Elite Live Blog – American Cup/Jesolo

We’ll start with Jesolo, then move on to American Cup. Deal?

For the seniors at Jesolo, the US is starting on vault, Italy on bars, Japan on beam, and China on floor. Everything is already canceled because Giorgia Villa has had to withdraw. She’ll be replaced by Alice D’Amato on the main Italian team, joining Asia, Elisa Iorio, and Desiree Carofiglio.

In earlier junior action at ain’t-nobody-got-time-for-that o’clock, the Russian juniors upset the US juniors in the team competition—with Belgium also edging Italy for the bronze—while Konnor McClain took the junior AA title, with Vladislava Urazova in 2nd and Elena Gerasimova in 3rd.

The cool thing about watching the FloSports on-hold video again and again is that it reminds you that ones of the sports they cover is Dude In A Crazy Feather Hat Walking Up Steps. Final score: 0-0.

Anyway, the Jesolo stream hasn’t started yet, which is solidly on brand. For both Flo and Italy.

We’re currently at the “everyone sit in the middle of the floor while Tchaikovsky plays” portion of the meet.

Introductions now. Japan’s senior team is like “there is maybe one of us.” Giorgia Villa walking out without a number on her back is the saddest part of this meet. Even sadder than the Japanese national anthem.

What we’ve learned from the anthem section is that the US national anthem is too long and sometimes you just have to cut it off.

Gymnasts moving to their first event for the touch now. US order on vault will be Perea-Lee-Malabuyo-Jones. Malabuyo sat a DTY in the touch.

Beam underway first, with Sakatani from Japan – owho finished with a double pike landed in an actual ball shape

Perea – VT – US – large bounce back on a full with a bit of a pike throughout

Alice Damato – UB – shap to tkatchev combination, nice – Ricna to pak, also hit – Van leeuwen with some legs – lots of hand rearragnements for her front giants and front giant full, double front dismount, super close to the bar but hit

Liu Tingting – FX – China – She’s back doing floor! – 3/1, is hit but a bit under-rotated. Second pass is just  a front layout to stag jump. Double Y, not quite all the way there. Double tuck, well short with lunge forward. Leaps excellent.

Niiyama – BB – Japan – the deepest arabian landing you’ll see, but she pulled it out because of magician – breaking some connections in here, lots of individual skills, but no major balance errors. Double tuck, chest down with hop but hit. 11.600

Lee – VT – USA – gets a DTY around, chest fairly down with a lunge back, lands a little staggered, but she’s able to complete it.

Carofiglio – UB – Ita – ricna to pak is solid – Shap to bail, hit – loses a little rhythm on a shoot to high – a couple legs breaks – double front with a lunge. 13.933

Tang – FX – China – double pike, hop back – 2.5 to front tuck, with a step to the side, some crazy legs – double tuck, bounce back, chest down – 2/1, stuck, some leg crossing. 12.900

Ashikawa – BB – Japan – pretty bhs mount – saves loso series with a slide check, I’m so conditioned to watching NCAA at this time of year that I forget that these little slides and broken connections barely matter – secure on her D acro elements, nice side split jump 1/2 – double turn, has to save it with a somewhat larger balance check – goes for 3/1 dismount it looked like with some rotation issues. 13.133

Malabuyo – VT – USA – gets it around in competition with a lunge back – much better than warmups, also a little under rotated. 14.533

Asia D’Amato – UB – Italy – ricna to pak, crazy legs on Pak – Maloney to tkatchev, hit – Church, solidly caught – randon 1/2 turn on low bar for her requisite italian front giants to double front, hit with a step. 14.033

Qi Qi – FX – China – sticks a full in, YES – 2.5 to front layout full, little hop – triple spin – switch ring and split ring leap – 2/1, very solid landing – double tuck, chest down with a step. Lots of potential for China in this floor routine. It’s not a TON of difficulty bu a step up. 13.533

Maggio – BB – Italy – competing as individual – bhs loso loso series hit but falls on a spin attempt right after – switch ring, hit – check on side aerial – aerial walkover, smooth – switch to split, easy – side somi with a check – 1.5, near stick

Jones – VT – USA – DTY – large bounce back, weaker landing than her warmup which was very strong – still the best amplitude and completion of rotation in the group.  14.700

Iorio – UB – ricna to pak, pretty – maloney to stalder 1/2 to yezhova, wonderful connection, just some legs – Chow 1/2 – to inverts – front giant full to double front with a step. Very successsful bars rotation for Italy. 14.067

Zhang – FX – China – quad spin, nearly got that fourth around and may get credit for it – whip to 3/1 to split jump, confidently completed – split ring leap and switch ring, a little low on back leg on those – front tuck through to 2/1, little slide – double pike, stuck, a little low. Strong showing. 13.167

Basile – BB – Italy – a large break on her bhs bhs layout series but gets it on – switch to split leap to split jump, the split leap in the middle was a little too blah – side aerial – hits double pike dismount with lunge. 12.967

Liu Jinxing – FX – China – China’s putting up five because no rules in this house, looks like this 5th-up routine is for exhibition – FTDT, hop – double tuck, large stumble back with possible OOB – front tuck trhough to 2/1, love how high her front tuck was there – double pike, lunge back, successful option. 13.000

So that’s the end of the first rotation. We have the US at 43.433 to lead, followed by Italy, then China, then Japan. Going one at a time is fun because I’m good at lying.

I’m so used to pace of SEC meets. These snails are much more relaxing, but also TAP TAP TAP.

Alice – BB – Italy – front tuck mount, hit – aerial with a check – bhs back tuck series with a step back – punch front, pretty solid – switch to split – switch ring, holds it – side aerial, solid – 3/1 attempted, under rotated with a hop back, which was a hop to the side because she was facing the wrong way.

Liu TT – VT – China – Yfull, hop back, some piking, a thing she did!

Malabuyo – UB — stalder full to chow to tkatchev, hit – piked jaeger, solid – pak, a bit of legs – 1/2 turn to stalder shoot – FTDLO dismount with hop back. Good hit. 13.633

Ashikawa – FX – Japan – ro double pike, hit with step – goose stepping choreography – 2.5 to front tuck, super low, just does get front tuck to her feet with step OOB – 3/1, kinda sorta gets it around, and finishes with a 2/1.

Asia – BB – Italy – round off layout mount and immediately falls – bhs loso fine – aerial to split, successful – piked side somi, nice position but a leg-up check – straight jump 1/1 with a check – Y spin, hit – switch 1/2, not bad split position at all, just some feet – double pike hop. 11.967

Tang – VT – China – sticks a Yfull, very good landing, some clear pike in the air. 9.800 NCAA, 9.850 SEC.

Jones – UB – USA – stalder full to high shap to pak combo – Chow 1/2, good hs on high – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger and falls. Finishes FTDT, a bit deep with a lunge. 11.600

Sakatani – FX – Japan – double tuck, hop back – double pike, also a little hop forward – 1.5 to front full, shot directly horizontally along the floor but successfully landed – 2.5, hop forward. It’s stock, but solidly hit.

Iorio – BB – ro loso mount, good – side aerial, smooth, just some feet – switch to sissone – bhs loso loso, nicely controlled – double turn with a little Peng leg, good – aerial, large break, bend at the hips and a wobble to save it – split ring jump – double pike, nearly sticks it with a step. She should be happy with that one overall.

Zhang – VT – China – DTT, pretty low landing with a lunge forward and to the side

Perea – UB – USA – toe full to Maloney to Ricna and falls. US counting a fall routine on bars now. Pak to stalder shap 1/2, lovely and smooth – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, a little close but hit – DLO, hop back. 12.400

Niyama – FX – Japan – double Y spin, gets it around – double arabian, small hop back – double tuck, small hop – switch leap full, nice – 2.5 a little ragged with a lunge forward – split leap 1/1 – double pike, chest down, bounce back. 12.933

Carofiglio – BB – back dive mount, solid – aerial witha  check – sissone to straddle jump – bhs layout series and falls – switch 1/2, pretty strong – back tuck, check – gainer layout, hop back. 11.767

Qi Qi – VT – China – DTY with a hop back, good chest up position – not a lot of height but great form. This one is a keeper.

Lee – UB – USA – stalder 1/2 to piked jaeger, strong – Nabs to Pak to Maloney to gienger, connected very well – toe full to FTDT, hop. Great routine. That’s her thing and she hit it.

Successful hit for Maggio on floor, not a ton of difficulty, just doing her D passes. Liu JX hits a full on vault.

Basile finishing out the second rotation on floor – double tuck, hit – goes for double arabian super deep landing with a large lunge forward OOB – finishes double pike, well forward with a lunge

US goes 41.233 on bars after counting that fall. Italy went 42.067 on its own bars rotation in the first. US still maintains a pretty comfortable lead after two events. China has moved ahead of Italy after Italy had some beam problems.

It’s about time for American Cup to start. The horrendous news here is that Kenzo has had to pull out of the men’s competition. So we’re down to 7.


You can either listen to this guy botch the national anthem at american cup, or watch Gabby Perea on beam at Jesolo.

Perea – BB – wolf double and has to grab the beam to stay on – back full with a large break and falls. Not really her day so far – loso series is good -finishes with 2/1 dismount, small hop. Obviously, the most important thing that happened during that routine was hearing Tim and Nastia not know the mics were hot on the American Cup stream

Apparently Simone isn’t competing here because she has nothing left to gain. Cool.

Iorio – FX – Italy – nice double Y turn – front lay to front 2/1 attempt, a little under-rotated – 3/1, larger lunge to the side – switch ring to split leap full – double tuck, secure – love seeing a straight jump 2/1 on floor

Mikulak is first up on floor at American Cup following the Kenzo withdrawal. Reallystrong landings on both the front double pike and the tuck version in combination – finishes 3/1, stuck. Nailed every single landing in that one.

Shilese Jones with a hit front tuck, large break on a side jump in Jesolo – double tuck dismount, lunge off to the side

Zhang – UB – China – toe shap to gienger, hit – nice high jaeger – arch on hs but saves it – hit pak – a muscle up cast on low, shoot to high – super crazy late on giant full – extra giant into dismount FTDT – but it’s a hit on not her event.

Carofiglio hitting comfortably – we know the tumbling is there but really impressed by her double Y as well –

Bart flies OOB on a double front and nearly slips – bouncy on a few more landings but the first one the largest mistake.

Lee – BB – USA – falls on a wolf triple attempt. Another event counting a fall for the US – aerial, smooth – bhs bhs layout, hit with a little bounce, doesn’t connect into leaps, but all the leaps have solid positions – switch 1/2 with a check, breaks connection into back tuck – side aerial loso loso series, nailed – switch ring, a little hesitation – double tuck, deep chest lunge back.

Nice double front 1/2 out front Ma Yue but goes OOB on second pass.

Tang – UB – CHN – toe shap to pak, hit – van leeuwen with a leg break – E piros a little late of vertical but hit – piked jaeger, nice – DLO, a little whipped with a stumble back with a couple lunges.

Nice DLO and double arabian from Asia D’Amato on floor – double tuck was the biggest struggle pass with a large bounce back – 2/1, little hop.

Malabuyo – BB – USA – hits her wolf truple and wolf double turns – bhs loso series with a check – front tuck with a little wobble – straddle to swingdown – arabian with a hop – split to sissone – aerial, check – split ring jump – switch ring – double pike, hop. Some checks on a lot of things, but she’s having the most composed day for the US so far.

Liu TT – UB – CHN – Chow to Pak, hit – toe shap to gienger, pretty legs, some short hs in here – small hesitation on Ling, gets the rest of them – DLO, hit. Nicely done.

Alice D’Amato – FX – Italy – full in – hop back – 3/1 fairly out of control with a stumble to the side – double tuck, chest down, back leg a bit crazy – front full to stag, also foes the straight jump 1/1 in her routine –

James Hall a little too lungey on floor to get the score – especially with a large lunge on final 3/1, but a hit opening routine.

Liu JX – Church to pak and shap to tkatchev are hit – piked jaeger – she’s impressing me here even though just going as a bonus gymnast – DLO, hop back.

Martina Basile did a forward roll out of her Y1.5 on vault, so that was fun.

Baumann started with the best landings of the floor rotation since Mikulak, though with relatively low difficulty here, but then hands down on his 3/1.

Moldauer – FX – USA – punch randi, small hop – 3.5 to 1/2, stuck, a bit off line – 2.5 to front full, hop – double arabian half out, great form on all of these – small hop – 2/1 side pass, stuck – 3/1, short with a large bound forward, his only weak pass in there

In Jesolo – the US lead over China shrinks to 1.4 after the third rotation. Lee still leads Malabuyo in the AA by about a half point but lost some ground there with the fall.

I love that after all these years, they still haven’t figured out that we can hear them during breaks.

Second rotation starting for the men at Am Cup. Tim kind of giggling about Bart’s nut cracker routine but not saying that – Bart comes off at a similar part this time, but no cargo damage.

They cringe at a low 12, but I’m like BART GOT A LOW 12 ON HORSE!

Ma Yue hit pommel horse like he doesn’t even know what meet this is.

Back to Jesolo –

Qi Qi – BB – CHN – back full, huge break with several dog-pee-on-fire-hydrant wobbles but saves it – not so lucky on her bhs bhs layout series, fall – individual skills pretty but so many hesitant balance checks

Pakhniuk works through pommels with a series of form breaks but all only minor. Got through, though it was a rhythm and leg shape struggle at the end.

Perea – FX – USA – full in, hit – front tuck through to 2.5, somewhat out of control on landing with a step OOB – wolf triple – switch leap and switch 1/1 – double pike, secure landing – 2/1, bounce back –

13.333 and looks like they didn’t take OOB?

Zhang – BB – China – switch ring, solid as always – bhs bhs layout, a couple little bounces back but keeps it on – aerial, hit – split ring jump, small check – switch to split to straddle, weidly low back leg on switch or all things – holds the side America jump with a little pause – 2/1 dismount, step.

Hall hits PH. Three of the first four people hit PH, where am I?

Lee – FX – USA – double double tuck, nicely done – DLO, good chest up, just a little bounce back – switch ring  – tries to get split leap 1.5 around, close – 1.5 to front full – double tuck, basically stuck. Nice routine.

Baumann did about a million circles in a full straddle on pommel horse, which was cool –

Liu TT – BB – CHN – back dive mount – front hs to front tuck, hit with a check – switch to to split ring leap to bhs, connected very well – switch ring, very strong – aerial to split ring jump to swingdown – mixed series bonus 5 ever – split leap to side aerial to split jump, also nailed – 2/1, holds onto landing. Nothing but respect for my world beam champion.

Moldauer with very pretty work on pommel horse. AND IT’S A YELLOW SQUARE. And Mikulak hit too. At American Cup. It’s a miracle.

Malabuyo – FX – USA – DLO, good chest up, bounce back – high double arabian to stag, wonderful positions – split leap 1.5, hits and gets it around, strong – full in, comes up short with a lunge – double pike, basically stuck, another strong routine.

Tang XJ falls on layout series on beam.

Lee goes 56.4 AA with a fall to lead the US. Also a solid high 55 for Malabuyo.

Women’s competition beginning at American Cup.

Wong – VT – USA – DTY, extremely pretty, good control, chest up small hop and just a bit of legs in the air

JESOLO: Jones – FX – USA – good high full in – solid combo second pass – double pike, easy for her – nice double L turn! – double tuck, pretty short with a step

Murakami – VT – JPN – DTY with a large bounce back this time – otherwise her usual in the air, good distance and form, but not the control on the landing this time

OK, full focus on American Cup now! We’ll have final scores from Jesolo soon, but the US won the team title, and Sunisa Lee won the AA, even with a fall on beam. 166.798 final for the US, 165.201 for China. Italy goes in the 161s for third. Lee won the AA. Liu TT’s amazing beam put her ahead of Malabuyo in the AA standings by a hair at the last minute.

Ellie Black went 14.433 for a vault we didn’t see. Sadly, USAG isn’t doing the international feed this year so we can’t see the important routines we want to during the chitter chatter.

James Hall pretty rough in the flat hold positions on rings and Tim is like, “BOOOOOO”

Christian Bregman up next on rings – a little blah on his maltese but solid on the planche – good control on hs – front pikes and front tucks to straddle planche, a little strength struggle there – double double, hop.

McCallum – VT – DTY – hop back on hers, not as large a hop back as Murakami but also not as much power on her vault, doesn’t quite have the distance, some legs, but a solid showing.

Andrea’s here and she’s wearing a statement necklace.

Moldauer on ringly ringlies – very smooth maltese positions – cross, very solid – tucks and pikes up to cross – does struggle in the straddle planche – double double tuck, stuck. He makes rings look not ugly.

Mikulak also going through pretty comfortably on rings – stuck his double double tuck – hitting his bicep because of dude –

Tim trying to count two seconds on a slow-mo replay is my aesthetic.

Blinky Deurloo finishing up on rings – two handstand struggles in there and it was going fine but then a fall on double double tuck dismount. Because this rings rotation was getting a little boring. Bart had to save it.

On the women’s side it’s Wong, then McCallum, then Black/Murakami after one. On the men’s side, it’s Mikulak, then Moldauer, then Ma.

Tim learned the word kinesthetic to talk about Yul this year.

Rotation 4

Black – UB – toe shap to tkatchev, hit, some loose leg positions – Downie – piked jaeger to pak, solid – van leeuwen – giant full – tucked Canada dismount, small hop. Efficient set. Good for her.

Pakhniuk – VT – nearly sits a Kas 1.5, super deep with a large lunge back and to the side

Living for Tim and Nastia shading Ellie Black’s bars score on the hot mic. “What the hell.”

Serber – UB – Shap to pak, pretty – 1/2 turn on low, shoot to high – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, takes it way tooo far and falls.

McCallum – UB – weiler 1/2 to Chow to tkatchev, a little close but hit – short hs into Pak, leg separation there and on her VL – toe full to FTDT, small hop. OK. 14.200. Tim and Nastia talking about it like it was a disastrous monster of a routine. It was just sort of fine for a fine score.

McCallum will have less than a tenth on Black after 2.

Lu Yufei – UB – small arch on frist hs – tkatchev to gienger, hit, a little dead hang – Ono to piked jaeger to pak, very formy – shoot to high – getting some dead hangs in there – FTDT, super short with a very large lunge forward to save it.

Super impressed that we’re no longer NBC-pretending that Nastia invented the Ono and the Chinese STOLE it for the 2008 Olympics.

Moldauer – VT – exceptionally good Kas 1.5. Stuck landing, super clean in the air. Wonderful.

Second half of Lee on bars in the deep background – pretty shap to pak and VL back to high – piked jaeger, pretty – stadler full – FTDT, a little deep with a hop.

Ma Yue slammed his head back on vault warmup.

Bui – UB – piked ajger to pak, smooth – Maloney to bhardwaj, really nice just a bit legs – VL, some small leg break – toe full to gienger, a clear leg break on toe full – FTDT, step back. Strong routine. Yay!

Mikulak – VT – Kas 1.5 – a bit deep on landing this time with a hop to the side

Mikulak still ahead of Moldauer by nearly a half point after four events.

Bart – VT – Kas 1/1, shortish landing with a hop to the side

Wong – UB – inbar – inbar Shap to pak to Chow 1/2, insanely clean – stalder 1/2 to jaeger, good height, a bit of  feet – orphan 1/2 turn is the largest deduction of the routine, some late final vertical positions – DLO, stuck, nice overall. Much better than podium training. 14.100 for that, puts her into a tie with McCallum.

Murakami – toe on to Maloney to gienger – solid – piked jaeger, hit – jaeger – also solid, hs OK – toe full to bail, solid bail position – overshoot – short final cast hs – flings out FTDT a little but stuck. Did what she needed to do in that one. Solid and normal.

Murakami into 4th after that routine. Four tenths behind the two Americans tied at the top. This is a good one!

Mikulak and Moldauer well out in front of the men’s field. Ma Yue in third.

Rotation 5

McCallum – BB – back dive mount – wolf triple, and wolf double, super smooth, good strength – split 1/2 from side, hit – side aerial to loso, secure, a little legs – punch front, deepish landing but solid enough – switch to aerial with a check – sissone to full turn – double tuck, step. Really strong routine. Some things but fine.

“We don’t need her.” Tim on Lee Yunseo. This is wonderful content.

13.833 for McCallum.

Statement necklace did an interview with Tom Forster, the summary of which is, how great is everything? It’s great!

Moldauer – PB – peach and peach 1/2, clean – long swing diam, quite nice – great straight position in salto – tuck 1/2, good – double front 1/2 out, stuck. Another big one.

12 for Lu Yufei on beam, 10 for Lee Yunseo. Tim’s like, “tssssss”

Mikulak – PB – front toss up – healy – peach 1/2 solid – small hesitation in peach – tuck 1/2, front straddle long swing out, great – eeeeeeep – bhavsar error, clips his leg, very strange – finishes double front 1/2 out, stuck a bit deep

Veerman – BB – front puck mount, solid landing – bhs loso series, a little tentative, small lean – side aerial, a little mushy in knee – switch with a pause to straight jump 1/1, another check – side somi, another large break, leg-up check – switch 3/4 attempt, which was awesome in the air and super high, large break and grabs the beam – stuck 1.5.

Mikulak will now be nearly a half point behind Moldauer going to HB, but it’s Mikulak on HB.

Wong – BB – switch to straddle, lovely – bhs loso loso series, nailed, super clean – L turn – switch ring, excellent position – aerial to split ring jump, lovely closure, low front leg in terms of credit though – side aerial – side somi, fairly large break there leg-up wobble – 3/1 dismount, some crossed legs, hops it around – one larger error but really strong overall

Nastia talking about devaluing, but it wasn’t short enough to risk that.

14.066 for Wong puts her into sole possession of first.

They better show Murakami on beam when they come back from commercial.

Annnnnd she fell. Well, we saw that part at least. It happened on that same wolf turn that she worked on for 58 years in PT.

Ma Yue – PB – peach 1/2 is good, peach a little horizontal – nice tuck shape – front straddle to arms, good – bhavsar, solid – tippelt, solid – healy, – double pike, stuck. Another great routine.

Black – BB – switch mount – double turn to full turn combination, a check at the end of it – front tuck, small lean – bhs layout, pretty solid, little bounce – switch to switch 1/2 to loso, will get combo credit, good speed – side somi, smooth – 2.5 a bit of knees, hop forward. Nailed it. Excellent.

13.8 puts Black into third.

We’re going back to show Mai’s beam routine to see how everything was literally perfect until the triple wolf turn attempt. SIGH. And nailed the double pike dismount.

So it’s going Wong – McCallum – Black – Murakami now.

The men are Moldauer – Mikulak – Ma – Hall.

Now we’re talking about rice crispy treats. OK?

You guys can say pee on camera. It’s OK. “Don’t rehearse your lines.” – Nastia.

Serber – FX – we’re seeing her, my goodness, what a delight – wait – Lee’s score is already up, so…Double L turn to double turn, very nice – full-in, bounce back OOB – popa, good – wolf 2.25 – double pike, fairly deep landing, a hop – front tuck through to 2/1, very strong landing – switch to split leap full – Overall fine, but did have that OOB.

Baumann – HB – Yam, a bit close – high layout tkatchev, some pike shape – stalder rybalko, the usual lateness and crazy legs – tak, some crazy legs – giant rybalko, same issue – double double lay, step back

Veerman – FX – double arabian, some flexed feet but a secure landing – double tuck, a bounce – 1.5 to front full, secure landings but some soft leg form in them – 2/1 final pass, comes up way short, hands down

Pakhniuk – HB – clear hip to horizontal – german giants – tkatchev – tkatchev 1/2 – tak full, a little crazy – FTDLO, stuck, pretty deep in landing.

“I’ve never seen anyone try to do the coming out part and not lose way more than they gain.” – out of context NBC

They’re not even trying to show routines anymore. Just a lot of James Hall high bars gasps in the background as we look at Leanne Wong’s hair bow.

Bui – FX – split jump 1/1 – DLO, super clean shape in the air, just a little down on landing, small hop – split leap 1.5, around well – double tuck, hop back – switch – switch full – 2.5 to front tuck, solid landing, some crazy legs in the air – double pike, looked like it was going to be fine but a couple steps back out in the end

Well, I missed Mai’s floor routine like an idiot. She’s kind of limping off the floor afterward but she hit it for 14.133

Ma – HB – good tak full and tak 1/2 – hits layout tkatchev and regular tkatchev – lay tkatchev 1/2 – Yam, solid – stuck dismount. great day for him.

Black – FX – 2.5 through to double tuck, really solid, small hop – front 2/1 to front tuck, a little bouncy there as well and some knee moments but overall solid – split leap positions a little ragged – 2/1, some knees, secure landing – good day for her. Pleased.

13.233 for Ellie means that she and Mai are tied.

Mikulak – HB – Cassina, hit – Kolman, hit – lay tkatchev to tkatchev to tkatchev 1/2, all solid today – ZLM, good – and then goes over on a tak 1/2 and has to readjust and reswing – hop full – stalder – double double layout, stuck. Sam things.

McCallum – FX – double double tuck, a little short with a hop to the side – front lay to front 2/1, gets it around solidly with some legs – wolf double, fine – switch ring and switch 1/2, solid positions – 3/1, under-rotated but close, landed with a stagger – split leap 1/1, fine – double tuck, a little deep, hop back. Fine routine.

Still 14.166 for Mikulak. So she can gain ground on Yul even so.

Moldauer – HB – Yam – ZLM – tak 1/1, hit but late – same on the 1/2 turn – Kovacs, pretty – hop full – hop 1.5, pretty late – triple double layout dismount, hit with a lunge back. Great day. But lots of late pirouettes in that one.

13.733 puts him one onethousandth ahead of Mikulak –

13.866 for McCallum.

Wong – FX – Dos Santos to stag, and hits it, even if deep – 3.5, also hits it, gets it pretty close to around with a lunge forward – 2.5 to layout, little hop – popa, pretty – double L turn to single turn, would give double L – 3/1, some crazy legs in that one but another controlled landing. Great job.

.001 margin for Moldauer. This is some Wieber/Mustafina stuff.

13.933 for Wong. She wins the title. Armine and Al congratulate each other on the skin suit they created. (He kids. Kind of.)

So, it’s 1 Wong, 2 McCallum, and 3 Black/Murakami tie that I’m sure Jessica will be thrilled about.

We’re all agreed that Leanne Wong is TEH THING, right? Good.

Meet back here in less than an hour for Utah/Michigan? Good.

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    FLO has no competition right now. That needs to change.

    1. I’ve been wondering the same thing – and I’m so excited to see someone else loves this whole group of sports that much! It seems particularly shocking that they don’t have one for gymnastics, considering which sports they do offer and relative levels of popularity. Though I also hope they would continue airing/streaming for free the stuff they currently do show, just add a whole lot more behind the paywall.

  2. I’m surprised NBC hasn’t put together a Gold package for gymnastics. I have one for skiing and ice skating and would absolutely pay for it for gymnastics especially if it included quals.

  3. Omg, guy just completely messed up words to the national anthem. Priceless!!! I hope Spencer heard that.

  4. “You can either listen to this guy botch the national anthem at american cup, or watch Gabby Perea on beam at Jesolo.”

    Or you don’t have Flo so you can hear him botch the national anthem

  5. I can’t find the international stream for american cup, can someone help me out?
    Is the NBC coverage on the “normal” NBC?

    1. The first three (I believe?) rotations are on Olympic Channel. Then they’ll switch to Big NBC.

  6. It’s weird to me that apparently Tim told Grace McCallum: “You’re a world champion. No one will ever take that away from you.” That sounds like he thinks her career is over or something.

  7. Does Tim have some directive to say “at the American Cup” as frequently as possible? I always notice he does it every year, and it doesn’t seem to be something he does with every meet he covers.

    1. It’s not as bad as last night’s “at the Nastia cup” which if it had been a drinking game i’d be in the hospital.

      1. My proposed drinking game for any competition Tim covers is: “Gymnastics 101: fly high and stick the landing.”

      2. Do you want to die Mary? That’s a good way to die. Alcohol poisoning is no joke.

      3. I’m wondering if it’s in Tim’s contract that he has to say that Gymnastics 101 line? It’s gone beyond the ridiculous now.

      4. What about a drinking game Sunday during the OU/UCLA meet ever time ‘Carol’ hands out a too-high score? Double shot for every 10 given.


  8. The green-yellow-red thing is one of my least favorite parts of NBC’s coverage of gymnastics.

    1. YES!!! I want to see the D score and E score. Not some weird colors and the total amount deducted. I am irrationally enraged. You don’t do weird, confusing gimmicks to explain basketball or football scoring! It is so confusing to show the deductions like that! Who should I email!?

      1. My biggest complaint is that it’s very inaccurate in actually explaining the scores to the viewers and giving them an understanding of whether or not the athlete will be pleased. First, they use the same metrics for all 4 events, despite the fact that E scores are always noticeably higher on vault. Additionally, it completely ignores the fact that different athletes have different strategies for routine construction. Some people opt for simpler routines with extremely clean execution, while other athletes go for lots of difficulty and accept that they’ll get hit on the D score. This graphic does not communicate that to viewers and misleads people who don’t know a lot about gymnastics (who are presumably the people this graphic is for) into thinking all athletes have the same E score expectations.

  9. Why are Tim and Nastia so determined to continue this “Grace isn’t having a good day” narrative? First there was the catastrophizing about her bars routine that was totally fine. Then they act like her beam routine was mediocre when it was actually quite good. Grace is having a nice day so far! No need to be a Debbie downer about it.

    1. In case Grace loses out to Black or Murakami, the narrative is that McCallum was off.
      She did leave out two combinations on UB that would have helped her build up a lead though.

    2. I was literally just about to comment this!! It’s like they picked her out beforehand as “the American girl who’s going to have a bad day.” She’s having a great day!

    3. The difference between their commentating on Grace’s and Leanne’s beam routines was striking. They way they talked, you would’ve thought Leanne was tons better on beam than Grace, but in reality their routines were of similar quality (i.e. they were both very nice with a couple small errors).

    4. And suddenly Grace McCallum had “a great day” according to Nastia!

      1. I guess now that we know that she didn’t get beaten by Black or Murakami we can suddenly acknowledge that she did well today.

      1. The regular feed? I didn’t hear Tim say “we don’t need her” or “what the hell” (which he probably wouldn’t have been able to say on live TV anyway?)

      2. Not on TV…the actual stream online that doesn’t go to commercial breaks. It was during the commercial break on LIVE TV that it happened.
        We don’t need her was a response bc they were at commercial break and she was on BB. He said “what the hell” three times last night during NLC.

  10. I can hear the hot mic on the stream. Watching on the Olympic Channel website. Is no one going to tell them that it’s on? Not that I mind… I prefer hearing what they actually think, lol.

    1. It was the same last night for NLC… Tim at one point said “What the hell is that score”….Nastia talked shit about the judges too. She was like “9.900? Might as well have just given it the 10.0” in regard to Jillian Hoffman on FX. They went on and on about coffee as well. Nastia didn’t know where her coffee was since she had ordered it forever ago, so she took someone else’s coffee which was an Americano. LOL. She also threw shade at Tim for not always being nice to her in his comments. He said he was focused on calling it like it was. Nastia said that there is way to be observant and be nice.
      You can’t make this shit up.

  11. I feel like the hot mic vs. what’s said on the TV broadcast is like one of those memes about what I do when my boss is on break vs. when my boss walks in the room.
    When my boss in on break: “We don’t need her.”
    When my boss walks in the room: “This athlete is very enthusiastic about shopping at JC Penney. Isn’t that nice?!”

  12. I really love how Leanne Wong is wearing the same leo as the girls in Jesolo earlier this morning <3

  13. Could NBC possibly make this last any longer while showing fewer routines?

  14. I disagree with Tim and Nastia about Murakami’s floor score. I love Mai, but that score seemed pretty fair. She didn’t get all the way around on her quad turn and stumbled out of it, and her chest was significantly down when she landed her first two passes. Also, 1.667 in deductions isn’t exactly “getting close to 2 points” in deductions.

  15. Why do they cut away MID ROUTINE??!!
    This is American national television, not some Lithuanian regional channel.

  16. another fine year of scam cup with another US woman on top…lol well, this was one of those years that they couldve stop the US streak but…

  17. Tim and Nastia will never stop underestimating Grace McCallum. It’s easy to do because she’s not a super flashy gymnast, but she’s so consistent and just always seems to wind up on the podium. Good on her, showing them she can beat Ellie Black and Mai Murakami, even when she’s not 100% on point. Also, very happy for Leanne!!

    Can we just consider for a sec that four US athletes today – Sunisa Lee, Leanne Wong, Grace McCallum, and Konnor McClain (!!) – scored in the mid-56s today? At the very beginning of the international season? Hurd and McCusker are going to have their work cut out for them if they want to stay at the top!

    1. This was my biggest take away from the day! There were so many American women with really strong AA showings. There will be quite the battle for the 2020 Olympic team.

      1. The solution is that we send three teams to the 2020 Olympics… solved it

      2. The USA team could field 3 teams of 4 athletes in Tokyo and sweep the podium easily.

  18. Why do official scores still get rounded incorrectly? Any score ending in a 3 or 6 is actually a repeating decimal. Mikulak and Moldauer tied if you use fractions (which would be the most accurate method) and Mikulak won if you round based on the basics every kid is required to learn by middle school in this country. As a math teacher, it is painful to see. It’s the same as Chellsie Memmel’s win over Nastia which Spencer has an old post about. Bad math is a terrible tiebreaker…

    1. Correction: they tied either way. I read the wrong score for Mikulak. The only way Moldauer wins is if you round incorrectly.

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