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Worlds 2018 – Women’s All-Around Final

It’s the Simone show.

After that, we think it’s the Morgan show.

After that, it’s the 78 people show? Murakami? Melnikova? Black? De Jesus Dos Santos? Derwael?

The mysteries we face…

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Worlds 2018 – Men’s All-Around Final

First, for those who are having trouble with those stupid ads in Safari on iPhones, I’m aware of the problem. WordPress is being…less than immediately helpful about it? For now, try desktop, another device, another browser, or viewing directly from the twitter link in the twitter app.

Anyway, to the competition! Is Xiao starting a streak? Or is it the age of the No-Kohei free-for-all? We shall learn the answer.

Our lead rotation group features Xiao, Nagornyy, Mikulak, Dalaloyan, Sun, and Kenzo. Clean performances from the first three in qualification gave themselves quite a buffer over the rest, but the other three all had their mistakes that, if rectified, can put them right up among the top options. The same holds for James Hall or Kazuma Kaya. And what of Oleg down in the third group but still being Oleg?