Just the Good Stuff: Men’s Qualification Day 2

What you need to know, in quick, easily digestible bullet points.

  • The pommel horse is a butthead
  • The team final qualifiers are Russia, China, Japan, USA, Great Britain, Brazil, Netherlands, and Switzerland
  • China only might be better than Russia after a fantastic first half of the meet (vault, PBars, HBar) and a weakish second half of the meet (floor, horse, rings) saw the Chinese men qualify second, behind the Russian team
  • China was not the only team to suffer multiple falls on pommel horse: so did the US and Japan…and basically all the countries. Mexico counted a 3. Argentina counted a 4.
  • 2017 silver medalist Lin Chaopan has been 2-perred out of the all-around final after a struggle on floor and a miss on horse put him behind Sun Wei. He joins David Belyavskiy, who suffered the same fate yesterday
  • Xiao Ruoteng is now an even stronger favorite to defend his AA title
  • Sam Mikulak had his best-ever day at a major international meet, hitting all six events, qualifying 3rd into the AA final, and advancing to four event finals (FX, PH, PB, HB)

  • After Xiao, the remaining AA medal spots are truly open to be won, with Nagornyy, Mikulak, Dalaloyan, Sun, and Shirai joining him in the lead group
  • Beyond Mikulak, the US team was a mixed bag, struggling on pommel horse (most notably Yoder, who fell and will miss the final), but not falling on any HB routines. Back to normal?
  • Yul Moldauer also advanced to the AA final and the FX final
  • The US qualified in 4th as a team, exactly meeting expectations in the end
  • Rhys McClenaghan fell twice on horse and will miss the final, as will fellow specialists like Ude, Seligman, Bertoncelj, Merdinyan, and a host more.
  • Even Kohei fell on horse
  • Japan qualified in 3rd, and Kenzo advanced to both of his finals—floor and vault. Despite the mistakes, Japan does not look like it will challenge Russia and China at this point even with a clean meet in the final, at least without serious help
  • Marcel Nguyen and Marios Georgiou barely (and I mean barely) squeaked into the AA final. Phew
  • Whitlock was impervious to the pommel devil, hitting his routine and qualifying in first
  • GB was on track to overtake the US, but struggled on HB and finished fifth. It should be a good fight between the two in the team final
  • Ukraine will miss the team final after a strong five-event performance from Brazil (once pommel horse was done) knocked the Ukrainians out
  • Germany had a tough one and finished 10th. That damn pommel horse (and high bar) (and floor kind of)
  • Netherlands and Switzerland held on!
  • Did I mention the pommelling was bad?
  • 47 people scored under 10.000 on horse. Meanwhile, 7 people broke 14.000.
  • Somehow, Eleftherios “my shoulder is missing” Petrounias is still in first place on rings.
  • No finals for Manrique Larduet, as he finishes 9th on HB, which was his best result.
  • Simone is in the ER because of kidney stones but will be fine (??????allthequestionmarks)
  • There were definitely at least 23 people in the stands today

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  1. What is up with the pommel horse????? OMG, this was the worst PH performance at an elite meet I have ever seen. It was horrific.

    Here is hoping Sam didn’t have his best 6 routines during the qualifications.

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