more (needed a couple more sticks), but got through with something close to 49, which was the goal.

Oakley – BB – Georgia – wolf turn single, fine – aerial, smooth – bhs loso, was fine and then checked working out of it – split jump to split ring jump – gainer full with a hop forward. A couple mistakes she shouldn’t be making but should still be usable.

Cerio finishes bars with giant full (right on top) to stuck double tuck.

Crouse – FX – Nebraska – nice leap combination, good extension – rudi to loso, smooth.

Tsang – VT – Penn State – Y1/5 – hop to the side, a little knees.

Babalis – BB – Georgia – aerial to loso, secure, a little slow in connection this time – switch to split, solid, back tuck, same – kickover front pike to beat jump, right on. A good one for Babalis – sticks front layout full.

Milliet hit bars and Auburn didn’t count a fall. It’s a miracle.

Schweihofer finishes floor for Nebraska with double tuck with a little slide back. That should get them over 49.

Vega – BB – Georgia – loso is solid – full turn – aerial to beat, easy – switch with a check, break connection – beat to straddle 1/4, good – side aerial to full, stuck. Should be a good rotation score for Georgia.

9.700. (9.9 start? Didn’t see all of it.)

Just 49.025 for Georgia on beam it turns out. Fine but not ideal and not helping the score goals to get out of #18 with vault still to come. Other three teams on 48.9s after the first one.

Nebraska goes 49.2 on floor to start Big Tens (to Michigan State’s 49.1!)

McCracken – UB – Penn State – tkatchev a little flat but good toes – short on bail vertical – one small arch in an early cast – stalder to double tuck, hop back

Roby – VT – Nebraska – full, comes in short with a hop forward

Yamzon – UB – Arkansas – hits tkatchev, low – holds the vertical position on her bail – DLO1/1 with hop back, solid hit.

Arnold – FX – Georgia – double pike, good control, just forward a little – double tuck, same, but the controlled landings help – leaps a little short of 180 but not bad – 1.5 to layout, a little flat but a very solid routine overall.

Shaffer – UB – Arkansas – toe on to toe shap, very pretty – clean bail as well – giant forward 1/2 to big double tuck, hop forward

Cerio – BB – Auburn – cat to switch side, a little short – bhs loso, secure, some knees – switch 1/2 with a lean correction – stuck dismount.

Babalis – FX – Georgia – double tuck, solid – small dance out of middle pass – split leap full to split jump full, good 180s, a little indistinct in landing position – double pike, also secure

Laird – UB – Arkansas – Ray, some feet but overall strong – toe on to bail, OK hsort final HS – DLO.

Tucker – VT – Missouri – almost sticks full, good open, just a little short in the end with a step

Dickson – FX – Georgia – double pike with lunge back, stays in bounds – 1.5 to layout, nice in the air, landing caught her a little with a small stagger step – double tuck, good, somewhat staggered in landing but controlled

Hit bars for Wellick, even a controlled landing on dismount.

Gottula – Vt – Missouri – large bounce back on full this time

Crouse – VT – Nebraska – hop forward on 1.5, clean

Snead – FX – Georgia – double tuck with slide back, couldn’t tell if she stayed in or not, it was close – rudi to shushunova, good – switch to cat leap – double pike, a little adjustment. OK, not her best.

Houchin – VT – Nebraska – 1.5 with small step forward

Garner – UB – Arkansas – shortish first hs – giant full to excellent Gienger to overshoot, great legs together – also short on final cast – giant full to stuck double tuck. Not giving away much other than the two handstands.

Vega – FX – Georgia – double pike, nice and high, small leg break – 1.5 to layout with a controlled dance out – switch to split leap full, hits her 180s – double tuck, strong. Should give them five usable floor scores. \

Auburn’s beam is taking forever because the judges are like, “None of this counts.”

Milliet – BB – Auburn – step back on front tuck mount this time, but still hit – bhs loso, secure – split jump to sheep, check on landing but lovely positions, holds stick on gainer full. Good.

Pedersen – FX – Georgia – whip to double pike, deep with a lunge back – switch leap full, nice – switch 1/2 to popa, nice – front lay to front full, some form.

No Georgia floor scores over 9.825. And if the question was whether the judges would keep their scores in their pants for a double pike rotation in an early session, the answer is yes.

Auburn counting a 9.4 on beam already.

After 2: Arkansas 98.125, Georgia 98.075, Missouri 97.900, Auburn 97.525

So it doesn’t look like we’re going to get that first session 197 this year.

Nebraska on mid-high 196 pace through two, well ahead of the others in this session.

CMU is getting the scores so far with a 49.400 on bars

Rotation 3 of SECs and Rotation 1 of Pac-12s coming up now.

Oakley – VT – Georgia – nice stick on her full. Still the legs and height, but nice landing, as well as she can do.

Arnold – VT – Georgia – hop to the side on full, not a bad landing – a little more knees and pike

Kelly – Ub – Miossouri – arch in first hs but pulls it back – nice piked jager – angled bail hs – good final hs – clean high DLO, stuck. Nice.

Vega – VT – Georgia – hop back on full, some direction and knees, but they can get by with these early fulls because the next three should be good. 9.800 is well loose for that.

Or not.

Dickson – VT – Georgia – large bounce backward on her full, not the landing they needed.

Yamzon with a check on her kickover front on beam – sticks gainer full.

Johnson – VT – Georgia – bounces back on her full as well but should get the benefit of stronger dynamics.

Miller – UB – Missouri – 1/2 turn to big piekd jager, solid – bail, clean – stuck DLO nice.

Snead – VT – Georgia – solid 1.5 in the air, but the slide back.

Hit beam from Garner for Arkansas.

Gill – VT – Oregon State – full – nice pop, small hop in place.

Porter – UB – Missouri – 1/2 turn to jaeger, high, some feet, to overshoot – 1/2 turn to double front, cowboy but just a hop legs together

Cole – BB – Stanford – solid loso series – switch to double stag, check – aerial with a check and a half turn that she definitely meant to put on the end of that skill – 2/1, holds the stick with a lean.

Wellick with a large wave-check on her side somi on beam –

Carter – BB – Arkansas – bhs loso, secure, a little tight in shape – split jump to sheep with a small check – aerial to stag, good aerial, not quite crisp in stag shape – side aerial to full with hop forward

Georgia goes 49.200 on vault, the best rotation score for the team so far. I have some questions about it.

Flam – BB – Stanford – bhs to lay-pike, it was crazy in the legs from the start, fall

Shaffer – BB – Arkansas – switch to straddle 1/4, pause in combination but nice individual execution – bhs loso, secure – cat leap to aerial and falls – they have four hits before this, but pressure on Burton in the final spot.

Berg – FX – Arizona – double pike, solid – switch to split jump full to wolf full, OK – front full to front pike – rudi to split jump, a little short on split jump but a fine showing.

Burton – BB – Arkansas – aerial to beat, fine – bhs loso, secure, wide stance – full turn, a hair overturned – split jump to sheep, a little NCAA but secure – gainer full iwht a big swim to hold the stick but she did not put her hand down like earlier.

Price – BB – Stanford – aerial, good – bhs lay-pike, strong – full turn, slightly overturned – switch to split, a little tentative – double pike, step back, solid routine.

After 3: Arkansas 147.350, Georgia 147.275, Missouri 146.950, Auburn 146.525

Potential advantage Arkansas finishing on floor, but no floor scores over 9.850 so far today.

Davis – VT – Oregon State – big full, hop in place, pike maintained through most of the vault.

Christopherson – UB – ASU – Ray, solid – a little tight on a cast or two – hit bail – small arch on first hs – giant full to double tuck, holds the stick

Navarro – BB – Stanford – bhs loso, solid – aerial, small arm wave to avoid a check – switch to split – double tuck, short with a hop forward

Cindric – FX – Arizona – double pike, good – 1.5 to layout, a little flat this time – wolf jump fulls connected, good –

Pedersen – UB – Georgia – 1/2 turn to high piked jaeger, solid – Pak, clean – large arch on final cast but pulls it back – double front with large lunge – started well but shouldn’t be a large number

Greene – VT – Oregon State – handspring pike 1/2 with a couple crossover steps to the side

Schild – UB – Georgia – toe on to toe Shap, small leg breaks, to Pak, same, but pretty well done – 1/2 turn on low – nice final cast – DLO, step back. Fine.

Krippner – VT – Auburn – full – bounce back, some knees

Vaculik – UB – Georgia – gienger, excellent – nice hs – bail is OK – shortish final cast – FTDT, usual legs, small step forward, a solid one.

Watson – VT – Auburn – 1.5 with a minor hop forward, good.

Jacobsen – VT – Oregon State – hop back on Tsuk full, some legs

Snead – UB – Georgia – tkatchev, hit – good toes and casts, nice extension on bail – DLO, pikes it down at the end with a hop forward. They’re doing fine, but not nailing this rotation so far.

Day – VT – Auburn – hop to the side on 1.5, some knees, good one

Fitzgerald -0 BB – Stanford – trying to avoid counting a fall with this one. Does. Important.

Oakley – UB – Georgia – pulls back first hs from a little arch, nice shap, a couple handstand deductions in here – hop back on FTDT, got through as well.

Burton – FX – Arkansas – small slide back on double pike – solid double tuck – front full to front lay.

Dickson – UB – Georgia – Ray, strong – good cast – maybe a little rushed on bail but nice shape – DLO, stuck. Strong routine.

It’s a 195.650 final for Auburn, a 196.350 for Georgia.

That 196.350 will temporarily move Georgia in 17th place.

George Washington will not be able to pass.

New Hampshire clinches a spot at regionals with 196.300. North Carolina is out.

Carter – FX – Arkansas – double tuck, secure – she needs 9.800 to match Georgia – double pike, just keeps that front foot down but a pretty large lunge back – switch 1/2 to popa, OK – 1.5 to layout, solid

Ward sticks her 1.5 to finish things out for Missouri with a hit on beam, working against a fall.

Carter goes 9.875, so Arkansas finishes with 196.425 to win the first session at SECs.

Arkansas moves temporarily ahead of Kentucky barring what Kentucky scores later on.

Session 1: Arkansas 196.425, Georgia 196.350, Missouri 196.100, Auburn 195.650

It’s 196.950 for Nebraska at Big Tens to win the first session. Beatable by Michigan in the second session, but they put up a very competitive number.

Udowitch – BB – Arizona State – aerial to bhs, some legs – switch to split, back leg on both – full turn – cat leap to kickover front, solid – side aerial to full, stuck, a little pike

Navarro – FX – Stanford – double pike, solid – back 1.5 to layout, some crossed feet – switch ring to switch 1/2, the highlight – double tuck, solid, chest forward

Cowles – VT – Arizona – full, low with a large bounce to the side

Singley – UB – Oregon State – giant full to tkatchev – nice finish position on giant full – a little short on bail – very good final hs – giant full to double tuck, stuck

Kuhm – BB – Arizona State – bhs loso series, smooth and solid – aerial to beat – switch to sheep, a leg here and there – 2/1 with a hop back.

Flam – FX – Stanford – good double arabian, small hop forward – front lay front pike, a little high on front pike with a step forward – switch side to popa, good – switch 1/2 – double pike, a little forward with small hop again

Central Michigan goes 197.025 (at home, you didn’t need me to tell you that) to bring its RQS to 195.750. A little more pressure on Iowa, Arizona, and Utah State now.

Wilson – BB – Arizona State – check on loso series – tuck jump full with small check – kickover front, deep with another check – gainer full, step back

Lawson – FX – Stanford – switch to split leap 1.5, pretty well around – 1.5 through to double tuck, some legs in 1.5, chest on double tuck, but very controlled – orphan front tuck with a dance out – orphan back tuck in choreo as well – double pike, short with a lunge forward

Swanson – VT – Arizona – full, small hop back, some pike throughout

Briscoe – UB – Oregon State – 1/2 turn to jaeger, a little close on catch, good toes – some angle on bail – good final hs – giant full (late) to double tuck with a little hop

A Szafranski – BB – Arizona State – aerial to swingdown – side aerial, holds it – switch to split – rulfova, hit – gainer full, a little short with a hop. Good one.

Bryant – FX – Stanford – big DLO as always, keeps the lunge back in bounds this time – front tuck through to double pike, secure – great switch side and popa, height – open double tuck with bounce back

Cindric – VT – Airzona – step forward on full, a little short, but the step was small

Dessaints – UB – Oregon State – 1/2 turn to jaeger, nice and high – good cast – Pak, good height – 1/2 turn on low – step up to high – another good hs – DLO with small hop

Callis – BB – bhs bhs loso, leg-up wobble but nice execution – split to double stag – front handspring to knee – side aerial to full, lean to hold the stick

Price – FX – Stanford – DLO, stick, strong – front tuck through to double tuck, step back, probably call that control – switch side and popa, very good – double pike, strong landing as well.

At this point, Arizona will need to go 196 to stay in contention for regionals, so these 48.8s and 48.9s are not helping.

After 2: Oregon State 98.225, Stanford 98.200, Arizona State 98.200, Arizona 97.725

Schoepfer FX – Oklahoma – finishes double pike, well controlled

Schou – VT – Denver – full, bounce back, some legs throughout –

Dowell – FX – Oklahoma – double front to stag, nailed – 1.5 to layout, well controlled – split leap full to popa, popa was good, split leap can use more extension – lay to front full, no trouble –

Cole – VT – Stanford – full – hop back, some pike, normal

Brown – VT – Denver – big 1.5, medium hop forward, some legs

Jackson – FX – Oklahoma – double pike, huge, too huge with a slide back – whip half to rudi, excellent rise into rudi, and amplitude on leaps – half to front lay, walks out of it because choreography

Stuck 1.5 from Karr on vault. 9.950.

Webb – FX – Oklahoma – front 2/1, got it all the way around, just a little crossed legs – 1.5 to front 1/1, good – split leap 1/1 to split jump 1/1, a little indistinct finish –  rudi, secure

Hendrickson – UB – Arizona – 1/2 turn to pretty jaeger to overshoot – solid hs – DLO, stuck, some feet. Good.

Nichols – FX – Oklahoma – double tuck, easy, controlled – front full to front loso – switch ring to split leap 1/1, well done 180s and crisp finish – double pike, maybe a little adjustment there

Udowitch – FX – Arizona State – double pike, slide, some chest position – short on some leap positions – rudi, a little slide and some crossed legs – back 1.5 front pike, some legs

49.425 for Oklahoma on floor. They expect more.

Navarro – VT – controlled her full with just a step back but very flat, legs, significant pike, but got it around

Cindric – UB – Arizona – jaeger, low but caught it – bail, some bent elbows in catch – solid hs – sticks double front, lovely toe point maintained on that

Yanish – BB – Oregon State – very solid loso series – switch to loso, also secure, shortish on split position – switch to straddle 1/4, can get .05ed for each leap – front handspring with a check – gainer full hop in place

Ginn – FX – Arizona State – front tuck through to double tuck with an awkward bounce-up landing – switch side to popa, solid, well around – front lay to front 1/2, very simple second pass – double pike, pretty big lunge back. Some real issues there, putting some pressure on the remaining floors and the vault scores to get ASU back ahead of Georgia.

Flam – VT – Stanford – Omelianchik lunge forward

Showers – VT – Oklahoma – short on her full with a bounce forward. Weird.

Kern – Denver – UB – nice Gienger – a short hs – DLO, some pike, hop back

Lazaro – BB – Oregon State – check on loso series – finishes side aerialt o full with a hop

Lehrmann – VT – Oklahoma – nicer full, good position and distance but also a bounce back, more than usual –

Sundstrom – UB – Denver – clear hip to tkatchev, flat but hit – bail, slightly floppy – short final hs – DLO, small step back.

K Szafranski – FX – Arizona State – solid double pike – same on double tuck, pretty open shape, keeps front foot down – split leap full to popa, good amplitude – 1.5 to layout, good pop, a little flat on layout

Jackson – VT – Oklahoma – nice 1.5, one of her best on the year, just a small hop back

Ortiz – UB – Arizona – clear hip to tkatchev, huge, some feet – into overshoot, solid – good final hs – FTDT with a huge stumble back, couldn’t afford that.

Webb – VT – Oklahoma – Omelianchik with a lunge forward this time, the feet, should still be usable.

Nichols – VT – Oklahoma – sticks her 1.5, holds the stick long enough before lunging out to salute. Not her most controlled landing, but also stronger than Jackson’s vault which got 9.950.

9.925 for Nichols. A little inconsistent in that lineup scoring.

Brown – UB – Denver – shap to Pak, good – nice legs on SHap 1/2 as well – hitting hs – DLO, flings out a little but holds it with a small step back

Price – VT – Stanford – doesn’t stick the DTY this time (you’re a huge disappointment) just a small step forward

Karr – Ub – Denver – giant full to gienger, great shape – to overshoot, strong – short final hs – DLO with hop back

Berg – UB _ Arizona – falls on piked jaeger, disaster, they now have to count the 9.600 from Ortiz.

Arizona would need 49.400 on beam now just to stay alive.

Davis – BB – Oregon State – beat jump to wolf jump, nice – aerial to back tuck, a little slow, some knees – switch to straddle 1/4, some positions – overturns full turn with a check – gainer front full, stuck

Leonard-Baker – FX – Arizona State – double tuck, small slide back – split leap full to a giant straddle, high though not all the way extended in the 180s – 1.5 to front full – double pike, smallest slide.

After 3: Oregon State 147.425, Arizona State 147.325, Stanford 147.275, Arizona 146.575

Of note, Arizona State now needs 48.975 on vault to move back ahead of Georgia and drop Georgia back to 18th.

Also, Denver is only .125 behind Oklahoma after 2.

Bars scoring has been loosey goosey so far, so interested to see what they do with Oklahoma.

K Szafranski – VT – solid full, small hop back, some legs in the air

Webb – UB – Oklahoma – lovely pak – toe Shap 1/2, solid – toe 1/2 to double front, small hop to the side, a little late in 1/2 turn

Addison – BB – Denver – struggles on a sissone, missing the split, better on the straddle combination, just an arm wave – side aerial to side position, some knee bend but holds it – gainer pike

Showers on bars finishes with a FTDT with two little hops forward

Jacobsen – FX – Oregon State – double pike, small slide – 1.5 to layout, clean enough – good hit

Catour – UB – Oklahoma – Big Ray, strong – toe on to bail, clean – DLO, stuck. Very clean and solid.

Ginn – VT – Arizona State – medium-sized step back on full but better dynamics than Szafranski

Dowell – UB – Oklahoma – Ray, fantastic – toe on to bail, some small angle – tight working up to final hs – holds stick on DLO with a little squat

9.950. Told you, the bars scores.

Brown – BB – Denver – switch to split, a little leg on the switch, split jump was fine – finishes gainer full

Beam hit from Leydin for Arizona with just a couple leans.

Lehrmann finishes for Oklahoma with another stuck FTDT.

Nichols – UB – Oklahoma – Church, excellent – Pak, very solid – toe on to toe shap 1/2, legs right together – DLO, holds the stick for a while but does lean back to salute.

Kuhm – VT – Arizona State – strong full, small step back, good shape, not as much distance

So it’s just a 49.725 for Oklahoma on bars. You know.

Karr – BB – Denver – side aerial to bhs, hit – side somi, hit – beat to split jump full, some back leg, mostly all the way around – 1.5, stuck.

The beam dismount surprises the FLO camera person EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Schou – BB – Denver – aerial to bhs loso, secure, some feet – sissone – beat jump to NCAA sheep – gainer full.

CLB – VT – Arizona State – sticks a full, probably her best of the season. Very strong vault. some legs on block, some feet, not much else you can take.

Bryant – UB – Stanford – toe on to tkatchev, hit – small arch in cast – perfect Pak, not the biggest but legs right together – DLO, leans to hold stick

Oklahoma and Denver both en route to giant scores.

Cowles – BB – Arizona – cat leap aerial to beat jump, smooth, good – full turn – bhs loso with a very small correction – switch to split, good – gainer front full with small step

Singley – FX – Oregon State – front tuck through to double tuck, solid – double pike, deep with a slide back – rudi, slightly crossed legs but secure

Wilson – VT – Arizona State – some bounce back on her full this time, but good height and chest up.

Price – UB – Stanford – toe Shap to clear hip to Chiurch to bail to stalder shoot, excellent again – DLO, holds stick. Very nice.

9.975 for Price. One judge went 9.900, one 9.950, two 10s.

Ortiz – BB – Arizona – bhs loso, lovely series – side aerial to full, two small step back

Lowery – FX – Oregon State – double pike, very solid – rudi, a little legs but also good control – front lay to front full, solid landings throughout

Showers – BB – Oklahoma – full turn – bhs loso, securely done – switch to straight jump 1/1 to swingdown, good, a little tight on switch this time – kickover front with check – hits gainer full but some errors in there.

Rogers gets a chance to go on bars for Stanford, falls instantly.

Cindric -BB – Arizona – bhs loso, pretty, just a small lean correction – full turn – side aerial – straddle to sheep with a check – gainer pike dismount with a lean, which will end Arizona’s season.

Uh, no Jim. Arizona will not go on to regionals.

Lehrmann – BB – Oklahoma – full turn, pretty – aerial, smooth – cat leap to switch side, a little tight on this occasion – bhs loso, solid – switch to swingdown, good – gainer full with step.

Yanish bounce back on final double tuck on floor, but Oregon State will win the first session.

Brown – BB – Oklahoma – aerial with a small lean to bhs loso – straddle jump 3/4, good this time – full turn – split jump to gainer full, good

Karr – FX – Denver – finishes with a solid rudi.

Webb – BB – Oklahoma – nice full turn – bhs loso series with a fairly signifciant check and step – cat leap to aerial, another check, not the most confident Oklahoma beam rotation this one – side aerial to full, stuck

Addison – FX – Denver – DLO, nice and high, a little bounce up – 1.5 to layout, loses her height and legs just a tad in the layout – switch side and popa are good – double pike, just a touch short with a bounce.

Nichols – BB – Oklahoma – bhs loso, solid – full turn – switch to split, lean in between the leap series, interesting – 1.5 dismount with a step. Fine but not Maggie level.

Session 1 Final: Oregon State 196.575, Arizona State 196.425, Stanford 196.350, Arizona 195.825

Arizona eliminated. Arizona State moves back ahead of Georgia, making an Alabama-Michigan-Georgia regional look more likely now.

It was kind of the big story of this session that Arizona was fighting to make regionals, and the Pac-12 Network mentioned it not once.

FINAL: Oklahoma 197.775, Denver 197.075, West Virginia 195.625 – still waiting on last two bars scores for Iowa State, but they’re already counting a fall on bars.

That result moves Denver ahead of Oregon State and into 12th for the time being.

Big-girl session time! Starting with the SEC.

First vault coming 10 minutes late. Apparently there’s like softball, which is a sport, for the people watching on TV.

Harrold is back on vault for LSU. No Priessman. Cannamela up 4th. Eeeeeeeenteresting.

Hundley 3rd on bars for Florida. Foberg 5th.

Beginning touch warmup now.


Finnegan – VT – clean full, small hop back, good form as always

Boren – UB – bail, clean – finishes with a pretty much stuck DLO, strong

Armbrecht – BB – second half – split to beat jump to sheep, good – hit dismount

Edwards – VT – LSU – 1.5 with a pretty large pace forward, good direction

9.900. Well, the scores have risen from the first session.

Skaggs – UB – Florida – toe on to tkatcheb to pak, very nice dynamics – close final hs – DLO – flung out a little with a hop forward. Getting better but not there yet on the dismount.

Harrold – VT – LSU – 1.5 – sits it down. Oh, Ruby. Well, they’re taking the risks…

Desch – BB – Alabama – aerial with a check – anotehr largecheck on loso series – and another bend at the waist. Very tentative. And then falls on side somi. She had large errors on basically every skill even before the fall.

Hundley – UB – Florida – nice Shap to Pak, solid as usual – toe Shapo 1/2, well caught – solid FTDT.

Cannamela – VT – LSU – just the full, couldn’t risk the 1.5 right now, very solid.

Hambrick – VT – LSU – a couple paces forward on her 1.5.

Gowey – Ub – FLorida – very strong Ray – small arch in cast hs – pretty Pak as always – good 1/2 turn on low – shortish final hs – strong DLO, looks like a near-stick

Ernst – BB – Alabama – bhs loso, secure – switch to sheep with an arm wave check – aerial, another small arm wave – hits dismount, a little off to the side. Some checks, but a hit

Edney – VT – LSU _ 1.5 with the pace forward we’ve been seeing, some knees as well –

Foberg – UB – FLorida – a little leg break in Pak – Shap to Gienger is hit – a little flat as it always would be – FTDT with hop to the side. 9.625. Actually fair because, but I didn’t think they would go that low.

49.400 for LSU on vault. The total they wanted, though not the landings they wanted. Will have to reassess the Harrold 1.5 again.

Graber – BB – Alabama – solid on the lay-pike series – kickover front to scale, nice – 2/1 with some legs, small step.

Kentucky with three 9.850s in the first three floors. Good, what they wanted.

McMurtry – UB – Ray, her bent elbow one but fine – clean bail – FTDT, basically stuck I believe. Good one, not her cleanest –

9.950 is too high for that one.

Dukes – FX – Kentucky – double pike with a little bounce – front 1/1 to front lay, tidy – secure double tuck

Winston – BB – Alabama – split jump to split jump 1/2, perfection – aerial to bhs, lovely – full turn – double tuck, stuck. Absolutely excellent routine.

9.950 for Winston.

Korth – FX – Kentucky – double tuck, nice chest up, solid landing – split leap full to popa, a little feet but nice 180s – 1.5 to loso, nice loso, a little legs in 1.5 – deep double pike landing but held it.

Guerrero – BB – Alabama – bhs loso loso, right on – switch to split, good – side aerial, solid – 1.5, crossed legs, holds the stick

Alabama endures the fall and may come out of this rotation with the lead

After 1: Alabama 49.450, LSU 49.400, Florida 49.400, Kentucky 49.275

Alabama did the job on beam after a rough start and has a necessary lead after one. LSU and Florida will expect to come back on Alabama at the end, so Alabama needs to fend off for as long as possible.

Those last two Alabama beam routines were the best two routines of the first rotation.

Lots of Carol. Everyone getting Caroled pretty equally, so you’ll live.


Dukes – VT – Kentucky – stuck Y 1/2

Durante – UB – LSU – excellent jaeger, very high – clean Pak – nice hs – a little loose back in 1/2 turn on low – hitting casts – FTDT, stuck. Good opener.

Hundley – BB – Florida – aerial to sissone, good – bhs loso, small lean – cat leap to switch side – all a little close to the beam but secure like Hundley – 1.5, leans to hold the stick

Hambrick – UB – LSU – Ray, solid, some bent eblows? – giant full to bail, solid – borderline final hs, the rest good – FTDT, stuck

Guerra – FX – Alabama – double tuck, solid – switch side to popa, nice height, a little indistinct – 1.5 to layout, clean – double pike, solid, a little forward

Harrold – UB – LSU – Zuchold, solid, maybe a touch of loose back – toe 1/2 to jaeger, hit – grip change past handstand, double front, cowboy with larger pace forward

Edney – UB – LSU – Hindorff, good – clear hip to bail, past vertical on the catch there – DLO – great stick, chest up, just the bail and some feet form

Boren – BB – FLorida – solid on loso series – nice height on straddle – loso, just a little wave – gainer full, little step

Korth – VT – Kentucky – hop forward on 1.5

Priessman – UB – LSU – tkatchev to Pak, nice, a little flat on both elements, not much leg separation this time but some – good cast hs throughout – sticks DLO, another of her good ones

Graber – FX – Alabama – full-in, good, chest up – hits position on wolf jump 1.5 – front lay front full, solid, just a little knees –

Gowey – BB – Florida – switch to split, well done – secure on bhs loso loso series – aerial to sissone, clean –

Finnegan – UB – LSU – Ray, lovely – toe on to bail, legs a little apart on catch there, tightish final hs – DLO, small slide back. Lovely as always but not her cleanest set. 9.850 tracks with that set.

Winston – FX – Alabama – double pike, good – 1.5 to front full, a little ragged but not much – double tuck, controls step back

Baumann – BB – Florida – onodi, lovely – bhs loso, solid – switch to split, great on the split, she can do the switch with more extension though – aerial, nice – sticks dismount. Very good. One of her most secure of the season, not those little hesitations.

9.975. Dayum.

McMurtry – BB – Florida – cat leap to kickover front, right on – bhs layout stepout, the usual not super extended but toally stuck – switch to shush hip ciurcle, back leg on switch, just a hair – 2/1 with hop back

Guerrero – FX – Alabama – double pike, controlled, a little lock legged – 1.5 to front full, good – rudi, a little ragged but another solid routine for her.

After 2: Florida 98.950, LSU 98.800, Alabama 98.725, Kentucky 98.575

Impressed with how Kentucky is keeping this close. Florida pretty strong so far. I’d argue a couple of those beam scores, but a great rotation. Leading after 2. Very close in quality between Florida and LSU so far, getting the exact same score on bars.

Make or break rotation for Alabama here. Have to keep things close.

ROTATION 3/Big ten rotation 1

Carlisle – UB – Kentucky – jaeger, solid – bail, a little short – FTDT small step

Macadaeg – BB – LSU – full turn, good – switch to switch 1/2, lean correction into beat – aerial – bhs loso, no trouble – gainer full, hop forward. A little tight, good not her best.

Armbrecht – VT – Alabama – a little short on full with a hop forward, small

Mahoney couldn’t control landing on vault – stagger-bounce

Hundley hits floor, I saw a bouncy landing in there

Hambrick – BB – LSU – nice L turn – switch to straddle 1/4, very good – bhs loso, solid – 2/1, small step

Guerra – VT – Alabama – 1/2 on tuck 1/2 with a fairly significant lunge back – 9.900 is kind of preposterous for that vault.

Skaggs – FX – Florida – really struggles on dobuel tuck, short with lunge forward – 1.5 to layout is better – nice leap series – fall on double pike. Was off from the first pass. Counting the Hundley 9.775 already.

Stuart catually sticking DLO 1/1 on bars

Desch – VT – Alabama – full, somewhat off to the side with a hop back

Edney – BB – LSU – bhs loso, just a little arm wave to avoiud a check – switch to straddle 1/4, looked beetter this time – sticks 1.5.

Graber – VT – ALabama – 1/5 with a huge lunge forward and then another hop or two, not controlled

McMurtry – FX – Florida – 3/1, a little under with a step forward – layout to front full, good – double tuck stumble back and OOB and falls. Florida counting a fall on floor.

Guerrero – VT – Alabama – 1.5 – hop forward this time with usual knees –

Desiderio – BB – LSU – aerial to sissone, not quite there on sissone – strong loso series – sticks gainer full, but the biggest part of that routine was Florida’s second fall on floor, making things a lot easier for LSU.

Korth with hop back on her DLO 1/1 on bars but a hit rotation.

Campbell – BB – LSU – good press handstand mount – front to bhs, secure – back tuck to split jump, good individual execution, a little slow in between – switch to switch 1/2, a little back leg on switch, the switch 1/2 hit 180 but was a little cheated side-split to get there, but it works – struggles with 2/1, short with a lunge forward. was going very well until the dismount

Slocum finishes up floor with front full to pike, fine – rudi to double stag, a little ragged but hit

She isn’t even dancing.

Finnegan – BB – wolf turn single – bhs loso series, secure -switch to switch 1/2, excellent positions – hits side somi – side aerial to stuck full. Good one.

Boren – FX – Florida – DLO, good, chest up, smallest slide back – 1.5 to layout, hit – switch 1/2 to wolf jump 1/1, not quite there on the switch 1/2 this time – double tuck, strong, chest up

LSU just up on Alabama by .075 going to last rotation, but LSU gets to finish on floor

Williams – VT – Minnesota – bounce back on big full. Minnesota sub-49 on vault

Baumann – FX – Florida – double tuck, great position in the air, solid landing – lunges a bit too much out of that second pass – double pike, some slide back

Iowa working against a fall on beam now. MUST hit final beam.

Chow – BB – Iowa – bhs lay-pike- solid – full turn, check – side aerial, hit – switch 1/2 to split jump to straddle 1/4, some positions but hit – gainer pike, stuck. Got through.

Maryland 49.175 on bars. Iowa 49.025 on beam.

Is this the first time in like, history, that Illinois has had actual functioning live scores

After 3: LSU 148.100, Alabama 148.025, Kentucky 147.675, Florida 147.350

Poor floor from Florida will be the story in this one, though we still have a real fight for the title between LSU and Alabama, and Kentucky is in line for that top-3 finish.

49.375 for Illinois on floor. So that works.

Why would the SEC and Big Ten be in a rotation break at the same time? Don’t you people have any consideration?

ROTATION 4/Rotation 2 at Big Tens

Guerra – UB – Alabama –  hits jaeger – bail, a little short – gets last cast up there – DLO, holds stick with little lean

Kirby – FX – LSU – rudi, a little bounce – double tuck, good – front lay front full, a little dance out, good opener

Townsend – UB – Michigan – giant full to double tuck, stuck

Gowey – VT – Florida – bounce back on full, good distance, some knees

very short final cast for Childers on UB, leg break on bail – some leg form on dismount and a hop. Won’t be a huge score. Still 9.850. Very surprised by that number.

Desidero – FX – LSU – DLO, very secure, chest forward – front tuck through to double tuck, also solid, switch ring to split leap 1/1 – double pike, a hair deep but also solid

Boren – VT – Florida – 1.5 with lunge forward and then another step, pretty out of control.

Mahoney – UB – Alabama – falls on Shap. Goodness.

Farley for Michigan multiple steps back on double front dismount.

Slocum – VT – Florida – handpsring pike 1/2 with hop back

Priessman – FX – LSU – full in, some legs but solid landing – split leap 1.5 to popa, good extension – 1.5 to layout, good, some crossed legs – a little forward on double pike. LSU cruising at this point

McMurtry – VT – Florida – holds the stick on her DTY. Well, something went well for Florida after that floor mees. \

Graber with some legs on her gienger on bars, otherwise clean – FTDT with step back

Florida finishes 196.825, which will actually improve their RQS sloightly despite counting a fall on floor.

Brown – UB – Michiganb – great Ray, nice Pak – 1/2 turn on low, right on top of the bar – DLO, holds the stick with the smallest hop in place. Nice one.

Dickson – UB – Alabama – bail with leg break – short cast hs – tkatchev is nice in the air but caught a little close – FTDT with hop. things to take there as well.

Edney a little bouncy on final double tuck

49.400 for Michigan on bars.

Winston – UB – Alabama – toe on to toe shap, hit – short hs – beautiful Pak – has to improvise toe on 1/2 on low which is late after not being able to get right out of Pak – a ltitle too tight here – DLO with step.

Dukes – BB – Kentucky – nice full turn – fall on loso series

Finnegan – FX – LSU – a little too uncontrolled on the 2.5 out of the 1.5 this time, not major but a lunge – double tuck, chest up, good – front tuck – switch ring to swtich 1/2, strong as always – double pike, no trouble

Alabama finishes 196.975, will beat Florida by .150, which isn’t great for them since Florida counted a fall. Bars was pretty sloppy.

LSU already has the win before Hambrick goes.

Hyland – BB – Kentucky – switch to split, nice – aerial smooth into bhs loso, hit – hiut routine. It will still be 4th place it looks like, but a nice day for Kentucky. They should be pleased with this performance.

Hambrick – FX – LSU – steps OOB on DLO, weird, looked fine just took it way too far –  2.5 to front tuck, a little dance out – double pike, short, struggling kind of like she did on senior day. Trouble?

So that looks like it’s going to be a 197.400 final for LSU. Not a particularly good day for LSU, just clearly better than everyone else’s

Still waiting on final Kentucky score

FINAL: LSU 197.400, Alabama 196.975, Florida 196.825, Kentucky 196.550

So that SEC Championship was kind of…bad? Even LSU was sort of off, especially at the end on floor for 49.300, though some of this was also being judged with a more postseason lens than a home-meet lens.

49.275 for Ohio State on floor keeps them in it

48.925 on vault is good for Utah State, but not “this is the kind of score you need” good

Third rotation at Big Tens will have Michigan on beam, which should tell us a lot about whether Nebraska has a chance to win this from the first session.

Funk – BB – Michigan – bhs loso, secure series – switch side 1/4, small check, great extension – cat leap to popa with a lean break – side aerial to full, stuck, fine, not her strongest

Merkle – VT – OSU – full, bounce back, soft knees throughout

Zaziski – BB – Michigan – cat leap to switch side, secure – bhs loso, same, secure, no hint of check – switch to straddle 1/4 – full turn – kickover front, chest up, good – gainer full, stuck

Rowland – UB – Minnesota – 1/2 turn to jaeger, awesome height on jaeger, very late on 1/2 turn though – stumble back on toe on front tuck dismount, very rushed through the routine, lots to take in loose back kind of things as well

Brown – BB – Michigan – aerial, bhs loso, large leg-up check, just short on it from the start – switch to split quite nice – side somi, hit – 2/1, tries to hold the stick with a lean bounce in place

Pac-12s beginning. We’re getting toward the end soon kind of!

Stone – VT – Ohio State – Y1/2, basically stuck, good form

Polina – BB – Michigan – bhs loso with a check, kept the leg down to minimize the deduction – aerial, good – beat jump to sheep, good – side aerial to full, small slide

Ramler – UB – shap to Pak, gorgeous, Shap 1/2, great – FTDT, deep, step to the side, great until the dismount

Farley – BB – Michigan – switch to split, OK – bhs loso, secure but legs – 1.5 turn, great – side aerial to split jump, hit – gainer pike, holds the stick mostly it looked like

Lu – UB – Minn – toe on to Shap to Pak, excellent – 1/2 turn on low right on – DLO, holds the stick, just comes in a little deep.

49.325 on bars keeps Minnesota close.

Mattern – VT – Ohio State – handspring pike 1/2, small hop back

Marinez – BB – Michigan – aerial to bhs loso, just some small arm waves here and there – cat leap to side aerial, hit – split jump to split jump 1/2, good – 2/1, small hop back

Michigan leads Ohio State by .300 after they’ve all done 2 pieces.

Dennis – VT – UCLA – big full, small slide back, has that great height

Lewis – UB – Utah – godo first hs – giant full a little late – big tkatchev but form – bail, borderline, good legs together – nice final cast hs – DLO, smallest slide back

Shu – BB – Cal – aerial to bhs, keeps it moving just enough, a little lean in between – hitch kick to switch 1/2, not quite 180 – good full turn – side aerial to stuck full

Nelson – FX – Washington – double tuck, chest up, control – front lay to front full, a little bouncy but great front layout in combo, good height and straight shape – switch ring to split leap 1/1, strong – double pike, good one

A Glenn – VT – UCLA – hop back on full, pretty twisting form, good height, probably a distance deduction –

MMG – UB – Utah – toe on to deltchev, big, some bent elbows on catch – hits bail – stalder to double tuck , holds stick

George – BB – Cal – double wolf turn – Amanda got the memo about the George – cat leap to aerial with a check, some knees on the aerial – bhs loso, another check – tight – switch to split, better – rudi, hop back, not a score they’ll want to keep. 9.775 is a little loose for that.

Roberson – FX – Washington – front 2/1, large bounce forward – great rudi to loso, nice efficient shape, good pop – switch ring to wolf hop 1/1, tight – double tuck, short with a large lugne forward. A struggle one for Washington too

We have a fall from Dwyer of Illinois on bars in the second spot

Tratz – VT – UCLA – bounce back on full – huge full, great height and distance, but definitely a full tenth bounce back

MMG spread was 9.750 to 9.900

Reinstadtler – UB – Utah – toe 1/2 to jaeger, nice jaeger, a little late on 1/2 – leg break on bail – good final cast hs – holds stick on FTDT with a bounce in place

Keelen – BB – Cal – bhs loso series, good – swtich to split, back leg low – aerial to split, good – 1.5 with hop forward

Schaefer – FX – Washington – double tuck, nice shape, small bounce – front full to layout, a little flat – switch ring to split leap 1/1, not super high but executed well and completed – double pike – a hit

Ross – VT – UCLA – nails her full. No question about that stick. Very nice. You could go 9.950. That or 9.900. It goes 9.900 from all four judges.

Lee – UB – Utah – piked jaeger, close, gets overshoot but a little off the positions she wanted – giant forward 1/2 to double tuck with hop. Shoudn’t be as high as the other scores.

Gallarzo – BB – Cal – full turn – aerial to bhs loso, a little check, good positions – switch to split, a little short – 1.5 with hop forward

Hoffa – FX – Washington – controls double pike, she just has a very wide stance on her acrobatic landings, which takes away from the overall look – front lay to front full is good, no such leg separation problems – double tuck, not bad, one step back, not controlled

Hano – VT – UCLA – big 1.5, her usual landing with the hop forward, and some knees

Tessen – UB – Utah – hop grip change to jaeger, takes it wayyyy too far and falls, so they’ll be counting the 9.775 from Lee. Bail, fine – FTDT, holds stick

Williams – BB – Cal – standing front tuck to loso, nailed – cat leap to switch side, basically almost wobbled on the cat leap because of course – gainer pike, stuck

Washington – FX – Washington – double tuck, good, a little bounce – huge switch side to popa – front lay front full, not much on the full but no problem, stays laid out and gets it around, just not flight – double pike, controlled, a little forward

Hall – VT – UCLA – small hop to the side on her 1.5 this time, the usual legs

Skinner – UB – Utah – right first handstand, rushed a little bit at the beginning – shap to bail, legs on shap, good bail – toe on to FTDT, stuck, staggered legs. Her usual.

So Seilnacht – BB – Cal – full turn – bhs loso, nice height – switch to double stag, holds – side aerial to stuck full. Good

Burleson – FX – Washington – double pike, a lunge back but keeps the front foot down – 1.5 through to 2/1 with slide back – 2.5, a little buckle with a crossover step

Larissa Libby is COVERED in glitter like a late 90s Ukrainian. Iowa is a bars hit away from regionals.

After 1: Cal 49.400, Utah 49.300, UCLA 49.275, Washington 49.175

Remember what we said about those untenable UCLA vault sticks? Yeah. That.

Cal, you guys.

Illinois looking for another solid score here with beam to go. Roe – BB – hits loso series – beat jump to straddle 3/4 with a check – gainer loso with the smallest lean – tentative moment on a 1/2 turn – 1.5 with hop back

Funk – Michigan – finishes floor with secure double tuck

Mattern – UB – Ohio State – 1/2 turn to big jaeger to overshoot, some feet – nice hs – FTDT, holds the stick long enough then quickly salutes

marinez – FX – Michigan – front lay to rudi, a little bounce, crossed legs – 2.5 with slide forward – double pike, control with feet

Riley – VT – Washington – small hop forward on Y1/2 – a little bit of knees –

Dennis – UB – UCLA – good first hs – toe shap with some legs – to bail – a little angle – not quite as precise as her usual – small slide back on DLO

Stover – BB – Utah – aerial with a check, no series, will have to redo – aerial, works through to bhs this time but pretty slow, probably credit, but maybe a thing – beat jump to split ring jump with a check, one foot off the beam when landing – good switch to straddle – gainer full, stuck

So Seilnacht – FX – Cal – front lay to rudi, just a hint of a bounce – back 1.5 to half to split to front tuck, pretty good, a little pike in 1/2 – back 1.5 to front pike, fine start

Roy – VT – Washington – Tsuk 1/2, just a hair short with a step back but not the large lunge forward we see sometimes

Honest – UB – UCLA – tkatchev, some legs, a little close – straddle back, clean – FTDT, small hop in place, one of her better dismounts

MMG – BB – Utah – switch to split, hits her 180s, just a little knee-feet, but small – bhs bhs loso, hit – aerial to beat jump – full turn – 2/1, holds stick, just a little underrotated, good one

Robinson – FX – Cal – double arabian, just a little step – 1.5 front pike – split leap 1.5, almost around but could get for not quite around the full 1.5 if you wanted – double pike, a hair short but holds it under control

McLean bounces back on her double pike but another hit rotation as Michigan continues cruising.

Goings – VT – Washington – nice full – holds the stick, pops it up and not much distance

Meraz – UB – UCLA – good frist hs – toe on to bail, short of vertical, nearly runs into Chris’s hands – hit tkatchev, flat – large arch in hs before dismount – DLO with hop back. Shouldn’t be a high score.

Burch – BB – Utah – bhs loso, secure – aerial and falls. That means they’ll be counting the 9.775 from Stover. switch to straddle 1/4, solid – 1.5 a little deep but holds the stick

Big 196.600 finish for Illinois.

George – FX – Cal – front 2/1 with a bounce out, some crossed legs – switch ring to split leap 1/1, excellent, huge – front tuck to front 1.5 – rudi, secure

Hoffa – VT – Washington – big full and holds the stick with her signature manspreading.

Ohashi – UB – UCLA – toe on to bail – smallest leg – hits her WOGAtchev – rushing her hs, especially the last one – DLO, poor, pikes down with a lunge and bounce

Lee – BB – Utah – bhs loso, check – hits side aerial – switch to straddle 1/4, hit – 2/1 sticks, good after that opening check

Polina – VT – Michigan – hop to the side on full

SySeilnacht – FX – Cal – double tuck with slide back – double pike, solid – switch ring to switch 1/2 – 1.5 to 1/2 to split to i’mmmmmmmm rolling forward now and tired.

Utah State 195.825, which means Central Michigan is officially in. Iowa needs not even a hit on bars just something in the vicinity of OK to pass Utah State and get in.

Copiak – VT- Washington – a little short with two small steps.

Brown – VT- Michigan – holds the stick on the full, but bent legs throughout.

Peng – UB – UCLA – Ray, good – Bhardwaj, comes in way too close, loses her form and has to hold herself agains the bar before restarting, DLO with hop back.

A mess day for UCLA so far. The return of the garbage barge.

Reinstadtler – BB – Utah – aerial to split jump, a little slow but good – bhs loso, right on – switch with a check to straddle 1/4, may lose connection – gainer full hop back.

Gallarzo – FX – Cal – double pike, fine – double tuck, a little stumble – 1.5 to layout solid.

McLean goes for her 1.5 on vault but sits it. Michigan didn’t need the hit. already at 197.200

Burleson – VT – Washington – big full and stuck, a little direction and some manspreading, but good

Ross – UB – UCLA – Shap to bail, smooth – good hs – DLO, stuck. UCLA needed it and that was a good one.


Iowa has hit bars and is in for regionals, even before the final routine.

Skinner – BB – Utah – solid loso series – side aerial to sissone, form, but secure – switch to straddle to back tuck – double tuck, a little short with a hop forward

Williams – FX – Cal – DLO, solid, good – switch side to popa, very good – front lay to front full, a little short on that full – double pike, drilled. Good overall.

After 2: Utah 98.550, Cal 98.475, UCLA 98.425, Washington 98.325

FINAL: Michigan 197.200, Nebraska 196.950, Illinois 196.625, Iowa 196.400, Ohio State 196.375, Minnesota 196.225, Penn State 195.500, Maryland 195.250, Rutgers 194.400, Michigan State 194.275

Well, this hasn’t been great. The result of which is that everyone is still in it. So at least they owe it to us to make it really close.


Keelen – VT – Cal – good pop, some knees throughout but nice dynamics and a controlled landing

Nelson – BB – Washington – nice Jaeger – small hesitation in cast – pretty Pak – sticks double tuck with a squat

G Glenn – BB – nice loso series – significant bend correction on aerial – switch to switch, excellent – bhs gainer full, stuck. Nice other than the aerial, which will take the number down. Still 9.875. That bodes interestingly –

Lewis – FX – Utah – double pike, some slide back – big of a dance out of her front lay middle pass – switch side to split jump 1/1 – double tuck, pulls it in and bounce back, stays in but a large landing deduction there

The 9.650 to 9.850 range there gives you a good sense of how little NCAA judges as a group have any kind of collective standard

Gallarzo – VT – Cal – clean Y1/2, small hop forward

Goings – UB – Washington – 1/2 turn to jaeger, hit – nice hs – 1/2 turn with a hesitation to straddle back – solid – good final cast – struggles on FTDT with a large lunge forward

Kocian – BB – UCLA – aerial, hit – bhs loso with a check, she’s still not quite solidly there – switch to sheep with another clear check – sticks 2/1

Lee – FX – Utah – 2.5, controls the step out pretty well – switch to split ring 1/2, good – front lay to front full, a little dance out – 2/1 to loso, a good one

Sy Seilnacht – Cal – hop back on full, a little pike down at the end

Shoutout to the judge who gave Kocian 9.950 despite two obvious balance checks. WHERE AM I?

Roberson – UB – Washington – piked jaeger to overshoot, good, quick, solid – DLO very deep landing with a hop back

Nguyen – BB – UCLA – full turn, nice – aerial to bhs series, crisp individual elements, medium speed but fine – switch to split – split jump 1/2, not high in a lot of the elements but very controlled – front full, stuck. Nice one.

The Kocian 9.950 judge just gave Nguyen a lower score than that. Tell me more about yourself.

Reinstadtler – FX – Utah – very nice double tuck, chest up – 1.5 to layout, good, just some crossed legs – double tuck, just a hair deep but also very controlled

George – VT – Cal – nice full, great dynamics – small hop back –

Burleson – UB – Washington – 1/2 turn to tkatchev – nice hs – good legs together on bail, maybe a borderline angle – giant full on top to double tuck, stuck. They needed that.

Ohashi – BB – UCLA – full turn – aerial to bhs loso, no trouble on loso, small lean after aerial – switch ring to beat jump, step correction in between the two – bhs loso to full, small step. Good, but not the strongest she can be. A couple things.

Soloski – FX – Utah – attitude turn – DLO, just a little squatty in landing – switch leap full, not bad – 2/1 with a bounce – 1/5 to layout, a bit of an arch in layout but good height. Some things to take there.

Robinson – VT – Cal – handspring on, handpsring front pike, perfectly stuck. One of her best ones, probably best. It even looked like her knee bend was less extreme this time.

Copiak – UB – Washington – Church to overshoot, very strong – small arch on cast – FTDT, stuck. Amanda says her feet touched the mat on swing through

Ross – BB – UCLA – bhs loso, strong and solid – switch ring, keeps it going to beat jump despite landing not quite right on – covers overturning the full turn by feeling herself up – no trouble on aerial this time – side aerial to full, stuck, a little deep

MMG – FX _ Utah – pike full in, a little short this time with a lugne forward – switch ring to split leap full – 1.5 to layout to front pike, secure – a little knees – rudi to straddle jump, some leg crossing but control the straddle very well this time

Williams – VT – Cal – pretty much sticks that huge full – just a little hop in place

Riley – UB – Washington – Shap to bail is good – just a little rushed hs at the very beginning but sticks her DLO again. Good one.

Peng – BB – UCLA – three flares, excellent – bhs lay-pike, right on – double turn to beat to split, pretty good, covers a possible check by working into beat – side aerial to stuck full. A very good beam rotation for UCLA. Not their strongest, but much better than the first two events.

Peng gets a 10.000. Three judges went 10, one 9.950.


Skinner – FX – Utah – L hop full – double double, very solid – split leap 1/1, gets it around – 1.5 through to 2/1, solid – full in, just a little readjustment, a good one.

After 3; UCLA 148.025, Utah 147.875, Cal 147.775, Washington 147.500

I’m kind of obsessed with this meet.

OK so 49.600 for UCLA on beam, take the lead after Utah had larger landing errors in three routines on floor, which is uncharacteristic.

Still open meet going into the final rotation.


Reinstadtler – VT – Utah – a little more hop back than they wanted, clean in the air but a full tenth hop back

Sternberg – UB – Cal – toe on to Ray, hit – hit bail – a short cast hs or two – definitely two – giant full to double tuck, hop forward

Rose – BB – Washington – aerial to bhs with a small check afterward – y spin, hit, drops a little early but NCAA acceptable – switch to split, good 180s – cat leap to side aerial to beat, did well to hold combo despite coming in short on aerial, no check – side aerial to tuck full, step back. OK, a little off throughout but did well to avoid checks in a number of places.

Kocian – FX – UCLA – front 2/1 with a lunge forward – 1.5 to layout, nice height, comes in a little short – cheats the landing positions on switch side to popa but good 180s – rudi with a pretend double stag that was just a little hop and weird. Not a great one from Kocian.

Lee – Vt – Utah – bounce back on her full as well, like Reinstadtler, nice shape but didn’t have the landing, some pike down at the end, not a ton of distance

Williams – UB – Cal – Hindorff, strong – near arch on cast hs – hit bail – muscles up cast on high – DLO, flings a little, deep but adjusts with just a small step

Schaefer – BB – Washington – aerial, small lean – bhs loso, solid – split jump to double stag – 1.5, finesses the landing to hold the stick

9.825 for Kocian. Bless.

Kramer – FX – UCLA – front 2/1 to front tuck, one of her good days – 1.5 to layout, very clean – switch side to popa, also a little indistinct but close to precise – rudi to straddle, a little forward, minor, good one.

Lewis – VT – Utah – nice full, good power, better than the first two, just a small step, though, which should keep it 9.850.

9.900. It’s the end of the meet!

Kuc – UB – Cal – toe on and misses her foot and comes off the bars. OH ALMA. Toe Shap to pak, small leg breaks – 1/2 turn on low – very short final cast – FTDT, hop forward.


Copiak – BB – Washington – full turn – loso series, secure – switch 1/2 to beat jump, high switch 1/2 but a little sloppy coming down to land – aerial – 1.5, smallest slide. Good hit.

Ross – Fx – UCLA – whip to double tuck, a little short but holds – Ferrari isn’t quite doing it for anyone – 1.5 to layout, secure landing, arches around a bit – double pike, deep, but stuck. 50! 50! 50!

Tessen – VT – Utah – 1.5, one of her best ones, just a little hop back, not the most distance and legs apart on landing, but good in the air

Schank – UB – cal – a little close on shoot to high – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger, hit to overshoot – nice final hs – DLO, deep but holds stick

Goings – BB – Washington – bhs bhs loso, awesome, very crisp and secure and quick – beat jump to straddle 1/4, well hit 180 – lean on loso – “no balance check” – yes balance check – side aerial to full, holds stick, a little forward

Tratz – FX – UCLA – full in, good chest up, just a little foot slide – 1.5 to full, very solid, maybe a touch of crossed legs but not enough to take (though let’s be honest you could be an actual helicopter and it still wouldn’t be enough to take) double tuck, small slide. Strong routine.

MMG – VT – Utah – sticks her 1.5. Very good. Just the knees. Maybe a little deep coming in.

George – UB – Cal – tkatchev – a ltitle short on cast – holds the vertical on her bail, was at risk of going over – nice final cast – one swin to hold stick on FTDT.

Roberson – BB – Washington – switch to straddle 1/4, a little short on switch, good height on straddle 1/4 – full turn, good – some lonnnnng pauses – loso loso with a check and an arm wave because of ELEGANCE WOBBLES – gainer full, stuck. Pulled it together

Hano – FX – UCLA – DLO, chest up, controlled step back, good one – front full to half to running – split leap full to wolf full, gets them around well – double pike, shortish with a lunge forward.

Skinner – VT – Utah – DTY – small hop back, two little steps, so probably 9.900 I’d think?

And it is a 9.900.

Watterson – UB – Cal – hits Pak with a leg break – nice casts – toe shap 1/2 – loses her legs a little at the bottom but catches – giant full to double tuck, deep but held the stuck. Got away with the Kuc fall. Will be a good total.


Burleson – BB – Washignton – aerial to bhs, small check – side aeiral to switch – just a couple tiny hesitations but hitting well – straddle jump to straddle 1/4, hits 180s, good – side aeiral to full, stuck with a little pike.

Ohashi – FX – UCLA – UCLA has already won. Why won’t they tell us that? DLO, solid, just a little Hambricking at the end – 1/5 to 1/2 to straddle to front tuck, travels a little – switch ring to switch 1/2, solid – back 1.5 to half to sit split. Good one.

FINAL: UCLA 197.500, Utah 197.350, Cal 196.950, Washington 196.750, Oregon State 196.575, Arizona State 196.425, Stanford 196.350, Arizona 195.825

Annnnnnnnd, here are your regionals.

[1] Oklahoma, [12] Kentucky, [13] Denver
[2] LSU], [11] Nebraska, [14] Oregon State
[3] UCLA [10] Arkansas [15] Boise State
[4] Utah, [9] Cal, [16] Auburn
[5] Florida, [8] Washington, [17] Arizona State
[6] Alabama, [7] Michigan, [18] Georgia

144 thoughts on “Conference Championships Live Blog – March 24, 2018”

  1. 9.9 seems high for Reinstadtler considering the lack of difficulty. She’s great but I don’t expect routines without E passes to go that high in post-season.

    1. Oh Anna, that’s not how it works. The routines are built around hitting the necessary requirements so that your start value begins out of a 10. The judges then deduct based on the execution. It’s similar to Kyla’s bars routine – not the most difficult, but executed beautifully.
      If you want to move in the direction of rewarding difficulty, then we need to scrap the collegiate/jo scoring and move to elite. That’s basically what you’re suggesting.

      1. I know how the COP literally works.. I’m actually a JO judge, and also not an idiot. But judging in NCAA has a psychological factor to take into account. In the post-season judges often don’t reward routines with lower difficulty as much. Also I’m not “suggesting” anything, just observing that I’m surprised at the judges’ behavior.

      2. THIS!!!! I hate that KJC kept bringing up difficulty during SECs. If a routine has a 10 SV, it can get a 10. If they want to make an E pass a requirement, then change the Code on floor. Thus, you need an E for a 10 SV and everyone else gets a 9.95 SV. Until the code is changed, a beautiful routine with a 10 SV should be scored out of a 10.

        Also, it only seems to get brought up on floor. No one talks about the teams with no single bar releases or a bunch of gainer fulls off of beam.

      3. Anonymous- Routines without single-bar releases have been a cause for a lot of complaint, though

      4. She ‘suggested’ nothing, and your ugly, rude little attempt at condescension failed utterly, honey! By the way, floor rotations where the highest difficulty is a double pike, and bar rotations where there are virtually no single-bar releases NEVER score as high. Gee, funny about that. LMAO!

    2. Perfect example. First session of SECs. Those well executed double pike routines did not go above a 9.875. The judges weren’t willing to give those routines very high scores. Had they had E passes they would have made an argument for going higher I think

      1. I would have gone 9.8, although I would also understand a 9.75 for Kocian.

        I scored UCLA at 49.45 and I tend to be a little generous. A 49.6 is just nuts.

  2. 10 for PPL? For that routine? I want to like UCLA because they largely do good gymnastics but the scores the judges throw for them get ridiculous.

  3. Having four judges doesn’t help to keep the scores reasonable if all four judges are Carol.

  4. Are you allowed to go to UCLA if you don’t dance and sing to every song that plays?

    1. I don’t really understand the point of this snark? They’re college students, they’re having fun. If you were someone that didn’t want to be on a team like that, you wouldn’t choose UCLA during recruiting. It’s not like UCLA forces anyone onto their team.

      1. Um, I’m sure the person was joking. Relax. UCLA fans get so defensive.

        Although, the poster has a point. The whole team is on the floor dancing immediately after the meet. If you are an introvert or not much of a dancer, can you stand off to the side or is the dancing part of the team dynamics?

      2. For me, I get annoyed because there’s definitely a general idea that UCLA is the school where you get to express yourself, when really, you get to express Val’s idea of what an NCAA gymnast is supposed to be. And then I feel like all the other teams can sometimes be armchair judged in terms of the gymnast well-being based on how UCLA-ish they are.

      3. Every team sort of takes on a similar identity. UCLA is the “dance, sing, and smile no matter what is going on” team. I do question their intensity and focus. This has been brought up in years past. I remember comments from people saying Peszek was this gritty competitor who hated to lose at UCLA, but a lot of her teammates didn’t have that same level of competitiveness. One isn’t necessarily better than the other and competing loose may work better for the current team. It, however, is a bit distracting and makes some question whether they are taking it seriously. You don’t really see that kind of behavior on the sidelines of any other sport — NCAA or professional.

      4. I’m actually a LSU fan, and not a UCLA fan, but I still found the comment snarky. Athletes choose their colleges, so no one is being held hostage.

        Also, Rachel Slocum and gang do the same thing.

      5. If a gymnast doesn’t want to dance and sing with their teammates perhaps they shouldn’t sign with UCLA, just like if a gymnast isn’t that religious they maybe shouldn’t go to an SEC school.

        Though I do remember most people being shocked when Kyla Ross committed UCLA – remember the introverted, shy elite gymnast? Seems UCLA has helped Kyla come out of her shell – maturity probably also played a part there as well. Madison is another super quiet, shy introvert that seems to fit into UCLA well.

  5. How did two judges give Kocian and Kramer the same score?? Kramer’s floor routine was so much better. I don’t get it.

  6. Wait, why are the announcers saying Ohashi needs a 9.60? Wouldn’t they still win regardless of what she scored?

  7. So the judging was kind of weird and favouring the evening session/especially UCLA but I’d say individual titles are pretty correct. I love Kyla and Ebee tying for first on bars!

    1. i wish kyla/mykayla/ebee triple tied for all around! I thought ebee could have gotten a tad higher on beam.

      1. Ebee for sure would’ve won if she’d been in the second session. And by a lot too

      2. I don’t think it would be by a lot. Her vault may have been a tad higher, but that’s it.

      3. Agreed. Ebee’s vault and beam both could have been .025 higher and that would have made the difference. There is no reason Kocian should have scored higher on beam than Ebee (who had a couple tiny errors, but not as many as Kocian).

  8. Kentucky is in that dreaded OU #12#13 Regionals again. I’m still not over last year. I really want them to peak and get that huge score and make the NCAAs as a full team for the first time. Even if Oklahoma just flops after a nearly flawless season, I don’t care!

    1. But this year Kentucky doesn’t have to contend with Washington (who was 13 and a host in 2017).

      At this point my NCAA champion is either going to be: OU or UCLA. I don’t think it would be a surprise to see either of them win. All the other close contenders would be an upset win, mainly because they’ve had weak events in almost every meet all season.

      Reasonable spoilers:
      LSU (if vault/floor landings are on a good day);
      UF (if they don’t have a brain cramp and mess up one event – which has happened all season where they’ve counted a fall on vault, beam, floor for sure and bars has had its moments);
      Utah (if they maintain mental toughness – I don’t recall any one event being a disaster just lots of little things that add up and then if a major error happens they can’t absorb it);

      Possible spoilers (things would need to go really well for these teams and they’d need a couple mistakes from the others):
      Alabama (inconsistency has plagued them all season – are they underachieving or are expectations too high?);
      Michigan (depth is an issue and also inconsistency)

      Everyone else needs too many other teams to make mistakes for them to win, even if they have good 197 days, so breaking into the Top 6 should be the goal.

      With the No.1 seeds finishing their Regional meet in the fifth rotation and on the beam it’ll be interesting how the judges score them – will the judges be loose so they can go into the final session BYE comfortable knowing that it’s unlikely two teams would be able to catch them, or do the keep the scoring tight so everyone has an opportunity to pull off the UMBC-like upset? (i.e. In March Madness men’s basketball #16 UMBC took out #1 Virginia – first time in history that happened.)

      I’d image Utah and Alabama should be pretty safe IF they don’t have major mistakes to count, since they’re hosting their regionals. But all the #1 seeds will start on floor in the first rotation so there’s no score building (UCLA might suffer in that department since they count on floor for a big score), while OU didn’t look great starting on floor at Big 12s. Florida and Alabama are too inconsistent on floor to predict as is LSU – though they’re not at the scary level there two SEC cousins are at.

      Could a No. 1 seed stumble badly enough this year and miss nationals? Assuming OU chooses to go to Minnesota – if the Gophers have one of their good meets will being at home help them beat the 12-13 combo (speaking of inconsistent Minnesota is it – they could go 197.300 at regionals to pull off the huge upset and then stumble in national semifinals with a 194).

  9. Whenever I read comments after a UCLA meet, all I can think of is the Emperor in Revenge of the Sith: “Good, Anakin, Good. Let the hate flow through you.”

    1. It’s easy to dislike UCLA after meets especially meets like this. It was close to the wire and it’s was to question the results with scores like Kocians beam and floor. And Ross on floor with obvious mistakes and still high scores. Then when the fans are still in a bit of gritty mourning over their teams losses and waiting for the inevitable awards being forced to watch a graceless victory dance by the bruins. If any of the other teams behaved that way they would be crucified in social media and on this blog. Particularly Utah. They would be labeled poor sports and have it said they were shoving it down everyone’s throat. There is something to be said about grace in victory. Yes the bruins dance. Pick your times ladies. That just looked like arrogance. Also as a final note. Please find a way to keep Val from hovering above the judges. It is totally inappropriate. After all that. Let me say that there were a few UCLA routines that were highlights for this Utah fan. Gracie Kramer. Thank you for your best and most entertaining performance of the year. Peng I’ll miss you. Brielle fabulous on beam. And Sonja not a comment on a routine but I will miss you sweet spirit and calm demeanor. I wish you all the best in your future. On to regionals for all the teams. Best of luck PAC 12

      1. UCLA finished on floor and was standing on the event at the end of the meet when they won and dance music came on over the arena’s loudspeaker. Are you suggesting that a team that is known to dance pretty much all of the time, should walk off the event they just competed on and sit on the sidelines so Utah can have a pity party? That’s ridiculous and you know it.

        Utah fans have shown zero class online all year anytime they’ve lost.

      2. Lol you’re insane. UCLA had every right to celebrate and there was nothing inappropriate about that.

      3. They put on a flipping line dance. As to Utah fans. Did you not see them put up their “10” signs for several of the UCLA routines? They also stood and cheered for several of them. I know because I was in the Utah crowd applauding some of their outstanding routines. No one from Utah is throwing a pity party. That was a crappy comment from an obviously miserable person. Read Tom Farden’s comments about the Ute errors. Not whining at all. It was actually closer than predicted. The dance routine was obviously rehearsed and it was a bit “in your face”. Again had another team done the same thing the comments would not be complimentary
        Please follow the entire posted comment and respond to the overall intention. Also. I am not reading whining comments from Utah fans. The saw the errors as clearly as you did

      4. Just because it got on YOUR nerves doesn’t mean it was inappropriate. I’d understand if you were like “Man, that was sure annoying for me to have to watch UCLA dance after a meet that I thought should’ve gone to Utah.” That sounds like a fair comment to me. I think their constant dancing is annoying too. But to say it was “graceless” for the UCLA women to celebrate their win? You’re wrong. It wasn’t graceless. It was fine.

        Also, the commenter above accused Utah fans of being classless online, not in person, so maybe you are the one who should read her entire posted comment.

      5. It was the Cupid shuffle. How is that rehearsed? Pretty much everyone born 2000 and before knows that dance. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dancing after a competition, UCLA were dancing through the Oklahoma meet, which they lost at home. It doesn’t mean that they’re shoving it in any team’s face. So basically you’re saying that they have no grace because they were happy that they won.

      6. THIS ^^^^^^ Val’s constant hovering around the judges is ridiculous and has gotten out of control. Let the judges do their job.

      7. I get tired of UCLA’s constant dancing, too, but to say they’re graceless is a bit much. One thing I really like about UCLA is how enthusiastically they cheer for other gymnasts, too. They seem like good sports who just, well, really like to dance. I’ve also gone to a number of home meets there and I love how the fans cheer for the other teams as well. They seem to appreciate watching good gymnastics rather than just going out to support UCLA (I mean, of course there’s a range, but as someone who is a gymnastics-in-general fan moreso than a UCLA fan, I appreciate that everyone cheers for all the good routines). Obviously that’s the fans and not the team members themselves, but still, I disagree with the suggestion that they are somehow bad sports.

  10. Spencer- anyway to tell us the rest of the rankings 19-36?
    I know Arizona is out and UNC is also out, but I am curious if CMU made it in. the race for 33-39 was amazing at the end of the regular season.

    1. CMU made it with the 197 score to win their conference. The score was a combination of being at home and having the top AAer back (though she did fall on floor).

      My question is what region CMU will be assigned to based on location… I mean Michigan is their closest and the Wolverines are going to Alabama so will they go there, or will CMU go to Ohio?

      1. I thought it was geographical placement. Thus, they would try to keep CMU relatively close to campus. CMU’s regional site is not tied to Michigan’s placement.

        I suspect the whole point is to keep travel costs somewhat low for teams 19-36.

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