Live from Worlds – Women’s Subdivision 6

It’s the big one of the day with China and Canada going simultaneously. Following the spectacular qualification performance from France, China’s task is going to be finding a way to match it, while Canada is looking to place 3rd after today as a team, which would be a solid position to be comfortable making the team final.

TEAMS: China, Canada
INDIVIDUALS: Raegan Rutty (CAY), Giulianna Pino (ECU), Megan Ryan (IRL), Emma Slevin (IRL), Kate Molloy (IRL), Celeste Mordenti (LUX), Naveen Daries (RSA), Mammule Rankoe (RSA), Caitlin Rooskrantz (RSA), Barbora Mokosova (SVK), Chiara Bunce (SVK)

There are jacket-capes in Canada’s introduction. China did a little intro choreography! I’m so proud!

Rotation 1

Moors – UB – Shap to pak, clean – toe full , a little late – Van leeuwen – pretty – clear hip to blind change to khorkina, caught – toe pike 1/2 dismount, a little slide. Nice start.

Tingting went for the full to lead off vault instead of the DTY, probably a solid choice after PT.

Tang – VT – a little deep on this DTY, chest forward, but only a small hop, still fine work. She did some better ones in PT but also some that looked like that. 14.266

13.333 for Moors

Li – VT – nice power, chest up, a large bounce back, but should score higher than Tang because she completed it more comfortably. 14.466

Woo with some handstand posititions and leg breaks, but solid work, hit piked jaeger, and very nice stick on DLO.

Qi – VT – goes for the DTY as her first vault, also nice power, landing more under control than Li’s.

13.500 for Woo, nice number for her.

Black – UB – toe shap to hindrff close but caught – piked jaeger, good phythm into pak – a short hs on low – toe shap 1/2, bit of legs – some form, some handstands but normal Ellie – toe tuck 1/2 dismount, slide back

Qi – VT 2 – rudi and it’s nice, chest down a bit and a step to the side, but definitely an option for her first vault, and it does score better than her DTY. 14.666 to 14.533.

14.266 for Black. Watch out, you’re going to upset Daggett by giving Ellie over a 14 on bars.

Padurariu – UB – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger – inbar tkatchev piked, wel caught – stalder to bail to stalder full – stalder shoot – double tuck dismount, pace back. Solid, less sluggish than she looked in PT.

Successful rotations for both teams.

13.433 for Padurariu, not nearly doing her full D, which was probably smart.

Ryan – FX – double tuck, short with a lunge forward – back 1.5 to front full, lunge forward and possible OOB – 2/1, lunge back – 12.100

Mokosova – FX – carol of the bells? – blatant attempt to invoke Carol – double back, bounce back – back 1.5 to front tuck, very rough pass, low, barely pulled it out, lots of form – double L turn – 2/1, bounce back. switch leap switch ring –

Bunce – FX – double pike, some legs apart, step back – back 1.5 to front layout – back 2.5 – single L turn and probably not horinztonal enough – 2/1, solid.

Pino is off beam immediately on a loso series – she follows with a layout and splits the beam and rides it sideways for a while, nearly falls again on a tuck jump 1/2 – switch 1/2, check – side aerial, check – switch to sissone – split jump 1/2 from side position is fine – punch front layout, squats back to hold the landing. Val is like, WHY CAN’T YOU BE MARIA CAIRE. 8.333.

Rotation 2

Woo – BB – candle mount, has to muscles a little – bhs loso, lean check – aerial – double turn, overturns a little – had a large break later with a bend at the hips but stays on.


Chen – UB – Stalder shap to pak, clean – Maloney to gienger, caught well – E pirouette to piked jaeger, good – Ling 1/2 – FTDT, hunched over but hit, hop forward. Good.

14.366 for Chen

Moors – BB – she’ss the beam on her front handspring front tuck, tried to Ellie save it to one leg but alas no. WHYY. Her attitude turn is lovely – rudi dismount, nice. 12.133. Sigh.

Tang – UB – shap to pak, good – Van Leeuwen – Healy to ling to front giant full to piked jaeger – DLO, stuck. Very nice.


Liu – UB – Stalder Shap to pak, great height – Maloney to gienger, some feet but caught – short hs after that – healy to ling to ling 1/2 – DLO, flung out a little but fine, slide back

Black – BB – double turn, right on – front tuck with a check – bhs layout, solid – a few checks here and there, nothing major, near stick on the dismount. She’s on.

14.766 for Tingting

Li SJ – UB – piked jaeger, nice – Ricna to pak, some legs apart – Maloney to gienger, some feet – FTDT, stuck. Good. I’d say a little more ragged than the previous two, but solid.

13.533 for Black.

Padurariu – BB – candle mount – wolf triple, nice toe point, just a little arm control – switch ring, check at the hips – side aerial to loso loso very strong – switch 1/2, among the better ones – aerial to split to bhs, comfortable – switch to sheep – 2/1, short with a lunge but keeps it to her feet

14.166 for Li on bars. 43.765 for China on bars, the top bars rotation of the day.

Padurariu still gets a 13.500, which is a strong number, 4th best on the day.

Daries – FX – 2.5 to front tuck but stumbles off the floor and onto the podium, so kind of OOB – double pike, bounce back – 2/1, a little low, slide back –

Canada’s 39.333 on beam is behind only France.

Rotation 3

Tingting – BB – candle mount, nice – fhs front tuck, very solid – switch to splti ring to bhs, a little pause in that combination – switch ring, strong – aerial to split ring toswing down – split leap to side aerial to split to wolf – 2/1, hop back. Overtime. Nice.

A couple broken mixed series but only small wobbles. Very well done.

Olsen – FX – double double, slide back, mostly minimized – pike full in – front tuck trhough to double tuck, a little deep – 2/1, shuffle.

The landing bounces we would expect, though she kept them under control, nothing terribly large

14.300 for tingting, top beam score so far.

12.691 for Olsen.

Tang – BB – loso mount with a small lean – ro layout, so high, was a little crooked in the air but didn’t really show up in a wobble – falls on a switch ring, an odd fall, and then gets back up and immediately falls again – aerial with a pause before split to double stag – split 1/2 from side, good – 2/1, stuck.

The first break for China and it will be significant for both AA and event final purposes. 11.733

Woo short on a DLO on floor with a lunge forward. 12.500 for her.

Moors – FX – podkopayeva, nailed, one of her best landings on that – front 2/1 to front 1/1, solid – double attitude turn, does not get three turns around – switch ring – split ring 1/2 that no one should do – lovely leaps overall though – 2.5 to front tuck got a little funky, some knees and low, but she landed it and the rest should pull her through

Chen – BB – round off layout, solid – doing well with her mixed series – finishes with the 3/1 upgrade, just a touch short, step to the side. Short routine but a good one. 14.266

13.666 for Moors is into 2nd on floor, behind only MDJDS.

Black – FX – popa, good – front full through to 3/1, got it around and under control – 2.5 throigh to double pike, just a tad short, hop forward – switch full is borderline for switch side 1/2 credit – 2/1 got a little weird with a bounce back –

Li SJ – BB – front handspring to front tuck is excellent following some solid series and a side aerial – switch ring t0 bhs – aerial to split ring, small check – split jump 1/2 from side – double pike, step back.

My guess is that this will 2-per Chen out of the beam final.

13.200 for Black. Canada in good shape to be 3rd at the end of the day. China dominant enough on bars and beam that it should be able to hold onto first ahead of France.

Rotation 4

Tang -FX – 3/1 to front tuck fully sideways Chinese style landing – 2.5 to front pike, some corkscrew leg work but more ampltiude there – falls out of presumed quad turn attempt – double tuck, quite low, steps forward – switch ring – split ring – double pike, exact same as the tuck, short with some steps.

Moors got her floor score changed to 13.566, which is a downgrade of a tenth. LOL! Teach you to inquire.

12.866 for Tang is too high.

Li Shijia comes through with a hit as we were discussing what happened to Moors’ floor score, wonder if they were trying to get her triple attitude (no chance) and they looked at it again and were like, “Actually single.” Good double pike to finish.

Black with a 14.200 on her handspring layout full. Second vault – strong Tsuk 1.5, small hop to the side

55.199 for Black, puts her currently in 3rd

Black also moves past Chuso. It’s looking bad for Chuso’s 8th Olympics.

Shallon – VT 1 – Cheng – well, it happened, landed a little short with a shuffle forward, not any height, and the piking

Long wait for Li Shijia’s floor score.

Shallon – VT 2 – excellent DTY, stuck landing, just a little bit of piking and some height deductions. I would say it’s an NCAA 10, but for Shallon it would be like an NCAA 9.875.

We’re still waiting on Li’s score. It’s 12.600. 55.732 for her in the AA which puts her in 2nd.

Liu TT – FX – held leg double turn, definite credit, into full turn – 3/1, hop forward – Memmel turn is excellent – wolf double – double tuck, solid, small slide back – split ring 1/2 – front full to stag – switch ring – switch 1/2 – good, and the definite-credit D turns will help.

Canada has indeed moved ahead of Germany by more than a point and will feel pretty solid about TF now.

Qi Qi still in a winter coat. 13.233 for Tingting.

Qi Qi – FX – does not go for the double double, just a full twist – double tuck, solid landing – triple turn – switch ring – split ring 1/2 – 3/1, a little short with a step – 2.5 to front tuck, deep landing on front stuck with a step back.

So, China into first, followed by France then Canada. With Italy, GB, Netherlands, Japan, Russia, USA, and Brazil to go tomorrow, there’s little safety, but France is obviously in the TF and Canada is on the cusp but OK.

Liu Tingting and Li Shijia sit at #2 and #3 in the AA right now and will go to that final.

No non-team gymnasts added themselves to the 50 club here, so that will make those competitive near-50 people feel better.

Assuming that the favored 12 make the Olympics, your Olympic qualification standings for the individuals are currently as follows:

  1. Godwin
  2. Varinska
  3. Lee Yunseo
  4. Francis
  5. Kim Su Jong
  6. Holasova
  7. Vidiaux
  8. Holbura
  9. Haemmerle
  10. Alistratava
  11. Mohamed
  12. Mokosova
  13. Martins
  14. Rooskrantz
  15. Adlerteg
  16. Janik
  17. Castro
  18. Chusovitina
  19. Ting Hua Tien
  20. Nekrasova

So, at the end 20 qualify automatically, and then we’ll probably end up adding something like 10 more once the unused event final places are reallocated. Individual-wise, I think today was a little stronger than tomorrow. Tomorrow is better team-wise, so some of these people who appear in danger might end up safe.

79 thoughts on “Live from Worlds – Women’s Subdivision 6”

  1. Black NEVER deserves anything over 14 on BARS,,, EVER! stop! Her and her 96 compulsory dismount can sit!

      1. Ellie has the worst gymnastics hands ever. She barely splits her finger, its like saluting straight up. Very disappointing! she is my least fav gym. Her lines, hands, etc. Just horrid.

  2. Okay so the above poster came on a little hot but, like, let’s not pretend like Tim Daggett unfairly has it out for Black on bars. In a world where the Pak is an oft disrespected element, Black disrespects it in a standout way and it hurts my feelings.

    1. THANK YOU. It’s getting a little old having everyone try to pretend Ellie is a bars queen. Lovely person, fine gymnast; bars is not her event.

      1. Yes people have been pretending it! Looking the other way when her crimes of form etc are shown. Yes they do pretend! Its the whole rainbows, feelings, I have many movement in the sport where everyone thinks everyone is just so special!

      2. @Anonymous Have you even read these imbecilic Ellie STAN comments? Any criticism of her–whatsoever– is ‘hate’ and anyone who criticizes her–justly and with reason, and without rancor–‘sucks.’ Get a clue!

      3. @Anonymous Black’s form is miserable on bars. It is hardly just her Pak. Her ‘big releases’ (not all that big by the way) frequently feature flexed feet, and her dismount is embarrassingly rudimentary.
        As for your attempts at character assassination, it’s people like you with asinine and unfounded libellous statements full of Newspeak cliches (‘abusive behavior?’ You’re a joke.) who make these comment sections so unfortunate. You’re schooled, you’re spanked, you’re done.

      4. Well Ellie has the guts to do bars even though it may not be her event, Alicia on the other hand ran screaming like a chicken with her head cutoff from the bars. 🙂

    2. She’s obviously doing something the judges like because she consistently scores well. Doesn’t mean she’s a bars queen, but she knows how to use the code to her advantage.

      But my larger point is that I think it’s possible to critique a gymnast without being an asshole and certain posters don’t seem to understand that. I will cheer for Ellie both because I like her and because those people suck.

      1. @B Code whoring is neither admirable nor great gymnastics.
        Your larger points are that you post like exactly the ‘assholes’ you malign and that you are a fairly mindless Ellie-stan. I’d say you pretty much suck.

      2. Thank you! I think there are plenty of legitimate criticisms of Ellie’s form, but it’s hard to take someone seriously when they post in that manner.

      3. tempus – I wouldn’t call what Ellie does “code whoring”…code whoring is exploiting loopholes in the code to rack up a big D score. Ellie gets a big D score on bars by doing big releases. And yes, her E score is frequently too high and I’m not sure what to do with that. I do think that some of the things that upset fans, like her legs apart on her Pak, aren’t visible from the judges’ angle.

        BTW, I hope everyone who was upset with Ellie’s bars dismount (which I wish she would upgrade too) is just as upset with all these double twists from China on beam.

      4. @tempus – They also said she’s not a bars queen and that it’s possible to critique someone without being an asshole. It’s people like you who resort to name-calling and justifying abusive behaviour who hold the sport back.

      5. @tempus, please tell who is not a “code whore”? They ALL use the code to maximize points, as they should. I have no idea why certain people get singled out. Oh wait, it’s because the gymnasts you don’t like score better than the ones you do.

        Also I didn’t realize saying “Go Ellie!” made me an asshole. Whoops? I didn’t say I word about her form. I couldn’t even see her routine on this stupid stream! I’m just glad she did her job well, based on what Spencer reported. Oh no, there I go being a monster again. When will I ever learn.

      6. @B Simone Biles is the antithesis of a code whore, you moron. Using the Code to maximize points is not the same thing as code whoring, but your stupidity about the English language is too great to comprehend this.

      7. I agree with all of this and think that there’s a happy medium out there when it comes to honestly critiquing and enjoying gymnasts’ performances. The name calling is beyond unnecessary. Buuuuut the offhanded “lol Tim Daggett’s gonna be pissed” comment in the live blog is kind of setting a tone, too. Can’t say I’m surprised to see a debate over it in part because of that.

  3. I was kind of worried about China on bars with this team but they are doing really well. I love this team they are so happy and cute and a very well rounded team.

    1. I know, I melted when they walked out holding hands. Adorable.

      They’re not wearing their Arctic Explorer jackets today!

  4. Wow, you are all being evil! ‘Play nice’. Didn’t your mother ever say- ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!’ Shame on you.

    1. I don’t know how to tell you this… but that saying does not apply to internet comment sections.

      1. I guess with Paseka and Skinner out, they need someone with bad form to rag on.

    2. I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school… I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy..

    3. Actually my mom taught me, as a cig with only the butt left, dangled from her mouth, and a bottle of jack daniels sat empty on her lap, “If you cant say anything nice, GO TO THE COMMENT section online, let it all out cupcake “

  5. I feel like the hate on for Ellie is WORSE than the hate on for Mykayla…. chill out… Simone is winning everything anyways

      1. I know you’re being sarcastic and Ellie shouldn’t have to go to gymnastics jail for hers but I do think justice for Paks would be nice. They deserve tender love and care just like any other element.

  6. I dont find China that inspiring on bars anymore. They used to be so ahead of the curve and innovative. Regardless of the code! Plus many have form issues that you never used to see on Chinese bars. throw a pak, etc, a few healys, and fin!

    1. I agree, China this quad is very much a beam team. The UB routines aren’t terribly interesting and a little repetitive… but their beamers, wow.

      1. What are they doing on beam that is so great? Their positions are fantastic. But its code whoring. Not innovative. Its thousands of turns leaps – combined. Wash repeat. And flipping double twist dismounts.

      2. Not sure how a routine with a C dismount is code whoring, but you do you I guess. (Assuming you want to use that gross term at all in relation to teenagers, but that’s another conversation probably.)

        A punch front out of the triple twist you can’t fully rotate or land, though, *that* you can complain about.

    2. Really? I loved that rotation. It was like a breath of fresh air.
      I wouldn’t say they’re as good as some past quads, but compared to any other team UB rotation, that was great.

      1. Still good bar workers. But nothing innovative. I dont compare chinese bars to other bars team. Im going off of Chinese bar history!

      2. Yeah that’s fair… He Kexin, Yao Jinnan, Yang Yilin… those are some tough shoes to fill. Like someone above said, not really a UB team by Chinese standards.

  7. Code whoring is neither admirable nor great gymnastics – an elite gymnast who ends her beam with a double twist! Gurl bye!

  8. China’s beam choreo seems like it’s improved a little since previous years. Yile looks more fluid and graceful, more of the Kara Eaker style between elements. Which is nice.

    1. China has always excelled on beam – it’s a disservice to them to be compared to Kara Eaker, whose ring positions should be deducted to the high heavens.

      1. I am ONLY referring to the choreo in between elements, which I think Eaker has gotten A LOT of bonus points for in the past year. I’m not a fan of that, but it’s reality, and I’m glad to see China adapting (instead of sticking blindly to their style even though FIG has signaled clearly that they don’t like it.)

        Believe me I will take robotic choreo and correctly performed elements over dancey cheated leaps any day.

  9. What happens with the unused Olympic spots from event finals? Will they be reallocated according to AA qualification results? Or to the next non-finalists on the respective event? I guess/hope they’ll not just drop the spot entirely?

  10. This gonna be the year US winning TF by a lot less than 8 points…lol

    I am biting my nails for chuso too.

    1. You realize USA TQ score will be 174-177, right? You know, 5-8 pts ahead of China? Basically only 1 girl per apparatus has to hit for them to get gold.

      Funny stuff though!

      1. I also lolled at that. Unless they get boned on judging tomorrow, their scores will rise proportionately.

    2. Possibly less of a margin than last year, if China actually hits to the top of their ability AND gets generously scored (neither likely), but still nowhere even remotely close to a threat.

      The US is absolutely dominant and will remain so in the foreseeable future, with or without Simone. I wish this wasn’t so, because it makes team finals more boring, but that’s the way of it.

      1. well, with the way frances getting 15 on vt and china also getting mid 14 on vt, i don’t know if they will have enough vt and fx score to get them anywhere close to even 8 points ahead. add also to the fact that this team bars is still a little short with grace.

        I think it gonna be a lot closer than last year. i guess that will make it a little more exciting? 🙂 now biles might have to really do the biles vt in TF since they don’t have 3 cheng anymore.

      2. I will be absolutely shocked if they don’t beat China by at least 7 points in TQ, it will be even bigger in TF. They’ll gain 4pts on FX, 2.5pt on VT, 1 on BB and probably lose .5 in UB in TQ (176). That’s my guess.

  11. I’d raher watch Bars Queen Ellie Black’s Pak in a loop for the rest of my life than read most of you commenters ever again. A most compelling case against human rights here.

    I also hope absolutely every single gymnast does a C dismount on beam next quad just to spite people who don’t understand how the code works. Bye, losers.

    1. Hi Ellie! Please for the love of god stop your hands from looking like catchers mitts, POINT your fingers… Google Shannon Miller gymnastics hands. Thanks.

      1. I always fehlt Shannon had the most awful hands ever. They looked like a dying swan, wings broken. Why did she have to flex her wrists like that? It looked hurtful

    2. I understand how the code works re C dismounts but I sure don’t like it. Evidently, the FIG realized it was a mistake too. The proposed code for 2021-2024 includes a 0.2 bonus for D+ dismounts.

  12. So if Rooskrantz gets injured, her spot will go to the next highest AAer…who could be someone ranked above her who was 1-per country’d out? Just trying to see if Daries has a prayer whatsoever. I don’t want anyone injured, but this is gymnastics…happens all the time.

    1. It’d be the next-ranked AA person who hasn’t already qualified, and doesn’t break a 1-per country rule. So it could be someone from that gymnast’s country, as they’re no longer 1-per’d – but only if they’re next on the list.

      1. Actually no it will go to the reserve athlete who is next on the AA qualification list, following the same rules including one per country. Taking Spencer’s list above, for example if Diana Varinska gets injured between now and the Olympics and has to pull out, the next in line (#21) Megan Ryan of Ireland will get the spot instead of Anastasiya Bachynska.

      2. Actually scratch what I wrote below I’m not 100% certain on it. The language used in the FIG document is vague

    2. Daries could qualify for the Olympics without Rooskrantz needing to get injured. Africa has two continental spots from next year’s African championships and I would have to think that Daries and whichever Egyptian gymnast comes out on top would have to be the favourites to earn the two spots.

      Also, I’m happy that Rooskrantz looks like she will qualify. I liked her bar routine at the challenge cup she won earlier.

  13. Seems the scores were really high for a lot of the teams..especially Germany..but I guess home advantage played into it. Lets see if the scores escalate even more tomorrow.

    1. That’s what I’m wondering. For the sake of fairness, I hope things are judged the same way tomorrow. They might end up hitting the ceiling NCAA-style if they keep creeping up on vault, though.

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