Sunday Live Blog – January 12, 2020

Sunday, January 12
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I’ll start with Minnesota/Denver, then move to Boise State/UCLA, with a little of the NorCal meet in between depending on how much we’re seeing on the Facebook live stream.

Denver lineups pretty much as expected, just 8 people competing. Karr, L Brown and Ruiz AA.

I’m so glad Denver athletics has a “salsa and chili partner.” V important.

Rotation 1

Ruiz – VT – I’m so glad we didn’t get to see this vault? Guys, this is a television broadcast. We have some higher expectations for you. 9.700

Quaglia – UB – piked jaeger, hit into overshoot – a couple borderline hs – giant full to double tuck, small hop in place. Good routine, nothing more than .05s . 9.750

Subject – VT – short run – full – bounce back, some knees, pretty solid chest-up position, fine. 9.750

Wilmarth – UB – Ray, just a tad close but nice shape – hits her bail – stalder to double tuck, chest down with a step. One or two handstands again but well completed. 9.725

Sundstrom – VT – hops back on her full but a nice open in the air, good extended position, just the hop and probably some distance to take there, well done. 9.825

Loper – UB – Maloney to pak, good legs together, very pretty combo – late cast 1/2 on low bar – short final cast hs – giant full, late into double tuck, stuck. Some strong moments, just needs to work out those final verticals on high bar. 9.800

Glynn – VT – bounces back on her tsuk full and couldn’t really control the salute, so she had to college-stick-step again into the salute. 9.725

Sales – UB – small arch on first hs, pulled it back – clean bail position – 1/2 into khorkina, good – just a little loose back in final cast but hit the vertical – DLO, stuck landing. 9.800

L Brown – VT – hugely huge 1.5 as always – hop forward this time with some feet in the air. 9.850

Ramler – UB – good first hs – maloney to pak, literally perfect – toe shap 1/2, strong – hits final cast hs well – toe to FTDT, slide back. You have the slide on dismount and maybe a loose back moment in a cast. Not much else to take. 9.900

Karr – VT – hops forward on her 1.5 this week, not a large hop, medium sized. The rest is great. 9.900

Lu – UB – a bit rushed on first hs – shap to pak, very nice, just a hair late on cast 1/2 on low – DLO, whips it out, didn’t have the timing she wanted, but pulled it out well, short on landing but only a small hop. 9.875

After 1: Minnesota 49.125, Denver 49.050

Solid, not amazing first rotations for both teams. Scored pretty accurately. No complaints from me there. Denver would want a little more in the landings on vault to get much higher, lots of hops and bounces. Minnesota on track on bars definitely, handstands were the main thing, which will be refined as the year goes. Lexi Montgomery did an exhibition on bars for Minnesota that looks lineup ready.

Rotation 2

Remlinger – VT – yfull, bounce back, some piking, pretty much a normal full, chest position and amplitude deductions in addition to the landing. 9.725

Ruiz – UB – good first hs – giant full to tkatchev – one short cast hs on high – clean bail – just a couple hs, the tkatchev was high enough but a little near the bar on catch – DLO, tries to hold the stick with a notable lean forward. 9.775

Sonier – VT – bounce back on her full as well, but a smaller bounce than Remlinger and a little cleaner in the air. 9.750

Sundstrom – UB – short first hs – clear hip to tkatchev, good rhythm – bail, a bit of an angle there – solid final cast – DLO, does the smame thing as Ruiz, larger bend forward to try to hold the stick, a little bit of a swim. 9.800

Quarles – VT – nailllllled a Y1.5 – nice distance and form – a fake stick with a hop forward into her salute, but pretty nice form, only a bit of knees, even on replay. Well done. 9.900

Subject – UB – toe on to Maloney, a bit of legs, connected to bail, a bit of hip angle – flings out a DLO but finds the stick anyway, good finish. 9.825

Williams – VT – gigantic full, excellent amplitude of course – fairly significant lunge back. 9.750

L Brown – UB – Maloney, small amount of legs, connected to Pak, good – great cast hs on low – van leeuwen, only a touch of feet – DLO, floaty, step back. Good. Step on landing, a bit tight on first hs I think. Will be a strong score. 9.875

Ramler – VT – Y1.5 – Perfection, stuck landing. Exceptional. Not a 10 for me because of the knees in the air throughout, but close to it. 9.900. We’d see that go 9.950 at most meets, but I’m OK with the 9.900

Glynn – UB – good first hs – clear hip with a small arch, pulls it back – gienger, good – bail, short of vertical – pulls out that final cast – FTDT, two small steps back. 9.850

Loper – VT – comes up short on her Y1.5 but saved it with a small step back and then another step to find her landing control. 9.825, prob not enough separation there for me?

Karr – UB – hecht mount – gaint full to gienger to overshoot, great positions – good vertical in final cast handstand – DLO, sticks it. Very good. She was bouncy in handstand at the end, enough to take away a 10 but close to it. 9.950.

Quaglia and Morton in exhibition respectively.

After 2: Denver 49.350, Minnesota 49.250

Both teams look quite nice so far. Minnesota has that new Y1.5 from Quarles to give them what should be a very competitive vault rotation. Ramler and Quarles nailed their vaults. This Denver team is very strong on bars and were a bit more precise compared to Minnesota in their handstands.

A side note since we have some time. It’s interesting to me that the Jessica Yamzon bars 9.675 from this weekend is going around twitter as an underscore because I think 9.675 is about right. Maybe a hair low but nothing egregious. The problem is not with that score but with all the other overscores that make you think that’s a bad score or that her routine is free of deduction.

Rotation 3

L Brown – BB – kickover front to bhs, pretty good rhythm kept, at least for a ft + bk combination – full turn – switch to split, good – aerial to wolf, nice amplitude in her aerial – gainer full, stuck. Very confident routine for her. 9.900

Higgins – FX – front 2/1, almost around, basically there, a slight bit short of rotation – switch side to popa, slightly crooked on the switch side position – 1.5 to layout, short with a step back – rudi, medium bounce. 9.725

Ruiz – BB – hitch kick to switch side, slight angle – loso series, secure, not the most extended but solid – side aerial to a strong split jump position – gainer pike, short with a step back. 9.775

Sonier – FX – split jump 1.5 to start, pretty much gets it around – double pike, well controlled – switch side to split jump full, bailed out of the split jump full and did not get too close to 180 – front full to layout, nearly kept the landing but was short and did have to step – 1.5 to layout, arches around the layout with some loss of position. 9.775

Lockhart – BB – kick to a front aerial, check with a bend at the hips – lone split jump, SV issue? – bhs loso, small leg-up check – beat jump to split jump 3/4, looked like some back leg from this angle – gainer full, stuck, some chest position. 9.625

Remlinger – FX – double pike, mostly secure, some body position – switch side to popa, distinct finishing positions there – 1.5 to front layout, small amount of softness in the layout position – double tuck, small slide back, some chest position again. 9.750

Sundstrom – BB – good full turn – bhs loso series, large break with a bend at the hips and lean over – side aerial, solid – switch to switch 1/2 to split jump, pretty solid position on the switch 1/2gainer pike, small slide. 9.700

I like the commentator here, she was the knowledge, but she says “scissor” instead of “switch” and it’s not on for me.

Ramler – FX – split ring jump full to start, some lack of control on landing – good high double pike, holds that front foot down – switch ring to switch 1/2, highlight was how she moved from one leap into the next – front 2/1 attempt, awkward landing, some crossed legs and short of rotation so she got kind of tangled in herself – 1.5 through to 2/1, secure landing. 9.825

Karr – BB – side aerial to bhs, no trouble at all – full turn – hitch to side somi, keeps that front leg extended on it to minimize the ugliness – beat jump to split full, some back leg on split full and finishes the last 8th of it on the beam – 1.5 dismount, high and stuck. 9.900

Loper – FX – front lay to rudi, good height on rudi, just a tad ragged on the layout – switch ring to switch full – 2.5, drops out of the sky, good control – 1.5 to layout, comes up short on layout, minimizes the damage with only a small step. 9.800

Vasquez – BB – aerial, lovely – into bhs loso, great extension, a little slow in combo from the aerial but she doesn’t need it – switch to split, perfect – y spin, well controlled again, ideally she’d hold the leg for longer but not a requirement – sissone, great -side aerial to full, stuck. Identical routine to her 10 from last weekend.

Williams – FX – front 2/1, lovely form, just a touch short on landing – switch side to popa, great amplitude – 1.5 to layout, pretty again, bouncy landing though – rudi, chest well down and a step forward. 9.775

9.975 for Vasquez, one judge decided to keep it to herself, but a great routine.

49.250 for Denver, 3 really strong routines in that beam rotation. They’ll get some separation from Minnesota in this rotation, Minnesota going 48.925 on floor, with enough mushy landings to stay in the 9.7s.

After 3: Denver 147.600, Minnesota 147.175

Good hit from Emma Brown in exhibition for Denver on beam. I’d be pretty happy with the six you have for Denver right now, but you always want a good 7th.

Rotation 4

Sonier – BB – bhs loso series, very secure, pretty extension – full turn – beat to split jump 3/4, short of 180 on the split 3/4 – beat to loso, lean – bhs bhs 1.5 dismount, medium hop forward. 9.775

Ruiz – FX – double tuck, slide back – switch side to popa, good completion position – 1.5 to layout, controlled step, not the highest pass – double pike, quite deep with a lunge forward on landing. 9.775

Lu – BB – bhs loso series, leg-up check – cat leap to switch 1/2 to beat, great 180 position on the switch 1/2, small chest down lean into the beat – pretty full turn – side somi, smoothly done – gainer full, small slide. 9.825

Subject – FX – double pike, good control, chest pretty well up – front lay to front full, good amplitude – switch side to popa is the big deduction in here, not hitting 180 in either – double tuck, deep landing with a hop. They’re not quite there with those final double backs so far. 9.725

Loper – BB – bhs loso series, well controlled, pretty form – kickover to beat jump, keeps the connection well despite being every so slightly deep in kickover – switch to straddle 1/4 – 1.5, hop forward. 9.800

Glynn – FX – front tuck through to double tuck, comes up short with a medium step forward – switch side to popa to popa, increasingly at an angle on the side splits – double pike, solid, well controlled there. 9.775

Korlin-Downs – BB – candle mount, holds the vertical position long enough – bhs loso series, small check and an additional little lean to save it – beat to split to double stag, lovely split jump position – side aerial to full, stuck. Good. 9.800

Karr – FX – huge front 2/1, great amplitude, bounces forward out of it, just did stay in bounds but prob a tenth on that landing – split leap full to wolf jump full, back leg on the split – 1.5 to front full, well controlled landing. 9.875

Sales – BB – bhs bhs loso series, very well controlled, smoothly done – switch to switch side, nice lift – gainer pike, just a bit deep but held the stick. Pretty work. 9.925.

Lockhart – FX – L turn, would like to see it held clearly at horizontal the whole time – front tuck through to double tuck, very small foot adjustment on landing – switch 1/2 to popa, excellent positions – rudi, some crazy legs and a bounce up on landing – double pike, somewhat short with a hop forward, which according to her music, is hilarious. 9.800

Ramler – BB – full turn – bhs loso series, secure, good toes – aerial to wolf, excellent height in the connected wolf – beat to split ring jump, slide her foot back on landing but we’ll allow it – aerial to full, stuck. That was stronger than the 9.925 we just saw, so we’ll see what happens there. I would probably go 9.950. And so do the judges.

L Brown – FX – DLO is huge as always but didn’t have the control today with a lunge back – switch ring to switch 1/2 – 1.5 to layout to sissone, very strong – double pike, nailed the landing on that one. 9.925 goes too high for me there, but overall the scoring has made sense today.

Really strong opening meet for Minnesota, going 196.475, which was a reasonable score for a performance with room for improvement.

FINAL: Denver 196.750, Minnesota 196.475

Really enjoyable competition and both teams will be pleased with the benchmarks set here.

Yeouch. It’s a 47.800 for Cal on floor with two 8s in the lineup. So that upends things a little. Not ideal. Looks like Rachael Mastrangelo has gone missing.

UCLA’s lineups are out. Flatley will go on beam this week instead of Poston. Tratz still absent fron vault as well as Hano from floor and Dennis from bars.

On to the next meet of the day, Boise State and UCLA.

Stop trying to make “Waller World” happen.

Pac-12 Network definitely committed to pretending Randy Lane never existed.

Rotation 1

Dennis – VT – her usual huge full, such excellent height, very small hop.

We see some tape on her shoulder under her leo which would help explain her bars absence

Bouza – UB – good first hs – clear hgip to tkatchev – slightly rushed her next cast and had a little shortness on bail – cast hs on high is excellent and DLO is beautiful. Great form like she has on beam and some really pretty moments. 9.850

9.925 for Dennis. LOL you guys she didn’t stick. Oh, OK 9.875 is a little better.

Poston – VT – much better chest position than last week – small slide back – still a little chest down but not the knee eater we saw in Anaheim. 9.900. It’s…we’re…

Bruden – UB – slightly short first hs – hit jaeger – solid hs after – nice toe point in her bail – short final cast hs – DLO, a bit short with a hop. Overall strong routine. 9.825

Frazier – VT – good power on her full, hop back and has that piked hip angle in the air throughout, which is always going to keep her vault score lower. One of the reasons they’ll want to make that up with difficulty and get her a 10.0 start because she won’t score like Dennis with a full. 9.825

Nilson – UB – clear hip to tkatchev, good height just a bit close, small angle on bail – good final cast hs – DLO is beautiful and stuck. We’re still seeing the Boise State quality on bars, just not quite there on the usual handstands in the first meet. 9.850

Kramer – VT – 1.5 and can’t land it – sits it down – landed way short. The soap opera that is Gracie Kramer vaulting continues… 9.175

McGregor – UB – slightly short first hs – Maloney with a bit of legs, nice vertical position on her bail – FTDT, super high, just that small shiver to the side. 9.875

Hano – VT – Y1.5 – solidly done, a shuffle forward with both feet and just that bit of knees at the end but it’s small, great amplitude. 9.825

Muhlenhaupt – UB – great hs position – 1/2 turn to a very high jaeger to overshoot – excellent final cast hs – DLO, a bit deep in the knees, holds the stick. Nicest of the rotation. Excellent routine. 9.925

Ross – VT – Y1.5 – pretty large hop for her, forward and to the side – she got 9.900 for a big hop last week, so we’ll see what happens here. 9.875

Boise State with just 5 on bars, but a really clean rotation. Happy to see that continue 49.325 puts them ahead of UCLA’s 49.300 after one event. An OK vault rotation for UCLA but the landings aren’t really there yet as the lineup progresses. Not much control from Hano and Ross. I was really worried about the scoring when we heard Dennis got a 9.925 initially (did Carol forget that a Yfull was a 9.950 start?) but it didn’t end up being too, too horrifying.

I mean, they’re soft, and for both teams so far, but that was always going to be the case.

OH LOOK WHO’S BACK. SHE HAS A TED TALK. You guys, the fans are still coming even though she’s not the head coach.

Rotation 2

Amado – VT – full, bounces back fairly far, some piking, not the highest, but fine. 9.625

Hano – UB – good first hs – Ray to overshoot, hit, a bit of soft form – handstands continue to get better – some feet in the giant full into double tuck, stuck. 9.825

Nilson – VT – comes up short on her full, step to the side, chest down. 9.600

Steele – UB – good first hs – Maloney to pak and she’s too far over the bar, ends up resting against the bar and improvises a hip circle – finishes with a stuck DLO

Smith – VT – a better full in terms of completion, good amplitude and form, large bounce back still though. 9.750

Long wait while we figure out what to do with Steele’s hip circle.

We see one 9.200 come up with a 10.0 start, and now we have a judges conference because of range I’m assuming.

I agree with Deanna’s face.

8.950 for Steele.

Kooyman – UB – short first hs – Maloney caught into pak, both with leg separations – 1/2 turn on low – circle up to high – some handstands – DLO, hop back. Things to take, but they got the hit they needed. 9.800 a bit high compared to Hano’s 9.825.

Bouza – VT – great stick on her full and height. Nicely done. Big vault, though comes in with an angle and has some deep knees in absorbing the stick. 9.825

Frazier – UB – Makiney, a bit of legs at the beginning, connected to great pak – toe hap 1/2, strong – great final cast hs – basically sticks her DLO, small slide of heels together. Nice. 9.950

McGregor – VT – noooooo what happened there – did she just get lost in the air or injured on her roundoff? Nooooo. Lands on her back after doing a yhalf

Flatley – UB – perfect first hs – higgins into jaeger, lovely – toe on to bail, some angle in bail, and a bit loose back on the toe on – good casts though – DLO, bounce back, fairly large. A couple things but such lovely foundation to the routine. 9.800

Bruden – VT – solid full, hop to the side, a bit of knees

Ross – UB – Maloney to bail, solid this week – good height on toe shoot – perfect final cast hs – DLO, nails a stuck landing. We have a borderline opening handstand to look at, but let’s see what happens.

And it comes up as a 10.000 for Kyla. Precedent is there, which helps.

We won’t see Nicki Shapiro do her exhibition on bars, but that’s what’s happening.

UCLA endures to go 49.375 on bars, but boy does that lineup look like it needs Kocian. Ross and Frazier saved the day here to keep the team on track.

After 2: UCLA 98.625, Boise State 97.925

Quite concerned about McGregor, especially because it’s just so unclear what happened there.

Does…does Jim think Miss Val was the president?

Hadn’t realized that Kyla had never gone 10 on bars at home, which is kind of an odd thing to keep track of, but nonetheless surprising.

Rotation 3

G Glenn – BB – bhs loso series, very smooth, good extension – aerial to split, strong – switch to split, great positions, little pause in between but almost imperceptiable – bhs gainer full, stuck. Nailed set. Beautiful. 9.975

Damn we almost had a leadoff position 10.

Nilson – FX – double pike, bounce back – switch side to popa, solid 180s, a little under rotated on the popa – 1.5 to layout, pretty secure – rudi final pass, a bit of chest down position. 9.650 with what looked like a 9.9 start.

Frazier – BB – switch to straddle jump, excellent – aerial to back tuck, keeps the arms moving, some knee form in the aerial and still somewhat slow in combination – full turn – side aerial to beat jump – bhs 2/1 dismount, small slide back. 9.825

Smith – FX – double pike, lunge back but looks like she keeps it in – double tuck, pretty secure landing just a bit forward – switch full to popa will be the major deduction, short of position on both elements – 1.5 to front tuck, super low on front tuck, almost saved it, but had to put her hand down. 9.000

Hano – BB – bhs to two-foot layout, fall – it looks like it’s tough for her to control that series as she rebounds on the beam and then can’t control the rebound, because she’s right in line on the acro series – split jump 1/2 from side was good – 1.5 with a small slide. 9.000

Popp – FX – Excited to see her get into a lineup – nice tight tuck position on double back, bounce back – switch ring is short of ring, switch 1/2 is fine – double pike, slightly short, small hop. 1.5 to layout, just barely pulls it around, straddles and tucks the layout to get it to her feet. 9.450

Boot and crutches for McGregor.

Flatley – BB – aerial with a small pause before her next lovely aerial, that’s a break in combination for me – side aerial, beautiful – L turn to split to beat, perfection – bhs 1.5, hop forward. Glorious routine but we’ll have to see what happens with that abbreviated two aerial combo

Elkabchi – FX – back 2.5 first pass with a crossover step, some legs throughout in the twisting – solid straddle positions – double pike, chest down but pretty well controlled – 1.5 to layout, has to whip around her layout but more controlled than the last two layouts. 9.775

Judges likely discussing the acro series on beam for Flatley. Didn’t think they would have the ovaries to take it away at UCLA, but we’ll see.

9.350, they didn’t give it. Hmmmm. I mean, it’s correct not to give it. She’ll lose .2 in SV for missing the series, as well as the connection bonus which I’d assume she needed to start from a 10. Makes sense. Not enough bonus in the routine without that connection

Sakti – BB – standing loso loso series and she’s off – right off line from the beginning – it’s mostly your fault – so this will not be a usable meet score score for UCLA – side somi, hit with a lean forward – side aerial to full, short with a step. 9.375

Basically like three falls in a row now.

Amado – FX – double tuck, larger bounce back but definitely in bounds – switch ring is fine, switch 1/2 perhaps a bit short – 1.5 to layout, arches around the layout – double pike, again quite deep with a lunge back, and again keeps it in bounds. 9.725

Ross – BB – bhs loso, very solid – switch ring to beat jump – that leg-out full turn – aerial to beat, she does very well moving into those next elements just quickly enough so that you want to take away the combo but can’t really – side aerial to full, tries to sell the stick but steps back with an arm wave. 9.875

Bruden – FX – double pike, solid, lunge back, small slide of that front foot – switch ring to switch side, tight position on side split – back 1.5 to layout, some form – double tuck, pretty secure landing, some chest down. 9.800

48.400 for both teams. So it didn’t go great.

After 3: UCLA 147.075, Boise State 146.325

We get a retrospective of UCLA viral floor routines while Pac-12 tries to make MARZ VIRAL 2020 happen.

Rotation 4

Lashbrooke is going to replace Flatley in the floor lineup

Bouza – BB – bhs loso series, nice extension, well done as always – cat leap to kickover front, very secure – switch with a large check, leg-up break – another check on straddle 1/4, lean forward – lovely beginning, check trouble in the second half – aerial with a lean – gainer pike. 9.650

Dennis – FX – double tuck, excellent, nailed landing, such good form – torn labrum and partial bicep tear, per Sam – split leap and split jump show excellent extension – good control in 1.5 to layout landing – she has lost her scrunchie – RED ALERT SHE HAS LOST HER SCRUNCHIE – rudi to split jump, just a bit of travel – very strong routine. 9.925

Popp – BB – aerial – switch 1/2, small check – bhs bhs layout 2 feet series, very secure – cat leap to switch side, rushes the split just a little – balance check just standing there before dismount – bhs bhs 1.5, bound forward. 9.850

Tratz – FX – full in, good security on landing, chest down – switch ring and split full, not the highest she can be on that combo – 1.5 to front full to semi-double-stag – double tuck, quite low, step forward. Showing more landing security overall though. 9.925

These scores are so excited.

Elkabchi – BB – full turn – bhs loso series, very solid – side aerial, solid, chest down a bit but very secure – switch to straddle 1/4, short on the split positions – aerial round off, nice, some different elements in this lineup – straddle jump 1/2 – 1.5 with a large lunge forward/sideward. 9.750

Lashbrooke – FX – good power on double tuck but a bounce back – 1.5 to layout, whipped over on the layout a bit – split leap full to split jump full, nice elevation there – double pike, short, chest down iwth a lunge.

“Whatever happened to Amanda Borden?” But like actually, did she get demoted from the Jim meets and replaced with Sam?

9.875 for Lashbrooke is wayyyyy high. Wayyyyy. Wayyyyyyyy.

Amado – BB – bhs bhs layout to two, some form but very secure – switch to straddle 1/4, short on the switch – aerial, does well to avoid a check after coming in a little short – 1.5, stuck landing. 9.875

Kramer – FX – “this routine is a nightmare.” LOLLLLL. front 2/1 to front tuck, a little short on the front tuck today with a small step back – 1.5 to layout to shushunova, that’s new – a bit crooked on her side split positions today – rudi to stretch jump, her normal there. Not her best first pass landing or dance series, but still good as she always is. 9.950. So only her career high. (Right?)

This rotation score is bonks.

Masiado – BB – bhs loso series, small adjustment – switch to switch 1/2, well short on switch 1/2 side aerial to tuck full, bounce back. 9.8000

Frazier – FX – full in, pretty well controlled, just a little fooot movement on landing – side somi through to double tuck, secure landing, some chest down – split leap full to popa, good amplitude – double pike, small slide back with a possible OOB, looked out from our angle but unclear if her foot stepped down. Yeah that looks OOB for me, but I think there’s probably no such thing as OOB on the Miss Val Memorial Floor Exercise.


Muhlenhaupt – BB – bhs los series, lovely like the others – full turn – switch 1/2 a little short, a lot of them are getting their difficulty from switch 1/2s but so few of those skills are ever up to position – sheep with a little lean – side aerial to side adjustment – 1.5, small hop to the side. Some nice bars and beam moments for BSU today, but you really worry about depth, especially given the McGregor question mark. 9.875

Ross – FX – whip to double tuck, mostly well controlled – back 1.5 to layout, good – split leap full to popa to shush – double pike was excellent, nailed landing there – there was a little foot movement on the first pass, but it was cleaner than the 9.950s.

9.975 for Kyla.

49.725 rotation score for UCLA’s floor. I mean. You guys.

FINAL: UCLA 196.800, Boise State 195.475

Well, I mean, for having bad beam rotations in both of the first two meets, UCLA has some solid opening scores to the season. The judges really wanted that for them in that floor rotation. But floor is looking like the clear best event for UCLA right now while there are some holes in those bars and beam lineups.

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  1. Unless Stanford goes high 196’s, regardless of how Minnesota and Boise State score, Maryland is going to be top 10 after this week!

  2. THANK YOU! I’m sitting here dumbfounded that people can’t see that routine is scored about right. The problem isn’t that routine. The problem is all the over scoring! Everyone is so used to the over scoring, that they’re complaining about routines that are actually scored right. I’m so glad you addressed that haha

    1. Agreed. Also, look in comparison to other routines in that meet where things were evaluated more strictly (I think correctly) than some of the other meets this season. Watch Schoenherr’s 9.85 from the same meet.

      1. That’s another thing I wonder about. If they think Yamzon was underscored, then so were all of Florida’s routines. You have to have separation. Florida’s bars were way stronger than Arkansas’. You can’t give her a 9.8 and then all of Florida’s routines a 9.8-9.875(Besides Trin). Doesn’t make sense. Where’s the outrage there? haha They were consistent, for the most part, throughout THIS meet and I guess that’s all we can ask for. They will all be on the same playing field eventually!

      2. They WON’T all be on the same playing field eventually. That’s the problem. That line only works for the 8 teams at nationals, not everyone else.

  3. In the future could you please denote which Free links are Facebook Live? Not everyone is on Facebook & you have to log in to watch. Thank you!

    Also, did anyone see the beginning (or end) of the Yale, Brown, Southern Connecticut @ Springfield meet? I missed it and was curious if they’d done anything to remember the SCSU gymnast who died after falling off bars in November. I think this was SCSU’s first meet of the season & even if it wasn’t, it would have been a nice gesture.

    1. You don’t have to log in to watch. I am watching the NorCal meet right now without being logged in.

    2. They honored her in the beginning with a few words and a moment of silence. All the girls wore blue ribbons in their hair.

    3. They had a moment of silence with her picture on a screen in the arena with “Fly High Melanie “ banner… you could have heard a pin drop during the minute of silence.

      I thought it was going to be a really sad meet but after that , it was like any old meet .

      I will say that there were some decent routines by Brown and Yale on bars that were total hose jobs … in another setting they would’ve gone 9.7 ish but one judge kept flashing the “up to the level” … they had single rail releases, paks to the low bar , blind changes and double layout dismounts so I was stumped …

      1. So many feels for McGregor. What a terrible way to start senior year and the olympics year.

  4. I have no issue with Yamzons score although I think given even the sane tighter scoring judges would have gone 9.7-9.75 for that at most meets. My issue is that she’s being scored under an entirely different rubric than 90% of NCAA gymnasts are this weekend, and while we can argue it all comes out in the wash at regionals and Nationals, it matters for individual recognitions and rankings and frankly, sometimes regionals is almost as bad. So it was an underscore because while it might be appropriate in a vaccum, it was underscored compared to other gymnasts who competed elsewhere this weekend. I’m not saying the judges were wrong- just that the system needs to find a solution for this for it to be even close to fair.

    1. What you said there, completely, Anonymous, starting with Yamzon’s score should have been 9.75 even with stingy scoring. I HATE the overskoring and the NCAA ‘officials’ who don’t do JACK SHIT to correct this stinking problem. If you saw the LSU-Georgia meet, it was Methland deluxe; 9.95 on beam for one LSU gymnast who should have had 9.8 as a slight gift. Etc. My favorite was the judge who gave a floor routine an effing TEN when it had HUGE multiple hops back on landing.

    2. Exactly. It’s not an underscore, but those scored by proper judging get hosed because of all the times the judging is too lax.

  5. Does anyone have a link to stream PAC-12 internationally?
    Thanks, from your friendly neighbourhood Canadian

  6. Lol one judge went 9.95 for Poston on vault. She’s made tremendous improvement in her vault and she had a very nice vault tonight, but you’re really telling me you would’ve thrown a 10 if she stuck?

  7. It’s time to ban the “10, 10, 10…” chant. Fans should be able to do it, but it’s obnoxious when the teams chant it.

  8. So much respect for the judges actually dropping Flatley’s start value on beam with that pause between the aerials. That is not a series, but is so often gets counted as one.

    1. She usually does a back tuck swing-down after the second aerial. She took it out today in competition which didn’t help her start value. I don’t think she even knew how it would affect her start value because Dom spent quite a bit of time afterwards talking to her about it.

    2. It reminds me of dropping Eaker’s SV. A good lesson to all gymnasts/coaches to re-examine shoddy routine construction.

  9. At the point I kinda want Kocian to redshirt this season, get healthy while being an awesome team support. Take a fifth year and shine!

    1. Kocian has spent so much time injured and competing through injury. Honestly, I think she should remain on the team, hopefully compete in a few meets, and then retire and enjoy her life noninjured. There is no reason to further risk serious harm to her body. I think I remember her wanting to go to medical school — she should do it and enjoy life!

      1. She also strikes me as pretty academically-oriented and I can’t see her taking a fifth year of school if her course of study doesn’t require it. I imagine the logistics of redshirting get harder with each passing year you’re in school.

    2. yeah that would be amazing! unfortunately i think she wants to be a doctor/something in the medical field and taking a redshirt year would set her back greatly :/ i just hope she recovers and medals at nationals! (imagine kyla and maddie on podium together 🥺)

    3. My recollection is that fans have been wanting Kocian to take a redshirt season since her sophomore year but she’s intent on completing her coursework in the four years

  10. Floor scoring continues to be out of control at UCLA. It’s embarrassing for the sport. Judges need to take the deductions or what’s even the point.

  11. There were 13 scores in the UCLA/Boise State meet in which the two judges’ scores differed by at least a tenth. I get that occasionally there will be a borderline deduction that will cause the judges to be 0.05 apart, but to have scores that differ by a tenth or more in 28% of the routines is over the top.

  12. It’s beyond embarrassing as a fan to see scores like UCLA floor tonight- why even bother showing up as a judge when you’re just going to throw 9.9s out to everyone wearing UCLA on floor in particular… overscoring is a real problem in some places… not to pick on UCLA but it’s very frustrating to see a team be given scores and other teams have to fight for every tenth and then not be rewarded score wise…

    1. It’s no different from the past 10 years – UCLA is way over scored especially on floor – pulling ugly faces is not gymnastics and it shouldn’t get a bump. They are really good but when deductions are so obvious they need to be taken. Other schools get hammered for minor flinches and UCLA gets away with hops, slides and bounces. The only thing that really matters is that it affects the overall placement for post season and the early season ridiculous high scores for OK, FLA and especially UCLA are hard to overcome. Judges should be held accountable and this meet was flagrant. It needs to stop

  13. I died a little inside when the announcer thought that “Under Pressure” was a Vanilla Ice song. No one should ever think of Vanilla Ice ahead of
    David Bowie and Queen.

    Oh, yeah, the gymnastics was good too. My fantasy team is dead in the water and I know the scores for UCLA where whack, but they really did perform the hell out of those routines. Hope they get their beam figured out.

    1. Yes!! It was especially silly since she was doing a Queen routine, so the connection to Under Pressure should have been obvious. And it’s not like Jim is too young to know about Under Pressure.

    2. To be fair, Vanilla Ice samples Under Pressure in his famous song. It led to one of the most famous copyright infringement in music law history, but ultimately they settled out of court. If a listener only hears the intro, they could mistake one song for the other pretty easily.

      Although, the fact her routine was Queen music should have been a give away.

  14. Is Anna Glenn injured? She should be able to contribute a bars routine and a beam routine theoretically, which would help UCLA’s problems there.

    1. I thought the same-she went 9.9 on the one beam routine she competed, and having that kind of score in the lineup would definitely benefit them, seeing as they’ve had to count a fall two weeks in a row.

  15. Preaching to the choir here, but these UCLA FX scores are insane. It dilutes the sport. Tonight wasn’t just annoying, I made me irritated and makes me resent the sport. Shame really.

    1. This is kind of where I am. I watch all the meets that are most readily available to me (read: SEC) but am primarily a fan of a rarely-makes-regionals team and honestly the double, triple, and quadruple standards of judging not to mention the outright incompetence in some instances have me seriously questioning the legitimacy of NCAA gymnastics as a sport under the current rules. Yeah, I said it.

      1. More people need to say this! As long as big schools have sway over whom they hire as judges and how much they pay them, there’s too much of a conflict of interest for it to be legitimate. Athletes and viewers deserve the respect of fair, accurately scored competition. It’s unpleasant to watch when it’s not.

  16. On Kocian and a fifth year, I wouldn’t bet on it. Maddie staying would mean that a member of the incoming class would get bumped as there seems to be a scholarship logjam at the moment. Even with a year to heal, I’m not sure that Maddie would be 100% and a better/safer bet than anyone in the incoming class.

    I’m no insider, but I do believe that Emma Malabuyo graduating earlier than expected and moving up her timeline is tied to the fact that Laney Madsen hasn’t signed a NLI or a grant-in-aid yet. I did notice that Sekai Wright was in a manager’s uniform yesterday and was not included in the pre-meet team introductions. It will be interesting to see if a medical retirement is announced at some point, followed by a formal announcement on Madsen’s signing.

  17. Pac12 TV announcers claimed Kyla Ross said: “Did I get it?” just before her 10.0 score on bars was announced.


    If you look at a replay of the televised video, Kyla is talking to the next athlete (Nicki Shapiro readying her exhibition on bars) and saying “You got it Nicki!”

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