Live From Worlds – Women’s Subdivision 7

It’s a big subdivision for the team competition (and also beam heart attacks) with Great Britain and Italy both competing. Great Britain is fully capable of advancing to the team final, but as we know, it’s not a given. GB will be looking to beat Germany’s 161.897 to have a shot at it.

Italy has been the other “possible medal upset” team, along with France, but following France’s excellent performance yesterday, Italy will have to do a lot to match. At minimum, they’ll be looking to pass Canada. Well, at minimum they’ll be looking to not completely turn to liquid on every apparatus, but…

TEAMS: Italy, Great Britain
INDIVIDUALS: Laney Madsen (BUL), Pranati Das (IND), Pranati Nayak (IND), Aruna Budda Reddy (IND) Julie Erichsen (NOR), Julie Søderstrøm (NOR), Maria Tronrud (NOR), Do Thi Van Anh (VIE), Tienna Nguyen (VIE), Tran Doan Quynh Nam (VIE), Peirina Cedres (URU)

Villa, Asia D’Amato, and Iorio are in the all-around for Italy, and you’d figure Villa and Asia for the AA final the way things have been going, but we shall see. Downie, Kinsella, and Fenton are in the all-around for Great Britain, and it’s the same with Downie and Kinsella.

Italy and GB both have little posey intros. Italy is hands-on-hips and GB has individual poses for each athlete.

Rotation 1

Kinsella – UB – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, lowish but hit – Ricna to pak, pretty pak – Maloney to gienger, legs – toe full to double arabian, large bounce forward. Some things, but an opening hit.

Iorio – FX – bounces OOB on 3/1, double pike, pretty solid, small shuffle – front full, hop forward – wolf double – split jump full to straight jump full –

13.966 for Kinsella.

Ellie Downie – forward toe 1/2 to shap to tkatchev – piked tkatchev to pak, some leg form – toe full on low bars and falls ELLIE. Resumes toe full to van leeuwen – DLO, a little low, hop forward.

12.400 for Iorio.

Villa – FX – double L for credit – full in, minor hop back – front 2/1, lunge forward OOB – just does spin her way through a wolf triple – switch to switch 1/2 – wolf double – double tuck, small movement

12.666 for Ellie Downie –

Fenton – UB – DF to Yezhova, small hitch but works through – shap to clear hip to tkatchev to pak, good – toe shap 1/2, caught – toe full, good vertical position – FTDT, hop. So important for her to get that hit after the fall. A few hesitations, especially catching the low bar on transitions, but hit.

14.333 for Fenton is curently 8th.

12.900 for Villa.

Becky Downie – UB – stalder full to stalder shap to hindorff – stalder tkatchev piked – tweddle to yezhova – van leeuwen – FTDT, small hop back. She hit!

Asia D’Amato – FX – very short on DLO 1/1, one hundred million lunges forward into the middle of the floor in a method that will need to be GIFed later – 2/1 final pass with a bounce.

14.800 for Downie and she’s in 3rd. Phew? 43.099 for bars is behind France and China there, though.

D’Amato 12.100 on floor. Oh Italy.

Carofiglio – FX – Desi is our only hope – front lay to double front, great position, small hop – Dowell, even overdoes it with a hop – nice switch ring and high split leap full – 1.5 to front pike, little hop –

Ellie has submitted an inquiry. She’s like I AM NOT MISSING THE AA FINAL.

Soderstrom – BB – aerial, large break, bend at the hips – bhs loso and falls – near fall on side aerial –

13.400 for Carofiglio on floor and Italy desperately needed that. 38.700 is still just 7th best on floor so far. We knew that would be the low score, though. The vaults help gain a lot of ground.

Erichsen – BB – loso series, nice (that’s the series she did easily 15 times in PT) – aerial, hit – she’s tight but not wobbling – held-leg full turn – side somi, arm wave – gainer pike, small hop

Downie’s bars inquiry was rejected. Now they’re not saying “inquiry rejected” though, they’re saying “score unchanged” which is some nonsense. I want a public announcement of BOO NO.

Potential implications on that rotation with Ellie Downie’s quest for the AA, but long to go, including British beam.

Rotation 2

Fenton – BB – bhs mount, small lean – wolf double, very solid – side aerial to back handspring, leg-up check – Y spin, large break and bend at the hips – double spin and falls – you felt like it was coming because the wobbles kept getting increasingly uncertain – 2/1, stuck.

14.366 for Iorio’s DTY. Villa follows and it is glorious, so high and extended, only a small slide.

11.566 for Fenton

E Downie – BB – switch mount, small hesitation – side aerial, bend at the waist – switch to switch 1/2, pretty solid – punch front, another arm wave – double spin, another hip bend, she looks right on on every skill but she’s adjusting and leaning to keep each landing, which will add up – 2.5, hop to the side. It was a fight, but she stayed on.

Good DTY from Asia, nearly stuck, and I adore That Alice’s DTY to follow got the exact same score. A strong series of vaults from Italy for the second-best vault total so far.

12.366 for Ellie Downie

Kinsella – BB – candle mount – wolf double, solid – side aerial to loso loso, extremely solid – switch to switch 1/2, small lean – aerial, small hesitation – double pike, short with a hop forward. Someone’s performing like a European beam champion, and GB needed it.

Laney Madsen falls on a Jaeger.

13.433 for Kinsella.

Becky Downie – BB – candle mount,drops quite early – switch ring – side aerial to bhs, hit – switch to switch 1/2, leg-up check and some arm waves – aerial to split to bhs, quick series work – side somi – round off 1.5 hop forward. She stayed on! So technically, GB did not count a fall on beam.

13.100 for Becky

New trend for those who don’t have the D on floor is a straight jump 2/1, and it is such an act of terror.

38.899 for GB on beam is 4th-best so far. Ellie still well back of the other two in the AA standings, so work to do on floor.

Rotation 3

Fenton – FX – awkward landing on 3/1 with a couple bounces – finishes with double tuck, low, hop forward – switch – leg-up hop full –

Villa – UB – stalder Shap to tkatchev – Ricna to pak to toe shap to bhawarj, lovely – shap 1/2 – just does pull around her front giant full, great save, would have been so easy to go back the other way – FTDT, medium sized hop

14.300 for Villa

Alice D’Amato – toe Shjap to tkatchev, a little low but hit – Ricna to pak, solid – Stalder shap 1/2 – inches along the bar for her front giant full to a solid double front, hop.

12.500 for Fenton on FX

Kinsella – FX – wolf double – 1.5 through to 2.5 to front tuck, worked that pass out, which was a struggle in PT – doubel tuck, short with a stagger – she finishes double pike with another somewhat uncertain stagger. 12.433

Asia DAmato – ricna to a straddled pak – Maloney to tkatchev , low – piked tkatchev – double front, lunge forward

Totally missed Pranati Nayak doing a rudi, but she did and got a 14.200 for it. Not a bad Tsuk full second vault, step to the side, some piking.

14.000 for Asia on bars

Iorio – Ricna to pak, super high – Maloney to stalder 1/2 to yezhova – Stalder shap 1/2 – front giant full to double front, small hop. Another nice bars routine. They

Ellie Downie – FX – 1.5 through to double arabian, hit, just slips a little on landing to give away a step – double double, goes for it, super short with a hand down, oh ELLIE – Two mid-12s and now a fall. double pike, fine, bounce back – She ends her routine with stab-through-the-heart choreography and it fits.

14.133 for Iorio. No individually GIANT numbers but a strong team score for Italy.

12.433 for Downie, the same as the others even with a fall. Help us Taeja?

James – FX – goes for the whip to double Arabian, and it’s not short this time, but she lands it entirely out of bounds and has to lunge off the floor and onto the podium – 1.5 through to 3/1 – split leap 1.5, nice lift – front lay to front 2/1, crossed legs and a hop – wolf triple, close to around, borderline – 2/1, solid landing, small slide

12.500 for James. Dear. 37.433 on floor. Disaster.

A fall for Tienna Nguyen on a side aerial on beam.

With good DTYs, GB should still be able to get ahead of Germany, but they will also have to root for teams like NED and BRA and JPN to lose their minds to get to TF. For Italy, they look good to go ahead of Canada barring a total beam disaster here.

Rotation 4

Villa – BB – loso mount, hit….and she falls on her tuck full series – second half is lovely – big side aerial, nearly stuck 2/1, but sigh….

Laney Madsen sits down a double Arabian – good memml turn – she also does her new turn even though it’s not getting named because it’s not worth enough – double back, slide

James low on a Y1.5, deep landing with a lunge.

Kinsella – VT – large bounce back on her DTY but hit. 14.300

Ellie Downie – VT – similar bounce back on her DTY, but more height and distance so I’d score it higher.

12.533 for Villa. No beam final.

Asia D’Amato – BB – loso mount – loso series and falls – ITALY WHY – side somi, solid – switch 1/2, not bad – double pike, hop to the side

14.466 for Ellie

Ellie does the Cheng as her second vault, and it’s good! Nice chest up, bounce back. Better than her DTY and more difficult. In retrospect, that should have been her first vault.

GB jussssst does pass Germany but comes in behind Canada. An anxious wait for the rest of the day.

15.100 for the Cheng puts Ellie into first on vault. Chuso all but eliminated now.

11.833 for Asias on beam

Carofiglio – BB – hits her leap series – back handspring to layout, falls. Third fall routine in a row for Italy on beam. Front pike, hits it with a little hop. Front aerial, leg-up check – gainer layout.

11.266 for Carofiglio

Iorio – BB – loso mount hit – side aerial, arm wave check – switch to split leap – bhs loso loso, somehow keeps it on without a check despite being off line – aerial to a check to the side – Y spin with an adjustment – double pike, two hops back. A hit.

Did Elisa save Italy’s TF hopes?

Just 12.633 for Iorio’s beam, which puts them behind GB by the smallest margin.

GB may have just been given a lifeline. Italy into 5th while GB is 4th, which is exactly where I though GB would be at this point, we just got there a different route.

Ellie Finishes just behind Fenton even after her DTY, though neither might make the AA final. Villa and Iorio will be the Italians for the AA final after Iorio’s hit

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  1. You’re really saving my day with your detailed reports. Also love the podcasts and that you’re as obsessed with statistics and charts as I am (usually I feel like a freak for doing all the calculations 😀 ). Thanks so much for your work and wish you a great day (and lot of energy to stay awake for the next 11+ hours)!

    1. I’m looking for one as well.. Why the hell does the FIG stream start in 6 hours???

    2. I don’t think there is one, but if you want to experience the feeling of watching British and Italian beam, just drink six cups of coffee and then hold a seventh cup of coffee directly over your laptop keyboard with just your fingertips.

  2. there is a live in copgym.pace instagram! she is doing a great job in trying to show everyone!

  3. Italy is totally imploding on beam (and in general honestly) and I’m just so upset………

  4. Alice getting the highest GB AA score AGAIN!! Everyone needs to stop underestimating her.

  5. Ellie probably thought her DTY would be safer as VT one, but had she gone for the Cheng as VT one, they would’ve had a much nicer buffer for the team qualifications………..hopefully that doesn’t end up being the deciding factor.

    1. Huh? Ellie qualified in first on vault – Chuso has no chance in 7th position.

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