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      1. And evidently she is not quite as skilled in the kitchen as she is in the gym. Lol

    1. Didn’t he get accused of mistreatment by a former WOGA gymnast? Probably not a good look in that context.

      1. Not sure that’s accurate. A couple WOGA gymnasts spoke out about poor treatment at WOGA but without naming names. People tried to guess on timelines of who was coaching which age-group when. Never heard Laurent accused of anything by name.

  1. Honestly I wish they wouldn’t show Sam when he isn’t doing his routines, he ties with Mykayla on the “I need to be slapped in the face repeatedly” scoreboard.

    1. I agree about Mykayla because I have always wanted to watch Marooney get smacked around a few times. She’s such a self-centred diva and appears to be spoiled rotten.

      1. “Marooney” is a McKayla with a C and original anon was talking about Skinner so way to expose yourself as a turd for nothing!

      2. I’d say… if you’ve watched the news re: gymnastics anytime lately… you’d know you’ve oopsed not once but twice here.

    2. Wanting to slap someone in the face seems a bit harsh. I’d settle for pushing either one comedically into a lake.

      I did kind of laugh at Skinner’s post-UB celebration. Like on one hand damn you made it through a very difficult routine. But also if you had that many doubts about your ability to complete it then maybe you should be doing something easier and with less horrifying form.

      1. Did you see biles’ face after her double double beam dismount? sure, skinner might pump her fists a little harder but i think both moments were priceless!! even more than the dismounts themselves

      2. No I missed it!! I don’t have a big problem with Skinner‘s celebrations or anything btw. They aren’t always my cup of tea but I don’t think there’s anything actually wrong with them, same with Sam.

  2. Finally watched the meet and read the BBS live blog. Still need to go back and read the comments. But.

    1. Did Suni Lee hit 8 for 8? Did literally anyone else? How close was the next closest person?

    2. Do we know what McCallum was reacting to? What did Skinner do on bars?

    3. If Tim is right and Carey is shooting for the 4 person Tokyo team (unlikely, but fun hypothetical), what’s the best course of action (other than just … not naming her to the team)? For example, if the US sent Eaker to apparatus world cups and she does so well that she would qualify a spot but gets one-perred, does she get that spot if Carey is named to the U.S. team?

    1. Kara was on the 2018 World’s team that qualified for the Olympics; therefore she is unable to compete for a nominative spot via the Apparatus World Cups.

      Note: this is why Jade declined the invite to the 2018 World’s training camp.

      1. Fair on the Kara point specifically, but I’m still curious whether it has been explicitly spelled out what happens if two athletes from the same country are leading on two different events and the one that wins the tiebreak withdraws (due to injury or being needed for her country’s team or any other reason). I saw speculation in the comments elsewhere that the tiebreak loser would be SOL, but I’m curious if FIG has specified when exactly that ship sails.

      2. I’m fairly sure they use the biggest margin of victory. And yes, the person the smallest margin of victory will not receive a nominative spot via Apparatus World Cups

      1. Awesome! She had such a good meet and they barely broadcast her at all. I’ll have to go find videos of more of her routines.

    2. I think refusing to enter her in any more WC meets and hoping Paseka beats her is basically their only choice.

      1. They can’t refuse to enter her in any more meets, however, the criteria stated that USAG would fund 3 attempts. If Carey decides she wants to enter more, USAG would have to enter her, but on the grounds that Carey pay her own way.

      2. USAG does not have to enter her in any more World Cup meets. They probably will, because they can’t handle negative press. But they already met their obligation.

        They also can’t just decide that Jade can’t compete at Trials. They didn’t modify the Olympic selection procedure when they created the WC rules. It is too late. Jade can qualify to Trials and try to get the #2 AA spot.

    3. Well if Carey is awarded the individual apparatus spot, that will be done in April. Therefore USAG can absolutely state that Jade has qualified herself to the Olympics already and obtained a slot and is therefore eliminated from Olympic Trials. USAG spent money on Jade to attend the World Cups so they would have every right to state that once Jade was awarded an Olympic slot that she forfeits the right to the Olympic Team. I am not a lawyer so I don’t know exactly the legalities, but I don’t see USAG agreeing to send Jade to the World Cups just to have her turn around and decline her individual spot so she can try out for the 4 member Tokyo team, USAG would be giving up a +1 slot completely.

    4. suni and chiles hit 8/8.

      Skinner did a full piroute to fabrichnova double double bars dismount on night 2. too bad she didn’t get any connection value for that but still great to see her expression at the end…

      i doubt jade will forfeit her cup position even if she did have a little 2nd thought of not being able to win team gold and best case of 2 silvers. USAG highly likely will discourage that. also she would then have to compete against skinner just to make the olympics (instead of pretty much already assured of going to the olympics)… I think she will realize all of the maybes and troubles for everyone including herself is not worth it.

      of course if she drops out now, then usag would actually have somewhat of a win because they can now go after both of the non-nominative spots. however, if she decides to drop out in april 2020 after the worlds cup spot is officially decided, usag will send a lightning bolt her way….lol..

      1. I wish FIG would open up connection values more so that combinations like Skinner’s full pirouette into double double dismount could be appropriately awarded.

        C+E with the C having flight or 1/2 turn for 0.1 is fair.

  3. I’ve read that some observers in the audience thought Simone was out of bounds on FX, but the judge ruled otherwise. What did you all see?

    During the broadcast you could hear Simone right after her routine asking on the sidelines whether or not she was OOB.

    If that had been at a top NCAA meet, there would have been 30 posts here arguing (on both sides of the issue) whether that was OOB or not, judging, replay, etc! I think the use of sting mats makes it a bit harder to decide an OOB.

    At her meets, Simone is so far ahead on scoring that any potential OOB issue for her is nearly irrelevant. LOL. We are very fortunate to get to watch Simone, the Greatest Of All Time, perform.

    Thanks for the entertaining GIFs! My favorite was Wonder Woman Chiles rotating between events.

    1. I think this is one incident that could vary depending on angles, but most people were just more excited about the Biles II to care about the OOB lmao

    2. No angle showed her definitely out that I saw. She was just very close to the line. She could have been out, but I never saw her out. Very possible she just stayed in. Simone gets OOB deductions all the time, and the skill was complete either way, so I don’t think it was some conspiracy to let her slide.

      1. It looked to me like the line on the sting mat was not lined up with the edge of the floor, but that could have been the angle. It looked like she was outside the sting mat line but inside the floor line, if that makes sense.

      2. >It looked to me like the line on the sting mat was not lined up


        Speaking of sting mats…Is that a recent thing for these elite meets?

        I’m used to watching NCAA meets where the announcers seem to bring up that FX sting mats are acceptable for NCAA but not for elite (but apparently that isn’t the case since Simone used one at these National Championships).

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