Conference Championships Live Blog – March 23, 2019

Saturday, March 23 Scores Stream
12:00 ET/9:00 PT – Big Ten Championship Session 1
#23 Ohio State
#27 Maryland
#40 Michigan State
#45 Rutgers
12:00 ET/9:00 PT – ECAC Championship
#47 Temple
#51 Yale
#58 Cornell
#59 Penn
#61 Brown
#62 William & Mary
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – ECAC DII Championship
#46 Bridgeport
#62 West Chester
#65 Southern Connecticut
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – Big 12 Championship
#1 Oklahoma
#5 Denver
#22 Iowa State
#27 West Virginia
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – EAGL Championship
#29 NC State
#33 New Hampshire
#36 George Washington
#44 Pittsburgh
#48 North Carolina
#57 Towson
3:00 ET/12:00 PT – Pac-12 Championship Session 1
#18 Washington
#21 Arizona State
#26 Stanford
#30 Arizona
3:00 ET/12:00 PT – MAC Championship
#31 Central Michigan
#38 Kent State
#41 Northern Illinois
#43 Ball State
#49 Western Michigan
#50 Eastern Michigan
#52 Bowling Green
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – SEC Championship Session 1
#10 Alabama
#12 Auburn
#19 Missouri
#20 Arkansas
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Big Ten Championship Session 2
#7 Michigan
#11 Minnesota
#17 Nebraska
#25 Penn State
#32 Illinois
#34 Iowa
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – DIII Team Final
#68 Brockport
#69 Ithaca
#71 UW-Stout
#73 UW-Oshkosh
#75 UW-Whitewater
#76 Cortland
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – SEC Championship Session 2
#3 LSU
#4 Florida
#8 Georgia
#9 Kentucky
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Pac-12 Championship Session 2
#6 Utah
#14 Oregon State
#16 Cal
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Mountain Pacific Championship
#39 UC Davis
#53 Air Force
#54 San Jose State
#60 Alaska
#64 Sacramento State
#66 Seattle Pacific

It’s a big day. Get ready for this behemoth.

The opening salvo will be the first session of Big Tens plus the start of the Book Club Championship.

Did this ECAC meet just accidentally start early? Cool?

Swirbalus for Penn has a pretty presence on floor – solid double pike – 1.5 to layout, a big of legs – switch side to split with a bit of deduction.

Castrence for Temple with a Y1.5! Hit with a bound forward.

We have a fall on a gienger from Cornell here in the first rotation from Luniewicz.

Temple 48.625 on vault.

Programming note: Big Ten Session 1 begins

Big Ten 1 – Rotation 1

LeBlanc – UB – Maryland – high jaeger, just a bit of legs, connected into overshoot, elbows on catch – close on final cast hs – gorgeous DLO dismount and stuck. Nice.

Hall – Rutgers – BB – kickover front to swingdown as her series, will get combo crtedit for it – beat to split 3/4, short of split position – split jump, short – 1.5 dismount, small hop. A hit.

Shirley – VT – MSU – sticks a full, chest pretty forward but holds the stick with a little lean. And that’s why you don’t use a reverse camera angle, butt closeup, networks! 9.700

Beatty – VT – MSU – comes up short on her full with a hop forward, chest down

Betancourt – BB – Rutgers – bhs to lay pike series, very secure, some knees in bhs – beat to tuck jump, simple but it’s a dance element series – split to split 3/4, fall – second fall on a side aerial. Gainer full, step.

Maryland started with 9.750 from LeBlanc on bars and haven’t moved above that yet. Nice stuck DLO from Agaran.

Ewing – VT – MSU – Y1/2 with a lunge forward – pretty solid body position and direction. 9.725

Peterman – UB – Maryland – short first hs – 1/2 turn into high jaeger, solid – smooth hs on high – bail, loses her legs and has a little back sway – a couple hs to take – DLO, stuck, these dismounts are perfection for Maryland on bars.

80-hour judging delay for Betancourt’s beam.

Douglas – VT – MSU – high and clean on the Y 1/2 but a medium-sized lunge to the side won’t help the score.

Wright – UB – Maryland – Maloney, hit – super high Ray into overshoot, nice – good final cast hs – stalder to a high double tuck with a small slide back. Solid work.

Hofelich – VT – MSU – small hop back on her full, chest down

Another gorgeous DLO from Barber finished Maryland’s bars rotation, a couple hip angle issues in positions, but not too much else.

Mitchell for MSU with the best control on her full landing, small hop

Rutgers has basically barely done a beam routine because the judges cannot with these routines.

Ohio State has two 9.9s on floor already.

Perez – FX – OSU – double pike, clean in the air, a little chest and hop back – front lay to front full, another small step, some knee position in front lay – double tuck, hit it, short with a stagger forward. Will count because they had a fall earlier, but will be usable enough.

McLelland – FX – OSU – from earlier, double pike, solid power, small adjustment on landing – front full to front lay with a dance out – switch side to popa, a little overturning on the switch side but solid straddle shapes – double tuck, slide back. 9.9 is pretty high.

Huang – BB – Rutgers – already counting a fall in this rotation – side aerial and can’t connect out of it with a check – does an aerial to bhs backup plan well – switch to split 3/4 with a check – 2/1 is pretty, small hop back

Doherty-Herwitz – BB – Rutgers – side aerial with a check – aerial to bhs, gets her series – split to split 3/4, they like a split 3/4 on this team, short back leg but hit – beat – gainer full, stuck – some position deductions and a check, but countable.

Super pretty turning wolf jump on beam from someone from Cornell at ECACs. It seems Yale is already counting a fall on bars.

After 1:
Ohio State – 49.100
Maryland – 48.950
Michigan State – 48.725
Rutgers – 47.775

Sakti – FX – William and Mary – just destroyed a full-in, excellent pass – combo pass, some form, hit – split leap full and popa – switch 1/2 to sissone, good extension – double pike with a large bounce back, but overall why did no one tell me about this routine? It’s excellent.

There should probably also be bonus points for still being mentally able to compete gymnastics following your time at AOGC.

Big Ten 1 – Rotation 2

O’Malley – UB – MSU – good first hs – 1/2 turn a little legs into jaeger, not the highest but hit – some hs – pak, solid with some feet – a few .05s on vertical positions – double tuck, hop. 9.625

Williams – FX – Rutgers – double tuck with a little hop – front lay to rudi and she did bounce OOB but the flag person wasn’t even holding the flag because you don’t have only one job or anything, and we didn’t see it raised so who even knows

McClelland with a lunge forward on her Y1/2 on vault.

Brown – UB – MSU – short first hs – clean bail position -clear hip to tkatchev, hit – giant full with a really nice finishing position into double tuck with a hop. Some handstands to take there, but the blind full was excellent

Abanto – VT – MSU – stuck a lovely Y1/2. Exceptional vault.

Ewing – UB – MSU – quite a bit of piking in the bail hs – some hs – hit tkatchev – front giant 1/2 to double tuck, hop back

Peterman – BB – Maryland – hits her wolfing – bhs loso series and has to save it, leg up wobble and a little hoppy – cat leap to side somi with an arm wave, actual pretty side somi in the air – hitch kick to switch side, lean forward at the hips – 1.5, knees, small hop. 9.550

Lowe – VT – OSU – basically stuck her full as well, just a small hop of  heels together

Shirley hits her tkatchev to overshoot – that back uprise to handstand is a deduction trap – double tuck with a step

Barber – BB – Maryland – bhs loso series, pretty in the air, check – kickover front the split jump, nailed it – switch to split, some better leap positions here – 2/1, small slide. Nice.

9.775. I was making fun of the beam judging earlier because they were taking so long, but I really like the standard. They’re not throwing out the scores.

Aepli – VT – OSU – sticks a Yfull, great direction, only lacking in some distance and dynamics things. 9.850. Ohio State vaulting exceptionally well.

Great amplitude on Ray for Lea Mitchell from MSU, just a handstand or two, stuck double tuck.

Wright – BB – Maryland – nice jump amplitude here – aerial with a small hesitation into bhs in her combination – kickover front and falls. So Maryland will have to count the Peterman score.

Ling – UB – MSU – perfection gienger, so pretty – stuck her FTDT too.

Jennings with a larger bounce back on her full for 9.675. Also the vault judges giving themselves some solid room for separation.

OSU had three great vaults in there but only sent up five and ended up having to count two 9.6s for 48.800.

Huang – FX – Rutgers – front 2/1, controlled landing, just a little underrotated – rudi to loso was quite pretty – switch side to wolf full, hit – rudi with a slide back. 9.875

Floor is the only event where they’ve been throwing out the numbers so far.

LeBlanc – BB – Maryland – aerial with a check – bhs loso series and falls. Maryland will count a fall now.

Over at ECAC, Temple is struggling on bars, and we’ve just had a pak to missed hand to accidental 17 hip circles.

Big Ten 1, After 2:
Ohio State – 97.900
MSU – 97.625
Rutgers – 96.975
Maryland 96.725

So no one on 196 pace so far. Maryland surprisingly trailing but still gets to go to floor now to look for a huge number.

Big Ten 1, Rotation 3

Hinterberger – UB – OSU – solid jaeger, good toes – hits hs – bail, legs together – short final cast hs – giant full kind of late into double tuck, stuck. Solid

Killer stuck full from Williams on VT for Rutgers

Abanto – UB – OSU – toe on toe shap, legs together, pretty – solid hs on high – snall leg break on bail, good vertical – short final cast hs – giant full to double tuck with a lunge back.

I CANNOT with this dude’s attempted pronunciation of Danica.

Belle Huang basically stuck as well, step back into salute but a great controlled landing on her full. Excellent.

Shirley – BB – MSU – check on loso series – split to beat to double stag is more secure – beat to kickover front with a large break and several arm waves – gainer full with step. 9.400

Huang – UB – OSU – hits her jaeger to bail, a couple tight handstands – FTDT, nice shape in the air, deep landing with a lunge forward

Amoresano is a little short on her full landing with a small hop forward, more distance than the first two

Doulgas – BB – MSU – side aerial to loso series, nice height, check – double turn was excellent – switch 1/2 to sissone, pretty solid positions there – side aerial to full, stuck. That could be our first beam 9.8 of the day. Yep. 9.825

Aepli – UB – OSU – toe on to Maloney with some legs – directly to bail, good legs together on that one – solid final cast hs – FTDT, took it really close to the bar but stuck, legs well apart

Barber – FX – Maryland – really strong full in, good control – 1.5 to front pike, stuck – switch side to popa, a little indistinct in switch side – double tuck, solid. Some knees and things here and there, but controlled landings and the way floor scores have been going…

Swartzentruber – UB – OSU – shap to pak, excellent legs together – shap 1/2 legs together there as well – small arch in hs on high, pulls it back – DLO with a hop back. The first half was exceptional.

Mitchell – BB – MSU – bhs bhs loso, good height and control – a bit tentative in full turn – aerial is short with a leg-up check – split to straddle 1/4, well extended – 1.5, stuck.

Ali – VT – Rutgers – huge full but with a huge bounce back as well

Gagliardi – UB – OSU – short first hs – Yezhova is perfect as always – some position issue on 1/2 turn on low – a little dead on shoot to high but nice hs out of it – DLO, step back

Hoyer – BB – MSU – comes off on her loso series, which means they will count a 9.400 here. Shame because they were in contention for this session with a hit beam, the strongest beam routines we’ve seen so far from Douglas and Mitchell

Robinson – FX – Maryland – double tuck, chest down with a lunge forward – really struggled on an outward turn into a leap, will get a large deduction for no 180 position – triple spin, falls out a little – 1.5 to layout, solid

Hall hits a tucked Y1.5 on vault for Rutgers. 9.700.

After 3:
Ohio State – 146.850
MSU – 146.125
Maryland – 145.950
Rutgers – 145.550

Ohio State should have this, but it’s beam still to come, while MSU gets to go to the high scoring event of the day. Every team has been over 49 on floor, no team has been over 49 on the other events.

Pretty Pak on bars from Frommer from Penn over at ECACs.

Big Ten 1, Rotation 4

Lowe – BB – OSU – check on loso series – switch to straddle 1/4, good extension on straddle – cat leap to side aerial, secure – 1.5 dismount with a hop. Solid set. 9.800, scores trending up

Hall has a massive deltchev on bars for Rutgers, some major vertical position deductions, but the release was great.

Johnson – VT – Maryland – small hop back on full, some feet, good

Swartzentruber – BB – OSU – solid loso series – cat leap to kickover front with a small lean that she covers pretty well into beat – sissone to split jump – gainer full, stuck.

Huang – UB – Rutgers – short first hs – bail, leg break in the air, good vertical position – has some hs deductions as well, great height on tkatchev – giant full to double tuck, short with a large lunge forward

Magro hop back on a clean Yfull for 9.675. A score we don’t typically see for normal Yfulls but we have been seeing today and should.

Really nice hit on beam for Gilson, clean loso series and a real-life switch 1/2 – the sheep jump was a little ragged but very secure – gainer full – great routine

Shirley short on a double tuck with a hop on floor for MSU – crazy leap combination as she started bouncing to the side, which was fun

Abanto – BB – OSU – bhs loso series, very solid, just a bit of knees – high leap amplitude – aerial with a large break, bend at the hips and lean over, avoids grabbing the beam but a large break – gainer pike, step back

Maryland is done with a 194.800. Beam gonna getcha

Solid full from Barber on vault, good chest up and power, step back

Aepli – BB – OSU – bhs loso series and falls. That means counting the 9.625 from Abanto – second fall on a kickover front –

Douglas – FX – MSU – double pike, solid position in the air, controlled step – front lay to front full, lovely clean layout position on those elements – split leap 1.5 to split 1/2, great split positions – double tuck, bounce back but still an excellent routine

Perez – BB – OSU – must-hit routine for OSU to get the session – switch to sissone, nice front leg, a little back leg – bhs loso series, hit with a little check – switch ring with a small hesitation into beat jump – front full dismount, small hop. The routine they needed.

Mitchell – FX – MSU – nice double back – 1.5 to layout, the 1.5 is extremely high, which led to the layout being kind of flat and archy – no question about her straddle positions – double pike, some bounce back

Ohio State – 195.775
Michigan State – 195.425
Maryland – 194.800
Rutgers – 194.175

It’s a shame Michigan State isn’t going to regionals. That performance we saw today was much better than will be put up by a number of the teams that qualify.

These scores won’t hold up for the evening session and won’t alter the NQS in any meaningful way for Ohio State and Maryland. Michigan State gives itself a chance to move up a little, but of course not enough for the top 36.

Programming note: Big 12 and EAGL Champs begin

There’s a whole lot of wrestling going on on ESPNU right now, so we might be starting BIG 12s online. Fun. I’ll be making a lot of GIFs and making fun of Jessica for the next few minutes then.

We have an unofficial final of 193.300 for Cornell.

Your reminder for EAGLs, GW is looking for 195.600 to make regionals,, though they start on a bye.

Oklahoma starting on vault at Big 12s. Iowa State’s “foreign talent.”

Big 12 Rotation 1

Kern – UB – DU – good first hs – hop change to a jaeger, a loittle elbows but fine – small leg break on bail, hit – DLO, stuck landing, a bit of legs. Nice. 9.825.

Lehrmann a little short on vault on her 1.5 this time but a solid landing and held onto the stick…ish. Step back salute 9.900

Stern – VT – OU – bound forward on 1.5 – pretty solid body position. 9.800

Kaufman – BB – WVU – solid kickover front to beat, very secure – bhs loso series, quite a bit of knees on bhs – switch to straddle, low position on straddle – switch to gainer full, weird back leg on switch

Webb – VT – OU – Y1.5 – basically stuck, just leans up onto her toes, nicely done

Chesnok – UB – Denver – short first hs – giant full to tkatchev, good finish position on full – bail, pings off a little but gets to vertical well – a little rushed in some of her hs – FTDT, small movement. Good.

Trautman – VT – OU – doesn’t have the control on her 1.5 this week, bound forward like Stern. 9.825. They’ve had some good ones but also some bounds.

Dowell – VT – OU – 1.5 small hop forward, so should score better than those lower 9.8s, but just really the two nailed vaults.

Still 49.350 on vault for OU, which is fine but not the 49.500 they look for.

Koshinski on BB for WVu, huge break on her loso series, leg-up wobble, keeps it on – beat to split to straddle 3/4 with a lean – side aerial to full, stuck

Brown – Ub – SU – Maloney to pak, just small legs apart on both – goof hs on low – VL, same with that little bit of legs – massive DLO and stuck……to salute. Some leg form is all you can take in this one. 9.925

Karr – UB – DU – giant full to gienger to overshoot, literally perfect – smooth hs, pretty much gets there – Linas just started a religion about it – DLO, stuck. Nice routine.

9.950 for Karr gives Denver 49.425 and the lead over Oklahoma after 1.

Galpin – BB – WVU – bhs loso series, solid, some knees – finishes with a stuck side aerail to full.

Great leap power from Russ on FX for Iowa State. Front full to pike a little low but hit. Double tuck short with a lunge.

Tun with a pretty loso series on beam, lovely extension – attempts a beat jump to split jump full, though the position is so low, major deduction

Sievers – FX – ISU – front 2/1 to front tuck, super bouncy and goes OOB with both feet –

After 1:
Denver – 49.425
Oklahoma – 49.350
Iowa State – 48.875
West Virginia – 48.700

So this is happening. Oklahoma didn’t have enough landings on that vault rotation to separate.

EAGL scores are pulling themselves together now. It’s a 48.800 for New Hampshire.

EAGLs moving to rotation 2 where GW will start on floor.

Big 12 Rotation 2

Webb – UB – OU – good first hs – pretty pak, super high – excellent hs on low bar – Shap 1/2, a bit of feet – double front 1/2 out with a bounce back. 9.900 pretty high for that dismount, which should have been a full tenth itself.

Orrego – VT – ISU – good control on full, near stick, just chest forward

Boychuk – VT – ISU – nice distance on her full, large bounce back –

Marks – UB – OU – good first hs – toe on to toe shap, small legs – into bail, smooth – shortish final cast hs – FTDT taken a little close, small step to the side. 9.900 as well.

Brown started BB for Denver with 9.800

Martin – VT – ISU – almost hold the stick on her full, small step and some legs-apart deduction throughout the vault

Ruiz 9.650 on beam for Denver.

Thomas went 9.925 on bars, which we did not see. Everyone with a career high.

Dowell – UB – OU – good first hs – Ray is strong – toe on to bail, a little hips in the air but ends up solidly in position – short final cast hs – DLO, small hop back. Good as always. 9.900

Steinmeyer – VT – ISU – nearly holds the stick on her Y1.5 with a step-salute, some knees in the air and a little deep coming in for landing.

Vasquez – BB – DU – aerial to bhs loso like an elite – small slide back on loso, lovely form – switch to split, perfect elements – Y spin, hit – sissone, good – side aerial to full, stuck, excellent routine.

Lehrmann – UB – OU – 1/2 turn to jaeger, lovely toes – one borderline cast hs but will get it – a little lose back on her bail catch – FTDT, small step back. A great routine of course but not her most precise work. 9.875

Karr – BB – DU – side aerial to bhs series with a check lean – hitch kick to side aerial to side position with another check, an arm wave – beat to split full, fakes it around a little but close enough for credit – 1.5 with a slide back. A more tentative routine but a countable hit

The scores are there for GW so far on floor. It’s what they need.

Tun finishes FX with a solid rudi, well controlled

Nichols – Ub – OU – massive Ray to Pak, excellent – hs on low with some borderline angle – very strong van leeuwen – DLO, stuck. Great routine. 9.950

49.575 bars for Oklahoma. What they wanted from Nichols. Got a couple gifts early in the lineup.

Koshinski – FX – WVU – DLO, huge, holds the stick with a little chest forward – split full to popa, popa a little underturned by perhaps no one will notice into shushunova – 1.5 to layout, solid – double pike, squatty landing but also stuck.

49.250 for Denver on beam gives Oklahoma back the lead.

After 2:
Oklahoma – 98.925
Denver – 98.675
Iowa State – 97.875
WVU – 97.675

It ends up as a 49.000 for George Washington on floor, which is a solid score and above pace, but also floor and should be above the scoring pace. GW is going to need to keep vault at least 48.8 in this next rotation to stay on track.

Programming note: Pac-12 session 1 begins

We also have MAC starting now, and we’re on Kent State score watch there, needing that 195.125.

Rotation 3

Sundstrom – FX – Denver – clean double tuck, a small slide back – front lay to front full, control, not super high – switch 1/2 and wolf positions are nicely executed – switch 1/1 and actually clearly and cleanly around –

Langkamp – UB – ISU – piked jaeger, well caught – bail, clean – short cast hs on hgih with a little hestiation – DLO, a bit deep with a bound forward

Oklahoma got a 9.850 for Trautman to start on beam

Dowell – BB – OU – flank mount – aerial with a check to break the series, will need to redo – aerial to bhs, gets it on the second attempt – switch to switch combination – full turn with a check – front full, hop forward. OK, usable, but about four mistakes in there. 9.725

Burns – ISU – UB – Ray, caught – arches cast hs but pulls it back, pretty large arch – bail with some hip angle – DLO is pretty

Koshinski – VT – WVU – Y1.5 – small hop on her 1.5 this week – great distance and direction, pretty solid form, just loses the knees toward the end. 9.900

OU gets 9.900 on beam for Lehrmann

Woodard – BB – OU – side aerial to bhs series, solid as always with that built-in knee deduction – lean correction on kickover front – switch to split, nicely done – side aerial to full, stuck. 9.900

Pac-12s has started, step back for Cunningham on full for Washington

Good piked jaeger from Palacios on bars – DLO whipped out with a flung shape and lunge forward

Webb – BB – OU – smooth full turn – bhs loso, secure – cat leap to aerial, small lean – switch to split leap, some back leg on the leap but it’s getting better – side aerial to full, stuck, legs apart. 9.875.

Arizona starting with a beam fall –

Ros Vaquer with a shap to pak, lovely legs together shape – very short cast hs on high – DLO, stuck with a little bit of deep knees

It’s 48.775 for GW on vault, dropping off the necessary pace by just a tad.

Brown – FX – DU – DLO is massive an awesome, bounce back – 1.5 to layout to sissone, overflipped the 1.5 and couldn’t get much into the layout, hit it but flat – double pike, very strong

Nichols – BB – OU – that’s correct split screen – aerial to split, quite smooth – bhs loso series solid – switch to split leap excellent – 1.5, stuck, chest up and legs pretty close together

Another 9.950 for Nichols 9.875 for Brown.

Arizona has a fall in the second position on beam as well.

49.275 on bars for UNH gives them a 3-tenth lead after two events.

After 3:
Oklahoma – 148.400
Denver – 147.900
ISU – 147.075
WVU – 146.725

Nice double Arabian from Flam on floor, pace forward but mostly under control –

Big 12 Rotation 4

Ruiz – VT – DU – full, small hop up, a bit of piking through

Webb – FX – OU – front 2/1, good as always, keeps the back leg down – 1.5 to front full comes up a little short with a pace back – split leap full to jump full – rudi has a litttle stagger hop backward so a couple landing things this week but good. 9.850

Crap, Arizona has a third fall in four beam routines now

Hit vault for Chesnok for Denver – bounce back on her full – a bit less control than for Ruiz

Draper – FX – OU – 1/2 to rudi with a small slide back, not much – front full to front lay, control, a little low on both her passes with a bit of knees – switch – switch 1/1 with a hop out – 9.850

Sundstrom – VT – DU – hop in place on her full – a bit better in maintaining her layout position – solid height

Karr – VT – DU – GORGEOUS Y1.5 from Karr, stuck it with just a little bit of direction – 9.950

LaPinta out of control on her 3/1 this week with a bounce back – and then falls on her combo pass, no punch and sits it down

[singing] where are you Magggggieeeeee? [/singing]

Brown – VT – DU – her Y1.5 is also tremendous – she has the amplitude and distance edge on Karr but has a little hop forward, so probably also 9.950. Yes, 9.950

197.250, solid enough final score for Denver. Wanted a little more on beam and floor.

Degouveia – FX – OU – opens with an accidental rudi, got lost in the air, bounce back and OOB, hmmmmmmmm – front lay to front full is solid – switch 1/2 to popa, no trouble – 1.5 to layout, hit, but that will be a lower score for her. 9.675 that will count.

Fantastic stuck FTDT from Leonard-Baker on bars for ASU. Big opening rotation for them.

Woolfolk has a cat leap to side aerial with a major break on beam, lovely on the simpler leaps in this one. 1.5 with a hop

Now the judges are having a conference about Degouveia’s score. She shoudl still have a 10.0 start though I believe, even without the front 2/1. Did they not take OOB? Because she was OOB.

Degouveia score down to 9.575 now. Oklahoma still pretty much in control, but it’s closer than it could have been now. FLOOR.

Dowell – FX – OU – nailed front double pike, step forward but controlled step – 1.5 to layout, nailed it – split leap full to popa, popa was fab – front lay to front full to stag, strong. That will work.

9.925 for Dowell.

Trautman – FX – OU – DLO, excellent, chest up, control – front lay to front full to split, great lift and position in that split – split leap 1/1 to popa, great lift – double tuck, maybe just a little out of control on that landing but almost nothing to take here.

9.975 final for Trautman.

1: Oklahoma – 197.575
2. Denver – 197.250
3. Iowa State – 195.950
4. WVU – 195.600

And it’s just 48.350 for Kent State on vault at MICs. Good news for the teams that competed yesterday right there.

On to the second rotation at Pac-12s for a while, SECs first session soon to start as well.

Wilson – BB – ASU – bhs loso series, secure, tight position in the air – cat leap to switch 1/2, well short of position and a leg-up wobble – kickover front more solid into beat jump, still a little clench to hold there – gainer full, stuck. 9.700

Hendrickson – FX – AZ – bounce back on double back – front full to front pike with a slide – split leap 1.5 is around – 1.5 to layout, solid, a bit of legs

Fitzgerald – VT – Stanford – hop back on full, some direction, legs together, mostly nice layout position, little pike down at the end

Washignton – UB – UW – good first hs – clear hip to gienger to overshoot, great legs together on that gienger – strong final cast hs position as well – FTDT, comes up short with a bound forward. Was almost amazing.

Gutierrez – BB – ASU – full turn, smooth – bhs loso series and falls – huge break and looked for a while that she was going to lean and hold and save it but then flopped off and it looked like it kind of hurt – rulfova, and it’s a pretty real one – nice – fhs – switch side, hit – 1.5 step back

Freidin – FX – AZ – split leap 1.5, nice position in the air – double tuck, small front leg adjustment – split leap full and popa – front lay to front full, legs and a little stagger on landing.

Bryant – VT – Stanford – sticks her full! Massive vault. That’s the best I’ve seen her land it – I feel like she’s a little excited. 9.875

Brooks is in on bars for Washington now – some straddle positions in her releases but she gets through, hit double tuck

Udowitch – BB – ASU – aerial to beat, pretty smooth – bhs loso series with a large break, bends at the hips, keeps it on – switch to split, struggles with those positions a little more than usual – cat leap to kickover front, nailed – side aerial to full with some legs, stuck

Swanson a little out of control on her 2.5 on floor, slidey and hoppy but does stay in –

Flam – VT – Stanford – hop forward on her Omel but not too big. Solidly done

Programming note: SEC session 1 begins

Riley pretty on bars for UW – nailed DLO.

Szafranski – BB – ASU – aerial with a check, will have to redo to have a serie s- aerial into swingdown, hit on second attempt – side aerial, switch to split, nice – full turn – rulfova, hit – gainer full, a little forward with a shuffle

GW gets a HUGE 49.050 on bars to get back in contention for this. In the next rotation on beam, GW needs 48.775 to advance to regionals and knock out UIC. It should be a doable score.

Touch warmup now at SECs. I’ve got the four-event screen open to hopefully I can keep up with an many routines as possible.

Yu – VT – Stanford – large bounce back on full, great distance

Copiak – UB – UW – tentative first hs but gets there – nice piked jaeger to overshoot, good legs together – a little loose back on cast hs – holds stick on FTDT with a lean

SEC 1 Rotation 1

Desch – VT – Bama – fine full witha  hop back.

Becker sticks DLO on bars for Auburn with a lean to hold it. 9.800

Controlled landings for Yamzon on floor.

Armbrecht – VT – Bama – great stick on her full, lovely open, chest up, just a bit of knees in the air – 9.850

Watson – UB – Auburn – catches close on her Ray but does catch – a little bit of legs on bail, good vertical – finishes FTDT with a step back

Mahoney – VT – Bama – a little stagger on her landing, leg flying up as she tries to control the hop – lovely in the air as always

Two beam hits to start for Missouri

Krippner – UB – Auburn – Shap to bail, small leg shutters on both – short cast hs on high – FTDT, holds the stick, chest a little forward

Gaskins with a strong stick on vault, good control on landing. 9.850

Olsen – VT – Bama – only a small hop back on her DTY, and just the usual knees, good one.

Gobourne finishes bars with a stuck FTDT

Graber – VT – Bama – 1.5 – hop forward on her 1.5, but the usual solid distance and direction. Won’t be a huge number but will be solid. Interesting no Guerra on vault now.

Cerio – UB – Auburn – Clear hip to piked jaeger – perfect – bail is nice – finishes double tuck with a hop. A good rotation for Auburn but not enough sticks.

Stanford moves into the lead at Pac-12s after 2 with a 98.300

Day – UB – Auburn – massive jaeger to a bail, a bit of legs on the bail – OOOOOOF, falls on her double arabian dismount and turns it into a forward roll. They have five hits before that.

49.225 for Alabama on vault. They;ll take it.

McGlone – FX – Ark – nails her double lay, very secure landing – double tuck with a larger bounce back, just does stay in bounds – split leap full to popa, nice height – front full to layout, should score well. Arkansas should be ahead of Alabama and Auburn after 1 if this keeps up.

First two beam scores for GW are BIG. 9.850 and 9.875.

Ward – BB – Missouri – HUGE break on her three series, keeps it on but enough to make this the drop score.

Shaffer with a very strong double Arabian on floor – just a little shuffle on landing –

Third beam score for GW is 9.750, that still works for them.

Also, Stanford has to bars now at Pac-12s.

Raymond – BB – GW – she’s 5th up – switch 1/2 with a break, a couple arm waves – bhs loso series, small check – they just need a normal hit out of this routine to reach the mark – side aerial, solid – split jump to split 1/4, tight position, hit – side aerial to full, stuck

So that routine goes 9.675, which is enough to get GW at least 195.725, which means GW is through regardless of the final beam score.

UIC has been eliminated. (From contention and from gymnastics. Saddest).

Bray hits in the 6th position for George Washington.

The race for the win is also getting tight between GW and UNH, but it looks like UNH will take it with that final floor score of 9.900. Yes, UNH wins by a little more than a tenth.

So it’s Lindenwood vs. Kent State for the final regionals spot.

Meanwhile Arkansas is winning after 1 rotation at SECs

After 1:
Arkansas 49.275
Alabaam 49.225
Missouri 49.125
Auburn 49.050

Up now with rotation 2 at SECs and we’re still in the midst of rotation 3 at Pac12s because this meet is endless.

Dickson – UB – Bama – small arch on first hs but solid – bail – snapped up to hs on hgih – toe on to tkatchev, nice toes as always – handstands look a little crisper this week – FTDT, stuck with a stagger. Good. 9.850

Washington working against a fall on beam in the second position.

Watson starts Auburn on beam with 9.800

Graber – UB – Bama – giant full with a leg break – catches gienger but the usual legs on catch, small leg break on bail but great vertical and toe point – final cast hs was better – FTDT, hit

Shaffer doesn’t control the landing on her Y1/2 this week, bound forward and a little to the side

Gobourne on beam has a balance check in the middle of a leap combination – finishes with a side aerial to stuck full

Kent State went 48.575 on bars on its second event to fall off the necessary pace.

Gorgeous 1.5 on vault from Hambrick of Arkansas. 9.800 is tight for that, but we’re far away.

Stanford is getting some numbers on bars through the first three.

Brunette – UB – Stanford fingertips on her deltchev but hits it into overshoot – has a really short hs at the beginning but otherwise solid, only a small step on landing.

Big full from McGlone with bounce back

Guerra – UB – Bama – falls on her jaeger – unexpected

Nelson – BB – Washignton – bhs loso with a lean check, saves it

Elswick hits 1.5 for Arkansas with a step forward. 9.900

A couple checks on beam for Riddle but a hit. That was a 9.650 for Gobourne, so they need these hits.

Mahoney – UB – Bama – toe on to bail – no trouble, nice – shortish cast hs on high, a little sluggish catching tkatchev (possible clip of the bar? Not sure) but does – FTDT, stuck landing.

Bryant just hit a fantastic bars for Stanford, small hop on DLO, so they’re not going to count a bars score under 9.800 (GASP)

Good fill in from Tucker on floor for Missouti but kind of steppy on landing.

Gaskins – UV – Bama – toe shap to pak with some legs, a small struggle on pak but works through t fine – DLO – deep but pulls it out with a bounce forward, so this will be a fine rotation score for Alabama.

Milliet – BB – Auburn – front tuck mount, perfect – full turn, smooth – bhs loso series, pretty extension, no check – split jump to sheep jump with a lean correction – gainer full, stuck

Porter – FX – Missouri – double pike, nailed landing – 1.5 to layout, a little flat in the layout, solid landing – switch 1/2 to popa, fine – double tuck, short with a stagger hop

Flam falls on her bars dismount but Stanford didn’t need the score.

Sylvia – BB – Auburn – a hit routine, so they’ll be able to drop Gobourne’s score.

Copiak – BB – UW – they’ve almost escaped the rotation without counting a fall – bhs loso series, lean to the left as she tries to hold it – cat leap to switch 1/2, pretty completion there – side aerial, also a small lean as she tries to hold it, this is a tight routine from her with some leans and larger pases – 1.5, lean to the side again to try to hold the stick

CLB – FX – ASU – double tuck, easy peasy, chest up and great control – 1.5 to front full, love the height on both elements – split leap full to straddle 1 million because she’s in the air for so long – double pike, controlled step. Good.

SEC after 2
Alabama – 98.425
Missouri – 98.375
Arkansas – 98.225
Auburn – 98.000

Regionals alert: Kent State has 1 fall on beam and must work against that in the final three routines to stay alive with a shot.

P12 after 3
Stanford – 147.500
Arizona State – 147.275
Washington – 147.175
Arizona – 145.150

Well hello Stanford.

Programming note: Big Ten session 2 begins

More more more always more. We haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.

Rotation 3 starting at SECs

Yamzon – UB – Ark – arches first hs, pulls it back – hits tkatchev – small leg shutter apart on bail – smooth final cast hs and NAILS DLO 1/1 dismount.

Klopfer – BB – Bama – aeral to bhs, connected well – finishes side aerial to full, small hop back. 9.850

Kent State gets through beam without another fall, but it’s just a 48.675, which doesn’t really help after the previous events –

Kent State would now need 49.525 on floor to make regionals, which is, you know, tough.

Fitzgerald – BB – Stanford – hits full turn – aerial with a little hesitation into back tuck, which would have mattered back when people cared – front aerial to two feet is solid this week – 1.5, stuck

Solid three series on beam from Shallon Olsen – some rhuythm but the switch to wolf looks quit enice – double pike, stuck. Damn girl.

We have an OOB for Washington on floor in the first routine.

Arkansas working against a miss on bars in the second spot.

We have a fall on floor for Auburn, Watson on her double arabian, sat it down.

Bidwill – VT – Missouri – lunge forward on her 1.5 but hit it, some crazy legs in the air –

Garner – UB – Arkansas – shoert first hs – giant full to excellent gienger to overshoot combination as always – finishes double tuck with a lunge back. A hit.

Hit from Childers on beam. Shuffle forward on 1.5

Shaffer – UB – Ark – toe on to toe shap, perfect legs – into bail, a little back position but nice toes –

Farley hits for Michigan to start the beam rotation.

Armbrecht hits bhs loso on beam for Alabama, small lean – switch to straddle 1/4, another small check but solid positions – beat to sheep, same, small check – 2/1, bounce back

Arkansas gets a hit DLO from Burton in the last spot on bars to avoid counting a fall.

Gaskins – BB – Bama – side aerial, solidly done – split jump 1/2 from side, you can see the short split from this angle – bhs loso series, secure, some knees – switch to split, much stronger leaps, a little hesitation in btween but fine –

Karas finishes beam punch rudi to bounce back for Michigan –

MVC hits her 1.5 for Nebraska with a hop forward. They’re counting two 9.7s on vault so far.

Washington counting a 9.6 on floor now.

Graber – BB – Bama – bhs to lay-pike, solid – secure landings on leap combination – kickover front to scale, quite strong, and stuck gainer full. Nicely done.

Milliet a little bouncy for Auburn on floor, but a hit they can use.

Mariani very solid for Michigan on beam.

No counting mistakes for Nebraska on vault but it’s still just a 48.900.

Cerio helps Auburn avoid counting a fall on floor.

Cole with a miss in the third position for Stanford on beam.

Funk – BB – Michigan – bhs loso, solid series – switch side 1/2, excellent as always – beat to popa is just a tad under with a little lean – side aerial to full with a hop back. Good.

Otto – UB – Illinois – beautiful Maloney to pak combination, lovely form – cast hs nice – VL, perfect, legs together – hitting her hs – FTDT, stuck landing, almost a perfect routine.

9.975 for Otto. Honestly fair.

Wojcik – BB – Michigan – aerial to beat jump, lovely – switch to split, good – bhs loso series, legs extended, secure landing – cat leap to side aerial, solid – 1.5, hop forward. Great.

SECs after 3
Alabama 147.875
Arkansas 147.325
Auburn 147.250
Missouri – 147.050

We’re moving to the last couple routines in the first session of Pac-12s now, Washington already counting a lower one on floor, Stanford trying to work against a fall on beam, and ASU chugging right along on vault.

49.300 Michigan on beam, 49.250 Illinois on bars

Wilson – ASU – VT – solid full, bounce back, a little piking

Berg – UB – AZ – excellent piked jaeger to overshoot, legs right together – shortish final cast hs – FTDT, hop forward.

Tai – BB – Stanford – moment of truth – bhs bhs loso series, large break with a bend at the wait but she keeps it on – switch to straddle 3/4, no trouble – 1.5 with a shuffle. She stayed on.

Drsch – FX – Alabama – double pike, drops into the landing solidly – split leap full to splti jump full – double tuck, just a little forward, not much movement on landing.

Washington – FX – Washington – double tuck, nice chest up, just a little slide – amazing height on her leaps – double pike final pass, smallish bounce back

ANd she got a 9.950 with two uncontrolled passes. UCLA just got a 50.000.

Krippner pretty out of control on vault landing for AUburn –

Day hits her 1.5 for Auburn, short with a hop back –

Arizona State will finish with 196.400

Olsen – FX – Alabama – double double tuck, a little steppy on landing but solidly completed – front tuck through to double tuck, didn’t have quite enough room this time and came up short, hop forward – hits double pike but not her strongest floor. 9.825 is kind of high.

Gobourne – VT – Aub – stuck her 1.5! Excellent vault, arm wabe to hold the stick on landing –

Annnnnd Flam just fell on her layout on beam, so Stanford will count a fall. Stanford gonna Stanford….

Washington would need another 9.950 from Hoffa to get up to Arizona State, and how this rotation has been going…

Arkansas has  a fall from Carter on beam in the fourth spot, but three big scores before her.

Hoffa – FX – Washington – ooooooh uncontrolled stumble back on her first pass and steps OOB, that will give the first session to Arizona State – nice height on leaps – fdouble tuck, super solid

Armbrecht – FX – Bama – double pike, bounce – 1.5 to layout, a little dance out – rudi to stag, solid set

Derrick – BB – Arkansas – bhs loso series with a check to the side – full turn, a little style – kickover front, check – split to split 3/4, not quite there on the second split. She’s walking very gingerly after this routine.

Alos Minnesota is on bars now

Sales – UB – Minn – solid bail, good legs together – hits hs on high – khorkina, nice catch – I’ve seen a vertical position or two, otherwise very clean, stuck DLO

Burton – BB – Ark – aerial, hit – nice series – split to sheep with a balance check, hits gainer full. That works.

Graber – FX – Alabama – full in, very solid landing – switch side, lovely extension – front lay front full, no trouble – double pike, secure landing. The routine they wanted.

That gives Arkansas 196.475. Ahead of Auburn

Ramler – UB – Minnesota – Shap to pak, legs right together – excellent – toe shap 1/2, same – hits hs -on high – toe on to FTDT, the sliiiiightest little shuffle back on landing but that’s all I had

Alabama has the win of the session and will have a season high after Guerra goes

Guerra – Alabama – FX – DLO, solidly hit, chest down – switch side to popa, good straddle positions, overturns switch side – 1.5 to layout ,secure – double pike, nailed landing. Very good.

Lu – UB – Minnesota – toe shap to pak, both actually perfect – rushes 1/2 turn on low a bit – nice hs on high – DLO, same landing as Ramler with that little slide back, so a couple things in there but exactly 2.

And she’s the one who goes 9.950, higher than Ramler. I do not understand.

Anyway, we have some final scores from some big ones

Pac 12 session 1
Arizona State – 196.400
Washington – 196.175
Stanford – 195.925
Arizona – 193.900

SEC Session 1
Alabama 197.350
Arkansas 196.475
Auburn 196.375
Missouri – 195.900

196.175 takes Washington out of the running for a seeding, so now it’s just about whether Oregon State, Cal, Nebraska, or BYU is the odd team out.

Minnesota 49.475 on bars. Illinois is on 197 pace after bars and beam. So strap something onto yourself because this is going to get weird.

Just like that sentence.

We actually have a little bit of a lighter schedule for the next couple hours until the rush of the evening sessions from SECs and Pac-12s, which will be insanity.

Big rotation 3 at Big Tens – Nebraska on bars, Minnesota beam, Michigan floor

Heiskell – FX – Michigan – double pike, control, a little low with chest down – front lay to rudi, nice ability to get that around – pretty solid leap positions – 1.5 to layout with an uncontrolled step forward

Chow VT Iowa with just a small step back on her full, a little chest position and pike, really secure vault though

Orel – UB – Nebraska – tkatchev, hit but flat – short cast hs – toe on to bail, hit pretty well – giant full i quite late to double tuck, stuck. It works.

Osman – FX – Michigan – stagger bounce back out of her full in – great lift on leaps – front tuck through to double pike, short and hands down.

Minnesota a fall first up from Sonier.

Loper – BB – Minnesota – nice loso series – kickover front to beat jump, worked through well – switch to straddle 1/4, too tight in that straddle position – 1.5 with a little hop

Hargrove – Ub – Nebrasska – lovely stalder psoitions and height on her pak – rather short on some vertical positions, last cast is better – stalder with a hesitation into double tuck, bound forward.

Kind of surprised both the first two Nebraska routines went as high as 9.800

Lu – BB – Minnesota – bhs loso series, lovely legs, takes up nearly the whole beam there – cat leap to switch 1/2 with a bend that becomes a bigger bend with the leg up – side somi, can’t hold on and falls.

Minnesota counting a fall on beam.

McLean – FX – Michigan – round off double tuck, big pop, only the smallest adjustment – front lay to front full, a bit of a stutter on landing but fine – split leap full to popa, great height – “heading to medeeeecal school” or medical school, as people say – double pike, good

Crouse with a massive gienger on bars, great hit – FTDT with small hop.

Kent State finishes with 194.775, which is not enough! Lindenwood advances to regionals.

I was crunching the Kent State numbers during Wojcik’s floor routine, but it was excellent obviously. Finished with a perfect rudi to straddle jump with no travel (that’s what it’s actually supposed to look like)

Houchgin – UB – Nebraska – tkatchev, good counter, hit – bail, super clean, nailed vertical positions – solid final vertical – DLO, stuck landing. Very nice. This will end up as a big bars score for Nebraska and keep them in the regionals seeding hunt.

Karas follows 9.950 from Wojcik, so all the scores – double arabian, super height and very well controlled – switch 1/2 to wolf full, love that the wolf full gets higher but the switch 1/2 can be a 180 deduction – 1.5 to 1/2, smooth – double pike, bit of a slide back

Ramler – Bb – Minnesota – good full turn – bhs loso series, hit well – aerial, hit – beat to split ring jump, great – side aerial to full with a small slide back. Possibility that Alina doesn’t know what a stick is, which is weird because she did it a lot.

Big Ten 2 after 3 rotations
1. Michigan – 98.750
2. Illinois – 98.500
3. Nebraska – 98.225
4. Penn State – 98.050
5. Minnesota – 98.025
5. Iowa – 98.025

The big news of that rotation was Minnesota counting a fall on beam to drop well off the pace.

NIU is your upset winner at MACs, getting big rotations on beam and floor to outtouch the favored CMU team.

THe big news at DIIIs is favorite Brockport counting a fall on that amazing beam rotation, opening the door for Stout and Oshkosh.

Rotation 4

Nice full for Heiskell on vault, hop back

Hargrove – Bb – Nebraska – loso series, small adjustment, slide – aerial to beat, works through it well despite being a little off line – split to an excellent sheep jump, but a leg-up break – gaienr pike, bounce forward

McCraken – Ub – PSU – hit tkatchev, some toes – good hs on high – toe on to stalder to double tuck, a little short with a college stick out of it

Maxim – VT – Michigan – Tsuk 1/2 with a lunge forward this week

Otto – FX – Illinois – 1/2 to front full, a little short on her full but holds the landing with control – 1.5 to front tuck, also under control – switch ring to full twisting shushunova like it’s 1999 – rudi, a little ragged with a hop to the side

Chinnery on bars holds the longest handstand in the world as she tries to pull it together into her Hindorff, which she does.

Brenner – VT – Michigan – one of her best 1.5s, small hop forward, the usual bit of knees

McLean – VT – Michigan – gorgeous Yfull and stuck, great power, can’t do it much better –

Schweihofer – BB – Nebraska – bhs lay to 2 feet, step back to hold it – switch to switch 1/2 to beat jump, OK positions, a little bit of feet – 2/1, stuck landing. Should be their best score so far. 9.825

Birdgens – Ub – PSU – toe shap to bail, pretty, legs together – toe shoot – giant full to double tuck, stuck landing. Great job. 9.925

Karas with a nearly great 1.5 but a step back

Crouse – BB – Nebraska – aerial with a lean correction into bhs, she kept moving so she’ll get it as a series, but there was balance check in between – switch to straddle 1/4, well extended – kickover front, nailed – gainer full piked off the end and excellent, stuck. Wow. 9.900

Wojcik hop forward on her 1.5, perfect in the air obviously

Garcia – UB – PSU – piked jaeger, lovely – toe on to bail, legs together, solid vertical – final hs pretty good – DLO, small hop back. Good one.

Houchin – BB – Nebraska – bhs loso with a small lean, nice legs in the air – aerial is wayyyy short and falls – they’re counting a 9.675 and 9.750 now. huge leg-up break on a leap right afterward – she’s V over it – side aerial, another check – 2/1, hop back

Hassel – BB – Nebraska – bhs loso series, crisp – aerial, also pretty solid – split jump to sheep, super solid and nice position on that split – 1.5, hop forward. Necessary hit but won’t be a huge rotation score

Random shot of a judge holding up a UTL. But on which event? I assume floor because it shouldn’t be Hassel’s.

Roe – FX – Illinois – hit rudi, an attempt at a double L turn that may be trouble because I would say it was neither double, nor L – 1.5 to layout with a shuffle forward, just does stay in bounds

Teams that have completed 3 events
Michigan 148.025
Illinois – 147.700
Penn State – 147.375
Nebraska – 147.250

Michigan and Nebraska go to the bye rotation now. Illinois and Penn State will finish up their meets here.

Kaji – UB – Iowa – hits jaeger, a bit of legs – pak, pretty straddled – a short cast hs on high – DLO, floaty, small hop

Dwyer – VT – Illinois – great stick on her full, a little flexed feet, not the most distance, but a very strong vault.

Verdeflor – BB – PSU – wolf turn, hit – ahhh, the old Nittany Lion on the butt check – aerail to swingdown, individual skills pretty but fairly slow in connection – side aerial, leg-up check – split to double stag, another check – side somi to tuck full off the side, stuck. 9.725

Hartzler – UB – Iowa – 1/2 turn into piked jaeger, quite clean – short cast hs – 1/2 turn to straddle back, loose back but pulls it together – giant full to double tuck, takes it pretty close to the bar but sticks

Otto – VT – Illinois – hop back on full, but pretty clean in the air and solid distance –

Politz – BB – PSU – aerial, a little arm wave into bhs, I’d also question the speed of that connection but no one cares anymore – cat leap switch side, crooked leg on switch side, love the height on her cat leap – cat leap to aerial, check connection into beat jump – a lot for the judges to decide about this aroune – split to straddle 1/4, she’s tight on her leap elements today – gainer full, stuck with chest down

Sullivan – Ub – Iowa – hit Ray, some knees – not quite there on bail vertical – solid final cast – hiant full to double tuck, stuck landing

Hosek – BB – PSU – tripped on the mat as she was about to start beam, so you know she’ll hit her actual beam routine – full turn – bhs loso, very secure, extended legs – switch to gainer loso, hit, a little slow in combo there and split to straddle 1/4, small arm adjustment – aerial, smooth – cat leap to gainer full, stuck.

Kampschroefer – UB – Iowa – Ray, good height, cleaner body position – toe on to a straddled pak – small loose back on final cast hs – DLO, small slide back

Illinois is done with a 196.650 for the lead.

Loper – FX – Minn – front lay to front rudi, secure, a bit ragged – switch ring is nice, split full could be a little closer – 2.5 was perfect, nailed landing and pretty solid twisting form – rudi, super solid as well. Excellent 2nd and 3rd passes

FAB full from Meeks with a stick.

Chow – UB – Iowa – Another Ray, huge as well, pak, this pak is better, legs together – shortish final cast hs – giant full to double tuck, bounce back

Ramler – FX – Minn – hit double pike, solid control – switch ring and switch 1/2 are exceptional, as always – rudi, secure – 1.5 through to 2/1 with a bounce back. Nice.

Bridgens – BB – PSU – hitch kick to kickover front, small slide forward – switch to tuck jump 3/4 – bhs loso series, smallest little lean – 1.5, little hop forward

196.100 final for PSU

Williams – FX – Minn – front 2/1, a little bit too much on the lunge forward and takes her back foot with her, good height and twisting shape – high switch side to popa – 1.5 to layout, super straight on that layout – a rudi, a bit out of control with a bounce back

One rotation left at Big Tens

Illinois 196.650
Penn State 196.100
Ohio State 195.775
Michigan State 195.425
Maryland 194.800
Rutgers 194.175

Michigan 148.025
Minnesota 147.325
Nebraska 147.250
Iowa – 147.150

Heiskell – UB – Mich – hit tkatchev  – toe on to pak, pretty pak int he air – good final cast hs, one was borderline in the middle there – front giant 1/2 to double tuck, step back. Clean

Quaglia – VT – Minn – stuck full, really strong landing – we’ve seen a lot of stuck fulls at this meet today – some chest position –

Carlson – BB – Iowa – loso series, solid – switch to straddle 1/4, hit, a little tight – standing loso, secure as well – bhs 1.5, hop, solidly done

Mariani – UB – Mich – good height on tkatchev – bail, a little legs but solid position – FTDT with a step back

Sonier – VT – Minn – full, nearly stuck, small step, also a little chest position and distance

Gilchrist – BB – Iowa – bhs layout to two feet, pretty piked though – switch to split, pretty solid 180 positions – side aerial in combination, a little adjustment – full turn, check – cat leap to side somi, lean forward but holds it – gainer pike, stuck

Brenner – Ub – Mich – hits jaeger, a little tight – some small moments of form – bail is quite nice, crisp, shor ton final cast hs – pings off on DLO and still sticks it

Williams – VT – Minn – massive-normous fulll – larger bounce back though –

Karas – UB – Mich – small arch in first cast, pulls it back – shap to bail, excellent , legs right together – solid final cast hs – DLO, hop back

Killian – BB – Iowa – bhs loso series, hit – punch front to bail, absolutely nailed – switch to switch combination, low back leg on both elements – 2/1, hop back

Ramler – VT – Minn – only a small hop on her 1.5, great distance, she has had an excellent day

Wojcik – UB – Mich – perfect hs – hs – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, just a little late on the toe 1/2 – crisp bail, excellent – hitting her casts – DLO, short with a hop forward

Pretty 1.5 for Loper as well but a bit larger bounce forward than Ramler had.

So it looks like we have Wojcik, Ramler, and Karas all tied at 39.600 in the AA at Big Tens.

Big struggle on a 1.5 to front tuck for Hassel on floor – barely got it around, and did as a tuck, with a multi-lunge stumble back to keep it to her feet. 9.650 is pretty high

Maxim has an arch on her first hs, pulls it back – hits tkatchev and bail – final cast hs is better – DLO, small hop

Crouse – FX – Nebraska – front 2/1 to front layout, has to arch her front layout around with a hop, so a few deductions there – switch side to popa – 1.5 to 1/2 to stretch jump is better – pretty rudi to loso to finish, but we’ll see how much the first pass costs. 9.850

FINAL Big Tens
1. Michigan – 197.400
2. Illinois (!) – 196.650
3. Nebraska – 196.550
4. Minnesota – 196.425
5. Penn State – 196.100
6. Iowa – 196.075
6. Ohio State – 195.775
8. Michigan State – 195.425
9. Maryland – 194.800
10. Rutgers – 194.175

Very impressed that Illinois got up there for second. And to think they were like two meets away from not making regionals.

And we even get a half-hour break until the big stuff!

So, your latest NQS news in the break. We know the regionals qualifiers now, with George Washington and Lindenwood taking the final two spots and eliminating UIC and Kent State.

We won’t know how the play-ins are distributed (or how teams are distributed into the two semifinal sessions at each site) until the draw on Monday. I’ll probably do a mock draw tomorrow out of antsiness.

In the race for the seeded spots, Nebraska is in as a result of its score just now, and Oregon State is in as a result of Washington’s low score earlier.

What’s left to be decided is the last spot between BYU and Cal. Cal is looking for a 196.325 at Pac-12s to get the last spot, otherwise it’s BYU.

Higher up, Auburn will not pass Boise State and will be a #4 seed at regionals.

Georgia can still pass Michigan for #7 with a 197.050 today, which has many implications for hosting duties.

Alabama will stay at 10th, which means Alabama and UCLA look to be paired together.

The Pac-12 Network is reshowing Super Six from last year as preparation for the competition. It is sort of working.

They’re trying to prepare us for the score-scape we’re about to be treated to, I’m sure.

So, Pac-12s goes one at a time, which makes it take forever, but with that and the four-cam view of SECs, we shouldn’t miss too much

That is, if everything starts when it’s supposed to…basketball.

SEC stream, I’m going to need you to start because antsy.

UCLA has Marz Frazier in its reported vault lineup [eyes emoji]

Programming note: Pac-12 and SEC sessions 2 begin

Everyone is starting!

Snead – BB – UGA – check on her three series – sticks 2/1, some moments of tentativeness, but fine. 9.800

Finnegan with a stick on her full, small little shutter in landing, the usual greatness.

It’s a hit from Boren on bars, stuck DLO. 9.850

Frazier – VT – UCLA – does a full, hop back, normal but solid. 9.800

Lee – UB – IUtah – nice high piked jaeger connected to overshoot – short hs on high – front giant 1/2 to double tuck, stucks, a little deep knees

Harrold – VT – LSU – 1.5, hop to the side, somme knees, I mean it was better than her 9.950 from last week, but… 9.900. So vault scores are going high.

Hundley – UB – Florid a- floaty shap to pak, a bit of legs – leg break in shap 1/2, a little more than usual this week – FTDT, stuck, nailed landing. 9.900

Kelley – VT – LSU – basically sticks her handspring pike 1/2 with a little shuffle lean up – LSU starting well.

Schoenherr – UB – Florida – good first hs – toe 1/2 with slight hesitation to huge jaeger – a couple loose back moments, nails double front 1/2 out.

We have a fall from kentucky in the second position on floor –

Priessman – VT – LSU – she vaults a 1.5 and hits it, not as strong as some of the others we’ll see, hop back and some knees

Tratz – VT – UCLA – excellent full this weak, only a fake step with a step back into salute – great distance and pretty well controlled

Skaggs – UB – Florida – tkatchev to pak, clean – 1/2 turn on low, pretty high – DLO, stuck with a straddle in the air. 9.925

Dula hits bars for Utah – finishes stalder to double tuck, holds the stick with a lean

OOF. Another fall from Kentucky on floor. Well that’s that.

Edney – VT – LSU – 1.5, a little more knees this week, and a pace forward, so a few things to take there –

Thomas – UB – Florida – maloney to clear hip to pak, perfect – VL, very strong – nailed hs on high – DLO with a possible little slide together, but otherwise exceptional.

Don’t really get 9.850 there, but I’m watching in a small window, so…

Mastrangelo – FX – Cal – full in, comes up short with a hop forward – 2.5 with a crossover step, keeps it in bounds – 1.5 to layout, secure but pretty arched in the layout

A hit from Oakley on beam but pretty checky.

Gowey – Ub – Florida – nice Ray – pak, clean – 1/2 turn on low, pretty solid vertical – shortish final cast hs – DLO, bounce back.

Hano – VT – UCLA – her best vault ever – stuck that 1.5, a little bit of knees but not even that much this week, no question on the stick. I’d go 9.950, which she has before for weaker vaults. 9.950

Georgia will count a beam 9.725 from Oakley –

Tessen – UB – Utah – jaeger, hit, some elbows on catch – hits bail but a little loose back – short final cast hs – sticks FTDT very well. 9.925 is INSANELY too high

baumann – BB – Georgia – arm-wave check on her series – wolf hop to switch side was good – 2/1 with a hop back. OK. Gets away with a 9.775 a bit, but that will also count.

Fall from Lacy Dagen on beam for Oregon State, their second fall in the first three routines. Yikers.

Cal stuck in the 9.7s for first two floor routines.

So Seilnacht – FX – Cal – front lay to rudi to double stag, really clean, controlled the leap out – split leap 1.5, gets those feet around – 1.5 to 1/2 to split, was on an angle but also stayed it – solid final pass into front pike, a little dance out. 9.900

Even Vega has a lean correction in a combo

Ross – VT – UCLA – 1.5 – small hop forward this time, hit, but not one of her sticks, will still be a great score. 9.900

Georgia gets out of beam with 49.050.

MMG – UB – Utah – deltchev, good – hits bail hs  pretty cleanly – FTDT, chest forward with a hop. 9.900

M Dagen – BB – Oregon State – bhs loso series, very secure, chest not the highest – switch to switch 1/2 to beat jump, strong – side aerial to full, stuck, big routine.

George – FX – Cal – front tuck through to rudi, secure landing, a bit of legs – switch ring and split leap 1/1, great height on that ring – front 2/1, also solidly landed – rudi, stuck, great landing control today.

Florida leads LSU by half a tenth after one. They’re about to start rotation 2. Pac-12s has barely started rotation 1

Dennis – VT – UCLA – her usual gigantic full – just a little bit of feet and that slide back. But good.

Reinstadtler – UB – Utah – short first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger, lovely jaeger, a little crooked on the 1/2 – clean and pretty on bail – finsihes FTDT, a little legs in the air, holds the stick with a lean

Lazaro – BB – OSU – bhs loso series, smoothlyu done, small lean correction – switch to split to straddle 3/4, good straddle, a litlte short on split – small hesitation on full turn – side aerial to full, stuck. Some moments but fine.

Bordas – FX – Cal – double pike, overcooks it with a bounce back and OOB, which means they’ll be counting two 9.7s in this rotation and need a score from Clausi. 1.5 to layout was fine, a little arch on layout.

Rotation 2 from SECs

Durante – UB – LSU – 1/2 turn to very high jaeger, nice – good cast hs out – pak, small leg break, hit – stuck landing. Great.

Kramer – VT – UCLA – Y1.5, one of her better ones, small hop to the side, knees in the air, but usable.

Skinner – UB – Utah – hits Ray – rushes next cast hs – bail, a little short of vertical from this angle – she’s working tight today on a couple handstands – sticks FTDT.

9.950 is quite high there but consistent with the overscoring of the meet.

Ferrer – Ub – LSU – 1/2 turn to jaeger, a little legs on catch – bail, a little leg break there – DLO, secure landing – 9.825. Some form things but solid.

Skaggs on BB  – solid loso series – cat leap to side aerial to full, stuck

Harrold – UB – LSU – zhuchold, good, a little arch – toe 1/2, small legs – into jaeger, well done – double front, pace forward. Solid.

Clausi extremely strong on first pass on floor but is a little mushy on her front 2/1 with a crossover step – 1.5 to layout is solid with a dance out.

Edney – UB – LSU – Hindorff, solid – bail, perhaps a little short of vert, tough from this angle – DLO, holds the stick with a lean

After 1 at Pac-12s, Utah has a .150 lead on UCLA, and I’m sure we’ll be talking abou that bars scoring a lot. Especially because if it stays consistent UCLA is going to get twenty-two 10s.

Cal goes 49.175, which works for the scoring goal, and Oregon State had to count that fall.

Priessman finishes on UB with a  DLO, usual legs, near stick. Nice.

Gowey – BB – Florida – switch to split, quite nice, perfect positions – bhs loso loso, pretty solid as well, a touch of feet – aerial to sissone, correct sissone position – gainer full, stuck. Pretty routine. 9.950. Well now. Here we go.

Finnegan – UB – LSU – – good first hs – Ray, excellent – small correction cast hs – bail looks good – toe shoot, great swing – tight final cast hs – DLO lovely stick there. A thing or two but a clean one.

9.950 for Finnegan. LSU 49.475 on bars

Thomas – UB – Florida – switch 1/2 to beat jump, smooth – one-arm bhs to a loso with a balance check – she tries to cover with choreo but actually kind of makes it look like extra arm waves – aerial to wolf is nice – 2/1, hop back. 9.825

Dickson hits her double arabian well this week –

Rotation 2  begins at Pac-12s

Bordas – VT – Cal – pretty full, only a small hop, well done

Baumann – BB – Florida – bhs loso series, right on – finishes with a stuck 1.5. Gorgeous routine. 9.950

49.625 (!) for Florida on beam.

Frazier – UCLA – UB – Maloney to pak, perfect legs – toe shap 1/2, fingertips but nice in the air – short final cast handstand – DLO, stuck. 9.950. Yep, well it’s consistent with Utah’s rotation. That’s the corner the judges put themselves in.

Lee – BB – Utah – bhs loso with a check, leg-up break – good side aerial to full, stuck, to finish, but we’ll see how much that little leg check on her loso hurts her in the first spot. Still gets 9.850.

Georgia getting bigger scores on floor, though Vega does come up short on her double pike with a little step forward,.

M Dagen a little bouncy on a doube tuck, keeps it in but should be a tenth there.

Georgia still goes 49.300 on floor to get back toward that 197 pace.

Florida leads LSU by 2 tenths after 2 events.

Sy Seilnacht – VT – Cal – clean full, bounce back, chest up, nice distance. 9.800

Dennis – UB – UCLA – toe shap to bail, pretty solid ending up in vertical, just a slight flop in the air – short final cast hs – DLO with a small slide back. Still only a couple things there. 9.900

Burch – BB – Utah – smooth full turn – bhs loso series with a break, a leg-up check, a larger break than Lee had – double stag – cat leap to aerial, smooth – split to straddle 1/4, only a small hesitation – gainer full, stuck. Better second 1/2, shouldn’t score as well as Lee because the break was larger and she has a few more built in things.

Jacobsen – FX – OSU – double pike, slide back – 1.5 to layout, secure, not the highest, a bit of knees – pretty solid split positions – punch rudi, keeps that front foot down

Jones – VT – Cal – uncontrolled landing on her 1.5 today, large lunge forward

Hano – UB – UCLA – Ray to overshoot, hit – a leg separation in the overshoot – giant full with a bit of legs to double tuck, stuck it. We’ll see how this scores because they’ve been totally landing-scoring on bars today. 9.875. Sure OK guys.

Rotation 3 from SECs starting

Desiderio – BB – LSU – bhs loso series, solid – switch to switch 1/2 to beat, a position deduction on the switch 1/2 – stuck gainer full

Soloski with a little check on her series – finishes front 1/1 with a step back

Skaggs a little short on a double pike landing with a hop – and she nearlys sits down her layout out of her final pass. That will have to be dropped.

Nice double pike from Force on floor.

Vega with a bounce back on her full.

Dean – BB – LSU – hits side aerial to bhs series – switch to split 1/4, abbreviated foot position on split 1/4 – aerial comes in a little short but holds well – hop back on dismount

Georvge – VT – Cal – big a pretty full, hop back

Hudley – FX – Florida – whip through to double tuck, a little slide – a couple landings here –

Dickson – VT – Georgia – wayyyyyyy out od control on her Omel landing

Flatley – UB – UCLA – jaeger is lovely – bail, small legs in the air, nice vertical position – a couple borderline cast hs – DLO, small hop back and then a little college salute after the hop as she tries to control it.

Just a small hop on DTY from Lukacs.

Randall – BB – Utah – bhs loso series, nicely done – sheep, secure, not enough closure – switch to split, solid – rulfova, well done – good 2/1, that should get Utah on track on beam

Snead – VT – Georgia – 1.5 – small hop, really strong

Reed – FX – Florida – huge DLO, too huge with a bounce back and OOB, LSU has officially been given its opening – double pike was great, well controlled.

Jim, those 10s were the start value.

Edney – BB – LSU – aerial with a check, tentative – bhs loso solid – switch to straddle 1/4, good 180 position, a little pike shape – kickover front with a check – 1.5, stuck –

Korth – UB – Kentucky – 1/2 turn into piked jaeger, nice – DLO 1/1, stuck. Kentucky better on this bars rotation.

Clausi – VT – Cal – nice 1.5, just a small hop

The fact that Flatley scored lower than Hano tells you how much landing judging is happening on bars.

Kocian – UB – shap and pak great – 1/2 turn on low – a little short on final cast and a FTDT with a little slide, but pretty much her normal.

MMG – BB – Utah – switch to split with a check, messy back leg there, so a couple possible deductions – bhs loso series, small lean again, she’s tight here – 1.5, holds the stick, a little deep.

Campbell on BB for LSU with a lovely sissone – and switch  to switch 1/2, nicely done. 2/1 with a hop.

Somehow Reed still got 9.750 for that floor routine.

Florida back on with a 9.925 from Boren on floor.

Lowery – FX – Oregon State – front 2/1, nailed it, controlled step – 1.5 to layout, solid, a little knees –

Thomas – FX – Florida – massive DLO and perfect with a controlled step – 1.5 to a floaty layout – switch ring to split 1.5, hit – double pike, bounce back, she always has that bounce back to take away the big score.

Still 9.950. That’s a lot for that last pass.

Finnegan – BB – LSU – wolf single nice – bhs loso series, hit well – side somi, solid

Mastrangelo 1.5 on vault with a stumble back, keeps it to her feet.

Ross – UB – UCLA – Maloney to bail, perfect and smooth – high shoot to high – medium final cast hs – DLO, stuck landing. Well, it was the best of the rotation, so let’s see.

10.000 for Ross. Inevitable after the other scores. UCLA 49.650 on bars.

Skinner – BB – Utah – bhs loso series, still the crazy legs on teh bhs – side aerial, pause before sissone – secure on leaps – long pause before dismount, will have to watch that – double tuck, hop back. 9.850

Baumann – FX – Florida – double tuck, nailed

Yanish – FX – Oregon State – DLO, a little forward this week with a step – switch side to popa, around, not super high but around – WHOA very surprising final pass to her knees, that’s not the mistake you expect from Yanish.

Still 49.425 for Oregon State on floor.

Baumann goes 9.950 as well – so Florida goes 49.425 while counting that Reed 9.750 for that first pass that I don’t really understand –

SECs after 3:
Florida – 148.475
LSU – 148.300
Georgia – 147.525
Kentucky – 146.950

Pac-12s after 2:
UCLA – 99.075
Utah – 98.875
Cal – 98.200
Oregon State – 98.025

The way those floor scores went, you have to think LSU has the advantage moving there in the last rotation

Final rotation from SECs

Skaggs – VT – Florida – small hop on her full, a little bit of legs in the air

harrold – FX – LSU – front 2/1, crossover step but not too uncontrolled – double pike, solid, good chest up, secure landing – 1.5 to layout

Stuck landing for Roberts on UB for Georgia.

Alexander – VT – Florida – some of her better control, one pace back –

Seilnacht – UB – Cal – a little short on first hs – 1/2 turn into piked jaeger to overshoot, nicely done – solid final cast hs – 1/2 turn into 1.5 twist, hop.

Lukacs did Lukacs on bars, but it’s a hit – secure DLO

G Glenn – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series, secure landing and it well to squeeze and make it secure – aerial to split jump, pretty – switch to split, no trouble – bhs gainer full, stuck. Her usual. 9.950

Nya Reed small hop on 1.5, some knees –

That was Thomas’s best landing control of the season on her 1.5, should be a big score. 9.950

Desiderio chest down still on DLO but controlled hit –

Snead – UB – Georgia – hit tkatchev – bail, nice toe point – a little tight on final hs – DLO, basically stuck, pretty set.

Schoenherr a little short on her 1.5 but saves it with a hop back. 9.750

Roberts for Utah a little bouncy on her final pass but otherwise her pretty usual tumbling. 9.950 LOL my god.

Boren – VT – FLorida – we can’t see the landing because Adrian is a larger person than Alicia. Come on.

Just 49.275 on vautl for Florida with some landing bounces, so that’s going to be very beatable by LSU.

Priessman – FX – LSU – finises with split leap 1.5 to popa – double tuck, a little chest forward but fine – 1.5 to layout, a bit bouncy. 9.900 is crazy high. A very “we’re glad to see you on floor” score.

Nguyen – BB – UCLA – swich to split, solid – aerial to loso, both the skills are very strong, but that really is too slow for a combination – split jump 1/2 from side position, secure – punch front 1/1, stuck. 9.900

Lee – FX – Utah – 2.5, pretty well controlled, some legs – front lay to front full, a little low but controlled – 2/1 to loso, pretty. 9.925.

Edney – LSU – FX – nailed double arabian this week – 1.5 to layout, solid –

Oakley sticks FTDT on bars, just a little deep.

Dukes – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso series, nicely done, squeezes to avoid lean. Pretty 1.5 and stuck.

Georgia finishes with 197.000.

Kocian – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series, very solid this week – aerial to split – full turn, solid – switch to split with a check – 1.5 basically holds the stick. Improvement for her over most this season. 9.850

Finnegan – FX – LSU – leaps are perfect obvi – nails her double pike –

Randall – FX – Utah – back in the lineup – full in, hit but chest forward with a step – switch side to popa, great extension – 1.5 to layout, fine – double pike, large bounce back with a couple steps.

Finnegan gets her 10 on floor. Well now. Why did I miss her first pass? I don’t even think I was watching anything in particular, just dead?

That will win the meet for LSU.

Great full from yanish or OSU, small movement

39.800 AA score for Finnegan.

Watterson – UB – Cal – lovely pak and toe shap 1/2, legs right together – perfect final cast hs – giant full to double tuck, stuck. That is the best finishing position on a giant full on bars I’ve seen all day. 9.950. Lovely routine.

LSU finishes with a 197.900 to Florida’s 197.750.

For me, it was that floor rotation for FLorida. They had a basically a fall from Skaggs and then the big stumble OOB from Reed. They weren’t able to take full advtange of those crack scores.

Flatley – BB – UCLA – aerial to loso, that one was a bit quicker than Nguyen’s, pretty skills – side aerial is literally perfect – L turn to split jump to beat jump – punch front 1/1 dismount, short with a step back. 9.850

9.850 for Randall on floor. You guys. She had mor ethan that just on the double pike

Soloski – FX – Utah – DLO is a little slidey this week – 2/1, awkward landing, pops up out of it and then has a weird lean trying to control it – 1.5 to layout, better control there. 9.875. You guys UCLA’s whole lineup is going to get 75.000

Greene – VT – Oregon State – handpsring pike 1/2 one of her best of the season, just a normal-sized step back

Schank – UB – Cal – a little tight on first hs – nice piked jaeger to overshoot, legs right together – better final hs – flings DLO a little, short with a hop forward. 9.850

Ohashi – BB – UCLA – aerial to bhs loso, perfect, very secure and the better composition option – switch to split, very nice positions as well – bhs loso full, small slide back. Excellent. Really just the dismount. 9.950

MMG – FX – Utah – pike full in, controls the step back well – 1.5 to layout to front pike, the middle layout has those looseness we see sometimes, but controlled – rudi to straddle, didn’t get a lot of height on that rudi and some travel back on the straddle

Jacobsen – VT – Oregon State – Tsuk full, just a little short this week but the hop forward was not large. Solid.

Kuc – UB – Cal – SHE LIVES! – toe shap to pak, only a very small leg break – a little late on 1/2 turn on low bar – pretty solid final cast hs – FTDT, forward with a little hop forward. Good.

Ross – BB – UCLA – almost has a check on her mount, Kyla, with a PBars style hand placement adjustment – loso series, nicely done – aerial to sissone, smoothly done, pretty – switch to split, excellent height and position – side aerial to full, stuck. Excellent. 9.900

Skinner – FX – Utah – double double tuck, secure landing – split 1.5, around – 1.5 through to 2/1, a little hop up in place – full-in, solid. It’s the same routine she’s always done, pretty much.

This is the one that’s a 10, apparently. I mean, that second pass, but not surpring the way the scores are going. I mean if you gavce MMG a 9.950 for that one. How many 10s for UCLA? All?

After 3:
UCLA – 197.625
Utah – 197.575
Cal – 147.575
Oregon State – 147.250

Rotation 4

Lee – VT – nailed her full, great landing, chest up, strong direction, quite nice. 9.900

yamaoka – UB – OSU – toe shap, a little bit of legs – bail, small leg break, a little short of vert on final cast hs – giant full to double tuck, small hop

Jones – BB – Cal – aerial to bhs loso, broke the connection after the aerial but doesn’t need it, secure elements, bent-leg-lady jump – sheep jump, nice and high – side aerial to full, small slide back. Hit. 9.750

Frazier – FX – UCLA – full-in keep sthat front full down – nice extra lift into that popa, higher than the split jumps – whip through to double tuck, a little bounce – double pike, short with a lunge forward. 9.825

Roberts – VT – Utah – bounce back on her full this week, probably a tenth bounce – good power as always – clean form. 9.850. All they took

Jacobsen – UB – OSU – tkatchev to bail, a little pike position in bail – 1/2 turn to double front, stuck. Nice.

Clausi – BB – Cal – switch to switch combination and does it for real with hit split positions – bhs loso series, very solid – basically almost fell while adjusting out of her low-to-beam choreography as she got caught on her own hand – side aerial to full, hit. We’ll see what they do with that little choreo confusion. 9.825

Kramer – FX – UCLA – front 2/1 to front pike, keeps that back foot down pretty well, was a little poppy out of that landing – 1.5 to layout, very high on the 1.5, nice control as well – switch side to popa, nice and high (I’ve heard people talk about her leaps, but I’m like…they’re hit?) rudi to stretch jump, nice. 9.950

Burch – VT – Utah – only a small hop back on her full – good power, some of her better control on landing – just a little chest position. 9.875

Lowery – UB – Oregon State – UB – Shap to pak, nice height on the pak, a little more legs in that combination than some others – strong final cast hs – DLO, not the highest DLO but a stuck landing. 9.900 for a stick

George – BB – Cal – Back in the lineup – wolf turn, a small arm wave hold – cat leap to aerial, small lean moving into bhs, so that will be interesting to watch but no one has cared so far – beat to split jump, very solid – hitch kick to switch ring, squeezes to avoid a real check – gainer full, stuck

Tratz – FX – UCLA – very strong full in this week, small adjustment of front foot, good chest up – 1.5 to front full, nicely done, keeps that back foot down but a little bouncy – leaps very well completed – double tuck, secure landing, a little chest.

9.950. Well. So Um. It’s consistent within the meet?…..Stab me?

MMG – VT – Utah – 1.5 – fake sticks it, lunge forward into salute – a bit of knees in the air as well – 9.875

MCP – UB – OSU – nice high jaeger, a little legs switning through – bail, good vertical and toes – short final cast hs – DLO, stuck, one of her best of the season

So Seilnacht – BB – Cal – bhs loso series, nice and high, great extension – switch with a check, split to double stag, a little tentative there this week – side aerial to full, stuck. Very pretty except for that hesitation in the leaps.

Ross – FX – UCLA – whip double tuck, pretty solid landing – 1.5 to layout, big high 1.5, a little over this week so she had to get a little loose on the layout – split leap full to popa, huge and excellent – double pike, very strong landing, chest up.

10.000. Not as strong as her 10 from last week. Not one for me, but this meet.

Skinner – VT – Utah – nearrrrrrly held the stick on her DTY, was almost super solid with a perfect landing, but she saluted herself out of a 10 there. 9.950

Briscoe – UB – OSU – catches  alittle close on her jaeger but works through, short cast hs out of it – finishes with DLO, jarring landing but only a little hop

39.800 for Kyla as well as Finnegan.

Shu – BB – Cal – aerial to loso, nice elements, soilid enough in combination, but if we’ve learned anything from today so far, it’s that the speed you have to show in combination is none – side somi, large lean forward, bend at the waist – switch to split – side aerial to tuck full, only a little movement on landing

Hano – FX – UCLA – DLO, a litlte too bouncy this week, kept in bounds – front full to 1/2 to run because UCLA things – split leap full to wolf jump full, well completed – double pike, solid landing, a little deep in the knees. 9.875

Tessen – VT – Utah – 1.5 – short on her 1.5, which happens on most occasions, with a lunge back.

Gill – UB – OSU – toe on to toe shap to pak, legs on the pak but otherwise nice – a ltitle shor ton final cast hs – DLO, pikes it down with a bounce back

Bordas – BB – Cal – beat jump – full turn – bhs loso, very secure landing – split to double stag with a huge break and an arm wave, still a little tentative on beam because she’s so talented there and it looked like she was on, and then suddenly 780 arm waves – gainer full, stuck.

Cal did the job getting the score needed for a seeding.

Ohashi – FX – UCLA – split-leg DLO this week – a small front foot adjustment – 1.5 to 1/2 to split to front tuck, nailed it – three illusion turns in a row because you can – switch ring to switch 1/2, nicely done – front full to 1/2 to drop split. Good. I would go 9.950. i would be surprised if it’s not a 10.

10.000 for Ohashi. You knew.

UCLA goes 198.400, which is tied for the third best score in UCLA history. Because I know you watched that meet and were like, “That’s the third-best meet UCLA has ever had.”

But there shouldn’t be much controversy there because it was equally cracky for UCLA and Utah. But who am I kidding of course there will be controversy. The real controversy is how Cal ended up behind Oregon State even though Oregon State counted a fall on beam. I think it’s because Cal was kind of meh on floor and floor was where the biggest crack was being thrown, so they didn’t get to take advantage.

UCLA – 198.400
Utah – 198.025
Oregon State – 196.600
Cal – 196.575

That means Oregon State and Cal will end up tied in NQS, which doesn’t matter too much because they’re both seeded adn Oregon State is going to have to be shuffled a little bit to avoid hosting conflicts.

So regionals seeding placement is going to get pretty weird because of the Oregon State hosting conflict.

I tweet-threaded the issue of where we currently sit with regionals pairing and host conflicts, so check that out:

Technically you’re not supposed to be able to swap Oregon State and Auburn to avoid the host conflict because it’s a move of three spots, though I’m sure no one would mind that much. But if they don’t do that, then you have to move Michigan two spots or move LSU one spot. So I’m just holding off on that for now.

It might end up simply, but it also might not, is what I’m saying. We wait until Monday.



147 thoughts on “Conference Championships Live Blog – March 23, 2019”

  1. Is Alabama’s 3rd place finish the first time an afternoon session team has scored higher than 5th at SECs? Not sure if that’s because the judges didn’t lowball the afternoon teams for once or that Alabama probably is the #3 SEC team when they actually hit…probably a combination of both.

    1. Alabama did struggle in the first part of the season. But then for the midpart of the season, they seem to have been appropriately scored while other SEC teams in their band started to get the crack scoring.

      I don’t understand the “home” scoring Georgia seemed to get in away meets this whole season. For example, their beam scores away at Florida were nonsensical. But tonight, they finally didn’t get the crack scoring in the first two events and as a result were appropriately placed behind Alabama.

      1. The only SEC team that finished lower than they should have was Kentucky – definitely better than seventh place. Three of the four AAers did their job but it was the one or two even specialists who made the errors.

        As for Arkansas, Missouri and Auburn well all three are about even when they each reach their peaks so order of finish will change depending on the day.

        It’s a toss up as to whether LSU or UF is better but as SECs the team who was better on the day won – though both teams received several gifts that should have had them closer to the 197.600 to 197.800 range.

        Alabama is clearly the number three team in the SEC and a distant foe for the top two teams. On a good day Alabama, UGA and Kentucky should be wishing tenths of each other where an extra mistake from the Tide would lower their score.

        It’ll be interesting next season as both LSU and Kentucky are losing some very important routines, while Alabama is gaining one of the top Level 10 gymnasts in the USA in the AA, which, along with the other newcomers, should more than make up for the loss of the senior routines. Plus if Bailey Key can ever get healthy and regain some of her old form on multiple events she’d be a wild card for them challenging Florida in 2020.

        Congrats to Lexi Grabler for holding on to the second position in the AA at SECs behind Sarah Finnegan.

      2. It’s called SEC love boo! While Alabama is FAR from my favorite team – they have gotten the short stick of the season. Probably because they’re into incest

      3. Alabama should be a top 4-6 team with Mahoney, Desch, Graber, Olsen, Gaskins, Doggette and Waligora (these 7 likely being almost their entire lineups next season if healthy) with an extra bonus being a healthy Key (hope she can have a Peng style comeback and not medically retire which is seeming likely at this point), but I’m still hesitant to get my hopes up. They’ve had a tendency in recent years of their athletes not performing at their optimal level until senior year, which isn’t going to fly against the likes of the top 6 teams.

      4. Olsen isn’t supposed to be at Alabama next season, as she is planning to defer next season to train for Tokyo.

      5. Is she though? Before everyone was saying that Olsen wasn’t going to be at Alabama until the 2021 season but here she is. I’m just curious as to whether or not she’s going to do the Dowell route or Rogers route.

      6. You also have to factor in that Georgia had a dud of a meet outside of finally putting together a bar rotation. I would not bet on or against either Bama or UGA- Bama is steadier but I think UGA has more upside if they ever have a big night. I think they both have differentiated themselves from UK and Auburn at this point.

        UGAs beam scores at UF were basically the same crack scores everyone receives at UF. I once read someone describing an away meet in Gainesville as equivalent to hitting the bars with Brad Pitt in his prime- you would never be the star but at the end of the night you will probably score very well…

    2. Kentucky had a rough SEC to place 7th. IMO, Kentucky really is the 3rd best team in the SEC right now. Alabama is 4th and Georgia 5th. Georgia has been crazy over scored this year.

      1. I think it’s debatable as to whether Kentucky or Alabama is the third best team in the SEC 2019.

        Despite history Kentucky had much more fantasy scoring this season while Alabama was scored more realistically. I’d like to see both of them go head-to-head at a neutral site which has real scores being given and both teams at their peak.

        I do agree that Georgia is fifth best and in a real scoring world would need mistakes from both Alabama and Kentucky to beat them. I’m also curious to see the UGA off season as to whether Emily S. will medically retire and how many of the NINE freshmen will remain on the roster until graduation… most teams who have a large crop of freshmen usually lose a few during the four-year period.
        Sydney Snead (AA) is also gone but if Megan Roberts can contribute more than bars next season for UGA the transition should be seamless.

      2. I disagree and don’t understand why so many on here seem to hate UGA.

        Vault — Snead, Lukacs, Dickson. When those three all hit, there vault score can be very high. Top to bottom they are better on vault than KY or Bama.

        UB — they have one of the most talented bars line ups in the country. They haven’t really all hit until SECs and that still wasn’t a perfect rotation for them (Oakley and Dickson both had one noticeable error). When all teams hit, UGA is better than KY or Bama

        BB — nearly everyone outside of Magee have shown 9.9 capability. I think all three teams are fairly equal here with a couple of beam stars on each team. The issue for all three has been consistency. If all teams hit, i’s give the edge to Bama or UGA.

        FX — All three have stars at the end of the line-ups, but Bama has the better early line-up routines. UGA has potential on floor in Magee and Baumann early, but they seem to stumble quite a bit (or whichever gymnast is first Davis, Alyssa, etc). I’d give Bama an edge on floor.

        Also, UGA loses one athlete this year. If Roberts is healthy next season, you can put her in Floor and Vault. Alexa Al-Hameed would be a potential beam option. And bars would be an open spot — one article said Vega had hopes to add bars her senior year and I would LOVE to see that.

  2. UCLA already with the win before Katelyn on Floor! That massive 198+ score even without Kyla’s usual perfection on Vault and Beam is insanely good!

  3. Mad respect for Ohashi for changing her routine at post-season, even if it’s much the same

    (And no tribute to a child molester!)

    1. I have to wonder if that was part of why she changed. It’s been bothering me for most of the season as pretty hypocritical for a former US elite gymnast on a D-1 team with known survivors of abuse. (Last season I didn’t see much PAC-12 gymnastics so mostly missed the routine that was all his stuff) The new documentary got people thinking about the child molestation & Ohashi’s routine has been so viral that she and/or UCLA have to have gotten complaints.

      1. she did say that was part of the reason, but that she also wanted to do an all-female routine

      2. Quit fishing for shit to complain about boo. She changed it – don’t throw words like hypocritical into a floor routine. If you’re going to criticize, why don’t you bring up Georgia doing the moonwalk on beam since 2005.

      3. She did say it was a part of it but claimed that she really wanted to do a second floor routine since preseason. As for Georgia, the moonwalk has been a tradition in their beam routines for a long enough period of time that I don’t see them ditching it anytime soon.

      4. I don’t have a big issue with the moonwalk itself- it is just a dance move at the end of the day. I DON’T like when they coordinate it with a Michael Jackson song. To me, that takes it from just doing dance to making about a tribute to the artist. I don’t really see having a complete eradication of everything Michael Jackson, but I do think you can continue to use what he made without making it about venerating him. Honestly, I think I’d have less issue if it was a whole routine on just one song because I think you can take that at using the art without celebrating the artist.

        Katelyn’s routine from this year was in a little bit of an odd spot because she mixed in other artists with the Jackson music (though, if I’m correct, he was the single most used artist). I think her routine from this year ends up having a different judgement colored by last year’s routine since it’s really sort of the 2018 Routine 2.0. Last year’s routine was a bunch of different songs united only by the fact that Jackson was the artist. That patchwork made it more clearly a specific celebration of Jackson. So again, that has ended up carrying into the way we viewed this year’s.

  4. Katelyn is so off rhythm to her new music you can tell she isn’t used to it at all

    1. LOL. I wonder if she could be on beat to music in this fall season’s TV show Dancing With The Stars. I think I recall that Aly Raisman struggled a bit on DWTS as she couldn’t count music/beats. Shawn Johnson and Simone Biles had no problem.

    2. She settled into it well in the last half. Apparently this was the first time she did her new floor with tumbling.

  5. “How good is Mykayla Skinner? Kyla Ross had to score two 10’s just to beat her.” Goodness gracious is this commentator in love with Skinner or something? What even was that comment? He also said that no one in the NCAA deserved a 10 this season more than Skinner…are we watching the same sport dude?

    1. That wasn’t how his comment was framed. He said: “How good was Mykayla Skinner?” as in: “She had a really great night and it would be very hard to beat her, but Kyla also had a really great night and managed to do it.” It was a compliment to both athletes. No need to assume anything bad by it. I will say, the fawning over everyone in the competition and their high scores was a bit over the top considering that I’m sure he knew that the scoring was extremely generous tonight. So talking about how incredibly fantastic and record-breaking everybody was all over the place tonight was a bit willfully ignorant, but nobody was getting left out of the commentator love fest tonight.

      1. It really left a bad taste in my mouth so I’m glad you heard it a different way, I like your thinking about he meant it in that context much better. And you make a great point that he was making some pretty grand proclamations all night about several gymnasts who benefitted from out of control scoring on both teams.

  6. Regional seedings going to be interesting. Regionals should be at neutral sites, so no seeding conflicts and no team gets home field advantage.

    1. What are the seedings without taking the host conflict into consideration?

      1. Oklahoma
      5. Utah
      9. Kentucky
      13. host Oregon placed here
      – Stanford and Washington as the geographical placed teams along with BYU and the Utah State school who qualified

      2. UCLA
      6. Denver (change to host Michigan)
      10. Alabama

      3. LSU
      7. Michigan (Denver due to host conflict)
      11. Minnesota
      Lindenwood will likely do a play-in at this meet agains perhaps Arizona (to keep them out of the Oregon Pac 12 heavy meet)

      4. Florida
      8. Georgia
      NC State, Maryland, George Washington

      I’m assuming the Utah “crazy” Pac 12 score lifts them over Denver, if not then flip those two around.

      I’m not sure where Boise State, Oregon State, Cal and I’ve forgotten the other seeded team fit in. I assume Oregon State is scheduled at either No. 15 or 16 though.

      Plus you have the LSU/Michigan host conflict. Flip Michigan and Denver and have Oregon host the OU/Utah combo.

      I’m not sure about where all the unseeded teams finished so I don’t know if I have some higher seeds going somewhere for a Play-in – let’s hope the bottom six teams are chosen for the play-ins regardless of geography.

      1. I thought they seeded on an S curve- 1, 8, 9, 16; 2, 7, 10, 15; so on and so forth. That rewards the higher ranked teams with the most cushion.

      2. Could be, I’m not sure of the new system. I was just going on memory and the fact Spencer said Alabama/UCLA will be paired together.

  7. I love NCAA, but 13/24 floor routines at PAC12 evening were 9.9+? And the worst bars routine was a 9.8? Don’t get me wrong, I think this was a great meet and I saw a ton of great gymnastics, but… urgh.

    1. I mean there just isn’t meaning in 5 athletes getting either no deduction or the smallest possible deduction when it’s not even Nationals where all the best are there. You can’t look at that and tell me that the system works when we are about to have a seven way tie for first. I mean, I don’t want to have to pick between Thomas, Dowell, Ohashi, Skinner, Ross, and Finnegan when they all destroy their floor routines but that is literally the point of competing.

      1. „I don’t want to have to pick between Thomas, Dowell, Ohashi, Skinner, Ross, and Finnegan when they all destroy their floor routines but that is literally the point of competing.“

        Well said!

    2. Yes, this! This was my problem last night. I knew it was going to be a hot mess after the lowest score anyone got in session 1 of Pac-12s for a bars routine without a fall was a 9.75. That right there told me things were going to be insane in the second session, and then the scoring of bars in the first rotation of the second session was the nail in the coffin. Of all the bars routines at Pac-12s last night, 43 received a score of at least 9.80, and 3 of the 5 that scored below 9.80 were falls. How can judges possibly rank athletes correctly when each judge only has 5 possible scores to use for 43 different routines? That’s just dumb. When the scoring system is out of 10 and the smallest deduction that can be taken is 0.05, there is no excuse for using only 5 different scores for 43 of the 48 routines. I really hope they tighten up the standard before nationals. If they don’t, then nearly every single routine in the championship meet (provided there are no falls) is going to be 9.9+ by the standard they’ve set. It’s impossible to accurately declare a winner when you only have 3 scores to work with.

      1. Yes the ‘Carols’ were definitely at the Pac 12 meets on Saturday. Even the SEC championship was fairly real without a lot of ‘Caroling’ save some of the UF and LSU scores.

        In reality at the Pac 12 championship UCLA’s victory should’ve been by a larger margin over No. 2 Utah – something like 197.800 to 197.300. UCLA was the best team and no one can argue with that.

        The other schools scores also should’ve been lowered a bit but were pretty much ordered right for the performance on the day.

        If Regionals scoring bans the ‘Carols’ or in other term scores everyone to the Alabama-2019 standards it will be fascinating to see how UCLA and Utah athletes react to actual deductions being taken.

  8. It looks like Cal and Oregon State ended up tied for 15th in the final NQS/RQS. What is the tiebreaker? It seems like Spencer is assuming that Oregon State ended up 16th. So switching Cal and Auburn would technically only be a two-spot move and not a three-spot move…unless I’m missing something.

    1. The tiebreaker should just be me declaring that Cal is the better team.

    2. Who won the Cal/Oregon head-to-head meet this season? The winner should receive the higher seed, therefore making the regular season mean something.

      1. Oregon has the higher pure average (not RQS/NQS) and won the head to head regular season.

    3. It may not end up even mattering that much whether they’re 15th or 16th because Oregon State is a host, and whether you call them 15th or 16th, you’d still have two hosts seeded into the same regional if you placed them the way they are supposed to go according to their ranks. So it’s likely that some reshuffling will need to be done to separate out the four hosts, and then Oregon State’s exact rank might be a moot point.

      1. The point is that being shuffled 3 places is a bigger deal than being shuffled 2, in which case 15th vs 16th is relevant.

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