Regionals Live Blog – Regional Finals

Saturday, April 6
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7:00 ET/4:00 PT
Georgia Regional Final
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Michigan Regional Final
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LSU Regional Final
10:00 ET/7:00 PT
Oregon St Regional Final

Enough playing. This is the real one. Life is starting.

If you haven’t, check out the preview of today’s competition considering what we saw yesterday. Because there’s a lot.

In the first rotation from the first two meets, we’ll have Nebraska on vault, Michigan on bars, UCLA on beam, Alabama on floor, Cal on vault, Kentucky on bars, Oklahoma on beam, and Georgia on floor. All at the same time. Good luck. It was nice knowing you.

Everyone’s sort of slow getting their scoring pages together so far today, which does not bode well.

It’s intros time, people.

We’re moving to the events at Michigan, preparing to start the warmup. UCLA returning to normal lineups today.

Looks like Georgia has Magee replacing Davis on floor.

No, it’s cool Georgia, I didn’t want a live scoring link.

Rotation 1

I feel sick. I would definitely miss a beam routine right now.

Bordas opens us on vautl for Cal with a nice full, small hop in place.

Magee, secure piked full in on floor, chest well down

Small slide back on FTDLO for Stuart Kentucky.

Heiskell – UB – Michigan – hit tkatchev – Pak, pretty, legs together – solid final cast hs – 1/2 turn to double tuck, small slide

Grace Glenn has fallen on beam to start the meet for UCLA.

Nebraska gets a very strong 1.5 from Dujakovich. One of her best.

Nixon on UB for Kentucky finishes with a lovely stuck double tuck.

Trautman hits first up for Oklahoma.

Mariani – UB – Michigan – clear hip to a tkatchev with nice height – struggles on bail, body angle and a little collapse in handstand – FTDT, pace back.

Baumann on FX a little bouncy on her double tuck second pass.

George – VT – Cal – stuck full again. She has that one on fire.

Olsen nailed her double double for Alabama on floor, excellent.

UCLA gets a hit from Nguyensecond up on beam.

Crouse – VT – Nebraska – bound forward on 1.5, not too large.

Stuck 1.5 from Clausi for Cal. Even better than yesterday. Her best vault ever.

That looked like a hit DLO from Dukes on bars, step back.

Good loso series from Kocian

Mastrangelo also nailed her 1.5. That was an amazing vault rotation for Cal.

Mahoney really bouncy on her floor landings for Alabama, but following 9.875 from Olsen. Good double pike to finish for her though

Wojcik with a wonderful first handstand on bars – hit piked jaeger – bail a bit of angle – DLO, bounce back

Oklahoma is rolling on beam so far and getting all the scores.

Flatley with a strong aerial to loso series – L turn to split jump to beat, nicely done

Lukacs with a controlled hit on floor for Georgia.

Hyland strong tkatchev but collapse on the bail position with some leg form, great stick on dismount.

Cal will be thrilled with 49.375 on vault,b ut the way the Oklahoma and Georgia scores are soaring.

UCLA will have to count a 9.725 on beam from Kocian.

Dickson with a bound forward on her double arabian, stays in bounds – 1.5 to layout, very clean, good layout position –

9.875 is wayy too high for Hyland on bars with that bail position.

Korth a little low in dismount.

Graber finishing floor for Alabama with a double pike, very smoothly done

Every Oklahoma routine is 9.950. Dickson got 9.900 it looks like for that floor which is insanity.

Vega with a good full in on floor –

These are some of the most ridiculous scores in Athens, you guys.

UCLA gets a beam hit from Ross. They’ll count a 9.725 from Kocian but can probably afford it.

Guerra finishes floor – 1.5 to layout, a little low with a step – double pike, bounce back.

9.975 for Vega’s floor. It’s cute how Cal and Kentucky thought they would have a shot here.

It’s a 10 for Ross on beam. So UCLA goes 49.400, which will not lead because Alabama went 49.425 on floor.Michigan just 49.200 on bars so a solid edge to Alabama after 1.

1. Alabama – 49.425
2. UCLA – 49.400
3. Michigan – 49.200
4. Nebraska – 49.100

9.950 for Nichols on beam with a non-stuck dismount.

1. Oklahoma – 49.700
2. Georgia – 49.550
3. Cal – 49.375
4. Kentucky – 49.300

No weak rotations in there, just some comparatively strong ones, and some comparatively strong alcohol being guzzled by Carol at every moment.

Routines with large landing errors should not be scoring 9.900. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb there.

Rotation 2

Magee starts vault for Georgia, small bounce back on full. Nice.

We have a large break on a series from Warren on beam for Kentucky. Another check on a switch side.

So Seilnacht – UB – very clean piked jaeger to overshoot, nicely done – 1/2 turn to 1.5, hop back today

Ward with a bounce back on her Tsuk 1/1

Very strong full in from Frazier on floor.

Another check for Kentucky on beam from Angeny, lean to the side –

George finishes bars for Cal with a stuck FTDT. Nice.

Vega – VT – Georgia – hop back on her full, some knees, a little chest. If that goes 9.9 you guys…

Of course Webb went 9.950 starting for Oklahoma on floor.

Check for Osman on her LOSO series on beam, not large.

Dickson – VT – very uncontrolled on Omel landing, two large bounds. Needs to be 9.7 max.

Korth checking on beam as well, not a solid rotation so far.

Interesting that Dennis is remaining in UCLA’s floor lineup, but she hits her piked full in today with a bounce back.

Lukacs with a very strong DTY. Mimicking yesterday. She is arriving for the postseason

Watterson nailed bars for Cal.

Apologies for the relative lack of updates from Ann Arbor. Flo keeps dying every two seconds and you are really surprised.

Gorgeous 1.5 from Snead, stuck landing. You have to take for legs, so it can’t be a 10, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is.

Guerra – VT – Alabama – brilliant 1.5, just came in a little low,b ut held the landing very well.

Georgia goes 49.375 on vault to match Cal.

UCLA getting the needed hits so far on floor.

Kuc and Watterson both 9.950 on bars for Cal.

Stuck double tuck for Bordas on bars as well, and the scores are there for everyone today, so this is going to be a massive number.

Kentucky has to count a 9.700 on beam, but is getting the 9.9s just like everyone now with these last routines.

Kyla a little out of control on the lunge back out of her first pass.

Funk – BB – Michigan – bhs loso series, secure – switch side 1/2, very well controlled – beat jump to straddle 3/4 with a lean to hold it – side aerial to full, stuck

Holy crap Cal just got 49.575 on bars. Moves ahead of Georgia after 2. Did that just get…interesting?

Wojcik – BB – Michigan – aerial to beat, lovely – switch to split – hits loso series, no check – strong side aerial.

How did Kyla go 9.950 on floor with two uncontrolled passes?

Hano a little short on her DLO landing this week, chest down – 1.5 a little deep with a slide. Rest good.

Trautman solid control on DLO – big floaty middle pass as always – split leap full to popa, exceptional – double tuck, keeps front foot down.

9.975 why not.

Ohashi – FX – UCLA – split leg DLO today, chest down with a step to the side – 1.5 to 1/2 to split jump to front tuck – the rest was strong – her split jump in the middle pass had a little back leg, but this will be a big total for UCLA. If the live scores ever work.

Oklahoma 49.675 on floor after 49.700 on beam.

Nebraska went 49.150 on bars.

UCLA 99.025
Michgian 98.625
Alabama 98.550
Nebraska 98.250

We’ve got the race we wanted between Michigan and Alabama.

Oklahoma 98.375
Cal 98.950
Georgia 98.925
Kentucky 98.575

Kentucky is going to need some help the way things are trending, but they still get to go to floor, where every routine is 9.9 for everyone.

Oh crap a third regional is about to start soon. That’s going to get secondary treatment until the first two are over. Just watch to see if anyone falls.

Rotation 3

Lehrmann with a little hop forward on her 1.5 today –

Roberts on bars for Georgia, nice DLO.

Webb – VT – OU – lands short but less than yesterday, just a little step back.

Delay for Cal on beam.

Lukacs – Ub – Georgia – low tkatchev but hit – small leg break on the pak this time – a bit short on subsequent cast hs – SLO, hop back –

Jones with a some form things on beam for Cal but a hit routine with a stuck landing, so they’ll probably be fine with it.

Kentucky and Georgia both start with 9.875s

Stuart a little slidy on her first pass on floor.

Snead – UB – UGA – hit tkatchev, lovely toes as always – solid bail – step back on DLO.

Lukacs got 9.850 on bars with a non-stick

Pace forward for Sekai Wright on vault.

Graber – Ub – Alabama – gienger, caught, some legs on catch – bail, leg break – good final cast hs – FTDT, college stick with a step forward

Tratz – VT – UCLA – stuck full

Nichols a little short on her 1.5 with a pace back

Hit bars from Al-Hameed

Kentucky getting the 9.9s everyone has been getting on floor.

Step forward from Childers on her bars dismount, a little deep.

Dowell also short on her 1.5 with a step back. Not their best 1.5s today.

Check from Seilnacht on her series on beam. The rest was good.

Dickson gets the stick on her FTDLO on bars. Caught close on her Ray per Kevin

Ross no stick on vault today, a little bounce forward

Guerra solid jaeger on bars – clean bail position – DLO, stuck, what Alabama needed.

Oakley – BB – lovely jaeger and pak work – strong 1/2 turn on low bar – hitting cast handstands cleanly – FTDT, nearly stuck, just a little absorb. That routine is actually warranting the huge score everyone has been getting for yawning all day lowng.

Mahoney – clean bail – hit tkatchev, one short hs, low on FTDT dismount with lunge forward

Oakley gets a 10. Didn’t she not stick that dismount? Hard to tell from bird’s eye though

Shu a little too bouncy on her beam dismount for Cal.

Gaskins – UB – Alabama – a little too archy on pak but otherwise fine – short final cast hs – SLO, low with a hop forward

George – BB – Cal – good wolf turn – aerial to back hs, a little arm wave in between, would be interesting if they start caring now – nice position on her switch ring – gainer full, holds the stick

Kevin’s really struggling with the Cal identities

Dukes – FX – Kentucky – double pike, feet but secure landing – lovely switch ring to switch 1/2 – front full to layout, a little low with some leg form – double tuck, just a little chest down, but good

Wojcik finishes floor with very clean rudi to straddle –

Very smooth loso series for Keelen on BB – solid kickover front – 1.5 with a small slide back.

Karas – FX – Michigan – a tad short on arabian with a step back – 1.5 to 1/2, solid. Double pike, too out of control on the bounce back

Kentucky went 49.600 on floor. There are literally no standards anymore.

9.950 for Keelen.

Oklahoma 148.825
Georgia 148.500
Cal 148.350
Kentucky 148.175

Georgia is in control here, but it’s beam. Cal needs floor scoring to arrive for them the way it has preposterously for every other team. Kentucky’s big floor score may not be enough still because every score has been big for everyone.

Carol should be embarrassed by this regional.

Auburn not getting the big vault scores it needs trhough the first couple. Nice one from Gobourne though.

The Michigan regional probably seems like it would be exciting but no one gets to know about it because the scores don’t work.

UCLA – 148.425
Michigan – 148.075
Alabama – 147.800
Nebraska – 147.450

Michigan is now establishing a bit of a window on Alabama. And Alabama has to do beam.

Rotation 4

Snead – BB – Georgia – bhs loso bhs, very solid – normal leaps – front tuck, deep with a check to the side – 2/1, large bounce back. Not her strongest. I’d have it at 9.750, though it won’t be. Actually surprised they went as low as 9.8.

Kwan hit vault, small bounce

Nearly stuck first vault for Michigan, step forward

Seilnacht a little short on opening double pike with a step, nice form though

Hit opening beam for Klopfer for Alabama

Bound forward for Maxim on her vault.

Very pretty loso series for Dickson – swithc to split, secure – stuck 1.5. Awesome. That’s the routine for Georgia.

Brenner hop forward on 1.5 for Michigan.

9.950 beam for Dickson.

Shu struglges on her opening double tuck on floor, very low with a lunge forward –

Nice opening leaps for Magee on beam – bhs loso with an arm wave check to the side but hit today – switch to switch 1/2, nice toes – side aerial to full, pace back – OK, but some things to take

Hand down on double pike for Olsen on beam for Alabama!

Karas – VT – Michigan – large pace forward on 1.5

Much better vault fron Stuart today, just a little short with a step back. 9.925 is very high. No surprise given today.

9.800 for Magee on beam.

9.750 for Shu on floor. Cal needs big ones from everyone else.

Oakley – BB – Georgia – good loso series, pretty – aerial, nicely done – split to split ring jump with a check

Korth – VT – Kentuycky – stuck 1.5, just a little knees. nicely done –

9.950 for Korth.

Michigan is done with 197.275/

It’s 197.600 for Kentucky and that counts as bad because of the scores today.

Baumann – BB – Georgia – side aerial to loso, super solid – switch side is a little forward with a lean – 2/1, near stick. Good.

Stuck DLO for Maggie. Oklahoma scores 1 billion. 10 for Maggie.

9.950 for Baumann on beam with an obvious check on her switch side.

George – FX – Cal – nice rudi – lovely leaps of course – controlled on the front 2/1 as well – stuck final rudi. Pretty.

Also Kyla stuck her DLO following a 9.950 from Kocian

Vega – BB – Georgia – switch to split ring jump, small lean – aerial to split – bhs loso series is perfection – full turn, small hesitation – side aerial to full, small slide back. Three half issues there.

Kyla 10 on bars.

Mastrangelo short on her full in. Probably does it – 2.5 was very nice. switch side to popa, crooked on the popa – 1.5 to layout –

Vega 9.950 on beam with three deductions.

We’re ending with Graber on beam for Alabama – she finishes with a lovely kickover front to scale – gainer full, nice stick

Cal can’t catch Georgia now, but will finish with Clausi on floor – full in, solid landing with chest down – switch side to wolf jump full – out of control in her 1.5 combo pass, covers it a little with a dnace out – 1.5 to layout, pretty nice.

Great meet for Cal, which will be a program record, just like Kentucky, both of whom will lose.

This regional is impossible to evaluate because the scoring was just so unprofessional and atrocious for everyone. Like, how do you say who was .650 overscored versus .500 overscored?

We finally get a final score from Michigan, where Michigan takes the second spot with Alabama by just .050.


Alabama needed a 10 from Graber on that final beam routine, and she went 9.950.

So, going through so far we have the seeded favorites, Oklahoma, Georgia, UCLA, and Michigan.

Scores are coming for LSU and Utah and not for Auburn and kind of for Minnesota, so this one doesn’t look too fraught right now.

Skinner vaults a very strong DTY, stuck landing.

Minnesota with a check from Lu in the third spot on beam, working against a fall in the second position.

Tessen with one of her better vaults, only a little short with a slide back, but not as large as it is sometimes.

Auburn is now counting a 9.525 on bars.

Korlin-Downs – BB – Minnesota – loso series with a check – lovely split jump positions – side aerial to full, stuck.

Edney a little bouncy on her double arabian landing but not too bad. Double tuck very solid.

Stumble back on doubel front bars dismount for Day. Not Auburn’s meet so far.

Sales – BB – Minnesota – very pretty loso series, near stick on gainer pike

Really short double pike on floor from Finnegan with a large lunge. Is this real life? What is happening?

Ramler – BB – Minnesota – nice full turn – bhs loso series, very crisp – aerial, maybe a small hesitation working out of it – bea tto split ring, secure – side aerial to full, stuck. amazing routine.

Kelley with a little hop on her DLO on floor, chest low – front lay to front full, very nice straight body position – split leap and tuck jump looked clearly around this time – double tuck, secure

LSU with just .050 on Utah after two rotations. Minnesota is keeping it close, but if they end up falling away in the latter half, this will still be a fun one for nationals prognostication as LSU and Utah would be fighting in the semifinals.

After 2
LSU 98.850
Utah 98.800
Minnesota 98.675
Auburn 97.450

Looks like Auburn left it out there yesterday. Minnesota did its job on its better two events, very nice performances. Will have to get the major floor scores it did not get yesterday to stay in this with a chance to take advantage of a mistake.

Overall, I’m going to be salty because obviously. And also that scoring in Athens. But I’m loving the addition of this round of 16 even so. This is a format win. We just need to work out what we’re doing with the team distribution and the round of 32 now. That part feels un-ideal still.

Rotation 3

Big floor rotation here for Minnesota

Not quite a stick on vault for Finnegan, lovely of course, hop to the side

Lee – UB – Utah – short on first hs – great amplitude and body position on piked jaeger to overshoot – 1/2 to front girant 1/2 to double tuck, a bounce back on double tuck, but fine hit.

Harrold a little short on Y1/5 with a small shuffle back, but pretty good.

Higgins with probable credit on her front 2/1, just a little steppy, middle pass was pristine – rudi, some legs, small slide. Fine.

Dula hits bars – a form thing or two early and a non-stuck dismount, but good.

Tom Farden’s face says, “I note that those dismounts were not stuck…”

Stuck vault for Kelley, probably her best.

Tssen – UB – Utah – 1/2 turn to jaeger, a little elbows on catch, good height – oooooh, goes over on her bail and has to recast and improvise back up, looked like she was going to save it, but that will need to be the drop score

I don’t know how she got a 9.8 for that and the best score in the lineup. It’s not all about dismounts.

Stuck FTDT for MMG on bars.

Ung – FX – Minnesota – double pike, bounce back and OOB, exatcly what Minnesota did not need here.

A few too many uncontrolled landings for LSU to end the rotation, but they got 49.350

Reinstadtler with a fab jaeger on bars – FTDT, deep with a slide back


Her first fall as a college gymnast, which is an amazing record.

Utah goes 49.100 on bars after the Skinner fall.

Ramler – FX – Minn – Minnesota needs huge scores from the last two floor routines to take advantage of that – double pike, slide back – switch ring – switch 1/2 – rudi, solid – 1.5 through to 2/1, keeps from foot down, a little bouncy on the first pass but should be a good number

9.850 for Ramler. A good hit from Williams now would put Utah under some pressure heading to beam.

Williams – front 2/1, a little short with a step back – switch side to popa, great lift and extension – 1.5 to layout, great straight shape maintained in the layout – rudi, just a little foot movement. Very usable score. Better floor than yesterday from Minnesota.

After 3:
LSU 148.200
Utah 147.900
Minnesota 147.775
Auburn 146.475

This is CLOSE you guys. Advantage Utah, but Utah does not have the margin to have a mistake on beam.

Rotation 4

Lee – BB – good series – switch side is hit, no checks so far – beat to side aerial to full, stuck. Efficient. hit. 9.900

Quaglia stick her full on vault – how Minnesota needed to start. Just 9.725. body position and distance I think. But we’ve seen that vault go a tenth higher today.

Sonier with a hop in place on her full. 9.700.

Burch – BB – Utah – hit loso series, some feet – double stag, secure – cat leap to aerial, leg-up check and a little choreo cover – gainer full, stuck. 9.825

Sales – VT – Minnesota – stuck full, still some distance and chest to take, but bigger than the first two. Minnesota doing what it can do. 9.850

Step bar on bars dismount for Harrold

Williams with her huge full, bounce back

Soloski – BB – Utah – aerial to bhs, smooth – hitch kick to swithc 1/2, short of position on switch – full turn – stuck 1.5 dismount

Ramler – VT – a little deep on her 1.5 today with a hop forward

LSU is doing fine on bars, but just fine, lots of 9.8y work.

Ramler was stuck at 9.800. Loper hit a good one for 9.900, but these vault scores aren’t going to be enough.

Minnesota 196.900. GREAT result for them.

Randall – BB – Utah – bhs loso series, solid – sheep with a large bend at the hips, stays on and doesn’t touch the beam, which could end up being important – rulfova is solid – 2/1, with a lean to hold the stick. 9.750

Finnegan finishing out the win for LSU on bars – Ray, perfect – toe on to bail, legs together – toe shoot, nice toes again – DLO, the usual little whip position but nice stick

MMG – BB – Utah – switch to split, some leg position deduction – bhs bhs loso, smoothly done – aerial, nice – full turn with a check – 1.5, holds the stick, a little deep.

That will clinch the second spot for Utah.

LSU is done with 197.500.

Skinner – BB – Utah – secure loso series – side aerial with a little arm wave check – switch to straddle, no trouble – double tuck, little hop

Auburn’s floor the last action of this one. Gobourne short on a double pike with a step forward to finish hers.

Utah finishes 197.250.

Milliet will conclude what’s going to be a sub-196 performance for Auburn.

Milliet – FX – Auburn – front lay to front rudi, great twisting form – switch ring to switch 1/2, gorgeous – double pike is short with a lunge forward, she knew she was short to begin with because she didn’t even have her characteristic toe point – 1.5 to front tuck.

We have a little bit of time before Oregon State, so let’s wrap up some qualifiers, both team and individual.

Team qualifiers: Oklahoma, Georgia
All-around: Alex Hyland, Kentucky
Vault: Milan Clausi, Cal
Bars: Cally Nixon, Kentucky
Beam: Brooke Kelly, Missouri
Floor: Sidney Dukes, Kentucky

Team qualifiers: UCLA, Michigan
All-Around: Sienna Crouse, Nebraska
Vault: Taylor Houchin, Nebraska
Bars: Sabrina Garcia, Penn State
Beam: Jessie Bastardi, Penn State
Floor: Abby Armbrecht, Alabama

Team qualifiers: LSU, Utah
All-Around: Lexy Ramler, Minnesota
Vault: Derrian Gobourne, Auburn
Bars: Cairo Leonard-Baker, Arizona State
Beam: Hailey Garner, Arkansas
Floor: Sophia Carter, Arkansas

One more to go!

Closeup of this guy’s nose hair on the beam cam is cool.

We’re moving to our events!

Important score for Denver in the first rotation on floor trying to snatch a huge number and close things down early.

Qualifiers here will go into the Oklahoma/Georgia semifinal. The other one is UCLA, Michigan, LSU, Utah.

Well, at least we had to listen to some ABBA…

Rotation 1

Bouza – UB – BSU – good tkatchev – nice crisp hs – maybe a little angle on bail – solid final hs as well – SLO, small hop

Davis is in on vault for Oregon St – bounce back on full but good distance and chest position.

Hundley – BB – UF – aerial to sissone, solid, loso series fine, came in a little short but held it in that Hundley way – 1.5, short with bounce back. 9.775

Sundstrom – FX – Denver – secure double tuck – some knees on middle pass, a little low – solid leap positions – 9.850.

Singley – VT – Oreston St – small bounce on full, a touch of knees

Means with a little angle on her bail on bars but holds it, stuck double tuck

Yanish – VT – Oregon St – a kind of large bounce back on her full, but the amplitude and chest position were there

Skaggs – BB – Florida – wolf double, strong and solid – switch to split, lovely positions – bhs loso series and falls. OK. Here we go. We saw UCLA do the same thing and come back from it, and Florida will have a margin, but pressure on now

Big lunge back on handspring pike 1/2 from Greene.

Solid double tuck to finish floor for Kern, some chest, but controlled

V cool how the live scores don’t work.

Jacobsen – VT – OSU -small bounce on Tsuk full, pretty good chest up

McGregor – Ub – BSU – toe shap to bail, good vertical position on bail – comes in a little low on her FTDT with a hop forward

Boren – BB – UF – kickover front, solid – bhs loso series and she FALLS!

Florida is counting a fall now. This is not the end of Florida’s hopes because they should have a fall margin, but they’re removed their comfort buffer now.

Lacy Dagen pulls out the 1.5! Comes up a little short with a step back, so will get deducted, but a third 10.0 start vault that’s hit

Muhlenhaupt – BSU – UB – gorgeous jaeger in the air but too close on catch and has to improvise a million swings. Shame. She’s so lovely on bars.

Gowey – BB – UF – This is a serious routine now – switch to split, gorgeous – bhs loso loso, held it strongly with a little lean to the side – aerial to sissone, was tight but connected it – full turn, smooth – gainer full, stuck. Some things, but the hit they needed

49.100 for Oregon State on vault.

Nilson with a hop on DLO on bars. Boise State can drop Muhlenhaupt’s score now

Good rudi from Schou on floor. Denver getting the hits it needs with Florid ahaving beam problems.

Thomas – BB – UF – switch 1/2 to beat, perfect – one arm bhs to loso, nailed it – aerial with an arm-wave check but good composure to minimize it – 2/1, bounce back, I’d say potentially a tenth bounce. Not her strongest either, but a hit.

Karr – FX – Denver – double pike, keeps front foot down – 1.5 to front full, just a little bouncy – switch and split, pretty solid positions – rudi, secure, just some knees here and there

Baumann – BB – UF – bhs loso with check, arm wave, not too big – switch to switch 1/2, pretty – side aerial, no trouble – 1.5, short with a shuffle back.

Not a good beam rotation from Florida. We’ll see how it gets evaluated.

49.000 for Boise State on bars.

Brown – FX – Denver – DLO, huge of course, not able to keep the front foot down this time for a control deduction – 1.5 to layout to stag was as perfect as it is possible to be – double pike, more solid control there.

48.475 beam score for Florida. YIKERS.

After 1
Denver 49.300
Oregon State 49.100
Boise State 49.000
Florida 48.475

I would have said that score was on the low side for what Denver wanted a second ago, but after what happened to Florida, it works. Oregon State will also be fine with that vault number. Boise State needed something more on bars.

Very interested to see if this ends up being like the Super Six when Florida won its first title, when they counted a fall on beam and then got pity scores for 49.7 on floor (back when that was a preposterous score instead of Tuesday) because the judges wanted to preserve the status quo

Rotation 2

Yamaoka – UB – OSU – toe on to toe shap, low backswing – bail, small leg break – hop on dismount

Ruiz falls on her opening full on vault

Hundley solid double back to start on floor – double pike with a bounce back – switch side to switch shushunova – 1.5 to layout, solid. 9.825

Bouza only a check or two on beam, should be better than yesterday’s score

Schou – VT – Denver – small hop in place on full, a little chest position, solid

Jacobsen – UB – OSU – good tkatchev to overshoot – overdoes her double front a little bit this time with a lunge forward

Amado – BB – Boise St – bhs bhs lay to 2, check – aerial, solid – 1.5, step forward

Chesnok – VT – Denver – bounce on full, good power and chest position

Skaggs – FX – UF – pretty double pike, nice leg shape – rudi, controlled landing – a little low on final pass, but good. That’s the routine they’ve wanted from Skaggs on floor

Lowery – Ub – OSU – toe on to toe shap, some legs apart – great high pak – 1/2 turn on low a ltitle late – DLO, stuck, great finish.

Sundstrom – VT – Denver – a little short on full with a hop in place

McGregor – BB – Boise State – nails front tuck mount – switch 1/2 not quite to 180 – oooof, fall on her layout series, and that did not look like a fun fall.

Karr – VT – Denver – hop forward on her 1.5, a touch of knees, but good.

Reed – FX – UF – good DLO – controlled – switch 1/2 to wolf full, some position to take on switch 1/2 – a little bouncy on second pass – double pike only the smallest tad short

Hop back on DLO for MCP on bars –

Brown – VT – Denver – Y1/5 – hop forward on 1.5, not her most controlled landing, but once again it works. Denver avoids disaster on vault with five solid hits.

Love the beam mount from Esmerian – strong hit routine from her.

Briscoe short on her DLO on bars, chest down with a hop –

Boren – FX – UF – solid DLO, chest up position – 1.5 to layout, a little out of control with a lunge, not major, but a definite deduction – double tuck was excellent, good control, chest up. 9.900.

Gill – UB – OSU – pretty Maleoney to pak – good finsih on 1/2 turn on low bar – solid final cast hs – DLO, nearly stuck with a leg hesitation check – Pretty routine, I shudder to think about the score because they’ve already given 9.9s for weaker routines.

Good hit from Means fifth up on beam. Boise State surviving the fall so far. One more to go.

Thomas – FX – UF – DLO, super high, amazing shape, a little bounce – front full to front layout, clean – switch ring to split 1.5 – double pike, phenomenal. Very good routine, should improve on Boren’s score.

Masiado hits a good routine for Boise State to keep all four teams in this after two events.

9.975 for Thomas. First two judges went 10, did not take for the DLO landing.

Baumann – FX – UF – double tuck, mostly keeps front foot down, a little hip travek – 1.5 to front full, excellent height on that – switch 1/2 to popa, great positions, just a little underturned on popa this time – double pike, suppppper short, nearly knees it down. Does extremely well not to knee it, but the scores were trending toward a saving-Florida direction, and that won’t be able to take advantage of it.

That’s going to mean Florida goes 49.425 on floor but remains a fall back of the qualification spots after two events. If ever there was a time to pick up the vault landings.

After 2:
Denver – 98.500
Oregon State – 98.425
Boise State – 98.025
Florida – 97.900

Oregon State and Denver both still have to go to beam. Florida isn’t out yet, but can’t be all bouncy on vault again and leave everything to do in the final rotation on bars. It’s too much.

Rotation 3

Singley – BB – OSU – split to double stag, solid – very smooth loso series – kickover front is very deep but she pulls it out with a check – could have been a fall. Good save. 9.750

Skaggs – VT – UF – sticks her full. That’s a start. A little chest position, but she brought the landing.

Kern – Ub – Denver – hits jaeger, a bit of knees – bail, solid hs position – Linas knows how to see these routines Tom Farden style – DLO, stuck. Good.

Alexander – VT – UF – She also sticks her full, stronger distance than Skaggs. These are the vaults Florida needed.

Lowery – BB – OSU – bhs loso series, solidly done – switch to high straddle 1/4, love that straddle 1/4 – side aerial, hit – tries to sell the stick on dismount, a little uncontrolled on landing.

Reed with a large bound forward on her 1.5 for Florida. THat one wasn’t the landing Florida needed.

Ruiz stuck DLO on bars.

Thomas – VT – UF – 1.5 – hop forward but not too big. That workds because she still has the form to get 9.900 or close to it even with that one tenth hop.

Chesnok – Ub – Denver – tkatchev, hit – bail, some angle – hits final cast hs pretty well, just a little back – DLO, hop back

Schoenherr with the stick. They’re close to the vault rotation they needed, but they need something from Boren still.

Lacy Dagen sticks gainer pike off beam. About three half checks in that routine

Boren comes up a little short with a shuffle back. The shuffle wasn’t large, but if you take for that and the shortness, it won’t get out of the 9.8s.

M Dagen – BB – OSU – good loso series, switch to switch 1/2 with small hesitation – side aerial to full, stuck. That works.

Glynn lovely on bars until the dismount, FTDT, low chest and a large lunge forward

McGregor finishes floor with a secure rudi.

Florida’s 49.375 is an improvement on yesterday, but may not be enough with Denver and OSU hitting here.

Lazaro – BB – OSU – bhs loso series, good speed, secure – switch, short of split – finsiehs side aerial to full, slide back

Brown – UB – Denver – big shap to pak, leg separations on both – toe shap 1/2, also some legs there – DLO is huge and perfect. If you’re being harsh, you can go 9.850 for three leg breaks, but I don’t see lower than that and see higher. Wouldn’t mind 9.900

9.925. They were feeling

Karr – UB – Denver – first hs great – giant full to gienger to overshoot, I have nothing to take – strong final cast hs – DLO, stuck. a brilliant routine. You have to go higher than Brown for that.

Gill is a little army wavy between her aerial and her bhs – switch 1/2, a little short but fine – finishes with a stuck gainer full.

Florida needed someone to open the door. They did not.

Denver will gain ground on Florida this rotation.

Good double pike from Bruden on FX.

It’s 9.900 for Gill. Oregon State gives back only .075 to Florida in that rotation. Still has a fall heading to floor.

Well, no two ways about it now. Florida needs one of the other teams to count a fall, otherwise Florida will be eliminated.

Oregon State’s advantage is .450, so as long as floor is even 49.250, Florida would have to be perfect on bars to have a shot.

Esmerian will finish the floor rotation for Boise State – front 2/1, just around with a crossover step – 1.5 to front layout, has to arch the layout to get it around – rudi, good control

Owen is trying to Gator Chomp through it, but this is up to the other teams now. If they do what they score what they did yesterday, Florida is out.

After 3
Denver – 147.950
Oregon State – 147.725
Florida – 147.275
Boise State – 146.950

Corvallis was really the dark horse in terms of upsets today.

Rotation 4

Boren – UB – UF – good first hs – tkatchev, hit – clear hip to bail, nice and crisp – DLO, small step. strong.

Brown – BB – Denver – good full turn – imrpovises a little choreography – switch to split, some positions – aerial to wolf was better, she’s finding her comfort here – gaienr full, stuck. Good second half. And no fall, which is the Denver strategy at this point.

It go trouble for Davis on her last pass, combo into layout with some legs and low, but she stayed on her feet

Gowey – UB – nice Ray and pak, of cours,e pretty – short final cast hs – DLO comes up short with a hop forward. Not the kind of minor error Florida can afford.

Ruiz – BB – Denve r- cat leap to swtich side, nicely done – bhs loso series, small hesitation but pretty comfortable – full turn – side aerial to split jump, nice position on split jump

Hundley – UB – shap to pak, very strong, good legs – FTDT, stuck landing

Jacobsen with a stumble back on her first pass on floor, Oregon State trying to keep this interesting…

Gowey gets the same score as Boren for somehow.

Chesnok – BB – Denver – bhs loso, they’re not always right on on these acro elements, but they’re holding confidently – good side aerial – basically stuck gainer pike. Three down, two to go.

Schoenherr very clean on release into bail, short final cast – 1/2 turn double front 1/2 out, stuck. Nice.

Force – FX – OSU – improtnat routine as OSU is opening the door a little to Florida – bounce back on first double pike but not too big – double tuck, very deep but secure. It should work, but Oregon State not crisp so far on floor.

Skaggs – UB – UF – tkatchev to pak, good counter as always in tkatchev – solid final cast hs – DLO, nearly sticks, just a little too forward with a step-salute

Vasquez hits for Denver. They’re one beam routine away.

Thomas – IUB – UF – toe shap to clear hip to pak, lovely, perfect – good hs on low – toe on to toe 1/2, a little bit of legs – DLO, leans to hold the stick. Definitely in the 9.9 range. I had two small things for 9.900. And that’s what she gets.

Karr – BB – Denver – side aerial to bhs, super secure, well done – full turn, hit – hitch kick to side somi, good – some leg position on split jump 1/1 – stuck dismount. Denver is through

Singley – FX – OSU – secure on double back – double pike, under control. Rudi with a little slide. Good hit. That’s the routine Oregon State needed.

We now know Oregon State needs to go 49.025 to advance.

Schou hits a bonus beam routine for Denver to confirm that Denver wins the regional. And it was a great bonus routine. Super solid.

Lowery – FX – OSU – punch frotn 2/1, wonderful, so powerful and controlled – back 1.5 to layout, strong – a bit of position in split leap, but that’s all I have so far – punch rudi, great.

Oregon State does still have a 9.625 from Jacobsen on there, so they still need a hit from Yanish.

Yanish needs 9.700.

Yanish – FX – OSU – DLO, a slide back but she can afford that, middle pass is solid – switch side to popa, just a hair low – double pike, just a little short in the knees. Some things to take, but I can’t in any way get that down to 9.700.

Denver and Oregon State will advance, eliminating Florida.

We wanted to get to the point with regionals where you can’t count a fall and still make nationals, even if you have amazing scoring potential. Florida counted a fall, and that was that.

Florida has been eliminated. You wanted an upset. Well there’s one.

Rhonda is like, “Ring, ring, who wants a head coach.”

We also have to do some serious shuffling with the individual qualifiers from this one.

Boren goes through for AA. I have Schoenherr for vault, Thomas for bars and floor, and Baumann for beam.

Sucks for Kyla Bryant, she was positioned to go through for AA if Florida and Denver had qualified. Also for Madison Ward-Sessions, who would have advanced for floor.

National championships, April 19-20:

Semifinal #1 – UCLA, LSU, Utah, Michigan
Semifinal #2 – Oklahoma, Denver, Georgia, Oregon State


233 thoughts on “Regionals Live Blog – Regional Finals”

    1. Individual event qualification to Nationals is based on the scores from Friday.

    2. I think they use all the scores from the first day of regional qualification (yesterday), not the ones from the final (tonight). I also love Alicia, but really sad that Trinity doesn’t get a shot at the AA title. She had a bad vault yesterday and so Alicia’s score was better.

    3. Pretty sure the individual qualification scores were taken from yesterday’s semifinal.

    4. Oh ok thanks!

      I think that they should send the top 2 best non-qualifying-team gymnasts in AA and in events from each regional. There are just too many great performers who don’t get to go.

      Going to miss Trinity in AA, but she will have more opportunities. As a senior this is Alicia’s last chance so I’m really pleased she’ll advance to Nationals.

    5. The scores to advance individuals to Nationals are from night 1, were she was the top AAer from non-advancing teams.

  1. Shouldn’t Thomas get the AA spot? She’s tied for first if the scores on the live stream are correct.

  2. I disagree a bit with Spencer’s assertion that: “We wanted to get to the point with regionals where you can’t count a fall and still make nationals, even if you have amazing scoring potential. Florida counted a fall, and that was that.” It wasn’t just counting a fall that eliminated Florida. Their entire beam lineup was uncharacteristically shaky. Then they had a near fall from their anchor on floor, so they had to drop what should’ve been one of their strongest scores on floor. They only missed nationals by 0.2. If you add up what they lost from the four beam routines without falls plus having to drop Baumann’s floor score, that’s probably around 0.4 they lost compared to a normal day. They still could’ve qualified to nationals while counting a fall with a good/normal but not awesome performance except for those two falls, but they had other issues too. The combination of counting a fall plus having a few other problems eliminated them.

  3. How is Boren through for AA? 5 athletes ahead of her including BSU. Id love for her to go. Can’t believe she fell today:( shes so solid all the time!

  4. Gotta admit, no Trinity in the AA at nationals makes me sad. But, according to the link @angrybeam posted, if correct, the individual qualifiers out of this regional are all Florida gymnasts? AA – Boren, Vault – Schoenherr, Bars/Floor – Trinity, and Beam – Alyssa Baumann.

    Will wait to see Spencer’s list, of course.

  5. >Rhonda is like, “Ring, ring, who wants a head coach.”

    Maybe they can pull a Georgia and name Bridget Sloan head coach with Rhonda as her “volunteer assistant.”

    (Take it easy, I kid.)

  6. I’ll admit I wasn’t able to watch ALL of Regionals today but from what I did see- the lower ranked teams really brought their A game!
    On a normal day Florida could have a mediocre meet and still come out on top but Denver and OSU were like- not today!

    1. I agree that the lower ranked teams put out some awesome performances, but that was not a mediocre meet for Florida. Beam was a dumpster fire.

  7. The one thing I don’t like about the new format is that it creates a situation where if one of the powerhouses gets upset, the strong gymnasts from teams that were never going to qualify who had the misfortune of winding up in the same regional as the powerhouse that got upset get screwed. Florida getting upset definitely made this post season more interesting, but it also led to them taking all of the individual spots from the Corvallis regional which sucks for the other individuals who had the bad luck of ending up in the Corvallis regional.

      1. It is in that an upset of one of the powerhouses is significantly more likely to happen in the new format.

      2. I think it kind of is. They wouldn’t have qualified as individuals if the second-day scores were used, which is when the upset actually happened.

    1. Completely agree. Considering how many of them come from programs that get hosed by the regular season structure, it’s even more disappointing.

    2. They need to bring NCAA individual competition back.

      A good fair format would be for all gymnasts on the eight NCAA qualifying teams to have their scores count to the individual final on Sunday with the Top four on each event and Top four in the AA advancing.

      In addition to the two semifinal meets on the Friday there should be a competition for the top individual qualifiers from the Regional meets who were not on teams advancing – Top 4 on each event and Top 4 AAers. In the semifinal session have the top two on each event/AA advance to compete Sunday against the best from the other eight teams.

      This way the Florida individuals would go but other gymnasts – the Utah State floor gymnast for example – would also get another opportunity.

      If the NCAA still hates the Sunday individual competition they could still have the extra Friday meet with Regional individual qualifiers from non-competing teams and have their scores go up against the scores of the gymnasts in the team semifinals to determine champions.

      1. I think a good improvement would be to have the top two individuals from non-qualifying teams at regionals advance for each event.

    3. Mary,

      This format enables teams to compete against the bigger teams. I’m far more concerned about ALL of the Oregon state team earning their spot at nationals than I am an individual. This is a team competition – this isn’t elite or JO’s.

      Thankfully, Florida will still be represented at nationals, but Oregon State’s team (14-18 girls) will be represented, too.

      This thinking of, “Oh, Trinity should be in the AA, spots were taken, etc…” is exactly the thinking that has judges judging based on the name of a gymnast or school. Each gymnast/team is given an opportunity to earn their place at nationals – if you don’t make it this year, work harder in the offseason and come back with a vengeance next year.

      1. If the argument is that it’s about teams and not individuals, then they should do away with individual national titles altogether. Personally, I would be totally fine with that. With the current general level of score inflation combined with rampant name recognition scoring, individual national titles are moving in the direction of having more to do with who has a Wikipedia page and is wearing the right leo than who had the best routine.

        But if we’re going to do individual national titles, the current system for qualification isn’t optimal. The fact that there’s only one spot in each event and AA from each regional means that a powerhouse failing to advance virtually guarantees they’ll sweep the individual spots. It’s funny that you mention Trinity because I’m actually not saying at all that the problem is that she isn’t in AA: the problem is that she and her teammates got all the spots from the Corvallis regional. If the athletes from the other 5 teams that didn’t advance had been in any other regional, they would’ve had a fighting chance at qualifying to nationals in an individual spot. The fact that they happened to end up with Florida who got upset meant that Florida had a claim on all the individual spots. The talented individual athletes on lower ranked teams already get screwed by the scoring trends in NCAA throughout the regular season. If we’re going to even bother with post-season individual titles, they should allot individual places at nationals in a way that doesn’t place so much emphasis on not having the bad luck of ending up in the upset region.

      2. Mary,

        Very well-stated. I agree with the follow-up to your original comment.

      3. What I’d like to see: each individual event champion and AA champion at the various Division I conference championships gets to qualify to Nationals as an individual, if their team does not also qualify. Junk the individual competition at regionals altogether: only teams earn bids at Regionals. Since it’s mostly the non-power conferences that get hosed by regular season scoring and leotard deductions, this will ensure that athletes like Khazia Hislop and Sophia Hyderally get a fair shake at qualifying to Nationals. It’s also analogous to NCAA basketball, where conference champions get automatic bids (and it seems like the powers that be at NCAA gym are — correctly — trying to emulate the basketball model). And the increased costs of sending additional athletes to nationals will get at least partially offset by the cost savings of NOT sending individuals to regionals.

  8. My wife and I watch about every Georgia meet. I always die a little inside when UGA gets overscored. Scoring was high for the whole meet, but UGA had a a couple particularly bad ones with the Dickson 9.9 on bars despite almost going over on at least one handstand and being way to close to the bar when coming back up to high bar. Hard to tell if the Oakley 10 on bars was legit with the far away camera angle. I cringed when one judge gave Vega a 10 on beam even with a balance check. This was probably UGA’s best performance of the year, but it’s hard to feel good about it because the scoring was so all over the place. Feel bad for Cal because they absolutely showed up. Great meet for them. Very good performance from Kentucky, too, but neither of them had a chance against OK or UGA with crazy home scoring.

    1. Agree. I went to this meet. Cringe is the right word. When the judging is like that, it makes it harder to enjoy the meet. You want to cheer for the gymnast doing a good routine, but then it feels uncomfortable cheering when a 9.95 comes up when there were clear .1 deductions, or a 9.9 with multiple deductible mistakes.

      1. It seems like most of the attending fans love it (not just at Georgia), which is really unfortunate. I hate that overscoring gets excused in part because so-called normals like it better. The fact that there’s sometimes booing when routines get a 9.95 or 9.975 is insane.

    2. Georgia is on the rise again but it’s hard to have any respect for them because they’ve had such ridiculous scoring this season.

      It’s a lot like UCLA – definitely the second best team from regular season with some of the best NCAA gymnasts but hard to root for them because they get so many unfairly high scores along with the deservedly high ones.

    3. I was at the Georgia meet and I can tell you that Oakley did stick that landing. As far as the scoring is concerned, I do agree that the scores were high, the only good side to that is that they were high for every team and not just Georgia.

    4. Dickson went 9.9 because they overscored Lukacs in the 2 spot. And had already been too loose with scores the previous 2 rotations. UK having a poorer UB/BB rotations were what hid the whole thing being crack scoring from the jump. And OU was also scored too high- that performance was not one hair from record setting caliber.

      Kupets’ post meet interview was interesting. She said it was a great performance and the girls worked so hard but snuck in a little Suzanne realness. She thinks UGA’s peak score for an optimum meet is 197.75, maybe 197.8. Compare that to judges going 198 for a good meet as opposed to optimum.

      I think the order was correct but everyone was .4 to .6 over scored on the night. You cannot tell me UK is a 49.6 post season FX squad…

  9. What about having an entire session for individuals. This way more qualify. Maybe compete in a session prior to final day. Have certain number of AA’s and then individual event qualifiers.

  10. Cal should be heading to nationals, not Georgia. That judging was disgraceful.

    1. I don’t agree here, yes the scoring was high but it was high for Cal as well as Georgia, Cal did not get it done on beam and floor in order to beat Georgia. They did make it interesting but it was not good enough.

      1. I don’t agree with you! 🙂 But – trying to be objective – it was definitely closer than I made it sound calling it “disgraceful.” I still think Cal got screwed, but like you say – if Cal had stepped it up enough, all the charitable scoring in the world couldn’t help Georgia beat them.

  11. Tennis has the team tournament and then the individual tournament a week or two later. I don’t see why gymnastics couldn’t do the same. Say the top 24 AA and the top 8 per event by NQS qualify to the individual nationals.

    1. If they were going to do this, there would have to be a massive overhaul of NCAA scoring. Under the current scoring landscape, what you’ve proposed would only exacerbate the problem of individual nationals being an affair exclusively for the athletes from big name programs. If you look at who would qualify to the event finals by the system you’ve stipulated, there’s only 2 athletes from teams outside the top 8. There are some athletes who are in the top 8 by NQS who realistically shouldn’t be, but they benefit from going to the right schools. Unless scoring gets significantly changed to correct for the disparity between scoring of highly ranked teams and scoring of lower ranked teams, it would be even worse than the current system to only give an individual bid to nationals to athletes who were in the top several places by NQS.

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