Live From Worlds – Podium Training Day 2

Let’s do this thing again!

Subdivision 7

Here, we have both GB and Italy headlining proceedings, so lots to watch out for.

Iorio is up first for Italy on floor – she was a little off on her 3/1 landing, bouncy and I think OOB. Villa is second in the order, one stumbly pass, on her 2nd pass, but otherwise comfortable.

GB first routines through the order: Kinsella a solid routine except for going on mind safari during her dismount landing. Ellie a crazy good save on her toe full on low bar, otherwise hit. Happy to see a full hit from Fenton, her FTDT dismount was very low, but otherwise got through.

Asia up third (DLO 1/1), short but landed. Apologies in advance if I misidentify a D’Amato today because we don’t have numbers or announcements of who is going in PT. I know the difference between them…basically…but when they’re far away. You know.

CRAP! Becky just had the oddest fall on bars. On her opening full turn on low she missed a hand and just plummeted straight down onto her head. She looks fine, just rechalking, but a weird fall.

Becky resumes – good hit routine – one very short handstand but otherwise fine. Tweddle to Yezhova, sublime.

Alice is going 5th for Italy on floor following a strong routine from Carofiglio in the 4th position, so looks like she’s the one who won’t do floor in Q. Alice had a nice one though.

I’m happy with Italy’s floor. Some landing things, as we expect, but no falls.

Simm put up a good routine in the alternate position for GB.

Now Becky is working Tweddle to Yezhova directly to toe-Shap back to high bar.

Asia is redoing her DLO 1/1 now and showing some stronger attempts.

Julie Erichsen is having a real time with her loso series on beam, but on the plus side, she’s doing it 150 times.

Becky still experimenting with connecting out of the Tweddle to Yezhova, though it’s iffy. Would imagine that’s a “for event finals” kind of thing? Maybe?

In rotation 2, we have Fenton leading off for GB with a hit routine. Ellie fell on her punch front in the second full routine for GB. Ellie was really fighting it in that routine and gives us good Ellie FML face.

Villa DTY good. Iorio lands a DTY, chest well down. Villa keeps nailing DTYs. So good.

Kinsella grabs the beam on her two losos series in her full set – good double pike though.

First D’Amato DTY sighting, nicely done.

Becky is right off beam on a side aerial to loso series. The GB gymnasts will be going again, and I want to see some hits because that first go through was pretty rough.

Really happy with the level of the DTYs from Villa and the D’Amatos, which is what will count. Iorio is landing with her chest well down, but it’s a fourth score option.

Ellie falls on her loso series on her second time through. redoes the series and it’s solid.

Things got a little more solid at the end of Britain’s beam rotation. Kinsella got through a good set.

In rotatiom three we start with Fenton on FX – she had a little trouble controlling her 3/1. Kinsella fell on her opening combo pass in her set.

Italy having some trouble getting through full routines – Villa went over on a handstand but did successfully turn it into a mega-pirouette instead. Alice D’Amato just plummeted to the mat while attempting a pirouette of her own.

Ellie opened floor with a very strong double arabian combo pass – a little bouncy on the rest but a fine hit.

Teja James had a rally lock-legged landing on her whip double Arabian and she’s down. WELL CRAP.

While that was happening, Elisa Iorio went through a very strong bars routine.

Desiree Carofiglio Nabieva alert?

Alice D’Aamto just went through a nearly lovely bars routine until she sat her dismount. The rest was awesome?

Kelly Simm stepping up and doing her floor routine now for GB, hands down on a full-in.

Becky is doing a floor routine! Double arabian, good, hop to the side. Triple turn. switch ring – switch 1/2 – 1.5 through to 2.5, just a little deep, but good. Not a lot of content yet in her routine, but go ahead on floor queen.

Taeja James is back out there. Just does whip to double back this time. Good to see. I was worried by the way she reacted after that landing and how the staff had to help her off because she wasn’t putting full weight on her knees, but must have just been more shocking/stinging than anything else. She clearly does not feel awesome, but she was able to get back out and do a floor routine, so we’ll take it.

In the 4th rotation, we also have Laney Madsen on floor, but she crashed a double arabian.

Carofiglio just came off beam on a layout series in her set. Iorio had a major break on her loso mount, really nice two loso series though –

Good DTY from Ellie on vault. Saw Fenton fall on a Y1.5 attempt.

Alice D’Amato up on beam now – really nice front mount but falls on a wolf double.

Villa is up now and has to grab the beam on her tuck full series (I believe she did have a fully hit beam set previous to this, her second time through).

So, interesting, Laney Madsen is doing a double pike and then immediately a straight jump full? Like she’s trying to connect them.

Italy taking the entire time working bits and pieces again and again on beam. It has been an inconsistent rotation that doesn’t necessarily allay my fears. Asia D’Amato just butt-smalled a front aerial and fell twice in her final set attempt.

Villa came off on the tuck full series on her final attempt and is over it. Everyone else was still doing full sets, and she was like, “MAMA DONE.”

That will do it for the 7th subdivision. Just as nervous about both of these brilliant wonders as I was beforehand.

Subdivision 8

Netherlands subdivision, starring Netherlands is underway now.

They’re staring with Visser on beam. She’s the least beamy of their four beamers, but she just a did a lovely routine, one hesitation where she paused after a switch and had to reestablish herself, otherwise brilliant.

Lieke is up 2nd – showing us L turn 1.5 realness and the most brilliant double turn. One semi-large check at the beginning of the routine, the rest was literally perfect.

Eythora had a check on an onodi where she stepped back and basically improved upon the skill – otherwise pretty smooth – checky like she can be on beam sometimes, but obviously also the peak of all humanity. Stuck 2.5 dismount. Good one overall.

Sanne opens with a bhs mount to immediate wolf jump full. Double L, brilliant, side aerial to side aerial to straight jump full – would be worried about combination credit – has to dome some improvising on a Kochetkova, falls on an Okino that like basically became a quad turn as she was falling. gainer full dismount with hop.

Sanne’s was the one of the four that you wouldn’t want in competition. Interested to see if she goes again. Tisha and Van Pol didn’t warm up with the initial group of four, but they’re up on the podium now.

Sanne did a full routine the second time through while everyone was doing bits and pieces and it was literally perfect in every possible way, so there’s that.

Meanwhile, Ana Perez and Roxana Popa rocking DLO 1/1 bars dismounts for Spain.

Now Volleman and Van Pol are getting a chance to work through beam a little bit at the end of the rotation. No secret who the lineup 4 are then.

The Dutch are moving on to floor now. Turn clinic in the warmups before doing the routines. This is how you quad spin.

Start with Tisha. Falls out of her quad turn a little bit. Nice full-in – I feel like sometimes Tisha gets the “and the other one, Tisha” treatment for the Dutch women, but for any other country we would be like TEH ARTISTRY. Nice solid tumbling. I was a little worried about her status, but they need this routine from her and it was strong.

Visser is 2nd – OMG the way she pulled out that triple full to punch front was truly Chinese, she was below sideways when she landed that 3/1 and somehow still successfully punch out of it. Some troubles on tumbling but she worked out of it.

Lieke now – religious experience. Also like some tumbling or whatever – good hit. beautiful performance of course.

Eythora – starts with a back 2.5 this time – this isn’t my favorite music she’s ever had, but the performance is obviously next level. She also finished with a 2.5 to front tuck, so presumably that opening 2.5 was just a runthrough placeholder or mistake for now.

Van Pol goes up 5th on floor with a fall on her double Arabian.

Eythora finished up working some 3/1 punch fronts and her falls on them were various states of artistic and hilarious.

Really nice 2 foot layout from Popa on beam, and side somi – great stuck dismount too. I haven’t seen everything she has done so far because Dutch, but that beam set was stellar.

Report from the arena: Jessica is deeply invested in Marina Gonzalez’s expression floor choreo

Visser just crashed a Y1.5, and then Eythora took a DTY right to her knees. So some things not going great over there.

Ana Perez successful double double to start her floor routine. Nice!

Cintia being lovely. This routine would fit right into the Dutch rotation.

Eythora landed her second DTY attempt with some help.

Popa with a DLO and a whip full in on floor. Can I just say day-um about this Spanish floor rotation? Because day-um. Crap, hands down on her double pike final pass, but still.

In rotation 4, we have the Netherlands on bar – and Eythora went through a very clean routine. Do it just like that. Dismounts with just a double tuck, step back.

Sanne with all the clear hip elements to start her routine, using up her maximum of three – very strong routine, big high Jaeger and nearly stuck DLO.

Visser has a lovely Shap to VL in her routine and a very high jaeger as well – nailed it.

Lieke is the 4th bars routine for NED – she falls on a Church to start her routine –

We’ve had a couple struggles for the Netherlands, like Sanne’s first beam before her brilliant second one, or Lieke on bars just now who also struggled to get through her full routine after that initial fall. But we had three “mostly lovely” rotations, and then also vault which I’m concerned about.

Lieke continued to struggle connecting out of her Church to Pak in her second set, and also sat down her dismount.

So that will do it for Sub 8. We’ve got a short break until Japan now.

Subdivision 9

In this subdivision we have Mexico and the no-Mai Japanese team. If I don’t make a least one “if Mai were here” reference per rotation, call the police.

Kajita hit her routine. Nothing remarkable tumbling-wise, but no mistakes except for a deep landing on her final double back. Hatakeda showed a nice 2.5 to full in her routine.

Teramoto is the third for Japan on floor – piked full in and 2.5 – good, solid Asuka routine. Japan very efficient so far.

Alexa Moreno just caught a deltchev on bars, so points there.

Is this Akari Matsumura now? The one I dont know. 3/1 to punch front, how Chinese of her.

We had a Frida Esparza fall on a piked Jaeger on bars I believe.

Nice high Tkatchev for Elsa Garcia – stuck a double front, cowboyed. This was her second set at the end of the rotation, and it was a nice one.

Frida Esparza goes again to finish the rotation – pretty bhardwaj – Shap to Pak and Stalder Shap 1/2 – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, gets it this time – ooof, DLO 1/1 to her knees. The rest was so pretty though.

In rotation 2, we have Elsa Garcia starting us off – she falls immediately on her mount, but then redoes it and hits a pretty complete set.

A note back to floor, Aiko Sugihara with her new Mai hair did go up 5th but just did a dance through.

Moreno with a near fall on her loso series and a fall on her side jump. Some really strong front acro elements, but as always you worry about consistency.

We need to talk about Egle Stalinkeviciute, who is weaing a back brace on floor but that has a little white belt design on it to make her look like a little drummer pirate paired with her leo

Japan has spent the last 5 minutes on vault just having Aiko Sugihara do Yurchenko timers. Akari Matsumura just did a DTY to her hands.

You guys, I’m worried about Japan.

I thought there would be a chance to see Teramoto vault after I watched a little Mexico beam at the beginning of the rotation, but I must have missed that entirely. Japan left vault EARLY.

Moving on to rotation 3, Moreno is warming up a double double.

Japan does have Sugihara doing real routines on bars – looks like she’ll be the leadoff there. Clean hit, dismounted double pike.

Nagi Kajita hit her Nabieva in her bars routine but then missed her feet on a later toe-on attempt and came off.

Teramoto caught a little close on a Jaeger but otherwise got through.

Moreno landed deep on her double double in the actual routine, still hit but not as strong as the one at the beginning of the warmup.

Really strong, composed bars routine from Hatakeda. Even with the miss from Kajita, I feel like that’s the best group of Japanese routines so far. It could be a score.

I’m worried about Mexico hitting beam, but they’re having a strong podium training overall. Impressive work. Some of them are not going all out on floor, though, Moreno didn’t do a final pass.

We’re seeing a lot more “i’m doing a dance through” or “I’m going to do two of my passes today” on floor than we did in yesterday’s podium training.

In rotation 4, Hatakeda finished her beam with an excellent double pike dismount. Teramoto just did the most wonderful double turn in her routine in what was overall quite solid.

Alexa Moreno showed a strong rudi, though we’ve had a couple not-close DTY attempts and falls in this rotation as well.

Stellar rudi from Moreno on her second attempt. So good.

Aiko Sugihara wisely just doing the single Y in her beam routine.

Beam might be OK. We might be OK.

Subdivision 10

Kaylee Cole def could not understand the German announcer saying Kaylee Cole for her introduction.

Russia starts on beam. I live. I die.

Steve Butcher and Kaylee Cole just ran out of the arena in a rush before she begins on floor?

Paseka and Spiridonova in their warmups, the other four up on the podium for beam.

Akhaimova is the leadoff it looks like, then Agafonova, then Melnikova, then Schekoldina. We shall see. Agafonova quite lovely in her routine, it nearly got a little scary at the end on a Y spin, but good routine, steps back on tight double tuck.

Melnikova did not subject us to the layout to 2 feet on beam, just the loso with a check – really good overall on the beam but then she stumbled back hilariously on her dismount and sat it.

Schekoldina does two back handsprings and then hops right off the beam, and again as she tries to add a loso. Now THERE’s the “this counts zero and the number of fucks I give is even fewer” kind of Russian podium training beam routine I’m looking for. The previous people were, like, trying not to fall. Or something. So weird.

Ooooh, Akhaimova is going for a double Arabian beam dismount. Landed it, just barely, in a deep squat.

Lots more hesitations in the later routines from Agafonova. They basically should have just been one and done and not risked it with her. And now we’re getting to live through the Gelya’s wolf turn trials.

So, you know, we’ve seen it be more Russian beamy, but it was pretty Russian beamy. The fact that we didn’t see Spiridonova on beam at all tells me she must be the alternate because otherwise she would have been there.

Same four are up on the podium for Russia on floor, so I’m interested to see what Agafonova is delivering for us here.

Agafonova is giving us double Y spin, double pike to her hands – 2.5 to front tuck, large stumble back but keeps it to her feet. Basically, this routine is all about trying all the D turns and seeing which ones she can great credit for because…she’s a bars and beam specialist who has to do floor because Russia.

Akhaimova is up 2nd for them – lands a DLO 1/1 successfully and a DLO, she has that little bit of mush and straddle in her form, but she can land them. Hand down on a double wolf turn, but as we know, falling on a wolf turn doesn’t count as a fall. Akhaimova hits her tumbling solidly and boy does this team need her this year.

Melnikova is 3rd, she also gets a DLO 1/1, coach was there to spot her but didn’t need to be – she also does a solid Paseka roll out of her double wolf but the tumbling was strong. Not one of those Melnikova training floors where she’s landing super short all over the place. This was good, not her full difficulty though, as her 3rd pass was front tuck through to 2/1.

Schekoldina is up 4th in the order on both events so far – did she just do a full in for both the first two passes? I might be taking crazy pills, but that’s what I think happened?

I love that Rusia just did it’s four routines on floor and is now like BYE NO MORE with almost half the time left in the rotation. I mean probably smart.

Now Argentina on beam is the only team left still doing things for the next 12 minutes. Everyone is doing her series, some Russian hop offs on quite a few of these.

In rotation 3, Paseka is added into the Russian group. This will be interesting. We’re also seeing Kaylee Cole doing bars, which we haven’t seen a very long time.

We have our first Rudi sighting for Akhaimova, which was solidly done with a step back. Still just seeing timers from Schekoldina. Good DTY from Melnikova with a step back.

We have our first Pasek-manar sighting and it’s pretty good! Hop forward.

Agafonova tried a Yfull and fell. She won’t go in competition. We’re still just getting timers from Schekoldina.

Cheng now from Paseka, and it’s Paseka’s Cheng but it’s landed successfully without much drama

Well, there’s the vaults from Paseka, Akhaimova, and Melnikova, which can be a great event score. Other than that…tumbleweeds.

Oh, Schekoldina finally did a DTY. Landed in triangle shape, but landed.

Paseka did another Amanar at the end, not as good as her first, with a lunge to the side.

Double double sighting on floor for Dominici.

Also a Dowell alert for Argentina on floor. This rotation looks good.

Russia to bars. First up for full routines is Agafonova, who looks excellent.

TWIST – Spiridonova has been unearthed to do a bars routine, which she does in very Iliankova-Russian-Cup-style, looking strong on the bars but falling on the dismount.

Akhaimova goes third in the rotation, and it’s Akhaimova on bars but she stayed on.

Schekoldina needs a spot on her piked Jaeger and then hops off after that. Melnikova follows her with a hit of her own. Close on her piked Jaeger but otherwise normal. Actually, not otherwise. That is also normal.

Stuck handspring front layout full from Argentina on vault.

Russia continuing to work pieces on bars, but pretty happy with that bars rotation. As on most events, the worry is what happens once you get past the two good ones, in this case Melnikova and Agafonova. There are a lot of events where Schekoldina is going to have to hit to preserve the team score, and the jury is still out there.

Subdivision 11

Dinner break complete, I’m ready to tell you about subdivision 11, where we are currently on rotation 3.

In the mean time, our pre-US session news is that the double double off beam has been given an H value, rather than the tentative I it received at US nationals. It’s an affront, though predictable given what the WTC always does with skill values. I should go back and find the post where I said it would be given an H because I’m just SO CLASSY. Maybe later.

So anyway, I missed Steingruber doing her main vault, but I did see a solid DTY at the very end of the subdivision. I also saw moments of Tutya looking solid on beam, which makes me nervous because don’t waste it.

Congratulations, I’m here to see Steingruber on bars, you know, the event where you want to see her. She got through her routine usual Giulia style, though she did need some help in order to stand up her double front dismount. Second dismount was better.

Good DTYs from Kovacs and Peter. Yilmaz struggling on her floor tumbling.

Subdivision 12

For the sake of ease, I’m going to put the podium training session for the US women (and Brazil, and New Zealand, and Finland) in its own post.

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  1. Thank you so much for providing coverage of podium training! You are amazing!

  2. Joining the choir to say thank you… You’re doing God’s own work here, Spencer!

  3. Props to B. Downie for adding an FX, even a not-very-good one. Sometimes I think some older specialists get a bit overvalued, especially by teams that lack depth (GB, NL), so it’s great when they try to diversify. Also it can’t be easy to add back another event – usually people had a good reason for becoming specialists in the first place.

    1. I imagine she’s going for the Olympics (team) so she’s going to need some form of AA…

      1. I expected her to try for a specialist spot, but those seem harder to get for the European countries so you’re probably right.

    2. She’s spoken recently about modern floors being closer to fast tracks, meaning it’s feasible for her to work floor back in gradually as the landings are less harsh on her ankles. She dropped floor & vault originally just to prolong her career – she was always a lovely floor worker.

    1. I feel like several of the deeper countries have been doing planned lineup, 5th team member, alternate in that order for a number of worlds. At the Olympics alternates are not allowed to do podium training at all.

  4. This is so great! I honestly enjoy this format – sort of a “podium training through the eyes of Spencer” with a mix of what people are doing, how they are doing, how Spencer feels about it, how he feels they feel about it, etc. – better than I often enjoy the “list of skills with trace amounts of commentary” that live blogs can become.

  5. I am impressed by Spain and Mexico so far!! I didn’t know much about these countries’ teams but the difficulty impressed me!

    Thank you for the coverage! (from a French-Russian based in Argentina, haha)

  6. PLEASE let Popa hit and stay injury-free. (I am beyond impressed that she’s come back like this after all this time).

  7. I think the value of the double double on beam should definitely be I. The triple double should only be an I to me. I don’t think it’s harder than a Moors…

    1. I agree with you that the double double beam dismount should be an I because a double double on floor with springs is hard enough and she’s doing it off a solid block of wood, but I don’t agree with you on the triple double being an I. I think it deserves the J they have given it. It’s not just about adding an extra twist; it’s also about trying to do those three twists in the space of two rotations. The mental logistics need to do that skill has my brain in knots, and even thinking about trying to physically execute the skill makes my body hurt.

      1. A J is understandable based on the double-double being an H skill; however, there is a solid argument that the double-double should be a G. However, I completely understand what you’re saying about the actual difficulty of the skill taking precedence over just counting the additional twists. In my opinion, a skill with a forward landing such as the Biles is just as hard as a full-twisting double layout even if there are less twists. In the opposite direction, it also makes sense that a skill such as a full-twisting double tuck or pike is only worth 0.1 more than a plain double salto – the addition of a single twist isn’t difficult enough to warrant a boost of 0.2.

        There is zero justification for the double-double dismount on beam getting an H. It should be a I without question. Unfortunately, FIG misses the mark big time on the values of a lot of difficult skills. Too much bunching up when it comes to beam acrobatics (i.e. Arabians, back fulls, and front halves not being valued highly enough) and bars releases and dismounts (Mo Salto, triple back tuck).

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