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Live from Worlds – Event Finals Day 2

It’s the last day! Five more finals to deal with. No remaining Olympic qualification spots on the line today, as it has all been decided, but we do have what should be tight races for all most. I mean, Simone’s winning floor. But otherwise!

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Live From Worlds – Event Finals Day 1

Today, we’ll be treated to four thrilling event finals, and also rings. Actually, rings is exciting this time because we still don’t know who the three Olympic qualifiers will be from this final (among Colak, Ait Said, Petrounias, Lodadio, and Tovmasyan, who will compete in the 4th-8th spots), but also…it’s rings.

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Live from Worlds – Men’s Team Final

Following the inevitability of yesterday’s US win and the thrilling “who’s the least splatty” preposterous of the race for the other medals, it’s now the men’s turn to try to deliver an equivalent level of delightful nonsense—but to the race for the gold medal.

Heading in, three clear countries have separated themselves in qualification—Russia, China, Japan—and it would be a major surprise were even one of them not to medal. Those are the three. But the race among the three of them? It’s live, with not enough separating them to feel confident that the qualification hierarchy will be maintained. A single dire rotation changes everything. And even Japan, which seemed a clear #3 entering worlds, will be buoyed by how close it came to China even while not getting the hoped-for contribution from either Tanigawa.

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