European Championships Team Final – Live Blog

Let’s go!

As discussed yesterday, Italy is in for Belgium in the team final.

Unfortunately, they’ve placed Italy into Belgium’s slot rather than reseeding, which means we still have major medal contenders in three rotation groups instead of two, which in turn means we’re going to miss more vital routines. It happened more than 24 hours before the final. There was time to reseed.

Based on what we’ve seen, expectations will be that France and Russia battle it out for gold and Great Britain and the Netherlands battle it out for bronze. Anyone else medaling would be a pretty significant upset.

Time for our patented Glasgow big-screen introductions, where the Dutch are the favorite for gold. But a nervy performance for all today, it appears.

According to the announcing guy, Dorina Boczogo is pronounced Dorina “Bootsiga.” Learn something new every day.

Sofia Busato is even absent from Italy’s introduction team photos now. BYE.


Bated breath to see the state of the Russian rudis today.

Osipova – FX – It’s very world feed just to be like, “We’re showing the last-ranked team” – piked full in, a little legs, bounce back, fine – tucked full in, better, stuck, good pass – switch, split leap 1.5 – front tuck through to double tuck, quite deep squat, pulls it out –  switch full, probably not full credit – double pike, a ton of knee bend though, deep landing there as well. 12.333

Simm – UB – toe ful to Ray, hit, a little late on toe full – Ricna to Pak, strong – stalder Shap to Bhardwaj, hit, pretty good legs too – Toe Shap 1/2 – DLO, small leg separation, hop forward. 13.866.

Our world feed commentator knows what a Maloney and a Van Leeuwen are! I’m so proud.

Simakova – VT – lands her rudi successfully, quite chest down with a little leg buckle and lunge to the side, out of the area. But fine. 14.266.

Akhaimova – VT – rudi, stronger than Simakova’s, landed with the chest a little higher up and the step back is more controlled

Boczogo – BB – “They nicknamed her Dodo but her career is most certainly not dead” – our commentator even has dad jokes – good side somi – side aerial, solid – split ring jump, some knees – switch to split ring leap to split jump, two-part split ring – switch ring, all the ring options – double tuck, a bit short with a bounce forward. 13.100. Well now.

Fenton – UB – Fentwael to Yeszhova, good, Shap, solid – Ray to bail, hit – toe full – tuck full, strong landing with a hop forward. Got behind in the quick hit skill naming there, but she looked strong, no major errors, just a broken connection. 14.100.

Melnikova – VT – good DTY, bounce back and to the side, out of the area, lost her legs a little at the end but normal amount. 14.366.

Feher – BB – switch 1/2 to back tuck, nice shape on the switch 1/2 – Y spin, just a tad over turned – bhs loso, secure, some knees – aerial, large break with saved it, good presence of mind – USE YOUR MIIIIIIIND – side aerial, good – switch to side somi, two swims to save it, but saves that as well – punch front layout full, hit. A couple big breaks there but stayed on.

Russia – 43.098
GB – 41.032
Hungary – 37.066
Ukraine – 36.565


Van Pol – BB – switch to split, a little tight but not bad – check on choreography – bhs loso with a step back – switch side – bhs 1/1 and falls, damn – she looked tight from the start with the wobble just standing there – Rulfova – side somi is more solid – split jump 1/2 – stuck 1.5. Of course the routine was absolutely fab after the fall. 11.366

Boyer – VT – full, just OK, bounces to the side and out of the area, not the most distance, but really nice leg shape throughout, good straight position. 13.600.

Cereghetti – UB – annnnnnnd she totally collapsed off the bar almost before she had even started, couldn’t get her dowel over on her clear hip 1/2 – really late on clear hit 1/2 again – couldn’t complete a blind full now and had to take a million correction swings – double pike, bounce back – will be the equivalent of two falls there. 10.166.

MDJDS – VT – not her strongest DTY, large bound back, just came in a bit under-rotated and had to sail backward, leg form in the air as well

Sanne – BB – ro bhs mount, good – L spin 1.5, tried to cover it into a double but won’t get credit (even Sanne’s D-score diary is like, “Sanne, no”) – side aerial to bhs, lovely – aerial to split to bhs 1/1, good patience to pull that back because she was a little off on bhs 1/1 but you wouldn’t know – L full to full turn t0 double turn to split leap to straight 1/1 is abolsutely PERFECT – struggles on the gainer 1/1 dismount, quite piked with a lunge forward. Worked it out. Just the L turn at the beginning and the dismount, otherwise a dream. 13.700. Casually best beam score of the competition

Devilalrd – VT – pretty similar Rudi to the Russians – chest medium down and a step back. Solid. 1

Russia – 43.098
France – 42.600
GB – 41.032
Netherlands – 37.866
Hungary – 37.066
Spain – 37.066
Ukraine – 36.565
Italy – 34.632

Cintia – FX – double Y spin, pretty – double pike, good shape, small shuffle back – split jump 1/1, correct – rudi, small correction – 2/1, hit – pretty leaps obviously


Simm – BB – back tuck, fine – aerial, hesitation – switch to totally rushed switch side, not close to split, never going to land on the beam and falls – bhs layout, secure – straight jump full from side position and a second fall – BRITAIN – Double tuck dismount with a step. Dear. 9.700. YIKERS.

Melnikova – UB – inbar full – inbar Shap to Pak, solid – toe Shap 1/2, good – inbar 1/2, small hesitation but works into piked jaeger – 1/2 turn  – FTDT with hop to the side. One small hesitation, and her orphan 1/2 turn was nowhere near vertical, but only small problems. Good. 14.033.

Peter – FX – 3/1 with a bounce back, some legs – double tuck, slightly crazy bounce back – switch, split leap 1/1 is short of split – front full, solid – popa, fine – double spin, useful enough leaps. They’ll take it. Hungary comfortable so far.

Varinska – VT – 1.5 – a little deep with a lunge to the side, loose-ish knees throughout. 13.933

We didn’t see Alexeeva but she hit.

Perebinosova – UB – Toe Tkatchev 1/2 to Yezhova, legs but caught – shap to stalder full to Tkatchev to Pak, hit – Toe Shap 1/2 as well – FTDT, small step. Hits in two competitions in a row! Some leg issues, not a ton of amplitude in all those releases, but hit.

GB got an 11.500 from Fenton.

Kinsella – BB – British mount – side aerial to loso with a check – switch to switch side, tight in split positions but secure – double spin with a GIGANTIC break but saved it somehow, that will be a legendary save – another major break on an aerial – back 2.5 dismount with bound forward. Well, amazing fight. Stayed on. Gets away with 12.566 there, which is….um….high?

Boczogo – FX – big DLO, may have saved it to stay in bounds? Not sure – double Y spin, close to credit – double front, strong, basically stuck, nice power – switch ring to split ring – back 1/1 to split – split leap 1/1 – double pike, stuck.


Volleman – FX – a 7000 spin into a 4000 spin – full in, secure, small step – back 1.5 to front full, soft knees throughout – Double L with bent leg, some indistinct finishing position – 2/1 – triple spin, solid. 13.200.

Charpy – UB – toe full to stalder – and can’t get back up to vertical and falls – stalder shap 1/2, hit – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, solid – Ricna, strong – Pak, Toe Shap 1/2 – DLO, hop. Good individual skills after the fall but noticed no connections in there.

Van Pol – FX – double arabian with bound forward – 2.5 to front tuck, also a little bouncy but keeping them in – indistinct landing positions on leaps – this floor music is very American Anthem – COME ON BECKY – back 1.5 to front full – solid. 12.900.

Bossu – UB – inbar full to stalder Shap 1/2, nice – inbar to inbar 1/2 to piked jager to Pak, crazy legs in the Pak – Toe SHap 1/2 – double front with hop forward. Quick work, a little rushed, which may show in how they evaluate some handstands – then had a totally crazy straddle Pak in there.

Van Gerner – FX – glass breaking music to start because Netherlands – under turns double turn – split leap 1/1 – double tuck, very solid – 1.5 to front 1/1 with a lunge and some knees – nice leaps, mostly leaps, because NED –

MDJDS – UB – inabr tkatchev to Pak, gorgeous – Toe Shap to clear hip 1/2 to Yezhova – Toe Shap 1/2, legs together – DLO with a hop back. Exceptionally clean on the bars, well done, the routine France needed

Russia – 85.397
France – 83.733
Ukraine – 77.898
Spain – 77.399
Netherlands – 77.066
GB – 74.798
Hungary – 73.832
Italy – 72.764

Oof. GB’s beam score. Opened things up for the Dutch. Ukraine and Spain are up right now because they’ve done vault. Russia on beam coming up, which will likely decide whether they have a gold in them today.


Alexeeva – BB – round off to loso + loso mount series, good – wolf turn double – bhs bhs layout – “Valeri Liukin, daughter of Nastia Liukin” – nope opposite – switch – side aerial with ac heck – split to wolf – switch 1/2 is not close to 180 but secure – 2/1 with step back. They’ll take it. Some issues but nothing major.

Fedorova – UB – Shap with legs to Pak with legs, but not major – Toe Shap to bail, full to toe shoot – toe 1/2 to Jaeger – no dismount, just a flyaway

Simakova – BB – British mount, like when you use the host nation-style floor music – lovely switch ring – bhs loso, small check – aerial to split ring, small check again – switch to split, small checks out of every series but they’re just 0.1 – bigger on the side somi with a lean forward to save – double tuck, hop in place. Good enough. What they needed. 13.366.

Boczogo – VT – handspring front tuck

Melnikova – BB – front tuck to split to straddle, perfect – switch ring, small check – bhs loso, check, saves it – L turn, makes it an L turn 1.5 accidentally because sure – aerial, solid – split ring jump – side somi, hit – double pike, step forward.

Guys. You guys. Russia just hit three beam routines in a row.

I mean, that should be it. But Russia, so you never know.

Fenton – FX – landing corrections on 3/1 and 2.5 to front tuck but OK – should get double Y – double tuck excellent stuck –

Taeja James got 13.500 for a floor routine we didn’t see. So glad she wasn’t in the lineup for qualification and couldn’t make event finals…

Devai – VT – goes for the DTY as her team vault, which is interesting after the success of the Cheng – lunge back and some legs

GBR making some ground back on floor there but still behind Hungary (will pass Hungary on the next event because GB hasn’t vaulted yet).

Charpy – BB – ro loso mount – bhs loso with a check – wolf triple, hit but helicoptery – more secure double wolf – side aerial, solid – switch to split leap to Korbut – split jump 1/2 – aerial to split to bhs, not quite there on some of her split skills – double pike, short and deep with a hop forward to save. 12.933

Visser – VT – very clean full, simple but straight – small hop in place

Raya – UB – full to gienger, some muslcing – piked jager to bail – toe shoot, solid – jaeger, hit – FTDT with a hop. Solid. Some close moments and a muscle up early but worked through

De Jesus Dos Santos – BB – front tuck mount – hits front pike with a check – bhs layout, super solid – switch to sissone – switch 1/2 is quite tight but that’s the lone problem skill really – aerial to split to bhs – split jump 1/2 from side, actually good – double tuck, solid. After a meh vault, she has been excellent at the next two events. 13.600.

Volleman – VT – very solid landing on her DTY, basically stuck – some crazy legs throughout and a staggered landing, but great control

Boyer – BB – aerial with a check, rushing through that mixed series attempt and won’t get it – and she falls on her layout series – switch to switch 1/2 – L turn to full turn – side aerial with another check – switch to side somi – split jump 1/2 from side – she has been moving SOOOO quickly, even at the beginning, and I just wish she would slow down – double pike is fine. \

Perez – UB – nice piked jaeager – Pak, hit – toe Shap to gienger, low and close but hit – giant full – DLO 1/1 with hop the side. Fine.

Russia – 125.329
France – 122.432
Netherlands – 119.164
Spain – 115.631
Hungary – 114.397
GB – 114.331
Ukraine – 114.163
Italy – 111.363

GB just desperately hoping right now that vault is enough to gain five points on the Dutch bars.

Simakova – FX – made of clocks – back 2.5 to front 1/1, small hop – full-in, chest down and small hop but fine – split leap 1/1 – wolf turn 1.25 – double pike, good, small hop – switch ring is good, switch 1/2 is tight – double tuck, good. The passes were stronger than the dance elements there but Russia just needs hits right now, and that was a hit. 13.333

Simm – VT – ro 1/2 on layout 1/2 with a hop back, her usual

Makra – UB – piked jaeger, hit – Pak, strong – toe on  – toe full that she corrects into a toe 1.5? If it was intentional it didn’t look it because she was so far over – double pike with a hop, pretty close to the bar.

Akhaimova – FX – DLO, hit, small shuffle back – full-in with a stagger back – heel drops in double L turn – crazy legs on a tucked double arabian with a large lunge forward – aka “I LITERALLY DON’T CARE WHAT SHAPE THIS IS I’M JUST GOING TO HIT SOMETHING” – wolf triple – double back with a bounce but stays in bounds – another hit for Russia

Kinsella – VT – hit DTY with hop back – some legs on block –

Stanhope – VT – a good DTY from her, smaller hop back, chest slightly forward but not bad, a little leg crossing. 14.566.

GBR had a nice day, except…

Melnikova – FX – double L turn, drops a little early – DLO 1/1, strong – switch to switch ring with a seizure afterward that may have been a 1/2 turn attempt – DLO, great – wolf 2.25 – front tuck through to double tuck, bounce back – double Y won’t get credit – double pike, short with a step forward.

And Russia just officially went 12-for-12 in a team final. Wow.

Bovzogo had an early disaster on bars – looks like she was trying a stalder 1/1 but couldn’t get that final 1/2 turn around and came off. A second fall on her dismount, drunk-staggering back on a double pike. But at least it was hilarious looking.

It’s 157.263 for Great Britain. Russia comfortably in first with 165, and that will be enough to win.

Charpy – FX – double Y, will get it – split leap 1/1 – double front, sits it down, a third fall for France on the day, her second – double tuck – front full to stag – struggles her way through a double wolf – double pike hop back. 11.800.

GB has put enough pressure on NED that they must hit this bars rotation

Van Gerner – UB – toe on – toe 1/2 to jaeger, pretty, high – toe full to bail, strong – stalder shoot – stalder 1/1 to FTDT, stuck – quick, efficient work, one down

Boyer – FX – 2.5 to front tuck with hop forward – switch ring 1/2, similar to Melnikova’s and I’m not happy about it – falls out of double Y – double tuck, small slide – wolf turn 2.375 – double pike – L hop 1/1 – split leap 1/1 – fine set

Van POl – UB- hit jaeger – toe on – tkatchev to Pak with some straddle – couldn’t cast out of Pak and had to take an extra cast – Shap is fine – double pike becomes a little bit of a tuck.

She hit, but enough of a mistake that we’ll need to watch this Wevers performance…

MDJDS – FX – DLO 1/1, strong, only a very small hop – full in – also very secure – switch leap 1/1 may not get full credit – wolf double, good – front lay to double tuck , a tad short – double pike, hop. A touch short in a split full position. Very good routine – 13.966. Excellent.

Van Pol gets away with 12.933. That works for them, so not punished too harshly. Just need a hit from Wevers.

Wevers – UB – clear gip to Shap to clear hiip full to bail to toe shoot – strong, just some leg shape – giant full to 1/2 turn to jaeger, solid – DLO, stuck! That will do it.

So there’s your podium! Russia takes gold, France takes silver, and the Netherlands takes bronze!

Russia – I’m very impressed that they hit all their routines, you guys. That hasn’t happened in 75 millennia.

France – They’ll be disappointed with the three falls today because they came in with a real shot to win, but this is still their best team result EVAH and they should be proud of the accomplishments of this generation

Netherlands – They were in a fight with GB for bronze and won it, going cleaner on the day and doing it even without Eythora.

Great Britain – Beam. (Placed 2nd or 3rd on all the other events.)

  1. Russia – 165.195
  2. France – 161.131
  3. Netherlands – 159.563
  4. GB – 157.263
  5. Ukraine – 152.129
  6. Italy – 151.496
  7. Spain – 150.063
  8. Hungary – 149.729

For being kind of a blow-out in the final scores, that was a delightful competition.

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  1. I love this commentator! He knows the skills and the scoring and the stats and the gymnasts’ history. He calls a fall “exiting the apparatus early” I LOVE HIM

  2. Celine van Gerner’s walk out onto the floor is the greatest thing that’s ever existed

  3. Did Tisha Volleman do a quintuple spin? I blinked for a millisecond and missed it.

    Angelina Melnikova having a “crown me” choreography on beam is my favorite thing ever

  4. The angle that vault is being shown at is freaking me out over and over again it looks like peoples hands are going almost over the table

  5. I don’t understand how the russians go from a hot mess one day to no falls the next day SO MANY TIMES

  6. Sooo proud that the Netherlands came third!
    Lovely gymnastics overall and content with the winners

    1. Same, just wish the order was sliiightly different. Lol. I shouldnt say that, as i am very happy for Russia hitting 12-12 after their mishaps in quals. 👏!! I just enjoy seeing seeing the history makers(like Nina last uear on bars). And im a big MDJDS fan.

  7. And Ukraine in 5th! Yes they were pretty far behind the top 4, but still…

  8. Remember in Rio, when we were like “RUSSIA ONLY COUNTED ONE FALL ITS A MIRACLE!”? Well, I can’t believe they just did 12 for 12. I don’t think this has happened at any competition for them since Athens? Maybe even earlier.

  9. This was my first gym competiton ever I watched in the arena and it was great. People were rooting for everyone, even gave Sanne a huge aplause after her bars even when it ment that GB is without a medal. Great competition. But Russian valts (eith the exception of Melnikova) looked very scary.

  10. Russia needs to go 12 for 12 again with higher difficulty if they want to challenge the US at worlds….

  11. Even with some of the mistakes today, this was an incredibly strong French team. Potentially stronger than the 2004 Quad French Team. The are my dark horse pick for World this year (both in Team and Individuals with Melanie).

    And Bravo to the coaches to turning around what was quite the mediocre French a few years ago that barely made it to Rios.

  12. Hell has frozen over. Congrats Russia . Thanks for your coverage as always !

  13. So RU won by multiple points over France. Even if you add 3 points back to France for the 3 falls, RU would still win comfortably.. I didn’t add the D score, but i guess RU does have higher D score total than Frances or was it a lot better E scores too?

  14. Literally everything you poked fun at I was also guffawing at while watching. The drunk stagger. Jesus. Omg I felt so bad for her. She’s a super vet and deserved better especially after that fire beam set. Also… I have been going back and watching all of the commissioned gymcastic episodes with commentary over TV broadcasts and have decided it’s the only commentary for me. Please replace the commentary in the actual broadcasts. Actually… I want Jessica to replace Andrea Joyce so she can go after positive feelings and not interview-bully children. And then I want you and Tim to do the main commentary which will be wonderfully awkward and delightful with John Tesh replacing Terry Gannon (he’s fine but this will be better). Can you please work on that reality for me?

  15. I’m rather disappointed that the main picture for this article isn’t a screencap of Simm’s starfish… I mean, Switch Side

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