2023 World Championships – Women’s Qualification Day 1 Live Blog

Women’s qualification gets underway in the late session today with the first three subdivisions, featuring a number of the medal-contending teams like the US, Great Britain, and Italy. So despite being less than a third of the overall competition, it’s a meaty third.

In the first subdivision, we have Italy and the Netherlands. Italy should still be strong this year despite every single person in the entire country being injured, but we’ll have to see if that’s real in an actual worlds scenario. The Netherlands, meanwhile, is in the good-but-not-safe category and their team score will be the number that everyone else targets when it comes to the top-8 team final cutoff—or the top-12 Olympic qualification cutoff if the Dutch have a less-awesome day.


As expected, Italy will be putting D’Amato, Esposito, and Iorio in the AA today, with Andreoli on UB/BB and Belardelli on VT/FX, and the Netherlands will have Visser, Thorsdottir, and Van Pol in the AA, with Wevers on BB and Veerman on VT/UB/FX.

Rotation 1

Esposito – VT – Italy – Y1.5, pretty solid start, good form and direction, a little shy of rotation with a slide back. 13.766

Van Pol – UB – Netherlands – toe on to blind to jaeger, hit – tkatchev to pak, smooth – maloney to bail to toe shoot, good amplitude on toe shoot – hop full – double pike, flexed feet, small hop back. Good opening. 13.066

D’Amato – VT – Italy – DTY, solid as well, around, right down the middle, lands with a little squat and a bounce back. 14.000

Thorsdottir – UB – Netherlands – shaposh to pak, nice – maloney to bail, good vertical – connects to toe full, large large arch, pulls it back to toe shoot – jaeger on high bar is hit – FTDT, holds stick with lean forward 13.266

Iorio – VT – Italy – hits her FTY, small hop back, little leg break on the table. 13.233

Hubareva falls on fhs front tuck series on beam

Belardelli – VT – Italy – goes for the DTY and it’s a successful decision – hop back. 13.833

Visser – Ub – NED – stalder tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova, hit – stalder full to chow to pak, clean leg position – van leeuwen, solid – toe full, comfortable, connects to FTDT, small bounce. Very nicely done. We’ll see about the 1/2 turn tkatchev credit. 14.166, that’s what they want for a hit for Visser. It’s a 6.0 D instead of the 6.2 she was going for, so looks like she didn’t get the 1/2 turn.

Nice switch ring save for Parente with one foot off the beam

Veerman – UB – NED – Jaeger, good – stalder tkatchev pike to pak to maloney to bhardwaj, very strong rhythm in connection – van leeuwen, hit – short cast hs on high – toe full to FTDT, hop back. Excellent. And she goes ahead of Visser with a 14.2.

Credit made the difference there. Veerman got her D and Visser didn’t.

Job done for both Italy and Netherlands in the first rotation. Good work.

Netherlands leads with 41.632 on bars to Italy’s 41.599 on vault. Netherlands overperformed their 2023 average by 9 tenths in that first rotation, while Italy overperformed their 2023 average by .333.

Gahramanova – FX – AZE – double tuck, feet, step back – front lay to front full, lots of legs apart, step – double y attempt, will get single credit – good comfortable split leap full – lands under rotated a little on her 2/1 – holds her leg up well on double l turn but has a late heel drop – gets double wolf turn. 10.800

Zelcic – BB – CRO – good switch position on switch mount – full turn, check – switch to wolf jump, keeps the combo going – bhs loso series, holds onto it with a hesitation – aerial, small lean – straddle jump from side, another little lean – side aerial, solid – front lay full dismount, hop. Nice job! 12.400 is the top beam number thus far.

Pihan – Kulesza – BB – aerial, small check – side somi, lean forward but holds it – split leap full attempt, pulls it around but a large break, lean forward and leg up – split to split jump full, check, she can do the split positions on these full elements, but they’re still so tough to land – back tuck, small step back – side aerial – wolf jump full, step back, a little under position – gainer layout full dismount, hop forward. 11.966

Rotation 2

Visser – BB – NED – hits bhs mount – aerial, holds it, just a little tight – switch to side somi, good combination – large wobble on straight jump full from side, keeps it on

Iorio – UB – stalder tkatchev pike to pak, saves the pak despite being right on top of the bar, form and hesitation – maloney to stalder 1/2 to yezhova is hit – stalder shap 1/2, good – front giant to front giant full to double front, very close to the bar, large hop forward. 13.400 with a 7.3 E score

13.200 for Visser on beam. 7.8 E score.

Esposito – UB – Italy – nabieva fantastico into pak – maloney to bhardwah, nice legs together – van leeuwen, hit – a bit shy on cast hs – giant full – front giant to double front, also very close to the bar, hits it with deep landing and lunge back. 13.666, the dismount took away the 14 there but they can use that.

Van Pol hits her loso series on beam with a check – side somi, lean forward – split to straddle, a little under position, secure – switch side is solidly done – 2/1 dismount big struggle, lurches her forward, possible hand touch on the mat. 10.866 so looks like yes a fall there on the dismount.

D’Amato – UB – Italy – maloney to tkatchev, good – stakdech tkatchev pike to pak and falls! – has to tuck it and hits her legs on the mat – she had hit like 9 million routines on bars this year – resumes with van leeuwen – front giant full to double front, much better double front, stuck. Of course.

Thorsdottir – BB – Netherlands – falls immediately on her bhs mount – L turn, holds her legs up for an hour – switch to y spin to full turn, large leg up break and grabs the beam pretending it was choreo in a classic Eythora moment – bhs loso, hit – aerial, check, no connection into split jump – side aerial, lovely – 2.5 dismount, step.

13.033 for D’Amato, depression for me.

12.133 for Eythora. 7.033 E score for a fall and a beam grab. Doesn’t seem like tight beam E at this worlds so far.

Andreoli – UB – Italy – stalder full, hit into stalder shap to pak, low amplitude on shap but through it – maloney to tkatchev, hit, same – front giant to double front, hop forward. Not the elegant form of the others but through a hit routine. Just 12.666 though.

Wevers – BB – bhs mount, hit, not connected – hits the Wevers turn – side aerial to bhs, small correction – aerial, holds onto it – L turn to full, brokes combo before double turn to split leap, but all the skills were lovely  – gainer pike full, stuck. Nice, great skills, just didn’t get her D.

Heron performs the Biles on floor and hits it, step forward OOB.

Sanne has set the mark on beam with a 13.733

Italy goes 40.099 on bars, and comparing to their season average is out the window now because they would have been thinking close to 15 for D’Amato, while Netherlands goes 39.066 on beam and will be thanking their stars that Eythora somehow escaped that routine with a 12 because they already had a 10 from Van Pol.

After 2:
Italy – 81.698
Netherlands – 80.698

Heron goes 12.66 on floor to move into first there.

Yassinskaya – FX – Kazakhstan – somebody fix her music before they get stabbed – they’re just like, you don’t get to have a routine. Fly home.

OMG she still hasn’t gone.

Honestly just go without music at this point. Or sing it while you’re tumbling.

Finally – popa, hit – now the audience is clapping through it so you can’t hear it anyway – double front, saves it, shuffle back, OOB – front 2/1, crossover step – double wolf, around – split leap full – double tuck, solid landing – switch to switch side 1/2. 12.166

Rotation 3

Big pressure beam rotation for Italy now since they lost multiple intended points on bars.

Iorio – BB – Italy – hits bhs mount – side aerial, solid – switch to split jump 1/2 check – bhs loso loso, good save, looked off line, pulled it back – aerial, hit – y turn – double pike, hop back. Slightly shaky but you take that hit in a second. 13.400

Veerman – FX – NED – front 2/1 to front tuck, OOB – double pike, solid, small slide back – 1.5 to front full, knees but just a small hop – double tuck, chest down but only small slide. 12.333. Did what she can do. It’s never going to be much of a score.

Esposito – BB – Italy – bhs mount to immediate loso bhs, great – aerial, break combo into split sissone but excellent splits – wolf is good – switch, slight hesitation on landing – side aerial, good – double pike, a bit deep, hop back. Good one! 13.666, just a bit behind Wevers.

Visser – FX – NED – whip triple to direction-change front tuck is hit – doubel l turn, pretty position drops maybe a tad early before double turn – double y to illusion – switch 1/2 –  back 2.5 to front lay, loses form on front lay, knees, and leg separation – switch ring to split leap full – double tuck, chest down, little hop to the side. 13.733 is a big number.

Thorsdottir – FX – NED – split jump full, lovely – front 2/1, controls the step well – double l to double turn, double y a little lean   – double tuck, large bounce back – back 2.5 to front tuck, front tuck is very low and horizontal but she saves it

D’Amato – BB – Italy – switch mount, holds onto it with a check – aerial, check – switch to split to straddle, excellent – switch ring, large break, bend forward at the hips – bhs loso is nice – full turn – punch front, secure landing – switch – 2.5 dismount, nice height, large lunge forward. 12.533. Alice is not having the day……

12.900 for Thorsdottir.

Meanwhile Heron hit a big handspring rudi first vault and then missed on her Y1.5.

Andreoli – BB – front tuck mount, leg up wobble, keeps it on – fhs front tuck, wobble – wolf single –  aerial, good – switch to straddle jump to bhs, gets combo, tight straddle jump position – double pike, hop back. ANDREOLI HIT A BEAM ROUTINE AT WORLDS. 13.200

Van Pol – FX – NED – double arabian, a little stiff but holds it – finishes with a nice 2.5, just a little movement on landing. Good solid routine, no major landing issues. 13.066

Italy didn’t get the score from D’Amato but they’ll take those three hits over 13 for a 40.266 total. Netherlands goes 39.699 on floor to keep things somewhat close when going to vault.

After 3:
Italy 121.964
Netherlands 120.397

Rotation 4

Esposito – FX – Italy – wolf triple, around for credit – DLO, good position, bounce back – switch full,  – double y turn, great position, connects to illusion – 2.5 to front lay, hop forward – double pike, feet flexed, slide back – good opening.

Visser hits her normal yfull for 13.233

Veerman – VT – Netherlands – yfull, just a little slide back, some leg form. Good. 13.300

13.600 for Esposito on floor puts her ahead of Visser in the AA. She certainly has been Italy’s best today.

Van Pol – VT – NED – Y1.5, medium hop forward, some leg crossing. Good, 13.600

D’Amato – FX – Italy – double y to full turn – DLO, just a tad forward, little stagger on landing – 3/1, lunge back OOB – wolf double around – switch to split full, good – front 2/1, little hop – switch ring  –

Thorsdottir hits her DTY, lunge back, some direction. Important.

13.400 for D’Amato. 13.900 for Thorsdottir and 52.199 for the AA. D’Amato ahead of that with 52.966.

Of note, Iorio could knock D’Amato out of the AA with a 13 here.

Iorio – FX – Italy – double wolf turn, hit – front 2/1, lunge forward, leg softness – 2.5, really good landing – switch ring – split leap full, good split positions – double y spin, should get it – split ring leap, shows her horizontal position – double pike, two steps back and goes OOB, that could be the difference maker.

12.933 for Iorio which TIES her with D’Amato, but using the Insane Raisman/Mustafina Tiebreak Rule, D’Amato has the single lowest score on an event with her beam, so she wins the tiebreak

Belardelli – FX – Italy – double wolf turn – FTDT, hop back – split jump full, good – front tuck through to double tuck, chest down but fine, small step back – switch to split leap full, good – switch 1/2 – 2.5, somewhat short with a stumble back. 13.266 which will count for the team.

Italy – 162.230
Netherlands – 161.197

A solid result for Italy. Should make the team final without too much drama, though Brazil, GB, and China will view this number as beatable. Not quite what they were going for because of bars, but they hit the goal score across the other three events.

A strong total for the Netherlands, certainly outperforming their 159.044 average on the year. I’d consider this the mark you’d have to beat to feel like you’re getting into the team final. Going to be interesting to see how Japan and France compare to that, both competing late tomorrow.


It’s USA time. Lots to keep an eye on despite the fact that we think the score will be enormous compared to everyone else.

Rotation 1

Rasmussen saves a side somi on beam, lean forward.

Wong – UB – USA – good first hs – clear hip 1/2, late into jaeger, solid – teo full to bhardwaj, solid – maloney to pak, good leg positions from this side angle – van leeuwen, clean – shorter cast hs on high – DLO, bounce back. Useful start. 13.666, into third behind the Dutch pair.

Blakely – UB – USA – stalder 1/2 to piked jaeger, feet, otherwise solid combination – stalder tkatchev piked to pak, clean – toe full, good finish vertical into van leeuwen, a bit of legs – toe 1/2 to front giant to double front 1/2 out, nearly finds the stick, little step. Good vertical positions, a couple legs breaks. 14.133, takes over third place on bars.

Nice front tuck mount on beam for Raz.

Biles – UB – USA – weiler 1/2 to maloney to giant full to tkatchev piked to pak, good combo – van leeuwen, solid leg position – toe full, just a bit late, into FTDT, little slide movement. No trouble at all. 14.400 and into first place there with 8.4 E. Probably her best bars of the season. (Another bars final for Simone?)

Jones – UB – USA – stalder full to stalder shap to tkatchev, good – toe full to stalder tkatchev piked to pak to van leeuwen, gets the whole combo, very clean – toe 1/2 to front giant to double front, stuck landing. What a routine.

The US said messing around, there will be none.

14.833 for Jones on bars and into first place there now.

The US goes 43.366 on bars, Taiwan goes 38.265 on vault.

Ratobilska – FX – Latvia – good split jump full to open – double pike, chest down, controls the landing with a step back – double l turn, almost but not quite – wolf double was a little tight but got it around – 2/1, lots of leg crossing, hop back

Rotation 2

Wong – BB – USA – side aerial, step back, arm wave check – switch to wolf jump, no wolf full in combo there – bhs loso, some knees, solid landing – L turn, around, connects to full turn – switch ring, low back leg in ring position – side somi, hit, slides legs together – aerial to split to straddle, excellent – 2.5 dismount, nearly shows control, some leg crossing. Good routine, didn’t get all her difficult.

Playing Unicorn after Raz goes on floor is a nice touch.

Trouble at the end of Lin’s bars for Taiwan, with a tucked giant full to flyaway.

13.366 for Wong on beam, 5.4 D score, compared to that 5.8 from day 1 of nationals, but a fine total.

Blakely – BB – USA – should roll mount – wolf triple, smooth – back tuck full, secure landing, good – fhs to front tuck, wobble, leg a bit away from the body – switch to switch 1/2, weird pause before the back tuck and then takes it right to the end of the beam and staggers and then falls – aerial to split jump to bhs, hit – side aerial, hit – double pike dismount, wayyyyy short and falls a second time. Well, I hate everything.

11.866. That means she won’t have any individual finals.

Biles – BB – USA – switch mount to switch 1/2 to back tuck, pretty quick in combination – wolf triple, hit – aerial, little arm wave, keeps working into split straddle – bhs loso loso, right on – side aerial, solid – bhs bhs FTDT, bounce back. Bounce back was the biggest issue in that one. Another strong showing.

Ting – UB – Taiwan – maloney, some legs, connects to gienger, close but solid – blind to jaeger, hit – bail, catches short of handstand but gets there with some legs – shoot to high – good finish position on giant full – and also just dismounts with flyaway

14.566 beam for Biles and first place there obviously.

Jones – BB – USA – switch mount to switch 1/2, good rhythm in combo – arabian, a little deep with a check but hit – no issue in dance combo – bhs bhs layout 2 feet, hit solidly, some leg form – side aerial, nice – full turn, just a little ragged – bhs bhs double pike, step back. Good.

14.033 for Jones.

Not an ideal rotation for the US because of the Blakely misses, underperforming their 2023 average there, but still three good hits for a 41.965.

Rotation 3

Wong – FX – USA – wolf double – double double tuck, great landing there again – DLO, chest forward but holds the landing very well – leg up full to switch 1/2, good attention to leg position on the full – just a single L turn into her full turn, so nothing countable there – back 1/2 to front full, small hop – double pike is way short, chest forward, big lunge, was great until there.

13.200 for Wong.

Roberson – FX – USA – DLO 2.1, little bounce to the side – DLO, also a little forward with a hop – leg up full to split leap 1.5, pretty solid attention to around – wolf triple, gets it around, but a little ragged in position – front full through to double tuck, really nice landing – front loso to double pike, chest the most forward on that one with a step. Not her best landings but a hit. 13.633, 6.2 D score, 7.433 E. On par with how her floor was being treated at nationals.

Jones – FX – USA – wolf triple and a little, good – double double tuck, good chest up, little hop back – double l turn to double turn, didn’t look like she tried for the triple – front full to double tuck, feet, little hop back – FTDT, little shuffle back, looks like she kept it in – leg up hop full to switch 1/2 – having herself a good day.

13.800 goes into first.

Ting – BB – TPE – switch mount to switch 1/2 to wolf jump full, borderline connection but also great – aerial to bhs to straddle jump, nice series – switch to split ring jump with a check – ohhh large break on side somi, big lean forward but keeps it on the beam – punch front full dismount

Biles – FX – USA  – DLO 1/1, super high, bounce back, stays in – front full through to double double, hop to the side – wolf double is around, just a tad tight – switch to split leap 1.5 – Biles, lunge forward, again manages to keep it just in the corner – switch 1/1 – DLO, small hop back. Good one, just a little bouncy but not too much.

14.633. 6.7 D, so she didn’t get .1 somewhere.

42.066 on floor for the US, down about a half point as a whole from what they were getting in the US, which was to be expected. At least to all of us.

Rotation 4

Jones – VT – USA – DTY, really nice, nearly seemed like she could have stuck it but ended up with a little hop forward, which will take down the E.

56.932 in the AA, very very good number.

Wong – VT 1 – USA – DTY, nice one, a bit of direction this time, some leg position, medium hop back. 14.166

54.398 in the AA is third behind Jones and Esposito for now, but she will be 2-per-ed out.

Wong – VT 2 – USA – Lopez second vault, good form in the air, kind of a large bounce back. 13.100 and god piked credit for it with 4.2 difficulty.

Roberson – VT 1 – USA – Cheng, pretty solid, leg crossing, some direction, hops back to the center. 14.466

Roberson – VT 2 – USA – DTY, shorter landing today with kind of a large lunge to the side. Goes 13.633, average of 14.049 which will be more than enough to get her into the event final.

Biles – VT 1 – Yurchenko double pike, with its 6.4 D, landed with a large lunge back, so we can now officially call that the Biles II. Laurent stood in for the 0.5 deduction.

15.266, 9.366 E score, 0.5 ND

Biles – VT 2 – Cheng, a little wonky like podium training, some leg crossing and direction and a lunge. That goes 14.633 for a 14.949 average.

58.865 AA score for Biles.

US team goes 171.395, right exactly what they were on from 2023 average, putting them 9 points ahead of Italy.

Event finals-wise, even though we have a long way to go, the US will have Biles and Roberson in the vault final, Jones and maybe Biles in the bars final, and Biles and Jones in the beam and floor finals.


This is a good one, with Great Britain, South Korea, and South Africa in action. We’ll see is Great Britain can beat the number Italy put up, and South Korea should give us a score around the Olympic-qualification cutoff mark that will be the reference point for tomorrow.

Rotation 1

Achampong – UB – GBR – stalder full – stalder shap to pak, solid – van leeuwen, good position – toe 1/2 with some legs into jaeger, hit – stalder 1/2, late – double tuck, little hop. Good opener.

Lee – BB – KOR – hits wolf double – aerial to split jump to straddle, smooth – switch 1/2, under split – side somi, good – lovely switch and sissone – hits acro series and side aerial – 2.5 dismount, a little underrotated and hop to the side

12.766 for Lee YS, 12.733 for Achampong. Thought Lee’s would be higher, but did look away at Achampong for a bit.

Gadirova – UB – GBR – piked jaeger, nice – tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova – maloney to pak, solid position – van leeuwen, leg form good – giant full, little flash of legs apart, to FTDT, some form separation, small hop.

13.766 hit for Gadirova. She gets 5.6 D compared to the attempted 5.8, so the Tkatchev 1/2 evisceration looks to be continuing.

Yeo gets 13.066 on beam. I saw a nice front tuck mount to start.

Fenton – UB – GBR – Clear hip tkatchev, solid, some feet – toe tkatchev piked 1/2 to yezhova – maloney, low backswing but gets it into pak – van leeuwen, pretty – giant full to FTDT, chest down, step forward.

Fenton gets her 6.0. 14.033 total.

Shin – BB – KOR – switch mount, little heswitation on landing but fine – switch to straddle, good – bhs loso loso, center of gravity hunched over and falls –

Kinsella – UB – GBR – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, hit – stalder tkatchev to pak, smooth – maloney to gienger, some feet, a little close but fine – toe full, late into 1/2 in front dismount, odd landing, like it snuck up on her, with a sting-shuffle

Eom Dohyun falls on her bhs mount on beam. SOUTH KOREA WE TALKED ABOUT THIS.

13.533 for Kinsella takes GB to 41.332 there.

Napier – FX – RSA – pulls around a slow-but-around double wolf turn – FTDT, good control, little hop – front tuck through to double tuck, shorter with a hop forward – switch full and switch 1/2 will get hit for split position – double pike really low but survives it with a lunge forward

GB will be pleased overall with 41.332 on bars for a hit compared to Italy’s 40.099 there with the D’Amato fall because bars should have been a comparative asset for Italy.

South Korea at just 37.632 for beam might destroy me.

Rotation 2

Fenton – BB – GBR – hits loso mount with check – double turn, huge break, lean to the side and leg up wobble – side aerial to loso, holds it with arm wave, knee form – aerial to sissone to bhs series – wolf triple is very nice – switch to split, a little teetering but good elements – double tuck dismount, major cowboy, hits with step forward. Through it.

Lee Dayeong got very deep on her front tuck out of her opening 3/1 but saved it. 12.533

13.266 beam for Fenton which is not bad at all.

Daries – VT – RSA – solid yfull, not a ton of distance, hop back

Kinsella – BB – GBR – switch mount and falls immediately – aerial to split to straddle is solid, good feet positions – side aerial to loso, hit with a small leg-up wobble – switch to switch 1/2, pretty large break, leg up, lean forward – wolf double, small lean forward at the end – 2.5 dismount, crossover step.

Can report that Shin Solyi did the most wonderful switch ring on floor. 12.500 for her.

12.133 for Kinsella. Like Thorsdottir earlier, I feel like she’s lucky to escape with a 12 for that one.

Achampong – BB – GBR – aerial to split jump to straddle jump, holds it – bhs loso loso, secure landing, some feet – side aerial – switch ring with a check – y turn – split ring jump looked pretty solid on position, check – bhs bhs 2.5, hop to the side. Good.

Yeo hits a stuck DLO to start on floor – 2.5 to front full is a big struggle, multiple steps and both feet OOB –  still gets their top floor so far with 12.700.

13.433 for Achampong, 5th on the event.

Lee – FX – KOR – piked full in, hit, chest down – back 2.5 to front lay, a little low, but secure landing – switch ring to switch 1/2, lovely – back 1.5 to front full, little hop – far away, long ago, glowing dim as an ember – double pike ahhhhh way short, large landing error


Gadirova – BB – GBR – hits candle mount – switch, pause before switch 1/2 and korbut, hit elements, won’t get the series – wolf – aerial to split to straddle – bhs loso, knee form, secure – side aerial, check, minimizes it – double pike, good height, lunge back. 14.000 into third behind the Americans, ahead of Wevers

GB is able to drop Kinsella’s miss and goes 40.699 on beam, gaining more ground on Italy. South Africa vaulted 39.2999 to put themselves ahead of South Korea’s 38.233 from floor.

Rotation 3

Achampong – FX – GBR – whip whip to 3/1, leg crossing and chest down with a hop to the side – split jump full – front 2/1, controls the landing well – switch ring, split leap full – double tuck, chest well down again, pretty large lunge forward – could be letting Kinsella back in the AA – switch 1/2 – 2.5, hop to the side


Daries – UB – RSA – toe full – maloney, good into gienger, some feet but pretty solid – toe 1/2 to jaeger – short hs on high – bail, some hit angle, hits toe shoot – small hop on dismount

Evans – FX – GBR – front lay to front 2.5, leg up bounce on landing – DLO is pretty solid, shuffle back – split leap full, switch 1/2 – wolf double, some form – front full to front full – whip to double tuck, bounce back. 13.166

Rooskrantz – UB – RSA – shaposh to pak, good – toe full to van leeuwen, small leg break, nice toes – blind to piked jaeger, great height – Church, a little close but fine – 1/2 turn on high is late – FTDT, step back. Solid one. 12.900

Yeo – VT 1 – Goes for the rudi, and it’s lovely, little hop back. 14.733, Huge.

Kinsella – FX – GBR – hits 3/1 – back 2.5 to front full, gets it, front full a bit low with a hop to the side – wolf double, around – split leap full to switch 1/1, rushes that around but it looked around – double pike, chest down, hop forward

14.300 DTY for Yeo, soooo much amplitude, hop forward. 14.516 average, into second on vault

13.633 for Kinsella on floor puts her a couple tenths ahead of Achampong in the AA 2-per race

Gadirova – FX – GBR – Moors is very good, that has improved in the shape department – DLO 1/1, chest well forward on that one with an arm wave and a step switch ring to split leap 1.5, good height – switch 1/1, good – gets wolf triple around, a little teetering – front full to double tuck, hop back –

6.2 D and a 14.400 for Gadirova to go into 2nd on floor

Great Britain opening up a big old lead on Italy now. South Korea pulled it back with a good 41.533 on vault, scoring right with Italy there. They needed that rotation.

Rotation 4

Lee DY – KOR – UB – arch in first hs – maloney to pak is good – van leeuwen, legs together – stalder – stalder 1/2, nice stalder positions and a GREAT jaeger shape and height – some struggle in 1/2 turn – toe full, a little late, into FTDT, hop forward. 13.133

Achampong – VT – GBR – DTY, really strong, good height and direction, just a little hop and chest forward. 14.300

Shin – UB – KOR – maloney to pak, pretty – van leeuwen, little leg break – clear hip to blind to jaeger, also very pretty – toe full, late to FTDT, very very deep landing with lunge forward. 12.800

Kinsella – VT – GBR – goes with the DTY, hit, but a larger hop back and a big straddle on the table. This will be CLOSE with Achampong for the AA final.

14.000, which puts Kinsella just .033 behind Achampong for the AA.

Lee YS – Kor – UB – inbar full – stalder shap to pak – short hs – van leeuwen – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, just a bit of knees – stalder full to FTDT, some chest, little hop to the side, but solid. 13.633

Evans goes for the Amanar but doesn’t have it, sits it down for 13.066

Eom – UB – KOR – maloney to pak to stalder, small pause before van leeuwen, hit little legs break – piked piked jaeger – 1/2 turn, toe full, late in FTDT, step back. Solid.

Gadirova goes for the Cheng and hits it, leg crossing and a lunge forward-sideward but pulls out a 14.600 for it to move into 3rd in the AA, just a tad behind Jones.

DTY second vault, good direction, large bounce back. 14.233 and into third on vault with a 14.416 average, behind Yeo, ahead of Roberson

it’s a 166.130 team score for Great Britain, going in a little more than 5 points behind the US, which is an excellent result.

South Korea pulled it back in those last two rotations for an ultimately quite solid 157.297, which we’ll watch for the Olympic cutoff.

Until tomorrow!

36 thoughts on “2023 World Championships – Women’s Qualification Day 1 Live Blog”

    1. Gurl he does it for every national, or internation major competition. It isnt special for you.

      1. ??? That”s an odd response to someone who made a gracious “thank you” post.

  1. If it hadn’t been for that neutral deduction, Simone would have scored 15.766 for the Yurchenko double pike. The FIG needs to change the rules to protect the safety of gymnasts.

    1. If a skill can’t be performed safely without the need for a coach there they shouldn’t’ be doing it or take the deduction

      1. So then how do you justify coaches out on the podium for bars? Which most gymnast have when doing release skills.

      2. Thank you for saying this. I was about to post the same thing. Simone isn’t comfortable with this vault. If she was comfortable, she wouldn’t need her coach on the podium. The vault is amazing, but she shouldn’t be doing it if she can’t do handle the pressure. And there is no way she deserves special treatment because she chose to do the difficult vault.

      3. Ummmm….so anyone who uses a spotter on floor or bars should start doing “safe” routines?

    2. Is this gonna be a new battle cry for annoying gymnast warriors to take issue with? Who else on vault needs a spot when most of the vaults are all the sea of the same? Who is is trying things this difficult. If she can muster up to do it without spot at a simple US Classic a few years ago, she can find a way to do it a worlds stage. Otherwise take the bite.

    3. There is literally nothing her coach can do there but offer emotional support. If something goes sideways, he will probably make matters worse or get hurt himself.

      If they removed the penalty, more coaches would do it unnecessarily and probably cause problems. So, yes, she should take the penalty.

      I won’t be surprised if this is the last competition we see the double pike if he continues to stand on the mat, it’s simply not worth it, and she got the skill named for herself.

      1. It’s worth it in the sense that she scores over 0.6 more for this vault than her cheng WITH the 0.5 deduction. Also, her coach already mentioned that she might do it without a spot at one point during the meet.

  2. No coach should be on the podium during a routine, bars has become soft that they can’t do any release moves without someone spotting them, if it’s unsafe don’t do the moves or all should be deducted

  3. Britt, STOP, bars and vault are different things. Polar opposite events. vault its a one and done event. They dont risk smashing their face, head or dismounting too close to then land on their head like bars! God you armchair coaches are gonna want spotters for mediocre dty now? Ooh maybe for all those amazing b level FTY.

    1. LeannesBow, you do realize gymnasts have been paralyzed and have eventually died from vault accidents, right? Probably shouldn’t be pointing out armchair coaches.

      1. You do realize that hasnt happened for quite sometime right? And with the new vault EVEN MORE FAR AWAY from that actually happening. As if their is a pool of gymnasts trying hard hard vaults! SHould work on that gotcha, it lacks bite!

    2. Sweetiepie, you cannot even spell the words ‘it’s’, ‘hasn’t, or ‘there’. You are a laughable IMBECILE with even less class than brains, you know nothing about the history of gymnastics OR the history of the vault, and you wouldn’t know a ‘gotcha’ if it bit you in the ass–WHICH EVERY ONE OF BRITT’S COMMENTS DID. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. We don’t have to agree that’s cool, I like safety for the athletes. For vault it’s easy if it’s not 6.0 or above difficultly there is a deduction for a spot with a coach. But that’s my opinion. We don’t have to agree 🙂 but if we want to see more challenging and difficult skills why put a penalty on safety?

    1. After what happened to Skye, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was left off the beam in favor of Leanne. At least Leanne is unlikely to fall off of the beam.

    2. Beam, yes, and possibly vault (to give Jones a rest at the cost of one tenth) and/or bars (same for Biles at a larger cost).

      1. I think that Leanne will be on beam and vault in the team final: beam because of what happened to Skye and vault because the U.S. women would only lose a tenth there as opposed to a larger margin on bars. Simone will be on all four events, Shilese on three, Jocelyn and Leanne on two and poor Skye on one.

  5. LeannesBows cannot wait to see the debut of YDP without a spotter! Should be amazing!

  6. One error. Heron does not count toward the AA totals. Panama already had their 2 AAers from continentals.

    1. Apparently, she does! FIG came back and said that since she got to compete all four events, they’re counting it for the AA (per thegymnternet on twitter). Which means she has a good chance to make the Olympics through the AA qualification.

  7. I really hope they dont ‘love and light’ Skye and want her to ‘redeem herself in team finals on beam and let her compete. At Worlds 2022, she almost fell in qualifications. She fell in the team final, she fell in the event final. And now 2023 fell twice on beam in Qualifications.

    1. Yeah. Skye had four falls on the beam at two Worlds, and that’s probably four too many and definitely three too many!

  8. Leanne Wong is a great gymnast but if she doesn’t upgrade she is going to be left in the dust for a specialist in 2024. I don’t want to see that happen.

    Jessica Gadirova was only 2 tenths behind Simone on floor. The judging, as always was suspect in favor of the Americans and Jessica Gadirova.

    I usually find problems with the beam judging, but today the Uneven Bar judging was very much more suspect. Shilese Jones balance beam score was the gift of this round of competition.

    1. Leanne had 0.7 worth of difficulty she was going to add at selection camp but chose not to since it had become clear her biggest argument was for consistency and that might be jeopardize it that late in the season. She’ll have that and more next year.

  9. Bengisu Yildiz doing floor to “Better Off Alone” by Alice Deejay was a highlight of the day.

  10. The Dutch coach kicking the beam after Eythora fell was all of us (*cough* gif recap…). Also, I thought Simone danced her floor better than I have seen her do it.

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