Keeping Up With the Cool Gifs – Week 5

This week…

Bri Slonim walked like a gymnast

While Shaylah Scott saluted an obstacle course

LSU went out in sarcophagus-chic

And Alabama raided that tomb for all its treasure

Sarah Finnegan sued Bobbleheads Unlimited for defamation

I checked out the judges score sheets from Friday

And wondered if there are any rules in this house

Isis Lowery stuck so hard they couldn’t get it out

A mascot ruined this girl’s life forever

Rachel Baumann broke Kathy Johnson with a single leg

LSU, Alabama, and Michigan congratulated Minnesota on moving ahead of them

We think Washington beat UCLA

But the Pac-12 Network is still trying to confirm the math

Nicki Shapiro proved that an artist’s work…

…must evolve with the times

And Gracie Kramer showed what happens to people who don’t give her 10s

11 thoughts on “Keeping Up With the Cool Gifs – Week 5”

    1. I’ve seen it before. Even if there’s a rule against it I’m guessing it’s one of those things that doesn’t get enforced because who wants to punish an athlete for being injured?

      1. what does taping that way do for her? like how does the tape help? i’m a little confusion.

      2. I’m guessing she has a groin injury. Not sure why it needs to go up and over the leo but maybe it doesn’t stay in place otherwise.

  1. I love Gracie Kramers floor routine. So wacky. The wild eyes, the disjointedness. pure genius. Did Nicky Shapiro split the beam and made it look like it was supposed to be this way? That girl must have a crotch/upper inner thighs of steel. most other people need to go howl in the corner when this happens to them.
    Love those GIF collections..

  2. I’m impressed that Shapiro came back onto the team after such an extended break. Was she even training during that time? I hope they don’t have to use her in a late-season lineup, as I don’t think she’s quite up to the (former) UCLA beam standards, but it’s still a huge accomplishment to get back into any kind of competition shape.

  3. That bobblehead was a quitter’s try. Who the f*+k even is that?! The disrespect!

    Lovely work as always.

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