Only the Best – Week 4

The 10s



The 9.975s

Trinity Thomas (Florida) – Bars


Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma) – Beam


Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) – Beam

Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) – Floor

The 9.950s

Alicia Boren (Florida) – Bars


Amelia Hundley (Florida) – Bars

Megan Skaggs (Florida) – Bars

Derrian Gobourne (Auburn) – Floor


Shea Mahoney (Alabama) – Bars

Sarah Finnegan (LSU) – Floor

Ivy Lu (Minnesota) – Bars

Lexy Ramler (Minnesota) – Beam

Paige Williams (Minnesota) – Floor

Taylor Houchin (Nebraska) – Floor

Brenna Dowell (Oklahoma) – Vault


Maddie Karr (Denver) – Bars

Alexis Vasquez (Denver) – Beam

Missy Reinstadtler (Utah) – Bars

MyKayla Skinner (Utah) – Bars

Cairo Leonard-Baker (Arizona State) – Floor


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