Regional Championship Headquarters

Let this be the repository of all the information you could possibly ever need for each of Saturday’s regionals.

The first thing you must know, in case you are new to this (Welcome! Kind of…), is that all the meets happen simultaneously and you will miss everything. This is just a given. It’s even worse than usual this year because there will be a one-hour period during which all six meets will be active. OPPOSITE OF FUN!

What would possibly be the purpose of a schedule like this? We have been asking ourselves this question since the dawn of time.

As part of a futile attempt to organize viewing, here is a composite, rotation-by-rotation schedule. Highlight at your own risk.

Next task, the links.

Saturday, April 7
Scores Stream
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Raleigh
[2] LSU
[11] Nebraska
[14] Oregon State
[19] George Washington
[20] NC State
[31] Maryland
LINK ESPN3  Preview


Projected lineups

4:00 ET/1:00 PT – University Park
[5] Florida
[8] Washington
[17] Arizona State
[27] West Virginia
[29] Penn State
[30] New Hampshire
LINK Vault



Projected lineups

5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Minneapolis
[1] Oklahoma
[12] Kentucky
[13] Denver
[24] Minnesota
[28] Iowa State
[35] Iowa



Projected lineups

5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Tuscaloosa
[6] Alabama
[7] Michigan
[18] Georgia
[22] Missouri
[23] Illinois
[36] Central Michigan



Projected lineups

6:00 ET/3:00 PT – Columbus
[3] UCLA
[10] Arkansas
[15] Boise State
[25] Ohio State
[33] Pittsburgh
[34] Kent State
LINK Vault



Projected lineups

6:00 ET/3:00 PT – Salt Lake City
[4] Utah
[9] Cal
[16] Auburn
[21] BYU
[26] Stanford
[32] Southern Utah



Projected lineups

28 thoughts on “Regional Championship Headquarters”

  1. UGA vault: Is Lauren Johnson injured? She is more than likely the sixth vaulter and more important to the team’s total than Vega/Oakley/Arnold combined.

    I know Johnson was replaced on bars by Emily/Jordyn, which makes sense but UGA really needs her vault as its the best one on a consistent basis – both Snead and Dickson have struggled more often.

    1. Ignore the question. Just read that Lauren torn her achilles in practise. Wonder if Vaculik is added as a “sixth” vaulter – to go only if one of the others takes a tumble or goes 9.5 and below? Stanford and Arkansas often warm-up a sixth vaulter and then scratch them if they get a respectable enough score.

      Any truth to the rumour the Alabama fans are secretly looking forward to possibly witnessing UGA miss Nationals in SYL return? 😉

      1. I think Vaculik has been injured also, which is why she hasn’t been vaulting aside from a couple meets early in the year. There was a reference Suzanne made somewhere to Vaculik only needing to do a few more dismounts on bars and it would explain why she has struggled with her dismount from time to time this year.

      2. Yeah I remember Vaculik vaulting at at least one meet in January (?) but nothing since. Not that her vault would replace Johnson’s. The pressure is on snead and Dickson to go 9.90+ to “save” the vault score and keep UGA in the competition.

      3. Vaculik has been managing an ankle injury.

        The Bama v Suzanne drama is overblown. No one cares anymore. In the 90s and mid-2000s it was huge. Bama definitely wants to win, but the SEC is a huge “cheer for your conference” conference. I mean how many times has the SEC chant broken out at games, meets, etc across all sports? Commentors on here want to bring it up for drama and gossip.

      4. Source for LJ’s injury??? There was a recent interview she did where she talked about tearing her ACL her sophomore year. I just looked at UGA sites and there’s no mention anywhere.

      5. UGA just posted the LJ torn Achilles on instagram.

        Man, Alabama is bad luck for them. Gigi tears her ACL first meet of the year in Tuscaloosa and now LJ tears her at regionals in Tuscaloosa. I feel horrible for this team. They had no control over coaching changes, yet people root against them because of it. They’ve had a ton of injuries this season and they still compete with a determination that you haven’t seen from them in years. I would love for them to do well tomorrow.

    1. What? There are like 100 Maddie’s in gymnastics. Are you talking about Kocian? She’s been competing beam and floor for weeks.

      1. Yeah Kocian on UCLA’s instagram story she was doing like routine

    2. Courtney Kupets tore her achilles in 2008 at Tuscaloosa, too.

  2. Yeah Kocian on UCLA’s instagram story she was doing like routine

      1. I’m not the anon above but yes, UCLA’s instagram story features a bars routine from Maddie Kocian that IMHO is competition ready.

      2. Help me… what’s an Instagram story? Where do I find this video?

      3. Regarding Madison Kocian, is there any history of a recovering NCAA athlete doing their first routine of the season (on a particular apparatus) in Regionals? (Kocian hasn’t even done an exhibition on bars this season. Yes, she has done some beam and floor, but I’m referring to bars.)

        I would think performing on bars would be rather delicate for someone who had labrum/shoulder surgery in the fall…Kocian must be WAY ahead of the normal recovery schedule for such a surgery.

        Then again, she did perform with a torn labrum at the Olympics and through her entire freshman year, So maybe performing with a ‘healing’ post-surgery labrum is possible…If anyone can do this, I guess a bars World Champion can.

      1. Stuck landing. If Madison Kocian has returned on bars and can hit, then UCLA’s championship chances have increased by…how much would you say?

        Their bars total score could go up at least 0.1?

  3. Any perspective on which of the feeds are available for those of us who don’t have cable log ins?

    1. Utah usually is free for everyone. The BTN ones (Minnesota, PSU, and Ohio St) may also be free. I know in the past the BTN has opened up some live streams to everyone.

  4. In terms of deciding what to prioritize watching live, I’m guessing ESPN will make the Raleigh and Tuscaloosa Regionals available for replay, so maybe try to watch the other ones in real time? What are yall thinking?

    1. The BTN2Go should also be available for replay. The only regional I’m not sure about is Utah

  5. The nerd lineup sheets complete with RQS are the bomb! Thanks! (For feeding my OCD need for data 🙂

  6. Spencer, in case we don’t say it enough, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for putting this together.

  7. Spencer do you have Patreon? I would love to support you for all the work you do for the gymanstics community!!!

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