2023 World Championships — Women’s Qualification Day 2 Live Blog

It’s the final day of women’s qualification, and we’ve got sleep to ignore and Olympic spots to decide!


The fourth subdivision delivers to us a Spanish team that qualified in a huge surprise last time around, the host Belgians, and the Romanian Romanians. All are trying to find their way into the Olympic qualification 12, so the big big goal will be South Korea’s 157.297 from yesterday.

Rotation 1

Pinxten – BB – Belgium – hits loso mount – side aerial to loso, feet but secure  straddle jump from side – hits side aerial and double wolf – switch to sissone, little check – 1.5 dismount, hop. A very composed start to Belgium’s competition. 12.700

Preda – FX – ROU – falls out of double y attempt quite dramatically – double pike, hop back – front full with a hop – wolf double, gets it – double tuck, a bit deep, slide back. 12.300

Alba Petisco brought her lovely toe point to an opening bars hit. 12.666

Enghels – BB – Belgium – candle mount, good – gets wolf triple around – aerial, large break, grabs the beam and ultimately falls.

Cosman ends her floor with a double tuck, chest down but pretty secure – then switch to split leap full, well short of split position on both – double wolf, around – 12.733

There was a second fall in there for Enghels. 10.533, must hit the next two beams now to stay alive

Perez – UB – Spain – piked jaeger, hit, just a little close – Ray to pak is good – clear hip to maloney to geinger, DLO, nice straight position, step back. Good. 12.933

Barbosu hits her 3/1 to sideways front tuck to start on floor – pike jump full – 2.5 to front pike, good solid landing, some crossed legs – wolf triple – split leap 1.5 – double pike, shorter with hop forward – switch full. This should be a very good score. 13.200, thought we would see a little more separation from the first two, but 13.2 is nice.

Dandois fullys splits the beam on loso series for Belgium, pretty split work – tightens it up after the fall, solid double pike to finish with step back.

Font – UB – Spain – toe full to stalder shap to pak, solid – short hs – maloney, short backswing into a solid bail to shoot to high – piked jaeger, loses leg position on catch but good height – double pike dismount, little two foot shuffle back. 12.566

38.499 for Spain on bars, solid start. Did the job on bars.

Voinea – FX – ROU – DLO 1/1 and stuck, excellent first pass – double double, a little deep but keeps it together with a step – triple turn – switch to switch 1/1 – FTDT, also holds the stick – split leap full, a little under split – front tuck through to double tuck, right into the corner, controls the landing. Excellent. 13.666, which is 5th on floor for now.

Lonnnnnng wait for the Dandois score. Ends up on 12.066, which they’ll absolutely take for a fall. Not devastating.

Verkest – BB – Belgium – loso mount, wobble, turn to the side, but holds it – side aerial and does not hold it, she’s off, just one hit in this opening beam – bhs loso series, leg up wobble but keeps it on – switch to split ring leap, little hop – side somi, solid – wolf double, good – switch ring is nice, she’s pulled it together in the second half of this routine – gainer pike full dismount, little hop. 11.766

Very good 39.599 for Romania on floor, excellent pace to start. Belgium goes 36.532 on beam, which puts….um a lot of pressure on the rest of the events.

Rotation 2

Font – BB – Spain – switch mount, ltitle wobble – switch to wolf jump, good height on wolf – secure back tuck – bhs loso bhs like an NCAA gymnast, good – saves her aerial with a leg up wobble – larger beak on side aerial, lean over at the waist – full turn with a check – 2/1 dismount, little step. 11.866

Verkest opens Belgium’s floor witha  12.500.

Barbosu – VT – ROU – Y1.5, little hop forward, slight lack of distance but good direction and control. 13.500

Pinxten – Belgium with a bounce OOB with both feet on a double pike. 12.333

Petisco is off beam immediately on her loso mount. 11.566

Cosman slightly cleaner than Barbosu on her Y1.5, just a little hop. 13.633

Voinea – VT – Romania and she runs through – did not touch the vault, but that’s an automatic 1.000 off in elite. Or at least I didn’t think she did. Her score is up as a DNS. Possible touch of the board running through, which also counts as touching the vault?

A no-vault from Voinea puts Romania on 40.099 on vault. Still not bad, but they needed that DTY.

Dandois – FX – Belgium – she’s following a 12.600 for Enghels – double L turn – front loso to double tuck, step back – front full a little short but covers – double pike, a little short, step

Casabuena with very nice loso series on beam but ultimately has a wild-near-save-fall on her punch front. Second fall on side aerial. Double pike is hit.

12.733 for Dandois puts Belgium on 37.833 for floor, solid recovery from beam. Spain, meanwhile, has three 11s on beam as well as an excellent 12.966 from Perez to go 36.398 there and fall way back themselves just like Belgium in rotation 1.

The team that got a zero from their best vaulter is the one that’s on track in this subdivision, so that’s how it’s going so far. But Romania still has to do bars and beam.

Rotation 3

Preda – UB – ROU – toe full, good – maloney to pak, hit, leg separation – van leeuwen, larger leg break – clear hip 1/2 to jaeger, solid – DLO, flung out but found the landing, step forward. One hit bars in the bank. 12.733

Nice stuck FTDT from Perez on floor, large bounce back on double tuck. 12.333

Cosman – UB – ROU – clear hip to toe full, late, to maloney to pak, lovely releases – van leeuwen legs together – blind to jaeger, hit – FTDT, a little over, hop to the side – wonderful. 13.033

Dandois finishes vault for Belgium with just a layout, but they had banked three hits yfulls before that. 39.132

Barbosu – UB – ROU – shaposh to backwasing 1/2 to yezhova – maloney to clear hip full, late ot clear hip tkatchev piked to pak, nice – van leeuwen, tucks it a little, catches – FTDT, deep landing, lunge forward. Not as clean, but survived it and had the D score (6.2) for a 13.366.

Casabuena – FX – Spain – piked full in, lunge back – y spin 1.5-ish – front loso with some form into a clean double tuck, good secure landing – 2/1, hop back – switch ring, good into split leap full, comfortably around – switch 1/2 –

Ghigoarta – UB – ROU – Church, big, caught – stalder 1/2 to yezhova, leg separation – maloney, some form in backwaing, connects to stalder and pak – van leeuwen, lovely – stalder full, late – double tuck dismount, step. 12.600

Romania hit all the bars routines in a worlds bars rotation!

Petisco – FX – Spain – FTDT, great stick – double arabian, rebounds herself forward but keeps it in bounds – switch to split full, good lift and extension on split full – whip to double tuck, also a solid landing, small slide – wolf 2.5ish – switch 1/2, good – double pike, chest down but another secure landing. Good work. 13.100, and a 38.499 rotation.

Rotation 4

Romania needs 38.467 on beam to catch South Korea. Definitely doable if they can stay on.

Preda – BB – ROU – bhs mount, solid – tight wolf turn but survived it – side aerial to bhs, good – switch, hit – aerial, solid – side somi, a little squat, holds it – split to sissone, arm waves through it – gainer pike full, close to the beam but hit, little steps. 11.966 and I’m wondering if she didn’t get dance combination.

Casabuena hits a yfull on vault, a little short, step forward.

Nice toe point from Pinxten on bars for Belgium but she takes her pak too close to the bar and falls

Barbosu – BB – Rou – very solid front tuck mount – fhs to front tuck, suppper deep and saves it with a step back like a miracle person – switch to switch 1/2, high, wobble with a lean, doesn’t connect to korbut – wolf triple, tucks the leg on the third turn but again saves it – switch to full turn, good – side aerial – split leap 1/1, under rotated but secure – 2.5 dismount, hop forward. If Romania makes the Olympics, it will be because Barbosu saved that routine like 3 times using only witchcraft. And gets 12.866 which is very usable.

Ghigoarta – BB – ROU – front tuck mount, hits with arm wave – split leap sissone, tight but hit – side aerial, step back – bhs loso, good extension, solid – switch to switch 1/2, short on 1/2 but good switch – side somi barely hits anything on the beam and falls – wolf triple is good – bhs bhs double tuck, little step. Beam is getting Romania.

Brassart sits her double front bars dismount.

WOW, Ghogoarta gets 12.433 with a fall on beam.

Enghels – UB – Belgium – toe full to stalder to stalder shap to pak, closeon pak but saves it with clear hip circle – maloney to tkatchev, hit – arches cast hs – Ricna, hit – front giant to double front, hit with hop forward. Finishes Belgium’s day with a good one.

Voinea – BB – ROU – hits her layout full, arm wave – side aerial, small adjustment – bhs layout 2 feet, also solid – aerial, hit – split leap 1/2, under split but secure – switch to switch 1/2, hit – wolf to split jump, nice – bhs double tuck, hop back. That could do it.

A big 13.666 for Voinea and Romania finishes with 157.795, moving ahead of South Korea and looking good for Olympic qualification now.


With Romania and South Korea in the books with 157s, it’s now BIG BIG pressure on Mexico in this subdivision. If they don’t pass South Korea’s 157.297, there might not be a spot for them in the Olympics 12.

We’ll also have Nemour on bars in rotation 3 of this one.

Rotation 1

Pinto – UB – Chile – giant full, some leg sepraastion – hits jaeger, close – fall on tkatchev

Nice side aerial from Westlund on beam for Sweden, straddle jump from side with a lean, falls on her layout 2 foot attempt. Salem also opens floor with a fall. Not the brightest start for this sub.

Loustalot – VT – Mexico – a handspring pike 1/2, which doesn’t have much D, but it’s well done with a stick for 13.066.

Nemour – FX – 1.5 through to 3/1, hit with little hop, leg crossing – nice leap positions – double arabian, flexed feet, solid landing, small hop – double tuck, step back, keeps it in – switch 1/1, hop. 12.700

Escalera – VT – Mexico – pretty large lunge forward on Y1.5. 13.500. Tsuk full second vault, two smaller steps, some pike

Moreno – VT – Mexico – handspring rudi, is very very good, just a little hop back and some direction. 14.566

Paulsson going up on beam after a couple falls for Sweden, showing some really lovely form but pausing on combinations, and now she also falls on a back tuck.

Moreno – VT 2 – Mexico – Tsuk double is a bit more of a control struggle with a large bounce back and an OOB but her average of 14.149 will put her ahead of Roberson nonetheless and into 4th.

Sandoval – VT – Mexico – Tsuk double 2/1, around and hit, a bit of a stiff stagger back but she goes 13.933. 

Mexico scores 41.999 on vault, which is an excellent start. Third on the event behind only the US and GB so far.

Gravin – BB – Sweden – bhs mount, lovely, nice feet and extension – bhs bhs loso series, large break with leg up but saves it – switch to split, pause before korbut – side aerial, hit with feet, y spin, large break, lean forward at the hips – aerial, arm wave – split ring jump – wolf to sissone – 2/1 dismount, stuck. She gets Sweden a beam hit.

Rotation 2

Nice ring position from Gravin on floor. Falls out of a double y attempt. 

Moreno – UB – Mexico – maloney to pak, hit – van leeuwen, leg separation – clea hip full, gets it with slight hesitation – hits piked deltchev, short cast – front giant 1/2 to bail, shoot to high – DLO, hop back. Lots of form moments but recorded a foundation hit. 12.466

Nemour hits a Yfull for 13.000

Paulsson with excellent double pike on floor, good open at the end, nice leg position.

Sandoval – UB – Mexico – shaposh to pak, good – maloney to bail, legs together well, connects to toe shoot, good amplitude – toe full, late into gienger, nice height again – FTDT dismount, just a little deep, step back. Good. 13.366

Paulsson also definitely stepped OOB on a landing there and didn’t get it taken, I assume as a reward for having just the best gymnastics to look at.

Campos – UB – Mexico – toe on to mvan leeuwen, leg separation – blind to piked jaeger, good psoition – clear hip tkatcehv piked, hit – pak, pretty – maloney, low but hit, connects to a very late clear hip 1/2 – looks like she hit her foot on the low bar swinging through on giants – double tuck dismount with hop forward. The first non-ideal moment for Mexico today. 11.633

Escalera – UB – Mexico – van leeuwen, hit – short cast hs – blind to piked jaeger – tkatchev to pak, some feet on tkatchev but hit – maloney to gienger, leg separation but caught – toe full, late – FTDT, hop back. Came through with the recovery hit. 12.866 brings the rotation score to a solid place. 38.698 isn’t quite what they wanted but it’s fine.

Rotation 3

So many moments of truth here with Mexico on beam and the bars specialists on bars.

Moreno – BB – Mexico – front tuck, good – bhs loso, check – switch 1/2, low front leg, pause before back tuck, solid – side somi, large lean forward, keeps it on – wolf single – switch side, hit – double pike dismount, good one, only small movement. 12.166. We can work with that.

Also an update, apparently Voinea didn’t get a zero on vault after the run through. Got a DNS. So elected not to go.

Martins – UB – toe full to maloney, good height into pak, clean – van leeuwen, small leg break – clear hip – piked jaeger, solid – DLO, hop back. Solid set, removed a lot of the form traps in there.

Loustalot good series – just a couple small corrections in the second half – split jump from side, good position – double pike, larger lunge back but a really pretty second half of the routine that I saw. 12.300. Hrm. In the wise words of Pauline Tratz, “EXPLANATION PLEASE.”

Escalera – BB – Mexico – switch mount – aerial is wayyyy off and falls, didn’t touch much of the beam – bhs loso is secure – front pike, large arm wave wobble – switch 1/2, under split – full turn to sissone is good – side aerial, small check – double pike stumble back. 10.966

Nemour – UB – inbar Nabeiva to pak, good – maloney to stalder full to tkatchev tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova to stalder shap 1/2, hit – inbar full to DLO, stuck. Through it well. Some leg separations but got her hit.

14.733 and into 2nd place. Gets 6.8 D score

Campos – BB – Mexico – huge routine coming up here – loso mount, step back but keeps it on – bhs loso, huge break and falls.

Don’t worry, just going to go have a lifetime of depression now.

Resumes with a hit aerial. switch to sissone, clean – side somi, holds onto it – split jump, wobble – side aerial, hit – full turn, check – back 1.5 dismount, bound forward out of frame.

Just 11.133 for Campos and that will count. All these other gymnasts getting 12s on beam for disasters, and then Mexico goes and they’re like, you get nothing on a bed of nothing.

35.699 beam total is known as an Olympic Dream Destroyer.

Rotation 4

Loustalot – FX – Mexico – nice double arabian – FTDT, shuffle back – switch to split full to popa, good height but under ont he popa rotation – double tuck, slide back – switch full, a little under – double pike, chest down, little hop. Pretty routine, probably won’t get the leaps she’s hoping for. 12.866

Escalera – FX – Mexico – DLO, large lunge back OOB – front full to double tuck, chest forward, little hop to the side – split leap 1.5, hops it around – double pike, hop back – switch to switch 1/2 – split jump full. 12.333

Paulsson – UB – Sweden – toe full, some leg break – blind to piked jaeger, gorgeous – Ray – pak, nice height – van leeuwen, smoothly done – clear hip – souble tuck, lovely, give her a 9 E score.

Nemour – BB – Algeria – loso mount, secure – bhs loso loso, right on – switch to split to korbut, good rhythm in series – switch 1/2, under split – aerial, solid – side aerial, small foot slide – bhs bhs 2.5 dismount, side step. Hit four today.

Good work from Moreno on her doubel double and DLO on floor. Double arabian, step forward. Wolf double, solid. popa, a little awkward on landing with a lean – double pike, some feet, bounce back. 13.033

Nemour goes 53.699 which will definitely earn her an Olympic spot as an all-arounder, opening up the spot on bars for someone else.

Sandoval – FX – Mexico – front tuck through to full in, hop back – switch 1/2, nice split work – switch to split leap full – double pike, chest down, holds onto the landing – popa, little movement around – doubel pike, feet, again holds onto a very secure landing.

Mexico finishes with 154.628, which stepping back is still a great result for this team, but Olympic qualification was within reach for their talent level. Now, they’ll be left hoping that a big team has a meltdown.


Now we graduate to getting to watch Brazil. Brazil will definitely hope to pass Italy’s 162 here and would love to make GB’s 166 a little nervous. Australia, meanwhile, is fully on the prowl for South Korea’s 157.297. That should be very manageable for this Australian team, but they have to real-life do it.

Rotation 1

Soares – BB – Brazil – hits Soares mount well, good vertical – wolf triple, smooth – bhs loso series, step back – overall a few small hesitations but successful work, finishing double pike, small hop. 13.200

Whitehead – UB – Australia – hesitation in toe full but gets it, maloney to pak, hit – van leeuwen, hit with leg separation – khorkina, solid – doubel front, deep landing but works it out with a hop. 12.800

Godwin – UB – Australia -weiler to weiler full, hit into piked jaeger – pak to maloney to pak to toe on to van leeuwen – DLO, hop forward – 13.666

Barbosa – BB – Brazil – leg up wobble on mount but holds it – layout 2 feet, little rebound – switch side, nice – L turn, drops a little early for me – side aerial, step back turn to the side wobble – switch to straddle to back tuck, arm wave – double pike, small hop back. A really nervy one but she got through it. 12.400

Pass – UB – Australia – Weiler 1/2 to maloney to clear hip tkatchev, good – pak, a little over the bar, muscles through it to correct and keep going – good van leeuwen, legs together – toe full, nice vertical – double arabian dismount, stuck. Excellent. 13.833.

Saraiva – BB – Brazil – a couple arm waves on her mount – full turn, hit – bhs loso, hit, small slide back – switch ring, perfect, small pause befroe bhs – aerial to split ring jump, a little slow working through it, great elements – side somi, large break, lean forward and arm wave – Whyyyyy Flavia – perfect split work – double pike dismount, step back.

McDonald – UB – AUS – weiler 1/2 to maloney to clear hup to huge tkatchev, to pak, has to correct body shape in pak so as to not hit the mat – van leeuwen, good – toe full, nice finish, FTDT, step. Good good. 13.900. Nailed it.

Flavia still gets 13.400 with those errors because perfect, but that’s only 8th place already.

41.399 for Australia on beam. Massive number.

Andrade – BB – Brazil – switch mount, hit – switch to switch 1/2 to split jump, just a little under split on split jump – bhs loso, some knee on landing but does very well to stay secure – aerial to split ring jump good lift – switch ring, little arm wave – side aerial, wobble, little lean to the side – full turn, small check – wolf jump to sissone, excellent – doubel pike, nailed it, stuck, ideal.

So a fairly tight beam rotation for Brazil overall but through it with hits.

Andrade still goes 13.800 for that beam, into 4th place, knocking Flavia out of the beam final. But Flavia has put in a D score inquiry so stay tuned.

Brazil goes 40.400 on beam, which is ahead of what Italy did there but .299 behind GB’s beam total.

Australia’s 41.399 bars score is 3rd there, behind only the US and Netherlands, beating GB.

Rotation 2

Barbosa – FX – Brazil – whip to full in, good, bounce back – piked full in, secure landing – popa, good height – wolf double, a little high in position but crisply around – back 1.5 to front full shoots right out horizontally and goes OOB with both feet on landing – double pike, hop back. Third pass will ruin the score there, great otherwise.


McDonald falls in the beam leadoff for Australia. 12.066

Flavia’s beam inquiry was not accepted, so she’s officially out of beam now.

Godwin – BB – Australia – switch mount to front aerial to straddle, good speed, check at teh end – side somi, hit – bhs loso, knees, wobble – switch to side aerial – split to sissone, good lift on sissone – wolf triple is around -double pike, chest down, bounce back. But a good hit, righted the ship there. 13.133

Soares with secure landings on her most difficult passes, really pretty double arabian position. 13.200

Pass with excellent front tuck mount to split straddle on beam.

Andrade – FX – Brazil – front full through to full in, little rebound in place – DLO 1/1, great form, larger bounce back – y spin 2.5 to superman stag jump – DLO, nailed the landing – split leap full – double pike, bounce back. Great.

Pass looks like she got checkier in there at the end for just a 7.3 E score and 12.600 total, but such nice form position in that routine.

14.033 for Andrade, into third behind Biles and Gadirova on floor.

Scott – BB – Australia – switch mount, good – ro layout 2 feet, nailed the landing there – side aerial, small lean – aerial, excellent extension in the legs – wolf double, good – switch to wolf jump – double pike dismount, lunge back. 13.600 goes into 8th place.

Saraiva – FX – Brazil – whip to full in, good landing – switch 1/1 – DLO, good height, step back, looked OOB – split leap 1.5 – switch ring 1/2, the only one who is allowed – back 1.5 to front full, little bounce forward – double pike, step back. Nice.

So Australia had to take a 12.6 in there but got two big beam scores from Pass and Godwin and will be fine with 39.333. Keeps them on a pace well ahead of where they need to be and in sight of that Netherlands 161.

13.833 for Saraiva puts her into 4th on floor, pushing Jones to 5th. And she didn’t get an OOB.

Brazil goes 41.066 on floor, third on the event behind the US and GB, a solid result in keeping them ahead of Italy.

Rotation 3

Whitehead – FX – Australia – wolf triple, nearly three around – double tuck, bounce back – switch to split leap full, solid – back 1.5 to front full, little hoppy forward – switch 1/2 – double pike, some knee, step back

Barbosa – VT – Brazil – DTY, hit, medium crossover lunge back and some crossed legs throughout. 13.833

12.766 for Whitehead.

Saraiva – VT – Brazil – fine DTY, off direction somewhat and jarred back on landing. 13.866

Pass finishes floor with a stuck front tuck in combination, then a stuck double tuck. So that’s how you want to land. 12.733

Andrade – VT 1 – Cheng – magical height, lands a little deep with a lunge to the side and back

Andrade – VT 2 – DTY, excellent in the air, large lunge back. 14.366 and she’s into 2nd on vault.

Godwin – FX – Australia – good wolf triple – front lay to double front, large lunge forward and OOB – DLO, rebound back, does well not to put her foot down because it would have been OOB again – double y turn, leans out of it but after the second turn – split leap full is good – front fulls good – double pike, solid. 12.766

Tronrud – BB – Norway – good switch mount, saves illusion turn with all sorts of arm wave – bhs loso, some arms and a step back pretending its choreo – side aerial to split jump to wolf jump, good – side somi, secure – gainer pike, hop.

Scott – FX – Australia – DLO, nice height, a little forward on landing with a hop – front loso to 2/1, rebound – switch to split full – wolf double – switch 1/2 – popa, around – double pike, chest pretty far down, hop forward. 12.633

Australia goes 38.265 on floor, a bit under what they would have been hoping, but they accrued enough on bars to withstand that. But now they would need a 42.2 on vault to catch the Netherlands, which is kind of a lot. Olympic qualification, however, should be no trouble at this point.

Brazil gets a big 42.599 on vault and now needs 42.065 on bars to catch Great Britain. Also A LOT, but if Andrade gets that 15 or something…

Rotation 4

Elsadek – FX – Egypt – nice landing on double pike, very small movement – little more movement on her final doubel tuck but also solid. 11.566

Oliveira – UB – Brazil – maloney, good height into pak, takes it wayyyy close to the bar and she’s off – resumes with a hit van leeuwen – front giant full to piked jaeger, good – double front 1/2 out is good, step back

Whitehead – VT – Australia – sits down her y1.5

So it’s not a great start to this last rotation.

12.166 for Whitehead, 12.033 for Oliveira.

Pass – VT – Australia – Oh lord, she goes for her DTY and is wayyyy underrotated and also falls.

Saraiva – UB – Brazil – toe full to tkatchev piked to pak, hit – toe on to maloney to geinger, close but fine – blind to front giant to double front, step back. Flavia hits bars under pressure now, everyone. 13.600

11.900 for Pass.

Godwin – VT – Australia – Tsuk 1.5 with a large lunge forward but at least it was a hit. 13.633.

They can afford to count one of those vault falls for the Olympics but not both.

Andrade on bars – Maloney to stadler full to tkatchev piked to pak to van leeuwen is just perfect – ohhh but she has to add an extra swing and 1/2 turn and misses some verticals – piked jaeger – toe full to FTDT, step. Was there also a clip of her foot on the low bar in there?

13.866 for Andrade, currently 9th on bars but 8th among the qualifying spots.

Barbosa – UB – Brazil – toe full to toe on, has to correct and add a 1/2 turn – shap to back swing 1/2 to yehova – maloney to tkatchev, lower but hit – stalder – DLO, little hop.

Breanna Scott bounce back on her Yfullis jusssst enough to get Australia ahead of Romania and South Korea on the team scores, so they will be fine for the Olympics despite that vault disaster. It’s a testament to how far they’ve come because we always see some manner of random disaster and usually it has been fatal, but this time they had racked up enough quality beforehand to withstand it.

Brazil had not an awesome bars rotation there for 40.232, but it’s still more than enough to place ahead of Italy and into 3rd as a team, but well behind GB.

Andrade in the 8th position on bars with China and Melanie still to come is a tough pill.


The Canadians get to enter this event with the luxury of having already qualified a team to the Olympics. But will they make the team final?

Rotation 1

Stewart – FX – CAN – split jump full, nice form – back 1.5 through to double pike, step to teh side, chest down – split full – switch to switch ring, great leaps – front pike to 2/1, controls the landing – doubel tuck, deep but fine, small movement back. 12.733

Some really nice leap positions from Lashchevska on beam.

Brown – VT – HAI – Y1.5, hits, just a bit short with a shuffle back, good direction. 13.500

Frysak – UB – Austrai – toe full – maloney to pak, just some feet at the end – van leeuwen, small leg break – clear hip – blind to jaeger – giant full to double tuck, hop forward. 12.200

Tran on floor for Canada with a clean front full, good transition right into tumbling on that one – switch ring and split leap full, good positions – double pike, a bit short, hop forward. 12.600

Kickinger – UB – AUT – clear hip to maloney to pak, smooth – van leeuwen, good position – blind to jaeger, just some feet – giant full – toe tuck 1/2 dismount, slide back. Really good one.

Black – FX – CAN – back 2.5 through to double pike, lunge back OOB – popa, hit – front full to double tuck, also right into the corner but holds onto that landing – split leap full to switch full, under split – front 2/1, crossover step, some leg crossing. 13.400 and into 11th on floor.

Pilgrim – BB – BAR – candle mount, hit – bhs loso, hit – full turn, step – front tuck, wobble, minor leg up – side aerial, solid – switch, shortn of split, into split leap, fine – gainer full dismount to be ready for Florida, hop back. Good. 11.300

Cassie Lee finishes floor for Canada with a hit double pike, chest forward. 12.666

Canada goes 38.799 on floor, which is under the Netherlands number of 39.699 there. If we assume that Japan, China, and France are going to get into the team final (maybe a big assumption, but) then the Netherlands would be the 8th-place team and the one Canada would need to beat to get in.

Rotation 2

Brown – UB – HAI – maloney to pak, hit – van leeuwen, pretty large leg break – DLO, small hop forward. Very few elements in that routine, but no mistakes. 11.100 with a 3.00 D score.

Lee – VT – CAN – solid Yfull, medium hop back, good direction. 13.100. Tran follows with her yfull, little more distance but similar overall. 13.233

Kelly – FX – BAR – double arabian, shuffle forward right to the line 0 double pike, small movement – switch to switch 1/2 to split jump – 2.5, pretty nice, little step – nearly bottoms out on a double wolf but gets through it – doubel tuck, chest down, small step forward. 11.700

Ava Stewart steps Canada up to a Y1.5, a bit deep, lunge forward. 13.466

Black – VT 1 – CAN – handspring front full, solid, lunge forward and a step to meet it, some knees. 13.966.

Pilgrim – FX – BAR – front tuck to double tuck, bounce back, some feet – 1.5 through to 2/1, just a small rebound in place – switch to split full – double pike, legs a little apart, rebound

Black – VT 2 – Tsuk 1.5, lands deep and has to save it with a hop to the side. 13.766 average on vault for Black, which goes into 7th

Canada vaults 40.665, which is close to the Netherlands vaulting but still a little behind their 40.800

Frysak – BB – AUT – jump to sit split mount – bhs loso, good leg positions, secure – switch to split – side aerial, also solid – aerial, check – y spin, huge break, leans over and grabs the beam – 1.5 dismount, hop forward. 11.733

Rotation 3

Stewart – UB – CAN – stalder full to maloney, lovely, connects to tkatchev – stalder to pak, hit – van leeuwen, legs apart – does her double front pike dismount but it’s a real adventure, a couple large large lunges forward, if not a knee down.

12.800 for Stewart, still viable.

Kelly gets 13.200 on vault for a Yfull, Pilgrim gets 13.100 for hers.

Woo – UB – CAN – toe full, good into tkatchev to pak, nicely done – maloney to clear hip, small pause but continues into 1/2 turn on high – doubel front, yikes and sits it down. They’re going so beautifully until the dismounts. 12.166

Black – UB – CAN – maloney to clear hip tkatchev, good – clear hip tkatchev piked 1/2 to yezhova is good – van leeuwen, hit – giant full – toe pike 1/2, finds the stick. Chest a little forward. Damn, Ellie saving the day, now more than ever.

Brown – BB – Denver – kickover front, good – bhs loso, short, has to step forward and lean to the side to save it – aerial, solid – switch to split, a little tight but hit – side somi, holds it with an arm wave – gainer tuck full, holds the stick, slightly off direction. Good. 11.166

14.133 for Black! That moves into 6th and knocks Andrade out of the bars final.

Tran – UB – CAN – maloney to pak, nice – van leeuwen, little leg break – clear hip – toe full, good finish vertical, just a little crooked – jaeger, hit – DLO, hop back. Good. 13.133

Charlize Moerz does perform the DLO 1/1 as her first pass on floor, stays on her feet, pikes the second salto and has a lunge forward – the DLO is more comfortable with a hop back.

Canada goes 40.066, which means that they would need a 41.6 on beam now to catch the Dutch, which is a mark only the US has reached thus far.

Rotation 4

Lee – BB – CAN – falls on her loso mount, nearly an epic arm wave save, but she has to come off – side aerial to loso attempt and a BIG OUCHIE looking fall onto the beam and down the side there – side somi is hit – wolf jump to straddle jump, good – wolf triple – 1.5 dismount, step forward

Pilgrim – UB – BAR – front toe 1/2 to toe full – maloney to pak, some foot flexing – double tuck, near stick. Hit day for her. 10.700

Brown – FX – HAI – DLO, excellent, small bounce back – switch to switch 1/2 – back 1,5 to just a 1/2, hops around the other half turn after landing – double L turn attempt, drops the leg a little too early – double tuck is well done, small hop back. 12.000, she finishes on 47.766

Lots of moments of extensive beam figuring in this subdivision, and Lee is facing another one.

Meanwhile, Austria ia done with a 147.830 team score, second to last, ahead of Taiwan.

And it’s in as a 9.700 for Lee.

Really good result for Lashchevska today, 13.133 and a 50.666 AA score. Definitely in the Olympic spots right now.

Woo – BB – CAN – bhs to back pike series, holds it with a lean to the side – switch ring, step and arm wave – side aerial, check – aerial to split to tuck jump 1/2, good – side somi, held well – split jump 1/2 from side – switch 1/2, another huge break but keeps it on, leg up to horizontal, 2/1 dismount, hit. Good fight to stay on that beam somehow through that obvious sudden windstrom that happened during the routine.

Kelly – UB – BAR – after a reset of the bars height – front stalder 1/2 to maloney, good height into stalder to Church to overshoot not to handstand, which is not a skill in the elite code – toe shoot to high – double arabian dismount, step.

12.200 for Rose Woo.

Black – BB – CAN – switch mount to immediate switch 1/2 to swingdown, good speed – double turn, hit, small teeter, check on a jump – front tuck, secure – bhs lay 2 feet, little rebound – side somi, good – 2.5 dismount, hope to the side and gets caught up a little on the edge of the mat for another hop

13.566 and she’s into 9th place there, just out of the event final.

Tran – BB – CAN – switch mount, off line but saves it with a little lean – aerial, good but checks working out of it before split and straddle – side aerial, hit – bhs loso, large break, leg up wobble, stays on – split jump 1/2 from side – switch to switch 1/2, loses feet but pretty good horiontal – dismounts just a lay full but it’s nice.

Oof. 11.633 for Tran puts Canada on 156.929 as a team, behind South Korea. Time to thank their stars they qualified last year because wouldn’t have been a given with this result.

What happened to you, Canada? Except for Ellie, obviously, Ellie is in 5th AA.

Canada did have a successful inquiry on Aurelie Tran’s score that actually bumped them up quite significantly to 157.229, but still just behind South Korea, so no change to the standings.


Germany and Hungary in this subdivision trying to conjure some injury magic and disrupt the Olympic qualification places. South Korea’s 157 remains the standard.

Rotation 1

Kvamme opens floor, a little short on a piked full in, but works it out.

Voss – VT – GER – Yfull, and it’s a nice one, good height and legs together and direction, medium bounce back. 13.433.

Good stalder work from Czifra on bars for Hungary, double front dismount, hop backward. 12.733

Schaefer – VT – GER – handspring lay 1/2, also solid, a little deep, hop back. 12.966

Szekely hits a really lovely bars routine, great high piked jaeger, small hop on FTDT dismount. 13.866 and 10th.

Finnegan – FX – PHI – double arabian, good landing, little pause before stag jump, they’d give it at LSU – back 2.5 to front tuck, clean – switch ring to split leap full, around – split jump full – front 2/1, little crossover step. In midseason form bascially, really good one.

39.632 for Germany on vault.

A Tkatchev fall from Backsay on bars breaks the streak of those first two good ones.

12.833 for Finnegan on floor, starting on a good pace.

Vättö – BB – FIN – nice high loso mount, small check – bhs loso, hit – switch, check before split jump – wolf single – side aerial, lean correction – side somi and falls, it was going so well until that! – 1.5 dismount, lunge forward.

Bacskay went 11.300 on bars.

Good strong DLO on floor from Bickel of Switzerland.

Mayer – UB – Hungary – toe full, good – maloney to stalder to tay to pak – legs spearations but hitting – has to add an extra cast on low bar, a little flat on shoot to high – works through a toe 1/2 with a pause – dismounts only a layout

11.766 that will have to count for Hungary. A prime example there of how, if they had Kovacs, this team could have really done some damage today, but without her, they just don’t quite have enough routines. 38.365 on bars puts them in an early hole.

Rotation 2

Mayer – BB – HUN – front tuck mount is good, hits double wolf – bhs layout 2 feet, holds onto it, some pike, arm wave – side aerial, good – solid leap combo – side somi, big lean forward – double pike, lugne back

Good gienger from Schaefer on bars – toe on front tuck 1/2 dismount is stuck. 12.966

12.466 for Mayer.

Finnegan – VT 1 – PHI – does the Y1.5 first, a little short, crossoer step back. 13.400

Struggles on her Omelianchik second vault, large lunge and stumble forward

Szekely – BB – HUN – good switch mount – switch leap, also nice position – bhs loso, secure landing – side aerial, just a small lean – wolf double, hit – side somi – aerial, just a slight teeter – wolf jump to sissone, under – gainer tuck full is really low and flung out with a lunge forward. Nice start with lovely execution though. 12.166

Jauch – UB – GER – van leeuwen, lovely legs together – jaeger, good feet – clear hip to pak, nice – maloney to geinger, legs together throughout – giant full, FTDT, just a lovely routine, hop back. 13.466

Czifra saves a side somi on beam with an arm wave – ends double tuck, hop back. 12.866

Kvamme gets 13.400 for her Y1.5

Voss – UB – GER – clear hip to toe full to gienger, close with some leg separation on catch – piked jaeger is good – pak, clean – van leeuwen, legs together well – doubel tuck dismount, small hop. 12.733

Szilagyi – BB – HUN – aerial, pause befroe split and straddle jumps – switch – bhs bhs loso, lots of flexed feet but secure – side aerial, hit with a lean – wolf 1.5 – side somi, small lean forward – doubel tuck, step back.

Germany does a nice job on bars, but it’s for 39.365, which cedes ground to most of the teams they are chasing. Hungary on 37.732 for beam.

Rotation 3

Schoenmaier – BB – GER – hits front tuck mount with a step – bhs loso series, solidly done – switch, pause before switch 1/2, lean forward to hold it – side aerial, leg-up wobble – side somi, bounces on one leg for a second and keeps that on the beam somehow – double tuck, bounce back. 11.966

12.133 for Czifra to open floor.

Quaas – BB – GER – bhs mount, small lean – bhs loso loso series, right on, good – wolf triple, gets it around with a little lean – side aerial and front aerial are no trouble – wobble on a switch leap, does split to wolf jump – punch front full dismount, small movement. 12.566

13.333 Tsuk full for Tanskanen.

Good piked jaeger from Kvamme on bars, but does have to tuck her van leeuwen pretty significantly. 

Schaefer – BB – GER – switch mount to immediate switch to split ring leap – that switch mount to switch combination is the speed they should all have to be – bhs loso, strong – switch ring, maybe not a lot of back leg closure, good split, secure landing – double turn, nice into full turn – Schaefer, hits, little shuffle to the side – aerial to split jump to stag ring – side aerial, solid – gainer layout, little hop foward. WONDROUS.

14.066 and Schaefer is into 2nd on beam behind Biles. Absolutely correct.

Finnegan – UB – PHI – maloney, hit connects to bail to toe shoot, good height – toe full, late into piked deltchev, good – jaeger, hit – clear hip – double tuck, step back. Solid work.

Voss – loso mount, good – bhs loso, secure – split leap 3/4, doesn’t get close to getting a full  turn around but keeps it solid by stopping at 3/4 – side aerial, big lean, bend at the waist – switch to switch 1/2, nice split positions – full turn, wobble, like she got caught in the air – aerial, holds one foot up in a little wobble – 2.5 dismount, step. 12.866.

12.433 Finnegan, WELL on her way to breaking that 50 mark.

A huge beam peformance for Germany and a massive 39.498 there. They now need a 38.802 on floor to catch South Korea. It’s a tough ask for a group that isn’t really a floor team, but it’s not an impossible number anymore.

Rotation 4

Schoenmaier – FX – GER – split jump full – FTDT, little shuffle back – switch 1/2 – front tuck through to 2/1, bounce back – doubel tuck, large bounce back into the corner. 12.266

Nice bhs bhs layout series on beam from Bickel, she has impressed today. And 12.700 on beam brings her to 50.632. Great score. 

Quaas – FX – GER – double tuck, little bounce back into the corner, stays in – triple wolf, solid – back 1.5 to front full, little shuffle into the corner – switch to split leap full, solid – falls out of double L attempt – 2.5, some leg crossing, step. 12.700, below the pace they need but not super below.

Kvamme is done on 49.432.

Finnegan – BB – PHI – candle mount 1/2 – bhs loso loso series, right on – switch to split to bhs, good rhythm – full turn – aerial, nice – side aerial to bhs 1.5 dismount, little hop. Nice. great day in the AA for her. 

Schaefer on floor hits her doubel front, big cowboy – front 2/1 is good – heel drop on doubel L turn – 1.5 to stag –

12.733 for Schaefer. Voss would need 13.370 on floor to pass S Korea. Also in inquiry on Schaefer’s score. 

51.366 for Finnegan. That should get through to the Olympics.

Voss – FX – GER – double wolf, good – split leap full, hit – double tuck, bounce back – back 1.5 to front full, little shuffle into the corner – double L turn to double turn, gets it – switch  to switch 1/2 – back 1.5 to front tuck, step forward OOB.

Ahhhhhhh 13.200 for Voss. It’s so close but not enough. They’ll come up less than two tenths shy of South Korea for what increasingly looks like the last Olympic spot. Unless Japan, France, or China have a total meltdown.

But also what an amazing day for this team that was so injured they shouldn’t have even gooten close. Now, they’ll have Schaefer getting an AA spot and an extra NOC spot.

There’s a little break before the next subdivision to allow us to gather our thoughts.

In terms of teams, there are five teams left to compete (Japan, France, China, Czech Republic, Argentina), which means that—in addition to USA, Great Britain, and China—Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, and Australia have guaranteed themselves Olympic team positions. Because our scoring expectations for Czech Republic and Argentina are low, we can also assume for the purpose of conversation that Romania and South Korea will also advance teams to the Olympics. Next in line would be Germany, waiting to see if Japan, France, or China fall apart today.

With our current AA standings, the 14 women’s Olympic qualifiers would be
Kaylia Nemour
Pauline Schäfer
Alexa Moreno
Filipa Martins
Aleah Finnegan
Bettina Czifra
Alba Petisco
Anna Lashchevska
Lena Bickel
Hillary Heron
Caitlin Rooskrantz
Lihie Raz
Lucija Hribar
Erika Pinxten

Everyone below Erika Pinxten on 49.832 is already out of the Olympic AA qualification race.


Iribarne – BB – ARG – switch mount, low back leg, wobble – side aerial, check – swith to split to straddle, hit – bhs loso, wobble – aerial, a couple leans from side to side but stays on –

Hatakeda – VT – JPN – Y1.5, hits, a little crunched on the table, some knees, hop to the side. 13.500

11.300 for Iribarne. 11,233 for Peterkova.

Fukasawa – VT – JPN – Y1.5, a bit more distance than Hatakeda it looked, but a larger lunge forward. 13.466.

Artamonova – UB – CZE – maloney, nice height, into pak, leg break – van leeuwen, legs – blind to front giant to khorkina, lowish but hit – toe on – double tuck, slightly drunken stagger back, a couple steps. 11.533

Kishi – VT – JPN – DTY, pretty good control on landing, only a small step back – off line some and some leg crossing. 14.000

Miyata – JPN – VT 1 – strong DTY, only a little rebound in place – a straddle on the table. 14.100

Curti – BB – ARG – bhs mount, check – side aerial to loso, hit – side somi, lean forward – aerial, a little short with an arm wave – switch to split to korbut, does well to keep moving there – split jump 1/2, low back leg – 2.5 dismount, hop. 12.633

Lopez second vault for Miyata, good open position, hop to the side. she gets a 13.900 average overall, which goes into 7th, knocking Black to 8th, and knocking Bacskay out of the vault final. We still have Devillard to go in the last subdivision.

41.600 on vault for Japan, ranks 5th on that event.

Martinez – BB – ARG – loso mount and grabs the beam – side aerial to bhs and falls, the side aerial was lovely and high, probably too high because her angle was all wrong for the bhs – side somi, arm wave – layout full dismount, hop back. 11.500

Czech Republic goes 34.432 on bars, which ranks 19th there. Argentina 35.433 on beam which ranks 17th there.

Rotation 2

Marshall – VT – NZL – yfull, had the height, some pike, pretty large lunge back.

Trnkova for CZE is off beam on her acro series.

Hatakeda – UB – JPN – maloney to pak, nice height, leg break – van leeuwen, small leg break – very short hs – stalder half to piked jaeger, some flexed feet but fine – toe full, late – FTDT, hop to the side. Useful hit, though she’ll lose a lot for pirouette finishing positions. 12.933

Miyata – UB – JPN – good jaeger – tkatchev to pak, solid – maloney to geinger, smooth – gaint full – lost the stream for her dmt but looked like a nice hit. 13.366

Fukasawa – UB – JPN – stalder tkatchev piked, took it really far, caught but couldn’t connect to pak, tucks it and falls -resumes with maloney to bhardwaj, hit with leg form – van leeuwen is nice – piked jaeger, close catch but OK – toe full to FTDT, step back. 12.033

Vlkova worked through a near fall on her beam mount. 11.633. Artoamonova had a nice loso mount. Leg up wobble on loso series.

Kishi – UB – JPN – toe on to maloney, just catches but also struggles to connect into pak, big tuck and hit the mat but continues – toe 1/2 on low a bit late, hits shoot to high – jaeger, good height – giant full – FTDT, step forward.

Respectable 36.566 for the Czechs on beam.

Japan goes 38.465 on bars, which puts them a touch behind Australia’s equivalent scores on those events, the matchup we’re watching for a spot in the team final. Japan goes to beam now, which is this team’s best event, and they’ll count on it for a big number.

Rotation 3

Hatakeda – BB – JPN – aerial, large leg up wobble, keeps it on – split ring jump, hit – side somi is good – bhs loso, good extension, secure landing – switch to wolf, pretty – side aerial, good – double pike, chest down, small hop back. Got through that early wobble for a nice routine. 13.166

Miyata – BB – JPN – switch mount, small check – round off layout 2 feet and falls. That means none of last year’s beam medalists will return to the final this year.

Resumes with a switch leap and check – aerial to split jump, wobble – full turn, overturns by a quarter – side aerial, hit – wolf jump to sissone – side somi, little lean – double pike dismounbt is great, holds the stick with a lean. 11.900

Kishi – BB – JPN – aerial to split jump to straddle, good position, lean – side aerial, solid – swtich ring, large break, bend at the hips but keeps it on – bhs loso series, small lean on landing – side somi is hit – y spin, lean to the side – split ring jump, secure – doubel tuck, dismount, huge stumble back so far it was out of frame…seemed like it was maybe heading in the direction of a fall? Oh Japan. But she still goes 12.700?

Argentina vaults a 39.000, which ranks 21st there.

Ashikawa – BB – JPN – bhs mount, little lean – side aerial to loso is great, secure – switch to split ring jump, great positions, arm wave – switch ring, a little lower but hit securely – side somi, solid – double turn, comfortable – 3/1 dismount, little hop. That’s more like it.

14.000 for Ashikawa. She goes into 5th, ahead of Andrade, knocking Voinea out of the beam final.

39.866 on beam puts Japan back out in front of Australia’s pace for the team final.

Rotation 4

Fukasawa – FX – Japan – FTDT, chest down, step back – 2.5 to front tuck, good stick on front tuck, legs crossed on 2.5 – double y – switch ring – split leap full – dobuel pike, step back, keeps it in bounds -falls out of triple turn a little – dobuel tuck, low but OK, step back. 12.633

Hatakeda – FX – Japan – double tuck, good tuck shape, a little short, step forward – doubel L turn, also does not go for the triple version – back 1.5 to front full, lands short, saves it with a lunge to the side – wolf triple is good – little lean out of double y turn – split leap full, excellent – double pike, chest way below horizontal but pulled it out. 12.600

Marshall  – BB – NZL – switch mount with a lean – bhs loso, secure hit – switch to split jump 1/2, shy back leg – back tuck, step forward – 1.5 dismount, hop forward.

Miyata – FX – Japan – DLO 1/1, gets it, short landing but fine with a hop – whip whip to 2.5 is very good – wolf double, rushed but around – back 1.5 to front full comes up super short, squat and lunges, miracle she didn’t sit it down though – double pike is also really really short, lunge forward. 12.366. That means they do need a hit from Kishi for a mid 12 to get into the team final.

I feel exhausted just watching this floor rotation.

Kishi – FX – Japan – double double tuck, bounce back – front full to front 2/1, just a tad crossed leg and under rotation – good ring elements – drops early on double y spin – 3/1 is good, small bounce back. wolf double, hit – double tuck, chest down, step.

That will be enough but boy did Japan look sluggish throughout the competition today. And if Australia hadn’t counted that fall on vault, they’d be in the team final for sure.

158.497 is the total for Japan, they’ll be in 6th and locked for the team final.


The grand finale! Fascinated to see how France handles having to get that 157 to qualify a team to their home Olympics.

In the last subdivision CZE’s Sona Artamonova moved into the 14 all-around spots for the Olympics, knocking out Pinxten. Now the buble gymnast is Hribar on 49.965.

Rotation 1

Qiu – FX – China – double y spin, good, around – FTDT, short, hop forward – front tuck through to 2/1, bounce back – split ring 1/2 – double tuck, chest down, little hop – switch ring to switch 1/2. Fine, through it, put up a hit. 12.833

Boyer – VT – France – good ampltiude, not much control on landing, large bounce back and additional hop. 13.366

Osyssek – VT – France – also a clean yfull, good open and leg position, hop back. 13.333

Zhou – FX – China – definitely got four turns around at least in quad spin – double tuck, good form – double y spin, around – 3/1 to front tuck, hits it, leg crossing – split jump full – switch ring to split ring leap, good positions – 1.5 to front pike – 13.766 is a HUGE number. Such clean landings. She’s in 6th!

Devillard – VT – France – hits rudi, crossover step back. 14.400, following 14.366 for Melanie.

Ou – FX – China – whip to 3/1, chest down and step – back 2.5 to front lay, a bit short, lunge back – falls out of turn before four rotations – double tuck, step back – double L turn – switch ring – switch 1/2 – wolf triple, hit – Not her best, but job done and through it –

Just an FTy second vault for Devillard but it will be enough to get into the vault final over Ellie Black by the smalllllest margin.

42.132 vault for France. Good start.

13.366 for Ou. Another definitely usable number.

Noooooo they’ve scratched Zhang Qingying. But she’s my favorite.

Slevin – UB – Ireland – toe full, small payuse and leg break – maloney to pak, clean – van leeuwen, loses foot form some – jaeger, takes it really far and falls.

If you’re China, you’re still very content with 39.965 for floor though. Fifth on one of your meh events is enough to take some pressure off UB/BB. France, meanwhile, has the 4th highest vault total.

Rotation 2

Ou – VT – China – yfull, some pike, hop to the side., fine. 13.100. If their Yfulls are going over 13, they’ll be happy.

Boyer – UB – France – maloney, hit into pak, flexed feet but solid – van leeuwen, little leg break – piked jaeger, close but no problem – toe full, late into FTDT, landed a little crooked and had to take two big lunges back to save it. 12.700

Qiu – VT – China – Tsuk full, deeper landing, bounce back and to the side, piking. Also still gets over 13 with a 13.133.

Osyssek – UB – France – toe full to maloney to pak, good – van leeuwen, full straddle – blind to jaeger, good feet – hits foot on low bar on 1.2 turn swing and has to add many empty swings – double front, step. 12.033

Zhang – VT – China – Tsuk full, better tthan Qiu’s clear pike again but smaller on the bounce. 13.266

Zhou – VT – China – yfull, more pike and a little elss distance than the others, medium lunge. 12.933

Charpy – UB – France – toe full on low bar, good – van leeuwen, legs together – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, nice – clear hip tkatchev piked to pak, good – shap 1/2, some separation – DLO, finds the stick, a little deep. That’s why she was added to the team.

China goes 39.499 on vault, which is tied for 14th on the event, but we always knew that one was going to be low. They’ve done the job on the bad events, now they have to do it on the good ones.

14.133 for Charpy, that knocks McDonald out of the bars final.

De Jesus Dos Santos – UB – France – stalder shap to giant full to giant to Nabieva, hit – short hs on high – pak, clean – maloney to stalder 1/2 to yezhova, good legs together – van leeuwen, leg form is excellent – DLO 1/1, lunge forward. Didn’t do everything, but a good hit.

Adalsteinsdottir – BB – Iceland – back tuck, nice and solid – bhs loso, tucked knees but second landing – L turn, drops a little early – split leap ful, looks like she just pulled it around – side aerial to split jump to straddle, nice split and straddle shapes – 1.5 dismount, hop.

14.066 fro DJDS goes into 8th for the bars final, knocking out Fenton. Charpy and DJDS sit in 7th and 8th on bars and are waiting on China.

Charpy and Melanie saved that rotation for 40.899, a good score.  

Rotation 3

Osyssek – BB – France – switch mount, well short of split – switch to split to back tuck, large break, bend over at the hips – layout 2 feet is hit, lean to the side – side aerial, solid – full turn, little over turn – side somi, holds it – doubel pike, nice stick.

Ou – UB – China – van leeuwen, clean – healy to piked jaeger, good – pak, solid – maloney to gienger, just a little close – toe on – FTDT, stuck. 1.4100, that goes ahead of Melanie

13.033 for Osyssek’s beam.

Huang – UB – China – inbar full to inmbar shap to stalder full to pak, clean – van leeuwen, legs togeether well – a little short on cast – inbar 1/2 to pirouette to piked jaeger, FTDT, lunge back.

Charpy – BB – France – mount check – switch to y turn, hit – side aerial to korbut attempt is off line, she’s straddling the beam sideways and has to pull herself back up – aerial, check – double pike dismount, hop back.

14.533 for Huang, into third, knocking out Ou.

12.400 beam for Charpy.

Qiu  – UB – China – small hestaition before healy to ling to layout jaeger combination, great, inabr full, has to add an extra cast – stalder tkatchev piked – pak, good – van leeuwen, low, some form – FTDT, nice stick.

Boyer – BB – France – switch mount good, switch 1/2, some feet, holds it – layout 2 feet, huge break, avoids grabbing the beam but way over, leaning and stepping – aerial, pause before split to wolf jump – side aerial – switch – side somi, leans, holds it – doubel pike, step back.

14.900 for Qiu puts her into first place on bars, knocking out Charpy.

China 43.533 on bars, the top result there.

Zhang – Ub – piked jaerger, hit – fall on Church attempt. Second fall on her dismount.

13.400 on beam for Boyer with all those wobbles, no final.

A little over 43 on beam for China in the last rotation would catch GB.

DJDS – BB – France – front pike mount, solid – bhs loso, large lean to the side, bend at the hips – switch to switch 1/2, amazing save, one foot didn’t even touch the beam – aerial to split to bhs is nice – wolf double, good – side aerial, another large break that she keeps on, arm waves and turns to the side – double pike is deep, step forward.

So no French gymnasts in the beam final. That means Andrade is safe, and Wevers and Esposito have to nail bite while watching China.

China on 122.997 and France on 122.197 after 3 events, both in very comfortable positions.

Rotation 4

Ou – BB – China – fhs to front tuck, large leg-up wobble, brought it back – switch to switch 1/2 to korbut, good combo – switch ring little pause before bhs split sissone – aerial – split ring jump – bhs – won’t get the series bonus there – double turn is nice – side somi very good – 2.5 dismount, nearly sticks, small step

Boyer opens France’s floor with a 12.000

Ou with 14.066 and into third, ahead of Jones, knocks Esposito out of the beam final.

Qiu – BB – China – bhs arabian series and hits it, lands a little deep – switch to switch 1/2 to korbut, tentative on the switch 1/2, didn’t really attack that position – aerial to split ring jump to bhs, lovely – side aerial, solid – straddle jump to stag ring, good positions – switch ring, good – 2.5 dismount, hop forward.

Osyssek – FX – France – front through to doubel tuck, hop back – switch 1/2 – FTDT, small bounce back, chest down – doubel pike controls it – switch to leg up full turn. 13.433

13.800 for Qiu, which is just ahead of Wevers and into the event final but risks being knocked out by Zhang

Zhang – BB – China – switch to switch 1/2 to korbut, brilliant – layout 2 feet, perfect landing – switch ring, solid, small pause before bhs straddle jump wolf jump – switch side – pause before split jump back dive – switch, pause – doubel pike, lunge back.

Melanie – FX – France – DLO 1/1, shorter landing, lunge forward – split jump full – front loso to doubel tuck, lunge back OOB – switch ring and switch full are good – wolf triple is nice – doubel pike, step forward –

14.100 for Zhang and she’s into second on beam, knocking out Qiu on per country and Wevers on the standings as Sanne will be first alternate on beam.

13.3 for Melanie floor.

Zhou – BB – China – candle mount, good – fhs to front tuck, step forward – switch ring, lovely position – side somi to tuck jump full from side, gets it with a small wobble – aerial to split ring jump to korbut – small hop n dismount, Good.

In this house we stan only Zhou Yaqin.

14.500 for Zhou! She’s into second on beam now, knocking Ou out on 2-per-country

Devillard will go on floor, thought they might have her scratch if everything had been perfect – DLO, step back OOB – front loso to back lay full – leg up hop full to switch side – double tuck, good tight position but short with a lunge – a classic wolf turn fall out connected to log roll.

China will qualify in third with a 165.663 for a hit day (save for Zhang’s bars but that was never going to count).

France will advance to the team final in 7th place.

And we have our qualifiers.


ONE AUTOMATIC INDIVIDUAL FOR THE COUNTRY (in addition to any other qualified individuals): GERMANY, MEXICO, HUNGARY


Charpy and Black actually both get into the bars final tied for 8th because they couldn’t be separated on the tiebreak.

17 thoughts on “2023 World Championships — Women’s Qualification Day 2 Live Blog”

  1. That was a rough one for Canada. It seems that they don’t prioritize D score in general for some reason? When the E scores aren’t there…this is unfortunately the result

    1. I think they very intentionally did not send their best possible team this year, and instead sent some younger folks to get more experience since they knew they were already qualified to Paris?

      1. I actually don’t think that’s the case. There were so many injuries (Pedrick, Spence, Denommee) that this was the team that was available and produced results at trials. I will admit Shallon not being on the team was a headscratcher. She didn’t do AA at trials, but would have brought something to the team and had an outside shot of vault finals.

      2. I can’t think of a better team than this one (purely based off trials), minus Shallon Olsen as people have mentioned. I think the issue is that all the D scores we saw from the Canadian team today were in the high 4’s – low 5’s except Ellie. Canada needs to focus on upping D scores across the board so that it’s not always on Ellie to pick up the slack.

  2. Brown – BB – Denver really killed me. definitely sums up all of our lack of sleep. I love how DU is a country

  3. If France qualifies a team today, does that immediately free up their host country slot to be redistributed or is that not done until the end of the process? Ie, if they qualify a team should we assume the top 15 AAers not otherwise qualified will get in?

  4. @Another Jessica this is how I understood it too, so that would be Jennifer Williams for now

  5. So how do team qualifications work, if the top 8 has teams already qualified, do they then go to the next team below it and then on to see who makes it? Or if 3 teams already qualified prev then the top 5 minus them? ooh.

  6. Sorry I dont understand Qius score, she does a pirouette full to a kip then re starts how is that not a deduction? What did I miss?

    1. Missed the fact that it’s not a deduction. You can kip after a pirouette just fine. It happens all the time on the low bar, but not that often on the high bar since usually people just giant instead.

  7. If Schaefer-Betz qualifies through beam final, which spot does she use? Or do they automatically ‘force’ her to use her AA qualification spot? And Spencer, you are doing the Lord’s work here. Would be so lost without your commentary. I’d actually have to work! Thanks a million. I really feel for Germany to have such a stupendous effort and get soooo close to a miracle. Also, I hope Mexico gets more funding as they are so close to breaking through.

    1. The AA qualification happens before event qualification, so she qualifies via the AA.

    2. She’s automatically qualified via all around, so beam is now Ana Perez.
      Should be Jauch for bars or Voss for floor but there is confusion because Hungary has Bacskay on vault and Szekely on bars and only one of them can go. So who does it go to, which then effects Germany as well.

      Hungary and Germany both have a +1 with Mexico and all three qualified an all arounder.

      They are only allowed one specialist qualification each.

      1. Does the unamed quota have to come before the nominative AA/specialist spots ? Or could they take both specialists and cede their +1 to the next team ?

  8. Thanks so much for doing these liveblogs – I love seeing all your feelings mixed in with the facts <3

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