Best of Week 2

Relive all 12 routines that received a 10.000 from at least one judge during the second week of competition.

The 10s

Mia Takekawa – Beam – Illinois

Kyla Ross – Bars – UCLA

The 9.975s

Taylor Houchin – Vault – Nebraska

Trinity Thomas – Beam – Florida

Trinity Thomas – Floor – Florida

Reagan Campbell – Beam – LSU

Maggie Nichols – Beam – Oklahoma

Alexis Vasquez – Beam – Denver

Grace Glenn – Beam – UCLA

Kyla Ross – Floor – UCLA

The 9.950s

Kai Rivers – Beam – LSU

Soraya Hawthorne – Floor – Georgia

22 thoughts on “Best of Week 2”

    1. It wasn’t all 9.95s, it was the 9.95s where one judge went 10. I don’t know if this was in fact one of them, but that’s the criteria. Both judges could agree and say 9.95, for example.

    1. Houchin was an undisputed 10. The judge who didn’t see that should be relieved of his/her duties.

      1. This is everything that is wrong with NCAA gymnastics. How one of the best Yurchenko 1.5s EVER (college or elite) couldn’t get a 10 is an issue that must be solved.

        This vault was better than Nastia’s famous stuck Olympic AA vault…

  1. Not sure it’s applicable this week, but will “perfect 9.95s” be highlighted here too?

  2. I think I haven’t watched a Nichols beam routine in awhile – I loved the first half of hers. Not a fan of the super-wide stance on the dismount landing but whatever, it is college gym.

    G. Glenn should be 5th in UCLA’s beam lineup.

    Those LSU leotards are WAY too small. Maybe Rivers wasn’t hitting 180 on her splits because if she had, her leotard would have disappeared completely.

    1. Nichols had a nice beam, but there were a couple little things to take form the routine, plus the straddled landing position.

      The thing about G Glen in the lead-off position, is that she does get the great scores there, so it helps boost the whole line-up’s scores (if they can hit).

      Agreed about those LSU leos. Except that I think if some girls can keep their butts covered, it might be more a case of individual fits and not the leo design as a whole. I’ve long thought that leos should have both width and length measurements, I think maybe the girls with relatively long and narrow torsos wear smaller sizes which results in them riding up too high??

    2. I seriously had the Rivers routine below 9.8 with the split issues, the small check on the series, the foot form on the series, and the slow connections. I think DD agreed — her reaction says it all. It was her “good job” clap not her enthusiastic clap and fist pump when she expects a great score.

  3. I’m a little confused by BBS prioritizing routines that got a 10 from one judge and a 9.9 from the second judge over routines that got 9.95s from both judges.

    A 9.95 average from a 9.9 and a 10 is more likely the result of a judge not taking an obvious 0.1 deduction while a 9.95 average from two 9.95s is more likely the result of both judges appropriately taking a smaller 0.05 deduction. Therefore, you could argue that the routine that got two 9.95s was the cleaner, better routine. However, I would like to see ALL routines that got 9.95

    It’s surprising that Spencer would go this route especially since he’s always been very critical of obviously incorrect 10s and large scoring discrepancies between judges…

    1. If you want to see ALL routines that got a 9.95, then go look them up yourself on Youtube.

      I see your point that a 9.95-9.95 routine is probably a better one than a 9.9-10 routine, but the point here isn’t to pick out the actual best routines of the week. It’s a look at what got 10s from judges (and in some cases, yikes).

  4. Am I the only one who finds it satisfying that, while Vasquez and Flatley come from the same club and junior beam fame, both of Vasquez’ scores have topped Flatley’s best on beam? Like, maybe Norah should focus more on her gymnastics and less diva-ing it up for the camera at every chance.

    1. Maybe you should focus more on everyone’s gymnastics and less on deciding whose behavior on the sidelines meets your standards for a hard worker.

      1. “ Maybe you should focus more on everyone’s gymnastics and less on deciding whose behavior on the sidelines meets your standards for a hard worker.“

        Yup, I couldn’t have said it any better! Thank you!

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