US Classic – Junior Live Blog

Start list:

Withdrawal alert: Sienna Robinson has pulled out of the competition.

Keep an eye on beam and floor in the first half of rotation 1 because you’ll have Blakely on beam and McClain on floor among the very top contenders. As well as people like Saltness and Matthews on beam and Lippeatt on floor.

Because this is a two-part rotation meet, it’s basically 8 rotations long, so settle in for a long one. As is typical of junior Classic.

When I see these timid 13-year-olds who drastically don’t want to disappoint anyone, I definitely think, “Turn down for what.”

“Dial in”?

Make the littlest one stand next another junior who could be her mom.

These MG Elite windbreakers are really Atlanta Olympics. Is that back in style?

Low blow to have a small child do the national anthem so I can’t even make fun of it. Low blow, Louisville.

It’s a tough fight for coolest judging panel with Kristie and Liz on vault but Chellsie and Anna on bars.

Rotation 1, Part 1

I think World Class is called that just so that the announcer has to stay things like “World Class gymnast Jamison Sears.”

Looks like we’re getting just one event at a time on the stream. Sigh. You had four events for podium training yesterday.

Huff – VT – a fine full with a pace back, a bit of an early twist and some piking.

Over to Little on floor – a 2.5 with some legs and a lunge out to finish her routine.

Sears – VT – nice to see her here after she mad to pull out of Am Classic mid-meet after a beam injury – DTY – ends up quite short with a lunge forward – really quick twisting.

Parenti is on beam – legs on a loso series but secure – small adjustment on side aerial – 2/1 dismount with a step back.

Lippeatt – FX – piked full in which is comfortably around for her, bounce back – back layout full to double back! cool. Some foot form in those dance elements – 2.5 to front tuck a little over on the 2.5 but pulls out a front tuck – there is lightning in the middle of her floor music, I think she’s currently fighting the Joker on the roof of an apartment building – double pike, bounce back, she won.

Ahern looking secure in her elements on beam. Doing side jumps, the straddle 1/2 was not bad in position – bhs bhs 2/1 dismount, stuck. REALLY solid work from what we saw. The leaps weren’t always there, but gave away very litlte in checks.

Hit Van Leeuwen from German on bars, small leg break – DLO a little low with a hop forward.

Kaylen Morgan hits a tight double tuck, I thought she wasn’t going to get enough on that pass to get it around, but the tight shape on the tuck helped her – split leap full, not bad – 2/1, bouncy – nice switch half position.

Saltness – BB – hits her Arabian! Deep but secure – bhs bhs tuck full attempt! Barely any of her touches the beam as she lands it right on the mat – switch 1/2 and falls a second time  – side aerial to back tuck is secure – wolf to straddle jump with a check – side somi and a third fall. Well, she’s having a time, but both the difficulty and technique are there. Double tuck, step.

Maybe it’s because our dude keeps calling her Linden.

Chio with a bounce back on a double pike on floor – switch ring to switch full – double tuck, struggles with a larger stagger back – 2.5 to front tuck, front tuck pops right up vertically but she gets it around – 2.5, hop forward.

Blakely – BB – has to grab the beam attempting her double wolf and then stands up with a hilarious seven-part wobble with a leg up to try to balance herself. Well, that was a GIF moment. And then of course the back full and the front tuck are both perfect – aerial, well done, splits look good. Only the smallest little not-even-checks here until the dismount, double pike with a large lunge. The score won’t be high but some good moments.

Why are we not getting Konnor McClain on floor right now. WHY????

Matthews on BB – loso series with a check – aerial, small lean – she finishes with a double full, hop back.

Oh, did they just move McClain’s floor routine to the second half of the rotation after Robinson’s withdrawal? I would accept that. Calm down, Spencer.

Wright – VT – Y1.5 – short with a couple steps back but landed

McClain – FX – DLO with a lunge back, a bit of a slide – 1.5 through to double pike, step – switch ring switch 1/2 – basically has a balance check on choreography for a second – front tuck through to 2.5, opens out of it well – 2.5 to back handspring, which I love

Frazier – VT – big DTY, medium step back, landed chest up, comfortable vault for her –

We see Di Cello getting back up on the beam, so I’m going to assume an early mistake – side aerial is good – switch to sissone, nice split positions – bhs loso loso series, hit, some knees – aerial to split ring, solid – split 1/2 from side – bhs bhs double tuck, hit with step back, chest down

Good landing on a 1.5 on vault from Alipio.

LOL we’re STILL not seeing Barros’s floor routine. It’s like a conspiracy.

Now here it is. Split leap 1.5, very well done. 2/1, comfortable for her, a bit of legs – love the split positions here – Jessie Spano would be 100% in on this leo. double pike, good.

Butler – UB – Stalder 1/2 to piked jaeger, lovely position – piked tkathcev – HUGE ray to pak, a little crazy in the Pak position – toe shap 1/2, loses the legs – double tuck, short with a step. Great difficulty, some form struggles in working through those difficult combinations.

Lowe on FX with a hit double back – not seeing the connection of music to movement here, maybe the sound is slightly off with the picture – 2.5 is good – simpler dance elements are comfortably hit – 1.5 to front pike with a hop.

Heather – BB – double wolf turn is comfortable – aerial into leap combination, hit – switch to switch 1/2 and falls, was really under on the switch 1/2 completion – bhs loso, solid – 2/1, step back

When Tom Forster is walking around in the background, it feels like when Paul is lurking around toward the end of the showstopper and you’re like GET OUT OF HERE!

Huge full-in taken almost totally OOB from Volpe on FX. Finishes with a crazy front lay to rudi, but she pulls it out. Boomerang shaped front layout.

Big piked Jaeger from Greaves – Downie to pak is hit, well done – nice legs on her Shap 1/2, right together – FTDT, small hop.

Pilgrim on beam hits her side aerial and her straight jump from side position – finishes double tuck with a bounce back.

Looks like Frazier is going to lead after her DTY.

Last routine in the first rotation belongs to LJR on beam. Candle mount, hit well – aerial, a bit tentative into a swing down combination – side aerial, secure – switch leap to switch 1/2 to split jump, some feet but nice attention to speed – onodi, pulled it together with a check – bhs loso series, hit – split jump 1/2 from side, good split position, lean to hold it – 1.5 with a pace back. Good hit. If that’s going to be her level of hitting today…

A 14.200 from Greaves on bars has tied Frazier for the lead after the first rotation. Alipio and Sears are 3-4, both having vaulted, and then Miller is 5th after competing bars.

Best floor score was Barros with 13.700. Best beam was Matthews with 13.300.

13.100 for LJR.

It was 11.750 for Di Cello on beam, so she definitely had a mistake at the beginning that we didn’t see.

Rotation 2, Part 1

Morgan – VT – full, good control with just a small hop, some piking

Booth – UB – stalder – toe – Maloney to pak, close catch on Pak but works through it – shoot to high – jaeger, hit – giant full to giant 1/2 to double tuck, step forward

Chio – VT – lands short on her Y1.5 and takes 100 million lunges back to save the landing, which she does. Cassie thinks it’s funny. Kailin not so much.

We see German get back up on the beam – aerial with large break at the hips – side aerial strong – standing front tuck landed pretty high – split jump 1/2 from side, a position struggle, and a wobble – huge full in dismount and well done, step back

McClain – VT – GORGEOUS DTY. You guys. Big, great form, small step back. Yes.

Blakely – FX – DLO, nice height, has to pike down at the end – switch ring – split leap full, good leap positions overall – full in, pretty comfortable, small step back – front 2/1 to front tuck, small hop – wolf double – switch side 1/2? Switch something? Kind of in betweeny – double pike, great landings on her passes here.

Barros – VT – Another very strong DTY, hop back, great distance

Good front tuck from Zirbes on beam – hits her side jumps, solid position too, not really cheating the split much – side aerial with a check – 2.5 dismount, a little off to the side with a step

Matthews – FX – split jump 1/1 – double pike with a bounce back – switch ring to split leap full – she’ll be a performer in like 2 years – good toe point maintained in her double wolf – switch 1/2 – double tuck super short, large lunge forward but saves it

Rosen – BB – bhs loso loso series, pretty excellent extension there – split jump 1//2 from side – full turn with a little check – side aerial, smallest lean but fine – switch 1/2 with a leg-up wobble, breaks connection into Korbut – aerial, check – nice individual skill execution here – Onodi got a little crazy but hit – bhs bhs double pike in full straddle but landed

1.5 through to 2.5 from Di Cello on FX – just a bit short with a hop – hand down to balance her triple wolf attempt – double wolf – will be interesting if she gets full credit for the triple, could hurt the D score – double pike, a little soft knees on landing – what we saw was solidly hit in the tumbling.

Frazier – UB – Church, hit, a little close – Pak with some loose form – toe shap to tkatchev, hit – front toe 1/2 to giant full – DLO, small hop. WORLDS better than at AM Classic.

Posen – BB – switch to switch 1/2, tentative in switch 1/2 – hits side aerial – split 1/2 from side, nicely executed – bhs bhs 1.5 with bound forward.

Shepard – FX – double pike, a bit short with a lunge – split leap full, solid position – 1.5 to layout, comfortable twisting shape – switch to switch 1/2 – 2.5, a little off to the side with a step, but a comfortable routine. Can’t wait until she goes up 4th for a 9.875 in NCAA, and we’re like, “She would get a 9.950 in the anchor spot”

Miller – BB – switch to switch 1/2 to back tuck, very comfortable combination – split 1/2 from side, arm wave to hold it – side aerial and falls, couldn’t save the leg-up check and went over the other direction – aerial to split jump to wolf, all smoothly performed – bhs bhs 2/1, bounce back

McClain is now one tenth ahead of Barros with the second half of the rotation still to go.

Skye Blakely is currently 5th. With a 12.500 on FX, Di Cello sits 15th among the 18 people who have done two events so far.

Rotation 2, Part 2

Lowe – VT – full, hit, step to the side, some distinct piking

Alipio – UB – inbar to inbar Shap to pak, some legs in pak, the rest was great – excellent hs – toe Shap 1/2, perfect – piked Jaeger, well done – stalder 1/2 is well short – giant full – a couple late verticals at the end – FTDT, super deep landed in a ball with a lunge back – was in line for a HUGE number for a while there. Some of the issues at the end will take the score down, but still some excellent moments.

Butler – BB – aerial to split ring jump, small check but solid position – bhs bhs layout to 2, basically right on, small lean – checks on a lot of skills, none of them large but all of them existing – split 1/2 from side is good – side aerial, broken connection into split jump back tuck – Onodi to double stag is quite nice – double pike, some legs, comfortable landing

The Onodi is back you guys! Everyone’s doing Onodis again.

Really nice position on her pak for Gantner on bars – DLO, with that little hollow shape, hop back

Lippeatt – VT – full, a very tiny gymnast doing a very tiny full – some piking, step back, solid

Huff – UB – short first hs – Jaeger taken too far out and falls – resumes with a bail – stalder – toe shoot with a hang issue – very short handstand after that – attempts a 2/1 dismount, which is cool, but sits it

LJR – FX – 2.5 to front tuck and lands it entirely OOB – falls out of her Memmel turn attempt – smooth musicality of course and the leaps are well done – 1.5 to front full, falls, ahnd down after landing short, because we can’t have nice things. double pike, low with a step.

High double pike bars dismount from Sears with a lunge back

Greaves – BB – wolf triple, hit with nice toe point maintained throughout – wolf double, hit as well – aerial – split to sissone – her hair is giving Sam Peszek 2008 vibes – bhs loso series, right on – front tuck, small adjustment – switch with a correction, break connection into side aerial – double tuck out of frame, cool. She’s having a great day so far. Maggie didn’t even stab her, so it’s going great.

Greaves is into 3rd behind McClain and Barros, but they’ve been on vault and floor and she has been on bars and beam (although those are her strengths).

Roberson – BB – Onodi with a check – full turn, smooth – aerial to straddle to sissone – bhs bhs layout to two feet and falls – split leap full attempt, does well to save it with a chest down wobble turn to keep it on her feet – side aerial loso loso was excellent – doubel pike with a few lunges back

Ahern lands super short on her final double back but I think jusssst avoids putting her hands down, good presence to keep them off the floor

Fatta – BB – back tuck, hit – bhs loso series, hit with legs – aerial, a little slow in connection to her two jumps, but the individual skills were fine, well done on the side aerial – switch 1/2 is quite short with a leg-up wobble – arm wave to control her side jump – bhs bhs 2/1, small bounce.

So it does end with McClain, Barros, Greaves after 2 events.

Rotation 3, Part 1

Matthews – VT – a junior FTY, hop, piking, the usual

Rosen – FX – full in, nice power, step back – double pike, some straddle position, bounce – split leap 1/1 – switch full – front tuck through to 2/1, secure – Nice integration of L turn into choreography – Popa – switch ring – double pike, small slide – good hit

Di Cello – VT – a little short on her DTY with a step to the side, but it will still pick up the score.

Morris – BB – back tuck full, super secure – loso in three series are well done as well – split jump 1/2 from side, one of the good ones – side aerial, large break, bend over at the hips, saves it – smoothly connected mixed series – double pike, hop back. One large error, the rest was excellent.

All we see of Barros on UB is her DLO full, which she lands very securely, some pike in the air.

Posen with a bounce back on a double back on floor – 1.5 through to 2/1, short with a lunge forward – nice leap positions

Looks like we didn’t get to see McClain on bars (why show the leader?!?!) A 13.150 provides an opening, and Barros moves ahead of her.

Strong three series from Wright on beam – aerial to split to sissone, good extension – Onodi, leg up break – side aerial, solid – switch with a pause before the switch 1/2 – strong position on the split jump 1/2 from side. Those skills are getting better overall – legs on 2/1 dismount with hop back

Very secure 1.5 through to double full on FX from Miller, and comfortable landing her double tuck as well.

Nice Pak from Volpe on bars, but she catches SUPER close on her shoot to high and has to pause against the bar.

Frazier – BB – semi-crazy double wolf turn but she stopped it at the right time – aerial witha  check – split and straddle elements both nice – side aerial, comfortable – split 1/2 from side position, more of a struggle with a check as well – bhs loso series, bend at the waist – switch ring, nice! Split ring to back tuck, hit – double pike, step back.

Butler – FX – double Arabian, some legs apart but a big element – nice switch ring and split full – 2.5 to front tuck, good – whip to double pike to finish, a little short with a lunge forward but saves it, it was a murder but not a crime

Alipio – BB – side aerial to loso loso, hit with a small correction – bhs bhs layout to two feet, excellent – switch to switch 1/2, a bit tentative on switch 1/2 – split leap to side somi, large break, arm wave and leg up, saves it – aerial to split to straddle – split jump 1/2 from side, good – 2/1, bounce back

Newman-Achee – FX – double L turn, OK that was actually fine – double tuck, steps back and OOB – L hop 1/1, good, gets her leg above horizontal as you are supposed to – switch 1/2 – 2.5, short with a crossover step – front 2/1, a couple stumbles to the side

Gantner – BB – leg up check on bhs loso loso but nice extension throughout – switch to switch 1/2 to back tuck, short on switch 1/2 position – aerial with a lean correction – split and straddle, good – side aerial that she pulled out despite being VERY side – 1.5 dismount and stuck

So, Barros has moved ahead of McClain by three tenths, and Alipio has closed to gap after a huge 13.850 on beam.

Oh. Joy. The “you’re too old for this” cam is back.

Rotation 3, Part 2

LJR – VT – full, lunge back

Greaves – FX – open full in! Quite strong as well, double wolf attempt but I wouldn’t give it, finishes short – front tuck through to 2.5, stagger stumble to the side – switch ring and switch 1/2 are solid – music is a hallucination someone from Akron who went to NYC for the first time might have – double tuck, short with a shuffle forward

Huff – BB – kickover front, very solid – split to straddle – aerial, larger break with bend at the hips – bhs loso series is good – switch ring, a bit tentative with a check – split leap full attempt, but not sure she got that around for credit – 2/1, lunge back

Good simple routine from Lippeatt on bars.

Saltness – VT – DTY, gets it around, some form throughout

Roberson – FX – joining partway through – front full to front pike – double pike, lunge back

Blakely – VT – strong DTY, comfortably around, good height and position, lunge back, fairly large, which will be the biggest deduction

Nice front tuck from Sears on beam – aerial with a lean and a check – split ring jump, arm wave – solid split 1/2 from side – bhs bhs double tuck, overcooks with a stagger back, which is a better error than the injury from Am Classic.

Fatta – FX – 3/1 first pass, nicely done in the end, looked like she was getting a little off line – front tuck through to 2.5, step – double tuck, small slide – change of rhythm to wolf turn double, and then an actual cackle in the music after it, probably related – 2/1 with a bounce

Chio – UB – Stalder full to toe on – Maloney to clear hip to bail – some pauses in here but getting through until the piked jaeger, taken too far out and falls. DLO, hop back

Buddy, we want to see Karis German’s floor.

German – FX – joining after two passes -1.5 to front full, bounce forward – double tuck, lunge –

Blakely’s DTY score has helped her close the gap, just a tenth behind McClain now and sitting in 3rd place.

Siegfeldt – BB – bhs loso series, small adjustment on landing, nice amplitude and precision there – aerial to split to sissone – Onodi, check – just noticing she skipped vault in the first rotation – side aerial, hit split ring jump – bhs bhs double tuck, step

Zirbes – FX – Finishes with a 2.5, smooth and composed.

So we’re looking at Barros, then McClain, Blakely, Alipio, and Greaves after three rotations, heading to 4th. Barros and McClain on beam.

Rotation 4, Part 1

Frazier – FX – DLO, just a bit crunched, slide back, fine – front tuck through to double tuck, very solid landing – switch ring – split ring 1/2, will get docked from the front leg – 2/1, easy peasy for her – wolf double – switch 1/2, fine – double pike, a litlte short with a hop. Excellent day for her. She needed to get her qualifying score here, and that will certainly be enough.

Butler – VT – big DTY, a little too big with a pretty large lunge back

Amber Lowe finishes beam with a 2.5, step back, solid, composed routine from the second 1/2 that we saw

Newman Achee with a low full on VT but got it around

Alipio – FX – Big DLO but steps back OOB – double tuck, short with a lunge – split leap 1.5, borderline around, about a 1/4 turn short – 1.5 to front full, good secure landing – double L turn, pretty precise – excellent on the simpler leaps of course – pretty twisting position as well, but those first two passes landing issues will hurt the score

Greaves – VT – attempts a DTY, lands it pretty well upright but lunges well back and off to the side, off the mat entirely

Nice toe full from Anya Pilgrim on bars but doesn’t connect out of it tons of potential on bars as we saw at Am Classic – Her Stalder positions are quite nice – late final handstand out of a Stalder – double pike, step.

Gantner – FX – piked full in, a bit chest down but mostly secure – double tuck, small shuffle – switch to split full, short of position on the split full – front tuck through to 2.5, small slide – double pike, short with a hop forward

LVR – UB – toe full to toe Shap to pak, a little close on Pak but otherwise a lovely combination – break connection on low bar but ultimately gets her Van Leeuwen with some crazy legs – falls on piked Jaeger. Sigh. And a dismount fall upon resuming.

Huff – FX – falls out of double turn a little with a near step back – big full in, nice pop – front tuck through to 2.5, bound forward – switch ring – split leap full – double tuck – double pike, lunge forward

Lippeatt – BB – bhs bhs layout to two feet, hit with a little bounce – aerial broken connection into straddle to swing down but good individual skills – arm wave on straight jump 1/1 from side – switch to sissone, well done – side aerial, smooth – split jump to back tuck – straddle 1/2 from side, well done – bhs bhs double pike, step back

Olivia Greaves is our current leader with a 54.750, but that will be passable by the top couple in the standings who still have to compete—Barros, McClain, and Blakely.

Frazier and Parenti have achieved their nationals qualifying score among those who didn’t (we believe) have it before.

Rotation 4, Part 2

Fatta – VT – DTY – gets it around with two steps back, not a ton of distance, but a hit vault

Sears – FX – super high full in, too high and bounces back out of it – front tuck through to double tuck that she starts already two strides in from the corner because she can – split leap 1.5, around for credit – double pike, overcooks it with a bounce back

Morgan – BB – pretty solid triple wolf to double wolf, but on principle you know, ugh – side somi, small adjustment – side split 1/2 – bhs loso series, hit, she leans down under the earth before beginning that series – split to wolf, good height – side aerial, solid – bhs bhs double tuck, two lunges back on landing.

Nice piked Jaeger from Saltness on bars – some crazy legs on her Shap but continues through it – double layout, bounce in place

Posen – VT – full with a lunge back

Good bhs loso loso series from Chio on beam, deep punch front but steps forward and keeps it on the beam – breaks connection on switch to switch 1/2, leg up check, but nice individual skill technique – aerial with a leg up – side aerial – bhs bhs 2/1, hop

Blakely – UB – inbar – stalder piked Tkatchev to pak – well done! Toe Shap 1/2, nice legs togehter – very short hs on high – toe 1/2, just keeps going the right way – stalder full and loses her swing and has to take an extra swing and recast. Shame – Hits FTDT dismount.

McClain – BB – Arabian, well done, nice chest up position – bhs bhs layout to 2 feet, tremendous, so high – back tuck full, only the smallest adjustments on these super difficult elements – switch and switch 1/2, switch 1/2 a little short of position – aerial, smooth – broken connection into split ring jump – bhs bhs double pike, large lunge back, but a great routine.

Matthews – UB – stalder 1/2 to jaeger, nice toe point – stalder full to pak, late on stalder full but gets the combination – toe shoot, good – DLO, bounce back, strong overall

OK who has Florence Foster Jenkins cackling in their floor music?

14.350 for McClain puts her in first place.

Barros – BB – wolf turn single, so it’s fine – front tuck, a little adjustment – bhs loso loso, hit securely – aerial to split to sissone, abbreviated on those subsequent leap positions – switch 1/2 also a little low – side aerial, hit – bhs bsh double pike, hop.

Great solid day for Barros, though that shouldn’t catch McClain.

Di Cello – UB – stalder full to toe shap to Pak, nice and smooth psoitions – toe shap 1/2, legs right together – a bit short on hs – piked jaeger, comfortable – toe 1/2, a bit short – FTDT, stuck. Pretty routine. A good comeback after the early problems.

That was the final routine. Just waiting on the last couple scores to come in now.

Barros ends up 3 tenths behind McClain after a fantastic day of her own. Greaves is going to finish 3rd, with Blakely 4th, and Alipio 5th.

Those were five of the generally agreed top 6 heading into the meet, so no surprises there. The only real surprise was Di Cello’s early errors on beam, which ultimately put her down in 11th place. With a hit beam, she’s probably finishing 4th here. Other surprise would be just how well Barros did, especially on bars and beam, to finish a close second.

Frazier, Sears, Parenti, Fatta, Zirbes, Rosen, and Posen got their AA scores that they needed here.

McClain wins vault and beam with 14.800 and 14.350. Greaves wins bars with 14.200. Blakely wins floor with 13.750.


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