2023 World Championships — Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

No start list drama to begin the action today (yet). The only changes concern Jessica Gadirova, who pulled out of the beam and floor finals allowing Sanne Wevers into the beam final and Alice Kinsella into the floor final.

We’ll begin with the adventure that is the men’s vault final.


Young – VT 1 – handspring randi with a stick. Excellent. Tim is getting hot flashes. 15.033

Young – VT 2 – round off 1/2 on, layout 2/1, holds onto the stick on that one too, just a little short but does well to keep the stick with an arm wave. 14.666, average of 14.849. That would have placed 2nd in qualification.

Juda – VT 1 – yurchenko double pike, hits it, lands short with chest forward, lunge out of the area. 14.600

Juda – VT 2 – Kas 1.5 is clean, nice twisting form and direction, bound forward. 14.500, average of 14.550.

Penev – VT 1 – Kas 1.5, nice distance, some knees at the end, little hop forward, 14,166

Penev – VT 2 – Yurchenko 2.5, similar landing to the first with a hop forward, good layout position, a bit of direction. 14.200, average of 14.183.

Jarman – VT 1 – Kas 2.5 is excellent, small hop forward. 15.400

Jarman – VT 2 – Dragulescu is also quite strong, easily completed, lunge back should be into first. 14.700 for that, average of 15.050.

“Do a vault you’re confident you won’t die on.” – Tim, accurately summarizing men’s vault strategy.

Hepworth – VT 1 – fantastic Dragulescu, little hop to the side – only medium cowboy – 14.533

Hepworth – VT 2 – handspring randi landing is more of a struggle, landed stiff with a large lunge forward 14.333, 14.433 average. How on earth that vault had the same E score as his first…….

Davtyan – VT 1 – willllldddd miss from him, very surprising – Draglescu is way way short, has to lunge forward and duck under the table as he was lunging. 13.966

Davtyan  – VT 2 – handspring randi is gorgeous and stuck, which makes the first vault more tragic. 15.133, average of 14.549 and still almost went ahead of Juda, but he’s into 4th.

Radivilov – VT 1 – very good Dragulescu, small hop back, some feet and cowboy. 14.900

Radivilov – VT 2 – Tsuk double pike, overdoes that one a little,  larger lunge back. 14.600, average 14.750 puts him into 3rd with one to go.

Chepurnyi – VT 1 – nice stick on his Dragulescu, comes in a little deeper than some of the other drags but holds onto the landing. 14.833

Chepurnyi – VT 2 – Kas 2/1 is similar, just a little shy on landing, lunge to the side and out of the area. 14.700, average is 14.766 to he goes ahead of Radivilov for bronze. Hmmmm, I would have had Radivilov higher. Not enough deduction for Chepurnyi’s short landings.

GOLD – Jade Jarman
SILVER – Khoi Young
BRONZE – Nazar Chepurnyi


It’s happeningggggg.

Ashikawa – BB – JPN – bhs mount, hit – side aerial to loso, smooth and clean – switch to split ring jump, secure – switch ring, solid position – side somi, clean – double turn, check – 3/1, dismount, little step to the side. Excellent. 5.9/14.066, a little up on qualification for her.

Schaefer – BB – GER – switch mount, little hesitation – split leap, nice – bhs loso, solid – switch ring and her foot slips, nearly splits the beam, knee and hand down onto the beam – double turn to full turn, hit – Schaefer is hit, small check – aerial to split to stag ring, hit – side aerial – gainer layout, stuck. 5.4/12.800.

Zhang – BB – CHN – switch mount to switch 1/2 to korbut, excellent – 2 foot layout, also right on – switch ring gets her as well – foot slips, sits on the beam with hand down – switch side to split jump to back dive from side, has the same problem with that as team final, actually more extreme this time, clearly has to grab the beam to pull herself back up – switch to split jump 1/2 to straddle 3/4 is an actual dream – double pike, step back. Alas.

Long wait on this score. 13.100 in the end, which is kind of insane if her TF score without the switch ring fall was 13.266.

Biles – BB – USA – switch mount to switch 1/2 to back pike, good combination today – wolf triple, nice – aerial to split jump to straddle, very small adjustment on landing – bhs loso loso, on – side aerial, hit – bhs bhs FTDT, very small hop. Excellent. 14.800 and into first.

Zhou – BB – CHN – candle mount, a little over handstand – fhs to front tuck to split to wolf, gorgeousness – full turn, good – switch ring, secure, back foot a little low from this angle but great on replay so that was just the angle and the lights – side somi, smooth – breaks connection into tuck jump and straight jump full, hit, straight jump a little low – aerial to split ring jump to korbut, excellent – 3/1, step back. Really nice. 14.700, only 1 tenth behind Simone, so that could have gotten interesting.

Wevers – BB – NED – bhs mount, pretty quick into wolf jump full, little hesitation before one-arm bhs – double L, gets it today – side aerial to bhs, nice – aerial to split jump to bhs 1/1, good – L turn to full to double turn, little check, breaks into split leap combination, but does split leap into straight jump full – gainer pike full, little step. Another great one.

Zhou inquires on beam….Sanne is doing her D score. Obviously has it before the judges. 5.9/14.100 for Sanne and into 3rd place, just ahead of Ashikawa.

Jones – BB – USA – switch mount to switch 1/2, arm wave – arabian, solid – split jump to straddle jump – bhs bhs layout 2 feet, leg up wobble, almost fully had it – side aerial, hit – full turn – bhs bhs double pike is wayyyy short and falls. 5.6/12.933

Andrade – BB – BRA – switch mount – switch to switch 1/2, wobble and step back – bhs loso, solid – aerial to split ring jump to bhs, great height on split ring jump – switch ring, solid – side aerial, also strong – full turn, hit – wolf and sissone, good – double pike, great height, chest up, very small step. Great. 14.300 moves her into the bronze position, knocking out Wevers.

GOLD – Simone Biles
SILVER – Zhou Yaqin
BRONZE – Rebeca Andrade

Sam is hell bent on convincing you that actually beam is very easy.


We’re discussing how Shi Cong is able to compete here even though he was withdrawn from the team before team final. Basically, if you’re withdrawn before the competition, you can’t come back, but if the alternate replaces you mid-competition, you’re allowed to come back in.

Kaya – PB – JPN – makuts is solid – healy, nice – peach 1/2 and peach are hit – front straddle, hit – bhavsar, smooth – tippelt, clean – double front 1/2 out, stuck. Excellent. 6.3/14.733

Kovtun – PB – UKR – lots of arm movements on diam to start – also doesn’t stay on his peach to one, grabs the other rail – great dismount, stuck double front, but several major breaks there. 6.4/14.633 goes in behind Kaya.

Shi – PB – CHN – diam, good – makuts, hit – peach 1/2, solid – peach – front straddle – bhavsar, good swing – tippelt, nice height – healy down – double pike, stuck. Wonderful. 15.066 and into first.

Moldauer – PB – USA – peach – peach 1/2 great – diam work and makuts is nice but loses it right after that on his next makuts, basically forward rolls onto the bars – double front 1/2 out, step back. 13.133

Hong – PB – USA – peach – bhavsar, clean – tippelt, solid – makuts is good – diam, right to vertical – stutz, a little angle – double front 1/2, lands in full ball shape but holds the stick. 6.0/14.466. Good E score, didn’t have the D.

Levantesi has a big walk in handstand with a lot of hand placements like Kovtun. Double pike dismount very short, large lunge forward. 13.866

Dauser goes through exceptionally cleanly, much more height and extension than everyone else – stuck double front 1/2. 15.400

Sugimoto finishes the final, very clean, good amplitude, a few more hand placements, longest handstand pause in the world before double front 1/2, stuck. That should medal though.

15.000 for Sugimoto puts him just behind Shi and into third.

GOLD – Lukas Dauser
SILVER – Shi Cong
BRONZE – Sugimoto Kaito


Jones – FX – USA – wolf 3.25, definite triple – double double tuck, good, small hop back – double L, does not try the triple today – front full to double tuck, little hop back – FTDT, another small shuffle – leg up full to switch 1/2. Great. Only got a 5.5 D though for a 13.666 total. Inquiry rejected.

Saraiva – FX – BRA – whip to FTDT, good – switch full, excellent – DLO, also right on – split leap – split leap 1.5, possibly under rotated – switch ring 1/2 – back 1.5 to front full, shorter with  a step back – double pike, pulls it out, chest forward, covers with a little hop to the side. Nice comeback hit. 13.866 and in ahead of Jones.

Visser – FX – NED – whip to 3/1, lands OOB with both feet, front tucks herself back in bounds, but no DV for skills that start OOB – double L to double turn – drops early on her doubel y, no connection to illusion – switch 1/2 – back 2.5 to layout, low layout, somehow gets a stick – switch ring – split leap full – double tuck, chest down, hop forward. 13.300

Flavia gets the miracle of the final, an accepted inquiry for 13.966 now.

Biles – FX – USA – DLO 1/1, good, hop back – front full to double double, small slide back – wolf double, hit – switch to split leap 1.5 – Biles, ejects herself forward OOB – switch leap full – DLO, slide back into the corner. Solid except for the OOB. 14.633

Kinsella – FX – GBR – back 1.5 to 3/1, lands hunched over, small movement – back 1.5 to front full is very low, pulls it around but a large lunge to the side – double wolf – split leap full to switch leap full – doubel pike, hit, hop back – 12.666

Andrade – FX – BRA – front full to FTDT, chest a little forward, hop – DLO 1/1 is excellent, stuck – switch full, little hop on landing – Y2.5ish, not the triple around this time – DLO, little rebound forward – switch to split leap full, nice height – double pike, bounce back. 14.500, not too far behind Simone.

Zhou – FX – CHN – triple turn, doesn’t get four around this time – double tuck, perfection – falls out of double y turn as well – 3/1 to front tuck, low, works it out – split jump full, great – switch ring, wonderful, to split ring, hit – 2.5 to front pike, great landing. Nice, didn’t have the dance D today. 13.3 with a 5.4 D versus her usual 5.6

Voinea – FX – ROU – popa, good height – DLO 1/1, shuffle to the side – double double tuck, strong landing – triple turn – switch to switch 1/1, hit – FTDT, also secure on landing, small movement – split leap full – front tuck through to double tuck, just keeps that in, forward on landing with a hop. 13.766 puts her in 4th.

GOLD – Simone Biles
SILVER – Rebeca Andrade
BRONZE – Flavia Saraiva

Six medals for the Brazilian women here. Before 2021, they only had four total ever.


Nory – HB – BRA – tak 1/2 to liukin, good – tak 1/1 – full twisting jaeger – yam, good – layout tkatchev and falls. Resumes and repeats it into piked tkatchev – DLO 1/1, little hop. 13.533

Karimi – HB – KAZ – catches cassina, some form – kovacs and kolman are hit in combination – tak 1/2, nice finish – tkatchev to piked tkatchev, hit – DLO 2/1, stuck. Yes. 14.433

Srbic – HB – CRO – tak 1/2 to layout tkatchev – tkatchev to layout tkatchev – kolman, hit – tak 1/1, great finish – stalder – DLO 1/1, stuck, some pike. So he’ll have the Olympic spot. 14.500 into 1st.

Juda – HB – USA – yam, good – kovacs, hit – layout tkatchev – tkatchev to piked tkatchev, hit – tak – tak 1/2, nice finish – DLO 1/1, stuck. Should get a huge E score but won’t have the D. 14.100 with an 8.7 E.

Hashimoto – HB – JPN – tak 1/2 – liukin, hit – Cassina, good – kolman, yes – layout tkatchev to tkatchev, clean – tak 1/1, a little late – stalder – DLO 2/1, stuck landing with a little lean. Great. 15.233

Ahead of Srbic, who is up to 14.700 on inquiry,

Dolci – HB – CAN – tak 1/1, late – tak 1/2, solid – Cassina and peels off – resumes with kovacs, hit – layout tkatchev – tkatchev, and now a second fall – DLO 2/1, hop back. 11.100

Chiba – HB – JPN – kolman is crazy close – muscles up out of it, keeps going but major deductions – tak 1/1 – yam – tak 1/2 – DLO 2/1, small hop back. 12.700

Su – HB – CHN – tak 1/1, great finish position – tak 1/2 – liukin, hit – layout tkatchev – kolman, hit – DLO 2/1, a little forward, hop. 14.500 goes ahead of Karimi and into bronze.

GOLD – Hashimoto Daiki
SILVER – Tin Srbic
BRONZE – Su Weide



36 thoughts on “2023 World Championships — Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog”

  1. Do we think Zhou’s coaches decided there was nothing to lose submitting an inquiry? I can’t imagine they really expected her to get a D-score over 6.5.

  2. Can someone explain the mens qualifications to me. They stated, Penev merely from being in the vault finals qualifies him to Paris, but yesterday on Rings etc said certain men had to finish top 3 in order to qualify for Paris, but Penev was only in the final, Isnt making finals enough? why for some not others?

    1. It’s the top scorer of a country that did not qualify a team to the Olympics. So if all the other event final qualifiers are on qualified teams, then simply being in the top 8 would be good enough. If two or more athletes in the finals are from non-qualifying teams, there final results are what determines who qualifiers via that event. (It’s possible the event qualifier may not even make finals if all athletes in the finals are from qualifying teams – I think.)

    2. To qualify you had to be the highest event finisher that hasn’t already qualified through team or AA. So everyone else in the men’s vault had already qualified through other means and Penev was the only one who hadn’t yet so he automatically would get the vault spot.

      On men’s rings there were several gymnasts who hadn’t already qualified so it was more competitive to get that rings spot.

    3. I believe Penev was the only potential qualifier (i.e. their team hadn’t qualified and they weren’t qualified as individuals or whatever) to make it to the vault final, so that automatically made him the highest finisher. I wouldn’t swear to that though.

  3. Why do they keep saying Shilese along with Kyla Ross are the other non Simone gymnasts to make all finals? Are they counting AA as the fourth final, because Kyle nor Shilese have ever made vault finals at a worlds?

    1. Um, cause they’re REALLY EFFING STUPID? Shannon Miller made all four event finals and AA finals at Indy ’91, finishing top 6 in every case and winning *two* silver medals in her FIRST senior Worlds. Sheeesh.

      1. Well the context they were saying – was no one has made 4 finals since Kyla Ross, beyond Simone, saying Shilese did. They werent sayin of all time. Just since Kyla Ross, who never made 4 finals, unless again they are using AA as finals.

      2. SINCE Kyla Ross, means that it has been 10 years between an American making four finals beside Biles.
        Miller is a completely different generation in history and 1991 Worlds was 32 years ago. During a time when compulsories counted for half the qualfication score, which benefitted Shannon because she was generally 1st or 2nd in the World when it came to compulsories.

    2. The commentator didn’t say “all finals”, he said “four finals”.
      Yes, the AA final is a final so Jones made four finals. All around, bars, beam, floor.

  4. Can someone clarify the rule about replacement athletes/alternates at the Olympics? I thought that countries with a full team couldn’t swap in athletes once their qualification lineup was set and the window to make changes closed. Tim and John seem to think China can swap in an extra athlete next year to earn more medals based on what happened with Shi Cong this year.

    1. Countries have earned team spots but they don’t have athletes on the team yet. That won’t be decided till closer to Paris. The team competing for the USA right now most likely won’t be the team at Paris. Plus 3 teams earned their spots last worlds and that team isn’t who is exactly going either.

    2. Worlds is run by FIG.
      Olympics is run by IOC (FIG officiates the meet).

      They have different rules/criteria.

      FIG recently began recognizing all alternates at Worlds (2010 I think was the first) and alternates get medals along with the team. I think it was 2018 that the FIG allowed alternates to replace a team member who competed in qualifications so the alternate could compete in team finals. China decided to use that opportunity this year to rest Lin Chaopan, since he was coming from Asian Games and extra time needed to recover.

      However, at the Olympics, IOC does not recognize alternates, so once line ups are due 24 hours before qualifications, that is that for alternates. So no, a team could not sub an alternate for team finals at the Olympics.

  5. Can someone teach Zhang the yurchenko loop on beam. She looks like a dead seal after doing it, just dead hanging there. Loop it girl…

    1. Judges need to start deducting it for what it really is, a fall on the beam.

      1. It’s not a fall. She’s made some errors on it at this competition, but it should need to be off the beam or hanging underneath it to be considered a fall.

      2. No it’s a fall on beam. She misplaced her hands and as a result fell chest first onto the beam. That’s not what the skill looks like. You can fall ON the beam as well.

  6. I really appreciate that we don’t have a world anymore where no one in the women’s field could hope to touch Simone’s scores on their best day. It’s easy to imagine a world where Zhou wins beam, and Rebeca’s team final floor score would have beaten Simone today. I’m happy Simone’s still winning, but I appreciate that it’s not a sure thing.

    1. Robin, if Simone hits they cant touch here, mostly on vault and floor. And Zhou had to do close to her best to catch Simones best…. If she makes an error its not a sure thing, but its still a pretty sure thing. Imagine a world….. cue the narrator. If Simone didnt go out of bounds on her biles on floor, Rebeccas BEST still wouldnt have touched her. Her D score on floor proves that. We Still in Simone era. And she isnt even a year into her comeback… I believe they said she is at 70 %… like come on

    2. Biles, wonderful as she is when at her best on beam, has always been ‘beatable’ on that event. Try looking at her medal history. In fact, two Chinese women beat Biles in the beam final at the last Olympics.

      Andrade’s team final floor score was one of her highest ever, if not THE highest, and she is well known not only for brilliant, marvelous performances but for floor errors which cost her, among other things, the Olympic AA title two years ago. Had Biles not fallen (uncharacteristically) on her Yurchenko double back Andrade couldn’t have won vault in Antwerp.

      The point is that in most cases,still… if Biles doesn’t make big mistakes or fall, she still wins no matter how her competitors perform.

  7. “Six medals for the Brazilian women here. Before 2021, they only had four total ever.”

    A bit of a mischaracterization, though I get your point. Your math’s just a bit off, Spencer. Before this year, I count 6 world championship medals for the Brazilian women:

    – Daiane dos Santos, 2003 floor gold
    – Jade Barbosa, 2007 all-around bronze
    – Rebeca Andrade, 2021 vault gold, 2021, uneven bars silver, 2022 all-around gold, 2022 floor bronze

      1. You also forgot their first medal with Daniele Hypolito’s 2001 FX Silver, and Jade Barbosa’s 2010 VT Bronze.

  8. What happened to Kinsella’s D score on floor? 4.9 compared to 5.6 in qualifications

    1. Kinsella’s floor D suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuux as does her choreo; it’s like a mediocre US routine from 30 years ago. She was wildly overcredited in qualification and they fixed it here. She can’t even get her triple twist around reliably and it’s the hardest thing she DOES!!! 😱

  9. I though Biles was underscored on beam. I was sure she was going over 15 for that routine, so the 8.3 E score really surprised me especially when Yaqin and Wevers had a few more blatant wobbles and were only 0.1 down on execution.

    I was thrilled for Saraiva on floor who has been just out of the medals on so many occasions. Voinea was a huge surprise on floor who pulled out great difficulty and landings and really challenged for bronze. If she cleans up her form in the air, she could be a medal threat.

    I think Biles needs to give up on the Biles I on floor. She has not connected it to a leap once this season (I don’t even think she’s attempting a leap anymore) and more often than not, she has a 0.3 step and a 0.1 out of bounds. Her opening double layout 1/1 is so huge that I think she can upgrade to the layout 2/1 for her first pass and then put the layout 1/1 in place of the Biles I for her third pass. That’s a 0.2 increase in D score and eliminates the troublesome forward landing.

    1. The thing I noticed… Is Simone hasnt grown at all, height wise, same height since she was 16… During her first quad, her tumbling style was never taken right the edge of the floor, she always had so much room to spare, just watched her Rio floor final, and she still is doing three of those passes, and had so much room to spare.

      Her Biles on floor to stag, flew but she had so much room it didnt matter. Her next quad and beyond she stopped doing that for the passes she did in 2016, I wonder why? Im speaking solely on the passes she has been doing for years and years. Not the newer things that required more power… Wonder if she could do the biles from a roundoff lol… give her much more room.

  10. Khoi showing the US team his value in medal count was spectacular, men not having seen 3 medals at a single World’s since Paul Hamm in 2003! Hope he adds in more difficulty on FX, would love to see him have 3 very strong events with his execution, though he’s undeniable for Paris in my opinion already. Interesting to see how Colt or Brody’s return might factor in if they fully recover and Curran gain a little more consistency with veterans like Yul or Donnell trying to stay in.

    NBC’s commentary is grating, but glad they feel free to voice the separation in execution issues we continue to see. Thankfully they aren’t just pointing it out when American gymnasts suffer the consequences of that. That type of pressure is impactful, so I hope FIG takes note before Paris.

  11. I thought this was a pretty good World Championships. The return of Simone showed she’s still a force to be reckoned with. Also, it’s nice to see Rebecca Andrade push Simone. Theirs could be an interesting rivalry all the way to Paris 2024. With Rebecca in the mix, Simone can no longer win with two falls.

    I wonder if Simone will do any upgrades next year? Probably not on vault, but on beam, floor and bars there are possible upgrades.

    I agree with above posters on execution scores. Rebecca Andrade’s Cheng in the vault final was not a 9.5 execution with her big step to the side. She tried to hold a stick but it didn’t work out. She had a big lean to the side then stepped to the side and took a couple shuffle steps, although she acted like it was her salute. It seems like the judges gave her credit for a NCAA stick, but that was not a controlled landing. I still think Rebecca getting gold on vault was right, but that execution score was not a 9.5.

    Also agree on Simone’s execution on beam being too low compared to Zhou. Zhou’s mount didn’t stay in vertical long enough, she had a wobble and bend forward at the hips on her three side jump combination, and a step back on her dismount. Simone had a tiny jump up in place on her dismount and that was it. How were they separated by 0.1 in execution? And in case anyone says artistry, Spencer and Jessica on the Gymcastic podcast discussed the artistry deductions. There were three judges, and for Simone she received 0.2, 0.2, and 0.4 in artistry deduction. For Zhou, for the same judges in the same order, she got 0.2, 0.2, and 0.5 in artistry deductions. Thus, artistry deductions were not the factor because Simone actually outdid Zhou on that aspect.

    There were numerous other examples in both men’s and women’s routines. I just wish the judges would get better at separating the execution scores more properly. They seemed obsessed with clustering them very closely unless there are major errors.

  12. Sam Peszek is an idiot. I don’t know what she is talking about when she brings up the AA and EF.

    Shannon Miller made all 4 EF at Worlds in 91, 93, and 95. She pulled out of Vault and Floor finals with a sprained ankle(95)

    Kyla Ross didn’t make all 4 Event Finals at any Worlds, like EVER. . In 2013, a gymnast named MCKAYLA MARONEY won the vault title. Simone finished second. Kyla didn’t have a second vault.

    No one counts the AA as an Event Finals but bleached blondes who have obviously been affected by all the chemicals in their fat, ugly head. Speaking of which, who did Samantha Peszek fuck to get this job at NBC? Nastia did a better job than Sammie. Do you know how bad she has to be anyone to favor Nastia over her? Sammie needs to stop lying because every time she talks days something about good form, she’s proven wrong in the slow motion.

    NBC should just give up the Olympics.

    1. I’m so sorry for all the pain you are in. Can I have your personal details, to start a gofundme in your honor to seek healing and help? No one should be suffering such pain and anger in silence.

    2. You need to get your hearing checked. No one ever said “4 event finals”.
      It was clear as day that what was said is “made 4 finals”.
      Which is accurate.
      Jones made 4 finals (AA, UB, BB, FX) and the last person to do so (not named Simone Biles) was Kyla Ross in 2013.

      They literally call it
      All Around FINALS
      Apparatus FINALS

      Your delusional rant about how Peszek got her job demonstrates that you are clueless. Peszek was offered the job after Liukin declined her new contract, in which she was not given her request of more money. With Liukin not wanting the job anymore, the next best qualified is Peszek who has not only worked with NBC, but also ESPN, ABC, and NCAA conferences.

      You should just give up on watching gymnastics at this point.

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