Saturday Live Blog – January 11, 2020

Saturday, January 11
Scores Stream
2:00pm ET/11:00am PT – [18] New Hampshire @ Pittsburgh LINK ACCNX
2:00pm ET/11:00am PT – Central Michigan, [25] Illinois State @ [20] Michigan State LINK BTN+
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – West Virginia @ [17] Penn State LINK BTN+
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – NC State @ Ohio State   BTN+
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – Seattle Pacific, Centenary @ [15] Oregon State LINK FREE
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – Iowa State, Rutgers, [11] Western Michigan @ [13] Arizona LINK FREE
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – Eastern Michigan @ Bowling Green LINK  
5:00pm ET/2:00pm PT – Air Force, Ball State @ [19] Iowa   BTN+
6:30pm ET/3:30pm PT – [1] Oklahoma @ [14] Arizona State LINK ESPN2
7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT – Maryland, George Washington, West Chester @ Boston, MA    
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT – Best of Utah ([4] Utah, Southern Utah, BYU, Utah State) LINK  

Lots happening simultaneously today, and with no particular starring meet to focus on, I’m just going to bop around here and there and make some observations. And then we’ll have the Oklahoma/Arizona State meet a little later on, which has been moved from ESPNU to ESPN2 if you’re planning on watching on the TV box.

Pittsburgh is already starting. This is the promptness we’re looking for.

Hampford for UNH fought through a routine where she was close on the jaeger and then askew going into the connected overshoot, an example of errors compounding. A 9.500 they’ll want to drop.

Watkins followed with some handstand problems but fewer major deductions there.

The initial Yfulls for Pitt have gone 9.6s, which are appropriate scores but it requires a mental adjustment from the scores last night. Hopefully we see Petrikis go a little higher than those 9.6s because she showed an open on her full. Better position. And she gets 9.750.

Freehling had a few errors, short on a DLO and an angle on the bail, but she had superior toe point and general form, so I’d like to see that go a little higher than the previous routines.

Haley Lui has some beautttiful handstands in her routine, but a truly straddled Shaposh will get her. She goes 9.725, the highest score in the lineup, which really emphasizes that handstands are the bread and butter for bars scoring because they’re what the judges can see the best. You can make a (good) argument that leg separations on release elements should be the more egregious error than angled hips in handstands, but they are not treated as such.

Really enjoy Diggan’s hop full to Gienger. Had some handstands and shape on the dismount, but got a reward for that combo with a 9.750.

Gorgenyi has some nice handstand potential, lost her handstand position at the end and a few leg breaks, hop on a FTDT.

UN has a half tenth lead after 1, 48.475 to 48.425. Pitt has a reasonable lineup on 9.950 starts and were getting 9.6ed because of amplitude and a lower landing position coming in.

Meanwhile at MSU’s meet the beam has already been called “the parallel bars”

Ella Douglas had a great landing on her Y1/2 on vault for MSU. Some competitive vaults in the second half of this lineup from Michigan State, solid amplitude and control on landing. Got to see Nyah Smith with solid amplitude and position on hers, only a little pike at the end and a slide back. Good.

Pedrick with a very high if slightly close tkatchev, good pak – strong final cast hs, she does a giant full to tucked Canada dismount and starts her one-foot-at-a-time toe-on technique for her dismount quite early, which will probably be viewed as a leg separation on the full.

Demers went 9.900 and Pedrick 9.875 on bars for CMU, some big numbers to get them over 49 for the rotation.

Meanwhile, back at UNH/Pitt 9.600 was comparatively too tight for what looked like a stuck full from Freehling for New Hampshire.

Brechwald some very strong moments on bars but had a fully horizontal handstand out of her jaeger catch, which will take away the score.

Nice potential for Robyn Kelley on vault for UNH, pretty open position and has the power but a large bounce back. But she got rewarded for the amplitude with the highest score of the rotation so far, 9.675. By comparison, Winer holds the stick on her vault with a little lean but had more piking and less distance, goes 9.750.

Christina Weiss looks like one to watch for Pitt on bars, for any fantasy gym trade needs. Some form things but has the poise and difficulty.

Also Angelica Labat just got 9.925 on beam for Illinois State to help save a counting fall rotation. She had a great finish this year at JO Nationals on vault and floor, so those events were expected from her, but that beam score is a big deal.

Michaela Burton made her Pitt debut on bars Shap with a small break to pak, some feet, a little short on 1/2 turn on low bar – good final cast hs – DLO, bounce back. Pretty much her usual, she can be cleaner, but good.

UNH has opened up a .250 lead after two.

Pedrick has a check on her series on beam and some trouble on a switch 1/2, short of position and a check. Followed by a fab bars from Lea Mitchell for MSU.

And of course Angelica Labat has just fallen on floor after I mentioned that, and we went to commercial in the middle of the rotation. Cool cool.

Lui has a solid front 2/1 is the second position for UNH.

Pretty shape on a loso series from Herbine for Pitt, a pretty large arm wave check but the form is there.

Very solid double pike for Robyn Kelley on floor, has a three-split dance element series that will be a bit of a deduction trap, but the tumbling is there. Winer has a very secure full in to open her routine in the 4th spot for UNH. Diggan’s in the fifth spot is bigger but she has a lunge back OOB.

Pitt gained a little bit back in the third rotation and now trails UNH by just a tenth going into the 4th. I’m also keeping an eye on the MSU beam rotation, where scores have been flying today.

Nyah Smith has a leg-up check on her loso series – step back on double tuck dismount

Lea Mitchell with a solid bhs bhs loso series, just a bit of feet – aerial, a little short on landing but pulls it out without a check – small hop on 1.5. She goes 9.875 for this.

Ella Douglas finishes with a solid double turn, side aerial to loso series, nailed – switch 1/2 to sissone – side aerial to full, stuck. Very strong routine. We’ve seen two 9.875s so far in this rotation, so this has to be a 15. 9.950.

This dude on the commentary may not know what a parallel beam is, but I do enjoy him queening out about hitting the beat.

We’ll be treated to UNH on beam in the final rotation from Pitt.

Baddick up 2nd is deep on a front tuck but pulls it out with a small check – loso series – leg-up check, but she does have a legit sheep jump. She’s following a 9.725 from Freehling in the first spot.

Gorgeous side aerial + bhs series on beam from Worthington for UNH. Very nice. New Hampshire extending its advantage early in this final rotation.

Sadly we didn’t get to see the Pedrick vault on the MSU meet stream, but she went 9.825 for it. CMU ends with a very reputable 195.625 score, which will win the meet.

Ceccarini struggles to pull out the landing on her final double back pass with a lunge forward, which probably ensures the UNH win here.

Lui anchors beam for UNH, beautiful aerial to split but then falls on her series immediately after.

Going to be some lower final scores from this meet, but on the spectrum, this one was more realistically evaluated and I expect to see many more 9.7s than 9.6s as we go. But a well controlled floor routine from Burton to anchor the event for Pitt.

Ella Douglas finishes up on floor for MSU – double pike with a step back – front lay to front full with a crossover step, a bit too out of control – nice leap positions – double tuck final pass, very well controlled.

FINAL: New Hampshire 194.175, Pitt 193.800

FINAL: Central Michigan 195.625, Michigan State 195.225, Illinois State 192.700

Everyone at that second meet will take those final scores all day long.

We’ve got 5 meets starting simultaneously in a second. What are we thinking in terms of focus? I’m thinking the BTN/FLO ones since everyone can watch the Pac-12 hosted competitions.

Penn State and WVU is underway first. Rushlow has a large bounce back on her full for PSU. 9.675.

Excellent gienger first up on bars for WVU, from Abarca, her stomach nearly does shoot out her abs on her bail handstand, but the gienger was fab.

Bastardi has added vault for PSU this year, and she comes up short with a lunge forward.

Oregon State has also started, Kayla Bird a bit short on her full, step forward, good height.

Cluchey – UB – WVU – short first hs – blind to jaeger, a bit of form but fine -pak – most of the deductions here will be handstands – semi-sells the stick on her DLO but didn’t really have control.

Erynne Allen (PSU) with big power on her full but a large lunge back. And we have a scary peel off on bars for Marler of WVU on a giant before dismount. They’re keeping her down on the mat to look at her because she might have hit her head.

Chinnery with a similar vault to Allen with a bounce back, though the bounce was smaller.

Oregon State struggled with landings on the first three vaults, but Yanish was better, great amplitude on her full, though still a notable bounce back.

Combs – UB – WVU – good shap, connects to pak with a leg break, late cast 1/2 on low – good giant full position on high bar and a stuck double tuck out of it.

Yanish and the Dagens save the vault score a bit for Oregon State.

Kianna Yancey making her WVU debut on bars – toe on to Maloney, leg break on back swing but connected pak was nice – 1/2 turn on low – DLO, nice and high, comes up a little short with a hop. Will be a good routine.

Anyway, technical difficulties have soured the Penn State stream (meaning, it cut out completely) so let’s check in with Ohio State and NC State. NC State is already counting a fall on bars.

Robinson – UB – NC State – hits jaeger, comfortable – very clean Pak down to low – a couple short vertical positions but was going well until the double tuck dismount with several large lunges back.

Aepli with a very nice vault for OSU – clean in the air on the full, small step, good. 9.850

Cox – UB – NC State – tkatchev, fine, a little close on catch – bail is solid – quick rhythm here – DLO 1/1 dismount, step back. Good hit.

Kent – UB – NC State – Maloney, not a lot of backswing there – hop change to jaeger to overshoot – some legs – the circle step uo to high bar is quite labored but good dismount, hop, minimized the damage.

After 1:
Ohio State 48.750, NC State 48.375
Penn State 48.750, West Virginia 48.750

Oregon State and Arizona are both currently in charge of their meets with 48.850s on vault, though we are still waiting on Iowa State to finish that floor rotation at the Arizona meet.

Hannah Joyner got a 9.900 on beam in her debut for Rutgers.

NC State opens vault rotation with a Ylayout, hop in place.

Hinterberger – OSU – UB – blind to hit jaeger, solid cast hs – bail, legs together but short of hs – the casts overall are OK – giant full to double tuck, not much height on her double tuck, short landing with a lunge. 9.750

At the Penn State meet that we can no longer watch, Rushlow went 9.925 on bars.

Ortega is the second vaulter for NC State, tucked Yfull with a lunge back. Looks like another season where NC State will struggle to get the requisite vault difficulty out there. 9.475

Kent gives NC State it’s first ylayout full in the third spot, but a large bounce back.

Huge 49.300 for Penn State on bars in the second rotation.

Adamski – UB – Ohio St – falls on her initial tkatchev

Some handstand positions for Yamaoka beginning the second rotation for Oregon State, hop back on double tuck dismount, mostly her usual. 9.725

Aepli – UB – Ohio State – good shap to bail, just a bit of angle – touch short on final cast hs – good stick on FTDT

Minyard a touch deep on her bars dismount for Oregon State, step back and 9.775. Lowery follows , has a bit of a crazy pak, has to tuck her legs and hits the mat with them.

Nice full for Negrete for NC State, easily their best vault.

Swartzentruber – UB – Ohio St – shap, beautiful, connected to pak, legs right together – toe shap 1/2, just a bit of a leg separation – DLO, small shuffle. Pretty routine. 9.800. I would have gone 9.850 there, but we’re far away.

Kayla Bird has fallen on bars in the 4 spot for Oregon State, so they’ll have to count Lowerys 9.375 in the 3rd position. And hands down again on her dismount.

We’re also back up with Penn State and WVU, Verdeflor leading off beam for Penn State and did a lovely side aerial – she’s dismounting side somi to back tuck full off the side of the beam, hop back

Good hit from Briscoe to get Oregon State back on track on bars.

Did we just see WVU’s floor leadoff end her routine with a front 2/1? Rearranging the passes to get that final pass difficulty bonus has been a theme so far this year.

Sabrina Gill kind of struggling on bars in a routine Oregon State needed – has a horizontal cast handstand on low bar and another little hand adjustment, it won’t be a horrendous score but they needed a big one in that spot. 48.325 final rotation score. Domingo went in exhibition, and while her routine is kind of our of control in some of the form departments, she has the difficulty and may be earning her way into the lineup.

Bridgens – BB – PSU – small lean on her kickover front – switch, hesitation – switch to side aerial, redoes the series she needed – bhs loso series, secure – 1.5, only the smallest movement on landing

Love the open position on her double pike that Pierson has for WVU, though she does land short with a lunge –

Rushlow – BB – PSU – beat to a lovely split jump 3/4, good stretch – bhs loso series, smoothly done – switch to split, low back leg on switch it appeared from our position on the moon – side aerial, hit – stuck 1.5 dismount. Good.

Ohio State has to work against an opening fall on beam. Schweitzer has a nice aerial to split – bhs loso series, leg-up check – finsihes side aerial into full, a little off balance with a step

So, the woman on the Ohio State/Penn State broadcast says “front foo” instead of “front full” and I have fallen through the floor and into heaven. Also a wolf full is a woof foo.

Colby Miller has a beautiful loso series on beam for Ohio State, very nice positions on both acro and dance. So of course she fell on a side aerial, OSU counting a fall on beam already with half the rotation still to come.

Huge opportunities for all of NC State’s floor routines to be werewolf themed, which I would appreciate.

Hankins is off on a bhs loso loso series for Ohio State on beam, the third fall in four routines.

Penn State has gone over 49 on both bars and beam, which is big coming off last weekend.

Beucler a little bouncy on her floor landings for NC State but NC State with a huge chance in this rotation now that OSU has seen three falls on beam.

Oregon State is now up on beam and needing to right things on what should be a good event. A test of the judging right away because Davis had a little pause on her aerial to back tuck combination but that typically gets credit – kickover front is very nice – gainer front layout full off the end and holds the stick. 9.725

Lowery – BB – Oregon State – secure loso series, some knees – switch to split to straddle 1/4, smoothly done – split jump 1/2 from side like she thinks she’s going back to elite or something – side aerial, good – punch front full, stuck. One of her solidest beam routines. 9.875.

Domingo has made it into the beam lineup today – she’s a little short on a split, but secure on her acro overall.

Meanwhile, Arizona is on track to get a 196 if floor goes home-floor enough.

Lots of international debuts for Iowa State in this meet as well. Andrea Maldonado went 9.625 on floor. Jade Vella-Wright just went 9.725 on bars.

Lacy Dagen has to save a series on beam with a lean and a step and a leg up. She goes 9.725, but Madi Dagen very secure in the Dagens on Dagens on Dagens portion of the beam lineup. Only issue was the short landing on her full dismount with a hop forward.

Arizona has a lead of .300 on Iowa State, Arizona going to floor and Iowa State to beam.

Meanwhile the teams have turned to ants in the final rotation at Penn State. and Lazaro hits beam for Oregon State with one leg-up check. A better rotation there.

Nicole Webb puts up a hit beam in the 4 spot for NC State in a rotation (and meet) of 9.6s. She had a short aerial with a step back and a sheep jump with some NCAA form, full dismount, short with a step forward.

Good full-in from Hankins of Ohio St on floor.

FINAL: Penn State 195.750, West Virginia 195.325

Multi-point improvement for Penn State over last weekend.

Final rotation getting going at Arizona and Oregon State. Cowles leads off floor for Arizona with a comfortable double tuck. Some form in a front lay to front full combo, has the leaps,

NC State and Ohio State is ending here, Negrete anchoring beam, hits double wolf, a little slow in aerial to bhs combination – switch 1/2 position is not bad – leans her aerial into a beat jump – 2/1, slid eback. A hit.

Gagliardi finishes floor for Ohio State, good double pike, nearly stuck rudi, just out of control on double tuck.

NC State finishes with 193.800, just getting passed by Ohio State which moves to 194.025 on the strength of Gagliardi’s score.

Madi Dagen hits a front 2/1 on floor, though a large lunge out.

Force third up for Oregon State, a bounce back out of her double pike – front lay to front full, legs apart in the lay – double tuck with a solid landing.

Iowa State getting good numbers on beam but has too much work to do after the floor score to get a 196 here, will still get close. Arizona still right around that 196 pace. Iowa State finishes 195.750.

Good control from Davis on floor for Oregon S until the final pass, double tuck quite low with a lunge forward. Getting there.

Berg – AZ – just does look like she gets around that front 2/1 first pass, some legs, maybe a little under – 1.5 to front pike, slightly jarred on landing but under control –

Lowery – FX – Nearly nails that front 2/1, almosts holds it, then a little slide back – 1.5 to front full is actually nailed. excellent rudi landing as well. Appropriate amount of bell rings and placing a crown on her head. It works when she does it. Don’t at me. 9.925. Worth it.

Leydin with a solid double tuck on floor for Arizona

Yanish a little bouncy on her DLO today but so high. front full to front lay with a slide forward – finishes with a very secure double tuck.

Leydin goes 9.900, which will get Arizona to 195.950, just short of the 196 mark but enough for the meet win. Well on their way to getting back to regionals if these early performances are any indication. Iowa State goes 195.750, Rutgers 194.250, and WMU 191.800.

Oregon State finishes with two 9.925s on floor for 195.325 to SPU’s 189.025 and Centenary’s 182.625.

Elsewhere, Iowa went 48.600 on vault to lead after the first rotation

Short break and then it’ll be on to Oklahoma and Arizona State.

No Olivia Trautman again for Oklahoma. Smith in on three events, no vault.

Iowa went over 49 on bars today, with only one score in the 8s and it could be dropped. So that’s helpful.

Helpful commentary to begin on whether Oklahoma smiles enough or not?

Rotation 1

Ginn – VT – solid secure landing on her yfull, small step back, some piking, not the highest. 9.775

Webb – UB – lovely pak as always – good hs on low – toe shap 1/2, only the smallest ankle break – toe 1/2, double front 1/2 out, just a slide of heels together, very clean. 9.850

Miller – VT – full is pretty low, short landing, lunge forward, some feet and direction as well. 9.675

Degouveia – UB – solid piked jaeger – good cast hs – toe on to pak, legs right together – step up to high – good hs positions, moments of elbows – FTDT, small hop back. Strong. 9.875

Boyer – VT – lands super deep in her full, large lunge back to save it – potential there because she has some pop and efficient shape but didn’t find the landing. 9.650

Thomas – UB – 1/2 slightly crooked – hit jaeger – not quite the crisp handstands of the first two today, rushing a little, but she sticks her DLO. 9.850

Scharf – VT – by far the best full so far, much better distance, chest up landing and a bounce back. 9.800 pretty high for that bounce back though.

Smith – UB – Ricna to Pak, efficient, Ricna a little low, her usual – good final cast hs on high – a little whippy on DLO, small slide. 9.925.

Reeves – VT – does a full, bounce back, fairly large and some flexed feet to take there. 9.800

Nichols – UB – Ray to pak is huge, that little leg break on the pak – that one borderline handstand on the low bar she usually has – toe shap 1/2 is excellent – DLO, a little deep with a small step to the side. 9.900

Wilson – VT – a more comfortable full, bounce back, more extended position in the air , some direction. 9.775

Oklahoma will take its five scores and stop.

Oklahoma 49.400, Arizona St 48.825

Oklahoma did Oklahoma during that rotation. Good work. A bit of a depth concern that they only put up Schoepfer in the 6th spot in the lineup as a back-up in case someone fell, but we did see Draper go last week with a very usable routine. And she’s in other events today. Some scoring of the rotation order rather than the routines themselves, I though, but everyone was very clean.

Arizona State will take that vault score. It got a little high, we’ve seen those 9.7s be 9.6s in other meets so far this year, but they put up a lineup of six fulls and hit them.

Rotation 2

Weins – VT – holds the stick on her full with a little absorption, not the biggest vault, but clean. 9.825

Ginn – UB – tkatchev, some feet – small arch on cast and not quittte to vertical on her bail – short final cast – DLO, nice position in the air and a no-question stick. Good finish. 9.775

Stern – VT – one of her best 1.5s, nearly had the stick but had to hop forward at the end – only loses her knees a little at the end. 9.900

Redmond – UB – hecht mount – small leg break in 1/2 turn to a high but somewhat crooked jaeger – bail is short of handstand – final cast is better – DLO, a bit down, small hop forward. 9.750

Degouveia – VT – large lunge forward on her 1.5 again today – great distance and direction. 9.875 is pretty high for that landing.

Boyer – UB – toe on to Shap, great leg position into pak, super clean – 1/2 turn on low – just a bit close on final cast hs – FTDT, a bit deep, step forward, nice routine and a ton of potential in this one. 9.825

Webb – VT – lands short on her Y1.5, lunge back – one of her weaker landings but still fine. 9.800

Wilson – UB – ASU – jaeger – solid – a bit short on cast and on bail, some angle – giant full to double tuck, step back, small – some hip angles in there but nothing large. 9.775

Nichols – VT – sticks the 1.5 – brings her feel together and probably holds the landing long enough before saluting but it was borderline. Great obviously. 9.950.

Reeves – UB – quite short first hs – high jaeger – but cast hs are going to get her, lots to take there – DLO has nice height, large lunge back. 9.775

Schoepfer – VT – Y tucked 1.5, jarring on landing with a step back so that should be the drop score, but an option there.

Leonard-Baker – UB – she’s back (at least on one event) – slight ankle injury is the word – Maloney to bail, very clean bail – oof, on her toe pike shoot to high bar she hit her toes on the bar and then grabbed in toe-on position. It was cool looking but definitely a problem in the scores department. 9.550

49.350 for Oklahoma. People like Degouveia and Webb won’t be that happy with their landings. Still a 49.350. ASU will once again be very happy with a 48.900 for those performances. These are home scores, definitely, but a good rotation. Boyer is a find for this lineup and should be a useful score this season.

After 2: Oklahoma 98.750, Arizona State 97.725.

Rotation 3

M Thompson – BB – bhs bhs loso to a remarkable save, landed one foot off the beam entirely but pulled it back – switch to straddle 1/4, fine – side aerial to full, didn’t look like she was going to get anything on that full but she got it around. 9.750

Draper – FX – double pike, a bit of knees in the air – front full to front full, controlled landing – switch 1/2 to popa, nice rise in the popa – whip 1/2 to a rudi – there are loose knee things to take but a secure set. 9.875 is a high start for this lineup. Where you gonna go ladies?

It’s a broken heel for Trautman BTW

Boyer – BB – long pause opening – nice amplitude and stretch on her loso series, check to the side – small adjustment between aerial and beat jump – switch to switch combination with a check, some back leg as well – side aerial to full, small steps back. 9.750

Smith – FX – double tuck, easy landing, small slide back – 1.5 to layout, nice float – switch side to wolf jump full, strong – double pike, solid landing. No Bridget, that is not a stuck landing. 9.900

Gutierrez – BB – front handspring with a check, redoes it into a Rulfova – slowly into a rulfova but into it – switch to bhs, low back leg on switch – beat to switch side, large lean back and an arm wave – 1.5, short with a step back. 9.625

Degouveia – FX – front lay to front 2/1, super high but takes it far into the corner and steps OOB – front lay to front full, just a little out of control – lovely straddle extension – back 1.5 to front full, not her most controlled routine but fine. 9.775

Bridget wants her to do a randi. Bridget, you’re like one of three people allowed to do randis

Wilson – BB – bhs loso series, secure, tight in the loso position though – cat leap to switch 1/2, short – kickover front to beat, a bit deep but super secure – gainer full, small hop. 9.800

Stern – FX – double pike, kind of a large bounce back – split jump full to wolf jump full, not quite around on the wolf full – front lay to front full, slide out on landing – double tuck, deep in the knees. 9.725

Scharf – BB – wolf double attempt and has to grab the beam to control it – if this were the elite code, they would be like “only zero tenths of deduction because wolf turnnnnnn” – hit loso series – cat leap to switch 1/2 yeeeouuch – foot slips and a fall. 8.800

Webb – FX – front 2/1, very high, a little steppy on the landing but showed initial control – I think Bridget thinks “stuck” means “great” – 1.5 to front full – split leap full to jump full, the feet – rudi, strong, well controlled. 9.900

Reeves – BB – bhs bhs and she can’t complete the series, Aliya’s off the beam – ASU will now have to count a fall, which will take away what was going to be a solid benchmark score – bhs loso series, hit with some form – switch, short of position – aerial with an arm wave – 1.5, small hop

Nichols – FX – so my theory about this routine is that the theme is she’s a waitress at a drive-in theater that gets invaded by aliens during B-movie night – 1.5 through to double tuck, solid – 1.5 to front loso, smoothly done – excellent leap positions – double pike, solid landing, best routine of the rotation. She’s a little “my ankles! I don’t have them anymore!” on some of these landings but does well not to turn that into slides. 9.925.

Oklahoma 49.375, Arizona State 47.675 that rotation. So ouch.

After 3: Oklahoma 148.125, Arizona State 145.450

Rotation 4

Thomas – BB – side somi, just the smallest lean forward – bhs loso, squeezes to hold it – swtich to switch series is nice – full turn from side position – side aerial to full, stuck, great finish. “So far you would never know she was a transfer, she just did a beautiful routine.” 9.875

Thompson – FX – double pike, deep landing, lunge back, stays in bounds – switch side to popa to wolf full – punch rudi, chest forward, secure – 1.5 to layout, whipped around that layout. 9.825, very high.

Also, Kristina Baskett Peel. Basket Peel.

Dunn – BB – bhs loso loso, good leg extension – split jump to split jump 1/2, pretty good 180s – punch front full dismount, step forward. I guess we have another KJ miracle beam walk-on. Not a surprise. 9.825

Williams – FX – back 1.5 to layout attempt, eeeeeeee, off line and short and sat it down OOB – good wolf jump 1.5 – double tuck, chest down but landed

Woodard – BB – side aerial to bhs, confident and secure series – kickover front to beat, no trouble – switch through to split leap, a little short on the split, close – side aerial to full, stuck with a stagger. Super strong routine. 9.925

Reeves – FX – back 2.5 first pass, slightly deep with a side step – 1/2 to front full, knees and pretty flat on that one – switch to switch ring 1/2 attempt, not really showing that position – rudi very secure. 9.775

Webb – BB – almost rushed herself intoa check on that full turn – bhs loso series, medium lean to the side – aerial to split jump – switch to split leap, tight on the split leap today – side aerial to stuck full, excellent. 9.900

Boyer – FX – front lay into a rudi, nice pop on the rudi, just a little slide back – double pike is well short, two lunges forward on landing – back 1.5 to front layout, gets a little hung up on landing, good rise into the layout. 9.825

Smith – BB – She did compete at worlds, just not in the AA final – bhs loso series with a lean to the side – aerial to straddle jump, great straddle – strong dance series, her straddle positions are a highlight in her routine and it’s built to show off a bunch of them – bhs gainer full, stuck, legs apart. 9.875

Scharf – FX – front tuck through to double back, small bounce, good chest up position – front full to front tuck, solid landing, some knees – good dance element possibilites here – double pike, secure landing, chest down. 9.825

Nichols – BB – aerial to bhs loso, smoothly done – switch with a small adjustment into split jump, works to keep it moving but a definite deduction – 1.5 dismount, the typical Maggie stick. 9.975. I wouldn’t have gone 10 for that. One did.

Ginn – FX – front tuck through to double tuck, slide back – front lay to 1/2, simple pass but clean – double pike, pretty secure, just some chest position. ASU saves the floor rotation.

39.750 for Nichols is the AA season high so far. 197.675 is the team season high so far.

FINAL: Oklahoma 197.675, Arizona State 194.600

43 thoughts on “Saturday Live Blog – January 11, 2020”

  1. Is the “her feet get sweaty!” woman still doing commentary for NC State? She was a low key delight.

  2. Horrible that Trautman has a broken heel. Any word on how long or is that just the whole damn season period?

    1. She is, to use her own words, “very unique” as a commentator. If I was playing a drinking game, I would be wasted due to how often she uses that phrase.

    2. “Overall that was a great routine.” and “That is so unique.”

      -The only words you will hear from Bridget Sloan.

    1. I disagree. I actually like Roethlisberger. I thought him and Alicia were great together. I’m guessing she won’t be commentating this year because she’s so late in her pregnancy.

      1. Agree! He ain’t a problem and they enjoy each other. They’re like a rum and coke to Bart and Kathy’s glass of champagne.

  3. Saw on FB that Payton Murphy of WMU fractured her neck and is out for the season

  4. I think Bridget is not the best yet, but she’s not as bad as people are saying. This is her first NCAA season as a commentator right? #leavebridgetalone

      1. I stand corrected then! I still don’t think she is any worse than anybody else. Everyone hating on her just makes me like her more…

    1. I think Bridget seems like a very nice person – but she is a terrible commentator – she says things like that was a perfect landing or that was a perfect split when it’s not. She also says just says some very things when commentating. I have an issue in general with former gymnasts doing commentary when they are just not very good at it. It should be people who care the best at commentary not who were great gymnasts

    1. I am mostly wishing for stronger tumbling from them. I hope OT is on the mend… they need at least one big E double salto. Maggie’s mount is great, as is Jade’s, and I can’t complain about Webb… but you need one obvious powerhouse routine.

      1. Agreed. I also don’t find music and choreography particularly memorable or appealing, this time around. Especially when compared to Florida or UCLA.

      2. Yeah it’s Trautman who is out with injury right now who is the obvious anchor for that lineup (she was last year as a freshman). They also lost the “big” routine of Brenna which was going to be hard to replace.
        They are def gonna hold smith back from big difficulty to save her body but you can tell mounting with a double tuck is comically easy for her. I would think her upgrading is a future goal for her there ( I would think DLO?).

    2. Wasn’t Smith’s DLO a bit scary in elite? Given all her ankle problems, I hope she sticks with the easier routine just so she can make it through the season in one piece. Honestly, I’m just happy for her that she can do a floor routine at this point.

      1. When she was in her prime years (and not injured) it was pretty decent (even like AT 2017 worlds prelims it was pretty damn good). Also like if it’s her only big pass I would imagine it would be much better in the setting of an easy routine for her. Really just depends on her comfort level. But she’s at OU and a big name so she will score 9.9+ with a good mistake free routine (valid though because she has good technique & form in her dance so she doesn’t lose anything there)

      2. Imagine her doing her double arabian LOL it would get a 10.0 deduction in NCAA

    1. On the other hand they hilariously snubbed Kelley on the LSU graphic so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. Re the commentary, I wish the gymnasts like Sloan and others would use their knowledge to inform the audience and show the details and nuances, not dumb it down with incredibly obvious commentary and compliments. The point of a color commentator is not that if a cheerleader—they are not adding value the way they could. I don’t know why they aren’t encouraged to do that more, the way KJC does.

    1. I see what you and the Bridget detractors mean now. I am so drunk in the “unique drinking game” it’s like 26 tequila shots. Bridget Sloan, please use another word so I don’t have so much pain tomorrow. We love you and know you can do better!

    2. KJC is obviously the gold standard. I thought CKC was serviceable as a commentator. I think Sacramone is actually pretty good- and she seems to tow the fine line in terms of acknowledging the NCAA scoring/artistry standard being lax. Laura Rutledge grew on me but I’m not sure she still does gym. And I Sam Peszek is improved.

      Strangely I really liked Kevin Copp when he was calling UGA meets as student intern. It was funny how quickly he came up to speed and educated himself. It really should have shamed some of the payed commentators.

      1. Yeah Laura Rutledge is amazing but she also gets pulled up to the big SEC & espn college football games (she may be doing the CFB champs this week?). I hope she is there for some of the later SEC meets + the post season because she legit is one the best sideline reporters in college sports.

      2. Kevin Copp is 100% the best NCAA commentator, in my opinion. You can tell he does the prep work necessary no matter what teams are competing. He commentated the post season meets held at UGA last year and was AMAZING!!! I wish the SEC Network/ESPN would hire him.

  6. I’m surprised Bridget is going the ‘cheerleader’ route. I wonder if its her choice or what the PTB that hired her requested for the job. In a interview she did with Shawn Johnson during 2016 Trials I believe but wasn’t posted until 1 month after I think, for Shawns youtube channel. In the interview she had definite OPINIONS and a perspective about Gabby Douglas training and mental outlook, etc, which I have never really heard other former elites in interviews express beyond the everyone looks amazing, its gonna be so hard to pick. So I wonder why she has decided to water down her outlook because I know homegirl has definite opinions about certain gymnasts skills being performed in NCAA etc. starts at 3:50

  7. Uhm did you all notice Maryland scoring 196.15 in its opener? They are likely going to be top 10 after week 2!

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