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Saturday Live Blog – February 23, 2019

Saturday, February 23 Scores Stream
3:30 ET/12:30 PT – [2] UCLA @ [4] Utah LINK P12N
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – [18] Washington @ [15] Cal LINK P12N
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Big Five @ Toledo, OH ([8] Michigan, [14] Minnesota, [22] Ohio State, Illinois Rutgers) LINK FLO

What it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. I basically won’t be satisfied unless the UCLA/Utah meet descends into total anarchy. Whole bunch o’ stabbings.

Bars scoring tends to go a lot higher than vault scoring these days, so the goal for Utah in the first rotation is to at least keep things close with a 49.4-type vault score, then start making a move in the second rotation. We’ve seen UCLA go 49.6s on bars a few times this season, and the Bruins will be very eager for a repeat so that even if Utah nails vault, UCLA will have a comfortable lead after one.

Nia Dennis on only VT in UCLA’s initial lineups. So bars could get…interesting. Hano and Toronjo going there.

Yep, MyKayla Skinner and Steph Curry. Those twins.

Rotation 1

Lee – VT – Utah – a bit more of a bounce back on her full than we’re used to – usual nice form, a deduction for distance, otherwise the normal. 9.800

Frazier – UB – UCLA  maloney to pak, a little close on pak but muscles out to handstand pretty well – solid legs on shap 1/2 – good final cast hs – DLO, stuck landing. 9.875

Roberts – VT – Utah – full – same sized bounce back as Lee, not too big, has the better distance, good layout position and chest up, so that can go a little higher. 9.825

Hano – UB – UCLA – hits first hs – Ray to overshoot, hit, good amplitdue, some mushy form on both – a short final cast hs – giant full to double tuck with a bit of a leg break and a small slide back. The hit they needed, should be nickled and dimed away from a high score. 9.800 is high for me.

Burch – VT – Utah – full – she gets the stick on her vault. Nice one. She has some more form deductions than the first two with a leg break on the block, but good open at the end. 9.850

Toronjo – UB – UCLA – she lives! – a bit tight on first hs – Ray, close catch with elbows – short hs on high – bail, hit – short on cast on high as well – DLO, bounce back. Will need to be the drop score, but it’s a hit they could use if needed. OR WHATEVER. 9.850 is also too high for me on those handstands. Judge 2 went 9.9. I cannot even.

Score lowered to 9.800. Makes a little bit more sense at least. The 9.900 judge was actually 9.800, so at least there’s that.

MMG – VT – Utah – 1.5 – good stick on her 1.5, very nice vault, solid landing, just the usual knees, not a lot to take otherwise. 9.950

Flatley – UB – UCLA – godo first hs – higgins to beautiful jaeger, fab toes – hits bail well, super clean – short final cast hs – DLO, small slide. I had a couple hs and the small slide on dismount. Not a lot else. 9.925

Skinner – VT – Utah – DTY, she didn’t get the stick today, so no 10 they were building up for. Small hop back, otherwise her usual – there’s only a little bit of knees these days – chest up. 9.925

Kocian – UB – UCLA – perfect first hs – stalder shap to pak, lovely – just a little late on 1/2 turn on low this week – super smooth on handstands – FTDT, stuck. great routine. 9.950

Tessen – VT – Utah – 1.5 – a little bit back on her 1.5 landing this week with a step back – not quite the amplitude as MMG, and then it will be a larger deduction because of step back. 9.900 a little high for me on that one. Should have been 9.8s.

Ross – UB – UCLA – good first hs – Maloney to bail, perfect – toe shoot to high, great height – DLO, stuck. Wonderful. Her usual. Every week.

It’s a 10 for Kyla. I mean, it was great obviously. There are a couple little body position things that aren’t even deductions, so she never has anything that reaches the level of being a .050 deduction, which is how she gets to 10 in front of judges willing to go there. She is a dream.

After 1: UCLA 49.550, Utah 49.450

Both teams will take those performances. Utah got the 49.4 it needed. UCLA not quite the 49.6, but did go over 49.5 on a road bars rotation and got a 10 and has the lead, so pretty sure they’ll be fine with it. Next rotation will be telling. Does UCLA have the vault landings, and will the bars scores continue soaring.

Potential UCLA bumped up to 49.600?

Rotation 2

Ohashi – VT – UCLA – full – step back, big amplitude, more comfortable than it looked in past years – still a notable step back, good distance. 9.800

Lee – UB – Utah – a bit short on first hs – 1/2 turn to high pike djaeger to overshoot, good legs throughout that combo – she’s missing hs – finishes by pinging off on her double tuck dismount, a bit low with a hop forward. 9.825. Consistently high there.

Hano – VT – UCLA – 1.5 – stuck it! Really nice. One of her best. Also has the knees to deduct in the air like MMG, slides the heels together but not a deduction for that. Really strong vault. 9.950

Dula – UB – Utah – small back arch on first hs – excellent toes on jaeger – good second cast – legs together on bail hs – a bit short on final cast – stalder (a bit late to vertcial) to double tuck, holds the stick with a little deep absorb. 9.850

Wright – VT – UCLA – 1.5 – lands short on her 1.5 with a lunge back – also has a knee form deduction to take, a bit larger knee bend than Hano. 9.850, like Tessen’s that needed to be a little lower because of the short landing.

Tessen – UB – Utah – hits first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger, some elbows on that catch – bail, super clean, nice position – a little back position on final cast – FTDT with a lunge back. Solid bit but won’t get them into big numbers. 9.875 a little high for that one.

Dennis – VT – UCLA – her usual huge full – just a little step back and then is kind of out of control into her salute, but I figure they’ll only take for the little step and perhaps some feet. 9.850

MMG – UB – Utah – toe on to her big deltchev – hit – she has so many hand readjustments in this routine, Shannon – bail, borderline vertical position – a little muscle up here and there on cast hs – FTDT with a step back. 9.875

Amanda, that step is not the only deduction.

Ross – VT – UCLA – hop back on her 1.5 this week – nearly got the stick, pretty much identical to the previous two weeks but couldn’t hold the stick this time. 9.925. That hop back really needed to be a full tenth.

Reinstadtler – UB – Utah – pretty first hs – 1/2 turn a little late into a huge jaeger – bail, short of vertical – borderline final hs – FTDT with a bit of crazy legs, not a great landing there, lunge back and another step. 9.850. Once again too high for that dismount.

Tratz – VT – UCLA – tries to sell the stick on her full but was leaning forward too much and hops forward – good distance as always – has the form. 9.850.

Skinner – UB – Utah – Ray, good, just a bit of elbows – pretty solid bail position – clearly short on final cast hs, rushed it – FTDT, bends to hold the stick. Good one, but had a short hs so shouldn’t be 10. And some loose back positions moving to handstand here and there. Still gets away with 9.950.

After 2: UCLA 98.975, Utah 98.850

UCLA had a very strong vault from Hano to lead the rotation, was close to the landings on those important fulls but didn’t quite have the sticks to get them into the 9.9s. Still, 49.425 was only a quarter tenth lower than Utah’s vault score, and Utah needed an advantage on vault.

Utah 49.400 on bars, which they’ll definitely take for a rotation with those dismount landings where there weren’t enough sticks, but our first clear advantage of the day goes to UCLA on bars, which was clearly the stronger bars rotation of the two.

Rotation 3

Lee – BB – Utah – smooth full turn – bhs loso, solid, pretty – switch to straddle 1/4, hit positions, fairly close to the beam – beat to side aerial to full, stuck – pretty routine. Let’s see what kind of score it gets first up.

9.825. That’s my worry. That same routine would be 9.900 in the 5th position.

Frazier – FX – UCLA – full-in, fairly secure landing but a little awkward in the legs coming in to landing – whip through to double tuck, chest up well, a little slide – double pike, looks like she kept that front foot down. 9.850

Burch – BB – Utah – good full turn – bhs loso, secure, a little tighter in position than others – double stag – cat leap to aerial, small lean, saves it to avoid too much of a lean – split jump to straddle 1/4, good extension straddle – gainer full, stuck.

9.875. On what planet is that routine better than Lee’s? That’s just scoring lineup order.

Kramer – FX – UCLA – front 2/1 to front pike, lovely, controlled step – 1.5 to layout, also good control, just a little arch on layout this week – switch side to popa looked solid – rudi to strecth jump, excellent routine. 9.900

Soloski – BB – Utah – aerail to bhs, smooth combination – switch 1/2 is hit but quite short of split position – switch and split a bit better but potential back leg deductions on both – front full dismount, hop. 9.825

Tratz – FX – UCLA – full-in, a bit short this week, chest down with a step – 1.5 to front full, nice position in the air, just a little weird lean on landing as she tried to hold the control – double tuck, little slide. Good. A few things. 9.875


Randall – BB – Utah – bhs loso series, a little lean correction – sheep jump, some legs and another little check – switch to split, smallest pause in between but will get the connection – rulfova was surprisingly a tad off line this week but probably won’t be more than .050 – 2/1, stuck. 9.875

Ross – FX – UCLA – whip to double tuck, nailed it, chest up, so good now – 1.5 to layout, keeps back foot down on step forward – switch 1/2 to popa to shush, a little back leg on switch 1/2 this week? Not much. double pike, perfect landing, nice. 9.900

MMG – BB – Utah – switch to split, some knees in those leaps – bhs bhs loso, small lean – aerial, small arm wave – just a little tentative today, a couple small adjustments – 1.5 with a bounce forward, usually sticks. 9.850

Hano – FX – UCLA – DLO, does well to show control since she came in a little short – front full to 1/2 to run – some back leg on split – double pike, solid landing, keeps front foot down, another good one. 9.900

Skinner – BB – Utah – bhs loso, hits, perhaps a little lean afterward, the usual knees – side aerial to sissone, hit – switch to straddle, hit – sticks her double tuck. Good one.

They’re talking 10s. She has a built-in form deduction on her loso series that you have to take so she can literally never get a 10 on beam, guys.


Ohashi – FX – UCLA – split-leg DLO, comes up a little short this week with a step – hits her middle pass well – switch ring to switch 1/2, solidly hit positions – front full to 1/2 to drop split. Excellent after the first pass landing.


After 3: UCLA 148.475, Utah 148.225

Utah got through that beam rotation without significant error, so that’s victory there. Everyone was good on floor for UCLA, no one outstanding (Kyla closest to her peak performance), so they mostly were entrenched in the lower 9.9s. Still a big score and enough to widen the lead on Utah to .250. This last rotation will be boring and not full of controversy, I’m sure.

Rotation 4

G Glenn – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series, love the height, micro lean adjustment – aerial to split, a little wiggle in connection – switch to split, pretty – gainer full, stuck. Pretty opener. 9.875

Roberts – FX- Utah – rudi, good height and twisting position as always – slide back – double pike, solid landing, controlled step, a little chest position – 1.5 to 1/2 to double stag, hit.

9.875. Crowd booing even though that’s pretty high for that routine. Fun.

Nguyen – BB – UCLA – switch to split, lovely – aerial to loso combination, slower than I’d like to see – nice full turn – side split 1/2, secure – front full, stuck. Strong showing. 9.900

Lee – FX – Utah – 2.5, just does control that step out and keep the back foot down – switch to switch ring 1/2, solid getting the ring position actually closed – front lay to front full – 2/1 to loso, just a bit of knees in the twist – good one. 9.900

Kocian – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series, lean to the side with a bend at the hips – aerial, falls. Interesting. Back up, switch to split is lovely – 2/1, short with a hop forward.

Randall – FX – Utah – full-in, bit of a step forward, chest down – 1.5 to layout, a little bit of an arch there – double pike, super short, chest well down with a lunge. They’ll need to drop this.

9.775 is quite high for that.

Flatley – BB – UCLA – aerial to loso series, super smooth connection, just a little foot on the landing – side aerial, smooth and hit – L turn to split jump to beat jump is awesome. Punch rudi dismount, a little slide. Nice. 9.900

Soloski – FX – Utah – DLO, good secure landing, some body position – switch full, back leg is low on that – 2/1, stuck, good – 1.5 to layout, good control on landing. One of her solid ones. 9.925

Ross – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series, perfect, super smooth – aerial to sissone, and an actual sissone position too – full turn – switch to split, strong – side aerial to full, nearly stuck with a lean. Exceptionally good performance. 9.950.

So they were ready for 10 if not for the dismount lean.

MMG – FX – Utah – deep landing on her piked full in, slides well back, heel just OOB and the flag actually goes up too (a miracle!) – trouble for Utah now – 1.5 to front layout and doesn’t do the pike out of it – barely got the layout around, large form break to arch it over – rudi to straddle just is good but oddly off today.

9.725. Also pretty high. That was kind of a miss and an opportunity for the judges to establish some actual separation in routines.

Ohashi – BB – UCLA – aerial, hit, a little hesitation – aerial through to bhs loso series – not doing her hard routine with the two-foot layout because they need a hit – switch to split. Bhs loso full, small hop back. Strong hit. 9.925

Skinner – FX – Utah – double double tuck, her usual, chest up, strong, but a slide back, so thiswon’t be a 10 – split leap 1.5, close enough around, feet just landing a little short of the full 1.5 – 1.5 through to 2/1, nailed – front tuck – full-in solid.


What is this revisionist history that Skinner hasn’t gotten a 10. She hasn’t gotten a 10 so far this season. You have to clarify that. She has 10s on floor from her freshman season.

FINAL: UCLA 198.025, Utah 197.625

This one won’t be too controversial in the end because even though Carol showed up from the start, mojito in hand, the result and margin between the two teams was about right. UCLA was crisper in the landings on bars and floor overall, and had the leaps to get some higher beam numbers as well.

Kyla and Skinner both break 39.750 AA, so I’ll have to add them to the AA rankings.

Let’s head over to Washington and Cal. Washington getting some strong bars scores, 9.875 from the 4th and 5th up so far.

Washington up 49.150 to 48.925 after one event.

A bunch of 9.7s from Cal on vault. 9.825s from Mastrangelo and Clausi.

Fun with replays of Toni tearing her Achilles.

Rotation 2

Cunningham – VT – UW – bounce back on her full, both feet moving, some pike there. 9.725

So Seilnacht – UB – Cal – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger to overshoot, hit, a bit of legs in that piked jaeger this week – 1/2 into her 1.5 dismount, a near stick, kind of sells it – step back into salute. 9.825

Riley – VT – UW – clean Y1/2 in the air as usual, but comes in short with a lunge back today. 9.700

Georgia – UB – Cal – tkatchev, clean – hits vertical on bail, a bit of loose back here and there – short final cast hs – FTDT, good stick. 9.900

Hoffa – VT – UW – step back on her full, solid power, has some crazy feet and legs apart on the landing 9.800

Jones – UB – Cal – short first hs – toe shap, good legs togher, into pak – some arch in the back and a little form on that one – close on final hs on high bar – FTDT, stuck. Good landings today. 9.825

Copiak – VT – UW – does really well to hold the stick on her full – there was a lean with the chest forward to hold it – pretty good form throughout. 9.775

Watterson – UB – Cal – pretty pak, good height – toe on to toe shap 1/2, keeps legs together well – toe full to double tuck with a bounce back – best handstands and toes so far. 9.850

Roberson – VT – UW – huge full, great position in the air, but a large bounce back on landing. 9.800

Schank – UB – Cal – shortish first hs – 1/2 into piked jaeger to overshoot, pretty combination, good legs – great final cast hs – DLO, but she comes in really short with a bounce forward and another step. Was going to be a great score until there.

Thompson – VT – UW – huge full, excellent stick. Very strong performance – good layout position, nearly college salutes herself out of a stick there. 9.825 makes sense but that would have been 9.900 at many meets this weekend and every weekend.

Bordas – UB – Cal – 1/2 turn into huge jaeger to overshoot, great amplitude in combination – giant full to double tuck – a little late on that giant full into a large lunge back –

After 2: Cal 98.175, Washington 98.075

Cal with 49.250 on bars to move ahead. Great sticks in the first half of the rotation, pretty routines in the second half of the rotation but they didn’t have the landings.

Rotation 3

Georgia – BB – Cal – wolf double, good speed – aerial with just a bit of arm wave – bhs loso series and falls – back up, swplit and split – split to loso combination, a bit of knees – sticks gainer full. 9.275

Cunningham – FX – UW – front tuck through to double tuck, good control on landing – 1,5 to front pike, quite low on that combination and had to lunge forward out of it – switch 1/2 to wolf full, solid positions – double pike, bounce back. 9.800

Clausi – BB – Cal – switch to switch combination, solid – bhs loso series, good extension, small lean – beat to side aerail to full, stuck – great routine. 9.800 seems low.

Thompson – FX – UW – double tuck, good chest up, bounce back – split leap 1.5, nice height, gets that around – front lay to front full, a little steppy out of it, great straight position – rudi, good secure landing. 9.775

Keelen – BB – Cal – smooth full turn – bhs loso series, very secure – split to split ring, nailed – aerial, solid – just a foot or a knee here and there but no checks at all – 1.5 dismount with a hop, did super well to save that dismount because it looked like she kind of missed her punch. 9.850

Washington – FX – UW – double tuck, chest up, secure – front lay to front full, love the position in that layout – switch side to popa, hits her 180s well – double pike, bounce back, still a really strong one. 9.850

So Seilnacht – BB – Cal – full turn, nearly kind of has a lean check – bhs loso series, right on, well extended – switch to stag to beat, a little slow but fine – side aerial to full, stuck with a little lean down. Another strong one. 9.850

Roberson – FX – UW – front 2/1 to front tuck, great speed and twisting position, a little bouncy out of the front tuck – switch ring to wolf hop full, can get deducted for not really getting around there – rudi to loso, solid. 9.900

Shu – BB – Cal – aerial to bhs combination, a little leany through the connection but probably gets it – hitch kick to side somi is hit – switch to split, secure – full turn, hit – side aerial to tuck full, stuck. 9.900

So yeah I guess they were fine with the combination.

Hoffa – FX – UW – double pike, a little bounce up in place – front lay to front full dance out, good punch in that layout, stays straight – split leap full to wolf full, great split positions – double tuck, solid, controlled step back. 9.850

Jones – BB – Cal – wolf single is hit – aerial to bhs loso combination, super solid but some knee form – then tries to connect into sissone which was short of position – sheep, not a ton of closure – side aerial to full, hop back. An anchor hit. 9.825

Brooks – FX – UW – double tuck, bounce backward, does stay in bounds – switch – tries to get wolf jump 1.5 around but it was a full – 1.5 to layout, secure landing, a little ragged in the air – front lay to front full, keep it under control. 9.750

49.175 for Washington on floor. Cal 49.225 on beam.

After 3: Cal 197.400, Washington 147.250

Rotation 4

Rose – BB – UW – cat leap to aerial to bhs series, solidly done, works through precisely and quickly – full turn with a check – switch to split leap, some back leg – cat leap to side aerial to tuck full, off line on dismount and with a step, nearly lands off the mat. 9.675

So Seilnacht – FX – Cal – front lay to rudi to stag, very clean, good control – illusion turn – split leap 1.5, just does get it around – 1.5 to 1/2 to split jump, a little low on 1/2 – 1.5 to front pike, holds it just long enough and a little dance out. Another solid routine, so probably like a 9.775 again…

Oh 9.875. That’s new. I love that it’s the identical routine that always scores 9.775 and now they’re like, “oh, but it was clean, now I see…”

Nelson – BB – UW – a comically large flag for the judges to raise is the kind of content I’m here for – bhs loso series, good height and security, foot form – sissone to split jump 3/4, large bend at the hips there – long pause – split jump with a slow connection to loso, lean – 1.5, stuck, good finish. Worked through but a lot to take in that one too. 9.725

Mastrangelo – FX – Cal – full-in – hits it, chest down with a lean dance forward out of it to cover – 2.5 with a bound forward, just does keep it in bounds – switch side to popa, good 180s, a little indistinct in landing positions – 1.5 to layout, nice straight layout position. 9.825

Washington – BB – UW – bhs loso series, arm wave correction – switch side to straddle jump combination, hits it, good 180s – side aerial to tuck full, little hop forward. A more usable counting routine. 9.825

George – FX – Cal – front tuck through to rudi, just a little legs – switch ring to split leap full – front 2/1, nice control on landing – another rudi, also controls it. Great landings today, hits her leaps, just some knees in twisting positions. 9.875

Brooks – BB – UW – kickover front to bhs, a little pause in combination but will get it – aerial to beat, nice height in aerial – switch to stag, not heighest – gainer full, little hop together. 9.775

Schank – FX – Cal – double pike, controls that step back, just a little chest position – front lay to front full, another controlled step out, nice, just some knees – switch side 1/4 to wolf 3/4…ish? Sometimes that combination is really short for her, this one was closer so will probably get credit – rudi, a little deep landing, hit. Good. This routine has come along. 9.850

Roberson – BB – UW – switch to switch jump, nice – standing loso loso combination, just a little lean and some knees – long pause before dismount – gainer full, high and stuck. 9.925. Goodness.

Clausi – FX – Cal – full-in, great control, nailed landing, just some chest down – switch side to wolf full, nicely completed – front 2/1 comes up really deep with some knees and a lunge forward, keeps it going – 1.5 to layout with a little dance out. 9.750

Copiak – BB – UW – a little tentative in full turn – bhs loso series, super secure, some feet – cat leap to switch 1/2 – side aerial, really nicely done – 1.5, stuck. Good one. That will bring up the team score.

Bordas – FX – Cal – double pike, a little short with a step – switch 1/2 to wolf full, nice height – rudi with a bit of a bounce back – 1.5 to layout, comes up a bit short with a step, some knees there as she tried to pull the layout around

Waiting on the final total. Will be a very useful score for both, well into the 196s. Particularly important for Cal to do that in the first meet ATA (after Toni-Ann, shouldn’t have had to explain that).

FINAL: Cal 196.650, Washington 196.375

Meet back here in a few minutes for the Big Five?

McLean back on vault for Michigan. Intros happening now.

When you can’t really hear the PA guy and it sounds like every gymnast he’s introducing is named “Abe Tinnifer”

Intros are long when we have five teams and have to play everyone’s video…

Touch warmup now. Minnesota is the team starting on a bye.

Rotation 1

Heiskell – VT – Michigan – bounce back on her full, nice pop and layout psotion, good start

Hinterberger – UB – OSU – hits jaeger, a little feet – huge arch on next cast hs, pulls it back – bail, some legs in catch there – giant full to double tuck, one step

Maxim – VT – Mich – tsuk 1/2, clean, good distance, medium-size pace forward, just a little knees at the end

Abanto – UB – OSU – small arch in first hs – toe shap, pretty good legs together – bail, hit – finishes stuck double tuck

Brenner – VT – Mich – hits her 1.5 with a step forward/sideward, a little bit of knees, solid performance

No scores yet. The person who’s surprised is no one.

McLean – VT – Mich – doing the full, really nice height and open as always, small hop back. 9.875

Stone – UB -OSU – shortish first hs – jaeger to overshoot, pretty clean – a hesitation on giant full – extra giant into double tuck. That will hurt.

Karas – VT – Mich – very solid 1.5 again this week – a bounce forward this time, medium size, otherwise strong.

Aepli – UB – OSU – nice toes in first hs – toe shap, some legs apart – bail, legs together there – a little short

Wojcik – VT – Mich – pretty much sticks her 1.5 this time. I think she surprised herself with it because she came in a bit lock-legged, so the landing was kind of awkward, really strong performance, will be big score again.

And it’s a 10. I mean, that was totally a make-up 10 for the other ones, the judges were worried we might kill them. It was like her 4th-best vault this season. I wouldn’t have gone 10 for that one.

Swartzentruber lovely on bars – good legs together on Shap 1/2 – DLO, flung out with a step forward.

Scott – BB – Illinois – finishes up with switch to split, nicely done – aerial to a check – leg up – gainer full, stuck

Gagliardi – UB – OSU – a bit short on first hs – Yezhova is perfect as always – struggles up to handstand on low with a muscle but gets there – short cast hs on high – DLO, nice straight position, nearly holds the stick but not quite enough with a step salute

Howell – BB – Illinois – full turn, bhs lay-pike series, small leg-up check – switch to straddle 1/4, a litlte quick, hit – cat leap to switch side, solid, small arm wave – gainer pike, hop. 9.850

Biondi – BB – Illinois – switch to straddle 1/4, strong extension – bhs loso series, hit securely, foot form deduction – cat leap to aerial, check wobble, a bit of knees – smooth full turn – 1.5, hop forward

Ali – FX – Rutgers – nice full in, good chest up, a bounce back and some body position to take – switch side to popa, nice height – front tuck through to double tuck, secure landing –

Huang – FX – Rutgers – front 2/1, really lovely twisting position and controls the landing – rudi to a smooth loso – switch side to wolf jump 1/1, hits her straddle position well there – rudi, solid landing. Excellent routine.

After 1: Michigan 49.350, Illinois 49.075, Ohio State 49.050, Rutgers still waiting on Huang’s score but just like give her a 9.900 and be done with it.

Rotation 2

Mariani – UB – Mich – clear hip to tkatchev, nice height, just a little legs – bail – good vertical on final cast hs on high, just a little back – FTDT, near stick with a step-salute

Nylin – FX – Minn – double pike, secure landing, flexed feet – whip to 1.5 to front tuck gets pretty low but she pulled it out – double tuck, super solid

Maxim – UB – Mich – toe on, a bit of loose back – solid tkatchev, nice toes – bail, hit – good vertical cast hs on high – DLO, stuck, lovely. Her best of the year.

Farley – UB – Mich – piked jager is nice – gets to vertical on her bail – the final cast hs was short and I have a couple little body position things – double front, stuck, another strong routine

Karas – UB – MIch – great first hs – toe shap to bail, solid vertical positions, just a bit of legs on shap – tightish on final cast hs – DLO, hop back. Another solid one.

Sonier – FX – Minn – double pike, just does keep that front foot down, a little momentum backward – switch side to split full – punch rudi, some chest down

Brenner – UB – Mich – jaeger, hit – good handstands, bail is pretty solid – cast hs on high looks good – near stick on DLO with just a little shuffle

I think Brenner just got 9.950?

Wojcik – UB – Mich – shortish first hs – really solid piked jaeger shape – nice second cast – does well to securely hold bail – just a couple verticals herer – DLO, a little flung but holds onto the stick

Higgins – FX – Minn – front 2/1 attempt but it was too under, with a bounce and may just get credit as a rudi – 1.5 to front pike, pulls it out well – love her little bhs to knees choreo pass at the end 9.550

Great 2.5 beam dismount from Stone of OSU, stuck. 9.800

Really proud of the live scores for not working again.

Aepli – BB – OSU – bhs loso series, small lean – cat leap to kickover front, deep but pulls it out into beat jump – switch to straddle but breaks the connection there with a pause in between – gainer full, hop back. That will be interesting as I don’t have her with a dance combo in there. 9.725 is forgiving.

Loper – FX – Minn – front lay to rudi, super clean – switch throught o split leap 1.5, around but will get deducted for not going to 180 – 1.5 to layout, solid landing, arches over the layout a bit too much – punch rudi, excellent

McClelland – BB – OSU – stagstand to bhs loso series, a check and some leg form to take throughout – switch with a balance check – does a beat jump to straddle 3/4 to get her leap series but straddle 3/4 wwas short of split – front tuck, step – punch front full with a step.

Ramler – FX – Minn – ring jumping like it’s nothing – oof comes in way short on her double pike which looked like an ankle cruncher with a shuffle/stumble forward – lovely switch ring leaps of course – rudi, strong – 1.5 through to 2/1, almost really nice, just a little short with a step

Michigan’s bars goes 49.625, the combination of an excellent rotation and some Carol. Equal parts.

Williams – FX – Minn – fab height and position on her front 2/1, a little bounce – switch side to popa, good – 1.5 to layout, love how early she opens out of that 1.5, step forward – rudi, keeps that one under control – not a lot you can take other than landing control. 9.900

After 2: Michigan 98.975, Rutgers 97.700, Ohio State 97.025, Illinois 49.075, Minnesota 49.050

Michigan running away with this thing. Ohio State won’t be able to use this score really after a disastrous beam rotation that went into the 47s. Minnesota through floor with a 49, though didn’t really get they wanted after Ramler struggled on landings

Rotation 3

Farley – BB – Mich – bhs loso loso series, hit, knee form deductions there – side aerial to split, very confident – gainer pike, some legs on that and a step back. 9.825

Quaglia – VT – Minn – full, very nicely done to hold that stick – some chest forward, some legs, really good vault – 9.875

Montgomery – VT – Minn – full – a little ragged in twist, hop back but not too large, should be another usable score. 9.750

Sonier – VT – Minn – full – comes in a little deep, large hop to the side. 9.700

Osman – BB – Mich – bhsloso, comfortable, nice amplitude in that series – front tuck and works immediately into beat jump, which also helps avoid the check from coming in deep – a litlte slow in leap combination but fine –  gainer full, stuck. 9.875

Williams – VT – Minn- gigantic full, great height and position, tenth of a hop back. 9.825

Ramler – VT – Minn – holds the stick on her 1.5, nice one – some knees – really strong vault. 9.900

Karas – BB – Mich – bhs loso series, hit well – switch split jump to pike jump, good height on that pike jump – standing loso with a balance check – punch rudi dismount, small slide. 9.875

Loper – VT – Minn – another excellent 1.5, small hop forward and just a bit of form to take. 9.925

Mariani – BB – Mich – a bit tentative in that full turn – side aerial, breaks connection into split to straddle 1/4, nice extension in dance – beat to switch side, comfortably performed as well – bhs loso, hit, some feet – 1.5, fairly short with a lunge back

Scott – FX – Illinois – front 2/1, good form in the air, large bound forward – 1.5 to layout, she has the twisting form down, it’s just going to be landing control to get her the big numbers – rudi, hit

Funk – BB – Mich – bhs loso series, hit – living for the volcano of chalk coming off her feet on that series, actually obscuring any possible foot form issue – switch side 1/4 is exceptional – beat jump to straddle 1/1 – side aerial to full, stuck. Great routine. 9.900

Howell – FX – Illinois – front tuck through to double tuck, super short with a major stumble forward

Wojcik – BB – Mich – aerial to beat jump, loverly – switch to split jump, excellent position on all her leaps – bhs loso, super solid – cat leap to side aerial, just a little lean – 1.5, stuck. Excellent routine as well

Meeks – FX – Illinois – front 2/1, hit, a crossover step – front lay to rudi, solid control on that one – switch ring to cat leap 1.5 – 1.5 to layout, very well done to hold the stick right at the line.

After 3: Michigan 148.425, Rutgers 146.650, Minnesota 98.325, Illinois 97.925, OSU 97.025

Michigan on historic score kind of pace.

Rotation 4

There should be an NCAA rule that if you have a hot volunteer helper man on your team, you should have to list him on the roster because otherwise how can we objectify him properly in our text conversations?

Dwyer – VT – illinois – large bounce back on her full

Quaglia – UB – Minn – a little short on some verticals – hits piked jaeger into overshoot but close cat on piked j and some feet – giant full to double tuck, basically stuck. Quick work. 9.775

Super deep Y1/2 second up from Illinois on vault, strength miracle that she didn’t sit it down.

Willmarth – UB – Minn – Ray, hit, some feet – bail, super smooth and clean – a bit short on final cast – hs – giant full to double tuck, stuck nice. a bit late on giant full. 9.875

Horth – VT- Illinois – full, another larger bounce back, solid form

Loper – UB – Minn – toe shap, lovely legs togehter into pak, perfect – a bit of a muscle in 1/2 turn on low – gets there – one short hs on high – giant full to double tuck, small hop –

Sales – UB – Minn – nice crisp bail form – a short hs on high – 1/2 turn int khorkina, good clearance over the bar – DLO, small hop. Nice.

Scott – VT – Illinois – full, pretty deep over on landing with a hop to the side. Illinois will struggle to get out of the 9.7s in this rotation.

Ramler – UB – Minn – shap to pak, perfect legs togther throughout – toe shap 1/2, exceptional, FTDT, stuck. That was another glorious routine. If I’m being harsh, there was some back position on a the final cast hs on high bar, but this is amazing.

Fight me with this 9.875. I would honestly like it explained to me how she keeps going 9.875 for routines that are every bit as well executed as Kyla’s.

Lu – Ub – Minn – toe shap to pak, lovely – strong hs on low – toe shap 1/2, a little more legs than Ramler – finishes DLO, hop back

Dohery – BB – Rutgers – bit of a check on a full turn – awesome save on a side aerial where she only landed with one foot on and then just hung out with her other foot up by her chest for a while and then realized she was still on the beam. Falls later in the routine.

Nice 2.5 to front tuck on floor from Stone of OSU – work to do because they’re already counting a 9.5.

Huang – BB – Rutgers – side aerial through to aerial walkover like a Wevers, keeps it moving pretty quickly – beat to split jump 3/4, a litlte short – 2/1 dismount, hop back

Aepli just pulls out her final double pike on floor, pretty deep but saved it

Rutgers is done with a 194.600. Michigan is going to get an absolute huge number today.

Rotation 5

Sonier – BB – Minn – bhs loso series and falls.

Funk – FX – Mich – double pike, a bit of a bounce back – front full to layout, pretty clean, had to control that step forward because she was right at the line – switch side to popa, overturns the switch side a little but nice positions – punch rudi final pass, a bit of a slide. 9.825

Osman – FX – Mich – full in with a large bounce back – front tuck through to double pike, well controlled – rudi, controlled. 9.775

Korlin-Downs – BB – Minn – bhs loso, small lean, controls it well to not give away more – lovely form – side aerial to stuck full to finish

Lu – BB – Minn – bhs loso series, hit – cat leap to switch 1/2, love the extension on the switch 1/2, very nice – side somi, a bit of a lean there – gainer full, stuck

Brenner – FX – Mich – full-in, very well controlled, chest up – 2.5 to front tuck, nailed, just some leg form in twisting – switch side to popa, hit, not the highest – double pike, bounce back, keeps foot in bounds

Nylin – BB – Minn – bhs bhs loso, very solid, some leg form – hitch kick to switch side, large balance break but keeps it on the beam – 1.5 stuck. They’ll have to count this one –

McLean – FX – Mich – double back, a little bounce, chest up – 1.5 to front layout, big high 1.5 as always, a little out of control and bouncy on layout landing – double pike, very strong landing

Sales – BB – Minn – bhs bhs loso, solid, just a bit of loose knees – cat leap to switch side, great height on switch side – full turn, smooth –

Karas – FX – Mich – double arabian with step forward, solid – switch 1/2 to wolf full, love the rise into the wolf, which is higher than the switch, some leg position in switch – 1.5 to 1/2, very solid, controlled step – double pike, bounce back

Ramler – BB – Minn – bhs loso, right on – aerial to wolf jump, pretty, did really well to keep going in connection since she could have been a little short on aerial – beat to split ring jump, perfect – side aerial to full, hop back

Minnesota gets through beam to go 196.700. Michigan already at a season high with Wojcik to go.

Wojcik – FX – Mich – double pike, nailed landing – split leap positions looks solid – 1.5 to front pike, nicely landed as well – she’s having quite the little day – rudi to straddle jump, lovely.

Michigan 197.750
Minnesota 196.700
Illinois 195.525
Rutgers 194.650
Ohio State 194.600

39.750 for Wojcik in the AA.

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