Keeping Up With the Cool GIFs – Week 6

This week…

Sierra Alexander had Second Breakfast

Maddie Karr redefined the college salute

UCLA held a Pride meet

…and the Pac-12 Network was like

An SEC ball-sport man did bad word-talking about gymnastics

These two were not impressed overall

Oklahoma got three more 9.975s to stay in first

Southern Utah set a program record

Shallon did an NCAA meet and an elite meet in different countries in the same weekend

Trinity got her second 10.000 for doing this on beam

Will Ferrell demonstrated how to get a 10 on floor

Sierra Brooks did this for 9.975

And Natalie Wojcik was like

Gymnastics got into the advanced analytics game

A judge gave NC State two 10s on beam

Maile O’Keefe was like, “I know what walking is”

And Niya Mack was fully done

8 thoughts on “Keeping Up With the Cool GIFs – Week 6”

  1. I thought for sure you’d have the gif of Trinity wobbling to get the 10 on beam.

  2. Please lets pray for the feature on the V-Day meet against Arkansas about Shallon Olson and please let her have aced TWO midterms on Friday before competing and then aced a third test (or turned in a major paper) on Monday.

  3. In the fun UCLA Dom Palange TakeOff/Split gif, I like how Kyla Ross (a Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology major) can be seen in the background doing homework for class.

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t include anything from Stanford’s bartastrophe where they counted two falls, both of them from standing on the low bar.

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