Friday Live Blog – January 24, 2020

Friday, January 24
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7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – [12] Kentucky @ [19] Arkansas LINK SECN
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So far in the early action, EMU went 48.725 on vault, while WMU is just behind with 48.650 on bars. Scores a bit soft. No counting problems for either team.

I’ll start with a little of Michigan hosting Rutgers.

Warmups underway there. Sideline reporter pronounces “women” incorrectly.

Rotation 1 – Michigan/Rutgers

Koulos – VT – Michigan – nearly found the stick on her full, ultimately has to take a step back, some knees. 9.750

Drauss – UB – Rutgers – hits jaeger, solid toe point – large arch on high bar but pulls it back, some leg break on pak – bounce forward on double tuck. 9.725

Mariani – VT – Michigan – vaults out of frame, so I’m going to say the amplitude was there – bounce back on landing. 9.800


Hall – UB – Rutgers – toe on to deltchev to overshoot, high deltchev, some soft feet deductions throughout – final cast hs was better than the earlier ones – DLO, overdoes it with a lunge back and another step. 9.650

Brenner – VT – Michigan – bounce forward on her 1.5 – some knees in the air, mostly her usual. 9.775. Split of 9.850/9.700. Ah, the old SEC/JO split.

Huang – UB – Rutgers – a little short on first hs – toe on to bail, small leg breaks here and there – can’t catch tkatchev. Fall.

Brooks – VT – Michigan – neither her vault nor the landing were in frame, which is cool. Hop forward on her 1.5, great in the air. 9.775 with another 9.850/9.700 split. Giving that vault a 9.700 is JO-justified but totally tight in the scheme of what’s happening in NCAA. We’ve seen people go 9.900 for that exact vault this season. Which is too high, but we’ve seen it. A lot.

Joyner – UB – Rutgers – short first hs – 1/2 with a little feet – hit jaeger – bail – short on the final cast as well – FTDT with a step back. Some form, nothing individually huge. 9.750

Wojcik – VT – Michigan – gorgeous 1.5, small slide forward on landing, otherwise excellent. 9.900 for both judges for Wojcik.

Karolewski – UB – Rutgers – Ray, hit – bail, small leg break – short final cast hs – DLO, pretty floaty, small hop back. Nice. 9.825

Wilson – VT – Michigan – Y1.5 – hop forward on hers, medium size, larger than Wojcik’s but smaller than Brenner’s or Brooks’. 9.900 for her as well. Did the judges have a chat after those two splits of 9.850/9.700 and remember that they’re in NCAA and that crack is the national pastime?

Good rotation for Michigan. Won’t look like it in the scores, but good rotation.

Farrell – UB – Rutgers – pretty Maloney to pak, some feet, one handstand, good double tuck dismount, stuck. Strong.

Michigan goes 49.150 on vault, which is comparatively tight because of those 9.775s for Brenner and Brooks that would have gone 9.850 at other meets, and 9.900 at the bad ones, but a solid performance.

After 1: Michigan 49.150, Rutgers 48.775

Rotation 2

Betancourt – VT – Rutgers – pretty solid height on her full, large bounce back. 9.650

Heiskell – UB – Michigan – good jaeger to pak, clean legs together form on Pak – good final cast hs – just a little late on giant full into double tuck, small hop. 9.875. Michigan is glad to have escaped the vault scoring.

Duffield – VT – Rutgers – strong distance on her full and only a little form in the air – off line a bit and a pretty large lunge back. 9.725

Mariani – UB – Michigan – large arch on hs, pulls it back – has amplitude on the tkatchev – bail, a little short with a hip angle – DLO, good control on landing. 9.850. That’s high now. So this is why we drink I think?

Williams – VT – Rutgers – best control on her full landing with a crossover step backward – chest up, solid direction.

Brenner – UB – Michigan – 1/2 turn to jaeger to overshoot, nicely done combination, good legs together – a bit short on final cast hs – DLO, a little deep, sideward lean to hold it. 9.850

Huang – VT – Rutgers – successfully landing her 1.5, step, some knees in the air, but good hit.

Brooks – UB – Michigan – nice piked jaeger, small arch on hs – bail, clean – DLO 1/1 dismount, a bit short with a hop forward. 9.825

Joyner VT – best power on her full, hop back

Wilson – UB – Michigan – good 1/2 turn into piked jaeger, not quite as high as Brooks’ but similarly strong bail – good final cast hs – DLO, good form, small hop back

Arkansas/Kentucky about to get started

Yamzon with a step back on her full, some amplitude deduction there.

Hall for Rutgers on vault hit the tucked 1.5 with a hop to the side.

Wojcik – UB – Michigan – gigantic deltchev in her routine together – bail, a bit of an angle – good final cast hs on high – DLO, beautiful, couldn’t tell on the landing because they’re all out of frame, but looks like a small step.

Meanwhile over at Arkansas, we have Nixon on bars for Kentucky – good Maloney to bail today, nice and clean – one borderline handstand, good stick on FTDT. Strong routine.

Michigan goes 49.325 on bars to get back on pace.

Hickey – VT – Arkansas – bounce back on a full, nice distance, some piking in the air, but a bit out of control holding the landing. 9.800 is quite high

Luksik – UB – Kentucky – getting into the pineip – toe 1/2 to a lovely piked jaeger, great form – hit hs – perhaps a bit of legs on her bail and slightly short on cast hs – pretty double layout. Yes, keep this in the lineup. 9.875

Rogers – VT – Arkansas – good amplitude on her full, another large bounce back – but they have the dynamics on their fulls. 9.750

Worley – UB – Kentucky – good first hs – clear hip to tkatchev, kind of low but fine – pak, small leg break – hits vertical on final cast hs, small arch – FTDT, absorbs the landing to hold the stick

Shaffer – VT – Arkansas – gorgeous Y1/2 as we’ve come to know – Bridget thinks this still starts from a 10 – holds the stick with a slide of heels together. And it gets rewarded. 9.900

Warren – UB – Kentucky – 1/2 tor jaeger, lovely jaeger, a couple casts and vertical positions in here – legs right together on bail – better final cast hs – DLO, pretty, small slide back. But good.

Hambrick – VT – Akransas – she has the best full of the group, distance and direction and form, a full tenth bounce back, but strong.

Korth – UB – Kentucky – shrot first hs – piked jaeger, strong, no trouble – bail, solid position, she’s just rushing some cast hs, all three with possible deductions – DLO full, stuck with a little bit of pike that often is forgiven. Strong rotation for Kentucky. That was 9.850 for me, she goes 9.900.

After 1: Kentucky 49.275, Arkansas 49.000

Kentucky definitely the better team in the first rotation. Arkansas saved a little bit by Shaffer, but they have the amplitude and distance on fulls to do well this year in time.

Third rotation is underway for Michigan with Farley on beam, she has a check on her split jump 1/2 and some knees on her loso loso series, but otherwise solid. Hop back on gainer pike.

Looks like Bev is having some conversations. But she’ll be pleased with Mariani going 9.875 for a strong routine second up.

A head-first dismount landing from Koralewski in the second spot for Rutgers will bring up O’Hara on beam for Michigan, who has a lean correction on her side aerial bhs series – otherwise strong.

Rotation 2 – Kentucky/Arkansas

Angeny – VT – Kentucky – nice power on her full and nearly stuck, just a small foot movement, nicely done.

Yamzon – UB – Arkansas – good first hs – clear hip, a bit of knees – tkatchev, her usual – bail, solid position, borderline final cast hs – DLO 1/1, some hip angle like Korth, step back. 9.750

Warren – VT – Kentucky – nearly found the stick on hers as well – had a little bit more pike than Angeny but should be a close score.

Gianfagna – UB – Arkansas – really nice Ray, good counter rotation – bail, a leg break there – shortish final cast hs – FTDT, overcooks it a bit – large bounce back.

Kwan – VT – kentucky – lands short on her full, chest down and a hop forward

(Back to Michigan – pretty loso loso series from Brooks, small lean adjustment. Good kickover front – double tuck, tuck landing.)

Garner – Ub – Arkansas – OOOOOOF giant full to a huge gienger but couldn’t catch.

Valorie is here with Mark Cook.

Patterson – VT – Kentucky – handspring front pike 1/2 – the landing is getting there – a little more control than in past weeks but still a large lunge back.

Lovett – UB – Arkansas – Ray, another huge release – solid toe point on bail – close on final cast – giant full to double tuck, kind of fakes the stick. Pretty work.

Worley – VT – Kentucky – hits her 1.5, just does get it around, a hair underrotated – step to the side, but it’s a hit.

Hambrick – UB – Arkansas – shortish first hs – nice piked jaeger to overshoot combination, solid leg position – FTDT, another near stick with a step back

Korth – VT – Kentucky – awesome 1.5! Stuck landing. Great. 9.950. Fair. Small lean to hold the stick.

Laird – UB – Arkansas – good first hs – Another strong Ray – shortish cast there – a moment of back – good legs on bail – DLO, small hop.


Alexander – VT – Florida – big full, medium step back but more control than we see from her sometimes, so good. 9.825

Johnson – UB – LSU – maloney to bail, good clean bail, some legs in the Maloney – a short cast hs on high – DLO, finds the stick. Good. 9.850

Baumann – VT – Florida – back in the lineup – Y1.5 – does land the 1.5 today, hop forward, some knees throughout, but a significant progress point. 9.850

Meanwhile, big 49.450 fro Michigan on beam with a 9.950 for Wojcik.

Dean – UB – LSU – tkatchev, hit, feet form – bail, some hip angle – pulls out that final cast hs – DLO with some soft form, controls the landing, small slide. 9.850 feels quite high.

Schoenherr – VT – Florida – large bound forward on her 1.5 today, and then a subsequent step to control it into salute. 9.725

Rivers – UB – LSU – toe on to Maloney to bail, good bail position, small amount of legs from our angle – good cast hs – hits the tkatchev – DLO, a bit short, step forward. Nice overall. 9.850.

Reed – VT – Florida – she has been their best vaulter this year so far – small hop on her 1.5 but good control – stronger than Baumann’s vault, which went 9.850. 9.900

Durant e- UB – LSU – good first hs – jaeger, good height, a bit of feet – strong hs – legs on the pak – handstands have been right on – FTDT, comes up short, chest down with a hop forward. So close to a huge score there. 9.850

Thomas – VT – Florida – one of her more controlled Y1.5 landings, a hop forward but not the hugest hop – should still score well because all you’re taking is that one tenth on landing. And she gets 9.900

Edney – UB – LSU – Hindorff, not her very highest but fine – clear hip to a solid bail – hitting her handstands today – DLO, small hop back. Best of the rotation so far. 9.900

Richards – VT – FLorida – most control so far, a small hop, also does have some knees and isn’t as high as Thomas or Reed, so there will be a bit more to take. 9.925. Or not. Whatever. You knew it would be like this.

Kathy saying easy peasy lemon squeezy is really important to me.

Harrold – UB – LSU – good zuchold today – toe 1/2 to jaeger, nice – double tuck, stuck landing. Honestly one of her very best bars routines. ever. Just some of those vertical positions on the 1/2 and hop grip change.

Florida with a 49.400 in the first rotation. LSU with 49.425 after a 9.975 for Harrold. I mean…

But it was still her best bars ever.

The scores on both events so far are exactly as loose as you would have expected. But having a lead after that first rotation is huge for LSU.

Does Florida know that their live scores have malfunctioned 16 times a meet, every meet, for 10 years?

Some big early beam scores for Arkansas are closing the gap with Kentucky in the third rotation.

Rotation 2

Rivers – VT – LSU – pretty full and improving each week, nearly/basically stuck with a small adjustment back – good open. 9.900. It’s about a month away from being Finnegan’s, but it’s already getting the scores.

Richards – UB – Florida – Maloney with leg break into bail, just a bit of feet – borderline final cast – DLO, some legs, slide back. 9.825

Rau – VT – LSU – what we’ve come to expect from this vault – short on her 1.5, some knees, with that large lunge to the right and behind her. 9.750, interesting that she went higher than Schoenherr even though her vault came up short.

Gowey – UB – FLorida – good first hs – Ray, lovely – toe on to pak, smooth – good finishing position on cast 1/2 – short final cast hs – DLO, hop back. Good.

Harrold – VT – LSU – stuck her 1.5 – well, this is Ruby’s day. Just a little bit of knees in the air, but nailed the landing. 9.950

Hundley – UB – Florida – maloney to pak, that usual little bit of legs – toe on to van leeuwen – small leg break – short final cast hs – FTDT, finds the stick with a stagger. 9.900

Edwards – VT – LSU – small hop to the side on her 1.5, some knees, still good. 9.875

Schoenherr – UB – Florida – toe 1/2 to jaeger, big – smooth final cast hs – bail, nice legs together position – hitting final cast 1/2 – rushes the 1/2 twist finishing position a little – double front 1/2 out, stuck. Excellent.

9.975. Her best routine, but that wasn’t a 10 for me.

Edney – VT – LSU – nearly finds the stick on her 1.5, came in just a bit short with a little slide. Kathy’s like, “THEY NEED TO TAKE THAT DEDUCTION.” They did kind of. 9.950. One judge gave it a 10.

Skaggs – UB – FLorida – tkatchev to pak, some legs apart but lovely amplitude – short final cast hs – DLO, nearly finds the stick, lean-salute. 9.900

Johnson – VT – LSU – DTY – her best yet, nearly found the stick, just rushed into the step forward in salute. Just comes in that bit short at the end.

Thomas – UB – Florida – Maloney to clear hip to pak, small leg break – lovely van leeuwen – perfect cast hs on high – DLO, finds the stick. Beautiful. Well, that was better than Schoenherr’s which went 9.975.

And they went 10.000 for it. You knew it was coming. The only thing I saw in there was the leg break on the Pak, which as we’re always told, the judges can’t see from their angle.

After 2: Florida 99.050, LSU 99.000

Exactly as promised. Strong performances and high scores. LSU will be particularly pleased because this is six levels up from the meets we’ve seen so far from them, but Florida also stepping up the quality on the early events.

Kentucky ended up with a 49.200 on floor to Arkansas’s 49.050 on beam, extending the lead going to the last rotation.

49.650 for Florida’s bars rotation. Lord.

Kathy breaking down the start value of routines is my drug.

Michigan ended up with a 197.300, which is a huge score and especially noteworthy because the vault score was tight. The other events didn’t look tight at all, but vault…

Rotation 3

Hundley – BB – Florida – aerial to sissone, solid – bhs loso series, secure as well – beat to switch side, finds that horizontal split position – no one has ever been happier to hit a full turn than that – sticks 1.5 despite somehow getting no punch on that dismount, which is pure Hundley. 9.875

Harrold – FX – LSU – front 2/1, controls the usual crossover step – double pike, small slide back – switch ring to switch 1/2, good positions – 1.5 to layout, holds the landing before her dance out, good. 9.800

Johnson-Scharpf – BB – Florida – she’s in the beam lineup – punch front, very secure landing – bhs loso series, also solid – full turn – bea tto switch 1/2, a bit short – long pause before dismount – handstand to loso to full, stuck. Where have you been? 9.925

Drew Watson just got a 9.950 on vault for Auburn to go 49.275 on that one –

Church, Pak, and VL were great for Hu for Missouri, just a bit short on her toe full into dismount.

Gunter – FX – LSU – getting better on the double Arabian, step forward but looked like she kept it in – front full to lay, slide forward – a bit short on some split positions – double tuck, small bounce, also does a good job controlling it. 9.850

Missouri 49.225 to Auburn’s 49.275.

Richards – BB – Florida – bhs loso loso series, excellent, secure – switch to straddle jump, great lift on straddle – side aerial to full, bounce back on landing, not the best dismount, the rest was strong. 9.900. And it was def a full tenth on dismount, so they are getting READY FOR IT.

Edwards – FX – LSU – does her DLO, controls the step back, some chest down position – front full and can’t punch into her layout, got nothing on it and sits it down – tries to do her leap combination and can’t land it or punch into any skill – STOP DON’T KEEP GOING – OK she’s stepping off.

Staff looking at her ankle now.

Baumann – BB – Florida – switch to split, glorious – bhs loso series, solid – switch 1/2, hits the position well – full turn – side aerial, smoothly done – 1.5, finds the stick. One of her best routines.

9.975. Honestly I’m only surprised it wasn’t a full 10. This meet.

Campbell – FX – LSU – 2.5, controls the step, just a little jarring on landing – 1.5 to layout, smooth – switch 1/2 and popa, popa is high but a bit crooked – double pike, short landing with two lunges forward, and they’ll have to count this score. 9.725

Gowey – BB – Florida – switch to split, strong – bhs loso loso, secure – aerial to sissone, nice knees in the aerial, most people get mushy – gainer full, does hold the stick with a little…finesse as Kathy would say. 9.975

It’s the 9.975 PARADE. These are great routines, but the lens is adjusted upward to the sky.

Edney – FX – LSU – double arabian, has a step forward but not too big – 1.5 to layout, dances out of it – a pause before her dance series – doesn’t get quite enough lift on her second element in the dance series, the split jump full, gets it around but not her best – double tuck, a little short with a step. Fine, not her strongest. Still goes 9.900

Just saw Sophia Carter land short on a double back for Arkansas and go 9.925, so that’s cute. Kentucky goes 196.750 to Arkansas 196.650.

Thomas – BB – Florida – one arm bhs to loso, good – aerial to beat to korbut, smoothly connected – side aerial to full, slide back. They were ready to give her the 10 if she had stuck. 9.900

Johnson – FX – LSU – nailed her full in, perfect landing – 1.5 to layout, clean layout position in combination – switch 1/2 to popa, super high – bounce back on double pike, didn’t have the control there, the rest was perfect. 9.975 with a clear bounce back on the double pike. OK SURE.

Florida ties the program record on beam. 49.675.

Rachel Gowey photobombing Jenny’s interview is a mood.

Scores are truly sailing at all these SEC meets. It’s like transporting yourself into a different world.

Florida picked up .425 on LSU in that rotation.

After 3: Florida 148.725, LSU 148.250

Tough to see LSU coming back at this point, but it will be important for them to get through a hit beam

Florida needs 49.500 on floor to get one of the top 5 scores ever for them.

Individual judges have given out 8 10s so far in this meet. 5 for Florida, 3 for LSU.

Rotation 4

Dean – BB – LSU – good full turn – side aerial to bhs, some knees, small adjustment – switch to split jump 1/4, the best she’s done it yet, still a little back-leg tentative – aerial to split jump, a bit slow – side aerial to full, a tad short, small step forward. 9.850

Richards – FX – Florida – huge DLO, great pop, controls the landing – switch 1/2 to popa, a little indistinct in landing position and some position issues – fron ttuck through to double tuck, solid, a bit chest forward. 9.850

Rivers – BB – LSU – bhs loso series, rushed it, bend at the hips but saved it – switch 1/2, some feet, back leg looked a little better – switch to split 1/4, back leg on both of those – cat leap to side aerial, hit – gainer pike, stuck. 9.850

Kathy is on cat leap police now, and I’m here for it.

Gowey – FX – Florida – front lay to rudi to split – no trouble – switch 1/2 to wolf jump full, strong finish position – double tuck, solid landing there too. She’s doing well on floor this year.

Durante – BB – LSU – aerail to split is smooth – bhs loso series, powerfully landed and under control – swithc to straddle 1/4, some weird form going into the switch and an arm wave correction on landing – side aerial to full, hop up in place. 9.900. Is it worth noting when scores are high anymore? We just assume it for all of them?

Baumann – FX – Florida – double tuck, controls the front foot – back 1.5 to front full, also controls the step, that small bit of softness – switch 1/2 to popa, excellent – double pike, slide back – “that was sacriligeous talking over those leaps.” Still 9.925

Edney – BB – LSU – aerial to split – bhs loso series, does well to avoid any correction there – switch to straddle jump 1/4, that usual borderline back leg on her switch – kickover, nailed as usual – 1.5, finds the stick, a little off line. 9.925

Reed – FX – Florida – DLO, secure landing, great power – switch 1/2 to wolf jump full, switch was a bit short – front lay to rudi, good speed, controlled – double pike, again great control, just a little foot adjustment as she lands on the edge of the mat. 9.950

Johnson – BB – LSU – smooth full turn – bhs loso series, nearly imperceptible adjustment – swithc to switch 1/2, not bad on the switch 1/2 – aerial, good – 2/1, sticks it. Very strong. 10.000

What now?

Thomas – FX – Florida – excellent DLO, under control – front full to layout to sissone, actual perfection – split leap 1.5 to straddle jump 1/2 – double pike, hits it. Again, it was better than Reed’s and she went 9.950.

“Especially because we’ve seen such crazy high scores.” Mmm hmm.

LOL 9.975. Her 50th of her career. I mean, inconsistent with the tone of the others scores?

Campbell – BB – LSU – bhs loso series, barely any movement – full turn with a check – aerial to sissone, pretty – switch to switch 1/2, great – 2/1, bounce back. Will still go 10 probably. 9.850

This is already Florida’s 4th-best score ever, and Hundley still has to go.

Hundley – FX – Florida – whip to double tuck, under control – double pike, small bounce back – switch 1/2 to straddle 1/2 shushunova is good – 1.5 to front layout with a dance out with some serial killer energy.

9.925 for her.

198.375 for Florida, it’s third-best team score EVER. Like EVER. Being FLORIDA.

LSU goes 197.775.

The result came down to one weak rotation, and it belonged to LSU on floor. Still a good progress point for them and for Florida, easily their best meet of the initial month. They will both take the meets (well, LSU will take it pending Sarah Edwards’ health) and of course will take the scores, which were truly insane. As you would have expected. This is closer to where we would expect these teams to be.

So in the end we had eleven 10s given out by individaul judges to nine different routines.

Meanwhile, Auburn/Missouri is finishing up the third rotation and Utah/ASU is in introductions.

Hands down for Aspen Tucker on her anchor floor routine means Missouri will count a miss on floor. Still waiting for that complete meet, though scores have been such that this can still end up being a 196.

And it gives Auburn a lead of nearly 5 tenths heading to floor.

Megan is on commentary for the Utah meet basically being like “197.000 is not that good anymore.” This is the content we’re looking for.

Rotation 1 – Utah/ASU

Soloski – VT – Utah – hit full, medium step back, some chest position, solid. 9.750. So weird to see, like, a reasonable score for a normal vault. Where am I?

Hart – UB – ASU – small arch in first hs, pulls it back – jaeger catch very close and has to add an extra swing into her overshoot – DLO, short with a lunge forward. 9.350.

Hall – VT – Utah – hits the 1.5 but with a large lunge forward – 9.725

Long wait for the Hart score. Scharf – UB – ASU – maloney and can’t catch. Fall second up, so they’ll have to count Hart’s score. Resumes with a pak, small leg break – large arch on final cast handstand, can’t save it, goes over and a bunch of extra swings – FTDT, step back. A rough one.

Reinstadtler – VT – Utah – pretty full in the air but also struggles with her landing, large bounce back. 9.700

The bars judges are like FOR REAL about these first two routines, long delays on both.

Wilson – UB – ASU – 1/2 to jaeger, solid – short cast hs – bail, ends up in hs, a little angle in the air – a couple casts – giant full to double tuck, a low double back and kind of close to the bar, lunge to the side.

I’m seeing 9.450 for Wilson with a 9.900 start from one judge, and they’ll have to talk about this one too. Fun. Ends up as 9.625.

O’Keefe – VT – Utah – bounce back on her full as well, they don’t have the landings today – good amplitude, only a bit of piking. 9.800

Boyer – UB – ASU – toe on to maloney, beautiful into pak, clean – FTDT and can’t land it. Hands down. OH DEAR ASU. It was beautiful before that. 9.175

Burch – VT – Utah – stuck her 1.5 – excellent vault, easily the best she has ever done – just some leg break on the table, great. Goes 9.950.

Reeves – UB – ASU – prety jaeger, good height – toe on to bail, small leg break – quite short on final cast hs – DLO, stuck landing. Good. 9.800

Tessen – VT – Utah – she also stuck her 1.5, two very strong to end the rotation. Burch has a bit more amplitude so I would score hers higher. And so did one judge. 9.925 for Tessen.

Utah goes 49.150 thanks to those lineup saviors.

Leonard-Baker – UB – ASU – Maloney to bail, nice – piked shoot to high is excellent – one short handstand – FTDT, deep landing with a bounce back. 9.825

It’s 47.775 for ASU after that disaster on bars.

Three routines left for each team at Missouri/Auburn.

Sheremeta – BB – Missouri – everyone has gone 9.850 so far – bhs loso series, secure, not the highest but good – a bit crooked on her switch side – aerial to split, good individual elements, possible question on connection – gainer full, a bit short with a hop forward. 9.750

Sheppard – FX – Auburn – this two-pass routine where the second is the 3/1 really works for her, especially because you can say “AND DISMOUNTS WITH A 3/1!”

Gottula went through beam very cleanly and got 9.925 for it.

Rotation 2

Ginn – VT – ASU – a medium lunge back on her full – good height and very little piking

LeBlanc – UB – Utah – hits jaeger to overshoot, a bit of elbows on the jaeger, good final cast hs – DLO, stuck landing, a little deep in knees

Meanwhile we have Hu on beam for Missouri -pretty loso series, does well to avoid a check – switch to split is excellent – aerial to beat, smooth – aerial to scale, well navigated in one part – sticks gainer full, excellent. 9.950

While that was happening, we had a medium lunge back from Boyer on vault.

Another bars scoring delay. Looks like one judge had LeBlanc starting from 9.9? Ends up with 9.825

Isa – UB – Utah – Ray, solid – casts to vertical – bail, hit cleanly – DLO, not the highest but got it around, small foot movement. 9.925. Well now

Good control on the full from Scharf.

LOLOLOL please tell me you saw Gobourne’s fall on floor. Not ideal falling but the style while lying on the ground was exceptional.

Dula – UB – Utah – wonderful toes on jaeger – a bit soft in the back on her bail – gets up to vertical on final cast, a little hesitation – small piking in the air on DLO, good stick. 9.925.


Reeves – VT – ASU – bounce back on full, good height – some feet.

O’Keefe – Ub – Utah – toe on to maloney, great legs to pak, strong form – hesitates on her cast 1/2, turns it into a cast full, very late – covers it to do another cast 1/2 – double arabian, leans to hold the landing. 9.775

Leonard-Baker – VT – ASU – gigantic full and she found the stick. Great vault. Just a tad knees and direction. 9.825 pssssh. Low.

FINAL: Auburn 196.700, Missouri 196.550

Reinstadtler – UB – toe 1/2 to jaeger, som elbows – can’t get her bail, goes over the wrong way, has to correct and add an extra swing – FTDT with a slide. Will need to drop that. 9.425

Wilson – VT – ASU _ short on her full with a hop forward.

Tessen – UB – Utah – good first hs – 1/2 into piked jaeger, solid – bail, another with a little arch but she saved hers – FTDT, shuffle back with both feet. 9.825

Weird rotation for Utah, good at the beginning and kind of weak at the end, but they come out with 49.275.

Jillian Hoffman coming back – stuck a DLO with some deep knees in exhibition.

In other news, the scores are soaring in Southern Utah, which is no surprise. Both SUU and BYU well over 196 pace after two, and SUU just got a 9.950 and 9.925 on bars.

Rotation 3

LeBlanc – BB – Utah – switch to split 1/4, small hesitation between the two – bhs loso series, solid – aerial to split, good aerial – 1.5, stuck. Good start. “She was looking to be with a more success-oriented program.” LOL. 9.900

Lessons from Megan: teams aren’t “better” than others, they’re just more “success-oriented”

Thompson – FX – ASU – double pike, slide back – switch side to popa to wolf full, good – rudi, secure, chest down a bit – 1.5 to layout, arches the layout a little.

Burch – BB – Utah – bhs loso series, secure – some feet on the bhs but good on the loso – cat leap to aerial, smooth – gainer full, stuck. 9.875

Miller – FX – ASU – double pike, big amplitude, small bounce – switch to popa, just a little under – doesn’t get anything into her front lay front full attempt, does a half to her knees/side. Finishes with a double tuck, hands down.

Randall – BB – Utah – bhs loso, secure – split jump to sheep, split is excellent, some hip angle in the sheep – rulfova right on this week – bhs 1.5, step forward. Confident rotation so far. 9.875

Boyer – FX – punch lay to rudi, good form, bounce back – double pike, efficient, smooth – split full to wolf full, a little inexact in the position in the air – 1.5 to layout, rose into the layout, gets her feet kind of caught in the landing with a lunge. 9.825

Paulson – BB – Utah – side aeiral to loso and an excellent save, landing the loso on one foot and only minimal movement – switch and struggles on the landing with a lean, has to add a sissone at the end of the series to get combination credit, and it’s a little “backup dance element” – side aerial to full, stuck. 9.625

BYU has moved a half tenth ahead of SUU after 3.

Reeves – FX – ASU – 2.5 with some knees and a lunge forward, just does keep it in bounds – whip 1/2 to front full, hit, just a little banana shaped – some back spin action – switch to switch 1/2, a little hop – rudi, under control well. 9.500. SV?

Isa – BB – Utah – ooooof nearly fell on her candle mount and just turned it into a hip circle – what do you even do with that? – kickover was good – bhs loso loso very fast, no check – straddle to straddle 1/4, good positions – great amplitude on gainer full

9.875 for falling against the beam on her mount. Cool. That really should have been viewed as support against the beam to avoid a fall, even though it was cool looking.

Scharf – FX – ASU – front tuck through to double tuck – uncer control – front full to front tuck, some knees – switch 1/2 to wolf jump full, switch 1/2 is short, wolf was good – double pike, solid. 9.850

O’Keefe – BB – Utah – side aerial with a check, no side aerial loso series today – switch to split – aerial to bhs cover, pretty smooth – full turn, a balance check – side aerial to full, stuck. 9.775

Ginn – FX – ASU – front through to double tuck, great height, solid – switch side and popa, positions look fine – finishes up with double pike, secure landing, just a bit deep.

Reinstadtler doing exhibition on beam today – nice press to handstand-sissone position as her mount – aerial to split, good split position – falls on loso series. Le sigh.

49.300 for Utah on beam, 48.725 for ASU on floor. Utah should go 197 here after floor

Rotation 4

Thompson – BB – ASU – bhs bhs loso, small adjustment but pretty well done – switch to straddle 1/4, a bit tight – side aerial to full, a bit forward, holds the stick. 9.825

Isa – FX – Utah – double tuck, nice tight position in the air – 1.5 to layout, nice flat position in the layout – switch side to popa – double pike, strong landing, clean. 9.900

BYU just went 49.525 on beam for 197.075. OK. SUU goes 196.600

Boyer – BB – ASU – bhs loso series with a large break, leg-up correction, but the leg stayed in toe point – cat leap to aerial, check before beat jump – switch to switch combination, another leg-away correction – 9.650

Paulson – FX – Utah – double pike, strong landing – front lay to front full, dance out but controls the back foot – switch to switch 1/1, good position on that switch – 1.5 to layout, again under control. Good. 9.900

Redmond – BB – ASU – bhs loso series, strong amplitude, not the most extended but has height to spare – full turn – switch ring, controls the landing well – split to cheep, check – gainer pike, stuck. 9.750

Randall – FX – Utah – double tuck, smoothly landed – switch side to popa to wolf jump full, I’d like to see more attention to that wolf position in the third element, fudged a little – double pike, slide back – 1.5 to alyout, arched around a bit. Not the landing control of the first two but still fine. 9.875 too high. Even Megan didn’t think it should go 9.9.

Reeves – BB – ASU – bhs bhs loso series, solid, some knee angles throughout on the series – switch to split, small check after the switch to watch the start value there – aerial to jump back onto back – back 1.5, stuck landing, a bit of knees. 9.775

O’Keefe – FX – Utah – double pike, perfect landing – front lay to front full, lunge slide forward landing that one – split leap 1.5, looks like she gets it around – 1.5 to layout, solid. 9.875.

Wilson – BB – ASU – bhs loso series, secure – full turn with a check – switch 1/2 will get deducted, a bit short – kickover to beat, hit, a little deep – gainer full, slide back. 9.700

Tessen – FX – Utah – front 2/1, solid landing, maybe some legs – finishes back 1.5 to front tuck full and falls, didn’t have anything off the back 1.5, tried to correct in the air but was never getting a full around. 9.050

Scharf – BB – ASU – double wolf turn, controlled well – bhs loso series, also secure – side somi and has to save it, leans forward but keeps it on, almost like it was too high – switch to split, some back leg – 1.5, lunge forward

Soloski – FX – Utah – DLO, took it a bit too far and went OOB, also a little adjustment step with the front foot there – front lay front full is fine – 1.5 to layout nice height, controls the back foot.

Waiting on the final score from Soloski, but ASU finishes 194.200, mostly because of that bars disaster in the first rotation.

9.775 for Soloski is enough to get Utah over 197, with 197.050.

A couple of funky end-of-rotation moments for Utah today, both on bars and floor (and a little bit on beam too). That took away a higher score. Nothing terrifying but work to do on each event, like the early vault landings and…like…what’s happening with Reinstadtler.

Will be interesting to see how that score holds up in the rankings with what we’ve already seen in SEC town and with Metroplex tomorrow.

54 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – January 24, 2020”

  1. So Bridget and John are gushing about Shaffer’s ‘1 and 1/2’. You’d think they’d do their homework before the meet🤔🤔

      1. Redshirt Freshman versus Sophomore is a weird thing to call a commentator out for — either way Lovett is in her second year in the program. First year competing, but she’s still in her second year.

      2. Yeah, because you don’t actually know for a fact which they are until their senior year in a lot of cases. For example, McKenna

  2. Ok everyone…. the UF/LSU meet is about to start. There will likely be cocaine level scoring. Please breathe and relax. You already know what this is.

    Enjoy the meet.

    1. As long as everyone is scored with the same level of crack, I don’t care. Those FLA vault scores were highly suspect already.

    2. RE: Florida floor line-ups

      Is Amelia Hundley the 2020 version of Bridgy as the floor anchor? Put her simple but normally accurate routine at the end after the power gymnasts who have the flare to dazzle.

  3. RUBY HARROLD COME THRU!! She is having her best meet ever. Let’s hope she keeps it up!

  4. Spencer, Love you and thankful for what you do. However, I’m gonna need you to keep the same energy for UF’s “overscores”

  5. Pretty sure Florida has this meet in the bag now. What a shame. LSU is still having a great night though.

  6. “Florida scoring not working every meet for the last 10 years”…a truer statement has never been said…

  7. Arkansas went 49.525 on floor. Anybody watching who can say how much crack may have been involved?

    1. Arkansas floor is so good this season. We even beat Denver on FX. Weiber/Brooks and Gymbacks are working so hard, I’m so proud. Now to stick the vault landings!

    2. Of course they were a bit over scored (who isn’t?), but they are actually extremely strong on floor. Really strong tumbling and performed their choreography really well. I’m not even mad at that score compared to other meets!

  8. Heck a 197 for LSU will be a move in the right direction.

    Sarah our on vault is going to hurt bad, especially since Lau is still trying to figure things out.

    They need to finish strong here.

  9. Should they really get the bonus for double back “at the end” if it’s the second pass?

    1. I had this same question when watching Gowey. Does she get a double back bonus if the last pass is only her second. I don’t think it should.

      1. Yes, a 2 pass floor routine still gets the bonus. Maggie Nichols is also doing a 2 pass routine this year and already has a 10 and a 9.975.

      2. Maggie has done the 2-pass FX once this season so far, on the back end of a 2-meet weekend. The scores were a 10 and a 9.95, for a final score of 9.975. She did the 3-pass FX in the other meets.

    1. Especially when compared to the 9.975s of Baumann and Gowey. They both had superior beam routines tonight.

      Although, LSU had a great beam rotation and bounced back after Edwards’s injury.

  10. Florida looked great…..

    LSU looked great….. if Edwards’ injury is minor and she can come back for SEC’s….. it is going to be good.

    You can complain about scores for both teams, but the gymnastics was fantastic tonight.

    Three years of Trinity v. Kiya and I am here for it. Great meet!

  11. Scores are really flying at Southern Utah, after this meet and the one against Nebraska all the teams next year are going to want road meets there.

  12. I’m really sad for Sarah Edwards. That looked like an Achilles injury, almost.
    Any word ????
    They have the depth, but it will sting.
    Unfortunate way to end such great ‘momentum‘ that they had going that DD talks about wanting for them.

  13. So if the peasants start getting 197s do we think someone will take action on scoring?

  14. Did Tim Garrison actually touch the bar while spotting Ella Warren’s bail? Would it be a deduction if he did?

  15. Stop talking about the scores, they don’t matter.

    Gymnastics isn’t a sport – it’s a popularity contest, judged by a bunch of comatose bystanders.

  16. Kai Rivers got a 9.85 for that mess of a beam? Kiya Johnson got a 10 with those leaps on beam?> Gurrrlllllllllll!

      1. no one said that florida didn’t get over scored either so no need for the homer glasses comment. We as florida fans know we got some gifted scores (ahem Gowey on beam). Both teams got over scored a bit but it was an amazing meet and at least the high scores happen to both teams.

      2. Wrong! It’s not good that high scores happened to both teams!
        The lack of judging is damaging to gymnastics.

  17. Lol Bridget was driving me nuts, I think she thought it was a 1.5 instead of just a 1/2.

    Watched the LSU/Florida meet. Yes the scores were high but it was a pretty great meet, Florida’s beam rotation was SUPERB!

  18. USAG took Trinity off the national team roster weeks ago, wonder when they’ll stop mentioning she’s on it?

  19. I thought the scoring at Utah was pretty reasonable. There were a couple of wonkers i.e. CLB vault could have gone 9.85 but .025 off isn’t bad. It probably got a direction deduction because she landed a bit to the right of the table but even that isn’t bad. Scores at both Utah home meets have been reasonable. Now as for scoring at BYU and SUU. Off to charts crack. It looks like if Utah wants high scores they need to schedule a meet at either of those local schools or head to the SEC.

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