2023 World Championships – Women’s All-Around Live Blog

We have just the one withdrawal in the women’s all-around to handle so far, with Ou Yushan pulling out. She’s replaced by first alternate Morgane Osyssek-Reimer, who takes Ou’s position leading off the bars group.

Simone’s scores in qualification and the team final are the top AA results so far in the competition. The next best is Andrade’s 57.099 from the team final, closely followed by Jones’ 56.932 and Gadirova’s 56.766 from qualification, then De Jesus Dos Santos’ 56.5 from the team final. No one else has reached the 56 mark.

Olly speaks for all of us when saying that today really makes you think of Vlasta Dekanova’s 1934 title. Exactly what we were all thinking.

And now we have Kinsella subbing in for Gadirova in the final at the last second. Kinsella had been 2-per-countried out. So that changes things.

Sarah Voss just showed the world that you can use props for your intro. Even bigger game changer.

Allgymnastics link.

Rotation 1

John tells us that Gadirova’s withdrawal is precautionary and that she was working OK in the warmup gym.

Simone warming up the Cheng.

Thorsdottir – FX – NED – split jump full, good completion – front 2/1, only a small step – double l drops a little early but gets her combination to double and double L and illusion – double tuck, tiny rebound – switch to split leap full, nice – back 2.5 to front pike, hop. Lovely. 13.266

Osyssek – UB – FRA – toe full to maloney, some form on backswing into a straddled pak – van leeuwen, another leg break – blind to jaeger, good – toe 1/2, a little late – double front, nice stick. 13.100

13.166 beam for D’Amato leading off that rotation.

Kinsella – VT – GBR – DTY, not going for Amanar, struggled some on it today but OK, chest down on landing, crossover step back, straddle on the block.

Qiu – UB – CHN – healy to ling to layout jaeger, excellent – inbar full, no connection – stalder tkatchev piked, good – pak – van leeuwen – FTDT, stuck. Broke a bunch of connections in there but lovely elements. 14.700 with a 6.3 D.

13.766 for Kinsella. 13.333 for Voss on floor. A dismount miss for Godwin on beam for 12.266.

Jones – VT – DTY, good distance today, medium bounce back, solid. 14.233

Esposito – UB – ITA – Nabieva to pak, great – maloney, small leg break connect to a nice bhardwaj, hits van leeuwen well – giant full – front giant to double front, little good. Good one.

Biles – VT – Cheng today, her best Cheng of the meet thus far, huge distance, just a little movement in place, foot cross. 15.100 with a 9.5 E. Is it good?

14.166 for Esposito, really nice number on bars for her.

Saraiva – VT – BRA – DTY is nice, chest a bit down, some direction, step back. 13.833

Nemour – UB – ALG – inbar nabieva to pak to maloney to stalder full to stalder tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova to stalder shaposh 1/2 – toe full to DLO, just a little short, hop forward. Did the mega combo. 15.200, 6.9 D score, into the lead

13.600 beam for Achampong.

Black – VT – CAN – stuck handspring front full, awesome. 14.000

Visser – UB – NED – stalder tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova, hit – stalder full to stalder shaposh to pak, clean – van leeuwen, legs together – toe full to FTDT, little hop to the side, solid. 14.266

Andrade – VT – BRA – Cheng is awesome in the air of course, a little forward in the chest on landing, so a small step and then an additional step to the side and out of the area. 14.700

Schaefer – BB – GER – switch to switch to split ring, question on the split ring but a good combination – bhs loso, arm wave wobble – switch ring, wobble – cat leap and stops and adds choreo – double turn, nice – schaefer, hit with a lean forward – aerial to split to stag ring, good – side aerial, stays on but two steps back – gainer layout, hop. Much wobblier than Q but a hit.

DJDS – UB – FRA – stalder shap to giant full – Nabieva and falls – alas – we heard a gasp while we were watching Schaefer’s beam and I was concerned about something like this – pak and maloney and yezhova are all nice upon resuming – van leeuwen, legs right together – DLO 1/1, landed out of frame, but who could have seen a dismount coming?

Still 13.566 for Schaefer.

Barbosu – BB – ROU – front tuck mount, hit, small movement – fhs to front tuck series, holds it – switch to switch 1/2 to korbut, gets the series, short split positions – wolf double, solid – sissone to full turn, check – side aerial, secure – split leap full, pretty close to all the way around, wobble – 2.5 dismount, good, some leg crossing and a little hop.

After 1:
1 – Nemour – 15.200
2 – Biles – 15.100
3 – Andrade – 14.700
3 – Qiu – 14.700
5 – Visser – 14.266
6 – Jones – 14.233
7 – Esposito – 14.166
8 – Black – 14.000

Achampong – BB – GBR – replay of this one – walkover mount is nice – aerial, good feet to split jump straddle jump – bhs loso loso, nice extension, lean to the side – side aerial to scale, yes you did – switch ring to split ring, some feet, but her leg form improvement has been excellent over the last couple years – y spin – bhs bhs 2.5, large lunge to the side

Big development in the first rotation will be the fall for Melanie on bars. The other contenders pretty much on track.

Voss – FX – GER – replay – wolf double, good – split leap full, nice height, so emotive that it looked like she landed with low chest – double tuck, good control – back 1.5 to front full dance out – double L turn to full turn – switch to switch 1/2, good – back 2.5 to front tuck, hop forward

Rotation 2

Qiu – BB – CHN – bhs arabian series, holds onto it, step forward, arm wave – switch to switch 1/2 to korbut series bonus – aerial to split ring jump to bhs, excellent speed – side aerial, large break, bend forward at the hips, feet were way off line – switch ring, nice – 2.5 dismount, hop to the side. 13.733

Jones – UB – USA – stalder full to stalder shap to tkatchev, hit – toe full to stalder tkatchev piked to oak – does not connect to van leeuwen, but it’s clean – toe 1/2 to front giant to double front, hop back. 14.633, again a little down on qualification.

Moreno – VT – MEX – handspring rudi is a big struggle, deep landing, knee almost down, lunge forward

Biles – UB – USA – weiler 1/2 to maloney, legs, to giant full to giant swing to tkatchev piked to pak, broken full combo there, but doesn’t lose CV – van leeuwen, small leg break – toe full to FTDT, hop back. 14.333, only a tenth down on what she has been doing.

Martins – VT – POR – yfull, solid distance, piking with a lunge back

Saraiva – UB – BRA – toe full to tkathev piked and falls – Flavia’s bars streak is over – resumes toe full to maloney to gienger, hit – little adjustment in blind change – double front step back

We didn’t see Esposito’s beam but it’s just a 12.866.

Nemour – BB – ALG – hits loso mount – bhs loso loso, lovely and smooth – switch to split to korbut, nice – switch 1/2, some feet – aerial, some knee – full turn, holds it – side aerial, good – bhs bhs 2.5 is a struggle, some knees, a couple lunges to the side. 13.300

Hatakeda hits her Y1.5 but a large lunge to the side

Schaefer – FX – GER – double front, lots of cowboy, hop – split leap full – insane landing on her front 1/1, she over-twisted by about a quarter and got ejected from the floor onto her side – finishes front 1/1

12.633 for Flavia.

Black – UB – CAN – maloney to hindorff, good – clear hip tkatchev 1/2 attempt but can’t catch it because she actually tries to do it right, also missed that in the warmup — resumed with piked jaeger – pak, some feet – van leeuwen – giant full – toe front pike 1/2 dismount, a little low, chest down, hop

Schaefer’s reaction when her 10.7 came up was a highlight.

DJDS – BB – FRA – front pike mount, great – bhs loso, turn to the side, arm wave switch to switch 1/2, solid aerial to split to bhs, large wobble with arm wave to keep that one on – wolf double – side aerial, leg up wobble – split to pike jump – double pike, step back. A shaky one today. But still 13.466, not back.

Kishi – VT – JPN – does her DTY, just some chest down and a crossover step back

Thorsdottir – VT – NED – nice job to hang onto the stick on that one, some pike, chest position and stagger on landing, but good

D’Amato – FX – ITA – double y spin, lovely – DLO, bounce back into the corner, stays in – 3/1, and staggers to the ground, came in short, alas – switch ring to split leap full, hit – split jump full – front 2/1, hop, good – switch ring –

Still waiting on Black’s bars score. Roethlisberger is having an embolism. They’ll have to decide whether Black got her 1/2 turn on tkatchev and whether she got the bar before falling.

12.133 for Black.

Andrade – UB – BRA – maloney to stalder full, nice into tkatchev piked to pak, clean – van leeuwen, good leg form – piked jaeger, just a hair close but fine – toe full to FTDT, near stick, college slide salute. 14.500

Voss – VT – GER – lovely high full, bounce back

Kinsella – UB – GBR – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, hit – stalder tkachev to pak – maloney to gienger, form on catch – toe full to double arabian, jelly legs on landing, deep with a couple lunges

After 2:
1 – Biles – 29.433
2 – Andrade – 29.200
3 – Jones – 28.866
4 – Nemour – 28.500
5 – Qiu – 28.433
6 – Kinsella – 27.366
7 – Thorsdottir – 27.099
8 – Esposito – 27.032

Things shaping up exactly to plan for the top three favorites thus far, but now we go to beam.

We’re seeing the replay of Esposito on beam, fell on her double pike dismount. And the replay of Godwin on floor, where she double fronted herself OOB.

Rotation 3

Biles – BB – USA – switch mount, wobble, no combo – switch leap to switch 1/2 to back pike, hit and getting her dance combo – wolf triple, solid – aerial, leans through it to split straddle – bhs loso loso, right on – side aerial, secure – bhs bhs FTDT, bounce back. Wobble at the beginning, otherwise solid. 14.433

Achampong – VT – GBR – DTY, very strong, little leg crossing, hop back. 14.133

Nemour – FX – ALG – back 1.5 to 3/1, leg crossing, a bit forward with a step – switch to split leap full, little hop – double arabian, a little short with step back – double tuck, bounces back OOB – switch 1/1, looked a little under but they also cut in the middle. 12.700

Schaefer vaults only a handspring tuck 1/2, which is not what she posted, bounce back. Lee YS hits a yfull but so close to the table, lots of distance deducting.

That was apparently more important than Flavia’s beam, which went 14.033 to move her ahead of Achampong and Esposito.

Visser – FX – NED – whip 3/1 front tuck is hit today, angled front tuck and a hop – gets through her double L to double turn, and doubel y to illusion, a little slow but around – switch 1/2 – back 1.5 to front tuck, large bounce – switch ring – split leap full – double tuck, sticks with chest down

Now we’re seeing Flavia’s beam – bhs mount, small pause before straddle to korbut but lovely elements – full turn – bhs loso, secure – switch ring, gorgeous, small wobble – aerial to split ring jump, check – side somi, lean forward – split leap to sissone, perfect – double pike, holds onto the landing.

Godwin – VT – AUS – Tsuk layout 1.5, good landing, little hop to the side

Andrade – BB – BRA – switch mount, hit – switch to switch 1/2, larger break, leg up – bhs loso is solid – aerial to split ring jump, very good – switch ring, arm wave wobble – side aerial, another check – full turn – wolf jump to sissone, a little tight – double pike, step back. Fine. Checky, though not as checky as the TF. 13.500

D’Amato’s DTY was a little short but worked it out with a hop.

Osyssek – FX – FRA – double double tuck, shuffle back and then some sliding into the corner but I think didn’t go out – front loso to double tuck, hop back and again a little step into the corner – switch 1/2, nice – FTDT, just a bit of chest position, slide back – double pike, hop forward – popa – switch to leg up hop full. Good.

Kinsella – BB – GBR – switch mount, wobble – aerial, check, no connection to split to straddle – side aerial to loso loso series is good, just a small lean on landing – switch to switch 1/2, solid – wolf double, hit – 2.5, hop forward. That was a, so you didn’t want that in the TF? kind of routine. 13.433.

Jones – BB – USA – Sarah is holding her number for the judges today – switch mount to switch 1/2, small adjustment at the end – arabian, hit, holds it, a little deep – split to straddle nice – bhs bhs layout 2 feet, secure – side aerial, solid – full turn, check – bhs bhs double pike, holds the landing. Very good.

Qiu goes 13.166 on floor to move head ahead of Nemour for fourth place.

14.066 for Jones moves her ahead of Andrade and into 2nd by a couple tenths.

After 3
1 – Biles – 43.866
2 – Jones – 42.932
3 – Andrade – 42.700
4 – Qiu – 41.599
5 – Nemour – 41.200
6 – Kinsella – 40.799
7 – Thorsdottir – 40.532
8 – Saraiva – 40.499

Large lead for the top three heading to the final event. Andrade will have the edge on Jones there in terms of potential floor score.

Looking back a Qiu’s floor, really nice 3/1.

Rotation 4

Saraiva – FX – BRA – jarred back a little on her FTDT landing – lovely height on switch 1/1 – DLO is wayy wayy short and lands it to her knees – goes into the split full, switch ring 1/2 – back 1.5 to front full – only does a layout final pass, good. And now she’s limping off and everything better not be ruined.

Nemour – VT – ALG – yfull, rather a lot of piking, chest down and a hop forward. 12.766

Lee YS – UB – KOR – inbar full – inbar shap to pak to van leeuwen, great leg form – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, nice – stalder full to FTDT, holds onto stick well

Just 12.2 for Flavia’s floor. Medical looking at her ankle now.

Black – FX – CAN – 2.5 through to double pike, lunge back OOB – popa, nice – front full to double tuck, really short landing, lunge forward – spli tleap full, some knees – switch full, around – front 2/1, under rotated and has several stumble lunges to the side

DJDS – VT – FRA – DTY, not quite the stick from team, but great height – bounce back

Finishes on 53.865, a tenth back of Nemour.

Kishi – BB – JPN – aerial to split straddle – side aerial, wobble – switch ring, secure landing – bhs loso, solid – y spin – split ring leap is secure – double pike, little hop back

Andrade – FX – BRA – front full through to FTDT, great, little hop – DLO 1/1, fab, hop back – switch full, great height – gets her triple y around too – DLO, shorter landing there, hop – split leap full, nice – double pike, lunge back OOB which feels very Olympics AA, but a great routine.

Qiu – VT – CHN – Tsuk full, fine, some pike, solid distance, hop back. Good day. 13.200 and 54.799 for first place for a second.

Thorsdottir – BB – NED – bhs mount, large break but keeps it on the beam this time – L turn, pulls it around – to switch and y turn – bhs loso, nice legs, chest forward, secure landing – aerial to split jump, good feet – side aerial, hit – 2.5 dismount, crossover step. 13.566. Good day for her –

14.066 for Andrade with .3 OOB. That will keep Jones in the mix for silver depending on how Jones does.

Kinsella – FX – GBR – 1.5 to 3/1, looks like she got it around, bounce back – back 2.5 to front pike, hop forward – wolf double – split leap full to switch full, pulls it around – double pike, bounce back

D’Amato comes back with hit bars for 14.666, 54.265 total, ahead of Thorsdotti, Nemour, and Esposito. Esposito vaulted Y1.5, good, little hop.

“Steve, I don’t know if you believe in angel numbers…”

13.233 for Kinsella, in behind D’Amato and Thorsdottir, ahead of Nemour and Esposito.

Jones – FX – USA – wolf 2.5, no triple – double double tuck, little scoot back – tries for triple L, closer but drops about a third of a turn too early – front full, nearly Grishinas it but comes through with a double tuck, lower amplitude but she did a pass and it was good – FTDT, chest down, step forward – leg up hop full, to switch 1/2. Definitely shouldn’t pass Andrade but should be a great day for bronze.

D’Amato , looking back at her bars – maloney to tkatchev, hit – stalder tkatchev pike dto bhardwaj – van leeuwen, small leg break – front fiant full – does the double front 1/2 out with a hop back. Nice that she got a hit out there this week.

13.400 for Jones, into second for the moment with 56.332.

This shot of Simone sitting on the floor is SOOO “beginning of a fluff piece.”

Biles – FX – USA – DLO 1/1, good, bounce back – front full to double double, solid control, small hop back – wolf double – switch to split leap 1.5 – Biles, little hop – LOLLLLLL trips on her switch full attempt, doesn’t do anything, but sticks a DLO.

LOLOLOLOL an all-time Simone Classic. I think Cecile just said “you don’t need it” because it’s not fulfilling any requirements, so she just has to count her B switch leap.

14.533 for Simone, wins by 1.633, Andrade silver, Jones bronze.


1 – Biles – 58.399
2 – Andrade – 56.766
3 – Jones – 56.332
4 – Qiu – 54.799
5 – D’Amato – 54.265
6 – Thorsdottir – 54.098
7 – Kinsella – 54.032
8 – Nemour – 53.966








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  1. Damn allgymnastics.tv won’t let me in today without a VPN! Such a tease all week!

  2. Qiu – inbar full back down to cast handstand feels so out of place on the high bar.

    Nemour’s bars are so dynamic. I hope she pulls it together in finals, so much more exciting than Qiu’s routine. Nemour has the most exciting bars this quad.

    1. Nemour is the only one who brings to mind the connections of the previous quad, but even more amped up.

  3. What am I missing? These UB E scores seem WAY too close to each other. How did they get 1.7 from Qui?

    OTOH, gorgeous vaults from Simone and Ellie and Congrats to the announcer for figuring out how to pronounce the gymnast’s names. Team finals was really embarrassing.

    1. Hopefully for that stupid inbar full to then cast handstand in the middle of her routine. haha not a deduction but should be on the high bar.

  4. Andrade’s vault score is laughable. Completely bent over on the landing with a huge step OOB.

  5. Someone text Shi’s coach and tell them she doesn’t have her number on! She didn’t have it on at beam, either.

    1. Her coach held her number up for the D Panel before starting beam. The rules say that, with prior approval of a written request, the number does not need to be worn on beam and floor in certain situations, but it does need to be displayed to the D Panel before the routine starts. I assume she received approval before the start of the meet.

    2. Shi got permission not to wear the BIB. It came undone during her beam routine in team finals and was a distraction. Didn’t want to take the risk of that again during AA.

  6. Simone’s little trip and her little tiny trots to get to the corner (sandwiched between the *BIG SKILLS*) were just the thing to end off this event haha!

    Happy for Andrade and Jones. Andrade in particular always looks thrilled to be medaling in any color, which is truly wonderful.

  7. Thank you for the allgymnastics.tv link at the top of the page! When I typed the URL into my browser, I was geoblocked. But when I clicked it directly from Balance Beam Situation, I was able to watch. Thank you for the somehow un-geoblocked link!

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