Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 8

This week…

Utah beat UCLA

And the judging had us all

Grace Glenn posted the first-ever leadoff 10 because of correctly

Other people also tried and therefore got 9.975

And then the randoms got confused why UCLA is now ranked better

Michigan set a program record

And the judges finally invited them to sit with the Plastics

Maggie Nichols is out with an ankle injury

And Oklahoma had to count a…9.7…on beam

Sierra Alexander stuck a perfect FTY

But then they did 10 HANDS

And you were like…

Rachael Lukacs performed an accidental FTY

And Sabrina Vega was like, “GET IT TOGETHER”

Women’s history has really been sleeping on JENN

Denver tried to come up with lineups

Kyana George was hard to catch

And Lexy Ramler would have gone 10 but had a balance check on hugs

6 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 8”

  1. Fortunately in the second gif, Nicki Shapiro saved the Nation using CPR chest compressions to successfully resuscitate Nia Dennis.

  2. The absolute worse is some ucla fans commenting that they were UNDERSCORED all meet. Bih plis

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