GymCastic 388: Worlds Day 1

Skinner is the alternate, Simone’s double double is an H, and reflections from the first day of competition at worlds.

5 thoughts on “GymCastic 388: Worlds Day 1”

  1. You guys are fabulous. Don’t listen to the haters. Thank you for all the hard work to do to bring us unique content!


  2. I second that! Without you, we’d have so much less of the experience. I can’t imagine how tired you are though…. and yet I’m waiting for you to get up and live blog the Italy/England session in two hours.


  3. If Oksana loses her Olympic qualification here it’s going to be so upsetting. Jade Carey taking the Individual spot for VT just above her from the Apparatus Series will likely follow her in a terrible way – it’s not fair to demonize Jade for it, but I guarantee people will. Ugh.


  4. You can tell you’re scared you’re going to be kicked out of the room. You’re talking more quietly than usual, haha!


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