2023 World Championships – Men’s Qualification Day 2

LOLLLLLLLL. Oh, yesterday.

Hashimoto didn’t make the all-around final (but is going to be put in anyway), China submitted its all-time grandest qualification stinkeroo, each of the top 13 teams (including Israel and Uzbekistan) would have made the team final last year with these scores, we still have two more subdivisions to go. Who says gymnastics isn’t hilarious?


Right now, Israel sits in the final Olympic spot with 245.029 and Netherlands sits in the final TF spot with 246.028, so anything lower than those scores in this subdivision is right out.

We can’t actually know about the AA-spot cutoff until we know the teams, but right now the line for the 8 spots looks like it’s around the Muntean-Ergashev-Tikhonov zone at 80.6.

  • Her character was “NCAA judge pretending to score routine”
  • At some point we’re going to have to discuss “Get Moved By Motion” because like…well yeah. That’s what it is.
  • In the first rotation Canada said, we’re actually not just going to get a bunch of 10s on pommel horse, breaking 40 on the event in a huge improvement over last year’s worlds, when horse was their worst event.
  • Switzerland also put up a solid 42.699 on PBars, which is in 8th place there thus far, while Egypt counted a fall on floor
  • Canada continued its major improvements over last year’s scores on rings, now sitting 3.800 ahead of 2022 on those first events. In 2022, Canada finished on 242.962, so they definitely needed to improve by 3-4 points on that. Now, mimicking last year’s scores on the remaining events would be a strong result.
  • Switzerland finished its high bar with a really lovely hit from Seifert for 13.733, continuing to outperform the Spain-Turkey-Netherlands pace in 6-7-8 right now
  • Our Keep Worlds Weird moment of subdivision 3 came on vault, when William Emard had to bail out of his vault and only did a handspring nothing for a score in the 9s. That meant Zachary Clay’s vault had to count, which was a 13.466 but not the score they were intending to use in that rotation. That was at the same time as Colombia’s Sergio Vargas peel-off-dismounted to his face on high bar.
  • So our “What if Canada just, like, beat China” campaign took a little bit of a hit there.
  • Switzerland had a good floor result with 42.266, though a Taha Serhani front double pike fall in the last spot spoiled the momentum some. Switzerland still leads the teams in this subdivision by a comfortable margin and will get to end with vault
  • Colombia had to count a 10.666 on high bar in that rotation, which is a real kick in the scores
  • The fourth rotation was a story of survival for Switzerland (PH) and Canada (PB). They both avoided having to count an execution apocalypse “hit,” but lost ground overall, Switzerland ranking 12th on horse and Canada ranking 10th on PBars right now.
  • Canada is now looking at needing to average close to 41 on the remaining events to get ahead of Spain/Turkey, while Switzerland needs 41.3s, but also will still go to vault, where a low 41 would be a weak result.
  • After a nice pair of vaults, Kevin Penev is into the 8th qualifying spot on vault for now
  • Game on. After lovely high bar routines from Cournoyer and Dolci—Dolci moving into 8th place there with 14.133—Canada scored above that 41 average mark on high bar with a 41.032. Canada would now need just 40.937 on floor to pass China, or an average of 13.646.
  • Switzerland went with only 3 on rings so is now looking at needing to vault a 42.6 to pass Spain (currently 6th), or about 43 to pass China
  • A hit Dragulescu from Giubellini for Switzerland earns 14.366 and will bring them ahead of Spain, and a matched score from Serhani puts them ahead of China by 3 hundredths! Lord and butter.
  • Canada gets a big hit from Emard, and now needs 13.433 from Dolci to move ahead of Switzerland, which is now the 5th-place mark.
  • Dolci comes up with a big hit and explodes the score he needs with 14.500 to rank 5th on the event. Canada moves into 4th place, also ahead of Germany. China is knocked to 7th.
  • I officially retract my assumption that China was going to make the team final regardless.
  • The US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain have now joined Japan, China, and GB as qualifying men’s teams to the Olympics. Four spots left. Canada is in 4th in the team standings. 4th.


As we head to the final subdivision, China now sits in 7th, and both Italy and South Korea (team finalists last year) are yet to compete. Not that it probably needed saying, but the Chinese men have never missed the team final at a worlds or Olympics they attended.

QUALIFIED TO PARIS – Japan, China, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Spain
OUT – Belgium, Israel, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Romania, Colombia, Australia
STILL TBD – Turkey, Netherlands, Ukraine, Brazil, Italy, South Korea, France, Hungary

Italy, South Korea, France, and Hungary will guarantee Paris qualification by scoring over 247.692. Turkey needs one team to come up short of that score to get in. Netherlands needs 2 teams to miss 246.028. Ukraine needs three teams to miss 245.461. Brazil needs all four to miss 245.295.

No changes in the AA race as the only AAers who went above 80.6 in that subdivision were from SUI and CAN and qualified as teams.

  • A bit of a sluggish start for the top teams in this final subdivision, but Bartolini helped Italy massively by putting up a nice 14.400 on floor, though a short landing on his final 3/1 will keep him out of the now-illegal floor final.
  • South Korea’s 39.399 on horse ranks 14th there, France’s 39.533 on rings ranks 13th there, and Hungary had an absolute nightmare on high bar, where Meszaros fall on layout jaeger and Balazs came off on a giant full, and those were their best two routines
  • The second rotation was a good one for South Korea as they are continuing to improve on their 2022 performances by exactly the right amount, going 40.665 on rings. Italy currently sits ahead of South Korea but will have wanted to get a little more out of that Abbadini horse routine.
  • South Korea put up a strong vault number as we would expect in rotation 3, but also had to play a little bit of Where’s Kim Hansol the home game as they were forced to drop a fall from Ryu Sunghyun. France also had a pretty PBars rotation going, but also had to deal with a fall from Saladino.
  • Italy also played a little bit of Where’s Marco Lodadio on rings but got through it with a 40.
  • Rotation four, though, looked like the moment Italy arrived in the competition with three vaults scoring over 14.5 and a 43.732 total.
  • Italy now needs to average 41.3s on the remaining events to get over that Switzerland/China mark, meaning they’ll want to go way over that number on PBars so that high bar doesn’t have to
  • South Korea, however, said no thanks when it came to Pbars dismounts and went 40.333 there, one of the lows of the competition on that event as they fall well off their intended pace now, while France had to deal with 2 Kovacs falls from Carvalho on high bar and will remain a bit behind Korea.
  • In rotation 5, Italy fulfilled the successful PBars requirement as Levantesi knocked Oleg Verniaiev out of the final with his 14.833 to take Italy to 42.999 on the event. Now, a 41 on high bar would move Italy ahead of Canada and into 4th place.
  • For the other teams, it looks like TF is going to be a step too far, but France will be looking at a 40.500 on horse to have a shot at qualifying a team to their home Olympics, depending on how South Korea does on floor. South Korea is currently 1.2 behind France but can pull it back in the last rotation.
  • So we know that Turkey is in for the Olympics and Brazil is out, and now the Netherlands and Ukraine are waiting to see how France and Korea do here
  • South Korea needs 13.866 from Lee Junho in the last floor routine for an Olympic spot. Italy needs a hit from Abbadini for the team final after a Levantesi fall.
  • And a full OOB landing with both feet will be the difference maker for South Korea as Lee Junho goes 13.633 and South Korea will miss out on an Olympic team spot, while Ukraine will get it.
  • Netherlands is also through for an Olympic spot after France got fully pommel horsed into oblivion.
  • Yumin Abbadini came through with a high bar hit in the last routine to put Italy into 6th in the team standings, between Germany and Switzerland.
  • China will—somehow—advance to the team final here in 8th place.



One spot for the country (in addition to any individual qualifiers): BRAZIL, SOUTH KOREA, BELGIUM


Events will be defined for sure after EF, but we know a couple qualifiers if they’re the only eligible people

Horse: Whoever places best in the final among McClengaghan, Abu Al Soud, Lee CK, and Merdinyan
Rings: Whoever places best in the final among Petrounias, Simonov, Hoeck, Avetisyan, and V Davtyan
PBars: Carlos  Yulo also ended up as the top non-qualified athlete here, so I’ll have to see whether they go down to Kuavita in 23rd on the list here, or Ryu Sunghyun in 20th on floor
High Bar: Whoever places best in the final between Srbic and Nory



OK meet back for women’s!

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  1. Less than half a point difference between Ukraine in 12th and Israel in 16th, it was so close. At least France as the host country can send one athlete.

    I always have little expectations in qualifications, but China was a shocker. I wonder if they’ll pull out.

    Curious to see who the US puts up on events since they made a few strange choices, presumably, to get Asher and Fred in the AA. PH/HB/FX are all shaky events and I’m still not sure who you’d put up where based on recent comps and here.

    Would love to see both US and GB on the podium though, it’s feasible at this point! Italy is the dark horse that I can see rising up if either let them. All this assuming China wasn’t just using Quals as a warm up joke they took too far.

  2. I believe Yulo gets the spot via floor because he ranked higher there, so Kuavita gets the spot for pbars.

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