Regionals Live Blog – Round 1

Thursday, April 4
Scores Stream
3:00 ET/12:00 PT
Georgia Play-in
[31] NC State
[34] New Hampshire
3:00 ET/12:00 PT
Michigan Play-in
[29] Illinois
[30] Central Michigan
4:00 ET/1:00 PT
LSU Play-in
[35] George Washington
[36] Lindenwood
6:00 ET/3:00 PT
Oregon St Play-in
[32] Iowa
[33] Arizona

Let the eliminations BEGIN! Two compete, one advances, starting with NC State/New Hampshire and Illinois/Central Michigan.

What to watch: As vault is the low-scoring event in NCAA, the bars teams will hope for a lead after one piece.

Illinois begins on vault and does not typically expect a huge score there (the other three events are more useful pieces), so getting through vault and staying with Central Michigan in that first rotation is a victory there.

For NC State beginning on vault, it has been a struggle this season to get the competitive start values. Watch to see if Paris Phillips is around—she hasn’t competed in a month—because that could at least give NC State a fourth competitive vault in that lineup. New Hampshire will want to use the Danielle Mulligan bars routine for what they hope is 9.900+ to have a lead after 1.

Oooh, Michigan is on it with the timing. Touch warmup has already started there.

Playing “Hips Don’t Lie” in the arena while a gymnast picks her wedgie is my kind of content.

Rotation 1

Damn we’ve already started and the routines at Athens are going simultaneously for some reason.

We have a stuck tuck Yfull from Prati for Nc State.

Zoeller – UB – Central Michigan – giant full to tkatchev, quite low but hit – bail, crazy legs, held it but I’d say a tenth for that – short cast hs on high – FTDT, hop up in place.

Bounce back on a full from Dwyer for Illinois

Large ounce back on the second tucked Yfull from NC State.

ALERT: We have a fall on a Jaeger from Watkins second up on bars for New Hampshire

Otto – VT – Illinois – bounce back on her full, good power and distance, some pike down.

Johnson – UB – CMU – giant full to a very low gienger, but caught it – bail is fine, a little hip angle – FTDT, chest well down with a bounce to the side.

Howell – VT – Illinois – nearly stuck, small slide back, chest well forward on landing but nice height off the table

Deep landing on the third tucked Yfull from NC State, chest down and hop back.

Miller – Ub – CMU – solid height on jaeger, just a bit of knees, legs together on bail but a hip angle on catch – hop back on FTDT.

Hit Yfull 4th up for Illinois on vault.

Freehling – Ub – UNH – pretty jaeger, a little bit of angle in bail and a very short final cast hs – nearly stuck DLO, a little too hollow.

NC State introduces its first Yfull from Fillard, hop back, pretty solid layout position.

A couple leg breaks from Porter up on bars for CMU, hitting but some handstands as well – FTDT, lunge back.

Lui – Ub  for UNH – hit SHaposh – toe on to bail, legs apart  – 1/2 turn on high, nice line, a little legs – flings out final double tuck a little with a step.

A Phillips, bounce back on Yfull for NC State.

Illinois finishes vault with a tucked Yfull from Roe coming into the lineup. No one into the 9.8s there.

Pedrick – UB – CMU – arch on first hs but hit – tkatchev – short cast hs – giant full to pak, very pretty, high and legs together – full to toe tucked Canada dismount, nice routine. Best fo the lineup.

Diggan – UB – UNH – hop full to gienger! Love it but some leg breaks – straddle back, OK – short final cast hs – giant full to double tuck, stuck. Nice. They’re close to escaping.

Plaksa – UB – CMU – short first hs – jaeger, hit, a little low – bail, legs together, just a tad floppy in the air – short final cast hs – 1/2 turn to double front, gets the stick.

Mulligan – UB – UNH – higgins to front giant to piked jaeger to overshoot, super pretty, just some angle in the overshoot – good final cast hs on high – flings her FTDT way out, a little low with a lunge forward, so it won’t be her highest score, but still definitely usable.

Well, that was kind of an unnecessary whirlwind? I’m not sure why we need to have both teams competing at the same time in dual meets. Also if you’re keeping track, Flo had the wrong graphic identifications for the gymnasts on bars. $30/month.

Anyway, scores.

After 1:
Central Michigan 48.725, Illinois 48.675
New Hampshire 48.800, NC State 48.500

Both bars teams did the job of having a lead. Vault scores aren’t soaring, which is good. We need tighter scores in these postseason meets. New Hampshire will love a three tenth lead right now. Illinois will be fine with this margin after one, even if they would have wanted higher vault scores.

Update: Every team agreed not to alternate routines today so that the teams would have more rest time for tomorrow. I’m kind of like, “What, 20 minutes more…? What’s the even going to do?”

Rotation 2

Fettinger – VT – CMU – large bounce back on layout full, mutiple bounces

Dwyer – Ub – Illinois – nice jaeger – good hs – finishes with a really low double tuck with a lunge.

Hit yfull from Doolin first up for UNH, lots of knees but owrks as a layout, which makes a difference.

HUGE stuble back on double tuck dismount on bars first up for NC State.

Crossover step on Y1/2 second up for CMU.

Looks like they may have given Doolin only a tuck on her vault for UNH, judging by the score.

Winer – VT – UNH – nice height on layout 1/2, some knees, step forward

Grantham  Ub – NC St – hit tkatchev, lunge back on DLO. They don’t have the dismounts yet.

Johnson – VT – CMU – better power on her full, a little chest down, small hop back

Bondanza – VT – UNH – full, some legs, step to the side –

Bixler hits her jaeger to Illinois – bail, a little short – just a bit short on dinal cast HS – only small hop in place on DLO, feet in the air

Williams – VT – CMU – bigger full and a bigger bounce back

Carroll – VT = UNH – hs front pike 1/2, quite strong, good piked position, step back

Tamburro a little close on jaeger catch but fine for NC State – hit bail and nice final cast hs on high – DLO, pikes it down a little too much at the end, chest down with hop.

Large lunge forward on double tuck landing on bars for Illinois.

Pedrick – VT – CMU – DTY – NICE! Only a small bounce back and a touch of knees. Probably her best of the season.

Mulligan – VT – UNH – small step on her full, mostly clean in the air – comes in a bit too forward.

Fillard – Ub – NC State – hits a solid tkatchev – bail, a bit short – floaty DLO and stuck, excellent routine.

Great piked jaeger from Howell on bars, clean pak as well – finishes giant full to double tuck, small hop.

O’Leary – VT – UNH – awesome handspring front pike in the air, but a bound forward on this occasion. Should still be a solid number.

Otto – UB – Illinois – toe shap, great to pak, legs right together – shap 1/2, solid catch, smooth final cast hs – FTDT, step back, really strong again.

Donovan – UB – Illinois – hits jaeger to overshoot, solid – wayyy short on cast hs – giant full to double tuck, short with a bound forward.

9.850s for Howell and Otto will give Illinois a lead that they needed after 2, but it will be a small lead.

After 2:
New Hampshire 97.325, NC State 97.250
Illinois 97.600, CMU 97.450

In normal circumstances, going sub-49 on bars would be bad news for Illinois, but today, that’s the best rotation we’ve seen, so it works. CMU didn’t quite have the pre-Pedrick vaults it needed.

Good news for New Hampshire having a small lead at this point because New Hampshire is supposed to have the advantage on the second-half events. Beam is the big argument for UNH, so getting through vault and bars ahead is a win.

Rotation 3

O’Leary with a strong double from on FX for New Hampshire. Solid control on passes.

Harrison just had a PREPOSTEROUS fall on a full turn on beam leading off for NC State. Pressure now.

Borden – BB – Illinois – holds that mount well – aerial to front handspring to sissone, gets through it well – full turn, clean – dismounts entirely out of shot – Grat, Flo.

Lui pretty out of control on front double full landing for UNH, and some ragged legs on rudi.

NC State gets a hit out of the second beam routine.

Demarinis solid double back on floor for CMU following a 9.700 in the first spot.double pike, controlled landing, just a bit of knees -switch side 1/4 to popa, a little indistinct

Stuck gainer full to finish a hit beam for Noonan of Illinois.

Nelson hitting beam for NC State, pretty tight on straddle 1/4 attempt – cat leap to side somi with a lean correction but holds it – side aerial to full, stuck, some form.

Strong full-in from Winer on floor for UNH, high popa to wolf 1/5 as well, has the height to get it around – 1.5 to 1/2 to straddle – double tuck, a little but impressed with this routine. 9.800. Floor scores not high.

Otto strong loso series on beam.  Small hesitation in leap combination but otherwise very solid routine.

Fillard with a check on beam series but keeps it together – kickover front was stronger – gainer full, stuck.

Mulligan – FX – UNH – triple spin attempt was pretty crooked, she wasn’t on with that turn combination – 1.5 to layout was fine – rudi, some ragged legs but controlled.

Grantham BB – a little tight on leaps – hit loso series with only a little lean – side aerial to side position, hit – 1.5, stuck. They’re surviving, and beam scores are looser than floor scores in Athens right now.

Hit beam from Scott for Illinois –

Fettinger – FX – CMU – front 2/1 to front tuck, hit well – switch side to popa, solid – 1.5 to layout, some arch, OK – rudi, solid

Freehling controlled on double pike for UNH on floor, chest down by minimal movement – sits dismount. It just got real.

Illinois is testing out the beam in the middle of the rotation?

Webb – BB – NC State – bhs loso, pretty, best extension of the lineup, controllled – beat to sheep, holds it – 2/1 dismount, a little deep but stuck. Huge hit

Pedrick is short on her 3/1 on floor, chest down with a lung eto the side. The rest is solid, double pike short with a hop though.

NC State is going to have a lead on New Hampshire after 3.

Borderline front 2/1 from Watkins on floor for UNH. I’d give rudi, so that will be interesting. Also a wolf hop full that is risking no credit. Some judging decisions to be made here.

Roe – BB – Illinois – they have five hits already, so this is bonus – bhs loso series with a bend to the side and some arms – beat to straddle 3/4, check – cat leap to side somi to tuck full dismount off the side, stuck. That was the highlight.

After 3:
NC State 146.275, New Hampshire 146.000
Illinois 146.575, CMU 146.350

Big news of the third rotation was NC State moving ahead of New Hampshire. It would look to be advantage NC State now heading to floor with New Hampshire on beam, but beam is a strength for New Hampshire.

Illinois has a couple tenths now on CMU as well, so CMU is going to have to do something special on beam here.

Also get ready because Lindenwood/GW is about to start, although we’ll have plenty of time to spend with that one after these first two end, which will be super early because THEY NEED TEH REST.

Rotation 4 (also rotation 1 in LSU)
Fillard – FX – NC State – double pike, solid chest up – quite short on all of her leap positions – finishes with solid double tuck

Hit loso series from Freehling on BB with an arm wave – cat leap kickover front to beat, pretty – cat leap to switch to back tuck with a large check –

Advantage NC State on the first routine.

Stuck gainer pike off the end on beam for CMU’s leadoff.

Scott finishes floor for Illinois with a hit rudi, some legs

GW controlling most of these first few vaults well, small hops.

Baddick – BB – UNH – nailed front tuck – solid series -hits sheep jump, small lean –

Otto a little raggedy landing her first pass on floor for Illinois, chest and a step. Large delay on beam for CMU -0

1.5 to front tuck second pass for Otto was stronger – switch ring to full twisting shushunova always a favorite. Rudi, chest down, step to the side.

Brooker – FX – NC State – double pike, chest up, good – switch side to popa, a bit better in position – well short on double back final pass with a lunge –

Near fall there on a Y1/2 for GW on vault.

Winer with a loso series on beam, hit, small adjustment – good kickover front – 1.5, small step. Nice routine. That will gain a little ground for UNH.

It’s 48.700 for George Washington on vault.

Webb – FX – NC State – double pike, nice toes, just some chest down – I”ll take some issue with that leap completion – 1.5 to front pike, a little low but hit.

Bondanza – BB – UNH – aerial to bhs series, very smooth, pretty – kickover front fights well well into beat jump – a little slow in leap combination with some shape, but probably fine, sticks a staggered gainer full

That’s 9.8 for Bondanza and 9.825 for Webb. Nc State back in control.

Soem 9.7s on floor for Illinois are giving CMU a chance here. Howell’s routine should solve that.

mulligan – BB – UNH – bhs loso series, hit, pretty solid extension – double spin, nice difficulty attempt but will take a check on that – kickover front, good – hit routine, may not be enough at this point

A Phillips – FX – NC State – double arabian, really strong, good chest up work – oh supppper low on her combo pass, just does get it to her feet, but that will not help the score. Nice high rudi with a slide

Strong aerial to bhs loso series for CMU on beam.

GW has .125 on Lindenwood after 1.

Lui – BB – UNH – aerial to split jump, nice extension on split – bhs loso and falls. And that’s the need. NC State will go through.

Big deal for NC State to get it done on the pieces where New Hampshire should have had an edge.

Pedrick – BB – CMU – switch 1/2 with some back leg – 2/1 dismount, stuck. Great 2/1.

Illinois will finish its day with Row on floor – rudi, hit, some legs – loooowwww middle pass.

Skyler Memmel finishing on beam for CMU. Can mathematically still catch Illinois but would need an insane score into the 9.9s and a miss from Roe. Hit loso series. Switch half to straddle is hit secure, will get a switch position deduction. Stuck dismount. Did what she could do.

FINAL: NC State 195.150, New Hampshire 194.900

We have a fall on a jaeger first up for George Washington on bars.

Scores pokey with the final in Ann Arbor, but it should be Illinois.

OOOF BY A HALF TENTH. Memmel needed a 9.925 on beam and got 9.875, Roe did have trouble on floor.

Central Michigan’s score would have been good enough to advance from the other site.

Moving on…

Banen – Ub – GW – hit tkatchev, really nice Pak, good height – short cast hs on high – giant full to double tuck, lunge back

Turon – VT – LU – great height on her Y1/2 but a very uncontrolled landing, a bounce and then another little hop and bounce side salute that I anticipate getting destroyed by the judges.

Zois – UB – GW – good first hs – 1/2 turn to straddle back, well short of vertical on that but the 1/2 turn was MWAH – DLO, stuck with some pike in position

Big bounce back on full for Leman on vault.

Cohen – UB – GW – giant full with CRAZY legs, totally collapses and it a miracle she was able to work into tkatchev still, but a major deduction – DLO, stuck, some position. Dismount a highlight, but that will have to count.

Boogerd – VT – LU – full, bounce back, a bit better in the control department –

Baars – VT – LU – hits a full, another bounce back, some ragged legs. These aren’t high scores, but with GW having issues on bars…

Warhol – UB – GW – big gienger, excellent height, just some legs – some hs shortness – FTDLO with a only a small hop. These dismounts are quite good, and Cohen still got away with 9.550 on her bars routine, which they can work with.

McLaughlin – UB – GW – short first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger, hit but a bit low – a couple hs deductions in here but overall solid work – FTDT, bounce back. They got through. By just enough.

9.725 for McLaughlin means that GW will still lead by .050.

After 2:
George Washington 97.125, Lindenwood 97.075

Central Michigan is looking at this like, “We would have gladly gone out of state if it meant being in this one.

Rotation 3 from LSU

Zois – BB – GW – switch to split full, gets it around for credit – bhs loso series, nailed it – swtich ring attempt, not sure about that – 2/1, nailed. Mostly exceptional. 9.800

Franklin – FX – LU – front tuck through to double tuck, nice height, just a hair out of control – switch 1/2 to wolf full, good amplitude there – double pike, a little stuttery on landing. 9.750

Cohen – BB – GW – bhs bhs loso series, quite strong – full turn, small hesitation – aerial, pretty smooth – cat leap to gainer full, solid – GW starts with its best two beam routines and got solid performances –

Colwell – FX – LU – pretty double pike amplitude and feet –  front full to front pike with a lunge forward – switch to switch 1/1 attempt, short of position there – double tuck, nice tight tuck shape, just a little forward with a step

Zona – BB – GW – stomach spin mount – full turn, hit – cat leap to side aerial, small check – bhs loso series, hit securely, more knee position deduction that the first two – cat leap to switch side – 1.5, small hop

Baze – FX – LU – pretty comfortable double pike – switch side to popa, really strong extension – double tuck, control, chest down – front 1/2 to front pike 1/2 attempt, interesting twist on the pass, comes up short with a chest down step

Banen – BB – GW – Kochetkova, hit, some hesitation coming down – switch 1/2 a little short of position – hit loso series, small check – 9.800

I love how the live scores were just like “WE CAN’T FIGURE OUT THREE EVENTS.”

Alexander – FX – LU – double tuck, nice comfortable landing – 1.5 to layout, strong, just a little leg softness – doubel pike, controlled step, a little chest position. 9.800

Raymond – BB – GW – switch 1/2 with a  little chest into split, not quite hitting the 180 positions – bhs loso, solid with some feet – side aerial, squeezes well to avoid a check – side aerial to full, small hop

Henry – FX – LU – double pike, once again solid pass landing control – double back, hit, bit less control but not a major problem – 1.5 to front layout, another solid showing – 9.850. Lindenwood closing here.

Bray – BB – GW – switch to sheep with a check, possible closure deduction on sheep if they’re feeling it – standing loso, a bit of knees – bhs loso series, same and a small check – gainer pike, stuck

Leman – FX – LU – front lay to front 2/1 attempt, short with a shuffle stumble – switch 1/2 to popa, some position – 1/5 to front pike, bounce forward – front lay to rudi, solid coming back into the lineup to replace Mitchell, but we’ll see if it increases the score sizably enough. 9.750 helps

After 3:
George Washington 146.050, Lindenwood 145.975

Still not a tenth in this thing, both teams hitting the 48.9 range in their third rotations as we saw them coming into their own now on the more comfortable events. They’d much rather be on beam and floor than vault and bars.

Rotation 4

Alexander – BB – LU – aerial to back tuck, very solid – quick enough – lovely sissone position – pretty switch leap – split 3/4 – gainer pike, college salutes out of a stick, nice one though. 9.825

Kaplan – FX – GW – double pike, secure – 1.5 to layout, more height on the 1.5 and a little flat on layout, but still solid – switch 1/2 to wolf full, not at the way there on switch – punch rudi, small slide. 9.800

Bailey – BB – LU – bhs loso and a HUGE break, manages to keep it on the beam with a lot of arm waves, but every deduction except a fall there – leaps look pretty nice – 1.5, small slide. 9.650. That’s the one that will need to go to stay in this.

Crasa – FX – GW – front tuck through to double pike, solid, chest up – 1.5 to front pike – split leap full to popa, some feet, around – double tuck, a bit lower and some bounce. Another solid hit. 9.825

Colwell  – BB – LU – bhs loso loso, hit it – some knees – but impressive series – switch to switch combination, extremely low position, risking no credit – gainer full, slide back. 9.750

Banen – FX – GW – double pike, deep chest position, minimizes the slide – 1.5 to front lay to split jump, better, good power controlled performance – switch side to popa, lands just a tad under – double tuck, step back, just keeps it in bounds. 9.825

Franklin – BB – LU – bhs loso, large check, keeps it on – this one is slipping away from Lindenwood with these checks – sissone with a pause in connection to side aerial, arm wave – beat to split 3/4, secure – full turn – gainer pike, stuck a little to the side. 9.725

Karpova – FX – GW – attempts a split ring jump full, position deductions – double pike, bounce back – front layout to front full, a little bouncy – switch ring to wolf hop full, switch ring was better, not all the way around on wolf hop – whip to back 1.5, very secure. Nice final pass. 9.825 is quite high.

Henry – BB – LU – bhs loso, another save but another significant deduction with a bend at the hips – side aerial, check – 1.5, stuck. Some nice moments but the checks will get her. 9.675

Zois – FX – GW – double pike, nice chest position and form, best double pike of the rotation – 2.5, a little big of a dance out but not much, great ehight – switch ring to split, short of position on split – front 1/2 to back 1/2, stays in bounds, that will seal the win for GW. 9.875

Milliet – BB – LU – aerial and bhs are Milliet lovely – sheep with a balance check – kickover front, good – attitude spin, doesn’t hold attitude position for quite long enough – gainer front layout full off the end, step back.

Raymond – FX – GW – double pike, a little leg form, controlled – double tuck, also solid but chest down – 1.5 to layout, some legs apart, another solid hit to finish GW’s successful competition.

Lindenwood finishes 194.750. A valiant effort.

GW finishes with that 195.200 for the win.

We have a little bit of a break until Iowa/Arizona.

In the 4th meet, we start with a similar outlook as those early meets, where Arizona starting on a strength (bars), really needs to be leading Iowa after one event to have a reasonable shot.

The touch warmup is getting started now.

Uh oh, Oregon State. You’re not ready to begin exactly at 3. They might not have enough rest time before tomorrow now.

Rotation 1

Hendrickson – UB – AZ – short first hs – 1/2 turn small hesitation into jaeger to overshoot, hit – short hs – FTDLO, small step. Solid enough.

Chow – VT – Iowa – Full, comes up a little short with a step

Going at the same time doesn’t actually gain that much time, just ensures that we’ll have simultaneous routines and simultaneous judging pauses.

Swanson – UB – AZ – giant full to tkatchev, a little flat with some feet but OK – struggles on pak with a large leg break – some short handstands will get her here – DLO, pikes it down with hop back.

Carlson – VT – Iowa – Yfull – full tenth bounce back, nice direction and power

Kane – UB – AZ – short first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger, takes it too far and falls. Here we go.

Sullivan – VT – Iowa – Y1/2, nicely done, only a small hop to the side, not the highest but did the job

Killian – VT – Iowa – pretty solidly controlled full, small hop back, nice distance, some foot position in the air, some direction

Spencer – UB – AZ – solid first hs – nice height on Ray – more hs out of frame – bail, some hip angle to miss vertical – DLO, stuck, nice finish. 9.900

Guerin – VT – Iowa – bounce back on her full, but also mostly solid, similar distance and direction to Killian but a larger bounce

Leydin – UB – AZ – toe on to pak, straddled position – smoother handstands – hits khorkina – giant full to double tuck.

Castle totally balked her vault for Iowa. Didn’t do anything, but they don’t need a score. Yikers.

The judges are like, “SO ER WHAT WAS THAT?”

Berg – UB – AZ – short first hs – 1/2 turn into big piked jaeger to overshoot, well done – just a couple hs there – FTDT, small hop. Bars scores pretty soft early, so while it was not her strongest, I expect a good number.

9.750 is tighter than expected. A couple missed handstands and a non-stuck dismount, so shouldn’t have been too high, but comparatively that’s a little odd. Not a loose score by any means.

Looks like Erin Castle is going to get another vault.Not sure what they decided there.

Castle – VT – Iowa – Part 2 – sticks  Y1/2, so that works.

After 1: Arizona 48.975, Iowa 48.800

Both teams basically right where we would expect them to be after one event and on track for a very close meet. Arizona could have built something with the usual Berg score, but Iowa will be totally fine being within two tenths after 1 event.

Rotation 2

Kaji – UB – Iowa – hit jaeger – toe on to pak, legs apart but hit – short final cast hs – DLO, nice and floaty, pikes down a little to find landing, hop. 9.800

Leung – VT – AZ – full, bounce back, some piking throughout. 9.700

Hartzler – UB – Iowa – short first hs – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger, way too far and falls. Same issue as in the middle of Arizona’s lineup.

Davis – VT – AZ – This is a switch – Yfull – pretty clean in the air but a large bounce back – good direction, not the most distance. 9.650

Swanson – VT – AZ – solid full, small hop back, better distance, some foot and knee deductions. 9.800

Sullivan – UB – Iowa – Ray, hit, some feet – toe on to bail, short of vertical on bail catch – giant full to double tuck, bounce back, some handstands but closer to those positions than the earlier lineup. 9/800

Parks – VT – AZ – nice height on her full, but also a bounce back. 9.775.

Leydin – VT – AZ – hits her 1.5, one of her better 1.5s this season, small hop, some knees and height to take. 9.750 a little low for me comparatively.

Kampschroeder – UB – Iowa – Ray is super close and has to tuck it to catch – pak, nice, pretty position, legs together – DLO, smooth, hop back. 9.575

Arizona will finish vault with a tuck full from Kane.

Chow – UB – Iowa – Ray is big and hit, well done – pak, pretty, high, legs together – close on final cast hs – giant full to double tuck, stuck. Lovely. She needs to be reward for what she did better than the first couple, and they got 9.800s. 9.900

It’s 48.675 vaulting for Arizona, but Iowa is having its own issues on bars and will count a 9.5

Kranitz – UB Iowa – hit jaeger – very strong cast hs – bail was short of vertical – she has the best hs in the lineup finishes double front, deep but sticks it.

Big hit for Kranitz there to keep Iowa right in it with Arizona.

After 2: Iowa 97.725, Arizona 97.650

Kind of a missed opportunity for both on bars as neither team was able to break 49 on a strength, but since both missed the opportunity, we still have a very even showdown. Arizona goes to its other strength now, floor, and will 100% need to get a lead here to have a solid chance.

Rotation 3

Carlson – BB – Iowa – bhs loso series, pretty solid extension in that bhs, secure – switch to straddle 1/4, check, a bit short on straddle – solid loso, I’d take a little for split positions on each instance – bhs 1.5 with a hop. 9.725

Hendrickson – FX – AZ – double tuck, solid, controlled step – front full to pike, crossover step, a little low – 1.5 to layout, JUST does get that layout to her feet but had to whip it over pretty significantly

Gilchrist – BB – Iowa – bhs to pack pike sereis, leg-up check – switch 1/2 to beat, short on switch 1/2 – hitch kick (but like a real one, not like a basically a fake cat leap) to side aerial, good – gainer pke, stuck. Second 1/2 was very strong. 9.675

Finally get the Hendrickson score and it’s 9.450. YIKES.

Freidin – FX – AZ – split leap 1.5 is good – double tuck, bounce back OOB, not what AZ needed here – leaps are all. 9.525 and it has to count OOF.

Killian – BB – Iowa – bhs loso series, hit – front tuck a little stiff but hit securely. 9.700

Kaji – BB – Iowa – aerial, smoothly done – bhs loso, great height on that loso – side aerial with a bit of a check – switch to split, stronger leap positions – gainer pike, holds the stick with a lean. Solid work. 9.850, continuing to distance.

Swanson – FX – AZ – front tuck tthrough to 2.5, crossover step, close to the corner but no flag – double tuck, small slide back, good chest up work – 2/1 to front tuck, short 2/1 Chinese style to connect into the tuck. 9.700

Chow – BB – Iowa – bhs layout, the layout is piked but not too bad – aerial to split jump, well done – her extension in the leaps should get her into a higher scoring zone – gainer pike, stuck. 9.850.

Sullivan – BB – Iowa – aerial to bhs, quick enough for these days, some knees to take in both – switch 1/2, small check – side somi, hit – switch to split – 2/1 dismount, stuck. good work.

We have a nicely stuck front 2/1 on floor for Davis from Arizona. That helps. 1.5 to layout, clean. 9.750. Into the lineup for Cowles, who did not vault either today.

Leydin – FX – AZ – front tuck through to double tuck, great, chest up, solid – switch side and split jump 1/1, some back leg – love the choreo into the split and popa, stronger positions there as well – double pike, nailed it, the score they needed. 9.850.

So that’s 48.925 for Iowa on beam, but a pretty strong rotation. They’ll take it definitely. Arizona can stay in this despite the first two floors with a hit here from Berg.

Berg – FX – AZ – front 2/1, around, solid landing, just a bit of knees – switch to split jump 1/1 to wolf full, some back leg in the jump 1/1 – 1.5 to front pike, keeps the back foot down – rudi to split jump, some leg form, a little travel, but a solid routine to keep AZ in it, though the clear underdog now heading to beam with a deficit.

After 3:
Iowa 146.650, Arizona 146.275

Iowa has now opened up the largest margin we’ve seen today because of a hit beam while Arizona had to count an OOB on floor, a score Arizona very much needed. With the size of the lead and the advantage Iowa enjoys comparatively on the fourth rotation events, Iowa would need to make a mistake at this point.

Rotation 4

Gilchrist – FX – Iowa – front 2/1, pretty large lunge forward out of it, but hit well enough – 1.5 to front pike – switch 1/2 is OK – rudi, secure. 9.750

Davis – BB – AZ – bhs bhs loso series, solid – kickover front to beat jump, deep on kickover but controlled landing – 1.5, hop. Good hit. 9.725

Leung – BB – AZ – bhs loso, pretty extension – nicely done on the switch to switch combination this week – side aerial, smooth – 1.5, stuck. Excellent. best beam routine I’ve ever seen her do. 9.850

Killian – FX – Iowa – 3/1, hit, just a little under – 1.5 to front pike, a bit ragged in legs but control – double tuck, stuck. 9.825

Leydin – BB – AZ – wolf single, fine – switch to split, good positions as well – bhs loso series, comfortable – falls on side somi – it had been going so well – pike jump to back tuck, small check – 1.5, stuck

Sullivan – FX – Iowa – front tuck through to 2.5, ooc crossover step but not too big – double tuck, solid, only a bit of legs apart in the air but nice – switch ring to switch 1/2 to popa, switch ring had a low front leg but the switch 1/2 was better than the ring.

Freidin – BB – AZ – full turn, smooth – lone bhs and a check, has to redo for her series – bhs loso and falls. Oh Arizona and beam hitting. That will end any hope Arizona had of stealing it at the end – switch to split, pretty extension on switch – side aerial, so much gorgeous in these routines, except for the hitting back – switch 1/2 with a check, not quite there on the switch 1/2 – gainer pike, stuck

Guerin – FX – Iowa – big full in, nailed the landing, quite nice – front tuck through to double tuck, also very well controlled. Well there’s that. Excellent routine. 9.900

Iowa has been the best team of the four meets today.

Cowles – FX – AZ – She’s in on beam – cat leap to aerial to beat, hit – full turn, nice – bhs loso series, only a bit of feet but pretty nice extension in the legs – switch to split, lovely – gainer front layout full with a step. 9.750 a little harsh

Kaji – FX – Iowa – 1.5 through to double tuck, solid, chest down a little – double pike, slide back – switch and split elements, loses the back leg on splits –

Hendrickson – BB – AZ – beat to split 3/4, a little short of position on split but OK – solid bhs loso series – side aerial, somewhat low but secure – switch to split 1/4, back leg getting her again – gainer full, stuck. 9.825

That’s Arizona finishing it out, but Iowa will advance. One floor routine left.

Arizona goes 194.550.

Castle – FX – Iowa – double pike, hit, chest pretty far down on that landing – wolf hop full to popa – rudi, a little staggered in the feet in landing, but solid – 1.5 to layout, some mushy position int he layout, but fine, and a good day for Iowa.

NC State 195.150 – New Hampshire 194.900
Illinois 195.325 – Central Michigan 195.275
George Washington 195.200 – Lindenwood 194.750
Iowa 195.850 – Arizona 194.550

Iowa’s performance was the only one to write home about today, but even that had a missed opportunity on bars and wouldn’t really challenge tomorrow. Only one team had to count a fall across the four meets, which was nice.

Central Michigan with the third-highest score of the entire day but does not advance.

Verdict on the play-in meets: It’s a good shape of an idea. We need to work on scheduling and meet timing though.


18 thoughts on “Regionals Live Blog – Round 1”

  1. Does scores earned today for the losing teams count for nationals individual qualifiers?

    1. No – individuals from today’s losing teams that qualified as individuals will compete tomorrow, and it is their scores tomorrow that will count.

  2. I wonder if scores will be a little tighter tomorrow b/c seems as if judges already keeping scores fairly close together. If these are non seeded teams and already throwing several 9.75-9.85 is there even going to be separation tomorrow?

    1. I certainly hope they’re a little tighter tomorrow especially given the way this postseason works. Since the only use for today’s scores is determining which teams get to compete tomorrow, it doesn’t matter at all if a routine that would’ve gone 9.85 today goes 9.80 tomorrow.

    1. Mine is pretty strobe-y. Don’t know if it is my connection or the broadcast. I am using Sling and watching through that.

  3. As a crew was checking the beam between Illinois/CMU rotations, the announcement came on acknowledging AAI as the official equipment provider.

      1. It was a follow up to Spencer’s comment, “Illinois is testing out the beam in the middle of the rotation?”

        Several people were inspecting the beam after the Illinois rotation had finished, before the CMU touch warmup began. While this was going on, the (pre-planned and possibly even pre-recorded) message thanking the equipment provider was announced in Crisler Arena. It was just a funny coincidence.

  4. “possible closure deduction on sheep if they’re feeling it” … hehehehehehehehehe

  5. I spent the first two meets going “I wish there was a commentary” and touch warmup hasn’t even finished and i’m thinking “I wish there wasn’t a commentary.”

  6. I’ve never seen Iowa complete before, that was such a treat! Also, massive shout out to the PAC12 network, they (and Spencer of course) are the true international NCAAgym fan’s hero providing us with easy free viewing all season long!

  7. I get the concept of the play-in, but am still appalled that #35 & 36 were paired and #29 & 30 were paired. How is this at all reasonable? Guarantee that a team that almost made it into the top 28 DOES NOT make it at the same time you guarantee that a team in the very bottom DOES make it. This year in particular, there was a pretty big drop from 34 to 35. They are making some of the top teams go to a regional 3 time zones away (UCLA, Florida, CAL), why “help” the lower ranked teams by putting them closer to home? Why even call it regionals at this point? Let us just make it group A, B, C, and D and distribute across those in some zigzag fashion…

    1. As someone who is used to NCAA brackets … “regions” are not about geography in most sports. Just look at the basketball tournament. The bracket has regional names which have nothing to do with the schools in those parts of the bracket.
      Also the reason you do the play in this way comes from the basketball tournament because you want to make these play in match ups interesting to watch. All these first round teams will get slaughtered in the second round. It doesn’t matter which ones play who on day one.

  8. So the PAC 12 Network can get a deal to stream Flo’s feed, but the Big Ten Network can’t? Michigan may not have chosen to use Flo, but it sounds like neither the school nor the conference pushed to work something out.

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