National Semifinals – Live Blog

Friday, April 19
Scores Stream
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Semifinal #1
[2] UCLA
[3] LSU
[5] Utah
[6] Michigan
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Semifinal #2
[1] Oklahoma
[4] Denver
[7] Georgia
[8] Oregon State

I’m here for warmups, so I’ll update with notes and let you know what’s up if anything.

Before we begin, a few developments of the last day or so.

1) Emma McLean is out of championships with an injury to her arm (that definitely isn’t her ankle or anything—I don’t know why you would say that confidently to Team GymCastic on the way to championships—who would do that?)

2) Maggie Nichols is indeed going to compete the all-around here.

3) Sarah Finnegan won the AAI Award, which came as a surprise to…not many. There were some compelling contenders of course, but she’s the strongest AAer of the seniors this year.

Heads up that I’m going to have a horrendous view of vault, so if I’m like, “great stick!” and you’re like, “that wasn’t a stick you dumb whore”…that’s probably going to happen.

Norah Flatley is performing “Unwritten” right now in a split stretch on the vault runway, and it’s the most talent anyone has had when doing anything.

At the urging of the team, Bev just did a model runway walk down the bars mat. So, this isn’t elite, is what I’m saying.

Marz warming up vault in addition to the six who have been in the lineup.

Sarah Finnegan’s switch leap work shot a beam of light across the whole arena, so the usual.

Gracie Kramer sits a 1.5. Kyla’s looks good. Wright with her normal. Kramer goes again and hits her 1.5, large lunge to the side. Kyla stuck her second attempt at a 1.5. Wright followed her with a stick. Kramer hit her third as well.

Injury alert: Miss Val is limping and showing her foot to people. Possible redshirt year?

Nebraska with the backess leo to end all backless leos for warmup. That’s about what I have to report from the second rotation of warmups. Normal doing normal.

Priessman watch: she’s warming up vault as one of the 7 for LSU.

Also, I’m going to be a real bail-handstand-leg-separation Nazi today because I have THE view of that.

OK start lists out – Priessman in vault and bars. Michigan using Heiskell in place of McLean on vault and floor as expected.

I definitely intended to have more to say about warmups, but you know, people and talking. You guys got passed up for more important people. You may survive.

Overall thoughts have been that everyone looks fine and no one great in warmups, which is what you want. No one looked like they’re mentally falling apart, no one using it up.

Ohashi doing the split-leg DLO, or at least warming it up.

Score flashers are flashing practice scores of 0.000. I feel seen.

The mayor has welcomed us to Fort Worth and recommended we take some time to enjoy the cattle drive. I’ll leave that there.

We’re in a lull now, pre-intros.

I’m living for Kayla Williams and her “I’m putting out fires” walk as she whips these volunteers into shape. Icon.

Intro video as the coaches tell us they definitely love this new format. Sure. That’s why you voted against it so many times?

Randy Lane almost walked right in front of Holly Rowe trying to do her standup for ESPN. I’m here bringing you the breaking news.

Feel like she could have selected more stuck landings for this hype video and not like…lots of hops?

Intros now. Each team only gets 15 people who can come out on the floor at nationals. So people like Kooyman aren’t out for intros with UCLA. Roster too big.

The women leading out the teams have cowboy hats on. Duh.

Val is pushing through her foot injury and still wearing heels for her competition look. Fight.

We’re now marching to the events. UCLA on vault, Michigan on bars, LSU on beam, Utah on floor.

UCLA’s leo is…you’ll have some thoughts. It’s a lot. Like if the Chrysler Building were a drag queen?

Let’s go!


Desiderio – BB – LSU – aerial to sissone, good -FELL ON A SWITCH 1/2!

Heiskell – good pak – hit routine.

Dennis not her usual full, not stuck.

Secure rudi from Roberts – double pike, controlled steo – a little crooked on switch side, but OK – 15 to layout, but of a crossover step.

9.800 for Dennis.

Wright – VT – UCLA – step on 1.5. She stuck one in warmups, but not this time.

Mariani – UB – Mich – great height on tkatchev, a bit of legs on bail – short final cast hs – FTDT with a college stick lean salute.

Very long wait for Desiderio’s score.

9.7625 for Wright’s vault. Yikes.

Tratz – VT – UCLA – only a small adjustment on her full landing. Better.

Lee – FX – Utah – a tad out of control on her 2.5 landing but not too bad – controls second pass well – 2/1 to loso, pretty.

Dean – BB – LSU – full turn, hit – side aerial to bhs is solid, a bit of knees – switch to split 1/4, I’d like to see a bit more split there – aerial, smooth – one hit down.

Hano – VT – UCLA – little shuffle forward on her 1.5. Like two small steps. OK. Spread of 9.800 to 9.900 I’m seeing so far.

Solid hit from Brenner on bars. Michigan comfortable through the first three.

Karas – UB – Michigan – toe on to toe shap, nice legs, a little short of vert on that bail – tightish on final cast hs –

Looks like a stuck 1.5 from Ross to me – very pretty. 9.950

Durante – BB – small arm wave on aerial to beat jump – hits her series, only the slightest hesitation – switch to split 1/4 – second hit down

Randall hits full in on floor – but does have a bit of a stumble back on that last pass.

Wojcik – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger good – a bit opf legs on bail catch – not quite there on final cast hs – DLO, small hop. Good, not her strongest. Another solit of 9.8 to 9.9. Happening a lot.

Kramer hit 1.5 – lunge forward, a better error than we saw on any of her warmup vaults. Nice.

Maxim – UB – Michi – some legs on toe on – hit tkatchev – pretty finish with the DLO

Edney – aerial to sissone, not quite there on sissone position – hit loso series – switch and straddle 1/4, hot, some position. Hugely important save on her kickover front with a check arm wave, stuck 1.5

UCLA 49.2875 on vault, not great, but manageable for them. Michigan 49.300 on bars, so huge that they’re ahead –

Soloski with a lunge back on her DLO – 2/1, controlled, bit of legs – hit, but not ideal. 1.5 to layout, fine

Campbell – BB – LSU – hits her loso series – she’s just a touch tight on some skills with almost check – works through aerial to sissone well with an arm wave – hit switch to switch 1/2 – 2/1, small bounce in place.

Utah stuck is the lower 9.8s.

MMG – FX – Utah – control on pike full in, some chest position and arm – front leg on switch ring, split full was good – 1.5 to layout to front pike, arch over on the layout – rudi to straddle

Finnegan – BB – LSU – wolf turn, hit – bhs loso, smooth – switch to switch 1/2, perfect – side somi, small adjustment – side aerial to full, stuck. The routine they needed.

LSU gets through beam. It won’t be the best score, but they’re alive.

Split of 9.850s and 9.900s for MMG.

Skinner – FX – Utah – double double, a little lack of control with the front foot this time – split leap 1.5, around enough – 1.5 to 2/1, keeps it in – full in pretty solid

49.1875 for LSU. Will be in last after the first rotation, but very close with all the teams.

Seeing lots of 9.950s for Skinner. I had three deductions in there.

Utah will have the lead after the first rotation, which is what they wanted.

Crouse – FX – Nebraska – front 2/1 to a clean layout – pretty extension in her swithc side to popa – 1.5 to 1/2 to stretch jump, a little pike in the air – nice routine.

After 1:
Utah 49.3125
Michigan 49.300
UCLA – 49.2875
LSU – 49.1875

Well, the underdog teams did what they needed in that first rotation to keep the pressure on. The proof of whether UCLA has anything to worry about will be on bars. You knew vault be the low one. LSU also very much needs to use floor here to close the gap on Utah on vault.

I saw some definite overscores there, but your general routine, your average routine, was being evaluated more sensibly than in the regular season or at regionals, which is what we want.

No one out after 1 event.


Harrold – FX – LSU -front 2/1, step to the side, some knees – 1.5 to layout, fairly controlled step

Small check from Farley on series, hit routine

Frazier a little more legsy on her shap from this angle than typical – good shap, one hs – stuckl DLO, excellent finish. Lots of 9.900s. That one was a little lowe rthan that for me.

Roberts – FX – Utah – bounce back on full this time

Dennis – UB – very clean start, shap and bail look very crisp – finishing DLO, stuck with just a little body lean. Good hs. Stronger than Frazier to my eyes, so let’s see.

Desiderio – FX – lSU – DLO, better control, still some chest down to take – solid landing again on second pass but chest down – double pike, struggles a little with a stagger landing.

Burch with more form in the air on her vault, but a better landing –

Good hit from Hano with a stuck landing. I had four .05s in that routine, just for reference.

MMG – VT – Utah – knees, strong landing on 1.5. Utah is in control so far today.

Flatley – UB – UCLA – medium first hs – higgings to jaeger, hit – toe on to bail – small leg break on bail, good vertical – DLO, super deep landing and nearly knees it. Not her strongest.

Skinners – VT – Utah – landing totally eclipsed by vault landing

Ooooh last minute Priessman sub in floor! – Double pike, hit, some legs apart – double tuck, control chest down

Kocian – UB – good first hs – Chow to pak, smooth and pretty – FTDT, a little short with a hop.

Tessen sits her 1.5. Utah didn’t really need it, but now they’re counting a score in the 9.7s.

Also someone gave Flatley 9.800 for almost kneeing her landing. Looks like 9.900 for Kocian.

Hit loso series for Mariani on BB

Ross – UB – good first hs – shap to bail, as crisp as usual – toe shoot good – hits final cast hs – DLO, short with a lunge forward. It was her normal until then, but that was a tenth on dismount.

Split of 9.850s and 9.900s for Ross. No bars title.

Edney – FX – LSU – good landing on her double arabian today – 1.5 to layout with a little too much of a dance out, I would call it OOB – double tuck is very solid

Funk with a check on loso series on beam – the rest is strong. Mihigan with hits and hits and hits.

Split of 9.850 to 9.950 for Edney floor.

Finnegan – FX – LSU – 1.5 through to 25, oooh lands short with a lunge back – good double tuck – double pike glorious

Wojcik – BB – Michigan – pretty aerial – switch positions are excellent – bhs loso series, very secure, a bit of knees – side aerial no trouble – stuck 1.5

49.4125 is not really the bars score UCLA wanted, but the way today has been scored so far, that works. But they’re giving themselves no margin. Looks like Utah will fall behind LSU after this rotation.

9.875 for Finnegan. Hurts the AA just like Ross’s bars score.

Wojcik, keep an eye on that one. 9.950 on beam.

Kelley – FX – LSU – DLO, some better chest position, still legs apart – front layout to front full, controlled step – double tuck, just a little bouncy. Solid routine.

49.3375 on beam for Michigan you guys. YOU GUYS.

Floor scores trending up. Helps the teams who haven’t gone there yet.

After 2:
UCLA – 98.700
Michigan – 98.6375
LSU – 98.625
Utah – 98.5375

Dukes the last to go in the second rotation, bouncy on her double pike landing – 1.5 to layout, pretty – a little short on double tuck

Um…everyone’s in this. As we wanted it to be. NQS told us it was going to be insanely close after two rotations, and that is what has happened. Watch to see if Michigan can get the floor scores in this rotation. Michigan would need to gain multiple tenths in this rotation compared to LSU and Utah to be able to keep this going on vault at the end.

Can we talk about how lovely Missy Reinstadtler’s Jaeger is for a moment? Thank you.

Skinner well out in front in the AA race after 2.


Finnegan – VT – she is a perfect human gymnast

Lee – UB – Utah – quite short first hs – hits jaeger tointo overshot – small hop on dismount

Check from Grace Glenn on her series again but she stays on this time – little knee hesitation on switch to split combination – holds the stick on gainer full, but not her strongest routine.

Harrold hits her 1.5

Dula – UB – Utah – a bit of elbows catching jaeger but strong int eh air – ends in good position on bail – a little loose back here and there – good stick on double tuck, one of her stronger routines.

9.800 for Glenn

Nguyen – BB – switch to split is solid – aerial to loso, connected, secure – a little tight on side split jump but fine – sticks dismount with a heel lean –

Little bounce for Kelley on vault, not bad

Pretty good chest up from Osman on her full in this time – some knees in rudi

Tessen – Ub – Utah – hit jaeger – long hs hold – bail, legs together, a little back position – comes up a little short on FTDT with a shuffle back

Cannamela on vault – in for Priessman here – sticks a strong full. Good vault, one of her best. You can see why they brought her in.

9.850 for Nguyen.

Kocian – BB – UCLA – bhs loso sereis, securely landed – aerial with some knees to a solid split jump – switch to split, small hesitation – stuck dismount. One of her stronger showings of the season.

Lunge forward on 1.5 for Edwards – 9.8875 – vault scores trending upward –

MMG holds the stuck on her FTDT despite not getting a ton of height, chest down.

I missed an OOB for Osman, why her score was lower –

Funk on FX, a littl archy on a layout.

Edney – VT – LSU – stuck 1.5, good, just the knees

Reinstadtler – UB – Utah – short first hs – jaeger, not quite as high as in wamrups, but still strong – short final cast hs as well – sticks FTDT, good but a couple hs to take

Flatley L turn to beat is lovely –

Brenner – FX – Mich – full in, hit solidly, chest down – front through to 2.5m a bit of knees, step –

Skinner – UB – Utah – hits Ray , some feet – better cast hs – clean on the bail – arches final cast hs but brings it back – FTDT, stuck, legs apart. Not her cleanest.

That could bring Ross back into the AA depending on how her beam goes.

Ohashi – BB – UCLA – full turn, good – loso series good – switch to split, smoothly done – bhs loso full, stuck. strong routine

Or, you know, Skinner goes 9.950 for an arched handstand on bars –

Crouse and her phenomental gienger on bars. Hop on FTDT.

Wojcik full in, a little bouncy – split and wolf look good – front 2/1 to front pike –

9.925 for Ohashi

Ross – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series, nailed – aerial witha  small lean but continues moving into sissone for credit, will be a deduction though – switch to split, excellent – side aerial to a stuck full. Could still see 9.950 unless they want to take for rhythm because there was some.

Karas – FX – Mich – double arabian, pretty solid, controlled step. 1.5 to 1/2, didn’t have much punch in that 1/2, pretty low chest – cat leap to side aerail to full, stuck.

It’s 9.900 for Ross. She’ll lose ground to Skinner in that rotation.

After 3:
LSU – 148.075
UCLA – 148.0625
Michigan – 148.0125
Utah – 147.8625

So, this thing is very much still live. You have to think that Michigan needed that rotation to go better though. In last heading to vault doesn’t bode that well. UCLA and LSU will still feel the most comfortable, going to bars and floor in the final rotation.

Armbrecht finishing rotation 3 on floor – DLO, chest down with a step – side side to popa, nice lift into those positions –

So I’m V stupid and hadn’t accounted for Michigan’s final vault score there. Karas got a 9.925 from Karas to lift that number up quite a bit. Michigan still in this, but going to vault, stull the underdog compared to UCLA and LSU. Needs to be let in.


Dana Duckworth leather pants alert.

I have seen Ohashi warm up that split-leg DLO twice today and land it really short both times. Interesting.


UCLA has Tratx leading off beam now

Durante – Ub – slightly clost catch on jaeger – pak clean – late on 1/2 turn on low bar – nice final fhs -FTDT, short with a lunge forward. Will be a lower score than her normal.

Tratz too OOC on her full in landing –

Hit beam for Lee.

Scores maxing out at 9.800 for Durante bars.

Not the strongest routine fron Tratz. Short on double tuck as well.

Maxim hits Tsuk 1/2.

Ferrer – UB – LSU – some first hs feet – jaeger, solid feet – bail, hit – small hesitation in final cast hs – DLO, overcooked it with a step or two back. Not getting this dismounts so far.

Hits sereis for Burch, some knees

Hit full from Mariani, bounce back.

Tratz still 9.8125

Dennis – FX – UCLA – piked full in, mostlyly controlled step, stays in – bounce forward on second pass – double tuck, pretty secure.

Ruby hits zuchold, some back position – a bit closer on her jaeger but sticks her double front – she always sticks on routines when she had some issues.

Brenner – VT – 1.5 with hop to the side, some knees.

Soloski – switch with some feet –

Edney – UB – hits hindorff to bail, one slightly short hs – DLO, stuck. First person to really bring it in that LSU lineup.

Karas with a hop on 1.5

Wojcik – VT – Mich – only a small hop on her 1.5, pretty –

Kramer – FX – UCLA – front 2/1 to front pike, a little knees in the pike this time –

Priessman hits her tkatchev to pak, some arch on the pak- DLO, whippy, a little short with a shuffle forward

Randall with a check on her series –

Houchin a little short with a hop back

Finnegan – UB – Ray, fantastic – to on off a little body position – bail to shoot – DLO, stuck, gorgeous routine.

49.1875 on vault for Michigan is not going to do it today.

MMG – BB – switch to split, good – oooooh falls on her series. Not what Utah needed.

Ross – FX – doubel tuck a little step -1.5 to layout, arch on layout – strong positions on those leaps – double pike was stronger.

Oooof. Cally Nixon fell onto the bar on bars.

LSU finishes 197.5125. The way Utah is going on beam, that’s going to be enough.

I’m seeing mostly 9.950s for Ross on floor. I had 9.900.

Skinner – BB – Utah – bhs loso series, large leg-up wobble, a tenth for that – switch to straddle, a little tight but solid – long pause before dismount, small hop on double tuck.

Hano with a hit DLO – solid routine, controlled double pike. This is UCLA just running through now on floor, and that will clinch it.

That Hano routine puts UCLA ahead of LSU and Michigan with only Ohashi still to come.

9.775 for Skinner. That will take her out of the AA. Everyone in the AA had one issue event today. It’s an accurate score, but I’m surprised they decided to see it.

Ohashi still goes for the split-leg DLO, short with a step still, not as extreme as it was in warmups. The rest of the routine is fab.

Well, it sure was exactly as exciting as we hoped for, but in the end the status quo will be maintained with UCLA and LSU advancing. I think it’s right. Michigan will still be proud of its performance, but the lack of stuck vaults really hurt. The difference between Michigan and UCLA’s vaulting was that UCLA got the vault from Ross and Michigan didn’t from Wojcik.

Alex Hyland is doing her Fresh Prince floor to appropriately put a bow on this meet. Couldn’t think of a better way.

UCLA – 197.675
LSU – 197.5125
Michigan 197.200
Utah 196.725

LSU saved that meet in the first rotation, did well on vault and floor, and got through bars well enough (but will need to improve those landings for tomorrow). UCLA not its strongest meet but didn’t need it to advance. Beam finally caught up with Utah. Lots of checks and the one fall that had to be dropped.

None of the teams remarkable in the first semifinal. Room to improve for tomorrow and also room for Oklahoma to feel pretty good about things.

Same for the AA. Kyla Ross will lead the AA standings, but it’s a Nichols-able score for sure.


Baby McCool is stealing the show at this open stretch just like at PT.

The person most into Isis Lowery’s “Ice Ice Baby” routine is Rachel Slocum. You’re surprised.

All seven of the Oklahomies with 1.5s are warming them up.

Cairo-Leonard Baker just hit her feet ON THE HIGH BAR on her piked hecht to high and didn’t miss a beat. It’s that high.

Start lists are out. Don’t see anything out of the ordinary yet. Nichols is indeed anchoring floor for Oklahoma. Interesting that Schoepfer is the one in rather than Draper. At least for now.

Georgia has Davis leading off floor rather than Magee.

Oregon State without Madi Dagen on vault and floor again, which we also saw at regionals.

Suzanne and Kupets have definitely been doing their extra morning conditioning session.

So heading into semifinal 2, the lead score on each event is 9.950. Edney and Ross on vault. Finnegan on bars. Wojcik on beam. Ross on floor. We have to see some 9.9625s this session, right?

I feel like if you were an Oklahoma gymnast it would get exhausting having to respond every time someone yelled Boomer at you. Like a real life “hey ruby” situation, all the time.

Pretty sure OU is going to get a group dances deduction for this floor warmup…

Athletes running away now for the costume change. The most important part ever obviously.

Also the arena is fully freezing down on the floor. The air conditioning is set to INSTANT DEATH.

Jessica is currently talking to me about laser hair removal so I’m going to pretend like I have something to type just to get out of this conversation. Just go with it. Nothing’s happening.

“You might be thinking, ‘How could this get any better?’ Think again.” Doesn’t make sense syntactically in this intro video.

Smoke throwers are no flame throwers.

Huge non-geographically oriented cheers for Lexy Ramler competing as an individual, so my work here is done

OK, intros done, marching to events now.

Leo reveals. UCLA finishes just a hair out in front of Oklahoma in the “Most” category.


Lehrmann – VT – OU – solid hit, looked pretty under control?

Good rhythm it ft to bk for Brown on beam –

Madi Dagen in on FX after all. bouncy on first pass

Roberts – Ub – UGA – toe on to toe shap to bail, clean, good – a little looseback up to final cast, DLO, solid. Good start.

Dagen finishes FX with nice front 1/1, but some passes to take there.

Webb – VT – OU – a bit of a hop on 1.5. She’s following 9.925 from Lehrmann.

Lukacs – UB – UGA – short first hs, may have clipped on the tkatchev, if not very close – big pak, a little bit of legs this time – 1/2 turn, slightly late – short final cast hs – DLO, smallest adjustment. It’s more the routine I expected from her in college. She had been overperforming since getting in the lineup.

Degouveia sits down her 1.5 for OU! Very surprising.

Jacobsen – FX – OSU – fairly significant bounce back on double pike – 1.5 to layout, hit –

Snead – UB – UGA – good first hs – clear hip to tkatchev, hit – hs positions are solid, bail position was fantastic – this is one of her strong ones – DLO, stick – very nice

Trautman with a hop on her 1.5, some knees, but good.

Sundstrom just does stay on beam but she grabs and holds onto the beam on her series. Big deal if they have to count it.

Maggie – VT – OU – sticks her 1.5. Someone’s ready to win the AA

Al hameed hits her tkatchev – bail – gaitn full to double tuck, a little short with a hop.

Good double pike from Force on FX.

Dowell – VT – OU – small hop on her 1.5 landing –

Dickson – UB – UGA – huge Ray, really extreme goot flexion – bail, solid vertical position – pretty short final cast hs – DLO 1/1, nailed landing.

So yeah, OU is fine.

Vasquez – BB – switch split series, gorgeous – finishes side aerial to full, stuck.

Gobourne also goes 9.950 for sticking her 1.5. She’s our fourth 1.5 so far

Oakley goes over the wrong way on her Higgins and falls. ACH! That means counting the sub-9.8 from Lukacs.

Singley FX – front tuck through to double tuck is fine – controlled double pike –

Second fall from Oakley.

Karr – BB – side aerial to bhs with just a touch of knees – side aerial to side position with an arm wave – check on her split jump 1/1, and not quite all the way around this time – 1.5, arm wave on landing. A hit to use but not her strongest set.

So 49.275 for Georgia on bars. It works, but it’s not huge.

Lowery – FX – OSU – punch front 2/1, just does keep it in, a lunge forward

Thomas – UB – UF – shap to clear hip to bpak, excellent – hitting hs – misses her feet going for toe shap 1/2, recasts and does it no problem but a hesitation there and a missed foot to take – DLO, stuck.

Hits from Lowery and Schou as that was going on.

Ynaish – FX – OSU – DLO, huge, small slide of the front foot – front full to front layout, controlled – switch side to popa – a little lungy on double tuck. Solid though.

Ramler – BB – good loso series – aerial, nice – beat to split ring jump, excellent – side aerial to full, stuck. Strong routine.

We’re protesting the judge who went 9.850 for Ramler.

Boren – FX – UF – huge DLO, well under control – 1.5 to layout, controlled step, great height on layout – I’d like to see more split on that switch 1/2 – double tuck, nice chest up position. Strong routine.

I see straight 9.950s for Boren from all the judges, so she’ll be in a tie for first there.

So after 1 rotation
Oklahoma 49.400
Oregon State 49.300
Denver 49.2875
Georgia 49.275

Close after 1. Oregon State needed a big floor score because vault is not expected to produce a big number here in the second rotation. Basically we don’t know anything. Denver would have wanted some distance on beam though, and it didn’t happen. Critical rotation here to gain some tenths on Georgia. Otherwise things start shifting to Georgia.


M Dagen – VT – OSU – holds onto the stick on her full, some distance and chest

Webb – UB – OU – huge pak, a little close catch with a touch of legs – some toes in shap 1/2, double front 1/2 out, stuck. Scores coming in for that are a bit high for the leg separations.

Marks – OU – UB – toe shap with some leg stagger, a little shor tof position on bail – FTDT, a little short with a step

Dickson on beam with a  little arm wave into leap – bhs loso series is secure – she’s following a score in the 9.7s from Snead – swtch leap a little short this time – stuck dismount

Solid hit from Karrie Thomas on bars, I saw one short hs – stuck DLO. Nice.

Solid doubel pike from Kern on FX, some feet

Lunge back on hit hs pike 1/2 on VT from Greene.

Dowell – UB – OU – Ray, very strong – hits hs after – toe on to bail nice – short final cast hs – DLO, small movement. Good. A couple things.

Magee finishes beam side aerial to full with a bounce back

Ruiz – FX – DU – bounce back on double back –

Gorgeous jaeger from Lehrmann – toe on to bail solid legs together position – perfect final cast hs – stuck FTDT

Lacy Dagen hits 1.5 with lunge forward

Oakley – BB – UGA – very strong series – aerial and GRABS THE BEAM – oh girl, you’re not having a great day – major break they will need to drop

Hop on 1.5 from Boren

Nichols – Fab tkatchev to pak – shap 1/2, pretty strong – I have the final cast hs short, stuck DLO. Still would expect 9.950 for that based on how we’ve been going.

Schou – FX – DU – front 2/1, a little lungey – front full to layout, good – rudi, a little slide.

9.600 for Oakley, and that’s pretty charitable. Georgia already counting two 9.7s here.

Good side aerial to loso from R Baumann on BB –

CLB just NAILED her bars routine.

Ooooh 9.9375 for Nichols keeps her just behind Finnegan overall.

Oregon State broke 49 on vault, which they’ll take.

Karr – FX – DU – double pike, controlled, some chest down – 1.5 to front full, alittle bouncy – split leap full to wolf full, solid positions – rudi, under and forward with a hop.

Vega – BB – UGA – switch to split ring, lovely switch – small adjustment on erial to split but gets the connection – bhs loso, check – a hit, definitely a necessary counting score, but not her most solid

49.5625 for OU on bars. So that’s that.

Anyway, what’s new? How’s the weather?

A Baumann – BB – UF – bhs loso, smoothly done – switch to switch 1/2, under on the switch 1/2 with a check at the hips and a lean over – side aerial is nice, into split to beat – 1.5 stuck with a lean

Brown – FX – DU – huge DLO obviously, small slide back – swtich ring to switch 1/2, a little short of position on switch 1/2 – 1.5 to layout to ssisone, so high and excellent – double pike, nailed. I had 9.900. Lots of 9.950s coming up.

After two rotations, this is looking very OU/Denver.

Ramler – FX – Minn – split ring jump to start routine and it’s not horrible – doubel pike, controlls, chest medium – switch 1/2 – rudi, nice twisting form. Some chest position things, but she’ll be right up there with this score as well.

Georgia a 48.8 on beam.

Denver 49.2625 on floor. That’s the kind of separation Denver was looking for.

After 2:
Oklahoma 98.9625
Denver 98.550
Oregon St 98.3875
Georgia 98.1375


Trautman – BB – OU – bhs loso, solid – huge 1.5 dismount, a little too huge with a hop

Good control on 2.5 from davis on FX this week – split leap full to wolf full, a bit short on split – double tuck, pretty short, lunge forward – more solid final combo pass.

Jacobsen – UB – OSU – a bit short on first hs – high tkatchev to overshoot, some feet – short cast hs – 1/2 turn to double front, stuck, nice finish.

Dowell – BB – OU – aerial to back pike, very quick in combination – switch to switch, never going to be the highlight of her routine but fine – wet to wobbles ville on her bhs 1/1 –

R Baumann a bit out of control on her floor landings – final pass was clean, but a hop on the doubel pike and a bounce back on tuck.

Solid bars from Lowery until dismount, a bit short with a non-small lunge forward

Denver brought Glynn’s Tsuk full in to the vault lineup, solid decision, she hits with a hop

Nice toe point from MCP on bars – sutck DLO. Clean.

Snead – FX – UGA – double pike, slide back wolf full to popa, pretty good – tough final pass, bouncy and short. Not Georgia’s meet.

Lehrmann secure on loso series, a little tight –

Briscoe – lovely toes on jaeger from her as well – bail, clean – good final cast hs – stuck dismount. These last couple bars from OSU have been nailed.

Karr – VT – Denver – step on 1.5, a bit of knees

Gill – UB – OSU – toe on to toe shap, nice legs there – pak, legs apart – finish 1/2 turn on low a bit too short for me – short final cast hs – DLO, hop back

Brown – VT – DU – huge 1.5, more controlled than Karr definitely, but a slide back

Boren – Ub – UF – hit first hs – tkatchev, fine – short cast hs at the end, DLO, hop back.

Strong 1. 5 from Ramler – 9.925.

Large break from Webb on beam – may or may not have grabbed.

One of Dickson’s more controlled dbl Arabians but still a lunge – finishes with a pretty double pike, but a little bounce back

That means OU will have to count the 9.7 from Dowell, but they have the luxury to do that.

9.5875 for Webb

Nichols – BB – OU – aerial to split jump, strong –  bhs loso series, very smoothly done – switch to split leap, smooth, hit positions – 1.5 not stuck, hop forward

Vega – FX – UGA – full in pretty solid, a bit of a bounce, but not bad on the chest position – 1.5 to layout, super short on layout, has to tuck it a little and hop –

Thomas – FX – UF – DLO, huge of coutse, under control on the step back too – 1.5 to front layout to sissone, nice – split leap full and straddle positions, well done – double pike, a ltitle short with a step forward, which probably spoils chances at a floor championship.

A bit bummed she didn’t drop the Biles on us.


After 3:
Oklahoma 148.250
Denver 147.650
Oregon St 147.650
Georgia 147.225

YOU GUYS. What if Oregon State. Now, it’s still very much advantage Denver going to its best event on bars while Oregon State has to go to beam, but if OSU does beam like that first day of regionals…

They tried with Trinity. She got a 9.925 for that routine even with a short pass.


Singley – BB – OSU – bhs loso , smooth, under control – kickover front, secure – stuck gainer full, good start

Kern – UB – DU – jaeger, good toes, hit – bail, strong vertical -small leg break – DLO, a little short, hop

9.8625 for Singley

Lowery – BB – OSU – bhs loso and falls. OOF.

Ruiz – UB – DU – giant full to tkatchev, a bit close but OK – bail, legs together well – pretty solid final cast hs – DLO, small slide back. Nice.

Dickson – VT – UGA – one of her better controlled Omels

Sundstrom – UB – DU – clear ghip to tkatchev, pretty solid – she has very nice cast hs – some angle on bail, not quite to vertical -final cast hs was shorter – DLO, small hop

L Dagen – BB – OSU – switch to switch side, hit – aerial to split, good – gainer pike, short with a hop

Lukacs – VT – UGA – sticks her DTY, some chest down – very good

Glynn with a solid gienger – final cast hs is nice FTDT, small hop back. Making it very tough on Oregon State.

Snead step back on 1.5

M Dagen – BB – OSU – bhs loso, secure, just a bit tight in the switch and switch 1/2 – small check

Brown – Ub – DU – shap tot pak, good, just a bit of legs – toe shap 1/2, ankles flash apart – perfect final cast hs – DLO, holds the stick with chest down. Linas literally trying to pump up the crowd while she’s still going.

Karr – UB – DU – gaint gull to gienger to overshoot, great legs on gienger – DLO, small adjustment again, but it’s going to be difficult for OSU to catch now. Needs a pack of 9.9s. Possible.

Dowell hits Dowll of course – leaps look solid – front lay to front full to a stag-ish, kind of bailed out of hitting that stag position

Denver has set the mark of 49.3875.

Hit from lazaro, some pausy moments to take, nothing huge.

Ramler – UB – shap to pal, lovely, legs together – toe shap 1/2, strong – hits final cast hs – FTDT, stuck. That was the best bars routine I saw today. She needs 9.9375 to tie Ross in the AA

9.9375 exactly ties Ross.

Trautman – DLO, very big – front lay to dull to sissone, well done –

Gill hits her aerial to bhs. finishes gainer full, small slide back. great day for Oregon State. Would need a score the level of which they haven’t been willing to go today, though.

Boren – BB = UF – kickover front is strong – bhs loso series, solidly on – switch to straddle, a little tight on the switch – cat leap to gainer loso witha  check, leg up – gainer full, a little short with a step

Nichols – FX – OU – for the AA title here, just needs normal – double pike, solid landing – split leap 1.5 huge, got it around – front full to front loso, smooth, a little scrappy on the front full – switch ring to split leap full – 2 pass routine, does choreography about it in place of her final pass. Mostly leaps. Will be enough to take AA title.

I’m seeings 9.9s and 9.95s. One 9.850. That’ll do it. 9.925 for Nichols. 39.7125 final.

Carter – FX – Ark – double tuck, clean shape, a little bounce – 1.5 to front full, solid twisting position – double pike, controlled landing, some deep knees there

Oklahoma 197.850
Denver 197.0375
Oregon State 196.900
Georgia 196.4625

So everything went by ranking here, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t exciting. Good competition for Oregon State. Did what they could do. Sucks for Michigan, would have advanced out of this semifinal.

Finengan wins bars. Wojcik wins beam. Four-way winner ties on both vault and floor. Because everyone wants a four-way winner tie. He says sarcastically, which he has to confirm because there are certain people sitting next to him that actually believe that.

Your vault winners are Gobourne, Nichols, Ross, and Edney. The floor winners are Ross, Boren, Brown, and Dowell.

Well, I said we would have a florida event winner, which we did. But we also had a lot of other event winners.

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  1. I’ve never quite understood the gymternet’s collective obsession with Maggie, and I’m also annoyed that a double pike and front full to front layout can get you to a 10 start, but honestly, some of the complaints people are making on here trying to discredit her win are actually so obviously sour grapes they’re actually hilarious

    1. The ones about her not competing all season are pretty weird.

      I dunno, I am a huge Kyla fan and don’t love Maggie’s gymnastics but I just think it’s hard to get TOO mad about this result. I would’ve put both Ross and Ramler ahead of Nichols but it wasn’t so clear cut that I feel like anyone got super screwed. And yes Nichols FX is lame but it meets the requirements, so… what can you do?

    2. Maggie did a great job to win. I just wish Lexy Ramler would’ve tied her instead of Ross because she truly deserved the win – competing with her team and from a lesser known gymnastics school. Hopefully she made a strong enough impression it’ll not only get Ramler noticed the next two years but also put Minnesota on the map as a top women’s gymnastics school – watch out Michigan and Nebraska there’s a new power in the B1G.

      1. I also feel Ramler has a stronger claim on being screwed than Kyla. Kyla had the bars dismount and a hesitation on beam, while Lexy was truly impeccable.

  2. I‘m really excited for finals!! UCLA had no major mistake, still scored very close to LSU.
    I hope they go all out in the bars lineup. If grace would hit, that should really maximize their score, but fish is more consistant. But I really think they need to take the risk, if they want a chance to win! I don‘t see them winning, if they have to count a score in the mid 9.8!

    I would also love to see marz do the DTY! I also prefer her above nia on floor, but in semis pulla was the weakest.. (don‘t get me wrong, i love all of them. I‘m just excited to see what strategy they will use)!

  3. is the tape on floor in or out? ruby just got an oob and she clearly jsut touched the tape

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