Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 1

So that you know all the references everyone is making at the lunch tables.

Alexis Vasquez did a perfect

Maggie Nichols almost did a perfect

Ragan Smith made her college debut and it looked like this

Maile O’Keefe made her college debut and it looked like this

But also kind of like this

Alyona Shchennikova accurately interpreted daily life

Derrian Gobourne walked off the floor like this

But then Marz Frazier walked off the floor like this

Sam Peszek met the judges in the bathroom

Sabrina Vega competed her first bars routine since you were in diapers

Helen Hu fulfilled the prophecy on beam

Samantha Sakti got a 9.950 because of this

Lynnzee Brown got 9.950 because of this

Kiya Johnson joined the Family DTY

And Kyla Ross is leading the national all-around, I think because of this


12 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 1”

    1. It’s nice that Sakti did well at UCLA but it’s pretty much expected there. I’m surprised she could transfer without sitting out a season , because I’m sure Willam & Mary would’ve appreciated those scores if she were still there.

      Similar to Leblanc that transferred to Utah… the announcer made a comment about how Emilie “wasn’t heavily recruited so she chose Maryland and they really coached her up and she got so much better that she wanted to move to a program that was much better , because she’s from the East coast and has no ties to Utah” … well gee, the reward for all the MD coaches hard work is your best bar worker transfers to Utah?! Poaching like that shouldn’t be allowed…

      1. We should be happy that a few girls can transfer to their dream schools. At the end of the journey, what’s important? That gymnasts enjoy the last 4 years of gymnastics and get good education.

        We don’t have this problem in France, it’s either quitting gymnastics (or any other sport) or restricting yourself to a few universities that allowed you to train/compete with a specific class schedule (and specific major because not everything is avaliable #helloscience).

      2. I’d like to think these athletes transfer for reasons other than “this school has a better gymnastics team.”

        Does college gymnastics have a transfer portal like other sports? If someone hasn’t already declared a desire to transfer (for whatever reason), can another team’s coach approach them?

      3. Sakti noted on today’s Bruin Banter with Fish that her mom has health challenges that prevented her from traveling to see any of her meets. Sounds like she wanted to be closer to home because of that and not because UCLA is a better program. I believe she said this was the first college meet her mom has seen her compete in. I wouldn’t begrudge her this move. (Though, in general, I don’t have a problem with athletes using the transfer portal to go elsewhere for whatever reason makes them happy.)

  1. Is that a Bunheads gif? I always thought I was the only person who watched that!

  2. You also need to take what certain commentators say with a grain of salt. There are a couple that drove me bonkers, especially one particular PAC-12 commentator that I’d like to shove a sock in his mouth. However, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bart and Kathy on the SEC meets. The rest I can take or leave.

    Can’t wait to see Florida. Hoping LSU looks better cuz they were a hot mess last week. A lot of teams looked rough in their openers. Go Gators!!

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