The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

2019 RQS Calculator

This year’s RQS calculator is live.

It’s on view-only status, but you can either download the document from there or select “make a copy” if you want your own version to edit yourself so you can play around with your own “If we got 199 next week, and they got a 2, would we be ahead of them?” pipe dreams. I’ll update each week with the new scores.

It’s still early. Only two teams have a full RQS score so far (congratulations on your championship Iowa), and RQS doesn’t get used for official rankings until week 8. But, a large chunk of teams will have a prospective RQS following this weekend’s competitions, so the comparison game can start—while the “they desperately need three more road scores” game has already long since begun.

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