Saturday Live Blog – January 19, 2019

Saturday, January 19 Scores Stream
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1:00 ET/10:00 PT – UIC @ Bowling Green LINK
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Penn @ Yale ESPN+
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Brockport, Springfield @ Ithaca FREE
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – [1] Oklahoma, Ball State @ North Carolina LINK ACC+
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – [13] Auburn @ [10] Missouri LINK SEC+
3:00 ET/12:00 PT – Maryland @ Illinois LINK BTN+
3:30 ET/12:30 PT – [17] Ohio State @ Penn State LINK BTN
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – [4] Utah @ [21] Oregon State LINK FREE
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5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Gustavus Adolphus @ UW-Oshkosh
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8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [22] Central Michigan, Sacramento State, TWU @ [8] Denver LINK
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Much to watch, much to watch today as well, beginning with Oklahoma’s tri-meet in North Carolina and the simultaneous Auburn/Missouri adventure.

Before that starts, we do have Bowling Green going over 49 on vault to start its meet against UIC nearly going 49 on bars, and Yale going 48.325 on vault to start its competition against Penn’s 48.200 on bars. Nice amplitude on those final two Yfulls from Cooperman and Firth, just a multi-tenth lack of control on landing that took the scores down.

It looks like Nebraska wasn’t able to use Crouse or Schweihofer on bars this week, so even though 48.750 is a low score, I feel like they’ll take it. Kelli Chung is in her fourth year at Nebraska and just showed her first competition routine for 9.675 on bars.

Penn’s last two Yfulls in its vault lineup were excellent. Kraez went 9.825 and Caravela went 9.700, which I thought could have been a tad higher, though she did come in with a deeper chest than Kraez.

Nebraska 48.575 on vault. Still no Crouse or Schweihofer, putting some real strain on those lineups. Nebraska just .275 ahead of Rutgers at the halfway point.

Karrie Thomas is on bars for Oklahoma. Maggie is not in the bars lineup. Repeat, Maggie is not in the bars lineup.

“Friday Night Heights is Saturday afternoon heights.” #trying

Maggie Nichols is out of all lineups today. Bruised heel. KJ says they’re playing it safe.

Auburn/Missouri starting.

Watson – UB – Auburn – High Ray, borderline cast hs to follow – catches bail a little off line with a small leg break – FTDT, a little out of control with a hop to the side. 9.800.

Showers finishes bars with a stuck FTDT, though the feed cut away for the middle of her routine.

Huber opened vault with a 9.700 for Missouri.

Krippner – UB – Auburn – good first hs – Shap to bail, nice vertical position, legs together – short final hs – toe on – FTDT, takes it pretty close to the bar, hop back.

Porter – VT- MU – nice full, good amplitude, small hop back, a little angle –

Clean bail from Marks on bars – finishes FTDT, a little short with a step forward this time

Gobourne – UB – Auburn – high tkatchev to pak combination, some feet on tkatchev, Pak great – 1/2 turn on low, good final hs – FTDT, deep landing with a bound forward. Good bars routines but not sticking like that week.

Gottula – VT – MU – big full from her as well but not as controlled in the landing with a large lunge back – good shape

Cerio – UB – Auburn – clear hip 1/2 to piked jaeger, smooth and composed – bail, legs together well – snaps those legs together on her cast – giant full to double tuck, tries to sell the stick but it was a step into salute. Good one, though.

Tucker – VT – MU – bounce back on full

Thomas – UB – OU – toe half to jaeger, excellent – bail, clean, legs tight – hit final hs – DLO, huge, lands it a bit deep but holds the stick. Really nice option. They think this is Brenna. Oh dear.

Milliet lovely on bars obviously. Double tuck with a step forward.

Ward sticks for Missouri. Great.

Brenna – UB – OU – Ray, excellent – bail had a bit of angle this time – DLO, stuck as usual

Day – UB – Auburn – toe on to toe 1/2 to jaeger to overshoot, awesome, great toes throughout – balance check stepping up to high which is a thing this weekend – double arabian dismount with just a small adjustment. Good.

Lehrmann – UB – gorgeous jaeger – bail, clean, vertical, legs together – one borderline hs – FTDT, small hop. Good. Not perfect this time, but should score very well

Hislop lovely on vault, just comes in a bit short with a step forward this time.

Live scores aren’t on top of themselves for the UNC tri meet, but it’s 49.400 for Oklahoma on bars with three 9.900s.

No McCrary in the lineups this week for Missouri.

Schweihofer comes back in on floor for Nebraska today. She was in AA in the first meet and only beam in the second meet.

Auburn 49.275, Missouri 48.700

Nebraska does go 49.075 on floor to try to keep this thing in the higher 195s.

Ball State update: post-routine sunglasses. Other update: full-in on floor.

Becker – VT – Auburn – full, some piking in the air – hop back – 9.725.

Tucker – UB – Missouri – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger, good catch, some feet – bail, hit vertical, once again feet flash apart for a nanosecond – giant full to double tuck, step

Day – VT – Auburn – good 1.5, pretty well controlled on the landing, small hop back – some direction, knees look solid

Christensen – UB – mU – giant full to tkatchev – nice bail – short final cast hs – giant full pretty well on top, double tuck with hop back

Phillips – VT – Auburn – pretty much her usual, an absolutely huge full with a large bounce back on landing

Schugel – UB – MU – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger to overshoot, great legs throughout – hit final hs – giant full a bit late into double tuck, small step

Gobourne – VT – Auburn – strong 1.5, comes in just a bit short with a small slide back, but really nice.

Porter – Ub – MU – 1/2 turn to jaeger, nice and high – toe on – bail, leg break and a little shor tof vertical, just a couple handstands in here – double front, pulls out the stick with some cowboy

Watson – VT – Auburn – another excellent 1.5 in this lineup – much like Day and Gobourne, a small step back – good power and form

Huber – UB – MU – 1/2 turn to jaeger, falls – shame, she has a necessary score for this lineup, with added extension that can get her closer to the 9.9s

Glenn – VT – Auburn – just a full this time instead of the adventure that is her 1.5, pretty far off to the side with a sideward lunge, good power obviously

So, three great vaults and three eh vaults give Auburn 49.025.

Kovnesky – UB – MU – shortish first hs – giant full to tkatchev, hit, some legs in giant full, bail hadnstand attempt is short of vertical – short cast – giant full to double tuck, hop forward. Got through with hit, but will be a lower score that has to count.

Obsessed with the 2/1 off vault from Hudson of Ball State.

Trautman – BB – OU – bhs loso series, solid – cat leap to switch side, solid, maybe a little back leg – kickover front, hit – 1.5 dismount, hop. Good. 9.875

Lehrmann – BB – OU – full turn, easy – bhs loso swingodwn, good fight to go through that without an error, wasn’t her smoothest but got through – cat leap to switch side – gainer full, stuck. Good. 9.850.

Dowell – BB – OU – aerial to bhs series, fairly methodical in combination but will get it – switch to switch combination, not quite to 180 – cut away so we don’t see Kochetkova – finishes punch full stuck. 9.925. I had a few more deductions than that.

Bower finishes beam for Missouri with a stuck gainer full.

Pretty jaeger from Donaghy for UNC – overshoot a little crazy – DLO, some legs apart, small hop

Woodard – BB – OU – side aerial to bhs, good, some knees in bhs but otherwise well extended – kickover front, secure – switch to split, good toes and 180 positions – side aerial to full, stuck. Nice. 9.925 for her as well –

Nicholson – BB – MU – three series with a large break, bend at the hips, keeps it on – straddle to straddle 1/2, a bit short, hit – gainer full, step back

Showers – BB – OU – bhs loso series, mostly solid, smallest lean – beat jump to split jump full, pretty well done to get that around – kickover front to beat to swingdown, good rhythm in that combination – gainer full, holds the stick. 9.900

Porter – BB – MU – kickover front to bhs, pretty quick in combination – switch to split, some short positions – full turn, check – aerial, check – 1.5, really short and sits it down. Weird

Webb – BB – OU – bhs loso, pretty good, does well to cover her momentum carrying her back a little – cat leap to aerial, small lean to the side – switch to split combination, doesn’t commit to the split leap, very short back leg – side aerial to full, stuck. Good routine but more tentative than her usual. 9.950. You can’t give 9.950 there to me, with a couple smallllllest little leans and that split leap.

Gottula – BB – MU – bhs bhs loso, super smooth, excellent – full turn – switch to straddel 1/4, short position on the straddle 1/4 – gainer full, chest down with a lean to try to hold the stick

Gobourne – FX – Auburn – open double tuck, easy, controlled step – would like to see the legs more together since this pass is easy enough for her to do it open – front full to layout, uncontrolled landing with a little step shuffle – nice high double pike, a little bounce

49.575 for Oklahoma on beam. I mean, it was a good rotation, but that score is bonkers.

Kelly – BB – MU – aerial to one-arm bhs – she was off line on her aerial, did well not to check, but then couldn’t get the bhs back on line and falls – Missouri counting a fall on beam now – dismount front 1/1, short with a step.

Milliet – FX – MU – front rudi, lovely, great height – switch ring to switch 1/2 – double pike, shortish with a step forward – 1.5 to layout, lunge out of it

Ward – BB – MU – bhs bhs loso, smooth and solid – switch to pike jump, switch a bit short of 180, good commit to the pike jump though – hitch kick to side aerial – 1.5, stuck.

Cerio – FX – Auburn – double front and gets it, sort of a struggle with a lunge forward, but it was hit – front 1/1 to front layout, kind of close to the floor but hit – switch side to popa, a little bouncy – rudi, some ragged legs there, solid landing.

After 3: Auburn 147.350, Missouri 145.900

Webb – FX – OU – front 2/1, a bit of a crossover step there – 1.5 to front full, clean – split leap full to split jump full, also seemed really abbreviated in those split positions, at least from this angle, wonder if she’s struggling with something – rudi, hit. 9.875

Degouveia – FX – OU – front 2/1, a bit of legs at the end, step out not too large – front lay to front full with a lunge out, that one will count as uncontrolled – a little short on split position – 1.5 to front full, good control there, just a bit of legs. 9.850.

Dean from UNC, nice amplitude on her loso series on beam. Large break on side aerial.

Stern – OU – double pike, huge bounce back, looks like she just does keep it in bounds – front full second pass, also out of control on the bounce with a possible OOB. Front full, can’t get that one close to around, hand down.

Hislop – BB – UNC – aerial to bhs – not the fastest but pretty smooth in that one – nice height on double stag – side aerial to full, tries to sell the stick there. Not really, but a good one overall.

Dowell – FX – OU – does the tuck double front this week – lunge forward out of it – 1.5 to layout, very clean position and solid landing – split and straddle are close – front lay to front full, possible attempt at a stag out of that, but not really committed to that stag.

Watson – BB – Auburn – bhs loso, small check, some knees – cat leap to side aerial, good – a little lean in between her dance element series, which may get interesting – 1.5, bound forward. Hit.

Trautman – BB – OU – strong DLO, big amplitude, controls the step – front lay front full to split jump, good flight – good lift on split full to split jump full – double tuck, drops into it, very nice. 9.975. I mean it was good…

Gobourne – BB – Auburn – bhs loso, huge break with a leg-up wobble and a lean at the hips, stays on somehow – cat leap to side aerial, another bend at the hips

Draper – FX – OU – front 2/1 attempt and hands down. That means OU will be counting a fall on floor. Well. That takes away the 198. front full to front full, hit – switch side to straddles, a little bit of knees – back 1/2 to rudi, some knees.

Oklahoma still goes 48.850 on floor with a counting fall. I’m not sure how they get 9.225 for Draper.

Milliet – BB – Auburn – front tuck mount, lean at the hips – bhs loso, hit well – split jump to sheep with a lean – cat leap to gainer full, holds stick with a lean –

LaPinta a little out of control on her 3/1 first pass in exhibition but may get herself a spot for next week with both Stern and Draper struggling more.

We have a fall on floor from Missouri (Turner), so they’re working against that for the final three routines.

Krippner – BB – Auburn – cat leap to aerial to bhs, does well to keep the aerial going into bhs, but not the fastest connection – split ring jump, not bad – switch leap to split jump, smallest lean – 1.5 dismount, short with hop back

Porter – FX – MU – double pike, a little forward with a step – 1.5 to layout, good amplitdue – switch 1/2 to popa – double tuck, very secure and comfortable

Sylvia – BB – Auburn – full turn – aeiral to bhs series, a little abbreviated in the connection between – side aerial to one leg – ring jump to switch 1/2 attempt, large break with a bend at the hips, keeps it ont he beam – gainer full with step

Gottula – FX – MU – double pike, good legs, slide back – 1/2 to what I believe was a rudi attempt, underrotated and shouldn’t get credit for being around – good double tuck

Showers – VT – OU – full, fairly significant bounce back, not bad but they’ll want more control

Sheppard – BB – Auburn – big amplitude on her roundoff loso mount, hits it – bhs loso series, off and falls. Rough beam rotation to end for Auburn to take the total under 196.

Lehrmann – VT – OU – come up short on her 1.5 this time, lunge back and to the side to save it. Still gets 9.800.

Webb – VT – OU – also a bit short on her 1.5, step back, not as large a step as Lehrmann, but they’re under on these vaults, which is unexpected.

Missouri broadcast literally just cut to a shot of the team instead of Tucker’s second pass.

FINAL: Auburn 195.825, Missouri 194.975

With Missouri counting a fall on beam and Auburn as good as counting a fall on beam, not a score that either team will want to remember in this one.

Trautman – VT – OU – good power on her 1.5, she has a hop forward instead of back, more knees in the air though.

Degouveia – VT – OU – 1.5 – she’s also a little short this time with a step back, similar to Webb and Lehrmann. But this one gets 9.875.

Dowell – VT – OU – 1.5 with a hop forward this time, none of the vault lineup with their strongest showings.

And Dowell goes 9.925. Aka the score she usually gets for sticking.

So Oklahoma will finish with 197.000. No one’s going to call that a disaster, but this also won’t be confused with a strong performance, especially in the final two rotations with the falls on floor and the uncharacteristically short landings on vault. Bars and beam were good enough (though the score overstates the quality of the beam rotation), but Oklahoma can do better on all counts. You could see the missing Maggie in every lineup. This team is super strong, of course, but definitely needs her.

Ohio State has a fall from Stone in the 4th position on bars. A good hit from Swartzentruber allows it to be dropped. Penn State struggling with some control on vault landings.

UNC gets a 9.925 from Hislop on floor to go over 195 with a 195.150. Ball State 193.600

I can’t see what Ohio State’s “you finished a routine” tarp says that they have to drape around themselves, but it’s definitely a tarp.

Verdeflor overbalances a handstand, and then crashes her dismount to her face, following Allen’s 9.6 on bars for Penn State, so this rotation is cancelled.

Catching up on other events, Nebraska ended up counting a fall on beam as well (Crouse and Schweihofer both did beam) to finish with a forgettable 194.850 to Rutgers’ 194.325.

Illinois and Maryland both put up great numbers on bars but have low scores on the remaining events and are just trying to get out with 195s at this point.

Ohio State vaults 48.925, Penn State goes 49.175 on bars, counting the 9.625 from Allen but with three 9.9 scores, including 9.950 from Garcia. Ohio State 97.950, Penn State 97.725.

Fall from Amanda Huang first up on floor for Ohio State.

Ava Verdeflor came up really short on her aerial on beam, her back foot only about 1/4 on the beam, and falls, looked super painful but she’s resuming.

FINAL: Illinois 195.075, Maryland 194.950

Aepli has a controversial OOB and a judging conference following her routine, they end up with 9.525, which will have to count because of the fall in the first position. Penn State in a similar position, having to count a 9.4 on beam because of the earlier fall.

And now they have a major problem because Mason Hosek fell on her beam routine and slammed her hip into the beam, it looks OUCHIE. She’s going to resume, but this will be a very low rotation score for PSU. The rest of the routine looks great, good leaps, no ill effects, so probably just a “why did my hip bone have to hit that hard place” kind of thing.

Heads up that the Utah/Oregon State stream link has changed from what was originally posted. I’ve updated the link above. If you’re seeing the word “basketball” on your stream (Gah!) you’re on the wrong link.

Utah @ Oregon State begins

Intros and whatnot.

Warmups and whatnot.

“McKenna Merrell-Gills”

Rotation 1

Gonzales – VT – OSU – solid amplitude on her full but a big lunge back and then an extra step back to meet her lunge leg – only a little bit of piking in the air. 9.700

Tessen – UB – Utah – 1/2 turn to jaeger, just a bit close but fine – some legs coming in for her bail hs – she’s coming up short on these straight-body casts – FTDT, step back. OK. 9.800.

Singley – VT – OSU – hop back on her full, also has a mushier position on her layout with some of the knees and feet, but a small hop back than Gonzales. 9.725.

Dula – UB – Utah – short first hs – really lovely toes in that jaeger – toe on to bail, ends up pretty close to vertical but short on some of these casts – stalder to double tuck, stuck. Good dismount, lovely potential, they just need to refine those verticals. 9.750.

L Dagen – VT – OSU – solid control on her full this time, small hop forward, will get deducted for dynamics and a little pike since it’s not the biggest. 9.825.

MMG – UB – Utah – toe on to deltchev, nice and high, maybe caught with some elbows – good casts – still coming up a little short on her bail position but the casts are better – flings out her FTDT a little with a step back. 9.750 is a little tight.

M Dagen – VT – OSU – good power on her full, strong distance, one step back for .05 and some knees in the air. 9.825

Reinstadtler – UB – Utah – short first hs – 1/2 to perfect jaeger, love the feet – small leg break in bail, hits vertical but legs flash apart – I saw two short casts in there, very strong FTDT, good height and what looked like a stick from here. Score should go up there, better extension and dismount. 9.850.

Yanish – VT -OSU – big full, has time to open, bigger bounce back though 9.800

Isa – Ub – Utah – Ray, solid – good verticals on cast hs and bail – giant full to directly DLO, lunge back. Commentators wondering if she’s going to get deducted for loose back in casts, which is a correct assesment but rarely deducted in NCAA. 9.850

Jacobsen – VT – oSU _ tsuk 1/1, her usual – comes in with a bit of pike and a small hop back. 9.775.

Skinner – UB – Utah – Ray – good verticals in her casts and her bail – short on her final hs – FTDT, plants a stick with a bit of staggered legs. (Same loose back in some casts as Isa, borderline arch in Skinner’s case, but like I said I haven’t seen that being taken.) And it wasn’t here. 9.925.

Force does a full in exhibition for OSU that would have scored higher than one or two of the lineup vaults.

Burch goes through bars cleanly in exhibition, though not sure that’s getting into the lineup over the current six or Lee.

After 1: Utah 49.175, Oregon State 48.950

Both teams perfectly fine. Utah too tight in some of those handstands and dismounts in the early few, but got the score it needed from Skinner. Oregon State will be hurt this year by a comparative lack of 10.0s, but they should be able to start vaulting over 49 with a little more control in those fulls. Several of those 9.7s got most of those deductions from large bounces back.

Rotation 2

Lee – VT – Utah – nearly sticks her full once again – good direction and clean shape, strong showing. 9.875.

yanish – UB – OSU – godo first hs – 1/2 turn, short to bail handstand, short of vertical – shoot to high, can’t get up to handstand after taking her shoot to high close, has to rest against the high bar – DLO is good.

Reinstadtler – VT – Utah – doing the full – lots of power, clean shape in the air but a majjjor bounce back, will be multi-tenth. 9.700

Yamaoka – UB – OSU we’re getting to see this one – good first cast hs – toe on to toe shap, a little bit of legs – bail – hits vertical with a bit of a leg break – closer final cast hs – giant full to double tuck, comes up short with a lunge forward. 9.725

Roberts – VT – Utah – strong stick on her full, she has clearly improved on vault this year – just some chest down as she went in to find the stick. 9.875.

Lowery – UB – OSU – toe on to toe SHap, good legs – connected to high pak, legs apart – some hesitation casting up to handstand on low – good final cast – floaty DLO, leans down to hold the stick. Nice routine. Some cast handstands, some positions, but good. 9.850 a little high there.

Burch – VT – Utah – good power on her full, small bounce back. Legs apart on block but better in postflight. 9.825

Jacobsen – UB – OSU – tkatchev to overshoot, good speed, a little floppy in shape with the feet – 1/2 turn to double front, quick lunge back to save it but a larger lunge. 9.725

MMG – VT – Utah – nearly able to hold the stick on her 1.5, but was just a little short and ultimately had to slide back – the usual knees as well. 9.850

MCP – UB – OSU – catches super close on her jaeger with some form and muscling out of it – overshoot – back up to high – good final hs – DLO – a bit short with a step. Most deductions will come on that jaeger, pretty but caught well close. 9.775 is very forgiving.

Skinner – VT – Utah – sticks her DTY again. She has nailed that landing so far this season, eliminating the hops from last season. Just a little forward on landing and a little stagger to help her stick. 9.975. Not much of a problem with that. I would have been 9.950, but it’s the kind of vault that’s super close to being perfect (by NCAA judging standards, don’t freak out on me), so 9.975 makes sense.

Briscoe – UB – OSU – catches jaeger, a little safe but no problems like MCP – bail with a small leg break – DLO with a  hop back – a countable routine.

After 2: Utah 98.575, Oregon State 97.900

Utah will be happy with that score of 49.400 on vault. Some great fulls also some just OK landings. Oregon State will totally take that 48.950 on bars for a rotation that had issues. They had to drop Yanish’s score because of resting against the bar and had a couple other problems that had to count and still nearly got 49.

Rotation 3

Lowery – BB – OSU – full turn – bhs loso, leg-up wobble, styles it out – switch to straddle 1/4, great height there – side aerial, secure – front lay full, stuck. 9.725.

Oregon State, stick mini-chainsaw.

Roberts – FX – Utah – front lay to rudi, nice pop on rudi, well controlled – strong double pike landing as well – 1.5 to layout, also very sturdy position, super clean. 9.875

Yanish – BB – OSU – bhs loso series, secure – switch to loso, a little tight on that switch – full turn, squeezes to avoid a check – switch to straddle 1/4, risking deductions on these leaps – front handspring – gainer full with a step back. 9.775.

Reinstadtler – FX – Utah – double tuck, good shape, controlled landing – switch ring to split leap full, good 180s, not the most distinct ring position but no one will care – 1.5 to layout, good lift in layout, just a little shuffle of the feet landing it – double pike, nearly stepped OOB on what was just a normal controlled step back, maybe did. 9.875. Apparently not…

L Dagen – BB – OSU – switch to switch side, arm-wave wobble – aerial, smooth – loso series and falls – gainer pike, step back. Drag.

Randall – FX – Utah – full-in, pretty strong control on landing, just chest forward – hits straddle positions – 1.5 to layout, a bit whipped over on her layout, the first two rose more in those combinations – double pike, buckles a little with a step. 9.850 even though it was clearly weaker in the landings than the first two. One judge went 9.900. Difficulty forgiveness. Gives me some thoughts about lineup order for after this rotation.

M Dagen – BB – OSU – leg-up wobble to save her series – hitting her leaps after that but a little tight in them – side aerial to full, a stick they needed. 9.675

Soloski – FX – Utah – DLO, strong height, just comes in a bit short with a step – switch leap 1/1 comes up short of the full twist, tough one to get around, but it was like a switch 3/4 – 2/1, super clean and controlled – 1.5 to layout has to whip around that layout with some knees. 9.875. You know, because all those routines are the same. I mean…come on.

Lazaro – BB – OSU – loso series, lovely height and toes, small lean – switch to straddle 3/4, well extended – side aerial to full, a little off line, lands staggered but holds onto the stick

MMG – FX – Utah – pike full in, comes up shortish this time with a lunge forward – 1.5 to layout to front pike, a bit of a lunge but it’s also a cover dance – switch ring to split leap 1/1 – rudi to straddle rebound – some travel but more under control than on some occasions as well. 9.875.

Singley – BB – OSU – check on opening leap – beat to double stag to get a dance combo – bhs loso series, off line and falls. Oregon State counting a fall now. Kickover front with a fairly large check – gainer full with a step.

Skinner – FX – Utah – double double, comfortable, slide back – split leap 1.5, a little indistinct in the finishing position this time, like a split 1.375 – 1.5 through to 2/1, nailed that landing – interstitial front tuck is fine – full-in, strong landing, control. 9.900. Agree with the score in isolation, but to say that’s only .025 better than Soloski’s routine or MMG’s routine is actually crazy.

After 3; Utah 147.975, Oregon State 146.175

So, thoughts about Utah’s floor lineup. I think we can all agree that pre-Skinner, Roberts had the best routine of the bunch. Randall, Soloski, and MMG were weaker in their routines, but they come up with basically the same score because of difficulty forgiveness. You put Roberts after a couple of them, then she has to get a higher score if she keeps doing what she’s doing because it’s objectively cleaner. You could Bridgey her and Reinstadtler into a 9.950 if the circumstances conspire correctly.

Oregon State falls out of contention with a counting fall on beam. Utah goes 49.400 on floor which means that a 197 should be a comfortable deal as long as beam is hit.

Lexy Ramler goes 9.850 this week on bars for Minnesota. I didn’t even see the routine, and I’m putting in an inquiry.

Rotation 4

McNatt – BB – Utah – split to double stag, composed – aeiral to bhs, some knees, but OK speed in combo – full turn, fine enough – beat to sheep, far from Chinese but no checks – gainer full, stuck. Some things, but that’s now a reasonable lineup routine. 9.800

Jacobsen – FX – OSU – double pike, some feet, little slide – 1.5 to layout, a little low in 1.5 but better rise into her layout – split leap full to split jump 1/1 – rudi, control, some legs – the teammates are doing a hoedown. 9.800

Isa – BB – Utah – in for Reinstadtler – candle mount – kickover front to beat jump, comfortable – bhs loso, secure – switch to straddle 1/4, good straddle, some legs in the switch – bhs gainer 1.5, stuck. Solid work. 9.850

M Dagen – FX – OSU – double tuck, nice position in her tuck – switch leaps, position is hitting 180 but only just so it looks a little abbreviated – double pike, some bounce back – front lay to front full – stronger than last week. 9.825

Lee – BB – Utah – full turn witha  bit of a check, rushed it – bhs loso, pretty, good extension and secure – switch to straddle 3/4, small adjustment again – beat jump to side aerial to full, hop back.

Force – FX – OSU – double pike, very nice, legs together high – straddle positions pretty strong in leap combination – front lay to front full with a lunge out – also nice pop in that double tuck, well controlled. They were trying to make an E pass work at the beginning of last season, but if she’s performing D passes that comfortably, there’s no need to force an uncomfortable E. 9.925. I’m sure there will be no controversy that this is the highest floor score of the day. None at all.

MMG – BB – Utah – switch to split looks solid this week from this angle – bhs bhs loso, splits the beam and one million points for her save arm-ography because she meant to do it, aerial to wolf jump, fairly low on wolf jump – 1.5, holds the stick with a lean.

Singley – FX – OSU – front tuck through to double tuck, solid – double pike, also super controlled, smallest slide – switch ring a little low of position – punch rudi final pass, a little leg crossing. 9.875. Scores getting quite high now.

Randall – BB – Utah – bhs loso series with a lean, a bit of knees – beat to sheep, some legs apart, really evident from this angle – switch to split, good positions overall – rulfova great as always – 2/1 dismount, small step, a bit of knees here and there. 9.850.

Lowery – FX – OSU – Ice Ice Lowery? punch front 2/1 first pass, gets it around well, just some knees – 1.5 to front full, solid and cleaner in the twisting shape, split leap a bit short of position – punch rudi final pass, good. Comfortable control on passes, will score well. 9.850

Skinner – BB – Utah – bhs loso, solid, usual knee form deduction – side aerial to sissone, solid – switch to straddle to back tuck – leg-up wobble on her back tuck this time, seemed a little off on her straddle coming into it, uncharacteristically hesitant, saves it all – double tuck, step back. 9.825.

Yanish – FX – OSU – huge DLO, very good – hits middle pass – switch side to popa is…fine – double tuck, great shape, but a pretty large bounce back

FINAL: Utah 197.150, Oregon State 195.500

Oregon State improves on last week’s score despite counting a fall this time, which tells you a lot about the scoring from last week. Good moments for them, floor was the clear highlight and most composed event. Would have been 196 with a hit beam, though still major things to tighten up on the first three pieces.

Utah did Utah for the most part. Also some things to tighten up on every event. The lower scores came on bars and beam, that final beam rotation having to drop a fall from an important routine and more tentative from someone like Skinner, which is unusual.

64 thoughts on “Saturday Live Blog – January 19, 2019”

  1. Question for anyone who’s watched full meets lately:
    – Did yesterday’s meet show that Georgia and Alabama deserve to be considered among the top tier again, or are they really around Auburn’s level now (or lower)?

    – Will LSU or Florida be stronger by postseason? (personally I think LSU’s coaching gives them an edge – I don’t know what Jenny Rowland has been doing with all that talent she’s had.. but then also I think LSU has more crucial players that are injury risks…).

    I don’t have a dog in these fights other than fantasy gym ‘players’ so I’m extra interested in what folks think!

    1. @Ele–You are so right about Rowland and the amazing amount of talent she kind of squanders. One has ALWAYS wondered what possessed Faehn to split after three national titles–I can’t help but believe there was some scandal she was fleeing, particularly since she then went to USAgymnastics!!
      It’s pretty clear that GA and AL are not yet anywhere near Oklahoma/LSU/FL/Utah/UCLA level; they might be again eventually, but neither seems to get the star recruits/prospects they did when Sarah and Suzanne reigned, to say the least.

      1. It really isn’t surprising Rhonda left. Yes she had 3 National titles, but with a job at USAG you get to be a part of an OLYMPIC winning program. Big difference

      2. I think the USAG post was her dream job and she didn’t anticipate how that would fall apart. It seems obvious now that it was a cesspool, but I don’t think it was so clear, from the outside, just how bad the situation she was stepping into really was. Maybe I was naive or under-informed, but I certainly didn’t see it as a bad move at the time – just unfortunate for Florida.

      3. +Anonymous Clueless much? The situation at USAG was KNOWN FOR DECADES and covered up for the same decades. Faehn knew exactly what she was getting into.

      4. There isn’t any evidence that anyone at USAG knew that Nassar was abusing athletes before Rhonda started. I am sure Rhonda did know that the athlete treatment wasn’t great, and that fixing that was one of her goals in joining USAG. But no, I don’t think she had any idea what she was getting into as far as the sexual abuse was concerned…

      5. I don’t think Jenny has been squandering talent at all, rather just learning to be a head coach. I get that she took over a program with championship expectations, but it’s unrealistic to expect her to win immediately. She’s finished 4th, 3rd, and 3rd — which I think is excellent. I think something clicked for Florida in last year’s Super Six. Watch them this year.

      6. Also, about Rhonda, can’t speak for her, but I thought that she felt she’d done everything that one could do in NCAA and she wanted to go to USAG because she likes the elite world & thought she could improve the atmosphere and make it better. She couldn’t have known what was about to transpire with Nassar, and despite her involvement with that– let’s remember that she also did make some changes at USAG & left the atmosphere better than she found it.

      7. @Anonymous Wrong on every count. Do you know how long ago gymnasts were reporting Nassar? LATE NINETIES. Twenty years ago. As an ex-elite and interested gymnast, I heard about him that long ago myself. You must have very little experience in gymnastics not to know that such things are talked about both by victim/survivors and by administrators. The abuses of Marcia Frederick’s coach, or of Don Peters, etc, ad infinitum, were open secrets. What exactly do you delude yourself that Faehn ‘improved’ at USAG? LOL. And no, she had not done ‘everything one can do in NCAA’–that would be five or ten titles, like Suzanne, Sarah, Greg, One of those Faehn titles was sheer luck as well. Byebye–you’re just too dumb to waste more time on.

      8. @nicetightgag
        I am sorry if my response was upsetting to you & my background might surprise you.

      9. @Anonymous Honey, you’re too stupid to be upsetting to me. The only thing you get right is that you having ANY background in gymnastics would astound me, considering your ignorance of the sport and its politics.

    2. My favorite team is Oklahoma so I also don’t have a side for the rivalry. But, based on the quality of routines I saw last night, I think Alabama has more upside this season than Georgia. I also am wondering what spurred the change in overall choreography philosophy this season in the Alabama floor sets. There’s much more “hold and release” and tension in the poses. I really like the music this season, and I think these are the best choreographed sets since Dana became head coach.

    3. In regards to your first question, I say no, they aren’t in that top tier this year. Georgia is making some notable improvements this year over the last couple years, but in my opinion neither Georgia nor Alabama has the routines this year to hang with Oklahoma, UCLA, Florida, Utah, and LSU.

      1. In my opinion:

        Tier 1: Oklahoma, UCLA, Utah, Florida, LSU

        Tier 2: Georgia, Alabama, Michigan

        Tier 3: Auburn, Nebraska, Cal, Denver

        I think Kentucky, Arkansas, and a few others could be Tier 3 as well. Auburn definitely has potential to move up too. Gobourne and Milliet are wonderful.

        People love to hate on Georgia. I’m not quite sure why. They have improved quite a bit the last two years and they have multiple routines that can legit go 9.9+ on each event. If they put it altogether, they can surprise a lot of people. I don’t think they are a title contender, but honestly I see Oklahoma and UCLA as the contenders. UF, LSU, and Utah are certainly threats, but they’ve shown some weakness so far (particularly LSU).

  2. Can we play a version of “Crack or Correct” about these commentators for the OU/UNC/BS meet? They seem to be struggling…

  3. I missed the “2/1 off vault from Ball State.” I take it not a DTY or DTT – what was it?

  4. Don’t worry production folks, no one wanted to see Brenna’s Kochetkova anyway.

  5. I love watching KJ Kindler coach beam during meets. There’s something very calming about it.

  6. Sigh. I remember a time when OK wasn’t one of the perennially overscored teams. (No knock on them—love them.). Btw, Crouse has a finger infection; can’t figure out why Schweihofer has been only on 1-2 events since 1st meet; assuming a small injury but I don’t think anything has been announced.

  7. Oklahoma going 49.5 on beam is bonkers …. then what is UNH going 49.45 on beam last nite??!! With “record. Broken” per their Twitter…..

    1. More thoughts on this lineup: give Lehrmann or Showers the nod again. I’m assuming Stern, LaPinta, and Draper have gotten in first because of their E passes, but Showers and Lehrmann were much more reliable.

      1. Showers was injured in the first meet so I assume that’s why she is out and she will be back in once she is healthy but I agree that Lehrmann should be in.

  8. Anyone else wondering why they picked Draper to go in for Maggie instead of maybe Schoepfer (and, hey Lehrman did floor last season too)? Both were regulars in the floor lineup last year, if not top choices. Maybe deciding to treat this more as an “experience” meet without Maggie?

    1. Schoepfer did exh last week. It was fine, but not GETINTHELINEUPNOW quality, and she doesn’t mount with an E. But yes, I’m for giving Lehrmann and Showers another shot, even though they don’t have E passes.

  9. waiting for KJ’s brutally honest post-meet interview

    which will also be applicable to my fantasy team after the AU-MU meet

  10. Can we talk about All Around Champion Brenna Dowell, tho

    this meet gave us that, if nothing else worth remembering

  11. Why has no one yet commented this:


  12. Nooo not Hoesk!! I was counting on her score to erase the scores and mistakes in my fantasy gym beam lineup!

  13. Watching OSU and I swear every time they’re referring to “the Beavers”/”Beavs” I’m hearing “Biebers”/”Biebs” and I kind of hate myself for that.

  14. Wait, am I imagining things or does OSU have a…………. sticking chainsaw……………….?

    1. I remember that from Risa Perez’s routine – maybe they’re making it a tradition!

    1. There is one piece of music that i absolutely loathe from today’s line-up. Love MMG’s, but there was one from earlier in the line-up that made me cringe. It was awful.

    2. I’m not a big Utah fan, but Reinstadtler and Soloski have two of my favorite routines this year!

      Also, Skinner has killed it NCAA. Has she ever fallen in a meet? She is just so consistent for doing AA every week.

      1. Pretty sure Skinner has not fallen in 2+ years. She fell in the MTU way back in freshmen year on bars, but from Week 1 went in and hit everything. Closest she’s come to falling was that almost fall on beam where she turned it into some choreography. She’s not my favourite, but damn if she isn’t money for the Utes.

        Hunter Dula is going to be a lovely little find for the Utes in coming years and of course Randall is already smashing it on beam & floor for them. Props to both Roberts & Burch for their massive improvement on vault this year.

    3. I love this years routines. They are a bit outside of the box. And definitely not “all the same “. I love that they have to actually land and attempt a stick. The occasional dance out but enough actual landings to be legit

  15. Ohio State has some of the best leos in NCAA! I’m also really impressed with them this year. They don’t have huge difficulty but they are clean and fun to watch. They remind me a bit of Kentucky a few years ago and I hope they become the next “up-and-comer” team.

    1. I agree on Ohio State….amazing what having a coach who likes to coach and encourage you can do for a team! They have improved immensely with Meredith and it wasn’t a day too soon.

      Fagan was an absolute horror show there that went on way past anything her results warranted…she was a terrible coach who didn’t want to be there , and it showed.

  16. Ughh Nebraska does frustrate me sometimes. Granted they are resting Schweihofer and Crouse and testing their depth with the underclassmen, the team has SOOO much potential to easily being a comfortable 196 (and even low 197) team yet have gone 3 straight meets scoring in the 194-195 range.

    Idk if it’s due to the last-second adjustments to coaching changes, their usual slow pacing, or even looking slightly under-conditioned; but I genuinely think Nebraska could easily be another top team and less of an underdog if they structured their season better. Any thoughts?

  17. Are you blogging the Cal vs. Stanford meet – which is scheduled for TONIGHT, Saturday, Jan. 19, and not on Monday night like is listed on the BBS schedule for the week?

    I repeat Cal and Stanford are competing TONIGHT (Saturday).

  18. I’m not sold on Webb getting 9.95 constantly. I feel like KJ strategically decided to make her an over scored big name by putting her at the end of lineups last year and trying to trick the judges. Successfully? I’m just perplexed by her scores.

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