Sunday Live Blog – January 26, 2020

Sunday, January 26
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Checking in for a little Sunday live blog action of Cal and Washington.

Earlier in the day we had a big-scoring meet between Nebraska and MSU where Nebraska went 197.100 and MSU recorded its 5th-highest score ever with a 196.550. It looked like things were shaping up for that Taylor Houchin vault 10 because Dujakovitch and De Jesus had stuck right before her and received 9.950s for them, but Houchin hopped forward on hers for 9.925.

It’s almost like sticks might…not be contagious? And that’s actually…nothing?

West Virginia also broke the 196 mark at home after going 49.475 on floor for a 196.025.

Cal/Washington about to start. Washington home judging is typically pretty tight (comparatively) so that will be something to watch.

Rotation 1

Hoffa – VT – UW – full – good height, with that characteristic leg-apart landing on her full, small step back this time. 9.775

DeSouza – UB – Cal – just a bit of elbows catching her high piked jaeger, good connection to overshoot – FTDT, chest a little down with a minor hop in trying to hold the stick. 9.800

Copiak – VT – UW – similar to Hoffa’s in overall dynamics, a hop back instead of a step, but about in line with what you would expect – pretty good open. 9.750

George – UB – Cal – goes over on her first handstand and hops off. Resumes and falls again immediately on her tkatchev. Tries to start again, overbalances her handstand again and salutes after the third fall. Just like we saw from Takekawa yesterday.

Cunningham – VT – UW – big full again and she’s getting better at controlling these landings – not a large hop back. 9.800

George getting her foot worked on now after jarring it on the tkatchev fall.

Kuc – UB – Cal – lovely first cast, maloney to pak, good, maybe a little late on her cast 1/2 on low today – FTDT, shuffle back. Good routine. 9.825

Smith – VT – UW – solid on her tucked 1.5 – hop to the side, best I’ve seen her do that this season. 9.875

Schank – UB – Cal – pretty piked jaeger to a very high overshoot, proper elevation over low bar – good final cast hs on high – DLO, holds the stick. Very nice one. 9.925

Roberson – VT – UW – great lift and laid out position as always – did have two small steps back on her landing – but nothing to take for shape in the air at all. She is laid out the entire time. 9.825

Watterson – UB – Cal – beautiful pak – toe on – van leeuwen – great legs together form – borderline handstand on high, tough from this angle – toe full, PERFECT vertical finishing position, that handstand is the closest I come to feeling religion – into double tuck, stuck again. Carbon copy of the 9.975 from last week. 9.925 this time.

Thompson – VT – UW – fabbbb full – sticks her landing, great height – she doesn’t really bring the heels together on landing which is supposed to be a thing but never is. Great. 9.900

Bordas – UB – Cal – good first hs – super high jaeger to overshoot, some feet in her jaeger but has the amplitude – full to double tuck, sticks it. Good. Won’t have to deal with the George miss. 9.875

Looks like live scores aren’t working so I’ll keep you up to date. Waiting on the Bordas score now.

Rotation 1: Cal 49.400, Washington 49.175

After the George routine, it could have been like that time last season where Cal had four falls on bars, but the best ones delivered at the end of the lineup for a very good score, if not quite what we saw last weekend. Washington should also be happy with that vault rotation. Strong landing control from nearly everyone. Among the best-landed vault rotations I’ve seen from Washington in a couple seasons. Yeah, went back and checked, they’ve only scored better than that on vault once in the last few seasons.

Liz being interviewed, making sure we know that Emi Watterson’s toe full was perfect and you better reward it fuckers.

Rotation 2

Cal with some last minute vault lineup changing. Schank in for Quinn.

Bordas – VT – Cal – crazy bounce back on her full – pretty in the air but major landing control deduction

Nelson – UB – UW – 1/2 into jaeger to overshoot, small form on the overshoot, little leg break and elbows on catch, good height on jaeger, really nice skill – giant full (later) to double tuck, good tight shape in double tuck, hop back. 9.725. There were some things, but that feels low.

George – VT – Cal – no ill effects from bars, stuck landing on her full the way we typically see from her – good power, pretty solid layout position, holds the stick. I’d be fine with 9.900, just a little shape at the end. 9.925

Washington – UW – UB – gienger to overshoot, legs right together the whole time, nice to see – solid final cast hs – really open technique in her FTDT dismount, stuck, staggered landing. 9.850

No score for Bordas? Apparently someone walked in front and she’ll get to go again at the end?

Clausi – VT – Cal – basically stuck the landing on her 1.5 this week. Very very strong. A bit of knees, the smallest bounce up in place to absorb the landing. Good. 9.875. (You can get this justifiably to 9.850—.05 for hop, .05 for knees, .05 for height, but we’ve seen that vault go 9.950 at other points…like today)

Brooks – UB – UW – Shap to clear hip to bail hs – small leg spearations in a couple skills there, nothing major – fine hs on high – giant full to double tuck, hop back. 9.800

DeSouza – VT – Cal – bounce forward on her Y1.5, some legs, and then a full tenth bounce. Good. 9.800

Thompson – UB – UW – 1/2 turn to jaeger, a tight position but well caught – bail, legs right together – a bit short on final cast but close – FTDT, almost was able to stick, small step back. 9.775

Schank – VT – Cal – acceptable full, sort of pales against the previous vault becaus seh doesn’t have the distance or difficulty of the last couple, but clean in the air, pretty vault, hop back. 9.825

Roberson – UB – UW – awesome piked jaeger to overshoot, so quick – good final cast hs – DLO, nearly stuck, just slides back too quickly in salute, but the rest was ideal. 9.875. Nice.

Mastrangelo – VT – Cal – does only a full and not the 1.5 – large bounce back – 9.700

Copiak – UB – UW – piked jaeger to a clean overshoot for her as well – not as high as Roberson’s combo but good form, no leg breaks – DLO, stuck. Strong. 9.925

Bordas – VT – Cal – basically identical to her vault the first time – bounce back on the full, should allow them to drop the 9.700 from Mastrangelo. 9.750

Washington goes 49.225 on bars. Another strong rotation for them, particularly the last two who produced efficient routines free of deduction traps with stuck landings. Cal with 49.175 on vault, which is fine. Too many bounces on some of those fulls, but George and Clausi did exceptionally well.

After 2: Cal 98.575, Washington 98.400

Cal stays on 197 pace, Washington on high 196 pace. Both would love it if it keeps going like that through the next two events.

Rotation 3

Brooks – BB – UW – kickover to bhs combination, a little deep in kickover with a small pause but she probably gets the combo – switch to split, solid positions – pause – aerial to beat, good – gainer full, stuck, legs apart. Strong opener.

DeSouza – FX – Cal – double pike, small steppy adjustment on that landing mat – switch side to popa – back 1.5 front front full, solid with a controlled dance out – rudi is wayyy out of control, large bounce back. 9.750

Long wait for the Brooks score but they go 9.850, so they were fine with the combo

Washington – BB – UW – bhs loso series, nice form, small lean adjustment – side aerial, somewhat stuttery but minimized it – switch side to straddle jump to straddle jump from side position, it’s tough to get credit for that combo but she did it pretty quickly – side aerial to a stuck full. 9.825

George – FX – Cal – front tuck through to rudi, keeps her leg form throughout – switch ring to split leap full is ideal in height and position – double wolf – front 2/1, controlled crossover step, some leg crossing – 9.875

Ruttan – BB – UW – side aerial to loso series and it’s very strong – some knees but quite secure – smooth full turn – lone beat – switch to split, quite low back leg on split jump – 1.5 dismount, large bounce. 9.775

Quinn – FX – Cal – front lay to rudi with a sizeable slide back – front lay to front full to a super high stag jump that nearly got her out of control – switch through to split leap 1.5 attempt, rushes that split position and maybe not around, so a few deductions on that one. back 1.5 to half, solid. 9.825

Vandenkolk – BB – UW – kickover to bhs series, pretty – switch to split 1/4, good elements, but that was a pretty slow combination – full turn, minor adjustment – front aerial to scale, pauses before showing the scale but I don’t mind, it’s pretty – gainer full, hop back. 9.825

Bordas – FX – Cal – full-in, secure landing, chest down – switch 1/2 to wolf jump full, landed short of full turn on wolf – rudi, and I’m so glad we got that closeup of Janelle’s butt instead of seeing that pass landing, thrilled, I mean it wasn’t even Justin… – back 1.5 to layout, whips over that layout with a leg break. 9.875, that feels a bit high.

Copiak – BB – UW – bhs loso series, very solidly done – cat leap to switch 1/2 to beat, love the height on those last two elements, a little pause after the cat though – side aerial to tuck full, stuck, perfect finish. 9.900

Clausi – FX – Cal – full-in, also secure, very similar to Bordas – switch side to popa, finishes in the right place, a little overturned on the first – back 1.5 to front full, nailed the landing – double tuck, very strong landing. Best of the rotation so far, so I’m expecting a big number. 9.950.

Roberson – BB – UW – They do a stick counter for Washington on the standings where they count the sticks and they’ve run out of numbers it looks like, which is probably a good sign – switch to switch split jump to split jump, love that switch split jump – standing loso loso, secure landing – insanely high gainer full, stuck. Awesome. 9.950

Mastrangelo – FX – Cal – full-in, lands well short and hands down. That means they’ll count the DeSouza score, but they have 5 hits so far – 2.5 with a good landing – pretty short on her popa position – 1.5 to layout, has to tuck it a little to get it around. She does not appear to be at full strength.

Huge 49.350 for Washington on beam. I worry about some of those combinations being dangerously slow, but they got them all today. Cal at 49.275 on floor, which shrinks the lead to nearly nothing with Cal going to beam and Washington to floor. Like vault, Cal had some good moments in the middle on that floor rotation but didn’t get a couple critical routines.

After 3: Cal 147.850, Washington 147.750

Rotation 4

Jones – BB – Cal – wolf single, hit – aerial through to bhs loso series with a huge break, large bend at the back and then a second large bend at the back and pulls it back, and then bends forward the other way bringing it back – beat to double stag to sissone, short sissone position – side aerial to full, step back. 9.475

A VERY Gif-worthy save

Brooks – FX – UW – very solid landing on her double front today, cowboy but secure – back 1.5 to layout, some knees and arches around her layout to get it to her feet – switch ring to wolf jump full, wolf jump a bit flat – clean front lay to front full. Good one. 9.825

DeSouza – BB – Cal – straddle to sheep, very secure landing, a small hip angle deduction on sheep but solid as far as NCAA sheeps go – aerial, smooth – bhs loso series, securely landed as well – 1.5, near stick, small slide forward. Strong routine. Very confident. 9.875

Ruttan – FX – UW – 2.5, a little steppy with a crossover but not too bad – back 1.5 to 1/2 to double stag, some soft moments – split leap 1.5, also abbreviates her split to try to get the turn around – double pike, short landing with a lunge. 9.725

Clausi – BB – Cal – kickover to beat, strong – bhs loso series, nice height, smooth landing – full turn, small adjustment – cat leap to switch side, kind of low on that split position – side aerial to full, stuck. Another very solid routine. 9.850

Cunningham – FX – UW – front tuck through to double tuck, slide back with the front foot coming up – switch 1/2 to wolf jump full to wolf jump full, nice attention to height even on the third element – double pike, solid landing, chest down. 9.825

George – BB – Cal – aerial to back tuck combination with a little arm correction at the end, kind of slow in combo but on par with what we saw from Washington – double wolf is solidly done – switch to split to beat, some back leg on switch – gainer full, holds the stick, looked like she was leaning back to step but she didn’t. 9.875

Washington – FX – UW – double tuck, good tight shape in the air, controlled landing – front lay to front full, also smoothly laid out throughout the pass – double pike, also well landing – switch side to popa – good. Nicccceee. Very strong routine. 9.950. Well damn. Here we go.

Bordas – BB – Cal – aerial with a little arm wave hesitation before split jump – bhs loso series, smoothly landed, good extension – switch to split, she has some back leg moments on her split jumps – side aerial, confident – gainer full with a near-basic stick and a full Kristie-Phillips-mount college salute. 9.850

Roberson – FX – UW – front 2/1 to front tuck, gets a little off line on her front tuck but well controlled in the landing securing – switch ring pretty good to wolf hop full – rudi to an awesome loso, another very good one. 9.900

Watterson – BB – Cal – This will be interesting – lovely mount – wolf turn double, smoothly done – aerial with an arm wave, pulls it back – bhs loso series, was right on, just a little check moving out of it – switch leap to split leap, another arm wave check – almost has a check into side aerial to full, hop back. Nickel and dimed herself but will be a better score than Jones, easily. 9.775 is pretty high.

Hoffa – FX – UW – we’re told she needs a 9.850 for the win – big open full in, very secure landing, characteristic legs apart – front lay to front full, controlled well – split leap full to wolf jump full, good height and positions, just a little bouncy – double tuck, very controlled landing. Good one.

9.975 for Hoffa, which is too high, some end of meet crazies there, but it was a strong routine.

Good meet! We got some “ready to go home” scores there in the second half of the meet, but it didn’t get too bad until the end Both teams will be pleased with the final scores. Very useful for NQS.

Washington 49.475 on floor, Cal 49.250 on beam.

FINAL: Washington 197.225, Cal 197.075

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  1. Does anyone know why Cassidy is now a student coach for UCB, rather than competing for her senior year? I also saw some surprisingly different lineups in warmups….

  2. How does George get a 6,75 for three falls and not even doing a third of her skills?

    1. I wondered the same! Originally actually thought it was a .675 until I saw it on the final score.

  3. “Ready to go home” scores is basically what I called the quad meet bar judges for the first trio of UGA routines on Saturday night. No way should any of those three routines ever score over 9.80 – they should be between 9.65 and 9.75 most days.

  4. Both teams have never looked better than this season up and down the lineup. This is January, not March, and we have a 197 to 197 meet. Cal bars should absolutely be 49.5 when well hit in comparison to the other squads that go 49.5 when well hit. And then hitting 5 pressure beam sets on the road week 4!

    Washington looks ready to take that jump forward this season after the middling 2019 season. Yes scores were looser in some routines than a typical Washington home meet, but they nailed it today.

  5. Yikes, those Washington scores were grossly overscored (same thing seemed to happen last week when they were at home). Most of those beam connections were questionable. And vault scoring between both teams was wildly inconsistent (Milan, anyone?). Oof.

    1. UW scores are NEVER high. we’ll take one week without complaints. Go back to the SEC

      1. They don’t deserve to be high though. They’re good but not that good. Agree with pants here.

    2. Clausi’s vault is flat and has form issues, which is why it consistently scores that way, except in NorCal where the judges give Cal inflated scores (like last week, where one routine got an impossible score when the judges ignored De Souza’s messy non-connected C level dismount that was not “up to the level”)

      1. Cal is NOT a team that comes to mind when I think about teams that typically get “inflated scores.” That’s a pretty ridiculous claim with no basis in reality for the past five years.

      2. All you have to do is go and look at Cal’s last home meet and see 9.875s for mounts practically landing with hands on the mats and impossible scores for routines lacking basic requirements to know the last response is completely untrue. I can go back five years and show you multiple instances, as someone who lives in NorCal.

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