National Championship Headquarters

As last year, both days of nationals will be brought to you live on the ESPN family of networks, starting with the first semifinal on ESPN2, then the second semifinal and Super Six on ESPNU, plus the dedicated event feeds and four-event quad window for streaming.

So now, the links.

Friday, April 20
Scores Stream
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Semifinal #1
[2] LSU
[3] UCLA
[6] Alabama
[9] Arkansas
[10] Nebraska
[12] Georgia



Projected lineups

7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Semifinal #2
[1] Oklahoma
[4] Utah
[5] Florida
[7] Washington
[8] Cal
[11] Kentucky



Projected lineups

Saturday, April 7
Scores Stream
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Super Six LINK ESPNU



229 thoughts on “National Championship Headquarters”

  1. just so you know… on the projected lineups, it erroneously says florida got a 48.8 on vault. the scores are all correct from regionals, but total was definitely above 49!

    1. I wondered if 48.8 was the Washington vault total (which is also off) and they were flipped, but that’s not it. Looks like Florida should be 49.4 and Washington should be 48.75 if my phone math is correct and it very well may not be.

  2. On the projected lineups for Washington on floor it has the names and scores of the Florida team. Just a heads up. Thank you for all of this nerdformation!

  3. Ughh…the seats in the St Louis arena stands are barren!

    Why so empty?

    Due to location?

    Due to public opinion/perception of gymnastics right now?

    1. That’s not surprising in the first session in the years I’ve been going (not this year). I also think now that we’ve moved to neutral sights, it has affected attendance in general.

      1. It’s Friday afternoon. You either have to be family/friend of a gymnast, a gym diehard who can afford to take off work, and/or live in St Louis with no commitments in the middle of the day in order to go to this meet.

        I wish they would put it back on a campus. It’s so much more electric at a packed arena.

  4. Oh goodness. The inaccurate statements from the commentators have started. “Sarah Finnegan needs better than a 9.8625 for LSU to take the lead after the first rotation, and that’s counting a fall.” No, that’s not counting a fall. They had five hits. The fall is the dropped score.

  5. I simply love that they include individuals scores in teams scores so I can’t tell the real one. I’m having so much fun.

  6. Anyone who sat through the UCLA bars lineup – THIS is why I get so frustrated. They get huge overscores for major mistakes (Nia, Peng, Madison). I’m SO tired of judges ignoring huge and obvious mistakes every time UCLA competes. It’s a total joke.

      1. Those floor scores were crazy and also the early beam scores and Dennis on bars were equally nuts. I will say Ross on bars was fantastic, but I wish she would actually up her difficulty level and push herself more in NCAA.

        And I thought Hambrick’s floor was better than Ohashi. Ohashi got a bump for going last.

    1. Same on floor. Mia H was sooooo good but I guess she isn’t cute enough. Kocian was so over scored on both beam and floor. Obvious mistakes. I think UCLA is a really strong team but some of those scores were insanely high. I loved Kathy saying Ross has one of the most difficult bar routines in NCAA. It isn’t difficult but it is beautiful to watch.

      1. Actually Ross does have one of the most difficult routines in NCAA. Her routine beats Finnegan, McMurtry, Edney, Priessman, And Skinner in terms of difficulty; and I’m sure I’m missing a top bar worker that she beats in difficulty. Just because she doesn’t do a huge Ray or Pak doesn’t mean she has a simple routine by collegiate standards.

    1. A light went out in the arena while Sarah Finnegan was vaulting, so the LSU coaching staff had to explain to the judges what happened and ask if Sarah could be allowed to go again. Their request was granted and she vaulted again at the end of the lineup.

  7. So, I’m I seeing this correctly that Alabama’s out and Nebraska has to score a 48.9ish to pass Georgia and qualify for Super Six?

  8. So proud of this Georgia team. They are going to be really good next year. They don’t lose too much and gain an impressive freshman class.

    Also, Oakley has been so under appreciated this year. Her bars are beautiful! I hope she turns into an AA gymnast next season.

  9. Wow, I’m super impressed by Georgia’s meet today. What happened with Alabama? I don’t have access to live feed, just the scores.

    1. Pretty mediocre the whole way. No sticks on vault and uncharacteristic errors on beam — Winston and Guerrero were actually overscored on that event in my opinion.

  10. These last rotation scores for LSU and UCLA are just insane. There are obvious mistakes and judges are going high.

    1. I’m sad for Hambrick. She had the best routine and a lot of difficulty. Ohashi jumps out of two passes. It’s great dance, but didn’t deserve to be higher than Hambrick. I think it should have received a 9.9 on par with Crouse and Vega.

      Also, floor was way looser toward the end. Nebraska had equally high scores as UCLA. It didn’t impact qualifications because the best three today advanced, but it impacts individual awards.

      1. yeah i feel so bad for hambrick. if ohashi wins floor with that routine, i’ll be annoyed. sad that hambrick wont win any national titles in her career, i thought she really deserved a lot more

    2. Well Maggie, Mykayla and Ebee still have to go – I expect these three will end up winning most of the individual/AA titles as long as they hit like they can.

      Plus Mykayla and Ebee will be the final two routines on floor for the judges to see – no doubt they’ve left room for super-high 9.99838383 or 10s.

  11. As usual on the main ESPN2 broadcast, ESPN didn’t end the first session with any report of the individual apparatus standings (for individual National Championships).

    Team standings should rightfully take priority, but if the individual apparatus National Championships are based on semi-finals performances, then shouldn’t they be reported on? Or are we to assume that the second session will generally get scored higher and ice out the first session performances anyways, so the first session isn’t important individually?

    1. Today. Highest scores win.

      I also think top 3 on each event are first team All Americans and then 4-6 are second team All American. The regular season All American honors are a pretty new award.

      1. Top 4 are first Team and 5-8 are second Team. First team used to go through to event finals . . . RIP.

  12. Really hoping Snead and Houchin can hang on for the vault title. I know scores will probably fly for the DTYs in the second session, but I would love to see Snead and Houchin win.

  13. First session All-Americans:

    First Team: Snead (UGA), Houchin (Neb), Cannamela (LSU), Edney (LSU)
    Second Team: Speed (Ark), Hambrick (LSU), Crouse (Neb), Dickson (UGA)

    First Team: Ross (UCLA), Edney (LSU), Oakley (UGA), Dickson (UGA), Priessman (LSU)
    Second Team: Harrold (LSU), Wellick (Ark), Finnegan (LSU)

    First Team: Lee (UCLA), Ross (UCLA), Ohashi (UCLA), Finnegan (LSU)
    Second Team: Houchin (Neb), Williams (Neb), Snead (UGA), Garner (Ark)

    First Team: Ohashi (UCLA), Hambrick (LSU), Vega (UGA), Edney (LSU), Crouse (Neb)
    Second Team: Desiderio (LSU), Williams (Neb), Schweihofer (Neb), Ross (UCLA)

    First Team: Ross (UCLA), Hambrick (LSU), Edney (LSU), Finnegan (LSU)
    Second Team: Snead (UGA), Dickson (UGA), Schweihofer (Neb), Wellick (Ark)

  14. Why did UGA only put up five on bars? What happened to Jordyn Pederson – did she get hurt on floor?

      1. A lot of fans from other teams were cheering her on. She gutted it out. She obviously rolled her ankle and she half-stopped midway through her routine. You could see her trying to figure out if she could go on and she did. UGA isn’t my team but Huge props to her.

  15. Georgia has to feel good about today. Four gymnasts are first Team all Americans and they were in the mix to make Super Six. If you look at their scores, their lowest scores were seniors — Babalis was off tonight, Vaculik was tight on bars, and Arnold was solid but a little tight, too. I imagine the pressure of it being their last competition was part of it. Either way though, Georgia looks promising. Courtney Kupets Carter has done a phenomenal job. They’ve had so much more fight and grit this year than prior seasons. I’m excited to see what they do next year. I suspect LSU and Florida will continue to lead in the SEC, but Georgia could be the third best team in the conference next year and challenging to get into the top 5/6 in the country.

    1. Seniors quite often struggle at Nationals – not sure if it’s just the emotional impact of being their last meet (s) or if their older and their bodies are breaking down or perhaps it’s knowing gymnastics is over for them as performers and they’ll be graduating and going into “real world” jobs.

      Doesn’t always happen – knock on wood for Ebee have a lights out performance tonight – but quite often teams cannot rely on the seniors. Usually the team with the strongest junior class performs well.

  16. Georgia did have a pretty good day, but not exactly sure why everyone wants to continue to state SO much better than the former coach. Danna’s teams were better almost every year. Her last year was the worst, but every team and coach has an off year. Next year will be even be more difficult when only 4 teams make it to final day. So, if Georgia fans think that they are going to get back to the glory days quickly, it will not be easy because of the new system. Also, let’s see what CKC can do with recruiting. They may have a large class coming in, but let’s see if she can land a top recruit because that is what will make the difference in future.

    I must say I do love Sabrina Vega and Georgia is lucky to have her.

    Results from Nationals

    2018: Ranking?? 196.6875
    2017: 12th 195.8
    2016: 6th Super 6 (196.812) Prelim (196.725)
    2015: 9th 196.6
    2014: 5th Super 6 (197.05 ) Prelims (197.3)
    2013: 6th Super 6 (196.675) Prelims (197.15)

    1. Thank you.
      UGA was ALWAYS going to struggle after the Big 3 (Rogers, Jay, Box) graduated for a couple of years at least because the 2017 and 2018 senior classes were the ones that had to get pieced together after the Jay/Danna coaching change.

      After the 2017 team ended up 12th – a lot better than many people thought could finish after losing their best three gymnasts – it wasn’t a surprise that it was the right time for a coaching change to a relatively inexperienced coach. The pressure was off CKC since all she needed was to finish 12 and if she finished lower the fact the team was dealing with multiple injuries would give her a “free” pass.

      The current freshmen and the 2018-19 freshman class were brought in by Danna and that coaching staff so when giving credit…

    2. I don’t see a single comment talking negatively about Durante. I do see a bunch of comments showing appreciation for the fight of the Georgia team. No one is saying Georgia had an amazing season, but they finished strong and beat Bama at Nationals, which is a good win for this team.

      I also don’t see anyone saying Georgia is going to win a title next year or get back to their glory days. One person said they could be top three in the SEC next season and pushing to get into the top 5/6, which is reasonable. Look at what Bama loses compared to Georgia. It’s not too crazy to think Georgia could be third in the SEC next year.

      Also, I like Durante and I hope she gets back into coaching soon. But I can’t imagine how this team would have made it this far with her at the helm — remember Vaculik and Arnold wouldn’t be on the team because she dismissed them. Without those two, you would have had only 4 competing athletes on some events this year.

      Give credit where credit is due. Georgia had a great meet and they should be proud. Trying to tear them down at this point is ridiculous.

  17. But “top” recruits don’t always pan out. Look at Georgia in 2010 – Shayla Worley/Christa Tanella were supposed to keep the team at the top, but we all know what happened. Don’t overlook the importance of a great coaching staff, especially when you’re dealing with former elites who are probably physically beat up and mentally drained.

  18. Does anyone know what’s going on with Bailey Key and Alabama? Is she injured and will medically retire? Is she just taking a redshirt year (she only competed one event in the first meet so it’s possible)?

    Has Key even been on the Bama sidelines of the helping out and cheering on the team this season?

    If Key can return healthy, mentally and physically, in 2018-19 on multiple events then Alabama should be OK to battle for the SEC evening session – especially if Graber continues to become an NCAA star and they have some decent freshmen coming in.

    But, if Key isn’t healthy, for whatever reasons, then Alabama could struggle.

    1. I’ve been wondering about her too. I haven’t seen anything about her anywhere. It makes me wonder if she is done with gymnastics.

    2. I’ve seen her cheering with the team, and I saw her at nationals as well, all dressed up and cheering everyone on. She probably needs a mental break, and we hope she will return. Time will tell though!

  19. Coaches are fired in every sport for not meeting the expectations of the AD. In football and basketball, it’s not a big deal and fans are used to it.

    Gymnastics, however, doesn’t see coaching changes often. Most programs keep their staffs in tact until someone retires. Just qualifying to nationals seems to be the measuring stick, not winning a title. Take Utah for example. They’ve been consistently one of the top teams, but haven’t won a title in over 20 years. Imagine if Urban Meyer at Ohio State or Nick Saban at Alabama in football stayed in the mix, but never actually won anything. They wouldn’t keep them. Heck, Nebraska fired their football coach for going 9-3 repeatedly, yet Kendig is celebrated for just making Super Six.

    One approach isn’t necessarily better than the other. But coaches need to be accountable for their teams. I think Georgia’s AD made the move last year because they didn’t want to get into situation where they would fire Durante while her own daughter was on the team. So, it was either give her another 4 or 5 years while her daughter is there or let her go now. They went with the latter option, which makes sense.

    1. Well considering they had just extended Danna’s contract the previous year to about 2022 or something… Why let her go after she managed to do much better with a team then a lot of people thought she’d do after the Big 3 graduated? The AD isn’t very smart if he actually believed UGA was going to do better in 2017 then they did in 2016.

      The whole thing with the three gymnasts being “kicked off” the team has never been fully explained and I have serious doubts the three were innocent – they obviously did something (I have my suspicions but will keep it to myself) that went against the team.

      There’s no way of knowing if the old coaching staff would’ve done better or worse with the 2018 team given the injury situation.

      1. It’s not just about 2017 though. The AD is also looking forward. The team was trending down under Durante and the mental toughness on beam was a big issue. They had the skills, but couldn’t hit under pressure. You don’t really see that this year. This team is by no means perfect and they’ve had mediocre season, but they are trending upwards. We’ll know more next season for sure, but why are people criticizing so much today?

        Do people not like Kupets, not like the athletes, or not like the program in general?

      2. The only two down seasons UGA had under Danna were 2015 and 2017 – and it was expected they were be trending down in the latter year after Jay, Rogers and Box graduated since the junior/senior classes were not as mentally strong as previous ones. Did Danna and the staff have too much loyalty to some of he seniors in 2017, perhaps. Maybe they should’ve given others a chance but that’s easy for outsiders to say when they’re not in practice every day.

        There’s no telling what the old coaching staff would’ve done in 2018 with the injuries the team sustained all season – but people need to remember Oakley, Schild, Dickson, Vega and next year’s stellar class were recruited by the ex-coaching staff. Jay and Rogers became national champions under Danna and Lindsay Cheek was an underrated star, while Cat Hires pretty much over-achieved (in many eyes) in her senior season.

        2015 – Both Chelsea Davis and Brittany Rogers struggled with injuries throughout the season and Brandi Jay injured her ankle late in the season. The freshmen – Babalis, Marino, Vaculik, Sanders, Arnold – also struggled at the beginning for the season with hitting routines and injuries. In a couple of cases the gymnasts improved as the season went on.

        I’m not saying mistakes weren’t made but everybody makes them and they improve and learn from them in the future.

      3. A lot of those stars under Durante were recruited by Jay first. So based on your logic, Jay should also get a lot of credit, yet you don’t mention him once.

        The truth is Jay, Danna, and Courtney are all great coaches who bring different things to the teams they coach. You may feel Danna was slighted by the AD, the same way many feel Jay was slighted. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also say “good job” to the current team for their performance today.

      4. IA Jay should get credit for recruiting some of Danna’s stars, while Danna should get credit for recruiting some of CKC’s stars.

        The 2016 and 2017 classes were the ones that saw Lexie and Brianna de-commit after Jay left and had Danna scrambling to find recruits (I know Lexie started late due to injury and is now a 2018 but I believe originally she would’ve graduated this year if things had gone to original plan).

        The AD should also take some of the “blame” for any underachieving in 2017 and 2018 since he is the one who made the coaching moves in the first place with parting ways with Jay and Danna.

        CKC did a good job in what was a rough start to the season which saw having to rely on a senior class that was basically event specialists or the seventh/eighth/ninth person in lineups previously.

  20. So Georgia has a great afternoon and has something to be happy about, and commentators say congrats to the gymnasts and coaches. And then the Georgia haters have to ruin the moment and say, yeah, but your season wasn’t that great and Danna wasn’t that bad and y’all won’t win a title next year.

    Like give it a freakin rest. Let them celebrate their Nationals performance. They’ve dealt with haters and doubters all season. Can you not just give them one day?

      1. @Anon — there have been Georgia haters the last few years. There’s a difference between constructive criticism and just blatant criticism. There are certain commentors on this blog who constantly criticize Georgia and their coaches (both Kupets and Durante).

        I’m an Alabama fan myself and even I see it. No one is here talking about Alabama or Arkansas’s lackluster meets yet people want to knock down the Georgia fans for merely celebrating a good meet for them.

      2. Alabama has struggled the past two years with consistency. I believe one of their biggest issues is injuries – not sure if this is due to their preseason prep or from injuries they came to college with.

        Winston has had to be bubble wrapped throughout her four years due to a genetic issue with her knees/shoulders and Brannon has had injuries in both her junior and senior years limiting her to bars (plus she had major personal/family issues to deal with).

        The junior class this year has gone from like 6-7 gymnasts as freshman to about four competing ones due to injury and a transfer.

        I know they’ve got a couple of strong freshmen coming in for 2018-19 and Graber looks like she’ll be an NCAA star but they’ve been trending down for two or three years now… I don’t know if it’s just the injuries or if there’s something else going on (Will Bailey Key ever compete?)…

      3. Bama has been trending down because Dana isn’t a coach who is going to win championships. It isn’t what is important to her. That is fine. It isn’t the most important thing to Miss Val either, and these are girls who are growing into young women first and foremost. Dana has a ton of awesome qualities and is a nurturing, loving person. I don’t mean to hate on her. But she doesn’t have the same competitive drive to win that Sarah had. Jenny Rowland doesn’t have what Rhonda had either. CKC has it, and KJK most certainly has it, which is why she has been wiping the floor with all the other teams since Rhonda left.

  21. Any way to follow the individuals tonight? I didn’t see any shown on ESPN2 this afternoon, but I was working and admittedly had only half an eye on it! I want to see Price.

    1. If you watch the event streams or quad stream, you’ll see all individual routines. The TV Broadcast only shows select routines, although I suspect they’ll show Ebee’s routines.

    2. Price is rotating with Utah so if you want to see her follow the rotations that Utah is on.

  22. Skinner drilled that vault. That’s probably the best I’ve seen her do it.

      1. Right?! Those 2 releases bug the hell out of me, at least Ebee got major redemption for her bars. Skinner needs to add a toe shoot in place, or some pirouting element in place of all the toe ons.

  23. Elizabeth Price gets a 10 on bars in her final rotation on the apparatus of her career. 🙂

  24. I really wish Oklahoma’s coach wouldn’t stand directly in front of the camera on vault.

  25. Judges are getting cracky in this second session.

    Also, Nichols, Skinner, and Price are on fire tonight.

    1. Price isn’t really on fire 9.887 VT and 9.862 BB are not really “on fire” scores. Glad the judges gave her the UB title because she wasn’t going to be able to match Skinner or Nichols after VT.

      1. did ebee’s vault deserve that much lower than Mcmurtry’s? I would have gone ~9.9 each.

      2. @ Rich — I think placing third in the AA is pretty lit. I say that’s on fire.

      3. @Rich

        Judges didn’t “give” her the title. Ebee and Nichols EARNED those 10s.

      4. Her beam was easily a 9.9 if she was wearing a different leo. There were several mistakes from top teams that included some significant wobbles that scored in the same range as hers. Also her layout on beam was beautiful!

  26. Hoping and Praying that Utah has to count a fall or a major mistake on FX.
    Really want Cal to sneak into the Super Six. They are just .175 from Utah, but Utah goes to FX and Cal goes to BB. So Cal needs to hit perfectly and get help from Utah.

    Won’t happen but I can only wish!

    1. What is your issue. Your dislike of Utah is almost tangible. You whine about scores and crack judging. Even now with 6 judges and high/low score elimination you are positively sour. Get over it. Utah is a solid team. Very consistent. You complain about Utah fans whining. You are worse than their collective base. As to the prayer for their demise. I think god has other things to do than answer that bitchy request. Try posting a civil comment

      1. OK. “Anonymous”….I am entitled to my own opinion, if you don’t like it, I DON’T CARE.
        I happen to like and appreciate Cal more than Utah and think that Liz and Justin are amazingly talented coaches. Would have liked Toni Ann to lead her team to Super 6 before she graduated.

        People wanted Alabama to perform poorly so that Nebraska could make it into Super Six. Are you also commenting on their posts?

        You must be one of those self-absorbed Utah-Stans. Can’t take it when someone doesn’t want your team to do well.

  27. Second session All Americans:

    First Team: Skinner (Utah), Dowell (OU), McMurtry (UF), Boren (UF), Korth (KY)
    Second Team: Nichols (OU), Slocum (UF), Price (STAN), Showers (OU), Degouveia (OU)

    First Team: Price (STAN), Nichols (OU), McMurtry (UF), Lehrmann (OU)
    Second Team: Skinner (Utah), Catour (OU), Hundley (UF), Gowey (UF), Hortmann-Evans (BYU)

    First Team: Nichols (OU), Skinner (Utah), Gowey (UF), Lehrmann (OU), Remme (BSU)
    Second Team: Catour (OU), Ramler (Minn), McMurtry (UF), Goings (Wash)

    First Team: Nichols (OU), Baumann (UF), Webb (OU), Skinner (Utah)
    Second Team: Jackson (OU), Price (Stan), Soloski (Utah), Dowell (OU), Balthazor (ILL), Boren (UF)

    First Team: Nichols (OU), Skinner (Utah), Price (Stan), McMurtry (UF)
    Second Team: Korth (KY), Boren (UF), Williams (Cal), Showers (OU), Reinstatdler (Utah)

    1. A lot of individual qualifiers — Minnesota, Illinois, Stanford, Boise St, BYU

  28. Maggie Nichols just won AA, Floor, Beam titles and shared the UB title.

    Something tells me one day Swaggy Mags will by the OU head coach. 🙂

    1. Titles go to the highest score of the day. Maggie won All Around and tied with Price on bars. Lee won beam, Ohashi won floor, and Skinner/McMurtry/Dowell won vault.

      1. Maggie tied Ohashi on floor. The scoring page originally flashed 9.95, but she got a 9.9625 for the tie.

  29. My superlatives of today:

    1. Nichols winning the AA. Yay!
    2. Skinner and Ebee being their normal consistent selves and winning individual titles.
    3. Korth putting up a great AA performance.
    4. Georgia finishing #7 in the country! And Snead, Dickson, and Vega having great days.
    5. The leos — gorgeous leos at Nationals this year.
    6. Lee on beam!

    1. Loved seeing them together. Can you imagine if they had really been on the same team. Unbeatable

  30. I was personally offended by Ebee’s beam score – literally only took a step on her dismount and was in the 9.8s?? No way…

    1. It was pretty on par with session one scoring and most of session two. I think the score was about right and her third place finish in the AA seems right, too.

  31. Question: Is there a Channel or Stream showing the individual award presentations?

  32. Super Six:

    Florida begins on vault.
    LSU begins on BYE before bars
    Nebraska begins on bars
    OU begins on beam
    UCLA begins on BYE before floor
    Utah begins on floor

    So Nebraska and Utah finish up in Rotation 5 and byes in the final rotation.

    Final rotation will see:
    LSU – vault
    OU – bars
    UCLA – beam
    Florida – floor

  33. I thought Ebee’s beam was probably right (and I LOVE her). Following MyKayla’s score – with an equal number of mid-routine small deductions and a similar landing deduction – it felt like an underscore. But really, I think Mykayla was just overscored and should have been around the same as Ebee.

  34. 1.
    7. Georgia
    8. Alabama
    9. California
    10. Arkansas
    11. Washington
    12. Kentucky

    Feel free to predict the order to the top six.

    1. Oklahoma seems unstoppable, but I would love to see LSU breakthrough and win!

      1. LSU
      2. OU
      3. Nebraska
      4. UF
      5. Utah
      6. UCLA

      1. OU
      2. UCLA
      3. LSU
      4. UF
      5. Utah
      6. Nebraska

  35. Prediction:
    1. UCLA
    2. OU
    3. LSU
    4. Florida
    5. Utah
    6. Nebraska

    Florida hit today and will be just a little bit off tomorrow. LSU will be too mental to pull through and win. UCLA and OU will battle it out and UCLA will slay beam. Utah just won’t hang like they think they can.

    1. I agree. I’m an lsu fan and while I think lsu has more than enough talent to beat ucla and ou, I don’t think they’re consistent or mentally secure enough to beat them in super six(I hope I’m wrong!!!!). I think it will be a showdown between ucla and ou, but I have a feeling that ross and peng on beam will hit 10s to seal the deal for ucla. plus judges love to give ucla huge scores

  36. tbh, I thought skinner should’ve won floor. she had crazy difficulty and she nailed all her landings. I thought she definitely had the best floor routine of both sessions. maybe she got a little underscored cuz Merrell-giles didn’t hit a big one like normal before her to set her up, idk.

    1. It was the bent elbows and flexed feet that I think got her. Also, 1 1/2 switch may have brought her down, it was a bit rushed compared to normal. It’s very similar to her vault – she absolutely nailed the landing, but she has so many built in deductions…’s why she didn’t get any 10s this season unfortunately.

    2. I actually thought Hambrick should have won floor.

      But I will say the fact Skinner has never missed a routine is insane. Two years competing AA in NCAA and not one fall? With that kind of difficulty? She deserves major props for that.

      1. She should but she won’t. She’s a once in a generation talent and judges just take for granted that she’ll hit and she isn’t often rewarded. The fact that she finished so low on FX is criminal while simple routines or routines with multiple leaps out of elements get higher scores. Makes me wonder what’s the point of trying to do more.

    3. With the number of 10’s handed out for floor this year and none to Skinner the writing was on the wall that she wouldn’t get credit for that difficulty. Compared to ohashi she was under scored. Oklahoma may be scored high but good grief their routines are dull and posey. Skinner and Price were amazing on floor. Reinstadtler was spot on and scored a bit low. In the alternative Soloski wa a bit high. Hopefully Ross will be chest up on her tumbling at finals to earn the scores she gets

      I disagree that Utah can’t “hang” with the others. Hope for a great and evenly scored evening.

      1. I found Skinner’s scores bizarre. I’d say her AA score was about right, but floor should have been higher and bars/beam should have been lower. (by a tiny bit).

        Vault seemed about right. I think she has built-in deductions that aren’t taken on bars and beam, and should consistently score 0.5-0.1 less on those events. But her floor, with the over the top difficulty, I think deserves the built-in deductions (foot form) to be over looked. I just don’t understand the judges reasoning there. I would have liked to see her tie for the floor title.

        I’m really not a fan of hers, but have grown to have mad respect for her ability to bring it with every routine for two whole seasons. I mean, her biggest mistake was that wobble on beam, which she sold in a hilarious fashion.

      2. The OP didn’t say Utah “can’t” hang; it predicted they “won’t” hang tonight.

  37. I really think LSU can go lights-out for the title today. Last year, they brought their top performance to semi-finals, I think Didi has prepared them to peak for finals. At least I hope. This team has sat in the solid number two position for many seasons, and I’d love to see them finally claim the title!

    For next year, I do think they could benefit from not training so hard so early. Maybe aim to be in Gym101 shape for their first meet. Kathy mentioned the possibiltiy of long-term fatigue setting in, and that sounds about right to me.

    If not LSU, I’d be thrilled to see UCLA snag the title. With a truly hit performance.

    But, I agree with others, OU is the team that you know will hit 9.9s all day long, and they are hard to beat. You can’t wait for them to open the door, so you have to be even more fabulous to top them.

  38. I am no Utah fan, but Skinner should have won FX. Her performance singularly stands out from the others. She also should have won vault by herself and I am a UF fan. I will be shocked if any team is within 3 tenths of Oklahoma tonight.

  39. Idk, I think NCAA judges are trying to send a message loud and clear that they value artistry more than difficulty above and beyond a 10 sv. I personally don’t mind!

    1. The thing is that only ou and ucla are being benefited by this bc they have easier routines and have that kind of choreography. But the judges need to reward the plenty of other teams with more balanced gymnasts in terms of difficulty and artistry. Hambrick has one of the most difficult routines plus has tremendous showmanship. I’d say she has just as much artistry as the floor winners this year, plus much more difficulty. Finnegan too

    2. Idk about judges rewarding artistry over difficulty. They score McMurtry as high as they can get away with, and her beam and floor are seriously lacking in performance value. I think in semis they tried not to throw insanely high scores, but it seemed pretty random and not ranked well or consistently by any parameters.

    3. If that’s what they’re going for, they’re sending the message that they value the *reputation* for artistry. OU and UCLA seem to be the only teams that benefit, and I honestly probably wouldn’t put OU in the top three teams at nationals for artistry this season, and it’s not like Ross and Kocian have masterpieces (though I will say I definitely find their artistry better than last season.) Hambrick’s showmanship should put her up with them, and honestly, I think Utah would deserve the artistry boost if that’s what they’re going for.

  40. This is why we should have never given up event finals. Put athletes on floor together. Top 3 plus ties from prelims compete in finals. Many times athletes would throw bigger skills they would not normally do in prelims. It was a fun and relaxed day for the athletes. Then a chance to reward difficulty a little more than what goes on in prelims.

    1. I 100% agree on event finals. The qualification could be a combo of RQS + performance in semis to reduce Session 1 / Session 2 scoring disparities. This could limit it to a set number of athletes to keep it reasonable.

    2. I liked the previous method — top 4 from each session (aka first Team All Americans). It was so much fun to watch and the athletes always seemed to have a blast. They cheered for each other and the teams all mingled together. I loved it!

      The men and division II women still have event finals. The fact the coaches committee voted to get rid of it shows me they are a bit out of touch with the fans.

  41. I hope all six teams have great meets and it comes down to the last rotation!

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