The 10s of Week 5

This week, “just” 11 routines received a 10.000 from at least one judge. So dive in.

The 10s

Gracie Kramer – Floor – UCLA

The 9.975s

Anastasia Webb – Vault – Oklahoma

Jade Degouveia – Bars – Oklahoma

Kiya Johnson – Floor – LSU

Lexy Ramler – Bars – Minnesota

Lacy Dagen – Beam – Oregon State

Isis Lowery – Floor – Oregon State (partial)

Maddie Karr – Bars – Denver

The 9.950s

Anastasia Webb – Beam – Oklahoma (partial)

Kristyn Hoffa – Floor – Washington

No video

Sabrina Vega – Floor – Georgia

7 thoughts on “The 10s of Week 5”

  1. Can anyone help out an NCAA gym noob? How many judges are there? Is it like elite where the highest and lowest scores are dropped?

    1. For bigger meets like conference champs and regionals/nationals, there’s more but usually for regular season meets there are two, and the scores are averaged!

  2. Someone please explain how Kiya Johnson gets 10s with a foot-long slide back on her first pass? How does she even get 9.95s? So few deductions are taken on floor that if you can’t take off for landings, why bother having a judge at all?

    1. I almost wonder if the judges are so desperate for LSU to still be good that they willfully see Kiya as a stronger gymnast than she (currently) is.

      1. What does that even mean? Kiya is obviously a godsend to LSU but she’s not perfect. I’m not convinced she’s *the* best freshman gymnast this year (a relatively weak year for incoming freshmen, btw) and yet she’s pulling Nichols/Thomas/Skinner-level freshman season scores. For non-stuck landings, as the commenter above points out.

      2. I think Kiya has excellent form and technique, but control on landings is a major component of floor scores. It’s simply not appropriate to award 9.95s and 10.0s when there is an overwhelmingly obvious 0.1 slide on the very first pass.

        When she can control that first pass, then I’ll have no problem with the 9.95s and 10.0s because she truly nails the remaining passes and leaps.

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