The 10s of Week 9

This week, 19 more routines received a 10.000 from at least one judge.

The 10s

Olivia Trautman – Vault – Oklahoma

Maddie Karr – Vault – Denver

Evanni Roberson – Beam – Washington

The 9.975s

Trinity Thomas – Bars – Florida

Alyssa Baumann – Beam – Florida

Helen Hu – Beam – Missouri

Reagan Campbell – Beam – LSU

Maggie Nichols – Vault – Oklahoma

Maggie Nichols – Beam – Oklahoma

Kyla Ross – Bars – UCLA

Kyla Ross – Beam – UCLA

Abby Paulson – Beam – Utah

Missy Reinstadtler – Floor – Utah

Maddi Leydin – Vault – Arizona

Kyla Bryant – Floor – Stanford


The 9.950s

Trinity Thomas – Floor – Florida

Hannah Demers – Bars – Central Michigan

Rachael Mastrangelo – Vault – Cal

Milan Clausi – Vault – Cal

18 thoughts on “The 10s of Week 9”

  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about where the deduction on Kyla’s bar routine is. Even though I was there, I just watched the video again and I think it might be the arch back on the bail or the hand shuffle on the giants before dismount.

    Would either of those amount to a .05 (or more) deduction?

    1. Deducting for that routine’s bail “arch” would’ve been super strict. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have some wiggle room for that skill as you’re shooting from high to low – you’re not gonna be iron straight upon catch.

      And honestly, if they actually deducted that, hardly any gymnasts would deserve a 10.000 then because if they’re going to be hyper strict on that skill, I don’t see why they shouldn’t deduct all those leg split paks, non-vertical handstands, bent elbows, close catch transitions, etc. People always argue the judges can’t see the pak leg splits from their angle (maybe some, but you can definitely see most of them), but the rest are visible.

      Not defending Kyla, but if we nitpick so much for her, we have to apply that standard to everyone. When we try to justify why she didn’t get a 10, we have to go to super nitpicky territory to squeeze out a reason, meanwhile other gymnasts with way more flaws (by nitpicky standards) soar by with the 10.

  2. Maddie Karr Did NOT deserve that 10.0, legs bent? C’mon on. But I mean I love her it isn’t her fault, but that judging was wack.

  3. I think Kyla’s bars should have been a ten.
    You can find errors in all the other routines and some have been egregiously overlooked, especially on the vault, but there’s just nothing I can find on Kyla’s bars.

    1. I think she looked maybe a hair short on the last handstand? It’s hard to tell with the angle and shot change.

      But I do have to agree that the scoring Kyla gets compared to a lot of the other top gymnasts on the top teams is weird.

    2. Only thing I can guess is that there were no 9.9s or higher earlier in the rotation and that one of the judges felt they couldn’t go 10.0 for whatever stupid reason…

      I am the last person to award a routine a 10, but that should have been one.

  4. I am so confused with the Missy Reinstadler 9.975. Did she go last, or was the scoring just really cracky?

  5. Missy did go last. Scoring didn’t seem to be terribly cracky overall for Utah except a couple routines. The scoring for UW beam was a little more suspect. I don’t really follow either team but was able to watch this meet.

  6. Evani R. did not deserve a 10 this week. She has no stretch in the acro series and no toe point. She tends to delay between segments and that breaks the flow and her landing is a horrible squat. Compare that routine to Kyla and Abby Poulson – both maintain flow, have beautiful stretch and great landings. I would put E.R. at 9.85 or possibly 9.9 at the most

  7. All the judges should watch these routines at the end of every week, just to get a sense of the wide wide range of routines to which they are granting 10s.

    Then they should all take it down a notch. There actually DOESNT need to be a 10 thrown every week of competition.

    I would be totally fine with Ross getting 9.95 or 9.975 for those routines (those should be phenomenal scores) but in that company above, it is irritating that she doesnโ€™t get the 10.

  8. So Missy started with a 10, had beautiful extension and leaps, stuck her landings. I know she is only doing 2 passes ( probably due to recovering from ankle surgery), but that meets requirements this year – so what’s the big beef?

    1. No problem with her tumbling. The sole deduction I saw was under-rotation on her split leap 3/2. That would have been enough for me to cap the score at 9.9. However, if you forgive that, then there was nothing else to take. College is for some reason VERY lenient on the split 3/2. Maggie also got a 9.975 for a 2-pass routine earlier in the season with a similarly under-rotated split 3/2.

      Still a gorgeous routine.

  9. Nia under-rotates those split leaps, too. UCLA has such fun choreography that the actual gymnastics requirements seem to get a little overlooked.

  10. HELEN HU
    Oh my god I think I was crying while watching the routine in five different places…

  11. Not meaning to start anything, but the stark contrast between Maggie’s and Kyla’s 9.975 beam routines is bizarre.

    Maggie tends to get the benefit of the doubt (go see her prior balance check routine which got a 9.975). The routine here she had to bend basically 90 degrees to keep that stuck, whereas Kyla sticks it cold. So many people have to justify it by saying “oh she had a hesitation on landing” but if we deduct something like that, then so many “sticks” we see are non-sticks. Kyla landed and didn’t move. You don’t have to thrust your arms all the way back like an eagle to say it’s a stick.

    Both arguably had no form deductions (with Kyla’s form way superior), so I don’t know why Kyla gets hosed yet again, especially compared to the other 10s and 9.975s.

  12. Seems like judges are only looking at the dismount landing. Stick it with no visible balance checks (unless you’re a big name gymnast other than Kyla, then you get to have balance checks) and you get a 10. It’s like splits and leaps have become afterthoughts. Also, if you haven’t gotten a 10 before or in a long time, we’d like to share the 10 with you.

    It’s not elite, but there are still so many deductions that should be taken to truly differentiate these gymnasts. Hate that they judge routines using regular fan-level eyes. We can all see if they wobbled or landed perfectly – judges should be looking at far more, or why do we even need them?

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