The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

Keeping Up With the Cool GIFs – Week 2

Mia Takekawa got the first ever beam 10 for Illinois by doing this

Also this is a perfect landing now

Luisa Blanco mainlined some toe point right into your femoral artery

Call the police because this houseboat has been robbed

Derrian’s exit has a crown now, but a shot of butts was more important

Isis put forward a rival claim to the Throne of Alexandria

Dana said Maddie Desch was strong as an ox

Alyona submitted “tucked Jaeger to sit” for naming

And then Jay yapped for so long she got a zero

The judges took a break before floor at UCLA

Trinity didn’t make a mistake, YOU made a mistake

Jordyn Wieber made her head coaching debut

Boise State had one of those days

Georgia is ranked 45th on bars

And oh no Kyla’s diamond mine has too many diamonds in it

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