Saturday Live Blog – January 25, 2020

Saturday, January 25
Scores Stream
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – Rhode Island @ Yale   ESPN+
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – Oregon State @ [22] Arizona LINK FREE
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – Iowa @ Penn State LINK BTN
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – [11] Maryland, [23] Central Michigan @ Ohio State LINK BTN+
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – Towson @ NC State LINK ACCNX
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – Pittsburgh @ North Carolina LINK ACCNX
5:00pm ET/2:00pm PT – UW-Whitewater @ UW-Eau Claire    
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – [17] Illinois @ [7] Minnesota LINK BTN+
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Cortland @ Centenary    
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – Metroplex Challenge
[1] Oklahoma, [4] Denver, [5] Alabama, [18] Georgia
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – Utah State @ Air Force LINK FREE

We have a crap-ton of meets starting at 4ET/1PT, most of which should be really competitive. The plan is to pop around here and there, but we’ll see if I get sucked into any one in particular. At least the Iowa/Penn State meet is on actual TV, which will help with stream prioritizing.

Full attention will be on Metroplex when that starts later in the day, in case you’re not FLOing. I don’t have a live score link for that because of course there isn’t, so we’ll just have to do our best.

Intros underway at OSU/Arizona. Basketball running long before Iowa/Penn State because these ball sports are so self-indulgent.

Why are some of these vaults on the Arizona highlight reel Yurchenko timers?

Arizona/Oregon St starting

Nosek – VT – Arizona – small hop in place on full, some chest position, not the most distance, good height, pretty clean in the air.

Yamaoka – UB – OSU – toe to maloney, good legs together – some elbows here and there, bail looked short but you really can’t tell from out angle – giant full to double back, bounce back

Leung – VT – Arizona – pretty nice full, improvement in dymanics over the last one – small hop, some chest position. Good.

Lowery – UB – OSU – toe to maloney to pak, good height, a bit more legs than Yamaoka – one short cast – DLO, does a good job to find the landing and stick because it looked like she flung it out a little.

Bellows – VT – Arizona – back in the lineup for them, does a full with a bounce back.

Meanwhile, Iowa is counting a fall on bars already after three routines. Penn State in the 9.7s for the first three vaults. Bonsall with a lovely full, showed some good open at the end of the vault, small hop, pikes it down a tad at the end.

Bird – UB – OSU – good bail – nice toes but rushes a handstand position a little on high bar – good amplitude on Tkatchev – FTDT, short with a lunge forward. Getting there.

Swanson – VT – Arizona – nearly finds the landing on her full, small step back, a little more ragged in the legs than some others but has the power.

Greenwald for Iowa misses her feet on her toe-on attempt and has to reswing, coming after two falls.

Minyard – UB – OSU – hop grip change to jaeger to overshoot, good – they’re not quite vertical on these last handstands, but excellent stick on her dismount.

Hargrove – VT – Arizona – huge bounce back on her full, best distance of the group – but won’t be a huge score because of the landing

Kaji hits a bars routines for Iowa, coming after three 8s in this lineup.

Briscoe – UB – OSU – nice jaeger, good toe point – bail, collapses a little in elboews there but works through it – DLO, slightly out of control with a couple small hops.

Leydin – VT – Arizona – hits a strong Y1.5, small hop forward, a bit of leg separation at the end. The highlight of the rotation.

Penn State put up 5 on vault, went 48.750. Iowa will have to take a 47.175. Yikers.

Gill – Ub – OSU – nice to see her back in the lineup after than 2 last week – has a leg break straddle on her pak but otherwise clean routine – pikes down that DLO with a bounce back.

UNC went 48.675 on vault to Pitt’s 48.650 on bars.

Arizona 49.100, Oregon State 49.025

Arizona will be pleased with a lead after vault, not usually the team’s best event. Both teams will be pleased that the scoring seems looser today. We’ve seen Oregon State gets 9.7s for those same bars routines before.

We’re seeing mostly Ohio State routines in that tri-meet, though we did see Silberman from Maryland just overflip and DLO on bars and have to take two lunges back to save it.

Aepli with a good full on vault for Ohio St, small hop. Malas and Aepli stepping up the amplitude over the first couple vaulters, thought Malas had a huge bounce back.

Scores rose in that Ohio State rotation as we saw Jennings anchor with 9.900 for a semi-college-stuck full, getting them near 49.

Rotation 2 underway in Arizona. Peterson hits her full on back pike, hop-shuffle to the side to find the landing.

Leydin hits bars for Arizona, a large straddle on her pak, hits her khorkina – full, a bit late, but to a stuck double tuck.

Bird – VT – Oregon St – good power on her full, some body shape in the feet at the end, hop back.

Rotation 2 also starting at Penn State

Verdeflor – UB – Penn St – inject this toe point into my veins – 1/2 turn to jaeger, pretty – strong handstand positions – very small leg break on bail – bailing these casts – front 1/2 into double tuck, a bit short with a hop. Good.

Maryland avoided counting that low score to 49.125 on bars. Central Michigan will be counting a fall on beam.

Big Hindorff from Chinnery on bars – late finish on giant full but nice chest up on double tuck, small slide.

Just a small step back for Madi Dagen on vault for Oregon State, good height.

Nice Jaeger to overshoot from Kane on bars for Arizona – some vertical positions – double front with a step.

Lacy Dagen – VT – Oregon St – good clean position in the air, doesn’t really pike it down – larger bounce back than her sister though.

Rushlow – UB – Penn State – short first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger to overshoot, goos toes and amplitude – final cast hs was closer – giant full to a basically-stuck double back. Clean work.

Brovedani for Arizona got a little too close on her pak and had to improvise a hip circle to keep her routine going.

Pretty full from Agrapides for Iowa. Good technique and layout position.

Bridgens – UB – Penn State – good first hs – maloney to bail, good vertical on the bail – borderline final cast – giant full to double tuck, just a bit deep with a step.

Berg – UB – Arizona – they want to drop that 9.650 with her score her e- huge piked jaeger amplitude into overshoot – nice final cast hs – FTDT, small hop. Strong routine.

Berg gets 9.900 to put Arizona at 98.150 to Oregon State’s 98.050 after two. Close!

McCracken holds the stick on her double tuck on bars for Penn State with two swims

UNC is counting a fall on bars. Sigh.

Lauren Guerin on vault for Iowa – nice open and distance on her full, some direction, little hop to the side – chest down.

Bonsall finishes for Penn State on bars, maloney to pak a little struggle catching the pak and casting out, with some elbows, covers well – DLO, great height and a stick – dismount was the highlight there. Earns a Dallas bars-dismount fist pump. I want to earn a Dallas bars-dismount fist pump.

49.175 for Penn State on bars, just a tad under 196 pace after two. But beam to come.

Central Michigan gets stuck with a 48.025 on beam. Maryland and Ohio State on good pace after one.

Larissa Libby has to play the “learning experience” game after that bars rotation.

Rotation 3 starting in Arizona

Hendrickson – BB – Arizona – bhs loso series, secure, some knees – cast leap to side aerial, very small arm wave correction – “splashdown” alert, sigh –

Peterson – FX – Oregon State – double back, a little forward with a step – lay to front full, a bit of knees, good control – switch 1/2 to popa, rises into popa pretty well – double pike, also controlled well, some chest position, nice efficient opening routine. 9.800

Stauffacher – BB – Arizona – solid loso series, secure and comfortable form, doesn’t rise into what I believe was supposed to be a split jump 3/4, may be not recognizable for credit – but a hit routine.

Romagnano hits a leadoff beam for Penn State. 9.675 seems a bit tight for that.

Organized team semaphore to start Alex Greenwald’s routine on floor for Iowa before a nice full-in opening pass in the leadoff spot.

A fall from Ohio State in the fifth position on bars means they’ll have to count a 9.650. But they do have a 9.925 from Aepli to lean on.

Leung – BB – Arizona – pretty loso series, nice extension – switch to switch, good –

Alina Weinstein also pulls a “splash” talking about Verdeflor’s beam. Pretty routine but I question the speed of the acro connection for SV. She hits her dismount combination this time, large lean forward to try to hold the stick, but she hit it.

Also a 9.750 for Greenwald’s leadoff floor for Iowa. We’re not at last night’s SEC meets anymore. Which is particularly head-scratching because it’s literally some of the same judges.

Ohio State goes 49.175 on bars, saved by two 9.925s while having to count a 9.650.

Madi Dagen – FX – Oregon State – front 2/1 first pass, lands short and takes a step back to save the landing – good straddle positions – they already have a score in the 9.6s from Bird they want to drop – front lay to front full, pretty well controlled – double pike, nailed the landing, good height, some chest position.

Leydin – BB – Arizona – falls on a single wolf turn, grabs the beam and can’t keep it together, comes off. Obviously a protest movement.

Audrey Barber with a lovely aerial on beam for Maryland, such pretty positions, switch to split, lovely lift in that switch – Maryland is also already counting a fall on beam, so she’s just trying to save the score at this point, which she will with a stuck 2/1. 9.750 is tight for what I saw, but I did miss the beginning.

Lowery – FX – Oregon St – punch front 2/1, takes it right to the corner, does a good job keeping that step in bounds, but it was still a little uncontrolled – 1.5 to layout, nailed, stuck, great – punch rudi, keeps the front foot down. Good one. 9.900

Nice aerial to back tuck series from Brovedani on beam for Arizona (at least as far as ft + bk combinations go), good rise on that tuck – leg-up break on a switch 1/2 – pretty split position on her 3/4.

Yanish – FX – Oregon St – big DLO, little hop in place but one of her more controlled landings – front full to front lay, solid – switch side to popa, not quite the highest – double tuck, good chest up position. Nice finish to this rotation for OSU.

Back to Iowa/Penn State

Rushlow – BB – Penn State – beat to split jump 3/4, good positions – bhs loso, does well to avoid a check – switch to split, pretty combination – side aerial, solid – 1.5 with a fake-stick-step back. 9.900

Yanish gets a bit 9.925 on floor to give Oregon State the lead.

Castle – FX – Iowa – round off double pike, secure, just some chest position – wolf hop full, a little indistinct in her finishing positions in this leap combination – rudi, landed well, not the most amplitude – 1.5 to layout, good landings throughout here. 9.875.

Scores loosening up as this rotation goes for both teams…

McCracken – BB – Penn State – they already have a hit rotation going into this routine, so…better than last week – wolf turns are getting people today, she falls onto the beam and slides along the side for a second, doesn’t come off but this will be the drop score. Grasping the beam to avoid fall = 0.3. Odd range. I’m with beam judge #1 there.

Oregon State has 147.300 after 3, to Arizona’s 146.875.

Guerin – FX – Iowa – full-in, nice drop into the landing, chest up, good landing – switch 1/2 to some solid straddle positions – front tuck through to double tuck with a bounce back. 9.950 is quite high with that final pass landing. She has been better than this on floor.

Penn State at 146.900 to Iowa’s 145.175

Rotation 4 for Oregon State/Arizona

Check for Davis on a kickover front for OSU, otherwise hit. Kind of a miracle that she held the stick on her dismount because you’re not really supposed to be able to do that when landing as far back as she did.

Orman – FX – Arizona – front lay to rudi, loses her feet there, good control – double pike, similar, total control, but some soft knees and feet int he air – switch side to popa, just a hairrrr under turned on landing.

Pedrick has posted the DTY for CMU on vault. Good one. Came up a bit short with a small hop forward. Around and comfortably hit.

Don’t play “Free Falling” at a gymnastics meet. We see enough of it.

Lowery – BB – Oregon St – bhs loso series, very solid, good extension – switch to split to straddle 1/4, good – split jump 1/2 from side, maybe a little tentative but hit well again – side aerial, smooth – punch full dismount, stuck. One of her very strong beam routines. She has had a nicccee day.

Swanson does a goob job pulling around her 2/1 to front tuck, I thought she might have come up short on that in the air.

Ohio State not really able to avoid the beam problems at that meet with a 48.275, though that does count as the best beam score for the three teams.

Oregon State and Arizona neck and neck through three routines in the final rotation — as long as Oregon State can drop the 9.525 from Davis in the leadoff spot.

Nice hit from Domingo on beam for Oregon St. I like to see her in this lineup.

L Dagen – BB – Oregon St – switch to switch side, nice toes – beat to aerial to split, controlled it well since she came in a little short on the aerial – bhs loso series, good amplitude, solid landing – small correction on full turn – gainer pike with a hop. 9.850

Hargrove – FX – Arizona – double pike, good toe point, looked like a little bounce – whip 1/2 to front full, low to the floor but fine – long rest before final pass – but pulls out the double tuck, slide back. 9.875

M Dagen – BB – Oregon St – bhs loso, small slide adjustment, very small – switch to switch 1/2 to beat, switch 1/2 pretty low – side aerial to full, comes up short on the full with a pretty significant hop forward. 9.825

Berg – FX – Arizona – front 2/1, controls the landing, looked like her foot was sliding but she minimized the movement as much as possible – solid control on 1.5 to front pike – rudi to split jump final pass, a bit ragged and will incur some position deductions in here, but solid hit. 9.825

Lazaro – BB – Oregon St – bhs back lay two feet attempt in her routine today – lands it on the beam but with a large lean correction – does stick her side aerial to full, so should still provide an improvement on the Davis score.

Leydin – FX – Arizona – front tuck through to double tuck, well controlled landing – switch side to split jump full – nice lift into split jump full popa combination, like the way she moved into it – double pike, a bit short, small hop forward

Lazaro goes 9.750 so Oregon State will finish with 196.400, Leydin gets 9.875 to get Arizona 196.150. Both teams will love those scores. A more complete performance for Oregon State this week, also evaluated with the lens we’re seeing for the other teams in the conference, which also helps it look more competitive.

A few routines left at Iowa/Penn State. Penn State is getting the 9.8s necessary to get into the 196s here. Iowa looking good on the scores in the non-bars events. Would have been a very competitive meet.

Bonsall – FX – Penn St – double tuck, good shape in the air, but a large bounce back – whip 1/2 to front full, also a shuffle-stumble forward on that one – double pike, a little short with a step. Will be the low of the rotation so far, not disastrous but they’ll want to drop it. Still goes 9.775. The 9.850 judge was loving herself some Penn State today.

Kaji – BB – Iowa – bhs loso series, good form, pretty minor balance check – side aerial, lovely, hit – switch to split, loses the feet a bit in that split – oof fall on the switch 1/2, was off right from the start and didn’t get much lift into the element at all – sticks gainer pike

Astarita – FX – Penn St – awesome open double tuck, very well controlled – back 1.5 to layout, a little low and short, small step – switch side to popa looked fine – double pike, solid. 9.900

Guerin – BB – Iowa – with a fall on her initial loso series. So a low score on beam now in addition to bars with two falls in those last two routines.

Bridgens – FX – Penn St – double tuck, small slide back – rudi to loso, love the rise into that loso, it’s my drug – switch 1/2 to wolf full, good – front full to front lay, very clean. Strong finish.

9.950 goes up for Bridgens, which will bring Penn State to 196.275, a big improvement there. Iowa finishes at 193.675, which is yet another rough score for a team that is actually pretty good.

Another reason to key in on Penn State this year is that PSU is hosting one of the regionals and is the kind of team that can 196 an upset in a regional semifinal.

Maryland just got two 9.900s for Yfulls on vault to get out of the meet with a 195.250, almost entirely on account of counting a fall on beam.

Pitt has opened its beam rotation with two 8s, which has let UNC back in the meet after UNC had that early bars disaster.

Ohio State has to work against an early fall on floor with its last couple routines.

Another counting fall, this time on bars, for CMU will make this score an unusable one.

Hankins hits for Ohio St on floor, short landing on a full-in with a lunge, but otherwise solid.

I thought Pedrick clipped her foot on the bar on her tkatchev, but apparently not for 9.850. CMU finishes with 194.325.

Aepli’s 9.800 in the 5th spot means that Gagliardi anchoring for Ohio St needs 9.700 for the win. Starts with a good double pike, slide back – front lay to rudi, controls the front foot – double tuck, solid landing. That should be easily over 9.7

She goes 9.925.

So it’s Ohio State 195.500, Maryland 195.250, CMU 194.325. Beam beam beam.

Beam and floor-tastrophes forced Pitt to settle for 192.450, which will fall to UNC’s 193.575. Neither score is very countable, though.

The plan is for us all to meet back here in an hour for Illinois/Minnesota and then Metroplex.

Warmups underway in Minnesota. Also some child gymnasts in leos doing the hand jive? For some reason? Is this a fever dream?

Rotation 1

Remlinger – VT – MN – good lift on her full, small hop back, chest pretty well up, solid opener. 9.775.

Seeing second half from Biondi, clean bail – stuck double back dismount.

Sonier – VT – MN – score delay after Remlinger’s opener vault already. lands a bit short on her full, hop to the side, some chest position. 9.700

We’re only seeing the second half of these bars routines for some reason, but Howell also stuck her double tuck dismount.

Williams – VT – MN – fab height on her full, good position as always, a medium bounce back and to the side, but not much to take in the air. 9.850. Thought Remlinger’s score was tight, but Williams got a 9.900 from one judge with a full tenth hop back on a Yfull, so…evens out?

Takekawa lost her legs on a pirouette and has to readjust, tries to rest against the bar to keep going but decides to hop off in the end. Takekawa resumes but falls again on her piked jaeger. Tries again, loses her legs again, and can’t hold the handstand on a bail and falls for a third time. I think it’s time to just salute. And she does.

Ramler – VT – MN – solid Y1.5 – not her most control, a bounce forward, solid form.

Expect Takekawa’s score to take a while to come up with.

O’Donnell – UB – IL – good hs – jaeger, hit well – bail, a bit of hip angle, not quite to handstand – rushes her last cast a little – double tuck, stuck. Good. 9.775

Quarles – VT – MN – Y1.5 – can’t land it today, comes up wayyyy short, sits it down. So they’ll have to count that 9.7

Powe – UB – IL – a little crooked on blind change but works through it into a high jaeger – bail, hit – rushes final cast hs – some crazy form on FTDT, completes it comfortably, lunge back. 9.725

Loper – VT – MN – Y1.5 – very strong vault, one of her best ever, just a small hop in place to absorb the landing. Maybe some knees. Not much to take. 9.925.

Bixler – UB – IL – hits her deltchev, pretty low, but caught comfortably – bail a little short of vertical – looked clean on final hs – DLO, a bit short, small hop.

Minnesota goes 49.125, and Illinois will avoid counting the three-fall short routine from Takekawa, ending up on 48.850

Oh, Balthazor is doing exo for Illinois on bars. I wasn’t sure we’d see her again – that huge tkatchev to overshoot – nice handstands – FTDT, small step. Well, that was the best routine of the lineup, and it was in exhibition, so…

Rotation 2

Waight – VT – IL – hits her Y1/2 – lunge forward, not a lot of distance, solid height. 9.650

Quaglia – UB – MN – hecht mount – good first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger to overshoot, nice legs together throughout – hits final cast hs – giant full, a bit late, to a stuck double tuck. She has improved with this routine. Some moments of soft feet but clean as a whole. 9.750

Howell – VT – IL – very nice stick on her full – a step up in amplitude – chest down to find the stick. 9.7500

Willmarth – UB – MN – small arch in first hs but minimal – hits Ray – a bit short on next handstand – clean position on bail – stalder with a hesitation and some elbows, into double tuck, stuck. 9.725

Takekawa – VT – IL – sticks the landing on her full – a few more form deductions than for Howell, a piked shape, some legs apart in the air, but another great landing. 9.725

Loper – UB – MN – good first hs – maloney to pak, smoothly done – a bit late on cast 1/2 on low – borderline final cast hs – giant full, lateish, to double tuck, sort of sticks but saltues too quickly for it to count – 9.825

Jones – VT – IL – yeouch looking full, very short on landing, ankle cruncher and possible knee down – popped up crazy quickly – 9.250

Sales – UB – MN – clean bail from her as well – strong cast hs positions – 1/2 to khorkina, gets enough elevation there, at least as far as Khorkinas go – DLO, nice form, small slide back. Good. 9.800

Townes – VT- IL – most comfortable full in that she had enough time and height to get her chest up to land – bounce back. 9.775

Lu – UB – MN – good first hs – maloney to pak, lovely form, great amplitude – strong finishing position in her cast 1/2 – one borderline handstand – DLO, small hop back. Pretty. 9.925

Scott – VT – IL – good distance on her full, bounce back, but definitely the best distance of the group. Townes a little higher.

Ramler – UB – MN – good first hs – maloney to pak is also perfect with legs together – van leeuwen, legs right together – good hs – toe on to FTDT, and finds the stick, deep but OK deep. Nice routine.

Gets 9.950. I saw one or two possible-maybe things, like some eblows on the toe on, a possible low bar handstand (bad angle to tell) so I’m OK with 9.950 here.

Big scores from the last two get Minnesota 49.250 on bars, Illinois goes 48.700 on vault.

After 2: Minnesota 98.375, Illinois 97.550

Rotation 3 – and I’ll be keeping an eye on the start of Metroplex, which has not happened yet

Sonier – BB – MN – bhs loso series, smooth, clean positions – beat to split jump 3/4, not quite to split but controls landing with a small lean – beat to loso, minor check – bhs one-arm bhs – 1.5, hop. 9.800

Scott – FX – IL – front 2/1, controls the step forward out of it – back 1.5 to layout, keeps extended well on the layout – switch ring to split leap full, I like that ring – rudi, keeps that front foot down, good routine. 9.775

Lu – BB – MN – bhs loso series, well extended, check at the hips – cat leap to switch 1/2, check and a bounce back, leg-up, keeps it on the beam well – double turn, little check – side somi, arm wave with a leg-up check, she’s fighting it – pretty gainer full, stuck. 9.725

Howell – FX – IL – front tuck through to double tuck, large stumble back, two lunges and OOB – good straddle positions – y spin into immediate sit split – double pike, deep landing, crunched at the knees but holds it

Loper – BB – MN – gorgeous loso series, super high and extended – kickover front, little check before beat jump, so watch SV there – switch to straddle 1/4, fine – 1.5, step forward. 9.850

Lineup change for Illinois because this is definitely not Mia Townes. Its’ Waight. Front tuck through to double tuck – wolf hop full to split leap full – has a legit side pass – double pike, short with a step.

Korlin-Downs – BB – MN – candle mount, I love when NCAA people see a candle mount and they’re like “ooooh what’s this phenomenon” – secure landing on bhs loso series – beat to split jump to souble stag, lovely split jump – side aerial to full, short with a hop. 9.850

Intros have started at Metroplex now. Will try to keep an eye on the end of this rotation for Minnesota on beam because routines won’t actually be starting for a while.

Noonan – FX – Illinois – front 2/1, lunge forward – front lay to rudi, well controlled – 1.5 to layout, pretty clean on the layout, just a little shuffle. 9.725

Sales – BB – MN – bhs bhs loso with a very small check – switch to switch side, nice elevation – gainer pike, stuck. Short routine, no need to do more skills than necessary. 9.900

Biondi – FX – IL – double pike, a bounce back but not too large and keeps it in bounds – front lay to front full – double tuck, hops to present, that works

Ramler – BB – MN – smooth full turn – bhs loso series, securely landed – aerial to wolf jump, real wolf jump position – beat to split ring jump – side aerial to full, stuck. Basically identical to last week. Maybe some front leg on the split ring but that may also have been angle.

Well, now they have permission. It’s a thing. 10.000 for Ramler again.

Townes is in the lineup for Illinois after all, just finishing instead of up third.

49.400 for Minnesota on beam.

OK Metroplex time now. Touch warmup underway.

Rotation 1

Weins starts for OU on vault – good height on full, small hop back, medium distance

Magee – BB – UGA – straddle to straddle 1/2, comfortable – bhs bhs loso series, smooth, maybe a small check – finsihes 1.5 with a bound forward

Hop back on dismount for Childers on bars.

Stern – VT – OU – small hop forward on 1.5 – a bit of knees, good

Scores are probably going to be a mystery, but I’ll tell you how routines are going, and you can keep an eye on twitter for scores?

Degouveia – VT – OU – her best control this season so far, small hop forward. Better.

Large break on a kickover front from Lukacs on beam, leg-up check but she keeps it on.

Flo thinks Webb is Degouveia

Webb – VT – OU – she sticks her 1.5, very nice. OU is showing improvement in these vault landings today.

Emma Brown steps OOB on a rudi on floor.

Nichols – VT – OU – sticks her 1.5 again, third time in a row. This one had more of the stagger so I don’t think it should go 10.

De Jong with a check on her loso series, leg up a little but keeps it on –

Lock-legged landing for Schoepfer on her tucked 1.5, awkward but not a large lunge.

Givens – Ub – Alabama – good first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger, nice toes – bail, legs together pretty well – strong vertical in last cast – SLO, stuck landing. Really nice. Best bars I’ve seen from her.

Ragan Smith in exhibition for OU with a fine full – probably interchangeable in that first spot.

Hit wolf turn from Oakley on beam – gainer bhs three series into loso – perfection –

Doggette some excellent handstands on bars – great counter rotation on her tkatchev as well – DLO, couldn’t see landing but looked under control – great routine.

49.475 for Oklahoma, three great vaults, they’ll think they could go higher though, as a couple landings were only good.

Blanco got into bars lineup for Alabama but was too close on a pak and had to come off.

Baumann – BB – UGA – side aerial loso series with a HUGE break – miravle that she kept it on the beam, but a large deduction. Good lift on switch side. 1.5, hop forward.

Blanco with some super pretty techinque on bars of course but not quite there yet.

Quick math looks like 49.450 for Alabama on bars. Interesting that Dickson wasn’t in the 6 today, but she’s doing exhibition.

Vega – BB – UGA – good mount – switch to split ring, comfortable – aerial to split, solid – bhs loso series, no trouble – side aerial to full, basically stuck. Important because they have some errors in that rotation.

Karr – FX – Denver – front 2/1, controls the step forward – very strong positions on her split elements – back 1.5 to front full, comfortable step out. Good work. Scores have been really low for Denver so far on floor but I haven’t seen all the routines. 9.900 helps.

Georgia escapes beam with 49.025.

Brown – FX – Denver – DLO, tries to hold the stick today and ends up leaning forward – back 1.5 to layout to split, solid – double pike, also just a tad short today with a little hop.

I have some questions about Baumann having a major huge multi-tenth break on beam and going 9.775 and Vega doing her normal and going 9.825. What are we doing here?

After 1:
Oklahoma 49.475
Alabama 49.450
Georgai 49.025
Denver 48.975

Story there is Alabama keeping pace with Oklahoma after 1. The routines from Givens and Doggette were excellent.

Meanwhile, from highs to lows, Ramler has fallen on floor and now Minnesota is counting a fall in the last rotation.

Rotation 2 beginning

Gaskins – BB – Bama – candle mount – hit – side aerial with an arm wave, breaks connection into beat – full turn, good – another check on her loso series, staying on but tentative

Bounce back on full for Subject on vault.

Webb – UB – good first hs – pak, lovely height as always – solid hs on low – van leeuwen, just a little leg break – double front 1/2 out, short today with a hop forward. Got her normal score for not her best routine. 9.900.

Hop in place for Ruiz on her full, good control

Trautman – UB – OU – a bit short on first hs – maloney to pak, just a moment of legs apart here and there, but nice toes – solid final cast hs – DLO, bounce back.

Klopfer – BB – Bama – wolf turn, good – aerial to bhs, secure, smoothly connected – straddle jump 1/2 is tight – cat leap to side aerial, short, works it out with only a little check – 1.5 dismount, large lunge forward.

Deniz – UB – OU – in for Thomas – toe on to maloney to bail, some leg break on bail – arch in cast on high, pulls it back – full to double tuck, stuck. Good. But with those little leg breaks you can see whay she’d be more 9.8y than the lineup mainstays.

Brown – VT – Denver – Y1.5 – a bounce forward on her 1.5 today, not large but not her best landing. 9.850

More secure beam from Burgess for Bama

Degouveia – UB – jaeger, great – pak, legs right together – good 1/2 turn handstands on low – hitting her casts – FTDT, holds the stick with a little arm wave and a stagger.

Smith – UB – OU – falls on her Ricna

Doggette – BB Bama – good loso series – switch to switch 1/2 to beat, short of position on that switch 1/2 – side aerial to full, small slide back

Blanco – BB – Bama – aerial, secure – bhs loso, lovely extension and maybe a near imperceptiable movement – comes up short on the 2/1 dismount with a step to the side.

Nichols – UB – OU – tkatchev to pak is huge but she castches her – clean VL, legs togehter- solid hs – DLO, small step back. Good.

Looks like Cashman has come into the Georgia floor lineup. Instead of…Hawthrone? We’ll see. Solid landing on her double tuck to finish.

49.475 for Oklahoma on bars again.

Graber – BB – Bama – bhs layout to 2 feet, very solid, I would give her the combo into beat jump though if she’s looking for that for SV – switch to straddle jump 3/4, good toe point – cat leap to kickover front to scale, slightly jittery moving to scale – gainer full, good landing.

Lukacs – Fx – Georgia – DLO, secure landing, pikes it down a tad at the end – 1.5 to 1/2 to shush – finishes double pike, short wiht a small hop forward

Alabama 49.100 on beam after some tentative early routines, drops some ground to Oklahoma. 49.200 for Denver on vault.

Vega – FX – UGA – double pike, holds the landing well, not her highest pass but shows the toe point so it’s OK – back 1.5 to layout to sissone, pretty, a lit of legs in the lay – switch ring to split full, excellent – split 1.5, rushed it a little this time, but got it around – double tuck, little bounce, good. My favorite part of this routine is the part where she kicks a dumb ho in the kneecap after her last pass.

Little idea what’s going on with the Georgia floor scores. Like a fun mystery?

Anyway, Oklahoma has extended its lead to four tenths after two events. Georgia ended up with 49.100 on floor, which means Denver moves into third.

After 2:
Oklahoma 98.950
Alabama 98.550
Denver 98.175
Georgia 98.125

Rotation 3

Dunn – BB – OU – leading off this week – hits three series to loso – split to split jump 1/2 with a check – punch front lay full, hop to the side

Cashman short on a Yfull for Georgia, step to the side

Stuck dismount on bars for Ruiz.

Ward – VT – UGA – Tsuk 1/1 – fairly controlled landing, small hop – coming in a bit short –

Sundstrom with nice toe point on tkatchev on bars – hits bail – solid final cast hs – holds the stick on her DLO with a bit of knees.

Woodard – BB – OU – side aerial to bhs, secure

Magee – VT – UGA – goes for the 1.5 and hits it with a lock-legged landing and a lunge to the side. the lock legged landings are a theme of the day

Subject goes over on a handstand on high bar and has to come off

Vega with a pretty large bounce back on her vault this week

Hawthorne – VT – UGA – huge full as we’ve come to know, bounce up on landing, good. I’m seeing 9.525, which is…definitely wrong?

Deniz – BB – OU – a bit tenative on full turn, check – side aerial to bhs, break at the hips correction

L Brown – UB – Denver – some form in her Maloney, which is not characteristic – good pak and the VL is solid – nice hs on high – DLO, smooth and stuck

Lukacs – VT – UGA – hits her usual DTY, only a small hop back and that slightly staggered landing.

Glynn – UB – Denver – short first hs – gianger, strong – not quite there on these casts today, nice bail position – FTDT, can’t hold the stick with a lunge back off the mat

Webb – BB – OU – nice loso series – aerial to split, hit – switch to split leap, that bit of feet – side aerial to full, stuck. Strong one.

Makarri Doggette landed very short on her last pass on floor, significant stumble.

Karr – UB – Denver – giant full, good finish position – to ideal gienger into overshoot – one short cast hs – DLO, stuck landing. Very good.

Graber – FX – Bama – nice elevation in opening popa – full-in with a slide back, keeps it in bounds – wolf jump 1.5, real and complete – hit double pike

Smith – BB – OU – bhs loso series, quite strong – aerial to straddle, secure – beat to straddle jump 1/2, breaks the connection into korbut with a check bend – gainer full, stuck. 9.800

Blanco – FX – Bama – double pike, pretty, just a little steppy – 1.5 to layout, controls the landing, a bit of arch in layout – 2.5 attempt, hand down. Oof.

Nichols – BB – OU – aerial to split to korbut, solid series – bhs loso, no obvious check this week, just that quick bringing her arms down to ensure it doesn’t happen – switch to split jump, perfect – 1.5, holds the stick with a lean.

Maddie Karr went 9.975 for that bars routine by the way. I had a cast, so I wouldn’t have gone 10. But it means Denver moves ahead of Alabama and into 2nd.

9.900 for Nichols, which is pretty reasonable for that routine. Interesting to note that one of the beam judges is the same one who gave Nichols a 10 on Monday for that balance check.

You guys…does public shaming…work?

Yes. Yes it does.

Oklahoma goes 49.225 on beam for a rotation of uncharacteristically checky routines. Webb’s was really strong though.

After 3:
Oklahoma 148.175
Denver 147.700
Alabama 147.625
Georgia 147.075

OK good the Soraya Hawthorne vault score was a typo. It was actually 9.825, which makes a lot more sense.

Alabama falls behind Denver after having to count the floor score from Doggette when Blanco fell. Blanco is close, but we’re seeing why she wasn’t quite ready on the events she hasn’t been doing.

Every team is on track to be happy enough with the score from today, but Georgia still has to get through bars. And it’s not going to be a 198 for Oklahoma, so they’ll be like UGH.

Rotation 4

Desch – VT – Bama – hit full, small hop back, a little piking

L Brown – BB – Denver – keeps moving kickover front into bhs, solid – switch to split jump, some back leg on switch, split was good – aerial to wolf – stuck gainer full –

Lukacs – UB – UGA – hits her butt-scraper tkatchev – pak with some legs -not bad on final cast hs – DLO, a bit of form, small hop. A good one for her.

Nice secure double pike from Draper on floor.

Blanco – VT – Bama – good height on her full, pretty significant bounce back though

Cashman – UB – UGA _ shortish first hs – hit tkatchev, also a bit low – bail with a leg break – shoot to high is fine – DLO, has to pike it down at the end but good stick

Lukacs got 9.850 on bars. Guys.

Burgress with the most control so far for Alabama on vault, step to the side, some chest down.

Hattaway – UB – UGA – giant full to gienger, large form break on gienger, legs apart – another straddle on the bail – DLO, bounce back

Smith – FX – OU – double back, a little shy with a step – 1.5 to layout, a lunge out but keeps it in bounds – switch side to wolf full – not the most committed to the wolf position – double pike, solid

Graber – VT – Bama – rough Y1.5, just did get it to her feet but a large lunge forward, nearly knee down and out of control

Roberts – Ub – UGA – maloney to bail is perfect, one shrt hs – DLO with a step back – where do you go now if those other routines were apparently 9.8s?

It will be 48.950 for Alabama on vault.

De Jong – UB – Georgia – toe on to Ray, solid – short cast hs – bail, a bit loose, not quite crisp in handstand – DLO, hop back

Sundstrom had a very long wait on beam as Denver has to count a 9.6

Oakley – UB – UGA – lovely piked jaeger, nice toes and solid handstands – pak, clean – large arch in final cast handstand – pulls it back but it was a large arch with a form break.

It’s a shame she’ll end up with the lowest score of the rotation because even with that major arch in the handstand it still should be the #3 highest score.

Degouveia – FX – OU – front lay to front 2/1, loses her form a bit today, keeps her lung ein bounds – front lay to front full, solid – lovely leap positions, particularly the straddle, controls the final pass well.

Karr – BB – Denver – side aerial to bhs, no trouble – hitch to side somi – bea tto split jump full, back leg deduction in the split jump – 1.5, stuck landing

Denver will have to count two 9.6s on beam, so they needed that one. 9.900 for Karr. Normal for Vasquez will still preserve second place.

Vasquez – BB – Denver – she just had a major wobble standing on the beam – bend at the hips – aerial, good, back hs loso, no trouble – switch to switch 1/2, small lean correction – finishes side aerial to full with a little arm wave. So that was weird.

Nice front 2/1 from Webb in another solid hit for her as Oklahoma preserves the win.

Not sure why we’re seeing Degouveia in the 9.5s.

Deniz is going to finish up on floor instead of Nichols – whip to 2.5, good control, a bit of crossed legs but a nice pass – switch ring to split leap full – rudi to split jump, good control on the split jump.

Vasquez 9.775 means Denver goes behind Alabama.

Webb went 9.9 so we’re just waiting for the score fro Deniz, but Oklahoma will be over a 197.

Alabama on 196.575, Denver on 196.525, and Georgia on 196.300. Not ideal meets from any of them, and none of them will sneeze at the score for those performances.

Looks like 197.525 for Oklahoma, after a 9.9 for Deniz.

Every team had its iffy moments. Oklahoma won comfortably, but beam and floor weren’t quite what we expect of them (and they were missing Thomas on UB/BB and didn’t use Nichols on FX). Degouveia’s bars and the Degouveia-Webb-Nichols run on vault produced the highlights.

Alabama did some “best I’ve ever seen from you” routines on bars but had some critical late-lineup misses on floor and vault and was wobbly on beam.

Denver managed to get up into the solid 196s thanks to bars, overcoming two OOBs in that floor rotation and a wobbly beam group.

Georgia will be slightly concerned about a last-place finish here without major mistakes (like the others they had some things here and there, beam was similarly wobbly, Hawthorne didn’t go on floor, but this was an opportunity to take advantage of non-ideal meets from Alabama/Denver that they didn’t take.

It wasn’t a tragic meet by any means, but after the high-quality affairs from OU/Alabama last weekend and LSU/Florida this weekend, this was not as strong from any of the teams.

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  1. This damn basketball game between Nebraska & Rutgers better not go into O/T! At least it will be on the Fox Sports App.

    1. I thought I was done. I’m not. I get that Derek Galvin has better job security than any UNC coach not named Roy Williams, but HOW many seasons is this program going to piss away because they can’t hit bars? I’m pretty sure their last clean bars rotation was in 2017.

  2. Am I the only one that becomes enraged when I see a meet that I really want to watch and then see that it’s being streamed by Flo?

  3. If the lineups on the live scores page are right, seems like Mahoney’s out for Bama.

  4. >Nichols – VT – OU … I don’t think it should go 10.

    One judge agrees; only 9.975 in total ! LOL.

  5. Vega often seems to get lower scores on beam than I expect, especially when compared to similar routines across the country. Hopefully she can breakthrough and get a 10 on beam or floor this year (and not just with senior night scoring).

  6. Did Vega get dinged on SV or something?

    Happy for Bama in that UB rotation. I’m liking them there and beam this season.

    1. No SV issues for Vega. The judges just seemed to lump everyone around 9.8 during the first rotation (and kind of judged the same way for Bama).

  7. I hope Bama puts Olsen back into the beam lineup soon, she’s improved so much and last season she just got better and better as the season went on, I feel that mid-late season she can definitely get 9.9+ scores, which I don’t see Desch or Burgess doing for them.

  8. OU’s confidence, fluidity, movement and choreography on beam is so much better than every other team in the country. It makes me want to watch them.

  9. Can anyone explain Soraya Hawthorne’s 9.525 on vault? Spencer’s report was that it was strong, and the live blog on NCAA gym news said the same.

  10. For people following live scores — Hawthorne went 9.825 on vault. The Alabama live scores has her score listed as 9.525.

  11. Spencer, re: your question about Degouveia, I read on fb that she did the same pass (front lay front full) twice.

  12. Jade went 9.550 because she did only a FHS front full for the first and second pass

  13. Does anyone know why Maggie was pulled from floor? Injury? I thought she seemed a little off all night. She was grimacing during VT warm-up.

  14. collegegymnews says Degouveia actually did a front 1/1, not 2/1, in the first pass, & then front lo/front 1/1, & ending with 3/2, front 1/1, so would not receive credit for the third front 1/1. I don’t get FLO, so – ?

  15. When is NCAA gonna outlaw that stupid standing on the bar jump to high bar, yall aint JUNIORS! Its soo ugly! And juvenile!

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