Only the best – Week 1

THE 10s

Maggie Nichols – Oklahoma – Vault

The 9.975s

Natalie Wojcik – Michigan – Vault

Kyla Ross – UCLA – Vault

Maggie Nichols – Oklahoma – Beam

The 9.950s

Jade Degouveia – Oklahoma – Vault

MyKayla Skinner- Utah – Vault

Nicole Lehrmann – Oklahoma – Bars

MyKayla Skinner – Utah – Bars

Sarah Finnegan – LSU – Beam

Sarah Finnegan – LSU – Floor

Olivia Trautman – Oklahoma – Floor

Katelyn Ohashi – UCLA – Floor

MyKayla Skinner – Utah – Floor

Gracie Kramer – UCLA – Floor

Kyla Ross – UCLA – Floor

Sophia Carter – Arkansas – Floor

17 thoughts on “Only the best – Week 1”

    1. I would have to say her, Skinner, Nichols, and Ross were the best on vault this weekend. It’s too hard to pick which is the best! 😂

  1. Wojcik had the best vt out of the group! Hands down.
    Skinner finally stuck it and they still went 9.95. Yes it had issues but they go 9.95 when she does that and a hop. I love watching NCAA. I hate the cracked up scoring.

  2. okay if Maggie’s beam was 9.975 then Sarah’s beam was 10 for sure. I hope sarah doesn’t get low balled for 10s again this year

  3. I lov Maggie but that vault def wasn’t a ten. She didn’t stick the landing and had a leg separation going onto the table.

    1. Love Maggie but her minor errors are often overlooked. I think it will be a tight battle between her, Finnegan, and Ross for the AA title. Skinner will also be in the hunt though I would prefer NOT.

  4. Just seeing these videos, makes me fantasize about a USA University Games Team going to Italy in July of this year. A foursome of Skinner, Ross, Nichols, and Finnegan would make me flood my basement. They would mop the floor with the rest of the World and likely sweep gold and silver in all events .It will never happen, but I can always dream about it.

  5. Skinner getting a 9.95 for a bars routine with bent arms, a short handstand, and a step on the dismount? Must’ve been a home meet.

  6. Just to note: You forgot Britney Ward of Missouri, who scored a 9.95 on Beam this week. I know there is probably not a good video of it, but still she deserves to be mentioned here.

  7. On one hand, I understand that different meets have different judges, and it’s silly to be yelling about how Kyla was better than Maggie and so on, since they were competing in different venues.

    On the other hand, oh MAN do the top schools benefit from generous scoring. First of all, the ceiling shouldn’t be so high so early in the season. Second, if I picked the best 10 routines or so from this week, only about half of these would be on there. It SUCKS that being from Oklahoma or UCLA or LSU or being Mykayla Skinner gives you an extra .025 – .1. On an individual level it must be frustrating for those who aren’t ‘big names’ and at the sportwide level it makes it harder for ’emerging’ schools to really challenge the top ones.

    This is one of the only judged sports at the NCAA level, and I think maintaining stricter, fairer, more consistent judging standards should be a way bigger priority. The more NCAA gym moves towards “entertainment” and away from “sport” the easier it is to discredit and defund it.

  8. I’d be 100% interested in seeing good/great/unique routines that didn’t get quite get 9.95 scores, especially routines from the non top 12-ish schools. Some personal favorites that didn’t crack the big numbers. We’d love it 🙂 You’re a saint

  9. Most of those floors should NOT be 9.95. Judges for D1 schools are too scared to take deductions. Skinner was short 45 degrees on that leap, which means it should be downgraded and it was not.

    They are all great routines, but not 9.95.

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