NCAA Week 8 Rankings

Full week 8 rankings

1. Oklahoma Sooners

NQS: 197.930
Previous ranking: 1

Road 1198.250
Road 2197.900
Road 3197.675
Home/Road 1198.400
Home/Road 2198.175
Home/Road 3197.650
Qualifying Score197.930

Maximum after next meet: 198.080
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 2

Oklahoma didn’t change its qualifying score much this week after a meh-for-Oklahoma 197.650 at the Nadia meet, but the big issue at play is the absence of Maggie Nichols because of an ankle injury, with KJ not expecting her back “for a while.” While Oklahoma is certainly still able to score well without Nichols, her absence depresses the team’s scoring potential to a more pedestrian (and potentially beatable) level.

2. Florida Gators

NQS: 197.690
Previous ranking: 2

Road 1197.875
Road 2197.800
Road 3196.850
Home/Road 1198.375
Home/Road 2198.050
Home/Road 3197.875
Qualifying Score197.690

Maximum after next meet: 197.995
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 3

With its 198, Florida closed the gap a little on Oklahoma this week and, most importantly, has a chance to pass Oklahoma for #1 this weekend if things go just right. It’s not the most likely outcome—Florida would have to go 198.050 to have a shot a tying, while Oklahoma would have to score under 197.975—but Florida is also going to Georgia on Friday, which I expect to be a “Utah/UCLA is a role model” type situation. So it’s in play.

3. UCLA Bruins

NQS: 197.335
Previous ranking: 3

Road 1197.575
Road 2197.425
Road 3197.200
Home/Road 1198.025
Home/Road 2197.675
Home/Road 3196.800
Qualifying Score197.335

Maximum after next meet: 197.580
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 2

It’s difficult to pretend to take a rankings post seriously after the abomination that was the scoring in the final rotation last night (if the judges don’t take these scores seriously, then why should I come in here and be like, “Well, if they can score 198 again…” like any of this is real or matters), but UCLA moves ahead of Utah despite the loss on the strength of a better supply of 197s throughout the season so far. UCLA will be looking for a score greater than 197.200 this week to ensure staying at #3 next Monday.

4. Utah Utes

NQS: 197.200
Previous ranking: 3

Road 1198.075
Road 2197.550
Road 3197.300
Home/Road 1197.100
Home/Road 2197.050
Home/Road 3197.000
Qualifying Score197.200

Maximum after next meet: 197.415
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 2

Utah is in a much, much better position for qualifying score after the meet that shall not be named. (I’ll let you in on a secret—the meet wasn’t that good. That was medium quality for top-5 teams and Utah was weaker on several events than the meet before, including beam despite the program record. The only reason it’s being treated as this amazing meet is that the judges tried to make a show instead of doing their jobs.) Despite being in a strong position, Utah will still need to replace some of these low 197s if this ranking is to be maintained. It’s possible for Utah to get up to #3 next week, but that is dependent on UCLA’s performance.

5. LSU Tigers

NQS: 197.165
Previous ranking: 6

Road 1197.875
Road 2197.775
Road 3197.025
Home/Road 1197.500
Home/Road 2196.800
Home/Road 3196.725
Qualifying Score197.165

Maximum after next meet: 197.395
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 2

For portions of the meet this weekend, LSU got to experience how the other half lives in terms of judging, so the team won’t exactly be crying a river over a lower-than-intended score because it wasn’t really a problem meet. Not an ideal performance, but not a red flag. LSU is still on an improving trajectory, though is also running out of time to get rid of those lower scores, a task that will be necessary to get that top-4 ranking.

6. Denver Pioneers

NQS: 197.075
Previous ranking: 5

Road 1197.250
Road 2197.250
Road 3196.700
Home/Road 1197.425
Home/Road 2197.425
Home/Road 3196.750
Qualifying Score197.075

Maximum after next meet: 197.220
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 3

Basically all your worst fears for how Denver would do without Lynnzee Brown were realized this week with a counting 8 on bars and counting 9.5s on vault and beam for a 195.175 total. That score really shouldn’t be the shape of things to comea mid or high 196 would have been doable in that meet with a hit and remains very doable next week. Still, getting totals that improve the qualifying score in a significant way is going to be a challenging task, which makes Denver vulnerable to getting passed by the next couple teams in the coming weeks.

7. Michigan Wolverines

NQS: 196.045
Previous ranking: 9

Road 1197.950
Road 2197.075
Road 3196.800
Home/Road 1197.350
Home/Road 2197.300
Home/Road 3196.700
Qualifying Score197.045

Maximum after next meet: 197.295
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 2

Michigan recorded a program record score of 197.950, and I don’t even get to rage about the attempts to singlehandedly undo decades of Big Ten underscoring that happened in that meet because it was far from the worst display of the weekend. Also, can you believe Michigan has never scored a 198? Ever? Elise, what were you even doing? Michigan has a higher potential score than #6 Denver for next week and will be eyeing 197.600 at home (that’s doable now, right?) to guarantee moving ahead.

8. Cal Bears

NQS: 196.980
Previous ranking: 10

Road 1197.125
Road 2197.075
Road 3196.250
Home/Road 1197.325
Home/Road 2197.325
Home/Road 3197.125
Qualifying Score196.980

Maximum after next meet: 197.020
Meets remaining: 5
Road meets remaining: 3

Cal achieved its fifth 197 of the season to get up into the hallowed top-8 this week. Next weekend, Cal stays at home and therefore can’t change its qualifying score too significantly or move up at all because the home scores are already good—basically just waiting until the next weekend’s visit to UCLA to show up and go, “ONE UTAH TREATMENT PLEASE” for a chance to drop that single straggling road score.

9. Alabama Crimson Tide

Qualifying score: 196.965
Previous ranking: 8

Road 1197.450
Road 2196.775
Road 3196.575
Home/Road 1197.550
Home/Road 2197.400
Home/Road 3196.625
Qualifying Score196.965

Maximum after next meet: 197.150
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 2

There will be some pressure on Alabama’s final two meets of the season (the two remaining road meets) to erase those 196s, which is necessary if a top 8 ranking is to be achieved. But, Alabama does have another 196.6 to get rid of this weekend at home if it can prove that mid-197s are a real, every-week thing. A 197.300 would be enough to guarantee moving ahead of Cal.

10. Georgia Bulldogs

NQS: 196.900
Previous ranking: 11

Road 1197.050
Road 2196.750
Road 3196.300
Home/Road 1197.425
Home/Road 2197.325
Home/Road 3197.075
Qualifying Score196.900

Maximum after next meet: 196.970
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 2

That moment where Rachael Lukacs did an FTY and we think maybe the judges still credited it as a DTY feels like such a thing of the past already. We’ve grown so much since then, lived so many lives, seen so many things. Georgia once again improved its road scores by breaking 197, a good marker but not one that will get the team a much higher ranking than #10 in and of itself. Like Cal, Georgia is at home this week without much room to improve the scores, so the hope will mostly be to hang onto 10th.

11. Minnesota Gophers

NQS: 196.845
Previous ranking: 7

Road 1197.400
Road 2196.875
Road 3196.650
Home/Road 1197.400
Home/Road 2196.825
Home/Road 3196.475
Qualifying Score196.775

Maximum after next meet: 197.030
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 3

It was an odd one for Minnesota as the team wasn’t really able to take advantage of what was a loosely scored affair overall, ending up with a fine-not-great 196.650 and a loss of ranking spots as a result. With a higher peak than both Georgia and Cal after next week, however, Minnesota will like its chances to move back up a little with a big result.

12. Kentucky Wildcats

NQS: 196.665
Previous ranking: 12

Road 1197.275
Road 2196.750
Road 3196.625
Home/Road 1196.825
Home/Road 2196.600
Home/Road 3196.525
Qualifying Score196.665

Maximum after next meet: 196.815
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 3

Kentucky is met with the old conundrum that because the team’s scores have been consistent this season, bunched all around the higher-mid 196 zone, there’s not much room to improve NQS in a given week. Even though a big score this weekend wouldn’t do a lot, Kentucky still needs to start lifting those peak scores to try to move out of this current ranking position. It’s not a bad one, the scores have been good this year, but it’s hard to see Kentucky moving up any higher than this with just the one 197 on the slate.

13. Washington Huskies

NQS: 196.575
Previous ranking: 13

Road 1196.875
Road 2196.700
Road 3196.425
Home/Road 1197.225
Home/Road 2196.600
Home/Road 3196.275
Qualifying Score196.575

Maximum after next meet: 196.765
Meets remaining: 5
Road meets remaining: 3

Washington achieved its best road score so far this season with a 196.875 at Arizona State, which was enough to create a fully acceptable slate of 196 scores, even if it runs into the same problem as Kentucky in that it’s going to be very difficult to get any higher than 12th without an overhaul of the mid 196s in here. Still, a top-16 finish, a seeded place, is a victorious result for Washington, and that looks fairly comfortable to accomplish at this point.

14. Arkansas Razorbacks

NQS: 196.430
Previous ranking: 14

Road 1196.550
Road 2196.100
Road 3196.025
Home/Road 1196.950
Home/Road 2196.825
Home/Road 3196.650
Qualifying Score196.430

Maximum after next meet: 196.615
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 3

A bars-tastrophe this week left Arkansas without a usable score from its home competition against Auburn, but because Arkansas already has a solid group of home scores, it’s not a particularly drastic development. It’s those two low-196 road scores that are keeping Arkansas vulnerable in the race for a top-16 spot, one of which can go away with this coming weekend’s visit to LSU.

15. Auburn Tigers

NQS: 196.400
Previous ranking: 20

Road 1196.500
Road 2196.350
Road 3196.275
Home/Road 1196.700
Home/Road 2196.625
Home/Road 3196.250
Qualifying Score196.400

Maximum after next meet: 196.490
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 3

Auburn is doing a successful job of wriggling free from these non-ideal meets and maintaining a fairly useful ranking. But now we’re heading to the difficult part because while Auburn has a full qualifying score picture of 196s, the 196s aren’t that high, which leaves Auburn with a pedestrian maximum after next week, even if the senior night scores are massive.

16. Nebraska Cornhuskers

NQS: 196.395
Official week 7 ranking: 16

Road 1197.100
Road 2196.750
Road 3196.375
Home/Road 1196.975
Home/Road 2196.175
Home/Road 3195.700
Qualifying Score196.395

Maximum after next meet: No meet wk 9
Meets remaining: 3
Road meets remaining: 1

Nebraska achieved its first assignment in the quest to stay in the top 16, recording a 196.750 in a must-hit road meet. That works. The problem for the Huskers is that they’ll have this weekend off, and there are four teams mathematically capable of passing while Nebraska is idle. That would be a tough position to work out of in the final meets of the year.

17. Iowa State Cyclones

NQS: 196.295
Previous ranking: 17

Road 1196.800
Road 2196.625
Road 3196.625
Home/Road 1196.300
Home/Road 2196.125
Home/Road 3195.800
Qualifying Score196.295

Maximum after next meet: 196.495
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 1

Iowa State, then, will know that it can move ahead of Nebraska in next Monday’s rankings by scoring better than 196.300 in the team’s return home to face MSU. Based on what we’ve seen so far, that should be treated as an attainable result, though it wouldn’t necessarily guarantee a spot in the top 16 for week 9 since Oregon State has a higher peak.

18. Oregon State Beavers

NQS: 196.260
Previous ranking: 21

Road 1196.600
Road 2196.400
Road 3196.275
Home/Road 1196.825
Home/Road 2196.700
Home/Road 3195.325
Qualifying Score195.260

Maximum after next meet: 196.560
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 1

Oregon State moved up spots this week thanks to its 196.600 against Cal and, most importantly, will be making the other teams around the top 16 cutoff very nervous because that 195.325 will be so easily dropped. Oregon State can even assure moving up as high 15th place by scoring 196.525 this weekend, which at this point in the season, at home, should be a pretty basic expectation for a team like this.

19. BYU Cougars

NQS: 196.235
Previous ranking: 15

Road 1197.075
Road 2196.200
Road 3196.100
Home/Road 1196.625
Home/Road 2196.375
Home/Road 3195.875
Qualifying Score196.235

Maximum after next meet: 196.475
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 3

The switch to qualifying score was not particularly kind to BYU since the team has a 195 and a few lower 196s hanging around, which are not going to be top-16 scores when we get down to business. The victory over Denver will feel good, but that was mostly a Denver thing, and an under-performance on bars left the team with a 196.200, not bad but not enough to challenge the other programs in the teens.

20. Missouri Tigers

NQS: 196.230
Previous ranking: 18

Road 1196.850
Road 2196.650
Road 3196.450
Home/Road 1196.850
Home/Road 2195.600
Home/Road 3195.600
Qualifying Score196.230

Maximum after next meet: 196.480
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 3

While 20th is not a great place to be, Missouri will be fairly optimistic about its chances to move up in the next couple weeks because those 195.6s are just sooo ready to be dropped. The remainder of the scores are quite competitive, even with a team like Auburn currently in 15th place. There’s not that much between those two, so Missouri is among the teams that will still think a regionals seeding is an attainable prospect.

21. Southern Utah Thunderbirds

Average: 195.795
Previous ranking: 19

Road 1196.450
Road 2195.400
Road 3194.650
Home/Road 1197.225
Home/Road 2196.600
Home/Road 3195.875
Qualifying Score195.795

Maximum after next meet: 196.065
Meets remaining: 5
Road meets remaining: 3

A miss on beam became a missed opportunity for SUU in its Friday competition for an unusable 195.775 home score. Southern Utah competes again tonight, but since the meet is also at home and since the gap between 20 and 21 has grown so large, there’s no opportunity for the team to improve its ranking with today’s performance.

22. Illinois Illini

Qualifying score: 195.780
Previous ranking: 23

Road 1196.550
Road 2195.800
Road 3195.775
Home/Road 1195.900
Home/Road 2195.725
Home/Road 3195.650
Qualifying Score195.780

Maximum after next meet: 195.950
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 3

Illinois took advantage of the Big Five environment by achieving its first 196 of the season and doing it in quite some style. These 195s had seemed to indicate that Illinois would be slowly dripping its way out of the top 25 after a strong start to the year, but if the 196s continue, Illinois may be able to preserve its spot.

23. Penn State Nittany Lions

NQS: 195.745
previous ranking: 29

Road 1196.125
Road 2195.425
Road 3195.150
Home/Road 1196.325
Home/Road 2196.275
Home/Road 3195.750
Qualifying Score195.745

Maximum after next meet: 195.860
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 2

Penn State counted a miss on beam at the Big Five but still came away with a season-high road score in the 196s, which will have been about the goal score entering the competition anyway. Because PSU competes at home the next two weeks, the ranking situation and top-25 place will become somewhat vulnerable. Those lowest road scores will have to wait until March 13th to be dropped in the hope of making a late run.

24. Arizona Wildcats

NQS: 195.725
Previous ranking: 22

Road 1195.700
Road 2195.425
Road 3195.375
Home/Road 1196.150
Home/Road 2196.150
Home/Road 3195.975
Qualifying Score195.685

Maximum score after next meet: 195.880
Meets remaining: 5
Road meets remaining: 3

Despite going 196 at home over the weekend, Arizona dropped some ground because the home scores were already solid and there wasn’t much room to grow there. The road scores are what need to be addressed in order for Arizona to avoid the dreaded 29-36 zone, which can start this weekend at Cal. Those road scores need to be bumping up against the high 195s and 196s for Arizona to stick around here.

25. Michigan State Spartans

NQS: 195.710
Previous ranking: 31

Road 1195.975
Road 2195.675
Road 3195.300
Home/Road 1196.550
Home/Road 2196.150
Home/Road 3195.450
Qualifying Score195.340

Maximum after next meet: 195.960
Meets remaining: 4
Road meets remaining: 3

Michigan State had a 191 on its qualifying score picture up until this week, so once that could be dropped, it was smooth sailing up the rankings. What remains to be seen is whether these 196s can be away-from-home developments. If they are, MSU has room to continue improving its ranking, with that higher maximum after the next meet than the teams ranked immediately ahead.

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  1. When will Bubble Watch start? Was selfishly hoping BBS would expand beyond top 25 starting this week.

  2. No need to fret about the “meet that shall not be named”, Spencer. Utah competes at UW this weekend and has 2 home meets following. Scores will mostly be back to normal. With the exception of a couple routines, it doesn’t seem like there’s too much crack at Utah home meets.

  3. I am bummed about Denver. They looked so strong before the injuries to Brown and Sundstrom. Now I have a hard time seeing them coming anywhere close to last year’s performance.

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