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Friday Live Blog – January 4, 2019

Friday, January 4 Scores Stream
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [9] Michigan, Iowa State, West Virginia, Rutgers (@ Cancun Classic) FLO
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [8] Cal @ [4] LSU LINK SEC+
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [19] Missouri, [23] Minnesota, UIC @ [20] Arizona State LINK FREE
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Iowa @ [14] Auburn LINK SEC+
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – Temple, SEMO, Northern Illinois @ [6] Alabama LINK SEC+
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – [11] Nebraska @ [1] UCLA LINK ESPN2
11:00 ET/8:00 PT – Illinois State @ Alaska LINK FREE


The day starts in Cancun, where once again, no one invited us. Primary focus this evening will be on Cal/LSU and Nebraska/UCLA, but pretty much every meet today is worth at least a look in, so expect some bopping around.

Absolutely one of my favorite things about the first weekend in NCAA is seeing which judging panels have decided to be all, “Guys. You guys. We’ve just got to be stricter this year” and which ones are already in “Mama needs a new pair of whiskey” land.

In Cancun, Michigan will start on beam, just in case you were worried there might be a relaxing start to proceedings this season.


Rutgers starts on vault, WVU on bars, Michigan on beam, and Iowa State on floor.

Gymnasts walking out for intros now.

Reconciling desire to make fun of Flo with the presence of Brittany Rogers on the commentary. Low blo, Flo. Low blow.

Intros done, warmups beginning.

Anyone else think it’s a little weird that we’re playing the US national anthem right now? With that clipart American flag on that TV screen. I’m dying.

Actual warmups beginning now. No turning back. This is your life now.

I’m slightly worried about some of these fulls in warmup from Rutgers on vault.

Rotation 1

Karas – BB – Michigan – gainer loso to beat jump is quite nice – switch split jump to pike jump, super solid – bhs loso and falls – welp, welcome to the NCAA season – was looking great until then – gainer pike, stuck.

Diaz – ISU – finishes floor with a double pike, stagger back on landing, clean in the air.

Kaufman – UB – WVU – clear hip to tkatchev, a little close but solid feet – crazy legs on bail handstand – short final hs – DLO with a piked shape in the air, large lunge and possible knee down on landing.


We’re seeing a 9.150 go up for Karas on beam, from one judge or both?

Osman – BB – full turn, clean – loso series, small check but hit – fall on punch front, super deep and comes off. Michigan counting a fall. Split jump with a pause, then wolf jump full – no leap combo there – gainer full.

Hit Shushunova from Merwin on bars for WVU.

Williams – VT – Rutgers – nice full, a little pike, full-tenth hop back

Good piked jaeger from Marler for WVU – piked shape on bail, not to hs – DLO, hands down. It’s a very first meet first rotation so far.

O’Hara – BB – Michigan – full turn – side aerial to bhs series, clean, smooth, deliberate – split jump to double stag, a little short on that split jump – side aerial to 1.5, stuck. Important hit. Someone’s staying in the lineup this season… 9.825.

Step back on a pretty DLO from Tun on bars.

Farley – BB – bhs loso soso, secure, worked it out, she was a little angled on that first loso – nice switch to split combination – 1.5 turn, great – side aerial, feet a little awkward but covers with choreo – gainer pike, hop forward. 9.850.

We’re seeing the scores for hits for Michigan now, and they don’t seem tight at all.

Funk – BB – bhs loso with a step back to save it, great amplitude on that series – switch side 1/4, good, small arm wave – full turn, a little tight but hitting – beat jump to popa, quite nice – side aerial to layout full, holds stick. 9.800.

Wojcik – BB – aerial to lovely beat jump, great height – switch to split, good feet – bhs loso series, comfortable – side aerial to split jump – 1.5 dismount, stuck – pretty routine.

Four good hits to end the rotation after the falls. Not worried.

9.925 is the score for Wocik

McLean is doing beam in exhibition – hesitation on her opening leap combination, so we’ll see if she gets it – full turn – bhs loso series, solid – cat leap to switch side, short of 180 – split jump to loso, secure, some knees – 1.5, bound forward.

Looks like a 48.775 on floor for Iowa State, for the lead.

The scores they’ve given Brittany are…not correct.

Michigan 48.550 on that beam rotation.

Rotation 2

Farley – FX – Michigan – tuck leap 2/1, which you don’t see a lot – double pike, legs but stuck – switch to switch 1/2, a little short on that first back leg position – 1/2 to front full, deep landing with a lunge back and some knees in the air – 1.5 to layout final pass, some more crazy legs that will take the score down. 9.600.

Ros Vaquer – VT – ISU – yfull, swims to try to hold the stick and hops

Osman – FX – Michigan – double tuck, bounce back pretty far – switch side to popa – 1.5 to layout, a little short ont he layout with a shuffle back – double pike, secure landing, just buckles a hair in the knees there


Rutgers gymnast on bars turns to jelly on a bail and has to sollapse onto the bar. Finishes with a fall on DLO.

Funk – FX – double pike, step back, a little wide step but keeps front foot down – front full to front tuck, a little flat but secure – short double tuck, pretty large lunge forward


Hit 1.5 on vault from Steinmeyer for ISU, small shuffle back.

Koshinski – BB – WVU – bhs loso, small adjustment – a little hesitant in leap series but connected – very short landing on dismount, large lunge forward

Wojcik – FX – Michigan – double pike, clean, controlled step –

Huge handspring pike 1/2 for ISU on vault. Nice. We’ve seen two 10.0 starts from that lineup.

And the stream went down. FUN.

So, anyway, how’s everyone doing? Good? Terrible? Yeah.

At least everything else starts in a couple minutes.

We’re back to see McLean open her floor with a clean double tuck. Nice amplitude on front lay to front full. Hit double pike, should score well.

McLean 9.925 for give Michigan 49,025 on floor.

OK, third rotation coming up in Cancun, along with the start of the big rush of meets, including LSU/Cal.

Auburn starting on vault, that meet already underway.

Day – VT – Auburn – interesting that she’s leading off. I like it. big 1.5 with a hop back. Good layout shape.

Kaji – UB – Iowa – hit jaeger, loses her legs a little on catch – toe on to pak, legs apart – DLO, super clean position, fairly large hop back.

Huge full from Phillips but super uncontrolled landing.

Becker – VT – Auburn – really high on the table, completes full, major bounce back.

Funk – VT – Michigan – good height, holds the stick, some foot form and not the farthest, but one of her strong ones.

Pretty jaeger third up for Iowa on bars. Sits double front dismount.

Osman – VT – Michigan – small hop on her full, a little pike shape throughout. Nice overall.

Glenn pulls out her 1.5 for Auburn, deep landing with a hop back but hit.

Karas still on the full, but it’s huge with a hop back.

Vault scores tight. Bev is kind of losing her shit about it.

McLean – VT – Michigan – big full, holds the stick, some knees in the air. Nice.

Brenner – VT – Michigan – 1.5, good, a little hop back.

Gobourne debuts for Auburn with a 1.5 on vault, really nice in the air, fairly large stumble forward, potential.

Wojcik sticks a 1.5 in the anchor position for Michigan – great vault – landing surprised her a little bit, so not a 10 for me, but she held it.

Annnnnd we have our first single-judge 10 of the season. Wojcik goes 9.975.

Minnesota goes 49.025 on bars to start in the ASU quad meet. 9.900 for Ramler.

In other news, LSU and Cal…get moving…you were supposed to start ages ago.

Auburn went 48.900 on vault, getting a 9.875 from Drew Watson.

You know it’s January when you see Yurchenko layouts and flyaways in exhibition routines.

Britney Ward 9.950 on beam for Missouri. So that happened.

Missouri takes the lead ahead of Minnesota with that score, going 49.075 on beam.

Cal and LSU, I’m going to need you to start, though.

Anywho, Michigan went 49.200 on vault, will need 49.225 on bars to hit 196.

Watson – UB – Auburn – Ray, hit, some pike in shape – short hs – bail hs is solid – good final hs – FTDT, small step back

Vance – VT – Iowa – just a Ylayout in the six.

Krippner – UB – Auburn – small arch on first hs but borderline with jkust being an amazing hs – shap to bail, some legs on shap – FTDT, stuck, good

hit full for Iowa third up on vault, hop back, closed hips.

LSU and Cal finally going. FINALLY. And by going I mean the broadcast has started so that we can do the talking.

Alabama lineups – Gaskins will be on three events (not floor), Givens on beam, Olsen on vault.

Gaskins – VT – Alabama – nice high full, comes in a little short with a bounce forward. 9.850. High. OK corrected to 9.750. That score smakes much more sense.

Near stick on DLO from Karas on bars, small hop forward.

Armbrecht – VT – Alabama – good height on full as well, small hop in place.


Cannamela – VT – Yfull, small hop back, not a ton of distance, fine start. 9.850 is a little high.

Near stick on vault for Mahoney for Alabama

So Seilnacht – hits piked jaeger to overshoot – good hs – 1.5 twist dismount, a little underrotated but got it around, lunge back

Harrold – VT – sits her 1.5. It’s basically Ruby’s annual early-season vault fall.

Geroge – UB – Cal – hit tkatchev, a little flat but fine – bail, hit – short final hs – toe on to FTDT, sticks the dismount with a lean to hold it.

Small hop for Guerra on vault for Alabama. Graber follows with powerful 1.5 but large lunge froward this time.

Priessman – VT – LSU – Fun how we didn’t get to see it, but she’s wearing the stick crown. 9.900.

Jones – UB – Cal – toe Shap, good legs – to pak, a little close – 1/2 turn on low to step up to high – some short hs – FTDT, step back, good option presenting itself.

Edwards – VT – Sits her 1.5 as well – and now LSU will be counting a fall on vault. Hmmmmm.

Kuc – UB – lovely Shap to pak – good hs on low bar – FTDT, chest a little down with a small shuffle – not using the L grip skills, but getting something in there that she can hit comfortably is the key. 9.850.

Finnegan – VT – LSU – clean full, lovely open, smallest slide back and a little direction, not the most distance. 9.875.

Watterson – UB – LSU – good piked jaeger to overshoot – arch in hs on high bar but saves it – DLO, holds the stick.

49.075 for Alabama on vault.

Edney – VT – LSU – she hits her 1.5, but not her most controlled landing, a step forward and another little step afterward. 9.850. Fair. accurate.

Schank – UB – lovely pak to start – Shap 1/2 with good legs – toe full to double tuck, pretends to hold the stick but not with a little slide back in salute.

9.875s from Watterson and Schank give Cal a 49.125 on bars. 48.825 for LSU on vault.

Auburn is at 98.050 at the halfway mark to get back on 196 pace.

Missouri is at 98.125 after two pieces.

I’m irritated with the LSU meet starting so late because that means there will be more overlap with the UCLA/Nebraska meet than we would have liked…

Rotation 2

George – VT – Cal – hop back on full, not her highest possible vault, solid. 9.800.

Durante – UB – hit jaeger, a litle close – nice Pak – FTDT with a hop. Secure start. 9.850.

Sy Seilnacht – VT – Cal – solid full, small hop back, not the most dynamics but hit. 9.775.

Dean – UB – LSU – Ray, some closed hips but hit – toe on, a small arch, a little rushed on that bail, not quite hitting vertical – short cast hs – really good DLO finish. 9.750

Solari debuts her handspring pike 1/2 – a little bit of knees and two small steps, not a ton fo distance – 9.700

Harrold – UB – Zuchold to toe up to high – toe 1/2 a little short to hit jaeger – double front small step. Good. 9.925.

Clausi – VT – Cal – debuts her 1.5, good clean form in the air, small hop forward. Nicely done. 9.850.

Edney – UB – Hindorff, hit – clear hip to bail, clean vertical – DLO, stuck. Nice routine.

Williams – VT – goes with the full, good power of course, a little uncontrolled in that landing – smallll shuffle back and then kind of steps during her salute. 9.800.

Priessman – UB – tkatchev to pak, some legs again on that pak, and can’t cast out of it – has to improvise a cast full turn because Priessman – she kept going so no fall but of course a major error.

Still goes 9.775, which is hilarious but clearly they were impressed by the save.

Mastrangelo – VT – perfectly acceptable full, clean, small hop back.

Two 10.0s on that Cal lineup today. Capable of more and will want to get more in there as we go.

Finnegan – Ub – Ray is perfect – toe on – clean bail – good final hs – DLO with some piking, stuck. Not her cleanest cleanest – a little safe in introducing the pike to that DLO and in a couple handstands, but obviously strong. 9.900

Teams are tied at 98.175 after two events.


No Kramer in the vault lineup for UCLA. Otherwise usual suspects. Oh. Didn’t realize it was Grace Glenn instead of Anna. That’s a surprise too.

Hargrove, Verceles Carr, and De Jesus will be the three first bars routines for Nebraska, the positions we were wondering about.

Rotation 1

Dennis – VT – knee down on her 1.5. It’s the day of troubling 1.5s. Oh UCLA.

Hargrove – UB – Nebraska – Ray, hit, a little close – stalder to pak, pretty pak, some short verticals in here – but the final hs was good – stalder to double tuck, small hop. Good first routine.

Alabaam 49.100 on bars.

G Glenn – VT – full, hop back. OK, little bit of knees, good position overall though.

Verceles Carr – UB – short first hs – nice piked jaeger, some hip angle in her overshoot – giant full pretty late to double tuck, hop.

Tratz – VT – good power on full but a large bound back

Desiderio – BB – LSU – aerial to sissone, solid, small hesitation – hits series – ncie switch, a little short on switch 1/2 – gainer full, leans to hold the stuck

De Jesus – UB – Nebraska – bit height on Ray but some loose body position troughhout – hits double Arabian dismount, small slide –

Val and Randy having a conference with a judge about their vault lineup. Something dramamtic happened, we just don’t know what it was. But Val’s finger is out, we we’re all happy.

Flatley is going to vault now.

Apparently controversy over whether Tratz went early?

Anyway 9.800 for Tratz.

Flatley – VT – pretty full in the air, minimal control on the landing with a bounce back.

Schwiehofer – UB – great height on piked jaeger into overshoot – short hs on high bar – DLO, a little piking, nearly holds stick with hop forward.

Good control on double tuck for Chelsea Shu – double pike, a little deep but not too much movement -finishes 1.5 to very deep front tuck with a big lunge forward.

Ross – VT – sticks a 1.5. Very nice vault. So I guess she can do a 1.5. Pretty.

9.975 for Kyla.

Crouse with an excellent gienger and stuck FTDT, great. Some handstands but well done.

Durante – BB – LSU – aerial to beat, pretty aerial, a little hesitation but not connection breaking – bhs loso series, hit – good full turn – side aerial to full, small hop, a little bit of feet, good routine.

Hano – VT – UCLA – 1.5 with a small step forward, good one for her.

Houchin – UB – Nebraska – gorgeous full turn to tktatchev with toes pointed – clean bail hs – excellent cast hs in this routine – DLO, a little piking in the air. Gorgeous routine.

Anyway, after all that it’s a 49.175 on vault for UCLA.

George – FX – Cal – front tuck through to rudi, cool – switch ring to split leap full, nice positions, small adjustment on landing – front double full, nice pop, pretty well controlled – rudi, secure landing – Cal needed that one after some struggle landing sin the first couple spots.

Nebraska 49.050 on bars after the 9.925 for Houchin – super improtant score for Nebraska –

Edney – BB – aerial to sissone, good – bhs to loso, secure – switch to straddle 1/4, hit – kickover with a balance check – 1.5, stuck. 9.825 must have got her for split positions –

Clausi – FX – Cal – full-in, super secure landing, very well done – switch side to wolf jump full – front 2/1, around, not the most controlled but dances out of it to cover – front layout to front full – Cal rising as this rotation goes – love the final headstand.

Campbell – BB – LSU – hits loso series – aerial to a well extended sissone – switch to switch 1/2, excellent toe point – 2/1, stuck. Nice set.

Williams – FX – Cal – DLO, great, nearly totally stuck – layout to front full, stuck, some knees

Verceles Carr – VT – Nebraska – short on her full landing, didn’t get much block, lunge forward

Frazier – UB – UCLA – Toe shap to pak, great height – Shap 1/2 – hit – just small bits of legs – DLO, holds the stick with a little lean. Great debut. 9.875.

Finnegan – BB – nice loso series, crisp – switch to switch 1/2, perfect positions – side somi, hit – side aerial to full, stuck, Fab.

A Glenn – UB – UCLA – hit jaeger, a little knees in the air, good amplitude – hitting hs – late on giant full into double tuck, stuck double tuck. 9.800.

De Jesus with a bound forward on vault on a 1.5, but did get it –

Solari – FX – Cal – 1.5 to layout second pass, a little arch – switch 1/2 and wolf, short on the leaps, that will be the issue to work out in this routine – double tuck, step –

Flatley – UB – UCLA – higgins to jaeger – bail is nice – clean DLO to finish with a small step – a couple vertical positions – a little cleaner than we saw at MTB –

Schweihofer – VT – Nebraska – pretty in the air on her full but came in short with a lunge forward.

G Glenn – UB – lovely jaeger and would have been a lovely pak but peeled off swinging through – hit that DLO with a bounce back –

LSU 147.500 to Cal 147.125

Crouse – VT- Nebraska – nice 1.5, clean overall, a little shorter than usual with a step back –

Kocian – UB – UCLA – Toe Shap to pak, a little legs, basically fingertipped that Shap – 1/2 turn on low – a little tentative I think this time in a couple of her verticals – FTDT and held the stick because Kocian –

Houchin – VT – Nebraska – DTY, gets it around – step back and to the side – a little down on landing, but not too many issues

Ross – UB – UCLA – Shap to bail, perfect – shoot to high, good – DLO with a step back this time. Otherwise her usual.

Alabama is having a mess on beam halfway through that rotation.

9.875 for Kyla following 9.825 for Kocian. Did anyone else think those two scores were kind of…reasonable…for a UCLA home meet?

Shu – BB – Cal – aerial to bhs, pretty aerial, a little slow in combination – hitch to switch 1/2, short of split position – full turn – side aerial to full, stuck, holds the stick with a hunch

Harrold – FX – LSU – front double full, a lunge forward, a littrle big but overall solidly controlled – double pike, bounce back, just keeps it in bounds – switch ring to switch 1/2 – 1.5 to layout, good, nearly stuck it.

Clausi – BB – Cal – two switch leaps combo, pretty – kickover front, holds it with a balance check – bhs loso, solid – full turn, a little tentative – side aerial to full dismount with a little hop. Good.

G Glenn – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series, lovely – aerial to split, actually perfect – swtich to split, good – bhs to gainer full – fab opening routine. Excellent. 9.875.

Hand down from Desiderio for 9.200 on floor in  the second spot.

Keelen hits beam for Cal, short on 1.5 dismount with a lunge back.

Johnston -Neb – finishes floor with stuck double tuck, a little deep –

Good height on front 2/1 for Edwards from LSU. Good double tuck.

Nguyen – BB – UCLA – full turn, good – aerial to loso series, questionable speed in connection but will probably get it – switch to split – split jump 3/4, very secure – front layout full. Good.

Seilnacht – BB – Cal – bhs loso, good – switch to double stag, a little pause in series – side aerial to full, stuck. Good overall.

De Jesus – FX – Nebraska – 3/1, good, almost all around, some crossed knees – 1.5 to front layout – good straddle positions – double pike, landed chest down but hit –

Kelley – FX – LSU – DLO, little bit of step adjustment – front layout to front full, same, small step adjustment – split leap full to tuck jump 1.5 as her dance series – double tuck, a little short with a step – 9.900? LOL sure.

Flatley – BB – UCLA  – aerial to loso, very pretty – side aerial – L turn, would give it – switch ring to beat, controlled – bhs 1.5, stuck. Well, that will work as a beam debut. 9.875

Williams – BB – Cal – standing front tuck to loso with pretty good speed for such a difficult series – wobbles on I think nothing? – switch 1/2, a little eh – gainer pike, stuck, easy part for her.

Finnegan – FX – LSU – 1.5 through to 2.5, small step adjustment – double tuck, lovely – switch ring and switch 1/2 are excellent –

Dennis – BB – UCLA – full turn – aerial with a check, will have to redo to get her series – aerial to loso, hit this time with a check – switch 1/2 to beat, nice height on switch 1/2 – 2/1 dismount, a little step – 9.950 for Finnegan.

Schweihofer – FX – Nebraska – full in , good – front layout to rudi, super clean – switch 1/2 to wolf full – double tuck, short, lunge, the rest was great.

Williams gets a 9.625 on beam? Of all the series to suddenly care about?

LOL – hilarious and awesome save for Bordas on beam for Cal as her hangs onto the beam with her ankle and pulls herself back up onto the beam like a rock climber.

Ross – BB – bhs loso with a check – being all Kyla – side aerial to a stuck full to finish.

Crouse – FX – front 2/1 to layout, lovely – finishes with a very nice rudi to loso – such clean floor work.

Edney OOB on first pass for LSU –

LSU has to count the 9.725 for Edney – finishes 196.775.

Ohashi – BB – UCLA – bhs bhs layout series with feet apart to land – switch to split, nicely done – front aerial to bhs loso layout full, stuck. Great job.

Cal goes 195.650 after score troubles on beam, some of it was shakiness, some of it looks like harsh evaluation. Had some good moments there on bars, as well as some of those floor routines like from Clausi and Williams that didn’t really get the scores –

Houchin – FX – pike full in with a step OOB – love that floaty layout out of her middle pass – switch ring to split leap full – high double pike, little step –

9.900 for Ohashi. UCLA goes 49.325 on beam.

After 3: UCLA 147.700, Nebraska 146.725

Yeouch. Alabama finishes with 194.750 after a beam nightmare.

Rotation 4

Curtis – BB – wolf jump to front tuck series, nice – bhs loso, small adjustment – switch to switch series attempt and falls – I don’t love that leap series, and sometimes forget that when people like Glenn do it, but then I remember.

Dennis – FX – piked full in, good control – front full tor layout, two hops forward out of it – keeps it in bounds – fantastic leaps – double tuck, easy for her, a little over with a hop back. 9.875 is cute. Meanwhile Ohashi gets 15.999

Verceles Carr – BB – side aerial, small check – bhs loso with a step back – some knees in here – split jump to split 3/4, a little slow but this meet has been fairly loose on beam evaluation – 1.5 dismount with a hop forward/sideward

Kramer – FX – I love the crap out of this routine – front 2/1 to front pike, nice. 1.5 to layout – switch side to popa – rudi, nice. Good one.

Crouse – BB – kickover front, good – gainer pike full twist off the end of the beam and stuck. Well done to make that dismount look not crazy.

9.950 for Kramer. So apparently the judges love the crap out of it too.

Ross – FX – whip to double tuck, nice tight tucked shape to make sure she can get it around – 1.5 to layout, a little whipped over – leap positions are OK but she’s Kyla and can be more extended – double pike, around, lunge back

Schweihofer – BB – bhs to two-foot pike-layout – small check – switch to switch 1/2, slow combination and some back leg – 2/1, stuck, great dismount

9.950 for Ross as well. OK cool.

Tratz – FX – full in, excellent, one of her most secure – 1.5 to…something…semi-tucked 1/2 twist? sure – it’s artistry you guys – nice position on split leap 1/1 – double tuck, secure, a little deep.

Houchin – BB – bhs loso series, pretty, good toes – aerial – full turn small hesitation switch to split, good height on switch, could be  a little more extended on split – great height on side aerial – 2/1 with step back. Nice.

Hano – FX – DLO, very strong – front full to tuck 1/2 to running fish – also low and awkward on that combination like Tratz was – double pike, comes in way short and hands down. Well, it is still UCLA in the first meet.

Hassel – BB – bhs loso, secure – aerial, small adjustment – split to sheep, some legs – comes in short on 1.5 with a hop to the side –

Ohashi – FX – DLO, nice and floaty – 1.5 to front full to 1/2 to to to to to to to, a little knees in the combo that time but otherwise great – good switch leap positions – front full to 1/2 to drop split final pass, also a little bit of pike developed in the shape in that combo, but strong overall.

9.950 for Ohashi. You were worried they were going to go 10 weren’t they?

197.250 for UCLA, which is a huge first meet score for them. First time breaking 197 in a season opener since 2005.


Michigan 196.050, Iowa State 194.325, West Virginia 194.150, Rutgers 189.750

LSU 196.775, Cal 195.650

Missouri 195.450, Arizona State 195.000, Minnesota 194.150, UIC 193.925

Auburn 194.825, Iowa 193.225

Alabama 194.750, NIU 193.325, Temple 191.925, SEMO 187.800

UCLA 197.250, Nebraska 195.700

One team hits 197. Only three teams hit 196. Seven teams hit 195.

A VERY first day of a first day.



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