Saturday Live Blog – March 9, 2019

Saturday, March 9 Scores Stream
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([9] Alabama v. [13] Auburn)

News on the Michigan/Oklahoma front. The meet was pushed back two hours because Oklahoma had travel problems (presumably no diamond-encrusted walkway for KJ, in which case, that airline should be permanently shuttered). It will no longer be on TV but will still be streamed at the link provided.

That means, instead, I’ll start with a little bit of DIII East Regionals. I’m not going to do a pure live blog for DIII today because let’s be honest, I don’t know the athletes by sight and those meets are crazy-long. But, observations and notes and updates.

BTW, Cortland’s mascot is the Red Dragons, so you can shove it with all your bears and tigers and whatnot. Also, one of the judges literally just rolled up with her wheely suitcase in tow, so this is definitely not close to ready.

The favored Brockport team begins on beam in the first rotation, so that should be interesting. For these meets, we’re typically looking for something in the 47s on beam to keep on track.

Really elegant work first up from Brockport on beam. Nice line. Got her acro series on the second attempt, a back tuck to bhs. Some checks. Gainer front full off the end as her dismount. Second up had a bhs two-foot layout as her acro series, so don’t sleep on this rotation. Also the most enthusiastic celebration I have ever seen for a hit beam routine.

Really pretty rudi to layout stepout from Springfield’s second up on floor. She struggled a little in landing her first twisting pass and sort of ended up sideways, but you know cool.

Great save on a switch split to bhs loso series from Brockport’s third up on beam. Nice quick work in that three-element combination. DI could learn something. Nearly Kyla-Jesoloed her beam dismount but worked it out. You know.

Rhode Island on bars had some legs in a giant 1/2 and I literally thought she was going to Shushunova for a second and almost died.

One of the highest beat jumps I’ve ever seen from Brockport on beam.

Strong gienger from Rhode Island on bars.

Good completion on the wolf jump 1.5 from Springfield on floor.

Interested to see where this Brockport beam rotation scores because these last couple routines would no doubt be 9.8+ at some meets. The scores really should be up there in a solid range. No, they’re not at the level of the beam routines we see from the big schools, but these last few were legit 9.6-9.7 routines and the first few were legit 9.4-9.5 routines. Kowalik would have made the beam lineup at a top-20 school.

Nice toe-on front tuck dismount from Rhode Island, good tuck shape, hit with a lunge.

Greeeatttt tuck position on a double back to start this floor routine for Springfield. Nice and tight. She got super low on her second combo pass, kept it to her feet.

Whoever it was for Ithaca in this bars warmup who just stuck a FTDT, do that forever.

Ithaca opening bars rotation with a casual fully legs-together pak salto. Excellent Paks seems to be a theme in this lineup.

All about the punch rudi we just saw from Cortland on floor.

Interesting lineup note as we wait for Michigan/Oklahoma to start—Heiskell debuting on bars in place of Maxim.

Face-plented Gienger from Ithaca on bars in the 4th spot I believe, so working against that now. Important moments for them as one of the favorites to qualify. Oh! That was from stuck FTDT too. And she stuck it again in the real thing.

Update: Brockport beam went 48.625 in the first rotation, a program record, and I’m glad they got the reward for their gymnastics. I would have been OK as long as it went 48s. Am I going to have to start complaining about the scoring being too high? Because you’re basically an SEC school now, Brockport.

OK, Oklahoma/Michigan time

Oklahoma putting up what should be its full-strength bars lineup in the first rotation — Webb, Marks, Thomas, Dowell, Lehrmann, Nichols.

“This is what you want to be at, as gymnastics.” Awesome.

Rotation 1

Mariani – VT – Michigan – sticks her full. Great start. A little bit of direction that we could clearly see from this angle – small leg break, small pike. Strong. 9.850

Webb – UB – OU – small looseness in first hs – excellent pak – toe shap 1/2, super high – short on final cast – double front 1/2 out, sticks the landing with just a little lean. A couple handstand things, really not much else. 9.875

Some sort of pause for some reason already, which is cool.

Maxim – VT – Mich – Tsuk lay 1/2 with a step to the side, another little scoot with the back foot, so not her most controlled – a wonky Paseka leg on the block – still usable score. And she gets 9.825 for it, a little high for me.

Marks – UB – OU – toe on to Maloney to bail, a bit short of vertical on that bail – solid final cast hs – a little low on her FTDT dismount, step to the side. 9.850

Brenner – VT – Mich – Y1.5 – good one, only a small hop forward, the little bit of knees that she has, but one of her strongest vaults we’ve seen. 9.875

“Yutinko” is the type of vault we’re seeing.

Thomas – UB – OU – toe 1/2 to jaeger, lovely, efficient, solid cast positions – gets to vertical on that bail – perhaps borderline final cast hs – great legs together on DLO, stuck. Nailed it. 9.900

McLean – VT – Mich – huge full as we expect from her – no problem with distance or amplitude, hop back, a small bit of leg form. 9.825

Dowell – UB – OU – Ray, strong – toe on to bail, some hip angle in that bail this week – a bit tighter than usual in a couple of her handstands – DLO, stuck. Some hip angle in vertical positions, otherwise perfect. 9.925 is a bit too high for me.

Karas – VT – Mich – Y1.5 with a bound forward this week – her usual strong power and direction, but will lose a tenth for at least that landing. Bev was so excited she almost fist pumped Natalie Wojcik’s back. 9.825

Lehrmann – UB – OU – good first hs – 1/2 turn into jaeger, long pause in 1/2 turn but in that “I’m showing off the handstand” kind of way – toe on to bail, legs together crisply – pretty close to ideal position on final cast hs – FTDT, gorgeous, stuck. 9.950

Wojcik – VT – Mich – Y1.5 – also with a bound forward on her 1.5 – one of her less controlled vaults of the season – she has a leg break on the block but nothing in the air, so still expect a good score. 9.850

Nichols – UB – OU – Ray to Pak, great height, just that little bit of legs on the pak we can see from this angle – VL, caught well – DLO, comes up short and has to lean over at the hips to try to hold the stick and ends up stepping a little. Still goes 9.900. You really have to take a tenth for the dismount because there was a step and a swim/bend, so that’s all they took.

After 1: Oklahoma 49.550, Michigan 49.225

Not bad for Michigan, but they would have liked some more control on those Karas and Wojcik landings to get into the 9.9s, but they both had pretty large bounds forward.

Oklahoma nice and crisp on bars as we expect. For most of the routines, it was really only an issue of tightening up those handstands right to vertical. Bars scores trending high, so let’s see what happens in Michigan’s rotation.

Meanwhile, a huge 48.850 floor score from the home Cortland team (also a program record—WE’VE CREATED A MONSTER) has upset the balance of things here. Cortland was not ranked to advance, but if that floor score is any indication.

Rotation 2

Still no Nichols in the vault lineup for Oklahoma, also no Trautman today. Schoepfer is slated to anchor.

Lehrmann – VT – Y1.5 – sticks it – well, that was her best vault of the EVER. Excellent. Gorgeous, maybe a little knees but would be a 10 contender in a later portion of the lineup. 9.950

One judge gave it a 10.

Mariani – UB – Mich – Major delay before the first routine. WHY. good first hs – clear hip to huge tkatchev – bail, small leg break in the air – solid final cast – FTDT, comes up short with a hop. 9.850

Webb – VT – OU – Y1.5 – she also neeeearrrly got her stick on the 1.5 – small step in place. She came in just a tad shorter than Lehrmann. Also goes 9.950. That one wasn’t as strong as Lehrmann’s for me. One judge went higher.

Heiskell – UB – MIch – good first hs – hits tkatchev, fiarly flat but solid – toe on to pak, great height and legs together, a little angle as she caught – small arch in final cast hs – 1/2 turn to front giant 1/2 to double tuck, hop back. Potential. 9.800

Degouveia – VT – OU – a larger hop forward on her 1.5, a bounce forward and sideward – otherwise clean.

9.850. Makes sense overall, but judge #2 is on literal crack to give Lehrmann and Degouveia the same score.

Farley – UB – Mich – took her piked jaeger wayyyy far and falls – resumes with solid bail, crisp cast hs on high – double front, deep but holds the stick.

Stern – VT – OU – one of her best 1.5s of the season as well – small hop forward and just that bit of knees to deduct for.

Karas – UB – Mich – small hesitation in first hs – toe on to mmaloney, great legs together – bail, has a back arch but holds it – DLO, excellent and stuck. Had a few uncharacteristic handstand positions but a hit. 9.925 pretty high there.

Dowell – VT – OU – Y1.5 and stuck, nailed it, one of her great ones as well – we’ll be on 10 watch because they’ve been willing to go 9.950 for previous ones and that was excellent. I’d say she maintained control on that stick, but a possible deduction along with knees. 9.925

Brenner – UB – Mich – arch on first hs but brings it back – hits jaeger, some feet, solid on the bail – good final cast hs – DLO, flung out, low with a lunge forward. Not one of her strongest but got through with a hit mark. 9.850

Schoepfer – VT – OU – full – bounce back and some feet and a dodgy flapper coming off the table – the drop score of the rotation. But still gets a 9.800 randomly.

Wojcik – UB – Mich – short first hs – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, solid form – hits vertical in her bail – excellent final cast hs – DLO with a small step back. Nice. 9.900

I’m worried that Alina might not know what a stick is.

After 2: Oklahoma 99.100, Michigan 98.550

Really strong vaulting from Oklahoma, about as much as they could ask for in a vault rotation without Nichols and Trautman. At least three if not four of them had their best vaults of the season. Also vault judge #2 thought Lehrmann, Stern, Dowell, and Degouveia all vaulted at the same level for the same score.

Michigan will be over the moon about getting 49.325 for that bars rotation because they had a fall and some handstand-struggle routines afterward and really could have been docked by a harsher panel for something in the low 49s. This keeps Michigan in contention for that 197.3-ish score they’re looking for.

Brockport went 49.300 on floor you guys. Another program-record rotation score. Nearly on 196 pace. The program record is in the 193s. We have definitely created a monster.

Rotation 3

No Trautman or Nichols on floor either.

Farley – BB – Mich – bhs loso loso series, secure, some knees – switch to split, some back leg on the switch, the split looked good – 1.5 turn, brilliant – side aerial to split, well done – gainer pike, holds the stick with a lean. Strong. 9.900

Webb – FX – OU – front 2/1, all the way around, controlled step, nice – 1.5 to front full, also keeps that back foot down well – leap combination has the foot I always talk about, also a little bouncy – rudi, a little hunched on landing this week with a hop to the side. 9.875

Osman – BB – Mich – bhs loso, solid – punch front, small stutter check – split jump to wolf jump full, a little pause in combination, not quite all the way up on wolf position, stuck gainer full. 9.850

Draper – FX – OU – whip 1/2 to rudi, some knees, well controlled – front full to front lay, good rise into the layout – switch to switch 1/1, around, some legs. Solid. Because the rudi is a D skill and because the second pass gets 0.2 CV, this does meet the requirements for a two-pass routine.9.875

Karas – BB – Mich – bhs loso series to beat jump, excellent series, extended and secure – switch split jump to pike jump, a little more abbreviated in the split position this week – change leg loso to beat jump, works the connection out to avoid a clear check – punch rudi dismount, small slide. 9.850

The cool thing is that every routine is the same.

LaPinta – FX – OU – 3/1, also solid this week, a little more slide this time – front full to layout, a form struggle on the layout this week, having to kind of tuck it around to get to her feet – double tuck, solid. 9.825. That’s rather high for that second pass.

Mariani – BB – Mich – check on full turn – side aerial to split jump, another small adjustment – split to staddle 1/2 combination – beat to switch side, hit – some hesitations on a lot of skills in here, but all minor – bhs loso series, hit, knees – 1.5, stuck. 9.825

Degouveia – FX – OU – front 2/1, a bit of a slidey dance out – front lay to front full, well controlled, just a bit of arch in body position layout – excellent straddle position on popa – back 1.5 to front full, also controlled, some knees, nothing that ever travels into the realm of a .050 but can combine. Nice.

9.950 for Degouveia. OH HEY NOW.

Funk – BB – Mich – bhs loso series, super strong and fast, small check – switch side 1/4, hit – full turn, smooth – beat jump to popa, strong – side aerial to full, holds the stick, a little off line.

Dowell – FX – OU – Dowell, strong landing, good security this week, just that little bit of legs apart on the pike but does really well not to tuck it too early – 1.5 to layout, shows the stick before the burned-my-feet dance, which I appreciate because I’m a sour little troll – split leap full to popa, really close on the split, popa was great – front lay to front full to stag. This routine was exceptional.

Also a 9.950 for Dowell. Great routine and probably a fair score, but I’m feeling like Finnegan yesterday. I’m not happy with the comparison or the separation.

Wojcik – BB – Mich – aerial to beat, smooth – switch to split, excellent – bhs loso series, hit – cat leap to side aerial, not a wobble on anything in this routine – 1.5, stuck.

9.950 for Wojcik as well.

Stern – FX – OU – I like how this routine starts with “the blood is spurting out of my hip” choreography because matador – double pike, a slide back – front lay to front full, some arched body position, keeps foot down in control – wolf hop jump were not all the way around and could risk value – double tuck, short with a lunge.

McLean exhibition on beam.

After 3: Oklahoma 148.575, Michigan 148.000

Both teams will be pleased with the scoring pace, Oklahoma on track for a 198 with the usual beam, and Michigan really will just have to do normal to get the score required to move back ahead of Georgia for 7th in the rankings, a 197.250.

Rotation 4

KJ voguing with Brenna before beam is my life.

Dowell – BB – OU – aerial to back pike as her series and gets it connected pretty quickly, small check -s witch to switch, back leg low, especially on the second one – kochetkova, hit – front full off the end, stuck. Solid.

9.925 what is happening OK.

Funk – FX – Mich- double pike, really solid, nailed landing – front full to layout, control, some arch in layout and knees in full as potential things to take there – great lift on siwtch side, connected in popa – punch rudi, a little slide.


Lehrmann – BB – OU – bhs loso series, lovely, extended right to the toes – aerial to beat, good presence to work into her connection – cat leap to switch side, nailed it this week – gainer full, stuck. Very strong. Now where do you go, judges?

9.925. Oh, you go to the same, because all routines are the same.

Osman – FX – Mich – full in – a little short, chest down with a step – switch side to popa – front tuck through to double pike, also a little short with a step – rudi, good power there, bounce back. 9.775

Schoepfer – BB – OU – bhs bhs loso series, huge break with a large leg-up wobble and a swim to save it – switch to straddle 1/4, secure – 1.5, stuck, nice second half.

9.800. Not sure how that is even mathematically possible. One judge went 9.850, which means they must have taken only .1 for the issue on the series which is not acceptable.

Brenner – FX – Mich – full in, pretty secure on landing but chest well down – 2.5 to front tuck and sits it down, was a little underrotated it looked on her 2.5 and couldn’t punch into a front – double pike final pass, small slide

Woodard – BB – OU – side aerial to bhs, hit securely this week – kickover, solid – switch to split, some back leg from this angle? – side aerial to full, stuck. Some knee things but a solid routine. 9.925

McLean – FX – Mich – round off double back with a large bounce back – front lay to front full, dance out, hit – finishes chest a little low on her double pike but holds it without a step. 9.875.

Webb – BB – OU – bhs loso series, hit solidly – cat leap with a balance check and will have to redo – cat leap to aerial, gets it this time, a little lean afterward – switch to split leap, back leg – side aerial to full, stuck. A little wobblier than her usual, but fine. Will prob score 9.925.

Oh just a 9.900. They went low for that one….

Wojcik – FX – Mich – full in, stuck, chest low but nailed the landing control – split leap full to wolf full, split leap full was absolutely perfect – front full to front pike, stuck and lovely – rudi to straddle jump, nailed. Excellent routine. Score will be gigantic.

Nichols – BB – OU – love that lay back on the beam – aerial to split, excellent – bhs to loso series, small lean adjustment – switch leap through to split leap, nice positions – 1.5, stuck. Great.


So Oklahoma goes 198.200.

Karas – FX – Mich – double arabian with a giant bound forward this week – switch 1/2 to wolf jump 1/1, solid – 1.5 to 1/2, solid – double pike, solidly done. 9.875

Michigan finishes with 197.425, meeting the score goal as well.

The cool thing about senior day is that everyone on every team is a senior. So I guess we’re not talking about tight scoring in Michigan anymore right? “The Dog Days are Over” an appropriate soundtrack.

Hit exhibition beam for Karrie Thomas. Heiskell in floor exhibition for Michigan.

Meanwhile, they stopped updating the scores after the 4th rotation at DIII east regionals but the meet is definitely over.

I’ll keep an eye on the west throughout the day. Meet back here for Alabama/Auburn Elevate?

Everyone has done 1 event at DIII West, it’s Stout and Hamline out in front, the two teams that have done floor so far.

Final results from DIII East – team qualifiers are Brockport, Ithaca, and Cortland. Rhode Island records another program record and Monica Nassi wins coach of the year.

Ithaca in 2nd with program-record 191.650.

Brockport wins with 193.700, a school and DIII east record.

We’re heading to the final two rotations, the final event for each team, and the standings have Stout, Oshkosh, and La Crosse currently sitting in qualification position with defending champion Whitewater sitting in trouble in 5th—but also on to floor now, the highest-scoring event of the day.

In the first group of final events, La Crosse is in on bars and Whitewater is on floor. We’re seeing a judge post a 9.525 for Whitewater first up.

I see a 9.3 for La Crosse on bars.

Next up for La Crosse – hits tkatchev – clear hip to bail and goes over on her bail and comes off the bars. Large stumble back on double tuck dismount as well and she looks hurt, kind of limping off.

2nd up for Whitewater FX – nice quick double pike – split leap 1.5 attempt – 1.5 to layout, some arch

Looks like an 8.3 for that missed routine from LC. Next up hit tkatchev – bail and misses her hand and comes off the bar as well, kind of a crazy fall as she just collapsed in between the bars with legs all over the place. LC now with two falls on bars in a row.

3rd up Whitewater – split ring jump full, a little leg – double pike, solid control, chest down – switch ring and split leap full, pretty close to position – front full to front lay, whipped over the layout and some mushy legs. Really strong routine. 9.625.

Great gienger from LC on bars as they try to pull this rotation back.

Nice tkatchev, clear hip to bail on bars for LC – finishes FTDT to her face, another miss in this bars rotation.

Whitewater impressing on floor, some leap positions, some arched over combination passes, but very competitive.

Fossum – FX – WW – round off double pike is solid and secure – switch side to popa, pretty close on her split positions – front full to front layout, a little bouncy on the landing with a possible OOB – rudi, also bouncy, bit stays in bounds that time.

Scores have stopped updating, but La Crosse had three falls that I saw in that bars rotation.

North – FX – WW – punch rudi, kind of bouncy on the landing – split leap 1.5, I’d give it – front lay to front full with a step OOB –

Score update: Whitewater 187.425, La Crosse 186.550, Winona 185.675, Hamline 184.275

Whitewater moves into solid position after floor and La Crosse falls to the bubble, with Stout and Oshkosh still to come, the two leaders going to the final event.

Oshkosh opening with clean Ylayouts on vault, normal sized step back.

Stout first up on beam, 1 hit successfully, hit her series, some major leap positions deductions, but did the job. I see a 9.400.

Tough to see the vaults with the team all gathered around, but we have a successfully landed deep squat forward-landing vault for Oshkosh 4th up

Stout with a good save on a straddle 3/4 on beam, a second hit.

Yfull 5th up for Oshkosh, step to the side, knees in the air, solid distance and chest pretty well up, a DI 9.650. It went 9.400.

Oshkosh will move ahead of Whitewater and into first after this vault rotation and will qualify to nationals. Y1/2 with a huge lunge forward in the 6th position is bonus.

La Crosse waiting on Stout’s beam now. We see a 9.350 for another hit in the third position for Stout.

Sirjord – BB – Stout – nice side aerial and a secure loso series but falls on a split 3/4, so it’s live again now, though the remaining scores would have to be very low to let La Crosse back in.

5th for Stout – bhs loso series, lovely, great extension – switch to straddle 1/4 to split, nice and smooth – side aerial to full, stuck, that was truly excellent.

Final for Stout – standing loso to wolf jump – beat to double stag with a check – bhs loso, small check, a bit tight in position – 1.5 dismount with a hop. Another really strong one.

That means Stout will drop the fall and should win this thing comfortably. Stout and Oshkosh both in it looks like.

Stout breaks 190. 190.225.

So unofficially it’s Stout, Oshkosh, and Whitewater going through to nationals and La Crosse is out.

183.975 final for Eau Claire, the last team to finish.


Flo nailing it so far.

That woman who’s crying from exhaustion in the Flo “event is about to begin” video is me every time I try to watch something from Flo.

Last night’s meet did have a ton of rigamarole and introduction before routines began, but at least there was an indication where we were in the process…

The stream has deigned to begin working with Shea Mahoney smiling after vault. 9.850

Rotation 1

Watson – UB – Aub – tkatchev, hit – good hs – toe on to bail, a bit short of vertical, some feet – Bryan Raschilla’s back is mostly this routine apparently – FTDT with hop. 9.825

Armbrecht – VT – Bama – good stuck on her full, maybe just a little hop in place, chest leaning a bit forward, clean. 9.875. We’re going high today, people.

Krippner – UB – Aub – toe shap to bail, just a touch of legs there – FTDT to shot of Raschilla’s back again. 9.875

Gaskins – VT – Bama – large bounce back out of her full, but also more height and distance than Armbrecht. 9.700

Gobourne – UB – Aub – 1/2 turn on high – tkatchev with feet – good cast hs – pak, lovely height – a little late on 1/2 turn on low bar – FTDT, stuck. 9.850

Olsen – VT – Bama – DTY – just a small hop back, some legs as usual, didn’t quite get it all the way around as comfortably as she does sometimes. 9.875

Cerio – UB – Aub – clear hip 1/2to piked jaeger, super pretty combination – bail – gaitn full to double tuck, a little awkward on landing with a step back, not large. 9.800

Graber – VT – Bama – opens out of her 1.5 too early this week, coming up short with two lunges back. Not one of her strong ones. 9.700

Milliet – UB – toe on to Ray, lovely toe point there – Pak, great height – back up to high, very short on final cast hs – giant full to double tuck, a bit too forward with a lunge

Guerra – VT – Bama – Y1.5, super strong legs to pull that one out with just a little slide back because it could have been trouble since she also came up a little short. 9.925

Day – UB – Aub – short first hs – toe on to toe 1/2 to huge jaeger to overshoot, fab series, great psotiions and amplitude – I saw to cast handstands – double arabian dismount, comes in deep but holds the landing well with just a little hop up in place. 9.825

After 1: Alabama 49.225, Auburn 49.175

Neither team at their strongest in that first rotation. Alabama had to count a 9.7 because both Gaskins and Graber had uncontrolled landings in front of a judging panel that appeared to be evaluating landings and nothing else. Needed to go a bit crisper int he stick department.

Great exhibition from Auburn on bars. Was that Kendal Moss we were finally getting to see today? (He asks because he saw a massive gienger out of the corner of his eye and assumed.)

Overall, Auburn a little handstandy and a little steppy so not one of those huge bars rotations we’ve seen this season, but still over 49.

With that 49.225, Alabama is only on track for another one of those high 196s, so they’re going to need to improve the pace on the coming events.

Rotation 2

Becker – VT – Aub – a full, hit, a bounce back, not quite the layout position or distance of the Alabama fulls. 9.750

Dickson – UB – Bama – bail, maybe a little short of vertical, legs together – cool how all the hs positions are out of shot – great tkatchev as always -a bit short on final hs – FTDT, some wonky legs and a small step. 9.800

Glenn – VT – Aub – 1.5, comes up short with a large stumble backward and off to the side, multiple lunges, a struggle vault. 9.575

Graber – UB – Bama – giant full to gienger, nice height, loses her legs on catch – bail, good toe point, legs flash apart a little – looks like she hit her casts – FTDT, small hop. 9.800. Expected that one to be a tad higher in the 9.8 range.

Day – VT – Aub – Y1.5 – short but saves it for less deduction than Glenn’s – a lunge back and another little hop, will have to count. 9.675

Childers – Ub – Bama – toe on to toe shap to bail – a bit of legs in the shap sequence but solid – a shortish cast – 1/2 into double front dismount, secure landing, some leg form. 9.875. I would switch her score and Graber’s, but also whatever at this point.

Gobourne – VT – Aub – large lunge forward on her 1.5, but the better mistake than the last two. She was landing short in the warmup and corrected. 9.750

Guerra – Ub – Bama – nice jaeger, took it really far but caught comfortably – small leg break in bail hs – bit of angle in final cast – lovely floaty DLO, tried to sell the stick but a little too bouncy into salute. 9.850

Watson – VT – Aub – best 1.5 of the bunch here – small hop and a bit of knees in the air, but will finally get a usable counting score for them. 9.875

Mahoney – UB – Bama – toe on to bail, best legs together so far – short on cast hs – hits tkatchev but kind of flat – FTDT, hop forward. They’re not finding the bars landings today. 9.800

Krippner – VT – Aub – clean full, pretty in the air, medium-sized bounce back though

Gaskins – UB – Bama – toe shap to pak, lovely legs in shap, just a little break in pak – nearly got there on the 1/2 turn on low just a bit late – short hs on high – DLO, comes up short as well with a hop. Handstands and hops.

Phillips vaulted in ex. for Auburn, a hop in place on her full. One of her more controlled ones. Givens is pretty in exhibition for Alabama on bars, but a few too many leg breaks, only a small hop on dismount. Nice.

After 2: Alabama 98.375, Auburn 98.025

So not your best. Alabama goes 49.150 on bars, with those short handstands and non-stuck dismounts taking pretty much everyone onto the lower side of the 9.8s. It was not the day to struggle with vault landings, and Auburn did exactly that, with three uncontrolled landings on 1.5s with large lunge errors to put the rotation score at 48.850.

Rotation 3

Klopfer – BB – Bama – wolf single, solid – aerial connected into bhs – beat jump to straddle 1/2, smooth – switch leap – cat leap to side aerial to full, stuck. That was the routine Alabama needed to start off a rotation. 9.850

Slappey – FX – Aub – front lay to rudi with a slide back – switch 1/2 to split jump full to stag, not sure all of those jumps were distinctly turned – double tuck, slide back – some lack of control there. 9.825 is pretty high.

Olsen – BB – Bama – bhs loso loso series, super powerful and quick, small lean at the end, leg form feels like it improves every time she does beam – switch to wolf jump – aerial – bhs bhs double pike, stuck it. Very strong.

9.925. Sweet dear. I mean…

Sheppard – FX – Aub – 3/1, lunge back, looks like she just did keep it in bounds, crossed legs – switch side to popa, good extended positions, a bit short on landing – 1.5 to layout, some feet in 1.5, good straight position on layout. 9.825

Childers – BB – Bama – switch to sheep, small adjustment before beat jump – bhs loso series, secure, knees – kickover front to scale, gets it to scale with just a little hesitation – 1.5, tries to sell the stick, a little lean. 9.900

Watson – FX – Aub – double arabian, comes up short, hops back to save it, not too large a hop – double tuck, good control on front foot – switch side to popa – 1.5 to layout, hit, some crossed legs in the twist. Solid. 9.825. Mostly because of the double arabian landing.

Armbrecht – BB – Bama – aerial with a larger break, bend at the hips lean – full turn, overturned a touch, covers – bhs loso series, hit – switch to straddle 1/4, nicely extended – beat to sheep with a check, but pretty nice sheep position – 2/1, hop back. 9.725

Gobourne – FX – Aub – open double tuck, huge and excellent but a little out of control on landing with steps from both feet – switch ring to split leap full, I’d take for some leg positions there – front full to layout, nice rise into the layout second pass – double pike, really secure. 9.850

Gaskins – BB – Bama – back dive mount quickly through handstand (insert ellipsis for gymcastic listeners here) bhs loso series, not quite straight enough on the legs, solid – side split 1/2, hit – switch to split, nice lift in those leaps – side aerial, huge break and falls. I was just about to remark on how solid this one was for her too. Counting the 9.725 now. 9.225.

Milliet – FX – Aub – front lay to rudi, nailed landing and great twisting form – switch ring to switch 1/2, nicely executed dance elements – double pike, deep landing position – 1.5 to layout, dance out, solid one overall. 9.875

Graber – BB – Bama – full turn, nice – bhs back layout 2 feet, solid, just a bit of legs in the air – switch to straddle 3/4, small lean – wolf to beat to knee drop, elegant composition – kickover front with a check and a little lean, she fought for that because one foot was almost totally off  – gainer full, holds the stick on her toes – 9.875 is pretty high there. Judges worried Alabama might not make the evening at SECs.

Day – FX – Aub – double arabian and sits it down. Oh Gracie. double tuck, nice and clean, chest up, control – front full to layout, solid.

After 3: Alabama 147.650, Auburn 147.225

Alabama goes 49.275, which they’ll take to keep them in solid contention for a 197 if floor is hit. It tells you how the season has gone for Alabama in that this meet hasn’t been that great—some key vault landings weren’t there, issues throughout on bars—and yet they really should record a season high here with a medium-hit on floor.

Auburn going to have to do work on beam to keep this thing in the solidly countable 196 range. First five floor routines were comfortable enough (though they really do need a Day hit to have a postseason-competitive floor lineup) but the damage was done during the vault rotation.

Rotation 4

Watson – BB – Aub – full turn, good – bhs loso with a step back correction – cat leap to side aerial, holds it – switch to straddle 1/4, lovely straddle position, back leg on switch – 1.5, small hop. 9.875. Whoa. Judges, wait till you guys see Krippner. You’re going to freak.

Desch – FX – Bama – double pike, drops into it, great control – 1.5 to 1/2 to split to front tuck, a little out of control on the middle of that combo but only a smidge and worked out comfortably – split leap full to split jump full, around – double tuck, front foot kept down, low chest ish. 9.850

Riddle – BB – Aub – bhs loso series, foot form – switch to straddle 1/2, switch was pretty short, straddle position strong – cat leap to side aerial to full, stuck.

9.950? Are there any rules? No?

Olsen – FX – Bama – double double tucked, pretty strong, not controlled step back though, stays in – front tuck through to double tuck, nailed, chest up – split leap full and split jump full, nice! – double pike, solid as well, just that little bit of soft knees. 9.900

Gobourne – BB – Aub – bhs loso series, large break, leg-up correction, saves it but a major deduction – full turn, check – switch to straddle 1/4, not bad – hitch kick to side aerial to full, hop back. 9.775. Well

Mahoney – FX – Bama – double tuck, obsessed with that position, nailed – switch side – 1.5 to layout, dance out, good – split leap full to popa, solid completion – double pike, slide back. 9.900

Sheppard – BB – Aub – bhs alone, stops series and has to redo – gets bhs loso sereis on second try with some crazy feet – hitch kick with a pause into side aerial – I assume they’ll give it but there was a pause – cat leap to switch side, feet – bhs to 1.5 fairly short with a lunge back. 9.850

I understand no scores ever anymore.

Gaskins – FX – Bama – DLO, secure landing, chest down – front tuck through to double tuck, bounce back,  looks like she just did keep that in – switch ring and switch 1/2, nicely completed – double pike, stuck landing, chest down. 9.875

Milliet – BB – Aub – front tuck mount, perfect – full turn, a little hesitation on completion but not really a check – bhs loso series, pretty, control – split jump to a real sheep jump, small check – cat leap to gainer full, stuck. 9.950. I mean like, where am I?

Armbrecht – FX – Bama – DLO and hands down – shouldn’t matter because all the other scores are going so high – switch side to popa, excellent – 1.5 to layout, a little short – rudi to double stag was good.

Sylvia – BB – Aub – full turn – aerial, small pause to rulfova, a little off line, covers with a pose but caught herself crooked there – double stag to switch 1/2, short of back leg position – gainer full, small step. 9.925

So Auburn will suddenly go 196.775 somehow after that beam rotation.

Guerra – FX – Bama – DLO, solid, chest down – switch side to popa, super high popa – 1.5 to layout, super solid, nice straight position maintained – double pike, nailed. Good. 9.925

Krippner just in exhibition on beam for Auburn instead of the lineup like leaps don’t even matter anymore.

Did you like how the scores went full drunk tank in that final rotation?

FINAL: Alabama 197.100, Auburn 196.775

So Alabama does break that 197 mark and got some help to do it because this meet was still fairly off. Auburn will also be pleased to get out of that with a high 196 that helps RQS quite a bit. Because this was not a great meet.

And on that note…see you tomorrow.


56 thoughts on “Saturday Live Blog – March 9, 2019”

    1. The scoring in the first rotation was pretty fair to slightly high with a single noticeably high score for both teams. For Michigan, it was Maxim. For Oklahoma, it was Nichols. The rest of the routines on both teams were scored pretty fairly, though maybe a touch high for both teams. The factor that brought Michigan’s scores down was landings, not stingy scoring.

  1. There is no way Webb should have scored as high as Lehrmann on vault. That was scoring entirely on order.

    1. She’s on my fantasy team so I’m an interested party, but I think she got hosed by lineup position relative to the other scores on all her events

  2. I know lots of people are annoyed by Oklahoma’s scores, but no one at Nationals is matching that VT-Bars combined performance they just put out. FX on the other hand…

    1. I don’t love Oklahoma on UB – I think Florida with a hit lineup is better, UCLA close (though not with Hano in the lineup – sorry Hano you’re great at other stuff). But Oklahoma delivers every time on bars and the other top schools don’t.

      On vault they’re untouchable, I think.

      1. @Anon at 12:16 I completely agree! Oklahoma’s strength on bars is their consistency. I particularly take issue with anon at 11:45’s assertion that nobody else can match the bars performance Oklahoma just put out (i.e. the one from today). Today they were fairly good, but decidedly not at their best. Florida on their A game would definitely top that, and so would UCLA on their A game if they had Dennis and Glenn back in instead of Hano and Toronjo.

      2. I don’t either. I feel like part of their strategy is to SLIGHTLY pike their handstands in order to make them more controlled and not risk going over. They’re not always deducted for it and should be. I also feel that they swing too slow. Note that Michigan, even if they had more deductions in the routines, swings bars more aggressively. I prefer that.

    2. My assertion was about the VT/UB combo, not about UB alone. Of course Florida can outscore OU on bars. It’s that Oklahoma, if they go in Olympic order, look like National Champions after the first two rotations. Then they hit depth problems and it comes down to who can hit on that day.

      1. Ok yeah I kinda see what you mean.
        I wonder what the most advantageous event order for each team is. Is it best to end on your strong event, or better to end on one of the two events where we’ve seen scores get really goofily high this year (imo, UB or FX) whether or not those are your strengths? Or does it not matter at all?

    1. I was not surprised about Maggie because we haven’t seen her on floor for about 37 years, but I was surprised about Olivia because she has been 9.925+ every meet…

  3. For 1 judge to give Farley a 9.85 is utter BS.
    Beam judges might wanna concentrate on beam rather than watching OU on floor.

  4. I wonder if Nicole Lehrmann will get to compete all-around for OU during their senior night, seeing as they’re resting Maggie and maybe now Olivia

  5. I’m still wondering why OU doesn’t call on Lehrmann when they have to plumb their depth on floor. She got some pretty good scores last year.

    1. I agree! I’ve been wondering for a while, because now that she has a super solid Y1.5 vault, she could be a great AA if she did floor.

    2. I’m guessing that they want the underclassmen to get more competitions under their belt before the current senior class departs. After looking at the first half of LSU’s season where it took awhile for many of the sophomores to find their groove, this makes sense to me?

      1. I suppose there’s a logic there, but with Nichols and Showers and now Trautman out, there are plenty of opportunities to put freshmen in and use Lehrmann for scores

    3. Bart Conner said something about her having a hip injury last week. I don’t know if that was earlier in the season or what, but maybe they are trying to keep her healthy for the other events.

  6. Draper’s routine is a great example of the reason I’ve been saying for a while that the special requirements for 2 pass routines need to be changed. The current requirements don’t require enough in addition to what is already required of 3 pass routines. I don’t blame Oklahoma at all for composing Draper’s routine the way they did. It only makes sense to use the code to your advantage. But her routine highlights why the current code doesn’t require enough from 2 pass routines. At the very least, I think 2 pass routines she have to have 2 D acro skills.

  7. Lol at Schoepfer getting a 9.8 on beam with a near fall. That is insane. I know a lot of attention has been paid this season to routines that were realistic 9.90-9.925s that went 9.95-10, but I think the most egregious scoring errors this year have been the slew of routines with large errors that have gone a tenth or more too high.

    1. Judge 2 thought Farley’s routine and Schoepfer’s routine were both 9.85.

  8. This was Oklahoma’s best hit meet of the season. 198.2 is too high of course, but it’s their first meet where the landings were there and they got through both floor and beam not needing to rely on the 6th gymnast.

  9. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought OU’s beam scores were almost completely crack. Their lineup just wasn’t that much more solid than UM. I’m fine with “enthusiasm scoring” as long as it’s consistent and within the realm of possibility. But that means you’ve gotta take the obvious deductions when they’re there.

  10. I thought the first half of the meet was scored pretty fairly, second half got cracky but no more or less than any other top 10 matchup this season.
    Very proud of my Sooners for putting up such a solid performance even with no Showers, Trautman and Nichols still only doing 2 events. I’ve been kinda disappointed this season that they haven’t looked as good as they did the last 2 seasons but they’re starting to get there as the season winds down.
    I agree with previous posters that they’re unmatched on Vault. Even with Nichols and Trautman out they can still put up 5 strong 10.0 starts.
    I agree with previous posters on Bars as well. They might not have the most exciting routines but they certainly have the most consistently solid routines.
    Beam, like with any team, depends on the day. I thought Thomas’ exhibition routine was great, she should replace Schoepfer in the lineup if Trautman is out on Beam again.
    Floor has been their weak spot so it’s great to see girls who weren’t originally supposed to be in the lineup like Draper, LaPinta and Stern finally hitting their routines- even if they’re still not perfect.

    1. I agree! I feel like the whole team dynamic is so different this year because they lost a lot of greats like Jackson and Catour and now they don’t have Nichols in the AA. Everyone has to step up, and I love that. I’m pretty sure the only gymnast who hasn’t competed this year in the whole team is Hiller. They’re really pushing everyone, which is a good thing. I believe the fact that they lost nationals last year may have knocked their confidence a bit, and that is why they have had a few more errors overall than expected. They’re still on the top though!

  11. You just KNOW that coach is gonna be in front of the camera ALL DAMN NIGHT!

  12. Can you live blog color comment on the movements of Oregon’s UN coach? Pleeeeze??

  13. Flo is so dense. I just chatted with their customer service and they claimed to be “unaware” of any difficulties with the beginning of the stream…ugh.

  14. Is anyone else’s feed cutting out mid routine? I’ve had to refresh my feed five times this rotation alone. It’s gotten worse the second half. Keep getting that “An error occurred” message over black screen. GRRRRR

  15. Auburn looked promising early in the season. Maybe Coach Graba can’t do elite and NCAA simultaneously?

  16. I really hope Shallon is SEC Freshman / Specialist of the Week – she was outstanding today

    1. Shallon is one of the most, if not the most, underscored gymnast in the SEC this season. Even on days where the Bama judges were generous, they weren’t so with Shallon. Like if Deschs big bound back got a 9.9 on floor, Shallons should’ve gone at least 9.95 in comparison but got lower than Desch instead. Then there’s Lucaks getting 9.9+ on vault, and then Olsen doing a better vault and getting in the low 9.8s (albeit, Lucacks performance was at a different meet). Also her beam last week was terrific and only went 9.8 while lesser beams got high 9.8s-9.9, and it’s been like that all season for Olsen.

  17. ugh I had Allie Riddle on my fantasy team earlier this year. she goes 9.750 in the first meet, out of lineups for 6 meets straight (so I traded her of course), comes back for 9.825, 9.875, 9.950 in the last three.

    I’m salty

  18. Well at least the Elevate the Stage meet scoring was consistent over two days on beam/floor. I mean you had to know after Arkansas opened the floor competition at 49.400 things were going to bee cracky.

    I have no issues with Alabama getting some extra scoring help in this meet – it wasn’t to bad that put them at a 198-level and every other team has had multiple meets where they’ve received some special help from the judges. Did Alabama make SEC judges mad or something because they have not received any benefit of the doubt scoring… 🙂

    In Friday’s quad it felt like the judges decided they were not going to let Minnesota come into SEC territory and win so they made sure Georgia would win, assuming the gymnasts didn’t do anything silly like fall and then they made sure Arkansas had good enough scores that if Minnesota had errors the Razorbacks could earn a second place finish.

    As for Michigan State well it was nice of them to make the trip.

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